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  1. Version 1.0.3


    Trade market for bones where prices are dynamic and change each gameday at a set time. Features : Dynamic prices that will change on a set time. The market will exchange your animal bones to resources (whatever is set in configuration). Prices are made with a min/max setup and uses the random amount generated then saves it to a data file this price is then used as the value of the bones you want to trade (value is per 10 units). Support for HumanNPC This requires SkinAndBones and Fishr plugins to work (these handle the various bones) Commands : /bone market /bonemarket : Both these commands will open the Bone Market Interface. /bone info : Shows plugin info/version/author (Or any info edited in the language file about the event) Permissions : bonemarket.useshop : Grants permission to use market through Chat commands. bonemarket.usenpc : Grants permission to use market through NPC (HumanNPC) Configuration : The following Fonts are available for ANY UI text in plugins ! droidsansmono.ttf permanentmarker.ttf robotocondensed-bold.ttf robotocondensed-regular.ttf { "Chat Prefix": "[<color=#4A95CC>Bone Market</color>] : ", "NPC Vendor settings": { "Use NPC shop": true, "NPC Id's": [ "2745013248" ] }, "UI Settings": { "Font to use": "droidsansmono.ttf", "Market Title": "Bone Market", "Market Title Color (RGBA)": "1 0.5 0.5 0.90", "Market Description": "Trade market for hunters\nTrade your Bones right here !!!", "Market Description Color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 0.90", "Bone item text Color (RGBA)": "1 0.5 0.5 0.90", "Use a background image": false, "Background Image link": "https://i.ibb.co/6NQmCgZ/Quail-Bird-Hunting-Silhouette-Free-Vector.jpg", "Background Image transparency (0-1)": 0.2 }, "Market refresh time (gameday)": 7.0, "Market Trade item (shortname)": "scrap", "Market Trade item (View name in GUI)": "Scrap", "Market Unit Value": { "Bear bones Low value": 2, "Bear bones High value": 6, "Boar bones Low value": 1, "Boar bones High value": 3, "Chicken bones Low value": 1, "Chicken bones High value": 3, "Horse bones Low value": 1, "Horse bones High value": 3, "Fish bones Low value": 1, "Fish bones High value": 3, "Stag bones Low value": 1, "Stag bones High value": 3, "Wolf bones Low value": 1, "Wolf bones High value": 4 } } Localisation : English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder. { "Info": "\n\n<color=#4A95CC>Available Commands</color> :\n<color=#4A95CC>/bone info</color> : Shows info on version/author and commands\n<color=#4A95CC>/bone market</color> : Opens the market interface where prices change each gameday", "InvalidInput": "Please enter a valid command!", "OnlyNPC": "The Bone Market is only available at the Bone Trader NPC in Town", "Succesfull": "You traded your bones.", "MarketReset": "Market started a new day with fresh trade prices.", "NotFound": "You dont have any to trade", "NotEnough": "You dont have enough bones for this trade" }
  2. Version 1.0.5


    Meteor Event plugin allows you to make custom meteor shower event on your server. You can set up a timed event that starts a meteor shower which contains rocks in many sizes, and the ability to activate big rocks, which needs explosives to destroy them. Resources from meteors can be multiplied, and the multiplier works with plugins that increase gather like ZLevelsRemastered. Video Preview Click here! Features Ability to set up custom timed event. Two different types of meteors. (normal and big) Configurable meteor scale, yield, yield multiplier and explosive damage. You can also run custom events, and direct showers on a player. Configurable amount of meteors per online player amount. You can add custom item drop to meteors. Commands /ms - Help command /ms run <amount> - Starts custom meteor shower with <amount> meteors. /ms direct <playerIdOrName> - Spawns one meteor above player's head. /ms kill - Kills all meteors around the map. Permissions meteorevent.admin - Allows to use /ms command. Default Config { "Event Timer - Event Every X Seconds (0 to disable)": 1800, "Event Timer - Meteor Amount Based On Player Count": true, "Event Timer - Meteor Count (if based on player count - per player)": 4, "All Meteors - Destory Trees On Impact": true, "Normal Meteor - Maximum Scale": 2.0, "Normal Meteor - Minimum Scale": 0.5, "Normal Meteor - Yield Multiplier": 2.0, "Normal Meteor - Scale Yield By Size": true, "Big Meteor - Chance (0-100)": 10, "Big Meteor - Scale": 7.0, "Big Meteor - Stone Yield Per Hit": 1000, "Big Meteor - Metal Yield Per Hit": 500, "Big Meteor - Sulfur Yield Per Hit": 250, "Big Meteor - HQM Yield Per Hit": 10, "Big Meteor - Explosive Config": { "explosive.timed.deployed": { "Damage Dealt": 50.0, "Resource Multiplier": 1.0 }, "rocket_basic": { "Damage Dealt": 50.0, "Resource Multiplier": 1.0 }, "ammo.rifle.explosive": { "Damage Dealt": 50.0, "Resource Multiplier": 1.0 } }, "Normal Meteor - Bonus Items": [ { "Chance (0-100)": 2.5, "Shortname": "charcoal", "Amount": 150, "Skin ID": 0, "Display Name": "" }, { "Chance (0-100)": 2.5, "Shortname": "wood", "Amount": 500, "Skin ID": 0, "Display Name": "" } ], "Big Meteor - Bonus Items": [ { "Chance (0-100)": 2.5, "Shortname": "charcoal", "Amount": 150, "Skin ID": 0, "Display Name": "" }, { "Chance (0-100)": 2.5, "Shortname": "wood", "Amount": 500, "Skin ID": 0, "Display Name": "" } ], "Big Meteor - Explosive Ammo - Allow": true, "Big Meteor - Explosive Ammo - Max Distance From Rock": 50.0 }
  3. Version 1.0.7


    Bradleys now spawn in Tiers with small config and lootcrate spawn options. Features : Spawns as Easy,Medium,Hard or Nightmare Tiers Easy configuration and setup BradleyGuards and BradleyOptions will disable their HP and Cratedrop settings automaticly (Krungh Crow versions). Works on any Bradley no exceptions Spawn and Kill Messages Option to make a vanilla bradley spawn instead of a Tiered one at random. Set a extra reward in the form of Economics or ServerRewards Support for Tiered loot systems (using it set to false by default) v1.0.3 Showing Bradley tier on 1st damage then after each 2 minutes will show it again. Issues with other plugins!!! If you are using other bradley plugins changing the HP and Crate drop ammounts do the following Look for settings to change amount of crates to drop inside the other plugins cfg and set this to 0 Look for settings to change Health inside the other plugins cfg and change this to 0 For Other Devs/Plugins : To work with BradleyTiers the following can be done [PluginReference] Plugin BradleyOptions, BradleyTiers; if (!BradleyTiers || !BradleyOptions) { bradley.maxCratesToSpawn = 4; bradley._maxHealth = 2000; bradley.health = bradley._maxHealth; Puts("Bradley[Tiers/Options] not installed using BradleyGuards Crate and HP settings"); } if (BradleyTiers || BradleyOptions) { Puts("Bradley[Tiers/Options] installed skipping Crate and HP settings"); } Todo : (For Future updates) killmessages (Added in V1.0.1) GUIAnnouncements (Added in V1.0.1) Side events Permissions : bradleytiers.use : To be able to use the /bt info chatcommand Commands : /bt info : Just prints plugin info version and author to chat Configuration : Want a certain item to spawn as a blue print just add .bp behind its shortname ! { "Main config": { "Debug": false, "Chat Prefix": "[<color=yellow>Bradley Tiers</color>] ", "Use GUIAnnouncement": true, "Reply to player in chat on attack": true, "Reply to player in chat on reward": true, "Show kills/spawns in Global chat": true, "Include Vanilla Bradley": true }, "Tier Names": { "Vanilla": "Vanilla", "Easy": "Noob", "Medium": "Intermediate", "Hard": "Advanced", "Nightmare": "Zombie" }, "Kill Rewards": { "Use Economics?": true, "Use ServerRewards?": false, "Vanilla amount": 500, "Easy amount": 1000, "Medium amount": 1500, "Hard amount": 2000, "Nightmare amount": 2500 }, "Loot Tables": { "Use lootsystem": true, "Use Random Skins": true }, "Easy Bradley": { "Bradley Health": 1500, "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100, "Bradley Throttle Responce": 1.0, "Bradley Accuracy (0-1)": 0.6, "Bradley Damage scale (0-1)": 0.6, "Bradley Max crates after kill": 2, "Spawn Min Amount Items": 5, "Spawn Max Amount Items": 6, "Loot Table": [ { "shortname": "black.raspberries", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 } ] }, "Medium Bradley": { "Bradley Health": 1800, "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100, "Bradley Throttle Responce": 1.0, "Bradley Accuracy (0-1)": 0.75, "Bradley Damage scale (0-1)": 0.7, "Bradley Max crates after kill": 3, "Spawn Min Amount Items": 7, "Spawn Max Amount Items": 8, "Loot Table": [ { "shortname": "black.raspberries", "amount": 10, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 10 } ] }, "Hard Bradley": { "Bradley Health": 2000, "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100, "Bradley Throttle Responce": 1.0, "Bradley Accuracy (0-1)": 0.8, "Bradley Damage scale (0-1)": 0.85, "Bradley Max crates after kill": 4, "Spawn Min Amount Items": 9, "Spawn Max Amount Items": 10, "Loot Table": [ { "shortname": "black.raspberries", "amount": 15, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 15 } ] }, "Nightmare Bradley": { "Bradley Health": 2500, "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100, "Bradley Throttle Responce": 1.0, "Bradley Accuracy (0-1)": 0.85, "Bradley Damage scale (0-1)": 1.0, "Bradley Max crates after kill": 5, "Spawn Min Amount Items": 11, "Spawn Max Amount Items": 12, "Loot Table": [ { "shortname": "black.raspberries", "amount": 20, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 20 } ] } } Localisation : English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder. { "Bradley": "Bradley", "BradVanilla": "A <color=#EC1349>Vanilla</color> Bradley has spawned around <color=#EC1349>{0}</color>", "BradEasy": "A <color=green>Noob</color> Bradley has spawned around <color=green>{0}</color>", "BradMedium": "A <color=blue>Intermediate</color> Bradley has spawned around <color=blue>{0}</color>", "BradHard": "A <color=red>Advanced</color> Bradley has spawned around <color=red>{0}</color>", "BradNightmare": "A <color=yellow>Zombie</color> Bradley has spawned around <color=yellow>{0}</color>", "Destroyed": "finaly destroyed the", "Info": "\n<color=green>Available Commands</color>\n<color=green>/bt info</color> : Shows info on version/author and commands", "InvalidInput": "<color=red>Please enter a valid command!</color>", "KillRewardMessage": "You recieved {0}$ for Destroying the {1} BradleyApc", "Version": "Version : V", "NoPermission": "<color=green>You do not have permission to use that command!</color>" }
  4. Version 1.0.1


    This plugin adds to the game a variety of NPC bosses with different abilities and a very adaptable configuration Description Using this plugin you can add NPC bosses to any point on the map. You can set up any ability with the plugin configuration. If it is necessary, you can add multiple abilities to one boss. Abilities are divided into two categories, ones take place in a certain radius from the NPC, and others are triggered by damaging from an NPC. The map also displays the location of the actual bosses (their name and amount of health). You can give any clothes and weapons for NPCs using the configuration. Dependencies Required NpcSpawn - available in included ReadMe Dependencies (optional, not required) GUI Announcements Notify AlphaLoot CustomLoot Chat commands (only for administrators) /worldpos - displays the actual player’s location on the map (to set up in the plugin configuration the location of the NPC bosses) /monumentpos - displays the actual location of the player on the map relative to the nearest monument (to configure the location of NPC bosses in the plugin configuration) /showpos <name> - shows all positions for NPC appearance depending on the type of NPC appearance /settype <type> <name> - sets a new value for the NPC appearance type /savepos <name> - saves to the configuration file a new position for the appearance of the NPC, depending on the type of appearance of the NPC /removepos <index> <name> - removes from the configuration file the position for the appearance of NPC, depending on the type of appearance of the NPC Plugin Config "Prefix of chat messages" "Do you use the chat? [true/false]" "GUI Announcements setting" "Notify setting" "All NPCs setting" "List of items" "ShortName" "Minimum" "Maximum" "Chance [0.0-100.0]" "Is this a blueprint? [true/false]" "SkinID (0 - default)" "Name (empty - default)" "Own loot table" "Minimum numbers of items" "Maximum numbers of items" "List of items" "GUI Announcements setting" "Do you use the GUI Announcements? [true/false]" "Banner color" "Text color" "Adjust Vertical Position" "Notify setting" "Do you use the Notify? [true/false]" "Type" "NPCs setting" "Name" "Health" "Sign Range" "Roam Range" "Chase Range" "Scale damage" "Time of appearance after death [sec.]" "Location setting" "Wear items" "Belt items" "All actions that occur with the player within the NPC radius" "All actions that occur when applying NPC damage" "Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 - default; 1 - own; 2 - AlphaLoot; 3 - CustomLoot)" "Own loot table" "Marker settings" "All actions that occur with the player within the NPC radius" "Radius (to disable all abilities, set the value to 0)" "Spikes ability cooldown time (to disable the ability, set the value -1)" "Applied damage to player from Spikes" "FireBall ability cooldown time (to disable the ability, set the value -1)" "Applied damage to player from FireBall" "ElectricShock ability cooldown time (to disable the ability, set the value -1)" "Applied damage to player from ElectricShock" "Wolf ability cooldown time (to disable the ability, set the value -1)" "Number of wolves" "Despawn time wolves" "Wounded ability cooldown time (to disable the ability, set the value -1)" "NPC ability cooldown time (to disable the ability, set the value -1)" "NPC Settings" "Number of NPCs" "Despawn time NPCs" "Radiation" "Temperature" "All actions that occur when applying NPC damage" "Disable all abilities when applying damage? [true/false]" "Regeneration of health from the applied damage [%]" "The amount of calories consumed" "The amount of water consumed" "The amount of added radiation" "The amount of added bleeding" "Location setting" "Type of appearance on the map (0 - random; 1 - own list; 2 - standard monuments)" "List of biomes for random appearance (1 - Arid, 2 - Temperate, 4 - Tundra, 8 - Arctic)" "Own list of locations" "List of locations on standard monuments" "Marker settings" "Do you use the Marker? [true/false]" "Radius" "Alpha" "Marker color" "Outline color" Contact me in Discord: KpucTaJl#8923
  5. Version 1.0.6


    HEXAGONIA is the most unusual map in existence! Map fully handmade, has a lot thematic places in Hexa style. yes... we rly put all this cliffs ourself This map has its own atmosphere! You can feel it when just respawned and see flying islands and non-typical relief for rust, but no need to fear about moving around the map, it wont be complicated, because of direct roads around the map. Map has a lot custom monuments and unusual places for build. The water near the coast is fresh and perfect for watering your garden
  6. supreme

    Chest Stacks

    Version 1.2.4


    Allows players to stack chests Configuration: { "Amount of Chest Stacks Allowed": 3, "Only stack chests in Building Privlidged zones": true } Permissions: cheststacks.use DO NOT USE COPY/PASTE PLUGIN TO PASTE STACKED CHESTS, IT WON'T WORK PROPERLY. In order to stack the chests you have to press RIGHT CLICK while looking at the placed chest and being near it! Supports: Small Boxes, Large Boxes, Coffins
  7. Version 2.1.8


    GUI with personal stats, leaderboard, per-category stats, and #1 player custom chat titles Tables with personal bests per category, top scoring player per category, and top-30 players per category. The same tables can be viewed for clans, rather than players. Server-wide top-list per category can be advertised on a timer. Tables have clickable headers for ascending/descending sort Multiple leaderboard snapshots (top single player for each category) can be taken for SQL/web use. See Daniel's free template on Codefling for web publishing of selected stats. Optional uMod dependencies. Clans. Economics. EventManager. Friends. PlaytimeTracker. BetterChat. Permissions. playerranks.use - Allows players to use GUI, if 'RequiresPermission' is true. playerranks.admin - Allows admin UI and command access. playerranks.excludefromstats - Allows players to toggle /pr optout - taking their stats out of public displays. playerranks.excludedfromstats - Force a player to be excluded from stats playerranks.optout - Used behind the scenes for user preference persistence across wipes. By default, stats for admins are not publicised. Chat commands. Player commands. /pr - Open PlayerRanks GUI /pr chat - Enable/Disable chat announcements. /pr optout - Have your stats removed from, or included in, public displays. Requires playerranks.excludefromstats permission. Admin commands. /pr save - Save the database /pr wipe - Wipe the database /pr del - Remove all stats for that player's steamID /pr wipecategory <categoryname> - Remove all of user stats for that category Console commands. playerranks.save - Save the database playerranks.wipe - Wipe the database Configuration. General options. displayClanStats - True/False record_ClanMate_Kills - Toggle killing of clan-members contributing to PVPKills. record_FriendsAPI_Kills - Toggle killing of 'Friends' contributing to PVPKills. record_RustIO_Friend_Kills - Toggle killing of RustIO friends contributing to PVPKills. record_Rust_Teams_Kills - Toggle killing of Rust team mates contributing to PVPKills. blockEvents - Toggle EventManager contributing to ranks. statCollection - True/False RequiresPermission - Makes user /pr access by 'playerranks.use' permission only. allowadmin - Toggle admin stats in public displays. chatCommandAliases useTimedTopList - Toggle public broadcast rotation. TimedTopListAmount TimedTopListTimer TimedTopListSize - Font size for chat output. TimedTopListNumbered - Adds ordered numbering to chat output (1st,2nd,etc). deleteOnBan - True/False saveTimer (minutes) lastLoginLimit - in days.Deletes data for users who haven't logged in since X days ago. Value of 0 means disabled. wipeOnDeath - True/False WipeOnNewMap - Wipes PlayerRanks data base when a new map is detected. CommandOpensTop30 = false; KDRExcludesSuicides = false; PVPKillsCountsSleeperKills = false; PlayTime_HH_MM = false useIntenseOptions - Enable/disable.Toggle gathering of information, and displays, relating to: StructuresBuilt ItemsDeployed ItemsCrafted EntitiesRepaired StructuresDemolished Resources Gathered GUI. UiTextColourStrong = "<color=#b3522b>"; UiTextColourWeak = "<color=#bdbdbd>"; ChatTextColourStrong = "<color=#d4d3d3>"; ChatTextColourWeak = "<color=#bdbdbd>"; ButtonColour = "0.7 0.32 0.17 1"; CategorySortButtonColour = "0.48 0.2 0.1 1"; GuiTransparency = 0.9; Useful tool for picking CUI colours - RGB Decimal. Titles EnablePlayerTitles = false; MaxDisplayedTitles = 3; MaxTitlesBeforeLineBreak = 3; TitleStart = "["; TitleEnd = "]"; AddTitleHoldersToGroup = true; DestroyGroupOnUnload = false; Categories. Each category has the following options in config. "PVPKills": { "EnabledInPersonal": true, "EnabledInTop1": true, "EnabledInTop30": true, "IncludeInChatBroadcast": true, "Title": "[Killer]", "BroadcastTitleChanges": true }, Title. Leave blank to have no title. Players with titles are automatically placed in a group of the category name. Players are removed when they lose #1, and all groups are emptied on unload. SQL - optional. Database Name Host Password Port Username tablename - Main data table name that PR will create. LBtableName - Leaderboards table name that PR will create. Use MySQL - true/false autoWipe - true/false (wipes SQL with main database) The SQL database will be created on the first save, whether automatic or manually with command /pr save. Category List. PVPKills PVPDistance PVEKills PVEDistance NPCKills NPCDistance Sleepers Killed HeadShots Deaths Suicides KDR (kill to death ratio) SDR (suicide to death ratio) SkullsCrushed TimesWounded TimesHealed HeliHits HeliKills APC Hits APCKills BarrelsDestroyed Explosives Thrown Arrows Fired Bullets Fired Rockets Launched WeaponTrapsDestroyed Drops looted Structures Built Structures Demolished Items Deployed Items crafted Entities Repaired Resources Gathered Structures Upgraded blockEvents - Toggle EventManager contributing to ranks. Economics** ServerRewards** PlayTime** (DD:HH:MM:SS) MySQL Only. Online/Offline Status** ActiveDate - Player's last login date. ** - These options are reported by Player Ranks, but not incremented or maintained by Player Ranks. Resetting Player Ranks database will not set these entries to zero, as they are read from elsewhere. Wipe Playtime Tracker data and/or Economics data to set these to zero. Key Binds. Personal stats and leader board can be bound to toggle as follows, using H J as examples: bind h callPersonalStatsUI bind j callLeaderBoardUI Notes. Data for banned players is automatically removed. Heli Kills are attributed to the player who hit the heli the most - not the last hitter. If a player dies from his wounds, the person who wounded him gets the PVP kill. PVP distance is recorded based on the wounding shot.
  8. Version 3.0.4


    Gives reward payments to players for performing various in-game actions. Uses Economics, Server Rewards, or Scrap. **Although V3 is a rewrite, the original plugin was written and maintained by MalS** Thank you to MalS for the original submission and continued support. Chat Commands. /rr – Opens RustRewards UI. UI allows players to customise their notification preferences. It also allows viewing of reward and multiplier values, if that option is enabled in config. Holders of rustrewads.admin permission can use the same UI to adjust reward and multiplier values. See images. Permissions. rustrewards.adminui Enables adjustment buttons for values in UI. Players with the following permissions can earn rewards for that category. rustrewards.harvest rustrewards.kill rustrewards.open rustrewards.pickup rustrewards.activity rustrewards.welcome All reward values are 0.0 by default. All multipliers have basic default values. Reward categories. Kill Harvest Open Pickup Activity Welcome Harvesting and looting containers must be carried out to completion in order to receive the reward. Multipliers. Group Permission Weapon used Happy hour (optional) RaidableBases (action within RB area) Zone (action within specific zone) Distance (for kill rewards) Group and permission multipliers apply to players in X group or players holding X permission. Adding group or permission names to their lists in config will automatically create that group or permission. Permissions from other plugins can also be added here, in full, without issue – eg “kits.vip” "Group_Multipliers": { "Regulars": 1.0 }, "Permission_Multipliers": { "loyalty": 10.0 }, This, for example, will register the permission 'rustrewards.loyalty', and create the group “Regulars”. General Settings Disable_All_Notifications = false, TakeMoneyfromVictim: false, DoLogging: true, HappyHour_BeginHour: 17, HappyHour_EndHour: 21, Player_Kill_Reward_CoolDown_Seconds: 0, View_Reward_Values": true - Enables UI access to reward and multiplier values for players. RewardCurrency UseScrap: true, UseEconomics: false, UseServerRewards: false Chosen currency for rewards. Only one can be used at any one time. Allies UseFriendsPlugin: true, UseClansPlugin: true, UseRustTeams: true Prevent rewards for killing friends/clan mates/team mates. Plugins UseGUIAnnouncementsPlugin: false, - Enables 'banner' notification option UseZoneManagerPlugin: false, - Allows for zone specific multipliers UseNoEscape: false - Prevents rewards when NoEscape-blocked Data file. 'Friendly names' for items and entities can be customised in the data file. Each item or entity has a pair listed – Edit the right hand value. Example : "vehicle_parts": “vehicle parts, "loot_barrel_2": “barrel”, "loot_barrel_1": “barrel”, "crate_tools": “tool crate", Notes. Npcs. An extensive list of npcs types has been added for 'Kill' and 'Harvest' (flesh) rewards, including entries for BotSpawn and Zombiehorde. Item Actions 'Open' rewards are now given for items with “Unwrap” or “Gut” actions, including all recently added fish. AI vehicle kills. Rewards are given to the player who caused the most damage to APC / Patrol Heli / CH47. UI Amount adjust increments. As different servers will have different base units of currency, you can change how much the + and – buttons in UI adjust the amounts. Reward_Small_Increment: 1.0, Reward_Large_Increment: 10.0, Multiplier_Increment: 0.1,
  9. _senyaa


    Version 1.0.4


    CUIEditor - standalone Rust Community UI Editor. Create complex UIs with ease! This is a fork of https://github.com/bazuka5801/CuiBuilder Open Help->Keybinds to see available keybinds.
  10. Version 1.2.0


    Oasis is a new concept of custom map for rust. Everything is surrounded by desert and in the middle is a huge green oasis. In the Oasis, you can find many custom places to build. Two cities are made in such a way as to allow you to build inside some houses. You can completely build up the first floor, and the second floor has several varieties of interior for your comfort. You may notice flying islands with the possibility to build. Can also build in custom small canyon caves screenshots of some of them you can see. In the middle of the oasis is a large oilrig, which is completely restyled. Also some custom monuments inside and outside the oasis. We are happy to finally show this map, we hope you enjoy exploring it. Custom Monuments: - Forest Wooden Towers - Hobbit houses - Tram City A - Tram City B - Desert Town - Tiny Desert Town with restyled fp supermarket A - Restyled FP Supermarket B - Restyled FP Gas Station - Restyled FP Bandit Town - Restyled FP OilRig - Tram Depo A - Tram Depo B - Warehouse C - Intricate Сustom Сave (from the same rocks as the map) - Simple quarry with hidden building place - Waterfall A - Waterfall B and cave with a lake (players can build) - Railway RadTown (not for workcarts) Facepunch Monuments: - Airfield - Bandit Town - Cave Large Hard - Cave Large Sewers Hard - Cave Medium Hard - Cave Medium Medium - Cave Small Easy - Cave Small Hard - Cave Small Medium - Compound - Excavator - Fishing Village A/B/C - Gas Station - Harbor - HQM Quarry - Launch Site - Lighthouse - Military Tunnel - Oilrig 1 - Oilrig 2 - Powerplant - Sewer Branch - Satellite Dish - Sphere Tank - Stables A/B - Sulfur Quarry - Supermarket - Swamp - Trainyard - Warehouse - Junkyard - Water Well A/B/C/E
  11. Oreo

    Oreos Dragon

    Version HDRP


    Have you ever wanted to know what if would be like to call a Dragon your home? Wait no more with Oreos Dragon map, a 5000 map with all of the standard Monuments, this map is great for High Sever Population and those who want land to build! Like what you see, be sure to Like and Follow to stay up to date with all of the content I create
  12. Version 3.1.7


    New version. CRaidController allows to define each day the opening and closing time of the raids. Out of hours the damage is blocked. #FEATURES Defined schedules by groups oxide or id steam or raids are allowed during the day. Blocks damage outside the allowed period Displaying a UI Everything is customizable, configurable with many options. Non-raid time after a wipe #INFO Bypass allows you to destroy if is not the raid time (only if nullify is enabled). All options are optional and can be configured The plugin is compatible with players languages For English players, the times will be in 12h format. Prefabs list available here #UI There are 6 different displays, the background is in transparent black for the screens. Customizable I suggest interface 3 with "0 0 0 0" for background Date of version 2.0, subject to change UI n°1 UI n°2 UI n°3 UI n°4 UI n°5 UI n°6 #PERMISSIONS craidcontroller.change craidcontroller.hide #CONFIGURATION » GLOBAL » UI » SCHEDULES Note : "default", is the default shedules don't remove ! To determine which time slot corresponds to each player, the plugin will search in the configurations if there is a schedule with the steam id, else if it chooses the last oxide group where the player is present. » CREATE NEW GROUP OR PLAYER SCHEDULE Replace "default" by the oxide group name or ID steam (whith quote) » ADD ONE SCHEDULE "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "16:00", "» End": "00:00" } ] » ADD SEVERAL SCHEDULES "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "08:00", "» End": "10:00" }, { "» Start": "12:00", "» End": "14:00" }, { "» Start": "20:00", "» End": "00:00" } ] » EXAMPLE OF SCHEDULES CONFIGURATION » ADD A NON-RAID TIME AFTER A WIPE You can add a non-raid time for each group of schedules, Just enable it Two options are possible. Either with a custom date and time which will be treated in priority if the value is not on null. The second one is in number of days after the wipe (the time will be at 0h). #PREVIEW (Date of version 2.0, subject to change) In any suggestions, bugs, help, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Multi Server Chat Log logs the chats from all of your servers! Team chats and Global chats can be split up for each server! ------------------------------------- The bot is very simple to set up. Just fill in the very minimal things in the config and start up the bot and you're good to go. Steps to install: If you want the bot to run 24/7 you will need a VPS or bot hosting node. Hosting recommendation -> https://pebblehost.com/bot-hosting Once you have your bot node, upload all the files that are given to you into the file section of your bot node. From there all you need to do is edit the config.json file with all the proper information and you're good to go! Any questions, please feel free to join my support server and I'll be more than happy to help you! https://discord.gg/5tbJHzBTQK
  14. Version 1.0.2


    Landscape unusual, hilly terrain, farm island, all this can be seen on this map. In the presence of standard RT, except water treatment. There are custom caves, as well as standard ones. Custom monuments: 1. Destroyed spaceport-visually similar to the usual, but built from scratch, differs in the presence of 2 zones for the construction of the base; there is no radiation and the tank; the launch pad is destroyed; the main building is completely redesigned, to climb to the top will have to go through the parkour.-visually similar to the usual, but built from scratch, differs in the presence of 2 zones for the construction of the base; there is no radiation and the tank; the launch pad is destroyed; the main building is completely redesigned, to climb to the top will have to go through the parkour. (In the second version of the map there is a normal launch pad) 2. Two huge networks of bunkers, caves, sewers, and mines; in certain caves there is a place for building with a quarry, furnaces and other good. 3. Small laboratory. 4. Customized sphere-linked with chains. 5. Azure cave overlooking the ocean. 6. Ancient arena-monument made in the style of arena Gladiator fights, there are statues and so on, inside there is also a cave under construction. 7. A stone giant skeleton – it looks beautiful and epic. 8. Farm island. 9. A small village along the river in European style. 10. Sawmill. The rest is small stuff. Size: 4000 km Author: Gruber#7854 Gruber#7854 This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!
  15. Version 1.0.4


    When running in the forest on the quest of finding some ore nodes and finally hitting the rock to get some valuable resources , there can be a zombie sleeping under the rock Features : Set configurable chance of a [Rock/Tree Zombie] spawning after a ore node is depleted (last hit) Support for trees (can be disabled in cfg) Configurable NPC (HP, Damage scaling, spawn amount and more) Support for Kits. [Rock Zombie] can drop a backpack (internal lootprofile through configuration) The npc can only spawn on the surface (no support for tunnel/cave nodes) npc has 2 starter outfits and changes weapon each time it spawns out of the box (or when assigned kit(s) is not found) Permissions : zombierocks.use : Assign to players/groups to trigger the mini event Commands : /zrinfo : Replies plugin info and version to chat Configuration : To make a item spawn as a blueprint add .bp behind the shortname (for example ammo.pistol.bp) { "Use Debug": false, "Tree spawns": { "Can spawn from trees": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 10.0 }, "Node spawns": { "Stone Nodes": { "Can spawn from stone nodes": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 10.0 }, "Sulfur Nodes": { "Can spawn from sulfur nodes": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 10.0 }, "Metal Nodes": { "Can spawn from metal nodes": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 10.0 } }, "NPC Settings": { "Spawn Amount": 3, "Health": 250, "Max Roam Distance": 20, "Damage multiplier": 0.6, "Lifetime (minutes)": 10.0, "Use kit (clothing)": true, "Kit ID Rock Zombie": [ "RockZombie-01", "RockZombie-02", "RockZombie-03" ], "Kit ID Tree Zombie": [ "TreeZombie-01", "TreeZombie-02", "TreeZombie-03" ], "Show messages": true, "NPC drop a Backpack with loot": true, "Use Random Skins": true, "Spawn Min Amount Items": 2, "Spawn Max Amount Items": 6, "Loot Table": [ { "shortname": "ammo.pistol", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.pistol.fire", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.pistol.hv", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle.explosive", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle.hv", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle.incendiary", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.shotgun", "amount": 12, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 8 }, { "shortname": "explosive.timed", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "explosives", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "pistol.m92", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "shotgun.spas12", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "pickaxe", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "hatchet", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "can.beans", "amount": 3, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "can.tuna", "amount": 3, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "black.raspberries", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 3 } ] } } Localisation : English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder. { "Zombie_Spawn": "Braaains", "Zombie_Spawn_Backpack": "The Zombie Dropped his old Backpack !", "Prefix": "[<color=green>Rock Zombie</color>] : ", "info": "\nThe diffrent stone/sulfur/metal rocks can hide a Zombie that can ressurect from their rocky grave." }
  16. Version 2.2.3


    Rust's first in-game social-media network. See what's up, chat with friends, share your experiences and make connections. Ruster.NET brings you a whole new system of communication! INCLUDED DLL EXTENSIONS REQUIRED CHAT — SHARE — REACT WARNING: As stated in the License section of the plugin, you may NOT modify the plugin in any way. If you wish to modify the logos / colors, you may only do so using Ruster.NET Pro. Not conforming to the license, will cause your server(s) to be permanently blacklisted. TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT connect FEATURES Make friends, share moments and pictures you've made in the world. Like, dislike or comment to your friends' posts and photos. Use the Marketplace to make a quick buck. Build your own marketplace and use the mass-restock feature. Block users and limit toxicity. Auto-moderation for obnoxious posts & censorship. Pay for advertisements which last from one day to a whole week. Rust+ integration. ServerRewards & Economics integration. Localisation integration -> if anything's wrong with any of the translations, let me know or help me translate. Ruster.FM, audio player. Cassette uploads (posts & DMs) -> Watch demo. Voice recordings (posts & DMs) - only available for Verified users. Submit your own snippets (upload 15 seconds - of your OGGs or YouTube links), only available for Verified users. Photographs (DMs) -> Watch demo. Sell art (Photographs & Cassettes) on the Marketplace or share them in posts. Browser sounds are only heard by you -> beeps, notifications, splash sounds. Hashtags used for filtering post content, the Marketplace can be sorted by sold items. Feed filtering / searching. Like & dislike previewer. SQL integration. Blackmarket & Red-Rooms. Stories. Cross-server support (view other servers' activities). Privacy mode (hide real names & Steam64 IDs) when streaming. Custom commands. Nicknames. Post pinning / highlighting. Moderation tools & censoring. Pinning posts on top of feeds. ROADMAP Discord; Send messages through Discord webhooks whenever someone posts something new on Global Feed or in the Marketplace. Ruster.Addons is a tool and API system for Ruster.NET which allows you to run or create your own addons. Check out the roadmap here. Per-user customization. Full-screen picture viewer. Discount codes. Next update: Notification list. Ruster.Stories. Custom commands. SQL INTEGRATION MIGRATION To successfully migrate from JSON to the SQL database, please follow the following steps: Run the save command in your console / webrcon. Update Ruster.NET to the latest in your server. Make sure your SQL database connection is alive and working. Save the server once again, for the configuration file to generate the new properties. Open the configuration file up and scroll down to the Sql section, fill it up accordingly. "Sql": { "Port": 3306, "Hostname": "localhost", "Database": "RusterNET_db", "Username": "root", "Password": "", "Table": "RusterNETData" } After that is done, make sure you saved the configuration file, then run the o.reload RusterNET console / rcon command. While you're having the RusterNET.admin permission, run the /migratetosql chat command. The DataType property will switch to SQL and the SQL database will initialize, launch the connection and save the database on your SQL server. Notice: You don't have to create the table or data fields as it's all automatically generated. On each save, the whole table in being wiped and the data's being recreated. FRIEND REQUESTS Sending friend requests will immediately notify the other user about it. Once you're friends, you may both write posts on eachothers' feeds, rather than within the Marketplace &/or Global Feed. Cutting ties with a friend or blocking them, will ensure mutual communication blockage. PHOTOGRAPHS If you're a server administrator, here's how you set the photograph uploads up: Open up the RusterNET.json (config) file; Go to the Imgur Application Registration form and log-in if you haven't yet; Fill it up accordingly, but make sure the Authorization type is for Anonymous usage; The redirecting URL may be https://imgur.com. After all has been done, copy the ClientID and paste it in the RusterNET.json file config: PhotographUpload -> ImgurClientId To manage your Imgur Applications, go here. STORIES As you probably know, Stories on other social medias are pretty much posts that last for 24 hours. Same thing in Ruster.NET. You may add a message to your Photographs so they're also included with the Story you're willing to post. Users can upload up to 5 stories at once, so use your space wisely. Once the stories run out, you'll be notified of how many views it has gained, in the notification list & push. For users to be allowed to use Stories, an administrator must give specified users or groups permission: RusterNET.story. Configuration { "LogLevel": -1, "DataType": 0, "UniqueId (Must not be null/empty)": "defaultid", "Ads": { "AdvertPrice24h": 5000, "AdvertPriceMultiplier1w": 6.5 }, "Tax": { "Amount": 0.9 }, "Marketplace": { "MaximumStackSizeEachItem (-1 = Default stacksize for the item)": -1, "MaximumStackSizeWholeStack (-1 = Default stacksize for the item)": 100000, "MinimumPrice": 0, "MaximumPrice": 2500, "BlacklistedItems": [ "photo" ] }, "Look": { "AdminNameColor": "#de3535", "ModeratorNameColor": "#a3de35" }, "DMs": { "MustBeFriendsToDM": true, "DeleteOwnMessagesCooldown": 1800.0 }, "Notifications": { "VerticalOffset": 0.0 }, "Sounds": { "FFMPEGPath": "", "PlayStartup": true, "PlayBeeps": true, "PlayLikes": true, "PlayDislikes": true }, "PhotographUpload": { "ImgurClientId": "my_client_id" }, "Cooldown": { "ButtonPress": 0.5, "BusinessCardCreation": 60.0, "RustPlusNotifications": 4.0 }, "Currency": { "ItemShortname": "scrap", "ItemSkinId": 0, "Currency Type (0 = Item, 1 = ServerRewards, 2 = Economics": 0 }, "Profanity": { "BannedWords": [ "bad word", ], "BannedWordReplacements": [ "good word", ] }, "Sql": { "Port": 3306, "Hostname": "localhost", "Database": "RusterNET", "Username": "root", "Password": null, "Table": "RusterNET" }, "Localisation": { "DefaultLanguage": "en-GB", "Languages": [] } } SELL ITEMS — GIVE FEEDBACK — KEEP IN TOUCH. The Ruster.NET Marketplace is a place for you to sell items you don't use anymore or want to sell it for triple the price. How It Works The way the marketplace works is quite simple. Keep reading to understand how it all works. INTRODUCTION Marketplace posts are like regular posts, except that you may set up your items you want to sell and the price you want to receive once a player purchased them. These posts you only find when you're in the marketplace panel. On the purchase, if the marketplace listing becomes out-of-stock, it's only visible for the creator of the post until the post owner is refilling the listing. RESTOCKING When you have more than one listing or a whole lot of post listings, you may mass restock using the "RESTOCK" button (next to the "WITHDRAW" button), hold a hammer and hit an unlocked storage container filled with items for those listings to automatically take out and restock. You may also individually restock your listings when you're the owner and have opened the post in full-screen. Drag and drop the item in the stash slot when it shows up. If you changed your mind from restocking, press [USE] to return to Ruster.NET. ADMIN LIMITS The owner of the server may configure the currency, and minimum / maximum price amounts players can set for their listings. ADVERTS Adverts can be modified in the Marketplace panel. Your active (or inactive) adverts will show up first. If any an advert that an user has posted is not stocked or needs restocking, they'll not be used by the algorithm which shows them on various feeds in different occasions. Items To create adverts, you may purchase two different kinds from the Marketplace. The 24h one allows you to post and sell items within 24 real-time hours. The 1w one lasts for a whole week. Ruster.NET 24h Advert Ruster.NET 1w Advert Costs: 5,000 x Scrap Costs: 35,000 x Scrap Skin: 2501319446 Skin: 2501320266 HASHTAGS They work like real social media hashtags, add them to your posts and they'll be seen above the feed you're in. The more posts with the same hashtags, they'll be trending and be available for other users to filter their feeds with. You may use the mignifying glass icon to search by content - which is found in any of the feeds you can surf through. Marketplaces' hashtags will automatically filter the frequently sold items which will allow you to easily see the best prices which fit your needs. BUSINESS CARDS Create business cards to allow strangers to send you a friend request and connect with you. Ruster.NET Business Card Skin: 2505386906 DIRECT MESSAGING Send private messages to friends, share your location on the map and react to their messages! Ruster.FM is Ruster.NET's audio player which you can play YouTube or direct URL snippet audio clips in your browser. Make sure you're doing the following for your server to successfully upload the clips for your players. To note: only Verified Ruster.NET users may use the Upload Audio feature. Download FFMPEG from here. Open up the ZIP file and in the bin folder, extract ffmpeg.exe into your server at an ideal location (recommended oxide/temp). After that is done, you may now click on the Upload Song when you're in the New Post panel. Fill up the fields, and when ready, press Upload. After the upload's complete, make sure you're publishing it. Then, you're good to go! rickroll.zip The URL can be a YouTube URL or a direct-link MP3/audio file. Only allow trusted players to use it (with the RusterNET.verified permission). The limit for the audio clips is 15 seconds. As of now, the way Rust allows me to store audio files, limits me like that. Will revisit some other time, and then for sure will implement a longer duration. COMMANDS CHAT /getruster: Will give you the Ruster.NET item which when held, it'll bring up the browser. (needs RusterNET.getruster permission) /launchruster: It'll bring up the browser. (needs RusterNET.launch permission) /get24hadvert: Will give you the Ruster.NET 24 hour Advert item which when held, you'll be able to create an advert for an item to sell. (needs RusterNET.get24hadvert permission) /get1wadvert: Will give you the Ruster.NET 1 week Advert item which when held, you'll be able to create an advert for an item to sell. (needs RusterNET.get1wadvert permission) /ruster [player name/id]: Will pull up the browser of someone and preview it as you'd be them. (needs RusterNET.admin permission) /rusteran [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets all notifications (Rust+ ready). /rusterrp [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets Rust+ notifications (Rust+ ready). /rusterpn [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets push notifications (Rust+ ready). /rusterfn [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets friends notifications (Rust+ ready). /rustercn [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets chat notifications (Rust+ ready). /rusterpm [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets Privacy Mode (Rust+ ready). /pinrusterfm [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets Ruster.FM pinning (Rust+ ready). /migratetosql: Migrates local JSON database to SQL. (needs RusterNET.admin permission) CONSOLE launchruster: It'll bring up the browser. (needs RusterNET.launch permission) closeruster: Forcefully closes Ruster.NET - helpful in cases it gets stuck. Please report if it ever does. DEBUG clearrustertc: Wipes all Team conversations from Ruster.NET. (needs RusterNET.admin permission) Permissions RusterNET.admin: Will allow administrators to run all admin-only commands stated above -> Having this permission will allow you to: purchase free-of-charge Marketplace listings / adverts for testing and administrative purposes. purchase your own Marketplace listings / adverts. delete ANY Marketplace listings, adverts &/or posts. RusterNET.moderator: Will allow moderators to delete posts/adverts of other users -> Having this permission will allow you to: delete ANY Marketplace listings, adverts &/or posts. RusterNET.use: Will allow anyone open up the Ruster.NET browser and any other Ruster.NET-related items -> Having this permission will allow you to: view the Ruster.NET browser in any way. RusterNET.launch: Will allow anyone open up the Ruster.NET browser -> Having this permission will allow you to: can run the /launchruster (chat) and launchruster (console) commands. RusterNET.verified: Anyone that has this will be marked as verified -> Having this permission will allow you to: you'll get the blue tick as you're verified, it's just a marker, can be used to your own benefit through add-ons. RusterNET.getruster: Will allow anyone to run the /getruster command -> Having this permission will allow you to: can run /getruster to get the Ruster.NET browser item, which when earned, put it in your hotbar and click the according button to pull it up. RusterNET.get24hadvert: Will allow anyone to run the /get24hadvert command. RusterNET.get1wadvert: Will allow anyone to run the /get1wadvert command. RusterNET.story: Will allow anyone to upload Ruster.NET Stories. RusterNET.internet: Will allow anyone to access the Internet. Will enable to find the "View Servers" button. (c) Raul-Sorin Sorban — 2021 All rights reserved
  17. Version 1.0.8


    A trading platform is a place where players can display their items for currency on your server. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features: Beautiful and convenient plugin menu. Setting up for each economy plugin The choice of using the site is via a computer or a command. Personal discounts for privileges Setting up a commission when selling an item Optimization of the plugin. Setting up Item dropout Setting up items that cannot be put up for sale. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video Review: (The video showed the main functionality of the plugin.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration:
  18. Version 1.25


    Hello, this is the Cobalt Medical Center, that I created for the monument competition. Pleaze! Review this file! If you will use it on your map is fine by me, but consider mention me somewhere! ThaNKS For your kindness!!! Hope you guys enjoy it. There are 2 ways to acess green and blue keycards. The main lootroom is the red keycard door The monument is level 3 (red key card). You can expect a lot of loot and a recycler in the restaurant, but watch out, other players will want to grab it too.
  19. Version 1.1.1


    Let your players shop from the safety of their own bases. Give them the ability to place & pickup their own drone Marketplaces, plus they look cool! With all the necessary configurable options, players will love this on any type of server, PvP or PvE. Features. Support for Friends, Clans, Teams Works with rewards shops like Server Rewards, Economics etc. Force on foundation (optional) Pickup with hammer or chat command Allow multiple marketplaces (optional) Allow players to craft (optional) Configurable crafting cost More control with optional permissions Drop item if building underneath destroyed (optional) Lose condition on pickup (optional) Chat Commands. /marketplace.give /marketplace.give <PlayerName> (Give to specified player) /marketplace.craft /marketplace.pickup (Or hit with hammer) /marketplace.clear (Clear ALL stored marketplace data) /marketplace.clear <SteamID> (Remove marketplace data for player) Console Command. marketplace.give <SteamID> (Use console command in reward shops) Permissions (Optional). personalmarketplace.admin (Required for give & clear commands) personalmarketplace.deploy personalmarketplace.pickup personalmarketplace.craft How to Place. As there is no deployable marketplace item in Rust, the plugin uses the large wooden box planner to help guide and align the Marketplace where you want to place it. Keep in mind the marketplace is a very large item, so it is only a guide to help make it straight etc. Make sure to place it far away from where you stand and from buildings, or it might clip through them currently. If you don’t get the position right first time, no worries, just pick it up and try again until happy with the placement. Marketplaces are better placed in the middle of a 3x4 or larger foundation for best placement (see below image), but can be placed on open terrain or floors if allowed as such in the config: Inventory item: Default Config: { "Options": { "Use Friends": true, "Use Clans": true, "Use Teams": true, "Plugin sound effects": true }, "Deploy Settings": { "Building privilege required to deploy": true, "Permission required to deploy": true, "Force deploy on foundation": false, "Players can deploy multiple marketplaces": false }, "Pickup Settings": { "Players can pickup own marketplaces": true, "Building privilege required to pickup own marketplace": true, "Require permission to pickup": true, "Lose condition when players pickup": true, "Initial Marketplace condition": 100.0, "Amount of condition to lose": 10.0 }, "Craft Settings": { "Players can craft a Marketplace": true, "Require permission to craft": true, "Cost to craft:": { "scrap": 500, "metal.fragments": 2500, "metal.refined": 200, "gears": 10, "techparts": 10, "dropbox": 3, "targeting.computer": 3, "electric.battery.rechargable.large": 1, "electric.battery.rechargable.medium": 1, "electric.solarpanel.large": 1, "electric.rf.receiver": 1, "electric.rf.broadcaster": 1 } }, "Destroy Settings": { "Destroy if floor underneath destroyed": true, "Drop marketplace on floor if destroyed": true, "Lose condition when dropped": false }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 1, "Patch": 1 } }
  20. Version 2.2.0


    Create fully automated raidable bases with NPCs This is the premium version of Raidable Bases. The differences between this and the free version is five (5) difficulties and associated loot table functionality instead of one (1), buyable events, and lockouts for players. Updating from 1.7.1 to 2.0.0 shouldn’t require anything special. Simply install it. Requires latest version of CopyPaste or bases will not spawn properly! This plugin requires CopyPaste plugin to work. It also requires that you have copypaste files already made. Raidable bases will be spawned using the CopyPaste plugin. This plugin does NOT come with any bases. Packages are sold separately that include bases. Check out my packages for this plugin for tier1, tier2, and tier3 which contain everything you need to get the plugin working in minutes with all bases and loot already configured for you! Packages are sold separately. Tutorial This is not your run-of-the-mill plugin. DO NOT INSTALL WITHOUT READING THIS DOCUMENTATION FIRST. This plugin is extremely advanced and requires utmost attention to detail to configure properly. Jumping around in the configuration file or profiles will lead to more problems than it's worth. Take your time to understand each option before enabling or disabling its functionality. Raidable Bases is an independent expansion of Dangerous Treasures. You may learn how to enable the expansion mode below. It does not require Dangerous Treasures for any other purpose. Configuration Loot Tables The plugin comes with some very basic items (Default_Loot.json) that only serve as a demo loot list for you to either delete or expand upon. In order to make any use of the plugin (beyond demonstration) you will have to create your own loot lists instead. It will take a very long time to configure your loot tables, and fine-tune each to your specific needs. To start, I recommend that you use the rb.populate all command. This creates files in the Editable_Lists folder for each difficulty that contain every item in the game. Edit each file and set the amounts for the items that you want to spawn, and remove those that you do not want to spawn. It may look intimidating editing a list of 660 items, but don't underestimate how easy it is to delete items from a list compared to adding each one manually. Items that have their amount (not amountMin) set to 0 will not spawn. So you may either delete these items from the list, or come back to them later. If you set amountMin to 0 then chance will determine if the item spawns or not, and another item will not replace it unless there are extra items available (as of 1.7.3). You can set the item skin that you want to use, but I suggest using the Skins settings in the configuration file to use random skins, or none at all. The rb.populate command which populates the Editable_Lists folder also includes items already inside of your Difficulty_Loot folder. This allows you to easily repopulate lists in order to re-evaluate which items spawn at a later date. Files inside of the Editable_Lists folder must be copied into an existing loot file in order to use the loot table. As the name implies, it is for editing only. - If you want to use Editable_Lists/Easy.json for your Easy bases then copy the contents of the file into the Difficulty_Loot/Easy.json file. - If you want to use Editable_Lists/Expert.json for the Expert Bases.json profile, then you must copy the contents of the Expert.json file into the Bases_Loot/Expert Bases.json file probability - the chance that the item can spawn. value must be between 0.0 and 1.0 where 1.0 is 100% chance Loot Priority Loot is pulled from all datafiles within the oxide/data/RaidableBases/ folder with the exception of the Profiles folder which is used to configure bases. oxide/data/RaidableBases/Base Loot - If a loot table exists in this folder with the same name as a profile then all of the bases in that profile will use this loot table. If you want items in this loot table to always spawn then you must enable Always Spawn Base Loot Table in the respective profile. oxide/data/RaidableBases/Difficulty Loot - Items will be chosen from these files based on the difficulty of each profile. If Use Day Of Week Loot is enabled then it will choose the loot table for that specific day. Otherwise, it will pick from Default_Loot.json. This is the default list, and is only used when all other loot tables do not have a sufficient amount of loot to spawn based on the Amount Of Items To Spawn setting. Loot Settings Allow Duplicate Items - This is useful when you do not have enough items in your loot tables , and you want to spawn Amount Of Items To Spawn by using the same items more than once. Amount Of Items To Spawn - This is the number of items that you want to spawn. If you do not have enough items in your loot tables then it will only spawn the amount that you have available. It will not spawn items if the container does not have enough space. Drop Tool Cupboard Loot After Raid Is Completed (false) Divide Loot Into All Containers - This allows you to divide loot evenly from all of your loot lists into all containers when enabled. You MUST increase or decrease Amount Of Items To Spawn respective to how many items you want in each container. This includes large boxes, small boxes, coffins and vending machines. Optional settings include (in order of priority) cupboard, bbq, oven, fridge and lockers. Allow Players To Pickup Deployables (false) - As name implies, overridden by Entities Not Allowed To Be Picked Up Allow Players To Deploy A Cupboard (true) - Block players from placing a TC after destroying the TC in the base. Drop Container Loot X Seconds After It Is Looted (false) - Prevent players from cherry picking items and leaving the rest, in order to despawn the raid quicker. Drop Container Loot Applies Only To Boxes And Cupboards (true) - As name implies Empty All Containers Before Spawning Loot (true) - Useful if using CopyPaste files that contain loot already - I suggest leaving this true as it can complicate how many items spawn if there are too few inventory slots remaining. Ignore Containers That Spawn With Loot Already (false) - Useful if you want specific loot to spawn from a copypaste file. Require Cupboard Access To Loot (false) - Prevent all players from looting until they reach the TC, or destroy it. Skip Treasure Loot And Use Loot In Base Only (false)" - Useful if you want all loot to spawn from a copypaste file - not recommended - will allow players to memorize which boxes to raid and ignore the rest. Always Spawn Base Loot Table (false) - Very useful if you want items in the Base_Loot file to always spawn (such as C4, rockets, ammo, etc) Settings Blacklisted Commands (none) - prevents players from using these commands inside of a raid base Automatically Teleport Admins To Their Map Marker Positions (true) - right-click map to teleport (requires raidablebases.mapteleport permission) Block Wizardry Plugin At Events (false) - Block players from using wands Chat Steam64ID (0) - The steam profile icon to show in chat messages Expansion Mode (Dangerous Treasures) (false) - Allow Dangerous Treasures to take over a random box for its event Remove Admins From Raiders List (false) - Allows admins to help players without receiving any rewards Show X Z Coordinates (false) - Show X Z coordinates alongside grid location Buy Raid Command (buyraid) - Opens the buyable UI to purchase raids for each difficulty Event Command (rbe) - Specify command name Hunter Command (rb) - Specify command name Server Console Command (rbevent) - Specify command name Raid Management Allow Teleport (false) - Allow/prevent players from teleporting Allow Cupboard Loot To Drop (true) - Allows loot to drop when TC is destroyed by a player Allow Players To Build (true) Allow Players To Use Ladders (true) Allow Players To Deploy Barricades (true) Allow Players To Upgrade Event Buildings (false) - Prevent players from upgrading buildings with no TC to prevent this otherwise Allow Player Bags To Be Lootable At PVP Bases (true) - Bypasses Prevent Looting plugin Allow Player Bags To Be Lootable At PVE Bases (true) - Bypasses Prevent Looting plugin Allow Traps To Drop Loot (false) - Allow traps such as guntraps and turrets to drop loot on death Allow Players To Loot Traps (false) - Allows players to loot traps such as guntrap and turrets with TC access Allow Raid Bases On Roads (true) Allow Raid Bases On Rivers (true) Allow Raid Bases On Building Topology (true) - Specifically added for custom map makers Allow Vending Machines To Broadcast (false) - Prevents vending machines from showing on the map Allow Bases To Float Above Water (false) - Keyword: FLOAT Allow Bases To Spawn On The Seabed (false) Prevent Bases From Floating Above Water By Also Checking Surrounding Area (false) - Keyword: FLOAT Maximum Water Depth Level Used For Float Above Water Option (1.0) - Keyword: FLOAT, but allows you to prevent on water if the value is low enough Backpacks Can Be Opened At PVE Bases (true) Backpacks Can Be Opened At PVP Bases (true) Backpacks Drop At PVE Bases (false) - Will drop a backpack on death, even if explicity disabled in Backpack configuration (requires Backpacks 3.4.0 ) Backpacks Drop At PVP Bases (false) Block Mounted Damage To Bases And Players (false) - Prevent players from dealing damage while on mini, scrap heli, etc Block RestoreUponDeath Plugin For PVP Bases (false) Block RestoreUponDeath Plugin For PVE Bases (false) Bypass Lock Treasure To First Attacker For PVE Bases (false) - Do not set an owner for PVE bases Bypass Lock Treasure To First Attacker For PVP Bases (false) - Do not set an owner for PVP bases Despawn Spawned Mounts (true) - Allows mounts such as mini or scrap heli to remain if not abandoned when raid despawns Do Not Destroy Player Built Deployables (true) - Useful for cleaning up after players Do Not Destroy Player Built Structures (true) Divide Rewards Among All Raiders (true) Draw Corpse Time (Seconds) (300.0) - The amount of time the players corpse location is drawn on their screen Eject Sleepers Before Spawning Base (true) Extra Distance To Spawn From Monuments (0.0) Flame Turrets Ignore NPCs (false) - Can help with performance on some servers Maximum Elevation Level (2.5) - The allowed height of the surrounding terrain for spawning bases Move Cookables Into Ovens (true) Move Food Into BBQ Or Fridge (true) Move Resources Into Tool Cupboard (true) Move Items Into Lockers (true) Lock Treasure To First Attacker (true) - Sets the first attacker as the owner of a raid. You must set eject settings in each profile if you do not want players entering private raids Lock Treasure Max Inactive Time (Minutes) (10.0) - Resets the raid as public after this time Assign Lockout When Lock Treasure Max Inactive Time Expires (false) - useful those who partially raid bases in order to avoid the lockout timer Lock Players To Raid Base After Entering Zone (false) - Forces players to be locked to a raid once they enter it, even on accident Only Award First Attacker and Allies (false) Minutes Until Despawn After Looting (min 1) (15) - The time until the base despawns after being raided Minutes Until Despawn After Inactive (0 = disabled) (45) - The time until the base despawns after being raided Minutes Until Despawn After Inactive Resets When Damaged (true) - Resets the time until the base despawns when it is damaged by a player Mounts Can Take Damage From Players (false) Mounts Can Take Damage From SamSites (true) Player Cupboard Detection Radius (75.0) - Extra layer of protection to prevent raid bases from spawning too closely to player bases Players With PVP Delay Can Damage Anything Inside Zone (false) - Applies specifically to PVP raid bases Players With PVP Delay Can Damage Other Players With PVP Delay Anywhere (false) PVP Delay Between Zone Hopping (10.0) - The amount of time players can take damage while on a PVE server after stepping outside of a PVP zone - prevents exploiting - recommended value: 120 Prevent Fire From Spreading (true) - Helps with server performance by preventing forest fires, err, fire from spreading after initial spawn Prevent Players From Hogging Raids (true) - Prevents players from tagging multiple raids at once Require Cupboard To Be Looted Before Despawning (false) Destroying The Cupboard Completes The Raid (false) Require All Bases To Spawn Before Respawning An Existing Base (false) - Rotate through all bases specific to each difficulty before reusing an existing base Turn Lights On At Night (true) Turn Lights On Indefinitely (false) Traps And Turrets Ignore Users Using NOCLIP (false) Use Random Codes On Code Locks (true) Wait To Start Despawn Timer When Base Takes Damage From Player (false) - Prevents the inactive despawn timer from starting until it is damaged by a player. Combos well when inactive resets is disabled by giving players a limited time to finish a raid once they start it Additional Containers To Include As Boxes (none) - example: vendingmachine Eject Mounts Boats (false) - Set any true to prevent them from entering a raid base Cars (Basic) (false) Cars (Modular) (false) Chinook (false) Horses (false) MiniCopters (false) Pianos (true) Scrap Transport Helicopters (false) All Controlled Mounts (false) - Mounts controlled via another plugin Max Amount Of Players Allowed To Enter Each Difficulty (0 = infinite, -1 = none) (infinite) Easy Difficulty => Amount (0) Medium Difficulty => Amount (0) Hard Difficulty => Amount (0) Expert Difficulty => Amount (0) Nightmare Difficulty => Amount (0) Max Amount Allowed To Automatically Spawn Per Difficulty (0 = infinite) -1 = disabled) Easy (0) - Specifies how many of each difficulty can be spawned at any given time Medium (0) Hard (0) Expert (0) Nightmare (0) Player Lockouts (0 = ignore) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Easy) (0.0) - Set a cooldown before the player can enter another raid base Time Between Raids In Minutes (Medium) (0.0) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Hard) (0.0) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Expert) (0.0) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Nightmare) (0.0) Block Clans From Owning More Than One Raid (false) - Prevent clans from hogging multiple raid bases Block Friends From Owning More Than One Raid (false) Block Teams From Owning More Than One Raid (false) Easy|Medium|Hard|Expert|Nightmare Raids Can Spawn On Monday (true) Tuesday (true) Wednesday (true) Thursday (true) Friday (true) Saturday (true) Sunday (true) Difficulty Colors (Border) Easy (000000) Medium (000000) Hard (000000) Expert (000000) Nightmare (000000) Difficulty Colors (Inner) Easy (00FF00) Medium (FFEB04) Hard (FF0000) Expert (0000FF) Nightmare (000000) Map Markers Marker Name (Raidable Base Event) Radius (0.25) Use Vending Map Marker (true) Show Owners Name on Map Marker (true) Use Explosion Map Marker (false) Create Markers For Buyable Events (true) Create Markers For Maintained Events (true) Create Markers For Scheduled Events (true) Create Markers For Manual Events (true) Buyable Events Do Not Reward Buyable Events (false) Refunds > Refund Despawned Bases (false) Refunds > Refund Percentage (100.0) Refunds > Refund Resets Cooldown Timer (false) Refunds > Block Refund If Base Is Damaged (true) Cooldowns (0 = No Cooldown) VIP Permission (raidablebases.vipcooldown (300.0) Admin Permission (raidablebases.allow (0.0) Server Admins (0.0) Normal Users (600.0) Allow Players To Buy PVP Raids (false) - If all of your profiles have PVP enabled then players will NOT be able to buy any raids! Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Distance To Spawn Bought Raids From Player (500.0) Lock Raid To Buyer And Friends (true) Ignore Player Entities At Custom Spawn Locations (false) Ignore Safe Checks (false) - if enabled will prevent the plugin from checking the area for a TC, buildings, or deployables Max Buyable Events (1) Reset Purchased Owner After X Minutes Offline (10.0) Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want buyable raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin Maintained Events Always Maintain Max Events (false) - Spawn another raid soon after one despawns Ignore Player Entities At Custom Spawn Locations (false) - spawn regardless of what player entities are built in the area Chance To Randomly Spawn PVP Bases (0 = Ignore Setting) (0.0) - Overrides all PVP Allow profile settings for a chance to make the raid PVE or PVP Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Include PVE Bases (true) Include PVP Bases (true) Ignore Safe Checks (false) - Bypass checks that ensure no buildings or other objects are blocking the spawn Minimum Required Players Online (1) Max Maintained Events (1) - How many bases you want available at any given time Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want maintained raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin Time To Wait Between Spawns (15.0) - Wait a specific time frame between each paste (can be set to 0) Manual Events Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Max Manual Events (1) Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want manually spawned raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin Scheduled Events Enabled (false) - Spawn raids on a timer specific to random amount of time between Every Min and Every Max Seconds Ignore Player Entities At Custom Spawn Locations (false) - spawn regardless of what player entities are built in the area Chance To Randomly Spawn PVP Bases (0 = Ignore Setting) (0.0) - Overrides all PVP Allow profile settings for a chance to make the raid PVE or PVP Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Every Min Seconds (3600.0) Every Max Seconds (7200.0) Include PVE Bases (true) Include PVP Bases (true) Ignore Safe Checks (false) - Bypass checks that ensure no buildings or other objects are blocking the spawn Max Scheduled Events (1) Max To Spawn At Once (0 = Use Max Scheduled Events Amount) (0) Minimum Required Players Online (1) Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want scheduled raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin Time To Wait Between Spawns (15.0) - Wait a specific time frame between each paste (can be set to 0) Economics Buy Raid Costs (0 = disabled) Easy (0.0) - How much each raid costs, use the /buyraid command to see the UI Medium (0.0) Hard (0.0) Expert (0.0) Nightmare (0.0) ServerRewards Buy Raid Costs (0 = disabled) Easy (0) - How much each raid costs, use the /buyraid command to see the UI Medium (0) Hard (0) Expert (0) Nightmare (0) Custom Buy Raid Costs Easy (50 scrap) - How much each raid costs, use the /buyraid command to see the UI Medium (100 scrap) Hard (150 scrap) Expert (200 scrap) Nightmare (250 scrap) All are disabled by default. All can require its own specific item. Allowed Zone Manager Zones List: pvp, 99999999 - the list of zones where raid bases may spawn at - Zone Manager is not required to use this plugin. Event Messages Announce Raid Unlocked (false) Announce Buy Base Messages (false) Announce Thief Message (true) Announce PVE/PVP Enter/Exit Messages (true) Show Destroy Warning (true) Show Opened Message (true) Show Opened Message For Paid Bases (true) Show Prefix (true) GUIAnnouncements Enabled (false) Banner Tint Color (Grey) Maximum Distance (300.0) Text Color (White) Lusty Map Enabled (false) Icon File (http://i.imgur.com/XoEMTJj.png) Icon Name (rbevent) Icon Rotation (0.0) Ranked Ladder (based on points system) Award Top X Players On Wipe (3) - Every wipe the top 3 players are awarded the raidablebases.th permission and raidhunter group. Used with plugins that give titles based on permissions/groups, such as BetterChat Enabled (true) Difficulty Points (for each difficulty) Assign To Owner Of Raid Only (false) Assign Rank After X Completions - Players that complete the required amount of completions will receive the relevant above permission and group automatically - Set value above 0 to enable this feature for any given difficulty as it is disabled for all difficulties by default Permissions and groups are given to players for being top 3 in each difficulty at the end of a wipe permissions: raidablebases.ladder.easy, raidablebases.ladder.medium, raidablebases.ladder.hard, raidablebases.ladder.expert, raidablebases.ladder.nightmare, raidablebases.th groups: raideasy, raidmedium, raidhard, raidexpert, raidnightmare, raidhunter Skins Randomize Npc Item Skins (true) - Skins npc outfits Boxes Include Workshop Skins (true) Preset Skin (0) Use Random Skin (true) - Skins boxes Loot Items Include Workshop Skins (true) Use Random Skin (true) - Skins items inside of boxes Use Imported Workshop Skins File (false) - copy existing Imported Workshop Skins section from Skinbox to the Imported Workshop Skins json file to apply. Deployables List: Partial Names (door, barricade, chair, fridge, furnace, locker, reactivetarget, rug, sleepingbag, table, vendingmachine, waterpurifier, skullspikes, skulltrophy, summer_dlc, sled) Skin Everything (true) Include Workshop Skins (true) Use Random Skin (true) - Skins deployed items Treasure Resources Not Moved To Cupboards (skull.human, battery.small, bone.fragments, can.beans.empty, can.tuna.empty, water.salt, water, skull.wolf) Use Day Of Week Loot (false) Do Not Duplicate Base Loot (false) Do Not Duplicate Difficulty Loot (false) Do Not Duplicate Default Loot (false) Use Stack Size Limit For Spawning Items (false) UI Enabled (true) - Shows a status indicator Anchor Min (0.838 0.249) Anchor Max (0.986 0.284) Font Size (18) Panel Alpha (1.0) Panel Color (000000) PVP Color (FF0000) PVE Color (008000) Show Containers Left (false) Show Time Left (true) UI Details => Shows owner and active status Buyable UI Enabled (true) - Allows players to buy raids through a UI - DO NOT PUT IN STORE OR SHOPS Cursor Enabled (false) Anchor Min (0.522 0.136) Anchor Max (0.639 0.372) Panel Color (000000) Panel Alpha (0.0) Button Alpha (1.0) Text Color (FFFFFF) Use Contrast Colors For Text Color (false) Use Difficulty Colors For Buttons (false) X Button Color (497CAF) Easy Button Color (497CAF) Medium Button Color (497CAF) Hard Button Color (497CAF) Expert Button Color (497CAF) Nightmare Button Color (497CAF) Lockouts Enabled (true) - Shows lockout timers for each difficulty (expert/nightmare not implemented) Easy Anchor Min (0.838 0.285) Easy Anchor Max (0.883 0.320) Medium Anchor Min (0.893 0.285) Medium Anchor Max (0.936 0.320) Hard Anchor Min (0.946 0.285) Hard Anchor Max (0.986 0.320) Expert Anchor Min (0.838 0.325) Expert Anchor Max (0.883 0.365) Nightmare Anchor Min (0.893 0.325) Nightmare Anchor Max (0.936 0.365) Panel Alpha (1.0) Weapons Fog Machine Allows Motion Toggle (true) Fog Machine Requires A Power Source (true) SamSite Repairs Every X Minutes (0.0 = disabled) (5.0) SamSite Range (350.0 = Rust default) (75.0) Test Generator Power (100.0) Infinite Ammo AutoTurret (true) FlameTurret (true) FogMachine (true) GunTrap (true) SamSite (true) Ammo AutoTurret (256) FlameTurret (256) FogMachine (5) GunTrap (128) SamSite (24) Tesla Coil Requires A Power Source (true) Max Discharge Self Damage Seconds (0 = None) 120 = Rust default) (0.0) Max Damage Output (35.0) Profiles Difficulty (0 = easy, 1 = medium, 2 = hard, 3 = expert, 4 = nightmare) (0) Entities Not Allowed To Be Picked Up (List: generator.small, generator.static autoturret_deployed - overrides Allow Players To Pickup Deployables) Additional Bases For This Difficulty (default) - A list of bases to use within this profile Paste Options (default) - Paste options specific to the profiles filename if it is also a base Profile Enabled (true)- Useful for disabling a profile instead of deleting it Add Code Lock To Unlocked Or KeyLocked Doors (true) Add Code Lock To Boxes (false) Add Code Lock To Tool Cupboards (false) Close Open Doors With No Door Controller Installed (true) Allow Duplicate Items (false) - [Explained above] Allow Players To Pickup Deployables (false) - [Explained above] Allow Players To Deploy A Cupboard (true)- [Explained above] Allow PVP (true) Allow Friendly Fire (Teams) (true) Amount Of Items To Spawn (30) - [Explained above] Minimum Amount Of Items To Spawn (0 = Use Max Value) (0) Flame Turret Health (300.0) Block Plugins Which Prevent Item Durability Loss (false) - Force items to take condition losses Block Damage Outside Of The Dome To Players Inside (false) - Prevent damage from outside of the dome to players inside of the dome Block Damage Outside Of The Dome To Bases Inside (false) - Prevent damage from outside of the dome to the base inside Block Damage Inside From Npcs To Players Outside (false) Building Blocks Are Immune To Damage (false) Boxes Are Invulnerable (false) Spawn Silently (No Notifcation, No Dome, No Map Marker) (false) Divide Loot Into All Containers (true) - [Explained above] Drop Container Loot X Seconds After It Is Looted (0.0) - [Explained above] Drop Container Loot Applies Only To Boxes And Cupboards (true) - [Explained above] Create Dome Around Event Using Spheres (0 = disabled, recommended = 5) (5) - A visible dome for players to distinguish raid bases from player bases Enable Stability Foundation Wipe (false) - Enables a custom stability system for when stability is disabled via CopyPaste settings. Empty All Containers Before Spawning Loot (true) - [Explained above] Eject Corpses From Enemy Raids (Advanced Users Only) (true) - Prevents corpses from remaining inside of a raid when it becomes private and prevents the user from looting it Eject Enemies From Purchased PVE Raids (true) - Useful when Lock Raid To Buyer And Friends is enabled Eject Enemies From Purchased PVP Raids (false) Eject Enemies From Locked PVE Raids (true) - Useful when Lock Treasure To First Attacker is enabled Eject Enemies From Locked PVP Raids (false) Explosion Damage Modifier (0-999) (100.0) - Modify the damage of all explosives Force All Boxes To Have Same Skin (true) Ignore Containers That Spawn With Loot Already (false) - [Explained above] Penalize Players On Death In PVE (ZLevels) (true) Penalize Players On Death In PVP (ZLevels) (true) Loot Amount Multiplier (1.0) - useful to scale loot amounts without having to adjust them all individually Protection Radius (50.0) - This options controls every single option and feature that relies explicity on distance or radius in one regard or another. Setting an incorrect value, either too low, or too high, will break the functionality of the plugin. It's best to leave it alone. Require Cupboard Access To Loot (false) - [Explained above] Minimum Respawn Npc X Seconds After Death (0.0) - Useful in simulating a real raid where players respawn Maximum Respawn Npc X Seconds After Death (0.0) Skip Treasure Loot And Use Loot In Base Only (false) - [Explained above] Always Spawn Base Loot Table (false) - [Explained above] - Arena Walls Enabled (true) Extra Stacks (1) - How many times you want walls to stack on top of one another Use Stone Walls (true) Use Iced Walls (false) Use Least Amount Of Walls (true) Use UFO Walls (false) - Walls spawn horizontally instead of vertically Radius (25.0) NPC Levels Level 1 - Play With Fire - Harmless fire aura rotates around npcs randomly Amount (0 = disabled) (0) Chance To Play (0.5) Level 2 - Final Death (false) - Respawns all npcs when raid is completed NPCs Enabled (true) Spawn Inside Bases (Options: Spawn On Floors, Spawn On Rugs, Spawn On Beds) Murderer Items Dropped On Death (none) Scientist Items Dropped On Death (none) Murderer (Items) (metal.facemask, metal.plate.torso, pants, tactical.gloves, boots.frog, tshirt, machete) Scientist (Items) (hazmatsuit_scientist, rifle.ak) Murderer Kits (murderer_kit_1, murderer_kit_2) - Kits have priority over these lists of items Scientist Kits (scientist_kit_1, scientist_kit_2) Random Names (none) - Spawn with a custom random name instead of a provided random name Amount To Spawn (3) Aggression Range (70.0) - Aggression range is increased by 250 meters when engaged Despawn Inventory On Death (true) Health For Murderers (100 min, 5000 max) (150.0) Health For Scientists (100 min, 5000 max) (150.0) Minimum Amount To Spawn (1) Use Dangerous Treasures NPCs (false) - Tells Dangerous Treasures to control and outfit the NPCs instead Spawn Murderers And Scientists (true) Scientist Weapon Accuracy (0 - 100) (30.0) - These bots are meant to be savages. 30% is average for highly skilled players, while the average player has 10-20% accuracy Spawn Murderers (false) Spawn Random Amount (false) Spawn Scientists Only (false) Rewards Economics Money (0.0) - How much is rewarded after a raid. Overridden by Divide Rewards Among All Raiders ServerRewards Points (0) Change Building Material Tier To Wooden (false) - Useful for upgrading or downgrading buildings automatically Stone (false) Metal (false) HQM (false) Change Door Type To Wooden (false) - Useful for upgrading or downgrading doors automatically Metal HQM Player Building Restrictions Wooden (false) Stone (false) Metal (false) HQM (false) Auto Turrets Aim Cone (5.0) Minimum Damage Modifier (1.0) Maximum Damage Modifier (1.0) Start Health (1000.0) Sight Range (30.0) Set Hostile (False = Do Not Set Any Mode) (true) Requires Power Source (false) Remove Equipped Weapon (false) Weapon To Equip When Unequipped (null = Do Not Equip) (rifle.ak) Permissions raidablebases.allow -- Allows player to use the available ADMIN commands. This is NOT recommended as players can use the commands 'buyraid' and 'rb' already. raidablebases.canbypass permission (or to be flying) to bypass dome restrictions (this previously worked for admins, but now requires the permission instead) raidablebases.blockbypass permission to bypass Owning More Than One Raid settings for Clans/Friends/Teams raidablebases.mapteleport Teleporting to map marker now simply requires this permission and to be enabled in config raidablebases.ddraw allows support for FauxAdmin users raidablebases.config allows use of the rb.config command in-game (server console does not require this permission) raidablebases.banned bans the user from entering any raids - DO NOT GIVE THIS TO THE DEFAULT GROUP LOL raidablebases.durabilitybypass to bypass `Block Plugins Which Prevent Item Durability Loss` raidablebases.notitle permission to exclude users from ranked title rewards Grid This plugin creates it's own spawn points automatically, which cover the entirety of your server's map when the plugin is loaded. This is created one-time when the plugin loads. The grid maintains itself without requiring any input. You may view the grid by typing /rb grid in-game to view detailed drawings of all locations on the grid. X - green - possible spawn point X - Red - currently in use C - Cyan - construction detected nearby TC - yellow - TC detected nearby W - blue - water depth is too high - refreshes on ocean level change Each location on the grid is checked a second time before spawning a base to insure it does not spawn the base on players or their buildings. You can disable using the grid by providing a valid spawn file for each raid type (buyable, maintained, scheduled and manual). Commands buyraid - buys a raid, eg: buyraid easy, buyraid easy steamid, buyraid 0, buyraid 0 steamid. I suggest typing the command and using the UI to buy bases. rb - for players to see the ladder (also for admins to see the status of each raid going on, which includes showing the allies and owners of each raid) rb ui [lockouts|status] - toggle ui on/off, or optional the lockouts or status rbe despawn - despawns a players purchased base if they have raidablebases.despawn.buyraid permission For admins, or players with the admin permission raidablebases.allow: rbe debug - toggles debug messages shown every second to server console for maintained and scheduled warning messages rb grid - see the grid and all monument names rb resettime - reset the time for the next scheduled event rb savefix - to cancel a server save that has become stuck - requires authlevel 2 rb prod - to gather information from a raid base entity for debugging purposes - requires admin or raidablebases.allow rbe - spawns a base at the position you are looking at. You cannot spawn a base on a player (including yourself) rbe draw - draw the raids radius rbe despawn - despawn a base near you (can be used by players with raidablebases.despawn.buyraid permission to despawn a base they purchased) rbe despawnall - despawn all bases rbe [basename] [difficulty] - spawn a raid at the location you are looking at rbe expire steamid|playername - removes a lockout for a specific player rbe expireall rbevent [basename] [difficulty] - spawn a raid randomly on the map - and teleport to it if using the command in-game rb.reloadconfig - allows you to reload the config without needing to reload the plugin. Some changes are not applied immediately, and no changes are retroactive to bases that are already spawned. rb.config - allows you to edit the config by adding, removing, and listing bases. Requires the permission raidablebases.config when not being used from the server console. rb.toggle - toggles Maintained Events and Scheduled Events on/off, if enabled in the config, until plugin reloads rbe setowner name - Sets the player as the owner of the raid rbe clearowner - Clears the owner of the raid Additional Bases allows you to add additional files to an existing base so that all bases in that list share the same configuration as the primary base/profile. This is great for setting up a list of bases for easy, medium, hard, expert and nightmare. Command rb.populate will populate specific loot tables with every item in the game (items are disabled by default as their amounts are set to 0) Arguments: rb.populate easy medium hard expert nightmare loot all Arguments: rb.populate 0 1 2 3 4 loot all easy - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Easy.json medium - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Medium.json hard - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Hard.json expert - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Expert.json nightmare - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Nightmare.json loot - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Default_Loot.json all - Populates ALL above loot tables Configure the items to your liking then copy the files contents into a loot table that you would like to use (for example Difficulty Loot/Easy.json) You cannot use loot tables in the config file anymore. Use the data directory (oxide/data/RaidableBases) API No return behavior: void OnRaidableBaseStarted(Vector3 raidPos, int mode, float loadingTime) void OnRaidableBaseEnded(Vector3 raidPos, int mode, float loadingTime) void OnPlayerEnteredRaidableBase(BasePlayer player, Vector3 raidPos, bool allowPVP) void OnPlayerExitedRaidableBase(BasePlayer player, Vector3 raidPos, bool allowPVP) Tips Players will be considered raiders after looting, killing an npc, using explosives, eco raiding, destroying a building block/high wall/door or dealing damage from INSIDE of the dome You must change easybase1, mediumbase2, expertbase3, etc to the name of your CopyPaste files, or vis-versa. This plugin doesn't create bases for you. You can use the rb.config command (rb.config add "easy bases" easybase1 easybase2 0) in the server console to make this process easier. You can rename all profiles or additional base filenames. When copying a base with CopyPaste, make certain that you copy the base from eye level of the foundation outside of the base. I would not change autoheight from false to true. Do not change stability to true, as it may cause your base to crumble. height is the distance the base is spawned off of the ground. elevation determines how flat the surrounding terrain must be in order for bases to spawn on it Scheduled Events is how often you want a random base to spawn on the map. This is disabled by default. This randomness comes from Every Min Seconds and Every Max Seconds Maintain Events will always spawn the Max Events amount of bases on your map. This is disabled by default. When one despawns, another will take its place shortly after. Allow Teleport will prevent players from teleporting when disabled. Compatible with NTeleportation or any plugin that uses the CanTeleport hook. Help This plugin does NOT use Zone Manager - it creates and manages everything on its own. If you are having issues with too few locations on the grid, or each attempt to spawn a base returns a manual spawn was already requested then it is likely because of how you have setup Zone Manager. You either have far too many zones, or you have zones which are far too large. Raidable Bases will not spawn in these zones unless the ZoneID is added to Allowed Zone Manager Zones in the config file. Do not put this plugin in your store/shop. It simply is not designed to work with it. There are far too many cooldowns to make this idea plausible, and the plugin cannot function properly without them. Using /buyraid will open a UI designed specifically for this issue. This plugin requires CopyPaste plugin to work. It also requires that you have copypaste files already made. Raidable bases will be spawned using the CopyPaste plugin. This plugin does NOT come with any bases. PvE server friendly with TruePVE and other plugins that support the hooks CanEntityTakeDamage, CanEntityBeTargeted, and CanEntityTrapTrigger. Bases can have 5 difficulty settings: 0 for easy, 1 for medium, 2 for hard, 3 for expert, and 4 for nightmare. This is configurable per profile. Bases can spawn on roads and other areas that do not allow building by Rust. Building ladders in these areas is allowed by the plugin. I will add support for building twig later. My bases often spawn in the same biome If you're having issues with spawn points being repeatedly used, or with a biome being favored consistently over other biomes then this is an elevation issue with the terrain on your map. You can fix this by increasing the Elevation in the configuration. For example, if your Elevation is 1.0 then set it to 1.5 and try again. This will also increase the height the base is allowed to spawn off of the ground. With certain maps you'll just have to make do with this issue. Corpses appear outside of the dome as backpacks This is intended, and it is optional. The location is drawn on the players screen to notify them that their corpse moved. This allows players to retrieve their backpack in the event that the raid becomes locked privately to another player, and prevents them from entering. Players do not drop their active item when they die.
  21. Version 1.0.1


    Animal Crates plugin allows you to add a little spice into looting barrels and crates. You can add any animal to crate/barrel and surprise your players while collecting loot, or increase amount of animals on Your server in different way. Video Preview Click here! Features You can add any type of animal into crates and barrels. You can check if an animal is in a crate, by hitting the crate with a melee weapon. Configurable chances for animal and animal type. Permissions animalboxes.use - Gives permission to spawn animals in crates. Default Config { "Require Permission": false, "Crate Container List": [ "crate_normal_2", "crate_normal_2_food", "crate_normal_2_medical" ], "Barrel Container List": [ "loot_barrel_1", "loot_barrel_2", "loot-barrel-1", "loot-barrel-2", "oil_barrel" ], "Crate Animal Chance (0-100)": 5.0, "Barrel Animal Chance (0-100)": 15.0, "Crate Animal Chances": { "bear": 5.0, "wolf": 40.0, "boar": 40.0, "stag": 25.0, "chicken": 10.0 }, "Barrel Animal Chances": { "bear": 0.0, "wolf": 0.0, "boar": 0.0, "stag": 0.0, "chicken": 1.0 } }
  22. Mevent


    Version 1.0.2


    Blocking items after wipe Features Beautiful user interface Performance Interface customization Setting up items by category Support for blocking items by SkinID On-screen alert Ignore blocking by permission Commands block (open interface) wb.indent [seconds] (to slide the blocks) Permissions wipeblock.ignore (ignore blocking) Config Examples Config
  23. Mevent


    Version 1.0.3


    Adds a referral system to the game. Players can invite other players and receive rewards for this. Commands referal - open interface promo [promocode] - activate promo code Permissions You can set permission in config, for example: "Permission (example: referrals.use)": "referrals.use", Hooks private void OnPromoCodeActivated(BasePlayer player, string promocode) API private string GetPromoCode(BasePlayer member) private string GetPromoCode(string member) private string GetPromoCode(ulong member) Config { "Commands": [ "ref", "referal" ], "Commands to activate the promo code": [ "promo", "code" ], "Permission (example: referrals.use)": "", "Work with Notify?": true, "Use auto-wipe?": false, "Promo Code Chars": "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789", "Promo Code Length": 8, "Awards": [ { "Invites Amount": 1, "Type": "Item", "ID": 1, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "wood", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 20000, "Chance": 70.0 }, { "Invites Amount": 2, "Type": "Item", "ID": 2, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "stones", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 15000, "Chance": 70.0 }, { "Invites Amount": 5, "Type": "Item", "ID": 3, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "leather", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 2400, "Chance": 55.0 }, { "Invites Amount": 7, "Type": "Item", "ID": 4, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "cloth", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 2300, "Chance": 55.0 }, { "Invites Amount": 10, "Type": "Item", "ID": 5, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "lowgradefuel", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 1500, "Chance": 50.0 } ] }
  24. Mevent


    Version 1.0.24


    A unique kits system with the greatest possible functionality and beautiful design Features: Beautiful user interface Performance Auto kits Auto wipe (optional) Can give custom items Can give commands Advanced item settings Work with CopyPaste Delay after wipe (optional) Block of receiving a set in Building Block (optional) Logging (optional) Chances of kit items (optional) Skills support Commands kit open interface kit help get help with kits kit list get a list of available kits kit [name] get the kit kits.resetkits delete all kits and player data kits.resetdata reset player data kits.give [name/steamid] [kitname] give the player a kit kits.convert convert from old Kits Hooks private string[] canRedeemKit(BasePlayer player) private void OnKitRedeemed(BasePlayer player, string kitName) API private string[] GetAllKits() private object GetKitInfo(string kitname) private string[] GetKitContents(string kitname) private double GetKitCooldown(string kitname) private double PlayerKitCooldown(ulong ID, string kitname) private int KitMax(string kitname) private double PlayerKitMax(ulong ID, string kitname) private string KitImage(string kitname) private bool IsKit(string kitname) private bool isKit(string kitname) Config Data
  25. Mevent


    Version 1.0.0


    Adds a Genie Lamp to the game, which you can unwrap and receive an award. This will greatly diversify the game on your server. My advice is to add them to your underwater crates and use Dynamic Config to set up rewards over the course of the wipe Commands genie.give [targetId] (give a lamp) Permissions You can set permission in config, for example: "Permission to rub the lamp": "genie.use", Config { "Genie Image": "https://i.imgur.com/aNIcQzk.png", "Enable opening progress?": true, "Work with Notify?": true, "Delay to receive": 5.0, "Update Frequency": 0.1, "Opening effect (empty - disable)": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/gestures/lick.prefab", "Progress effect (empty - disable)": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/notice/item.select.fx.prefab", "Finish effect (empty - disable)": "assets/prefabs/misc/xmas/presents/effects/wrap.prefab", "Permission to rub the lamp": "", "Genie lamp Settings": { "Display Name": "Lamp", "ShortName": "xmas.present.small", "Skin": 2540200362 }, "Awards": [ { "Type": "Item", "ID": 1, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "wood", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 3500, "Chance": 70.0 }, { "Type": "Item", "ID": 2, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "stones", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 2500, "Chance": 70.0 }, { "Type": "Item", "ID": 3, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "leather", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 1000, "Chance": 55.0 }, { "Type": "Item", "ID": 4, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "cloth", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 1000, "Chance": 55.0 }, { "Type": "Item", "ID": 5, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "lowgradefuel", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 500, "Chance": 50.0 }, { "Type": "Item", "ID": 6, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "metal.fragments", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 1500, "Chance": 65.0 }, { "Type": "Item", "ID": 7, "Image": "", "Title": "", "Command (%steamid%)": "", "Plugin": { "Hook": null, "Plugin name": null, "Amount": 0 }, "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "ShortName": "metal.refined", "Skin": 0, "Amount": 150, "Chance": 65.0 } ], "Drop Settings": [ { "Prefab": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_normal.prefab", "Chance": 50 }, { "Prefab": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/loot_barrel_2.prefab", "Chance": 5 }, { "Prefab": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/loot_barrel_1.prefab", "Chance": 5 } ] } VIDEO

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