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About Me

  1. Version 2.4.9


    Create fully automated raidable bases with NPCs in Rust This is the premium version of Raidable Bases. The differences between this and the free version is five (5) difficulties and associated loot table functionality instead of one (1), buyable events, and lockouts for players. Updating from 1.7.1 to 2.0.0 shouldn’t require anything special. Simply install it. Requires latest version of CopyPaste or bases will not spawn properly! This plugin requires CopyPaste plugin to work. It also requires that you have copypaste files already made. Raidable bases will be spawned using the CopyPaste plugin. This plugin does NOT come with any bases. Packages are sold separately that include bases. Check out my packages for this plugin for tier1, tier2, and tier3 which contain everything you need to get the plugin working in minutes with all bases and loot already configured for you! Packages are sold separately. Tutorial This is not your run-of-the-mill plugin. DO NOT INSTALL WITHOUT READING THIS DOCUMENTATION FIRST. This plugin is extremely advanced and requires utmost attention to detail to configure properly. Jumping around in the configuration file or profiles will lead to more problems than it's worth. Take your time to understand each option before enabling or disabling its functionality. Raidable Bases is an independent expansion of Dangerous Treasures. You may learn how to enable the expansion mode below. It does not require Dangerous Treasures for any other purpose. Configuration Loot Tables The plugin comes with some very basic items (Default_Loot.json) that only serve as a demo loot list for you to either delete or expand upon. In order to make any use of the plugin (beyond demonstration) you will have to create your own loot lists instead. It will take a very long time to configure your loot tables, and fine-tune each to your specific needs. To start, I recommend that you use the rb.populate all command. This creates files in the Editable_Lists folder for each difficulty that contain every item in the game. Edit each file and set the amounts for the items that you want to spawn, and remove those that you do not want to spawn. It may look intimidating editing a list of 660 items, but don't underestimate how easy it is to delete items from a list compared to adding each one manually. Items that have their amount (not amountMin) set to 0 will not spawn. So you may either delete these items from the list, or come back to them later. If you set amountMin to 0 then chance will determine if the item spawns or not, and another item will not replace it unless there are extra items available (as of 1.7.3). You can set the item skin that you want to use, but I suggest using the Skins settings in the configuration file to use random skins, or none at all. The rb.populate command which populates the Editable_Lists folder also includes items already inside of your Difficulty_Loot folder. This allows you to easily repopulate lists in order to re-evaluate which items spawn at a later date. Files inside of the Editable_Lists folder must be copied into an existing loot file in order to use the loot table. As the name implies, it is for editing only. - If you want to use Editable_Lists/Easy.json for your Easy bases then copy the contents of the file into the Difficulty_Loot/Easy.json file. - If you want to use Editable_Lists/Expert.json for the Expert Bases.json profile, then you must copy the contents of the Expert.json file into the Bases_Loot/Expert Bases.json file probability - the chance that the item can spawn. value must be between 0.0 and 1.0 where 1.0 is 100% chance Loot Priority Loot is pulled from all datafiles within the oxide/data/RaidableBases/ folder with the exception of the Profiles folder which is used to configure bases. oxide/data/RaidableBases/Base Loot - If a loot table exists in this folder with the same name as a profile then all of the bases in that profile will use this loot table. If you want items in this loot table to always spawn then you must enable Always Spawn Base Loot Table in the respective profile. oxide/data/RaidableBases/Difficulty Loot - Items will be chosen from these files based on the difficulty of each profile. If Use Day Of Week Loot is enabled then it will choose the loot table for that specific day. Otherwise, it will pick from Default_Loot.json. This is the default list, and is only used when all other loot tables do not have a sufficient amount of loot to spawn based on the Amount Of Items To Spawn setting. Loot Settings Allow Duplicate Items - This is useful when you do not have enough items in your loot tables , and you want to spawn Amount Of Items To Spawn by using the same items more than once. Amount Of Items To Spawn - This is the number of items that you want to spawn. If you do not have enough items in your loot tables then it will only spawn the amount that you have available. It will not spawn items if the container does not have enough space. Drop Tool Cupboard Loot After Raid Is Completed (false) Divide Loot Into All Containers - This allows you to divide loot evenly from all of your loot lists into all containers when enabled. You MUST increase or decrease Amount Of Items To Spawn respective to how many items you want in each container. This includes large boxes, small boxes, coffins and vending machines. Optional settings include (in order of priority) cupboard, bbq, oven, fridge and lockers. Allow Players To Pickup Deployables (false) - As name implies, overridden by Entities Not Allowed To Be Picked Up Allow Players To Deploy A Cupboard (true) - Block players from placing a TC after destroying the TC in the base. Drop Container Loot X Seconds After It Is Looted (false) - Prevent players from cherry picking items and leaving the rest, in order to despawn the raid quicker. Drop Container Loot Applies Only To Boxes And Cupboards (true) - As name implies Empty All Containers Before Spawning Loot (true) - Useful if using CopyPaste files that contain loot already - I suggest leaving this true as it can complicate how many items spawn if there are too few inventory slots remaining. Ignore Containers That Spawn With Loot Already (false) - Useful if you want specific loot to spawn from a copypaste file. Require Cupboard Access To Loot (false) - Prevent all players from looting until they reach the TC, or destroy it. Skip Treasure Loot And Use Loot In Base Only (false)" - Useful if you want all loot to spawn from a copypaste file - not recommended - will allow players to memorize which boxes to raid and ignore the rest. Always Spawn Base Loot Table (false) - Very useful if you want items in the Base_Loot file to always spawn (such as C4, rockets, ammo, etc) Settings Blacklisted Commands (none) - prevents players from using these commands inside of a raid base Automatically Teleport Admins To Their Map Marker Positions (true) - right-click map to teleport (requires raidablebases.mapteleport permission) Block Wizardry Plugin At Events (false) - Block players from using wands Chat Steam64ID (0) - The steam profile icon to show in chat messages Expansion Mode (Dangerous Treasures) (false) - Allow Dangerous Treasures to take over a random box for its event Remove Admins From Raiders List (false) - Allows admins to help players without receiving any rewards Show X Z Coordinates (false) - Show X Z coordinates alongside grid location Buy Raid Command (buyraid) - Opens the buyable UI to purchase raids for each difficulty Event Command (rbe) - Specify command name Hunter Command (rb) - Specify command name Server Console Command (rbevent) - Specify command name Raid Management Allow Teleport (false) - Allow/prevent players from teleporting Allow Cupboard Loot To Drop (true) - Allows loot to drop when TC is destroyed by a player Allow Players To Build (true) Allow Players To Use Ladders (true) Allow Players To Deploy Barricades (true) Allow Players To Upgrade Event Buildings (false) - Prevent players from upgrading buildings with no TC to prevent this otherwise Allow Player Bags To Be Lootable At PVP Bases (true) - Bypasses Prevent Looting plugin Allow Player Bags To Be Lootable At PVE Bases (true) - Bypasses Prevent Looting plugin Allow Traps To Drop Loot (false) - Allow traps such as guntraps and turrets to drop loot on death Allow Players To Loot Traps (false) - Allows players to loot traps such as guntrap and turrets with TC access Allow Raid Bases On Roads (true) Allow Raid Bases On Rivers (true) Allow Raid Bases On Building Topology (true) - Specifically added for custom map makers Allow Vending Machines To Broadcast (false) - Prevents vending machines from showing on the map Allow Bases To Float Above Water (false) - Keyword: FLOAT Allow Bases To Spawn On The Seabed (false) Prevent Bases From Floating Above Water By Also Checking Surrounding Area (false) - Keyword: FLOAT Maximum Water Depth Level Used For Float Above Water Option (1.0) - Keyword: FLOAT, but allows you to prevent on water if the value is low enough Backpacks Can Be Opened At PVE Bases (true) Backpacks Can Be Opened At PVP Bases (true) Backpacks Drop At PVE Bases (false) - Will drop a backpack on death, even if explicity disabled in Backpack configuration (requires Backpacks 3.4.0 ) Backpacks Drop At PVP Bases (false) Block Mounted Damage To Bases And Players (false) - Prevent players from dealing damage while on mini, scrap heli, etc Block RestoreUponDeath Plugin For PVP Bases (false) Block RestoreUponDeath Plugin For PVE Bases (false) Bypass Lock Treasure To First Attacker For PVE Bases (false) - Do not set an owner for PVE bases Bypass Lock Treasure To First Attacker For PVP Bases (false) - Do not set an owner for PVP bases Despawn Spawned Mounts (true) - Allows mounts such as mini or scrap heli to remain if not abandoned when raid despawns Do Not Destroy Player Built Deployables (true) - Useful for cleaning up after players Do Not Destroy Player Built Structures (true) Divide Rewards Among All Raiders (true) Draw Corpse Time (Seconds) (300.0) - The amount of time the players corpse location is drawn on their screen Eject Sleepers Before Spawning Base (true) Extra Distance To Spawn From Monuments (0.0) Flame Turrets Ignore NPCs (false) - Can help with performance on some servers Maximum Elevation Level (2.5) - The allowed height of the surrounding terrain for spawning bases Move Cookables Into Ovens (true) Move Food Into BBQ Or Fridge (true) Move Resources Into Tool Cupboard (true) Move Items Into Lockers (true) Lock Treasure To First Attacker (true) - Sets the first attacker as the owner of a raid. You must set eject settings in each profile if you do not want players entering private raids Lock Treasure Max Inactive Time (Minutes) (10.0) - Resets the raid as public after this time Assign Lockout When Lock Treasure Max Inactive Time Expires (false) - useful those who partially raid bases in order to avoid the lockout timer Lock Players To Raid Base After Entering Zone (false) - Forces players to be locked to a raid once they enter it, even on accident Only Award First Attacker and Allies (false) Minutes Until Despawn After Looting (min 1) (15) - The time until the base despawns after being raided Minutes Until Despawn After Inactive (0 = disabled) (45) - The time until the base despawns after being raided Minutes Until Despawn After Inactive Resets When Damaged (true) - Resets the time until the base despawns when it is damaged by a player Mounts Can Take Damage From Players (false) Mounts Can Take Damage From SamSites (true) Player Cupboard Detection Radius (75.0) - Extra layer of protection to prevent raid bases from spawning too closely to player bases Players With PVP Delay Can Damage Anything Inside Zone (false) - Applies specifically to PVP raid bases Players With PVP Delay Can Damage Other Players With PVP Delay Anywhere (false) PVP Delay Between Zone Hopping (10.0) - The amount of time players can take damage while on a PVE server after stepping outside of a PVP zone - prevents exploiting - recommended value: 120 Prevent Fire From Spreading (true) - Helps with server performance by preventing forest fires, err, fire from spreading after initial spawn Prevent Players From Hogging Raids (true) - Prevents players from tagging multiple raids at once Require Cupboard To Be Looted Before Despawning (false) Destroying The Cupboard Completes The Raid (false) Require All Bases To Spawn Before Respawning An Existing Base (false) - Rotate through all bases specific to each difficulty before reusing an existing base Turn Lights On At Night (true) Turn Lights On Indefinitely (false) Traps And Turrets Ignore Users Using NOCLIP (false) Use Random Codes On Code Locks (true) Wait To Start Despawn Timer When Base Takes Damage From Player (false) - Prevents the inactive despawn timer from starting until it is damaged by a player. Combos well when inactive resets is disabled by giving players a limited time to finish a raid once they start it Additional Containers To Include As Boxes (none) - example: vendingmachine Eject Mounts Boats (false) - Set any true to prevent them from entering a raid base Cars (Basic) (false) Cars (Modular) (false) Chinook (false) Horses (false) MiniCopters (false) Pianos (true) Scrap Transport Helicopters (false) All Controlled Mounts (false) - Mounts controlled via another plugin Max Amount Of Players Allowed To Enter Each Difficulty (0 = infinite, -1 = none) (infinite) Easy Difficulty => Amount (0) Medium Difficulty => Amount (0) Hard Difficulty => Amount (0) Expert Difficulty => Amount (0) Nightmare Difficulty => Amount (0) Max Amount Allowed To Automatically Spawn Per Difficulty (0 = infinite) -1 = disabled) Easy (0) - Specifies how many of each difficulty can be spawned at any given time Medium (0) Hard (0) Expert (0) Nightmare (0) Player Lockouts (0 = ignore) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Easy) (0.0) - Set a cooldown before the player can enter another raid base Time Between Raids In Minutes (Medium) (0.0) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Hard) (0.0) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Expert) (0.0) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Nightmare) (0.0) Block Clans From Owning More Than One Raid (false) - Prevent clans from hogging multiple raid bases Block Friends From Owning More Than One Raid (false) Block Teams From Owning More Than One Raid (false) Easy|Medium|Hard|Expert|Nightmare Raids Can Spawn On Monday (true) Tuesday (true) Wednesday (true) Thursday (true) Friday (true) Saturday (true) Sunday (true) Difficulty Colors (Border) Easy (000000) Medium (000000) Hard (000000) Expert (000000) Nightmare (000000) Difficulty Colors (Inner) Easy (00FF00) Medium (FFEB04) Hard (FF0000) Expert (0000FF) Nightmare (000000) Map Markers Marker Name (Raidable Base Event) Radius (0.25) Use Vending Map Marker (true) Show Owners Name on Map Marker (true) Use Explosion Map Marker (false) Create Markers For Buyable Events (true) Create Markers For Maintained Events (true) Create Markers For Scheduled Events (true) Create Markers For Manual Events (true) Buyable Events Do Not Reward Buyable Events (false) Refunds > Refund Despawned Bases (false) Refunds > Refund Percentage (100.0) Refunds > Refund Resets Cooldown Timer (false) Refunds > Block Refund If Base Is Damaged (true) Cooldowns (0 = No Cooldown) VIP Permission (raidablebases.vipcooldown (300.0) Admin Permission (raidablebases.allow (0.0) Server Admins (0.0) Normal Users (600.0) Allow Players To Buy PVP Raids (false) - If all of your profiles have PVP enabled then players will NOT be able to buy any raids! Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Distance To Spawn Bought Raids From Player (500.0) Lock Raid To Buyer And Friends (true) Ignore Player Entities At Custom Spawn Locations (false) Ignore Safe Checks (false) - if enabled will prevent the plugin from checking the area for a TC, buildings, or deployables Max Buyable Events (1) Reset Purchased Owner After X Minutes Offline (10.0) Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want buyable raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin Maintained Events Always Maintain Max Events (false) - Spawn another raid soon after one despawns Ignore Player Entities At Custom Spawn Locations (false) - spawn regardless of what player entities are built in the area Chance To Randomly Spawn PVP Bases (0 = Ignore Setting) (0.0) - Overrides all PVP Allow profile settings for a chance to make the raid PVE or PVP Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Include PVE Bases (true) Include PVP Bases (true) Ignore Safe Checks (false) - Bypass checks that ensure no buildings or other objects are blocking the spawn Minimum Required Players Online (1) Max Maintained Events (1) - How many bases you want available at any given time Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want maintained raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin Time To Wait Between Spawns (15.0) - Wait a specific time frame between each paste (can be set to 0) Manual Events Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Max Manual Events (1) Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want manually spawned raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin Scheduled Events Enabled (false) - Spawn raids on a timer specific to random amount of time between Every Min and Every Max Seconds Ignore Player Entities At Custom Spawn Locations (false) - spawn regardless of what player entities are built in the area Chance To Randomly Spawn PVP Bases (0 = Ignore Setting) (0.0) - Overrides all PVP Allow profile settings for a chance to make the raid PVE or PVP Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Every Min Seconds (3600.0) Every Max Seconds (7200.0) Include PVE Bases (true) Include PVP Bases (true) Ignore Safe Checks (false) - Bypass checks that ensure no buildings or other objects are blocking the spawn Max Scheduled Events (1) Max To Spawn At Once (0 = Use Max Scheduled Events Amount) (0) Minimum Required Players Online (1) Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want scheduled raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin Time To Wait Between Spawns (15.0) - Wait a specific time frame between each paste (can be set to 0) Economics Buy Raid Costs (0 = disabled) Easy (0.0) - How much each raid costs, use the /buyraid command to see the UI Medium (0.0) Hard (0.0) Expert (0.0) Nightmare (0.0) ServerRewards Buy Raid Costs (0 = disabled) Easy (0) - How much each raid costs, use the /buyraid command to see the UI Medium (0) Hard (0) Expert (0) Nightmare (0) Custom Buy Raid Costs Easy (50 scrap) - How much each raid costs, use the /buyraid command to see the UI Medium (100 scrap) Hard (150 scrap) Expert (200 scrap) Nightmare (250 scrap) All are disabled by default. All can require its own specific item. Allowed Zone Manager Zones List: pvp, 99999999 - the list of zones where raid bases may spawn at - Zone Manager is not required to use this plugin. Event Messages Announce Raid Unlocked (false) Announce Buy Base Messages (false) Announce Thief Message (true) Announce PVE/PVP Enter/Exit Messages (true) Show Destroy Warning (true) Show Opened Message (true) Show Opened Message For Paid Bases (true) Show Prefix (true) GUIAnnouncements Enabled (false) Banner Tint Color (Grey) Maximum Distance (300.0) Text Color (White) Lusty Map Enabled (false) Icon File (http://i.imgur.com/XoEMTJj.png) Icon Name (rbevent) Icon Rotation (0.0) Ranked Ladder (based on points system) Award Top X Players On Wipe (3) - Every wipe the top 3 players are awarded the raidablebases.th permission and raidhunter group. Used with plugins that give titles based on permissions/groups, such as BetterChat Enabled (true) Difficulty Points (for each difficulty) Assign To Owner Of Raid Only (false) Assign Rank After X Completions - Players that complete the required amount of completions will receive the relevant above permission and group automatically - Set value above 0 to enable this feature for any given difficulty as it is disabled for all difficulties by default Permissions and groups are given to players for being top 3 in each difficulty at the end of a wipe permissions: raidablebases.ladder.easy, raidablebases.ladder.medium, raidablebases.ladder.hard, raidablebases.ladder.expert, raidablebases.ladder.nightmare, raidablebases.th groups: raideasy, raidmedium, raidhard, raidexpert, raidnightmare, raidhunter Skins Randomize Npc Item Skins (true) - Skins npc outfits Boxes Include Workshop Skins (true) Preset Skin (0) Use Random Skin (true) - Skins boxes Loot Items Include Workshop Skins (true) Use Random Skin (true) - Skins items inside of boxes Use Imported Workshop Skins File (false) - copy existing Imported Workshop Skins section from Skinbox to the Imported Workshop Skins json file to apply. Deployables List: Partial Names (door, barricade, chair, fridge, furnace, locker, reactivetarget, rug, sleepingbag, table, vendingmachine, waterpurifier, skullspikes, skulltrophy, summer_dlc, sled) Skin Everything (true) Include Workshop Skins (true) Use Random Skin (true) - Skins deployed items Treasure Resources Not Moved To Cupboards (skull.human, battery.small, bone.fragments, can.beans.empty, can.tuna.empty, water.salt, water, skull.wolf) Use Day Of Week Loot (false) Do Not Duplicate Base Loot (false) Do Not Duplicate Difficulty Loot (false) Do Not Duplicate Default Loot (false) Use Stack Size Limit For Spawning Items (false) UI Enabled (true) - Shows a status indicator Anchor Min (0.838 0.249) Anchor Max (0.986 0.284) Font Size (18) Panel Alpha (1.0) Panel Color (000000) PVP Color (FF0000) PVE Color (008000) Show Containers Left (false) Show Time Left (true) UI Details => Shows owner and active status Buyable UI Enabled (true) - Allows players to buy raids through a UI - DO NOT PUT IN STORE OR SHOPS Cursor Enabled (false) Anchor Min (0.522 0.136) Anchor Max (0.639 0.372) Panel Color (000000) Panel Alpha (0.0) Button Alpha (1.0) Text Color (FFFFFF) Use Contrast Colors For Text Color (false) Use Difficulty Colors For Buttons (false) X Button Color (497CAF) Easy Button Color (497CAF) Medium Button Color (497CAF) Hard Button Color (497CAF) Expert Button Color (497CAF) Nightmare Button Color (497CAF) Lockouts Enabled (true) - Shows lockout timers for each difficulty (expert/nightmare not implemented) Easy Anchor Min (0.838 0.285) Easy Anchor Max (0.883 0.320) Medium Anchor Min (0.893 0.285) Medium Anchor Max (0.936 0.320) Hard Anchor Min (0.946 0.285) Hard Anchor Max (0.986 0.320) Expert Anchor Min (0.838 0.325) Expert Anchor Max (0.883 0.365) Nightmare Anchor Min (0.893 0.325) Nightmare Anchor Max (0.936 0.365) Panel Alpha (1.0) Weapons Fog Machine Allows Motion Toggle (true) Fog Machine Requires A Power Source (true) SamSite Repairs Every X Minutes (0.0 = disabled) (5.0) SamSite Range (350.0 = Rust default) (75.0) Test Generator Power (100.0) Infinite Ammo AutoTurret (true) FlameTurret (true) FogMachine (true) GunTrap (true) SamSite (true) Ammo AutoTurret (256) FlameTurret (256) FogMachine (5) GunTrap (128) SamSite (24) Tesla Coil Requires A Power Source (true) Max Discharge Self Damage Seconds (0 = None) 120 = Rust default) (0.0) Max Damage Output (35.0) Profiles Difficulty (0 = easy, 1 = medium, 2 = hard, 3 = expert, 4 = nightmare) (0) Entities Not Allowed To Be Picked Up (List: generator.small, generator.static autoturret_deployed - overrides Allow Players To Pickup Deployables) Additional Bases For This Difficulty (default) - A list of bases to use within this profile Paste Options (default) - Paste options specific to the profiles filename if it is also a base Profile Enabled (true)- Useful for disabling a profile instead of deleting it Add Code Lock To Unlocked Or KeyLocked Doors (true) Add Code Lock To Boxes (false) Add Code Lock To Tool Cupboards (false) Close Open Doors With No Door Controller Installed (true) Allow Duplicate Items (false) - [Explained above] Allow Players To Pickup Deployables (false) - [Explained above] Allow Players To Deploy A Cupboard (true)- [Explained above] Allow PVP (true) Allow Friendly Fire (Teams) (true) Amount Of Items To Spawn (30) - [Explained above] Minimum Amount Of Items To Spawn (0 = Use Max Value) (0) Flame Turret Health (300.0) Block Plugins Which Prevent Item Durability Loss (false) - Force items to take condition losses Block Damage Outside Of The Dome To Players Inside (false) - Prevent damage from outside of the dome to players inside of the dome Block Damage Outside Of The Dome To Bases Inside (false) - Prevent damage from outside of the dome to the base inside Block Damage Inside From Npcs To Players Outside (false) Building Blocks Are Immune To Damage (false) Boxes Are Invulnerable (false) Spawn Silently (No Notifcation, No Dome, No Map Marker) (false) Divide Loot Into All Containers (true) - [Explained above] Drop Container Loot X Seconds After It Is Looted (0.0) - [Explained above] Drop Container Loot Applies Only To Boxes And Cupboards (true) - [Explained above] Create Dome Around Event Using Spheres (0 = disabled, recommended = 5) (5) - A visible dome for players to distinguish raid bases from player bases Enable Stability Foundation Wipe (false) - Enables a custom stability system for when stability is disabled via CopyPaste settings. Empty All Containers Before Spawning Loot (true) - [Explained above] Eject Corpses From Enemy Raids (Advanced Users Only) (true) - Prevents corpses from remaining inside of a raid when it becomes private and prevents the user from looting it Eject Enemies From Purchased PVE Raids (true) - Useful when Lock Raid To Buyer And Friends is enabled Eject Enemies From Purchased PVP Raids (false) Eject Enemies From Locked PVE Raids (true) - Useful when Lock Treasure To First Attacker is enabled Eject Enemies From Locked PVP Raids (false) Explosion Damage Modifier (0-999) (100.0) - Modify the damage of all explosives Force All Boxes To Have Same Skin (true) Ignore Containers That Spawn With Loot Already (false) - [Explained above] Penalize Players On Death In PVE (ZLevels) (true) Penalize Players On Death In PVP (ZLevels) (true) Loot Amount Multiplier (1.0) - useful to scale loot amounts without having to adjust them all individually Protection Radius (50.0) - This options controls every single option and feature that relies explicity on distance or radius in one regard or another. Setting an incorrect value, either too low, or too high, will break the functionality of the plugin. It's best to leave it alone. Require Cupboard Access To Loot (false) - [Explained above] Minimum Respawn Npc X Seconds After Death (0.0) - Useful in simulating a real raid where players respawn Maximum Respawn Npc X Seconds After Death (0.0) Skip Treasure Loot And Use Loot In Base Only (false) - [Explained above] Always Spawn Base Loot Table (false) - [Explained above] - Arena Walls Enabled (true) Extra Stacks (1) - How many times you want walls to stack on top of one another Use Stone Walls (true) - set false to use wooden walls instead Use Iced Walls (false) - not advised to use this as it can cause client lag (not a plugin issue) Use Least Amount Of Walls (true) Use UFO Walls (false) - Walls spawn horizontally instead of vertically Radius (25.0) NPC Levels Level 1 - Play With Fire - Harmless fire aura rotates around npcs randomly Amount (0 = disabled) (0) Chance To Play (0.5) Level 2 - Final Death (false) - Respawns all npcs when raid is completed NPCs Enabled (true) Spawn Inside Bases (Options: Spawn On Floors, Spawn On Rugs, Spawn On Beds) Murderer Items Dropped On Death (none) Scientist Items Dropped On Death (none) Murderer (Items) (metal.facemask, metal.plate.torso, pants, tactical.gloves, boots.frog, tshirt, machete) Scientist (Items) (hazmatsuit_scientist, rifle.ak) Murderer Kits (murderer_kit_1, murderer_kit_2) - Kits have priority over these lists of items Scientist Kits (scientist_kit_1, scientist_kit_2) Random Names (none) - Spawn with a custom random name instead of a provided random name Amount To Spawn (3) Aggression Range (70.0) - Aggression range is increased by 250 meters when engaged Despawn Inventory On Death (true) Health For Murderers (100 min, 5000 max) (150.0) Health For Scientists (100 min, 5000 max) (150.0) Minimum Amount To Spawn (1) Use Dangerous Treasures NPCs (false) - Tells Dangerous Treasures to control and outfit the NPCs instead Spawn Murderers And Scientists (true) Scientist Weapon Accuracy (0 - 100) (30.0) - These bots are meant to be savages. 30% is average for highly skilled players, while the average player has 10-20% accuracy Spawn Murderers (false) Spawn Random Amount (false) Spawn Scientists Only (false) Rewards Economics Money (0.0) - How much is rewarded after a raid. Overridden by Divide Rewards Among All Raiders ServerRewards Points (0) Change Building Material Tier To Wooden (false) - Useful for upgrading or downgrading buildings automatically Stone (false) Metal (false) HQM (false) Change Door Type To Wooden (false) - Useful for upgrading or downgrading doors automatically Metal HQM Player Building Restrictions Wooden (false) Stone (false) Metal (false) HQM (false) Auto Turrets Aim Cone (5.0) Minimum Damage Modifier (1.0) Maximum Damage Modifier (1.0) Start Health (1000.0) Sight Range (30.0) Set Hostile (False = Do Not Set Any Mode) (true) Requires Power Source (false) Remove Equipped Weapon (false) Weapon To Equip When Unequipped (null = Do Not Equip) (rifle.ak) Permissions raidablebases.allow -- Allows player to use the available ADMIN commands. This is NOT recommended as players can use the commands 'buyraid' and 'rb' already. raidablebases.canbypass permission (or to be flying) to bypass dome restrictions (this previously worked for admins, but now requires the permission instead) raidablebases.blockbypass permission to bypass Owning More Than One Raid settings for Clans/Friends/Teams raidablebases.mapteleport Teleporting to map marker now simply requires this permission and to be enabled in config raidablebases.ddraw allows support for FauxAdmin users raidablebases.config allows use of the rb.config command in-game (server console does not require this permission) raidablebases.banned bans the user from entering any raids - DO NOT GIVE THIS TO THE DEFAULT GROUP LOL raidablebases.durabilitybypass to bypass `Block Plugins Which Prevent Item Durability Loss` raidablebases.notitle permission to exclude users from ranked title rewards Grid This plugin creates it's own spawn points automatically, which cover the entirety of your server's map when the plugin is loaded. This is created one-time when the plugin loads. The grid maintains itself without requiring any input. You may view the grid by typing /rb grid in-game to view detailed drawings of all locations on the grid. X - green - possible spawn point X - Red - currently in use C - Cyan - construction detected nearby TC - yellow - TC detected nearby W - blue - water depth is too high - refreshes on ocean level change Each location on the grid is checked a second time before spawning a base to insure it does not spawn the base on players or their buildings. You can disable using the grid by providing a valid spawn file for each raid type (buyable, maintained, scheduled and manual). Commands buyraid - buys a raid, eg: buyraid easy, buyraid easy steamid, buyraid 0, buyraid 0 steamid. I suggest typing the command and using the UI to buy bases. rb - for players to see the ladder (also for admins to see the status of each raid going on, which includes showing the allies and owners of each raid) rb ui [lockouts|status] - toggle ui on/off, or optional the lockouts or status rbe despawn - despawns a players purchased base if they have raidablebases.despawn.buyraid permission For admins, or players with the admin permission raidablebases.allow: rbe debug - toggles debug messages shown every second to server console for maintained and scheduled warning messages rb grid - see the grid and all monument names rb resettime - reset the time for the next scheduled event rb savefix - to cancel a server save that has become stuck - requires authlevel 2 rb prod - to gather information from a raid base entity for debugging purposes - requires admin or raidablebases.allow rbe - spawns a base at the position you are looking at. You cannot spawn a base on a player (including yourself) rbe draw - draw the raids radius rbe despawn - despawn a base near you (can be used by players with raidablebases.despawn.buyraid permission to despawn a base they purchased) rbe despawnall - despawn all bases rbe [basename] [difficulty] - spawn a raid at the location you are looking at rbe expire steamid|playername - removes a lockout for a specific player rbe expireall rbevent [basename] [difficulty] - spawn a raid randomly on the map - and teleport to it if using the command in-game rb.reloadconfig - allows you to reload the config without needing to reload the plugin. Some changes are not applied immediately, and no changes are retroactive to bases that are already spawned. rb.config - allows you to edit the config by adding, removing, and listing bases. Requires the permission raidablebases.config when not being used from the server console. rb.toggle - toggles Maintained Events and Scheduled Events on/off, if enabled in the config, until plugin reloads rbe setowner name - Sets the player as the owner of the raid rbe clearowner - Clears the owner of the raid Additional Bases allows you to add additional files to an existing base so that all bases in that list share the same configuration as the primary base/profile. This is great for setting up a list of bases for easy, medium, hard, expert and nightmare. Command rb.populate will populate specific loot tables with every item in the game (items are disabled by default as their amounts are set to 0) Arguments: rb.populate easy medium hard expert nightmare loot all Arguments: rb.populate 0 1 2 3 4 loot all easy - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Easy.json medium - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Medium.json hard - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Hard.json expert - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Expert.json nightmare - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Nightmare.json loot - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Default_Loot.json all - Populates ALL above loot tables Configure the items to your liking then copy the files contents into a loot table that you would like to use (for example Difficulty Loot/Easy.json) You cannot use loot tables in the config file anymore. Use the data directory (oxide/data/RaidableBases) API No return behavior: void OnRaidableBaseStarted(Vector3 raidPos, int mode, float loadingTime) void OnRaidableBaseEnded(Vector3 raidPos, int mode, float loadingTime) void OnPlayerEnteredRaidableBase(BasePlayer player, Vector3 raidPos, bool allowPVP) void OnPlayerExitedRaidableBase(BasePlayer player, Vector3 raidPos, bool allowPVP) Tips Players will be considered raiders after looting, killing an npc, using explosives, eco raiding, destroying a building block/high wall/door or dealing damage from INSIDE of the dome You must change easybase1, mediumbase2, expertbase3, etc to the name of your CopyPaste files, or vis-versa. This plugin doesn't create bases for you. You can use the rb.config command (rb.config add "easy bases" easybase1 easybase2 0) in the server console to make this process easier. You can rename all profiles or additional base filenames. When copying a base with CopyPaste, make certain that you copy the base from eye level of the foundation outside of the base. I would not change autoheight from false to true. Do not change stability to true, as it may cause your base to crumble. height is the distance the base is spawned off of the ground. elevation determines how flat the surrounding terrain must be in order for bases to spawn on it Scheduled Events is how often you want a random base to spawn on the map. This is disabled by default. This randomness comes from Every Min Seconds and Every Max Seconds Maintain Events will always spawn the Max Events amount of bases on your map. This is disabled by default. When one despawns, another will take its place shortly after. Allow Teleport will prevent players from teleporting when disabled. Compatible with NTeleportation or any plugin that uses the CanTeleport hook. Help This plugin does NOT use Zone Manager - it creates and manages everything on its own. If you are having issues with too few locations on the grid, or each attempt to spawn a base returns a manual spawn was already requested then it is likely because of how you have setup Zone Manager. You either have far too many zones, or you have zones which are far too large. Raidable Bases will not spawn in these zones unless the ZoneID is added to Allowed Zone Manager Zones in the config file. Do not put this plugin in your store/shop. It simply is not designed to work with it. There are far too many cooldowns to make this idea plausible, and the plugin cannot function properly without them. Using /buyraid will open a UI designed specifically for this issue. This plugin requires CopyPaste plugin to work. It also requires that you have copypaste files already made. Raidable bases will be spawned using the CopyPaste plugin. This plugin does NOT come with any bases. PvE server friendly with TruePVE and other plugins that support the hooks CanEntityTakeDamage, CanEntityBeTargeted, and CanEntityTrapTrigger. Bases can have 5 difficulty settings: 0 for easy, 1 for medium, 2 for hard, 3 for expert, and 4 for nightmare. This is configurable per profile. Bases can spawn on roads and other areas that do not allow building by Rust. Building ladders in these areas is allowed by the plugin. I will add support for building twig later. My bases often spawn in the same biome If you're having issues with spawn points being repeatedly used, or with a biome being favored consistently over other biomes then this is an elevation issue with the terrain on your map. You can fix this by increasing the Elevation in the configuration. For example, if your Elevation is 1.0 then set it to 1.5 and try again. This will also increase the height the base is allowed to spawn off of the ground. With certain maps you'll just have to make do with this issue. Corpses appear outside of the dome as backpacks This is intended, and it is optional. The location is drawn on the players screen to notify them that their corpse moved. This allows players to retrieve their backpack in the event that the raid becomes locked privately to another player, and prevents them from entering. Players do not drop their active item when they die. Bases Stop Spawning On Linux Machine [Error] Exception while calling NextTick callback (DllNotFoundException: libgdiplus.so.0) If you see this error after bases spawn then you need to install libgdiplus on your machine. A quick google search shows the install command is: sudo apt-get install -y libgdiplus This happens when images in the CopyPaste file are being rendered by converting the byte array to bitmap. Hooks: OnRaidableBaseDespawn, OnRaidableBaseDespawned, OnRaidableBaseEnded, OnRaidableBasePrivilegeDestroyed, OnRaidableBaseCompleted, OnRaidableBaseStarted private void ...(Vector3 raidPos, int mode, bool allowPVP, string id, float spawnTime, float despawnTime, float loadTime, ulong ownerId, BasePlayer owner, List<BasePlayer> raiders, List<BasePlayer> intruders, List<BaseEntity> entities)
  2. Version 2.0.0


    Allows bases to become raidable when all players in a base become inactive. Compatible with TruePVE and NextGenPVE servers. Abandoned Bases checks each building on the server in order to determine which bases are inactive. Bases become inactive when all players authorized on the tool cupboard have been offline for the configured amount of days. When a base becomes inactive there are one of two outcomes. 1.) It will be immediately destroyed if it does not meet the configured minimum requirements. 2) It will become raidable for a configurable period of time, and when the time expires the base will be destroyed. Each zone has a map marker, allows PVP and is surrounded by a dome that protects it from being attacked from the outside. Players who zone hop will be flagged with a PVP delay where they can still be attacked for a configurable amount of time. Command /sar - requires abandonedbases.convert permission and converts a base into an abandoned base - this can be used on any base that you are authorized to and will cause the base to be destroyed when the timer expires Command /sab - starts a manual check for each building on the server in order to determine which bases are inactive (requires abandonedbases.admin permission) Command /sar radius - requires abandonedbases.convert permission and converts a base into an abandoned base and uses the specified radius for the dome / zone radius. Min and max radius are configurable. Command /sar cancel - requires abandonedbases.convert and abandonedbases.convert.cancel permissions - completely cancels an event (destroys map marker and dome, disables PVP and prevents base from being despawned) effectively allowing the base to be taken over Command /sar claim - requires abandonedbases.convert and abandonedbases.convert.claim permissions and converts a finished abandoned base into a claimed base that can be taken over by players Command /sar purge - converts all bases on the server into abandoned bases for purge day (requires abandonedbases.convert, abandonedbases.admin and abandonedbases.purgeday permissions) This is a two part command that requires you type /sab afterwards to begin. Requires abandonedbases.purgeday, abandonedbases.convert, and abandonedbases.admin permissions. Announcements are muted during purge to prevent spam. Time To Wait Between Spawns (15) will delay how quickly every base is converted Permissions abandonedbases.convert - required to use /sar command abandonedbases.convert.free - converting is free for users that have this permission abandonedbases.convert.claim - required to use /sar claim command abandonedbases.purgeday - required to use /sar purge command abandonedbases.admin - required to use /sab and purge commands abandonedbases.notices - users with this command can see all in-game notices from the plugin abandonedbases.attack - shows players how much time is left before a base becomes abandoned when they attack it abandonedbases.exclude: excludes the user from being checked as an authorized user to a TC prevents the users building from becoming abandoned if they've built any decay entity within it this permission should not be used to exempt users - exempt users by assigning them a permission from a role that has the lifetime set to "none" example roles that includes permission abandonedbases.exempt and lifetime set to "none" to properly exempt a user or group by granting abandonedbases.exempt to a user or group: "Purge Settings": [ { "Permission": "abandonedbases.exempt", "Lifetime (Days)": "none" }, { "Permission": "abandonedbases.vip", "Lifetime (Days)": "7" }, { "Permission": "abandonedbases.veteran", "Lifetime (Days)": "5" }, { "Permission": "abandonedbases.basic", "Lifetime (Days)": "3" } ], Purge Settings Permission - The permission to use with this setting Lifetime (Days) - The amount of time in days before a base is considered abandoned. Set to none to not consider players with this permission as inactive. Conversions Before Destroying Base (1) - The amount of times a base can become abandoned before it is finally destroyed when the Despawn Timer expires. Comes with 3 configured permissions and lifetime days by default Abandoned Settings Blacklisted Commands (command1, command2, command3) - Commands players are not allowed using at a raid or marked with PVP delay Marker Name (Minutes) (Abandoned Player Base [{time}m]) - Text shown on map marker for minutes Marker Name (Seconds) (Abandoned Player Base [{time}s]) - Text shown on map marker for seconds Foundations Required (4) - Minimum amount of foundations required to become raidable Walls Required (3) - Minimum amount of walls required to become raidable Sphere Amount (10) - Increase to darken the dome, or decrease to brighten it Sphere Radius (50) - How big the dome is in meters Use Dynamic Sphere Radius (false) - Allow the dome to detect the best dome size Max Dynamic Radius (75.0) - How maximum size of the dynamic radius Min Custom Sphere Radius - The minimum radius allowed when using /sar <radius> Max Custom Sphere Radius - The maximum radius allowed when using /sar <radius> PVP Delay (15.0) - The amount of time in seconds that players can take damage after leaving the dome Despawn Timer (1800.0) - The amount of time in seconds that players have to finish the raid Reset Despawn Timer When Base Is Attacked (true) - When enabled this will reset the above despawn timer back to 1800 seconds by default Do Not Destroy Base When Despawn Timer Expires (false) - Use this to override and prevent a base from being destroyed when Despawn Timer expires Backpacks Can Be Opened (true) - When enabled players will be allowed to open their backpacks while inside of the dome Backpacks Can Be Looted By Anyone (false) - Bypass PreventLooting plugin and allow backpacks to be lootable if enabled Corpses Can Be Looted By Anyone (true) - Bypass PreventLooting plugin and allow backpacks to be lootable if enabled Allow PVP (true) - Allows PVP while inside of the dome, and when flagged with a PVP delay Cooldown Between Conversions (3600) - The amount of time in seconds that a player must wait before each manual conversion of a base Run Once On Server Startup (false) - Check for abandoned bases immediately after server startup is complete Run Every X Seconds (0.0) - The time in seconds to check for each building on the server in order to determine which bases are inactive Kill Inactive Sleepers (false) - When enabled players with a permission from purge settings will be executed when they are offline for the configured amount of lifetime days Let Players Kill Abandoned Sleepers (false) - Allows players to kill anyone sleeping inside of an abandoned base rather than the server killing them automatically Economics/ServerRewards Cost To Manually Convert (0 = disabled) - Used with /sar command to convert any base into an abandoned base Use Map Marker (true) Require Event Be Finished Before It Can Be Canceled (true) Various auto turret settings Convert Bases and/or Claim Bases Credits: misticos for giving permission to use some of his code
  3. Death

    Quarry Levels

    Version 1.0.7


    Allows players to upgrade their quarries or pumpjacks with another quarry or pumpjack effectively allowing them to stack up to x quarries and pumpjacks together instead of having them placed individually causing clutter. This plugin is very performant and was designed to run on very high-pop servers. A level 2 quarry will produce the same amount as 2 level 1 quarries. Same for pumpjacks. Every quarry level will also unlock the next tier of production. Level 3 will unlock metal, level 4 sulfur and level 5 HQM. The production rates for each output are default but can be adjusted in the config. The GUI displays the production amount, process rate, capacity and fuel consumption for each level. The production of each type is also displayed under it's respective icon each time fuel is consumed. The time it takes to complete 1 cycle is based on process rate. Permissions quarrylevels.use - Required to use the quarry levels system. Config UnlockMetalAtLevel - Set what level metal unlocks at while upgrading. UnlockSulfurAtLevel - Set what level sulfur unlocks at while upgrading. UnlockHQMAtLevel - Set what level HQM unlocks at while upgrading. PreventUnauthorizedToggling - When enabled, only authorized players can toggle quarries/pumpjacks PreventUnauthorizedLooting - When enabled, only authorized players can access the quarry/pumpjack. EnableOilCraters - When enabled, oil craters will have a chance to spawn while surveying. OilCraterChance - The chance an oil crater will spawn while surveying. QuarryMaxLevel - Sets the maximum level a player can upgrade their quarry to. PumpjackMaxLevel - Sets the maximum level a player can upgrade their pumpjack to. QuarryCapacityPerLevel - Sets the number of slots unlocked per level. PumpjackCapacityPerLevel - Sets the number of slots unlocked per level. EnableEconomics - Enables the Economics plugin for upgrades. Leaving disable will use the old upgrade method. EconomicsCost - Sets the price per upgrade for both quarries and pumpjacks. EconomicsCurrency - Sets the vanity name of the currency to be displayed in the GUI and info text. EnableServerRewards - Enables the ServerRewards plugin for upgrades. Leaving disable will use the old upgrade method. ServerRewardsCost - Sets the price per upgrade for both quarries and pumpjacks. ServerRewardsCurrency - Sets the vanity name of the currency to be displayed in the GUI and info text. Metal_Production - Increases the amount produced each process rate. Lower = higher. Sulfur_Production - Increases the amount produced each process rate. Lower = higher. HQM_Production - Increases the amount produced each process rate. Lower = higher. ButtonBounds - Change the position of the "upgrade" button. ButtonColor - Change the container color of the "upgrade" button. ButtonOpacity - Change the background opacity of the "upgrade" button. ButtonFontColor - Change the font color of the "upgrade" button. PanelBounds - Change the position of the upgrade panel. PanelColor - Change the container color of the upgrade panel. PanelOpacity - Change the background opacity of the upgrade panel. PanelFontColor - Change the font color of the upgrade panel. Commands QL reload - Hot loads the config to apply config changes without having to reload the plugin. (Console command)
  4. bmgjet


    Version 1.0.2


    Play custom mp3 urls over the Voice DLC boomboxes. It will use a hand held boombox if you have it selected as your active item. Other wise it will look to see if your looking towards a deployed boombox. Permission: Stations.use Stations.admin Stations.youtube Command: /station url - URL needs to be to a web link and is limited to a .mp3 file. If your url has spaces with in it then you need to encapsulate it within "". So it would be something like /station "http://url2mp3.com/test with space.mp3" /yt youtubeurl (Url needs to be a youtube link and must have a StationServer which can be found on the github of this plugin) Admin Settings: /station mp3 set (toggles between MP3 Requirement on url) /station cooldown x (set x as how many seconds for cool down between changing stations) /station url http (set http as the http link to your station server if you want to have youtube2mp3 conversion done on your own server) StationServer can be found on the github, source code is provided as a windows console app in Program.cs Its recommended that you check this out and compile it yourself so you fully understand any risks of running a service like this. HowTo: If you dont have any URLs of mp3 files and want to use something off youtube. Use one of the many youtube 2 mp3 online converting websites. Then use the download url it gives you. https://320ytmp3.com/en7/ is one that I have used. You can see what I mean by watching this. NOTE: Players IP addresses are exposed while they are playing something. Custom URLs could be abused by hammering/ddos a small website thats hosting a mp3 file. So make sure players with the permission arnt likely to abuse it.
  5. Mevent

    Hit Markers

    Version 1.2.0


    Each user can choose his own marker, which is convenient for him! Commands marker - open an UI Permissions You can set permission in config, for example: "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.use)": "hitmarkers.use", You can also set your own permission for each font and button. Config { "Commands": [ "marker", "hits" ], "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.use)": "", "Work with Notify?": true, "Fonts": { "0": { "Font": "robotocondensed-bold.ttf", "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.font)": "" }, "1": { "Font": "robotocondensed-regular.ttf", "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.font)": "" }, "2": { "Font": "permanentmarker.ttf", "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.font)": "" }, "3": { "Font": "droidsansmono.ttf", "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.font)": "" } }, "Min Font Size": 8, "Max Font Size": 18, "Buttons": [ { "Enabled": true, "Title": "Text", "Type": "Text", "Description": "<b>Damage numbers</b> will pop up in the center of the screen!", "Permission": "hitmarkers.text" }, { "Enabled": true, "Title": "Icon", "Type": "Icon", "Description": "The familiar hit icon changes color after a <b>headshot!</b>", "Permission": "hitmarkers.icon" }, { "Enabled": true, "Title": "Heath Line", "Type": "HealthLine", "Description": "A bar appears above the slots, showing the <b>remaining</b> health of the enemy", "Permission": "hitmarkers.line" }, { "Enabled": true, "Title": "Buildings", "Type": "Buildings", "Description": "Displaying damage by buildings", "Permission": "hitmarkers.buildings" } ], "Info Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/YIRjnIT.png", "Show damage to NPC": true, "Show damage to animals": false, "Marker removal time": 0.25, "Default Values": { "Font ID": 0, "Font Size": 14, "Text": true, "Icon": false, "Health Line": false, "Buildings": false } }
  6. Death


    Version 1.0.0


    A super lightweight plugin to disable the flash effect of flashbangs for everyone except for the deployer. Intended for PvE/RP servers to prevent abuse. You can exclude certain players or groups from this with the included permission. Permissions flashlessbang.canbang - Allows certain players or groups to flash other players.
  7. Sabby


    Version 1.0.2


    Simple plugin to block map with a colored map marker and Disable all Vending Machines from broadcasting. Features : Set a color using Hex code or Rust colors (black, yellow, red, blue, white, green etc.) Set alpha (transparency) to the overlay. If for a reason the colors set in configuration do not exist sets a black marker instead. Disables any Vending machine Map marker (if plugin is unload it will make all Vending Machines broadcast again). Tells the player if he turns broadcasting on it is disabled and blocks the broadcasting. You can now use the mapblock and vending machine blocker separately through config. Known issues : Map will always be briefly shown by rust before the marker is generated setting a color will make it slightly harder to see. Side notes : Disabling HUD by default on a server is not possible since that is a feature from clientside only. Commands : /mapblock info (to tell players why the map has blocked Configuration : { "Plugin config": { "Chat Prefix": "[<color=yellow>MapBlock+</color>] " }, "MapBlocker setup": { "Use Map overlay": true, "Block VendingMachine Markers": true, "Overlay Alpha": 1.0, "Overlay Color": "#B48EF6" } } Localization : English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder. { "NoBroadcast": "<color=red>Vendingmachine broadcasting is disabled on this server!</color>" "Info": "\n<color=green>To have a mutch better experience roaming the map we have blocked the view of the map</color>", "InvalidInput": "<color=red>Please enter a valid command!</color>", "Version": "Version : V" }
  8. Mevent


    Version 1.0.23


    Clans is an all-in-one manager that lets you create, manage and invite players all from one stunning interface. Toggle friendly fire, view clan, and player leaderboards, create and break alliances, modify gather rates for clan members and set clan skins to identify clan members abroad easily! Features Beautiful user interface Performance Allied clans Gather rate for players Clan skins The clan TAG min- and max-length can be defined in the config The clan overview shows offline member names Clan members can toggle friendly-fire protection for clan mates and allies Clan creation can check TAG’s against a blocked word list Clan tagging can be optionally disabled Old (not updated since x days ) clans can be automatically purged Clans rating Players rating Setting a personal avatar for your clan Autowipe with wipe (optional) Commands clans (display clan menu) clans help (get information about commands) clan create (create a clan) clan leave (leave from your clan) clan join (open UI with invitations) clan ff (toggle friendlyfire status) clan allyff (toggle friendlyfire status for allies) clan invite <name/steamid> (invite a player) clan withdraw <name/steamid> (cancel an invite) clan kick <name/steamid> (kick a member) clan allyinvite <clanTag> (invite a clan to ally) clan allywithdraw <clanTag> (cancel the offer of an alliance) clan allyaccept <clanTag> (accept the offer of an alliance) clan allycancel <clanTag> (cancen the offer of an alliance) clan promote <name/steamid> (promote a member) clan demote <name/steamid> (demote a member) clan disband (disband your clan) clans.convert (convert data from old clans) clans.loadavatars (download avatars of all players) clans.manage list - lists all clans, their owners and their member-count clans.manage listex - lists all clans, their owners/members and their on-line status clans.manage show [name/userId] - lists the chosen clan (or clan by user) and the members with status clans.manage msg [clanTag] [message] - sends a clan message clans.manage create [name/userId] [clanTag] - creates a clan clans.manage rename [oldTag] [newTag] - renames a clan clans.manage disband [clanTag] - disbands a clan clans.manage invite [clanTag] [name/userId] - sends clan invitation to a player clans.manage join [clanTag] [name/userId] - joins a player into a clan clans.manage kick [clanTag] [name/userId] - kicks a member from a clan clans.manage owner [clanTag] [name/userId] - sets a new owner clans.manage promote [clanTag] [name/userId] - promotes a member clans.manage demote [clanTag] [name/userId] - demotes a member Permissions clans.cancreate (permission to create a clan) clans.canjoin (permission to join a clan) clans.canleave (permission to leave a clan) clans.candisband (permission to disband a clan) clans.cankick (permission to kick a clan member) clans.admin (permission to use command 'clans.manage') Config Examples Config FAQ Q: Does the Clans plugin support other plugins? A: Yes, this Clans plugin has an API similar to other popular clans plugins. If the plugin works with Clans - it works with this plugin too.
  9. Mevent


    Version 1.0.12


    Revolutionary cases, the juiciest interface, scroll animations and much more Features: Beautiful user interface Opening animation Performance Each case is configured separately Commands cases open cases interface givecase <steamid> <caseid> <amount> give a case to the player givecase * <caseid> <amount> give a case to all online players Video Examples Economics ServerRewards Config
  10. Mevent

    Player List

    Version 2.0.1


    Adds a list of players to your server with convenient options for interacting with them Commands players open interface Permissions You can set permission in config, for example: "Permission (ex: playerlist.use)": "playerlist.use", Config { "Commands": [ "players", "plist" ], "Permission (ex: playerlist.use)": "", "Close UI when reusing a command?": false, "Work with Notify?": true, "Fields": [ { "Permission (ex: playerlist.vip)": "", "Lang Key (oxide/lang/**/PlayerList.json)": "ClanTag", "Plugin Name": "Clans", "Plugin Hook": "GetClanOf", "Plugin Params": [ "%steamid%" ] }, { "Permission (ex: playerlist.vip)": "", "Lang Key (oxide/lang/**/PlayerList.json)": "StatsRating", "Plugin Name": "Statistics", "Plugin Hook": "GetTop", "Plugin Params": [ "%steamid%", "0" ] }, { "Permission (ex: playerlist.vip)": "", "Lang Key (oxide/lang/**/PlayerList.json)": "StatsWeapon", "Plugin Name": "Statistics", "Plugin Hook": "GetFavoriteWeapon", "Plugin Params": [ "%steamid%" ] }, { "Permission (ex: playerlist.vip)": "", "Lang Key (oxide/lang/**/PlayerList.json)": "StatsKD", "Plugin Name": "Statistics", "Plugin Hook": "GetStatsValue", "Plugin Params": [ "%steamid%", "kd" ] } ], "Buttons": [ { "Permission (ex: playerlist.vip)": "", "Lang Key (oxide/lang/**/PlayerList.json)": "BtnTP", "Command": "tpr %steamid%", "Close menu after using": true, "Close profile after using": true, "For admins": true, "For clanmates": true, "For friends": true, "For teammates": true, "For all players": true, "Color": { "HEX": "#4B68FF", "Opacity (0 - 100)": 100.0 } }, { "Permission (ex: playerlist.vip)": "", "Lang Key (oxide/lang/**/PlayerList.json)": "BtnTrade", "Command": "trade %steamid%", "Close menu after using": true, "Close profile after using": true, "For admins": true, "For clanmates": true, "For friends": true, "For teammates": true, "For all players": true, "Color": { "HEX": "#4B68FF", "Opacity (0 - 100)": 100.0 } }, { "Permission (ex: playerlist.vip)": "", "Lang Key (oxide/lang/**/PlayerList.json)": "BtnStats", "Command": "stats %steamid%", "Close menu after using": true, "Close profile after using": true, "For admins": true, "For clanmates": true, "For friends": true, "For teammates": true, "For all players": true, "Color": { "HEX": "#4B68FF", "Opacity (0 - 100)": 100.0 } }, { "Permission (ex: playerlist.vip)": "playerlist.admin", "Lang Key (oxide/lang/**/PlayerList.json)": "BtnKick", "Command": "kick %steamid%", "Close menu after using": true, "Close profile after using": true, "For admins": true, "For clanmates": true, "For friends": true, "For teammates": true, "For all players": true, "Color": { "HEX": "#FF4B4B", "Opacity (0 - 100)": 100.0 } } ], "Profile UI Settings": { "Width": 490.0, "Height": 275.0, "Field Width": 135.0, "Field Height": 50.0, "Field Vertical Indent": 10.0, "Field Horizontal Indent": 20.0, "Fields On String": 2.0, "Fields Indent From Adove": -105.0, "Fields Indent Right": 180.0, "Button Width": 105.0, "Button Height": 25.0, "Button Vertical Indent": 10.0, "Button Horizontal Indent": 10.0, "Buttons On String": 4.0, "Buttons Indent From Adove": -230.0, "Buttons Indent Right": 20.0 } }
  11. Mevent


    Version 1.5.6


    New plugin for changing item stacks and their multipliers in containers with convenient customization right in the game Commands stacks - open an UI stacks sethandstack [stack size] - set the stack size for the item in hand stacks setstack [short name] [stack size] - set the stack size for the item Permissions stacks.admin - using a plugin Config { "Commands": [ "stacks" ], "Work with Notify?": true, "Changing multiplies in containers using a hammer": false, "Default Multiplier for new containers": 1.0 } Containers Data { "assets/bundled/prefabs/static/bbq.static.prefab": { "Image": "https://i.imgur.com/L28375p.png", "Multiplier": 1.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/static/hobobarrel_static.prefab": { "Image": "https://i.imgur.com/v8sDTaP.png", "Multiplier": 1.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/static/recycler_static.prefab": { "Image": "https://i.imgur.com/V1smQYs.png", "Multiplier": 1.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/static/repairbench_static.prefab": { "Image": "https://i.imgur.com/8qV6Z10.png", "Multiplier": 1.0 } ... Items Data [ { "ShortName": "hat.wolf", "Name": "Wolf Headdress", "Default Stack Size": 10, "Custom Stack Size": 0 }, { "ShortName": "fogmachine", "Name": "Fogger-3000", "Default Stack Size": 2, "Custom Stack Size": 0 }, { "ShortName": "strobelight", "Name": "Strobe Light", "Default Stack Size": 1, "Custom Stack Size": 0 }, { "ShortName": "kayak", "Name": "Kayak", "Default Stack Size": 1, "Custom Stack Size": 0 }, { "ShortName": "minihelicopter.repair", "Name": "MC repair", "Default Stack Size": 1, "Custom Stack Size": 0 }, { "ShortName": "scraptransportheli.repair", "Name": "ScrapTransportHeliRepair", "Default Stack Size": 1, "Custom Stack Size": 0 }, ...
  12. bmgjet


    Version 1.0.3


    Blocks Cargoship from leaving while it is within a blocked area. Allows to set a static spawn position for the cargo to stop it running though islands on its way into the nearest path node or to have it come down a river Add support for auto leveling of cargo when using tides plugin to stop it sinking below water level or flying in the air. How to use: Join your server and add some blocking nodes. This is done by typing /bcargo add It will add a blocking node where your player currently is and with a radius thats been set by LeaveBlockDistance value (default is 120) You can remove blocking nodes with the command /bcargo remove 0 That will remove the last node placed. Using a number of the node instead of 0 will remove the selected node. You can view the cargos default path by typing /bcargo view This will show default path nodes as blue and your blocking nodes as red. To set a static spawn location for cargo incase you lots of islands on the outside of cargoships path or you want it to come down a river first. Go to that location as a player with the BCargo.admin permission. Then type /bcargo spawn and it will set that as its static spawn location. You can enable/disable use of this manual spawn spots with the command /bcargo spawn on or /bcargo spawn off If you are using the tides plugin you will have the issue of the cargoship stays at the same height as when it spawned. This means it will sink under water if it spawned at low tide. Or fly in the air if it spawned at high tide. Enabling this function will allow it to auto reheight as its traveling its path. ( "Enable auto leveling for tides plugin : "true,) Once you are happy with the node path you have set out for blocking use the command /bcargo save to save all changes you have made. Other wise you can use /bcargo reload to load the last saved changes. To help in debugging your path there is the command /bcargo blocked This will simply return in chat true or false for if cargo would be blocked while in this area. And if you want debug info printed to your servers console/log file you can enable the debug info with. /bcargo debug on /bcargo debug off All this info is repeated in game with the command /bcargo help Permissions: (Needed for chat commands) BCargo.admin Upgrade note: Go into \oxide\config and delete BCargo.json
  13. Death

    Full Repair

    Version 1.0.2


    A simple plugin that disables max condition loss, the red bar items receive when repaired. Optional permission included to give this feature to specific users or groups instead. Important The plugin will not change existing items, so if you install the plugin while your server is running, old items will be unaffected. Rebooting your server after installation will apply the changes to existing items. Permissions fullrepair.use - Grants user the ability to fully repair items without durability penalty. (The red bar) Config UsePermission - If disabled, all players can fully repair items without durability penalty. Icon by @SawyerWD
  14. Death

    Slowmode Chat

    Version 1.0.8


    Temporarily or permanently restrict players to sending one message per configured interval. Permissions slowmodechat.exclude - Excludes granted players/groups from slowmode Console Commands slowmode enable - Enable slowmode slowmode disable - Disable slowmode slowmode interval <seconds> - Adjust the interval between messages slowmode reload - Load new config values without reloading the entire plugin Configuration Enabled - Enables slowmode Rcon_Only - Forces console commands to be ran via rcon Permission_Enabled - Enables slowmodechat.exclude permission Interval - Adjust the interval between messages Icon by @SawyerWD
  15. Version 1.0.1


    Submarine Upgrades is a plugin that strips the submarine down and makes people have to upgrade them, giving benefits and abilities of access. By default storage container/torpedo container is not existent until the upgrade. Command /upgrademenu - Only works near a Level 2 Workbench. Available Upgrades (Cost Configurable in Config) Storage Upgrade Small Storage - 12 Slots Large Storage - 30 Slots Coffin Storage - 42 Slots Torpedo Upgrade Ability to load torpedoes 15% Fire Rate 30% Fire Rate Speed Upgrade 10% Acceleration Speed 25% Acceleration Speed 50% Acceleration Speed Health Upgrade 100+ Health 250+ Health 500+ Health Config { "Use Image Libary?": false, "Submarine Check Distance": 50.0, "Submarine Upgrades": [ { "UpgradeName": "Storage Container", "UpgradeImageURL": false, "UpgradeImage": "assets/icons/resource.png", "UpgradeDescription": "Make your submarine a moving storage unit, be able to hold all the goods you find in the ocean.", "Upgrades": [ { "perkBenifit": "Small Storage Container -> 12 Slots", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 100 } }, { "perkBenifit": "Large Storage Container -> 30 Slots", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 300 } }, { "perkBenifit": "Coffin Container -> 42 Slots", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 500 } } ] }, { "UpgradeName": "Assault Submarine", "UpgradeImageURL": false, "UpgradeImage": "assets/icons/explosion.png", "UpgradeDescription": "Make your submarine rule the sea, by opening up the ability to load torpedoes and shoot faster in your submarine.", "Upgrades": [ { "perkBenifit": "Ability to load torpedoes", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 100 } }, { "perkBenifit": "+15% Fire Rate", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 300 } }, { "perkBenifit": "+30% Fire Rate", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 500 } } ] }, { "UpgradeName": "Speed Boost", "UpgradeImageURL": false, "UpgradeImage": "assets/icons/boosts.png", "UpgradeDescription": "Maximize your submarine speed as you hunt your prey through the ocean.", "Upgrades": [ { "perkBenifit": "+10% Acceleration Speed", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 100 } }, { "perkBenifit": "+25% Acceleration Speed", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 300 } }, { "perkBenifit": "+50% Acceleration Speed", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 500 } } ] }, { "UpgradeName": "Vehicle Health", "UpgradeImageURL": false, "UpgradeImage": "assets/icons/security.png", "UpgradeDescription": "Upgrade your boats defense and make it much more stronger then the other ones in the ocean!", "Upgrades": [ { "perkBenifit": "+100 Health", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 100 } }, { "perkBenifit": "+250 Health", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 300 } }, { "perkBenifit": "+500 Health", "perkUpgradeCost": { "scrap": 500 } } ] } ] }
  16. Version 1.0.8


    This is a plugin that has been long awaited but this plugin officially gets rid of roof camping. Have you ever been tired of players just sitting on there roof with a bolt action rifle? This can completely eliminate that and make sure players have to leave there base. Must know Before Buying: In order for some monuments to pass monument check, monument must have the Building and Monument Topology! Features: - Stop players from being able to sit on roof and camp - Checks for if player is not associated with base, allowing players above someones door to be able to shoot. - Check if player is within players base, allowing them to roofcamp if player sneeks in compound - Glitch Free (Tested all possible ways for a player to exploit roof camp) Configuration: { "Roofcamp Distance": 40.0, "Roofcamp Height": 1.0, "Roofcamp Kill Time (Secs)": 120, "Deal damage to roofcamper": true, "Damage Retuned (This value is divied by the damage done)": 2.0, "Allow roofcamp for heli": true, "Heli Roofcamp Disable Time (Mins)": 5, "Allow roofcamp when getting raided": true, "Raid Roofcamp Disable Time (Secs)": 120, "List of shortnames to start raid time if damaged": [ "door.hinged.wood", "door.hinged.metal", "door.double.hinged.metal", "door.double.hinged.toptier", "wall.frame.garagedoor", "window.bars", "floor.ladder.hatch", "wall.frame.shopfront.metal", "shutter", "gates.external.high.wood", "wall.external.high.wood" ] }
  17. Version 1.1.4


    Store Robbery plugin is a plugin that was made from my memory of Arma 3 Life Gas Station robbery's, currently this plugin allows you to place Robbable Store Clerk's around the map for players to attract PvP too. Only the best will be able to survive a store robbery and walk away with the reward! Permission storerobbery.manage - Allow creating and deleting of Store Clerks Commands /createclerk - Creates a clerk at your current location /removeclerk - Removes a clerk that you are looking at. /getclerkid - Ability to get the id of the clerk in the data file, so you can edit rotation or position if needed. Features Spawn guards at robbery start or robbery end Live progress bar showing robbery progress Toggable Markers and Chat Anouncment Auto fill clerks at all gas stations and supermarkets Configurable robbery times and cooldowns Support for Server Rewards and Economics plugin Configurable Item List with item counts, and probability. Config { "Announce Robberies In Chat": true, "Use Clerk Marker": true, "Use Robbery Area Marker": true, "Allow Shoot To Rob": false, "Robbery Distance (m)": 5.0, "Robbery Time (Secs)": 20, "NPC Cooldown/Reset Time (Secs)": 10, "Use Player Cooldown?": true, "Player Robbery Cooldown Time (Secs)": 10, "Whitelisted Robbery Weapons": [ "rifle.ak", "rifle.bolt", "smg.2", "rifle.l96", "lmg.m249", "rifle.lr300", "rifle.m39", "pistol.m92", "smg.mp5", "pistol.python", "pistol.revolver", "rocket.launcher", "rifle.semiauto", "pistol.semiauto", "shotgun.spas12", "smg.thompson" ], "Clear NPCs On New Save": true, "Clerk Name": "Store Clerk", "Fill Clerks at Supermarkets": true, "Supermarket Clerk Position": { "x": 8.8, "y": 0.0, "z": 3.5 }, "Supermarket Clerk Rotation": { "x": 8.8, "y": 0.0, "z": 2.0 }, "Fill Clerks at Gas Stations": true, "Gas Station Clerk Position": { "x": -8.7, "y": 0.0, "z": 21.5 }, "Gas Station Clerk Rotation": { "x": -8.2, "y": 0.0, "z": 21.5 }, "Guard Settings": { "Play Alarm Sound": true, "Spawn Guards at Robbery Start": false, "Spawn Guards at Robbery End": false, "Chance of Guard Spawn (0-100%)": 75, "Amount of Guard at Robbery Start": 0, "Amount of Guard at Robbery End": 5, "Store Guard": "Store Guard", "Gaurds HP": 400.0 }, "NPC Clothing": { "Clothing": [ "hat.cap", "shirt.collared", "pants.shorts", "shoes.boots" ], "Skins": [ 1125552993, 1145623671, 883719992, 2592902166 ] }, "Robbery Rewards": { "Use Economics Plugin": false, "Minimum Amount Of Credits": 3000, "Maximum Amount Of Credits": 6000, "Use Server Rewards Plugin": false, "Minimum Amount Of RP": 300, "Maximum Amount Of RP": 600, "Use Item Box Rewards": true, "Minimum Amount Of Items From List": 3, "Maximum Amount Of Items From List": 6, "Possible Item List": [ { "shortname": "rifle.ak", "customname": "Red Zircon AK47", "skin": 2589524856, "minamount": 1, "maxamount": 1, "probability": 90 }, { "shortname": "rifle.bolt", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 1, "maxamount": 1, "probability": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.pistol", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 10, "maxamount": 50, "probability": 70 }, { "shortname": "ammo.shotgun", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 10, "maxamount": 30, "probability": 70 }, { "shortname": "syringe.medical", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 1, "maxamount": 3, "probability": 40 }, { "shortname": "keycard_blue", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 1, "maxamount": 1, "probability": 35 }, { "shortname": "cctv.camera", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 1, "maxamount": 2, "probability": 50 }, { "shortname": "shotgun.double", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 1, "maxamount": 1, "probability": 70 }, { "shortname": "bow.hunting", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 1, "maxamount": 1, "probability": 90 }, { "shortname": "pistol.revolver", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 1, "maxamount": 1, "probability": 80 }, { "shortname": "arrow.wooden", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 10, "maxamount": 40, "probability": 85 }, { "shortname": "arrow.fire", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 5, "maxamount": 20, "probability": 70 }, { "shortname": "rope", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 3, "maxamount": 6, "probability": 75 }, { "shortname": "propanetank", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 3, "maxamount": 6, "probability": 75 }, { "shortname": "metalpipe", "customname": "", "skin": 0, "minamount": 2, "maxamount": 4, "probability": 75 } ] } }
  18. Version 1.0.1


    Bag Radius Blocker is a rust plugin that allows you to limit how many bags a player can place within a certain radius. Permissions sleepingbagradius.bypass- Required for use of in-game panel. Config SleepingBagRadius = 150
  19. Death


    Version 1.0.3


    Hotbars is a Rust plugin that lets users create multiple MMO-style hotbars they can switch between on the fly either with chat commands, key binds or a GUI interface. Users can configure up to 5 bars to switch between. If the items are lost, the items are removed from the hobar when the user switches or recalls the hotbar. Permissions hotbars.use - Required for use. hotbars.(1-5) - Limits the amount of hotbars a player/group can have. Example: hotbars.3 Commands /hotbar - Will print a list of availible commands. /hotbar list - Alternative method to open GUI interface. /hotbar close - Alternative method to close GUI interface. /hotbar save - Alternative method to save a hotbar. /hotbar delete 1-5 - Alternative method to delete a saved hotbar. /hotbar 1-5 - Alternative method to switch between hotbars. Config OnlyUsableItems (Default: true) - Prevents un-usable items from being saved into a hotbar, like resources, etc.. RestoreHotbarOnDeath (Default: false) - Restores the hotbar on respawn after a player dies. ToggleButtonContainerBounds - Configure the placement of the GUI hotbar button. ToggleButtonImageBounds - Configure the placement of the GUI hotbar button icon. ToggleButtonBounds - Configure the placement of the GUI hotbar button texture layer. ToggleButtonColor - Configure the color of the GUI hotbar button. ToggleButtonBackgroundColor - Configure the background color of the GUI hotbar button. ToggleButtonOpacity - Configure the opacity of the GUI hotbar button. ToggleButtonBackgroundOpacity - Configure the background opacity of the GUI hotbar button. HotbarContainerBounds - Configure the placement of the hotbar menu. Preview
  20. supreme

    Chest Stacks

    Version 1.3.2


    Allows players to stack chests Configuration: { "Only stack chests in Building Privileged zones": true, "Blacklisted Skins": [ 2618923347 ], "Permissions & their amount of stacked chests allowed": { "cheststacks.use": 3, "cheststacks.vip": 5 } } Language: { "MaxStackAmount": "You are trying to stack more than {0} boxes!", "OnlyStackSameType": "You can only stack the same type of chests!", "CeilingBlock": "A ceiling is blocking you from stacking this chest!", "BuildingBlock": "You need to be Building Privileged in order to stack chests!" } Permissions: cheststacks.use (Always grant this permission for usage, grant additional permissions for different maximum stack amounts) DO NOT USE COPY/PASTE PLUGIN TO PASTE STACKED CHESTS, IT WON'T WORK PROPERLY. In order to stack the chests you have to press RIGHT CLICK while looking at the placed chest and being near it! Supports: Small Boxes, Large Boxes, Coffins
  21. Version 1.0.9


    Crafting of Stationary Paper with new skins for organisiation and a locked `Admin Note` Features : Vanilla Notes get a new skin when crafted Craft different stationary papers each with their own skin and name Admin Note cant be rewritten or crafted if a player doesn't have the stationarypaper.admin permission assigned (to avoid abuse) Set a crafting price (wood for now) the Admin Notes are free to craft by admins Chat notification when not enough wood to craft in your inventory Craft canceling if no free inventory space Popup with costs when crafted (custom items don't show in notifications when crafting) Can be added to kits Backpacks safe (Bank does not support custom item names) Permissions : stationarypaper.admin (to be able to craft the admin note) stationarypaper.normal (To craft the notes for vanilla price : 10 wood) Commands : /note info : for a full listing of Configuration setup and commands /note admin : Crafts a Admin Note (locked for editing) /note bomb : Crafts a Bomb Letter (Does not explode) /note crow : Crafts a Crow Note /note information : Crafts a Info Note /note love : Crafts a Love Letter Configuration : { "Main config": { "Debug": false, "Chat Prefix": "[<color=purple>Stationary Paper</color>] " }, "Crafting Costs": { "Wood ammount": 100 } } Localisation : English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder. { "NoteCrafted": "You succesfully crafted a <color=orange>{0}</color>", "Info": "\n<color=green>Available Commands</color> :\n<color=orange>/note info</color> : Shows info on version/author and commands", "InfoAdmin": "<color=orange>/note admin</color> : Crafts a Admin Note", "InfoBomb": "<color=orange>/note bomb</color> : Crafts a Bomb letter (does not explode)", "InfoCrow": "<color=orange>/note crow</color> : Crafts a Crow Note", "InfoInfo": "<color=orange>/note information</color> : Crafts a Info Note", "InfoLove": "<color=orange>/note love</color> : Crafts a Love Letter", "InvalidInput": "Please enter a valid command!", "InventoryFull": "You need at least 1 more slot in your inventory,canceling the craft", "Version": "Version : V", "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use that command!" } Skins are uploaded with : Totally worth it
  22. MNGO


    Version 1.1.0


    PowerlessNeon removes the power requirement for Neon signs to function. Implementation is simple, just install the file and all existing neon lights will become powered, as well as any placed after loading. There is no configuration necessary and no variables to modify.
  23. Version 1.6.1


    This plugin will seamlessly handle all of the ugly side effects and glitches. Thanks to Stack-modifier's feature additions, it makes it feel just like Rusts default behavior, but better! Features Has a GUI Editor Blocks Player movements while using GUI Editor Including Keybinds! This plugin has 2 commands and no Lang file Supports stacking of liquids Supports Stacking of Fuel Containers (hats, tools, etc.) Supports Stacking of Guns Supports Stacking of Skins Works with SkinBox plugins Supports Stacking of Custom Items Supports Stacking of Custom Items with Custom Display Names Supports Stacking of Key Cards without losing the stack when swiping The largest possible value in C# is 2,147,483,647 Which means anything over this stack-size will break the plugin Known Conflicts Magic Coin uses some of the same hooks set up config in it correctly to not conflict Custom Skin Stack Fix not needed this handles it properly Stack Size Controller cannot have 2 of the same plugins basically Extra Loot causes a stacking bug when a reboot occurs with skinned items preventing old skinned items from stacking with new skinned items Compound Options If stack modifier loads after compound options, some compound options may not get set during the restart process To fix, reload compound options Getting Started - Click Either Link to play video Video One Video Two Permissions stackmodifier.bypass - Allows players to ignore the blocked stack-able items list. stackmodifier.admin - Allows players access to the UI Editor. Chat Commands /stackmodifier -- Opens Editor UI, Must enable config option "Enable UI Editor": true /resetvenders -- Requires being an admin, only resets facepunches messed-up vendors, not all /stackmodifiercolor <inputpanel|inputtext|text|transparent> <color> <alpha|ex, 0.98> Example /stackmodifiercolor inputpanel #207086 0.25 UI Editor Commands set 8 -- Inside a categories Filter Bar, type set and a value and it will apply it to the whole category, reset -- Inside a categories Filter Bar type reset hit the enter key or click out of the field and it resets it. if you reset or set, re-click the Category Tab to refresh it before making more changes! Otherwise you will have to do your first edit twice for it to start working again UI Editor Without Images? * At the top of the config you will see the following setting set to true save and reload. "Disable Images for UI Editor": false, < Disables images and allows full use Having Problems? * Warning this plugin is not compatible with custom-skins-stacks-fix plugin since this already handles everything. * If you already have a plugin that modifies the rust stack sizes you will first need to remove that plugin. * Then you simply load Stack Modifier onto your server open the config and start editing the Modified values to your new stack-size amounts! * When you are done simply save and reload the plugin! ( oxide. reload StackModifier ) * Alternatively you can utilize the built-in UI Editor and not ever need to touch the config! How to revert to vanilla? * Unload Stack Modifier, delete the config, and restart your server. * It will reset the config back to vanilla settings allowing you to start over. ## Configuration { "Enable UI Editor": true, "Disable ImageLibrary Requirement / Images for UI Editor": false, "Sets editor color command": "stackmodifiercolor", "Sets Reset Vendors command": "resetvenders", "Sets Default Category to open": "Attire", "Stack Modifier UI Title": "Stack Modifier Editor ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜", "UI - Stack Size Label": "Stack Size", "UI - Set Stack Label": "Set Stack", "UI - Search Bar Label": "Filter ▶", "UI - Back Button Text": "◀", "UI - Forward Button Text": "▶", "UI - Close Label": "✖", "UI - Background Image Url": "https://i.imgur.com/Jej3cwR.png", "Sets any item to this image if image library does not have one for it.": "https://imgur.com/BPM9UR4.png", "Colors": { "InputPanel": { "Hex": "#0E0E10", "Rgb": "0.0549019607843137 0.0549019607843137 0.0627450980392157 0.98" }, "InputText": { "Hex": "#FFE24B", "Rgb": "1 0.886274509803922 0.294117647058824 0.15" }, "TextColor": { "Hex": "#FFFFFF", "Rgb": "1 1 1 1" }, "Transparency": { "Hex": "#", "Rgb": "0 0 0 0.95" } }, "Revert to Vanilla Stacks on unload (Recommended true if removing plugin)": false, "Disable Ammo/Fuel duplication fix (Recommended false)": false, "Enable VendingMachine Ammo Fix (Recommended)": true, "Blocked Stackable Items": [ "shortname" ], "Category Stack Multipliers": { "Attire": 1, "Misc": 1, "Items": 1, "Ammunition": 1, "Construction": 1, "Component": 1, "Traps": 1, "Electrical": 1, "Fun": 1, "Food": 1, "Resources": 1, "Tool": 1, "Weapon": 1, "Medical": 1 }, "Stack Categories": { "Attire": { "hat.wolf": { "DisplayName": "Wolf Headdress", "Modified": 10 }, "horse.shoes.basic": { "DisplayName": "Basic Horse Shoes", "Modified": 10 } }, "Misc": { "fogmachine": { "DisplayName": "Fogger-3000", "Modified": 10 }, "sickle": { "DisplayName": "Sickle", "Modified": 10 } }, "Items": { "kayak": { "DisplayName": "Kayak", "Modified": 10 }, "map": { "DisplayName": "Paper Map", "Modified": 10 } }, "Ammunition": { "ammo.grenadelauncher.buckshot": { "DisplayName": "40mm Shotgun Round", "Modified": 20 }, "ammo.rocket.sam": { "DisplayName": "SAM Ammo", "Modified": 10 } }, "Construction": { "door.double.hinged.metal": { "DisplayName": "Sheet Metal Double Door", "Modified": 10 }, "building.planner": { "DisplayName": "Building Plan", "Modified": 10 } }, "Component": { "bleach": { "DisplayName": "Bleach", "Modified": 2 }, "vehicle.module": { "DisplayName": "Generic vehicle module", "Modified": 10 } }, "Traps": { "trap.bear": { "DisplayName": "Snap Trap", "Modified": 30 }, "samsite": { "DisplayName": "SAM Site", "Modified": 10 } }, "Electrical": { "ceilinglight": { "DisplayName": "Ceiling Light", "Modified": 10 }, "wiretool": { "DisplayName": "Wire Tool", "Modified": 100 } }, "Fun": { "firework.boomer.blue": { "DisplayName": "Blue Boomer", "Modified": 200 }, "telephone": { "DisplayName": "Telephone", "Modified": 10 } }, "Food": { "apple": { "DisplayName": "Apple", "Modified": 100 }, "woodtea.pure": { "DisplayName": "Pure Wood Tea", "Modified": 100 } }, "Resources": { "skull.human": { "DisplayName": "Human Skull", "Modified": 10 }, "wood": { "DisplayName": "Wood", "Modified": 10 } }, "Tool": { "tool.instant_camera": { "DisplayName": "Instant Camera", "Modified": 10 }, "bucket.water": { "DisplayName": "Water Bucket", "Modified": 10 } }, "Weapon": { "gun.water": { "DisplayName": "Water Gun", "Modified": 10 }, "spear.wooden": { "DisplayName": "Wooden Spear", "Modified": 10 } }, "Medical": { "blood": { "DisplayName": "Blood", "Modified": 100 }, "bandage": { "DisplayName": "Bandage", "Modified": 30 } } } }
  24. Razor


    Version 1.0.20


    Auto plant and pick crops in planter. Also auto water or require a water hookup to water. When crops become ripe it will auto pick them if they have seeds in the box it will replant them in the open space. The plant and the checks are on timers it can take anywhere from 1 to 10 min before it gets picked / planted. There are 2 small stashes mounted to the box one will not accept items and that is where the picked items will go.. the other is to place your seeds in. Permission = "autofarm.allow" - Perm needed to place down a Auto Farm can be changed in config. seedsAllowedAndMultiplier - This is the item id of the seeds allowed to be auto planted. The Multiplier is x amount more crop they will get when auto picked. { "Settings": { "seedStorageSlots": 6, "AddSprinkler": true, "SprinklerNeedsWater": true, "CallHookOnCollectiblePickup": false, "seedsAllowedAndMultiplier": { "803954639": 1, "998894949": 1, "1911552868": 1, "-1776128552": 1, "-237809779": 1, "-2084071424": 1, "-1511285251": 1, "830839496": 1, "-992286106": 1, "-520133715": 1 }, "Permission": { "autofarm.allow": 7, "autofarm.vip": 4 } }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 20 } } Videos.
  25. Version 1.3.0


    This plugin allow to the NPCs to hit and decrease the equipped armors durability. Currently the plugin choose randomly from the available equipped armors, what still has durability and not broken item, and extract the (total, maximum durability) * configured percentage value. Ideal plugin for PVE servers to avoid stacked up gears by the players. 3 different permission related value can be set, to support other plugins or vip/rank systems. It also has the feature to exclude weapons or tools from the function, up to the need. The plugin can work 3 different mode. 1 - no permission used at all -> normal percentages configured will be used. 2 - The player can have more then one permission, in this case always the HIGHER permission percentage value used combined with the class values. 3 - The player shall only have 1 permission, in this case i recommend to activate the "Permission check against multiple permission group" and optionally the "Warning agains multiple permission group (can flood the server console)" configuration, to set to True, and if a player by mistake got 2 different permission, the plugin feature will be skipped and a warning will be shown on the server console. Example: Bone Helmet - 100 Maximum durability/Condition point. LongDurabilityPercent configured to 1.0 percent. It will take 100 Hit, if only the Bone Helmet equipped, to make the item broken. Grouped up weapons for the Configurable categories: Meleeweapon : Anything, what is unhandled from Hit information point of view, and "grenade.beancan.entity.prefab", "bone_club.entity.prefab", "knife_bone.entity.prefab", "chainsaw.entity.prefab", "salvaged_cleaver.entity.prefab", "grenade.f1.entity.prefab", "flamethrower.entity.prefab", "flamethrower_fireball.prefab", "hacksaw.weapon.prefab", "butcherknife.entity.prefab", "pitchfork.entity.prefab", "sickle.entity.prefab", "hammer.entity.prefab", "hatchet.entity.prefab", "knife.combat.entity.prefab", "mace.entity.prefab", "machete.weapon.prefab", "militaryflamethrower.entity.prefab", "paddle.entity.prefab", "pickaxe.entity.prefab", "rock.entity.prefab", "axe_salvaged.entity.prefab", "hammer_salvaged.entity.prefab", "icepick_salvaged.entity.prefab", "explosive.satchel.entity.prefab", "stonehatchet.entity.prefab", "stone_pickaxe.entity.prefab", "spear_stone.entity.prefab", "longsword.entity.prefab", "salvaged_sword.entity.prefab", "torch.entity.prefab", "spear_wooden.entity.prefab" Closeweapon: Following weapons are considered as Close combat weapons: "double_shotgun.entity.prefab", "pistol_eoka.entity.prefab", "m92.entity.prefab", "nailgun.entity.prefab", "shotgun_waterpipe.entity.prefab", "python.entity.prefab", "pistol_revolver.entity.prefab", "shotgun_pump.entity.prefab", "pistol_semiauto.entity.prefab", "smg.entity.prefab", "spas12.entity.prefab" Longweapon : "mgl.entity.prefab", "semi_auto_rifle.entity.prefab", "thompson.entity.prefab", "rocket_launcher.entity.prefab", "mp5.entity.prefab", "l96.entity.prefab", "lr300.entity.prefab", "m249.entity.prefab", "m39.entity.prefab", "compound_bow.entity.prefab", "crossbow.entity.prefab", "ak47u.entity.prefab", "bow_hunting.entity.prefab" Additionally, BaseHelicopter, BradlyAPC, AutoTurret, Guntraps and Beartrap also considered as damage source to decreas armor, they are under Meleeweapon category at the moment, they use the same value as configured for MeleeDurabilityPercent Explosive: Not handled yet, only available for future usage. Permissions itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.protectplayer - Prevent armor damage. Basically disable the plugin for the players with this permission. itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile1 - permission percentage rank itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile2 - permission percentage rank itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile3 - permission percentage rank Configuration The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the ItemsLostDurabilityonNPCHit.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. Suggested percentages see below. Anything that is higher than 1.5% seems feels too fast on client side. Experience example: 2 Metal item, 1 Sign skirt From 100% to all 3 item broken with 2 melee Attacker take 3 minute constant hit, with 0.5%. { "CloseDurabilityPercent": 0.75, "ExplosionDurabilityPercent": 0.0, "LongDurabilityPercent": 1.0, "MeleeDurabilityPercent": 0.5, "itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile1 permission percentage scale range: 0-X, 0.1f mean 10% of the original durability": 1.0, "itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile2 permission percentage scale range: 0-X, 0.1f mean 10% of the original durability": 1.0, "itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile3 permission percentage scale range: 0-X, 0.1f mean 10% of the original durability": 1.0, "Permission check agains multiple permission group": false, "Warning against multiple permission group (can flood the server console)": false, "CleanPermission on Wipe": true } Localization No. Develop API No. Hooks No.


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