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  1. Version 2.0.2


    Create fully automated raidable bases with NPCs This is the premium version of Raidable Bases. The differences between this and the free version is five (5) difficulties and associated loot table functionality instead of one (1), buyable events, and lockouts for players. Updating from 1.7.1 to 2.0.0 shouldn’t require anything special. Simply install it. Tutorial This is not your run-of-the-mill plugin. DO NOT INSTALL WITHOUT READING THIS DOCUMENTATION FIRST. This plugin is extremely advanced and requires utmost attention to detail to configure properly. J
  2. Steenamaroo


    Version 2.1.6


    BotSpawn spawns a set number of Rust AI bots at chosen monuments. It also supports bots at server airdrops, supply drops, biomes, custom locations, and 'toplayer' by chat command. Offers Facepunch default scientist, murderers, with additional customisation options, including kits. BotSpawn allows storage of sets of data files. Each set has a prefix in their names and a specific set is loaded by setting this prefix in config - DataPrefix = "NameHere", Default locations are generated automatically and their settings are held in /oxide/data/BotSpawn/prefix-DefaultProfiles.js
  3. RFC1920


    Version 1.0.73


    Prevent damage to players and objects in a PVE environment Uses ZoneManager, Friends, Clans, RustIO, GUIAnnouncements, HumanNPC (from remod.org), ZombieHorde Works with DynamicPVP. Don't let the documentation trouble you. In most cases all you should need to do is install the plugin. The rest is optional. NEW FOR 1.0.52: Custom rule and entity collection editor - You must set AllowCustomEdit true in the configuration to enable this feature. To go along with this, new entity types will be detected at wipe and should be available to set into existing or new collections for
  4. Version 1.1.0


    The goal of this plugin to block the unwanted ladders and extra twig frames on player bases from random players, who has no right to build on the given place. This plugin is ideal for PVE servers, where the Player bases are not raidable. This plugin is working with the Raidable Bases plugin together, so the ladders and twig frames are allowed while the Raidable Bases are the targets. Permissions No specific permission setting. Configuration No additional configuration. Donation: Check my other plugins as well or if you feel you would like to support me wit
  5. Version 1.1.0


    The goal of this plugin to block the possibility to steal from other player planterboxes. It is ideal plugin for PVE servers to allow player to freely build anywhere without fear to lost the grown things. Only the owner (who put it down) of the planterbox have access to the grown vegetables/items, and the team members, Friends and Clan members. Dependencies Optional Clans (Clans or Rust:IO Clans) and Friends plugin dependency, in case of usage of them. Permissions No specific permission setting. Configuration No specific configuration. Donation:
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Description This plugin allow to the NPCs to hit and decrease the equipped armors durability. Currently the plugin choose randomly from the available equipped armors, what still has durability and not broken item, and extract the (total, maximum durability) * configured percentage value. Ideal plugin for PVE servers to avoid stacked up gears by the players. Example: Bone Helmet - 100 Maximum durability/Condition point. LongDurabilityPercent configured to 1.0 percent. It will take 100 Hit, if only the Bone Helmet equipped, to make the item broken. Grouped up weapons for the Confi
  7. MikeHawke


    Version 1.0.1


    PVETurrets Disables Turrets and GunTraps aiming and/or shooting players when enabled. This will allow players to place turrets for decoration / targeting NPC's etc Can be used in conjunction with raidable bases (see bottom) Permission PVETurrets.admin < Required to use the in game toggle commands Commands /PVETurret tur << toggles Turret PVE on or off /PVETurret trap << toggles Gun Trap PVE on or off Configuration These values can be changed in game with the above commands. The values are either true or false. { "PVE Turret Activ
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Redesigned variation of the first version of the bar. Increased bar area, added seating area. Included a version of the bar for use as a roadside monument. At the location, you can find loot boxes, underwater boxes. There is a kiosk with a diving kit, kayak and paddle. All chairs can be seated, the stairs are functional. The lighting is switched on by a switch. The neon sign must be connected manually. The location will add unusual content to your server! Enjoy using you and your players!
  9. RFC1920


    Version 1.0.3


    Simple all-in-one plugin for PVE, basic teleport, and decay management for Rust This plugin has a simplified config and implementation compared to other PVE, teleport, and decay plugins. It will facilitate PVE (player to player and player to building), teleport to town/bandit/outpost, as well as basic decay control. No home/sethome functionality exists. Teleports are available only for bandit, outpost, and town (if set). Outpost and Bandit Town locations will be set automatically. Town must be set manually if desired. Overall decay can be set as a percentage where 0.5 equ
  10. ChogChey

    NPC Convoy

    Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to get a plugin that has a group of npc cars traveling along a set of way points across a map. Im trying to run a Mad Max themed server and I feel like a pve event like this would add some amazing immersion to the map. The cars should all probably go the same speed, and have standard rad town loot crates for incentive. Maybe you can even salvage the broken down cars for parts? Or siphon fuel out of the tanks? I'd love to hear if this is doable, and if anyone is willing to try!
  11. Version 1.1.1


    Vodka, beer, hangar with a stolen CH-47 and… more vodka. "Bandit Hangar" is a small monument for PVE and RolePlay servers. It doesn't contain any loot crates. Prefab Count: ~600 Prefab Modifiers: Splat Mask, Topology Mask, Alpha Mask

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