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Found 78 results

  1. RFC1920


    Version 1.0.5


    Show and list Rust roads, and use road points programmatically Commands /road (Requires roadfinder.use) /road list - List all roads by name, and set temporary markers /road show ROADNAME - Set temporary markers for named road /road {start} ROADNAME - Teleport to the start of the named road in 5 seconds (start is optional) /road end ROADNAME - Teleport to the end of the named road Examples: /road end Road 12 - to teleport to the end of Road 12 /road start Road 10 - to teleport to the start of Road 10 /r
  2. Version 2.1.1


    GUI with personal stats, leaderboard, per-category stats, and #1 player custom chat titles Tables with personal bests per category, top scoring player per category, and top-30 players per category. The same tables can be viewed for clans, rather than players. Server-wide top-list per category can be advertised on a timer. Tables have clickable headers for ascending/descending sort Multiple leaderboard snapshots (top single player for each category) can be taken for SQL/web use. Optional uMod dependencies. Clans. Economics. EventManager. Friends.
  3. DezLife


    Version 1.3.5


    Casino for resources, players also want to increase their holdings. The casino has a built-in video surveillance camera on which you can watch what is happening in it. Also spawn cameras can be disabled in the configuration. You can specify any resources. Nice UI and alerts The plugin requires CopyPaste (It will load and spawn the building) https://i.imgur.com/3arzCqK.mp4 Sorry but video in Russian -
  4. MikeHawke

    Rules GUI

    Version 2.0.0


    RulesGUI displays a screen overlay on connect or command that a player must agree to, to continue playing on your server. This is a fork of the original work done by Pain Under his MIT Licence. V2 Full Rewrite, Backup and delete your config content. Features Customiseable overlay that the player HAS to accept to continue playing on your server. Chat command so that players can remind them selfs on the server rules at any time Admin command to force player to re-read the rules Variables Version 2.0.0 has a very easy to understand config.
  5. Version 2.1.2


    Configure spawn checks for launchsite including RustEdit spawns. Configure settings for Bradley (hp/crates/damage etc etc). Add a cooldown between Kills Works with : BradleyGuards (Bazz3l) BradleyGuards (KrunghCrow) Paratroopers (FastBurst) Optional dependencies : RustEdit Features : Configurable Bradley settings like HP,Crates,Damage Can set Sleepersafe true/false (To not attack a sleeper) Can set a Cooldown between destroying(killing) the bradley (added in 2.1.0) Shows remaining cooldown in chat if enabled (
  6. Version 1.1.2


    Nextgen Teleport plugin for Rust with a lot of the familiar commands from older teleport plugins are still there, with some exceptions. You may also import your user homes from those plugins (see below). Uses Friends, Clans, Rust teams, RustIO Commands - /sethome NAME is an alias for /home set NAME. - /home or /home list will show your currently set home names, locations, and lastused. - /home list OTHERPLAYER will show a list of that player's currently set homes (Based on Friends, Clans, or Teams membership). - /home set NAME - Sets a home at player's current location - /hom
  7. Version 0.0.2


    IQCraftSystem is a unique crafting system with all sorts of crafting, craft even a tree(which can be put), even a copter! - Huge functionality - Advanced settings - You can craft whatever your heart desires. - Has a nice interface - Has all the interface settings in detail, in the configuration - Has sorting of items by category - Has a smooth design - Plugin support - Has conditions for crafting, which you can set separately for each item 1. The level of work bench 2. Have a rank 3. To have the skill to "Advanced crafting" with the support of IQPlagueSkill 4. Curr
  8. Version 1.0.11


    Yet another player loot protection plugin for Rust Uses ZoneManager, Friends, Clans, Rust teams Player boxes, workbenches, etc. are protected from opening and pickup by others. With Friends/Clans/Teams support, a player's friends will maintain access. Server-owned storage should be unaffected. A list of zones can be set to only protect boxes in those zones. A schedule can be set to disable/enable the plugin throughout the actual or in-game time and day. Note that this is not damage control, only access to contents and pickup of entities. Commands
  9. Version 1.0.2


    If you're a farmer, you can forget about Bobby, because the Harvester is your new best friend! All you need to do is: Place her down — a Small Generator Put on some beard oil — Low Grade Fuel Whip it out — the Hammer Make sure you turn her on first — the Harvester Aim where you want it to go — output storage box Hit her good — link the planters with the hammer, and you're good to go! Instructions Looking at a Small Generator then executing the /setharvester command should turn it into a functional Harvester. Hit planters wi
  10. yung

    Safe Sleep

    Version 1.0.0


    Store your sleepy players in a safe place untill they come back online. Warning ! This plugin uses Spawns Database by k1lly0u. Configuration { "Time to move a sleeping player (in hours)": 1, "Check Interval (in seconds)": 10, "Spawns Database config file name": "Name" }
  11. MikeHawke


    Version 2.0.43


    Easy Vote is a player reward system for server votes on Rust-servers.net, rust-servers.info and BestServers.com. This is a fork of EasyVote by Exel80 EasyVote by Exel80 on Github and thus licensed under his MIT licence. Changes are listed below. Required DiscordMessages on Umod to send webhook Features Closest reward feature. Players receive a reward every time they vote successfully. You can edit the available rewards in the configuration file. You can make more reward variables by adding new line in Commands json. Commands are just console com
  12. MikeHawke


    Version 1.0.3


    PhoneCore is a Grand Theft Auto Style GUI that is easy to setup and customise. UPDATE? Go To Bottom PhoneCore is a zip file with 4 variations to the code, images and psd/afphoto allowing you all the options you could think of. Code included is a 2x3 Phone, 3x4 phone and now 2x3 with 4 pages and 3x4 with 4 pages! Fire off any command that would usually be used with a "/" via this tasty little ui (e.g. /kits /backpack /dis) Configuration Configuration is simple, Drop in the urls for the image you want (list in image folder of default URLS) and add a
  13. Steenamaroo


    Version 1.0.5


    Give kits to all Rust npcs by location/type. Also mods weapon drop and condition. General information. Give custom Kits to all default Rust npc types, and control what, if anything, becomes lootable when the npc is killed. Also has control for dropping weapon on death, weapon condition, and magazine contents. Note : Please make sure that the weapons you're giving to the npcs are suitable. Oilrig npcs, in particular, seem to become stupid with certain weapons. Optional dependencies. Kits. Configuration. NPC types. Military Tunn
  14. Mals


    Version 2.2.73


    An easy to use all in one solution to giving players cash rewards for various in game activities. Reward only upon completion of harvesting or empting loot container. Chat Commands /rrm -- Toggle the message about earn currency for a player. It is not case sensitive. There are five sub-settings: H - Harvest K- Kill O - Open P - Pickup and A - Activity The second parameter is on or off. Some examples to turn on kill messages: /rrm K On to turn off harvest message: /rrm H Off Player can select what messages they
  15. Mals


    Version 2.5.13


    Damage Control allows tuning the damage entities take. It has an in-game command line to allow you set and list the damage settings. You can control damage to Animal (set per Bear, Boar, Chicken, Horse, Stag, Wolf, Ridable Horse) Building blocks NPC aka Scientist aka NPCPlayerApex Player Zombie aka Murderer (I merged these two) APC aka Bradley Helicopter aka Heli Building (read FAQ for details) and Build Grades Balloons Sam-Sites Mini-Copter Scrap Transport Helicopter (Scrapcopter) Note Balloons, Scrap Tran
  16. Version 1.0.2


    Allows you to increase the damage from radiation.
  17. Version 1.0.3


    Simple set of CUI info pages for Rust servers. InfoScreens offers multi-page, and multi-subpage,information viewable by command and also automatically presented when a user joins the server. Permission infoscreens.show - Enables ability to show info screens to other players. ChatCommand /infoscreen with permission : /infoscreen <playername> /infoscreen <playername <pagename> ConsoleCommand ISWipe – This clears InfoScreens' record of players who have joined the server. Configuration Global. PermaUIButton
  18. Version 1.1.0


    A plugin that perfectly restart your server at a specified time and giving compensation for patience. Compensation: Players who was playing just before the restarting can receive a compensation depending their group profile. Restart Bar: A restart bar (at bottom right of the screenshot) appears and will show the remaining time before restarting. This bar shows time in seconds and by stage: 60 minute, 30 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1 minutes, 10 to 0 seconds. The length of the bar reduce over time. Dependencies
  19. Version 0.0.1


    Limits bed assigning to team members only. No config file.
  20. Version 2.9.0


    aMAZEingPro is a Rust mini-game which allows you and your friends to enjoy amazeingly fun but confusing mazes. Included extension required. If the download contains extra files, named "READ ME" or "IMPORTANT", please read through since it's important notes for the version you're using. Features The plugin currently features the following: Extremely customizable. Asynchronous maze creation. Batch maze creation & destruction. Configurable maze sizes. Maze modes. Multiple floors. Multiplayer. Spectating mode. Host &
  21. Version 1.3.0


    Sends a Discord message whether the server is online or offline or restart works with : https://umod.org/plugins/smooth-restarter Configuration { "Discord WebHook": "webhookurl", "Time Format": "MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss", "Selection Mention (0 - none | 1 - @here | 2 - @everyone | 3 - @something)": 0, "Designated mention": "@something" } Language { "Title": "Server Status ", (options : {hostname} {ip} {port} {online} {maxplayers}) "Online": " Server is online | ", "Quit": " Server is offline | ", "Restart": " The server has started restarting | ", "
  22. Version 1.0.12


    Walking Dead will resurrect a player with a "Walker" using the player's name and outfit with the option to spawn it with a Flaming entrance and several other options. Optional dependencies : Rust Kits Not compatible with : RestoreUponDeath (if assigned to restore clothing in this case fully) !!!! Features : Walkers spawning using a players Name and clothing Spawns a Walker (murderer) after a player died/suicided Hostile like a real walker even goes for sleepers and scientists and animals (will add a config for that soon) It can resur
  23. Version 2.1.0


    Punch players and other things because it's fun. A very default melee weapon to protect yourself with - your goddamned fists. Punchables Players: Hurt players and make them bleed to death. Animals: Some animals want you dead. I don't support animal cruelty though. Horses: I mean, why not... Loot Containers: Break barrels with your fists. Your fists might start bleeding though. Bradley: Bradley go brr. Building Blocks: Can give damage to building blocks, and destroy twig blocks with your fists. Terrain: Hit the ground or rocks. Doesn't do much, j
  24. RFC1920


    Version 1.0.62


    NoDecay nullifies or scales down/up any decay damage applied to any item in game (except of small stashes). Each building tier has a different multiplier, so do all other entities. The default configuration does NOT affect Twig decay but nullifies all damage on all other items. As of version 1.0.34 you can optionally also check for the presence of a deployed tool cupboard. Set requireCupboard to true. This will check for an attached cupboard for building blocks and a nearby cupboard for entities. For entities, use "cupboardCheckEntity: true" and "cupboardRange: number" to configure h
  25. Version 1.0.8


    Formerly NPCLoot. Populate npc corpses, containers, and barrels with custom loot. General info. Users can create as many loottables as required, and assign them to npc/container types by name. To create a new loot table, simply set the "lootTable" entry for some container type in config to a new made up name. This will create a new /data file of that name, which you can customise. The same loot table can be used for multiple corpse types. New categories and items are added automatically so, hopefully, data should never need to be wiped. Default loottable has all pro
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