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About Me

  1. Version 61 180922


    Update for 2022, total redesign of the House The Pumpkin Farm is based on the one from FarCry 5, 3 scarecrows patrol the fields that can be picked. You can see how this looks in game by looking at this video, its part of my Eden Falls Map
  2. Version 1.0.0


    A small camp with an angry murderer, a green door, and a bluecard.
  3. Version 1.0.9


    This plugin adds to the game a variety of NPC bosses with different abilities and a very adaptable configuration Description Using this plugin you can add NPC bosses to any point on the map. You can set up any ability with the plugin configuration. If it is necessary, you can add multiple abilities to one boss. Abilities are divided into two categories, ones take place in a certain radius from the NPC, and others are triggered by damaging from an NPC. The map also displays the location of the actual bosses (their name and amount of health). You can give any clothes and weapons for NPCs using the configuration. Dependencies Required NpcSpawn - available in included ReadMe Dependencies (optional, not required) True PVE GUI Announcements Notify Discord Messages AlphaLoot CustomLoot Economics Server Rewards IQEconomic PveMode (available in included ReadMe) Chat commands (only for administrators) /WorldPos - displays the actual player’s location on the map (to set up in the plugin configuration the location of the NPC bosses) /MonumentPos - displays the actual location of the player on the map relative to the nearest monument (to configure the location of NPC bosses in the plugin configuration) /ShowPos <name> - shows all positions for NPC appearance depending on the type of NPC appearance /SetType <type> <name> - sets a new value for the NPC appearance type /SavePos <name> - saves to the configuration file a new position for the appearance of the NPC, depending on the type of appearance of the NPC /RemovePos <index> <name> - removes from the configuration file the position for the appearance of NPC, depending on the type of appearance of the NPC Plugin Config en - example of plugin configuration in English ru - example of plugin configuration in Russian Contact me in Discord: KpucTaJl#8923
  4. Version 2.10.6


    aMAZEingPro is a Rust mini-game which allows you and your friends to enjoy amazeingly fun but confusing mazes. Included extension required. If the download contains extra files, named "READ ME" or "IMPORTANT", please read through since it's important notes for the version you're using. Features The plugin currently features the following: Extremely customizable. Asynchronous maze creation. Batch maze creation & destruction. Configurable maze sizes. Maze modes. Multiple floors. Multiplayer. Spectating mode. Host & helper player lives & respawning on trap death. Rewards: Economics and / or ServerRewards Events: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day & Easter modes. Configurable per floor: Posters. Traps (landmines, gun traps & bear traps). Block tier configurations (twigs, wood, stone, metal, top tier). Entrance / exit (reward box) loot configurations. Skins for entrance (small) / exit (large) storage boxes and rugs. Trap spawn chance amounts. Locked doors & gifts. NPCs: Grimstons which can make your life easier or harder, depending on the configuration. API The plugin currently features the following: (string) CreateBuilding(ulong playerId, string modeJson, Vector3 rootPosition, int seed) // Generates a maze building with the mode configuration and returns the id which can be used to destroy it. (string) CreateBuilding (ulong playerId, Mode mode, Vector3 rootPosition, int seed, bool persistent) // Generates a maze building with the mode configuration and returns the id which can be used to destroy it. (void) DestroyBuilding(ulong playerId, string buildingId) // Destroys a building with the id. (bool) IsHosting(ulong playerId) // Returns true if the player with the ID is currently hosting / playing a game. (bool) IsHelping(ulong playerId) // Returns true if the player with the ID is currently playing or is participating in someone's game. (bool) IsHelpingPlayer (ulong playerId, ulong helpedPlayer) // Returns true if a player is playing in someones' maze game. (bool) IsCooledDown(ulong playerId) // Returns true if the player with the ID is currently cooled down. (int) GetCooldown(ulong playerId) // Returns the amount in seconds of someone's cooldown. Warning: On plugin reload, the buildings created with the API (along with the running games) are going to be destroyed. Configuration The config comes with a few handy links, quick to access when you wanna make changes, like change the skins of small / large storage box, or need the item short-names and block tier indicators. { "ItemsListWebsite": "https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/", "LargeWoodenStorageBoxWorkshopWebsite": "https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=252490&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=mtxitems&requiredtags%5B%5D=Large+Wood+Box", "SmallWoodenStorageBoxWorkshopWebsite": "https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=252490&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=mtxitems&requiredtags%5B%5D=Wood+Storage+Box", "RugWorkshopWebsite": "https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=252490&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=mtxitems&requiredtags%5B%5D=Rug", "BlockTiers": "0 = Twigs, 1 = Wood, 2 = Stone, 3 = Metal, 4 = Top Tier", "GrimstonMoods": "0 = Angry, 1 = Helpful, 2 = Annoying", "WelcomeCommand": "maze", "InfoCommand": "maze.info", "PlayCommand": "maze.play", "LeaveCommand": "maze.leave", "KickCommand": "maze.kick", "InviteCommand": "maze.invite", "InviteAcceptCommand": "maze.accept", "InviteDeclineCommand": "maze.decline", "ModesCommand": "maze.modes", "LeaderboardCommand": "maze.lead", "ResetModesCommand": "maze.resetmodes", "MaximumInvites": 5, "DefaultHeight": 250.0, "BatchKillCount": 15, "BatchCreationRowCount": 5, "EnableLogging": true, "UseNPipesSignText": false, "EnablePlayerNoclip": false, "EnablePlayerNoclipLerp": true, "PlayerNoclipLerp": 4.0, "PlayerNoclipSprintMultiply": 3.0, "Themes": { "Auto": true, "Theme (0 = None, 1 = Valentine's Day, 2 = Easter, 3 = Halloween, 4 = Christmas)": 4, "Settings": { "StockingChanceAmount": 5, "StockingChanceTimes": 2, "ScarecrowChanceAmount": 5, "ScarecrowChanceTimes": 2, "RustigeChanceAmount": 5, "RustigeChanceTimes": 2 } }, "GroupCooldowns": { "admin": 0, "vip": 25, "default": 120 }, "Modes": {} } Modes To set up a mode with one or more floors, it must look something like this: { "DisplayName": "Easy Run", "DisplayDescription": "Fun but complicated. Don't give up too easily. There're memes for your enjoyment.", "Size": 15, "Disabled": false, "Group": "default", "EnableInvites": false, "RespawnOnFloorWherePlayerDied": true, "HostMaximumLives": 1, "HelperMaximumLives": 1, "Rewards": { "Currency (0 = Economics, 1 = ServerRewards - balance is divided by 100)": 0, "Completion Depositing Balance": 100, "Door Unlocking Depositing Balance": 5, "Losing Withdrawal Balance": 50, "Leaving Withdrawal Balance": 10 }, "Floors": [ { "EnableLanterns": true, "Grimstons": [ { "Mood": 0, "Speed": 3.0, "Health": 250.0, "Invincible": false, "SpawnPosition (0 = Entrance, 1 = Middle, 2 = Exit)": 0 } ], "Posters": { "Urls (Must be an accessible direct download link to an image - PNG or JP[E]G)": [ "https://i.redd.it/cbcz02c3wlv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/xhyxowes0gv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/y30leeu81lv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/qbo7ot73ojv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/78v3jj30hjv51.jpg" ], "PosterSpawnChanceAmount": 5, "PosterSpawnChanceTimes": 2 }, "Doors": { "DoorChanceAmount": 10, "DoorChanceTimes": 6, "DoorMaximumAmount": 7, "GiftStorageChanceAmount": 5, "GiftStorageChanceTimes": 2, "GiftStorageSkinId": 0, "WrapGifts": true, "GiftLoot": [] }, "Traps": { "EnableLandMines": false, "EnableGunTraps": true, "EnableBearTraps": false, "EnableFog (Works only if Halloween mode is enabled)": true, "GunTrapAmmoChanceAmount": 5, "GunTrapAmmoChanceTimes": 2, "GunTrapAmmoAmount": 64, "LandMineChanceAmount": 5, "LandMineChanceTimes": 2, "BearTrapChanceAmount": 5, "BearTrapChanceTimes": 2 }, "Blocks": { "RugSkinId": 0, "EntranceWallTier": 2, "ExitWallTier": 2, "WallTier": 1, "WallFrameTier": 1, "FoundationTier": 1, "FloorTier": 2 }, "Loot": { "EntranceSignFormat": "START", "EntranceStorageLoot": [], "EntranceStorageSkinId": 0, "ExitSignFormat": "FINISH\nGood job, {0}!", "ExitStorageLoot": [ { "ShortName": "scrap", "MinAmount": 500, "MaxAmount": 1000 } ], "ExitStorageSkinId": 0 } } ] } Grimstons (NPCs) They're NPCs which join you per each floor (if configured), will share 3 different modes: Angry Grimston: Will hunt you down and damage you with their weapon (recommended you to set one - don't forget the ammo). Annoying Grimston: Extremely innoffensive, yet annoying enough to get in your comfort zone, and push you into traps. Helpful Grimston: It doesn't bother you, just minding his own business, on his way to the end of the maze. { "Mood (0 = Angry, 1 = Helpful, 2 = Annoying)": 0, "Speed": 3.0, "Health": 1.0, "ShootRate": 0.15, "Invincible": false, "Kit": "Test", "LockClothing": false, "LockInventory": false, "LockBelt": false, "InventoryItems": [ { "MinAmount": 500, "MaxAmount": 0, "ShortName": "ammo.rifle" } ], "ClothingItems": [ { "SkinId": 1216976323, "ShortName": "metal.facemask" }, { "SkinId": 2030079828, "ShortName": "pants" }, { "SkinId": 2030078205, "ShortName": "hoodie" }, { "SkinId": 494043029, "ShortName": "shoes.boots" } ], "BeltItems": [ { "SkinId": 0, "ShortName": "rifle.ak" } ], "SpawnPosition (0 = Entrance, 1 = Middle, 2 = Exit)": 0 } Permissions Here are all the permissions you can use: aMAZEingPro.play: Allows anyone to start a new maze. Invited players do not require this permission. aMAZEingPro.admin: Allows anyone to execute [admin command]s. Commands Here are all the commands you can use: Welcome: /maze by default, will print some information about this plugin, including the commands. It'll open the HUD for aMAZEingCUI if you have it installed. Info: /maze.info by default, will print some information the current game the player's playing, including mode information. Play: /maze.play by default, [1/2/3 or mazeId (easy, hard, etc.)] will start a game with the specified maze id or index. Leave: /maze.leave by default, will make a player or a helper teleport back to where they were. If the same player started the maze, the maze will be destroyed. Invite: /maze.invite by default, will invite another player if you're already in a maze. They'll be secretly notified about it, where they can: Accept: /maze.accept by default, [none or playerName] will accept a request to help a player to the maze. Accepting without having any input, will accept any games that the player's been requested to. Decline: /maze.decline by default, [none or playerName] will decline a request to help a player to the maze. Declining without having any input, will decline any games that the player's been requested to. Kick: /maze.kick by default, [playerName] will kick a helper player from a player's game. Modes: /maze.modes by default, will print a list of all the maze modes a player can play in. Leaderboard: /maze.lead by default, will print a list of all the maze modes with top 5 players best completion times. Reset Modes: /maze.resetmodes by default [admin command], will reset the configuration. Installation To properly set up the plugin, please make sure you executed the following steps: Step 1 Place Humanlights.System.dll in the RustDedicated_Data/Managed folder. Step 2 Put aMAZEingPro.cs within the oxide/plugins folder. Step 3 If you want everyone to be able to play the mini-game, use oxide.grant group default aMAZEingPro.play or replace default with admin, vip or any group you want. Dependencies The plugin currently depends on the following plugins: ZoneManager by k1lly0u SignArtist by Whispers88 Vanish by Whispers88 HumanNPC by Ts3hosting The following are optional but highly recommended plugin dependencies: TruePVE by nivex HelpText by Calytic ServerRewards by k1lly0u Economics by Wulf Rust Kits by Whispers88 Feedback If you have any ideas or feedback you wanna give me, please comment down below.
  5. Sabby


    Version 1.2.1


    Walking Dead will resurrect a player with a "Walker" using the player's name and outfit with the option to spawn it with a Flaming entrance and several other options. Optional dependencies : Rust Kits Not compatible with : RestoreUponDeath (if assigned to restore clothing in this case fully) !!!! Features : Walkers spawning using a players Name and clothing Spawns a Walker (scientist) after a player died/suicided Hostile like a real walker even goes for sleepers and scientists and animals It can resurrect "From Hell" with flaming spawn true/false. Configurable Spawn amount Configurable Spawn delay time Configurable cooldowns on walker spawning to avoid suicide spam harvesting Select to show gametip or chat messaging (or neither) Configurable Health/Lifetime/Roam Range Can use kits (only clothing) and can use a random kit if set multiple up Compatible with NPCKits (NPCKits won't override the `Walkers` outfit) Despawns the Walkers on plugin unload Walkers will not spawn inside bases (on foundations) Walkers will not spawn when suicided (cfg option) (Added in v1.1.4) Backup your configs before plugin updates! Test option to block spawning in 1 zone (will be extended in near future) (Added in V1.1.4) 50% of sales will be donated to the codefling website !!! Permissions : No permissions Commands : /wdinfo : tells version/author/and a little backend story Logfiles : No logging yet. Configuration : (new spawn system since v1.0.6!!!) Spawns the zombie as the player's clone If the player had no clothes on, it would use one of the kits assigned in configuration (random) if no kits assigned or the kits are having a mismatch (typo), it will spawn the zombie using the predefined zombieoutfit (mumysuit) Example config below : { "Settings Plugin": { "Debug": false }, "Settings Player": { "Suicide block": false, "Zone block": false, "Zone ID": 0 }, "Zombie Settings": { "Zombie spawn delay (seconds)": 5, "Zombie spawn cooldown (seconds)": 300, "Zombie Show cooldown chat messages": true, "Zombie Show cooldown gametip messages": true, "Zombie Prefix Title": "Walker", "Zombie spawn amount": 1, "Zombie Health": 250, "Zombie spawn radius": 5, "Zombie Max Roam Distance": 20, "Zombie Damage multiplier": 0.6, "Zombie Lifetime (minutes)": 10.0, "Zombie Spawns on fire": false, "Zombie Kit ID": [ "walkerkit1", "walkerkit2", "walkerkit3" ], "Zombie Show chat messages": true, "Zombie Show gametip messages": true }, "Zombie Targeting": { "Zombie Can target other npc": false, "Zombie Can target animals": false } } Localization : English language file included using a different language make a new file in the language folder. { "Zombie_Spawn": "You died and resurrected a Walker!", "Prefix": "<color=green>Walking Dead : </color>", "info": "\nThe [Walking Dead] will resurrect players as Walkers\nThese are aggressive and attack anything on sight !!\nUsing their melee weapons they can and will go after you !!", "Cooldown": "You have a cooldown and didnt ressurect a walker!!" } Credits : Chat icon design: @Horus for making me this Coding assistance: @Steenamaroo thx bud
  6. Version 1.0.0


    MaLais Halloween Pack is the perfect addition for your Halloween Map. Six unique prefabs makes your map more spooky! Can also be used as "Junkpile" for your road since each prefab comes with unique loot containers! Happy Halloween!
  7. Version 1.0.1


    This monument was created for the players to build it up. There is an elevator inside the monument. The elevator leads inside the skull, around the elevator, in a small radius it is impossible to build There is a glass capsule in the chest through which you can observe the world around the base. The monument is very easy to install on the map. The monument contains 1450 prefabs
  8. Version 61 180922


    Based in the deep south on the edge of a swamp lies this house, haunted by zombies and ghosts anyone who ventures here looking for loot will only find their death and they too will become one with the house and its occupants. UPDATE 2022 - General Tidy Up, added some dead bodies, hanging cage, gallows, sound effect under entrance, invisible colliders to stop zombies walking through walls, no need for a new video as its basically the same. Changes, Additions, Updates Fireplace now ignites and goes out on its own Tesla effects switch on and off if players near by Spooky sounds added via skull firepit Cellar replaced with an underground hell hole where you are automatically dragged to hells fiery belly Standard doors lock (plugin included) (PDoors.cs) Thanks to BMG for its inclusion, leave out if you want it more accessible Some Doors open and closed on their own (Random) , possessed Haunted Stags Head (lol) it has been known to break free and wander the roof Smoke Monster in the swamp, enter and you will die FOR SERVER OWNERS - HOW TO PLACE AND USE Once placed you can if you wish set up the scene. Place fuel in the lamps, wood in the fire, wood in the other items such as fire pits and fireplaces. Also you will find fog machines, place fuel in them and either switch on or make them motion activated. When placing on your map make sure the pit is far enough above ground to not be in water, make sure the alpha hole for the elevator is big enough and you will have to do some terrain blending at the edges. Sensors around the place will activate various effects. Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you have any problems, you can contact me as follows https://discord.gg/r84Cg84 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g?view_as=subscriber Thanks Niko
  9. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This is the Hocus Pocus witch house from the films and it’s all together 1154 in prefabs and perfect for Halloween No loot in building but you can add some if you like You will receive with your purchase 1 witch house prefab Backstory: The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage is a huge old house-like cottage that is the home of the witchy trio known as the Sanderson Sisters and it is located within the forests of Salem Feel free to message me I will do my best to get back with you. Has been tested on a server.
  10. Sabby

    Pumpkin Head

    Version 1.1.3


    When picking up wild pumpkins [PumpkinHead] or his twin [CornHead] from picking up corn can appear Features : Set configurable chance of [PumpkinHead] spawning after a wild pumpkin is picked up (not from harvesting pumpkins from planters) Set configurable chance of [CornHead] spawning after a wild Corn is picked up (not from harvesting Corn from planters) Configurable NPC (HP, Damage scaling, spawn amount and more) Support for Kits. Will yield corn and plant fibers on harvesting the PumpkinHead's corpse Will yield pumpkins and plant fibers on harvesting the Corn Head's corpse [PumpkinHead] and [CornHead] can drop a backpack (internal lootprofile through configuration) The npc can only spawn on the surface (no support for tunnel/caves) npc has 1 starter outfit and changes weapon each time it spawns out of the box (or when assigned kit(s) is not found) npc has various spawn and death effects (sound and visual) Permissions : pumpkinhead.use : Assign to players/groups to trigger the mini event Commands : /phinfo : Replies plugin info and version to chat Configuration : To make a item spawn as a blueprint add .bp behind the shortname (for example ammo.pistol.bp) Different prefabs can be used for visual and sound FX on the spawn and kills of Pumpkinhead (not every prefab works) If you do not want to change the Deathsound (murderer) or use any effect just remove the line between the " " as shown in the example "Sound and visual FX": { "FX used when npc spawns (at npc position)": "", "Spawn soundeffect (at player position)": "", "FX used when npc dies (at npc position)": "", "Death soundeffect (npc deathsound)": "" } { "Use Debug": true, "PumpkinHead triggers": { "Wild Pumpkins": { "Can spawn from wild Pumpkins": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 100.0, "Sound and visual FX": { "FX used when npc spawns (at npc position)": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/explosions/water_bomb.prefab", "Spawn soundeffect (at player position)": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/player/howl.prefab", "FX used when npc dies (at npc position)": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/explosions/water_bomb.prefab", "Death soundeffect (npc deathsound)": "assets/prefabs/npc/murderer/sound/death.prefab" } }, "Wild Corn": { "Can spawn from wild Corn": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 100.0, "Sound and visual FX": { "FX used when npc spawns (at npc position)": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/explosions/water_bomb.prefab", "Spawn soundeffect (at player position)": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/player/howl.prefab", "FX used when npc dies (at npc position)": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/explosions/water_bomb.prefab", "Death soundeffect (npc deathsound)": "assets/prefabs/npc/murderer/sound/death.prefab" } } }, "NPC Settings": { "Spawn Amount": 1, "Health": 250, "Max Roam Distance": 20, "Damage multiplier": 0.6, "Lifetime (minutes)": 10.0, "Use kit (clothing)": false, "Kit ID PumpkinHead": [], "Kit ID CornHead": [], "Show messages": true, "NPC drop a Backpack with loot": false, "Use Random Skins": true, "Spawn Min Amount Items": 2, "Spawn Max Amount Items": 6, "Loot Table": [ { "shortname": "ammo.pistol", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.pistol.fire", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.pistol.hv", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle.explosive", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle.hv", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle.incendiary", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.shotgun", "amount": 12, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 8 }, { "shortname": "explosive.timed", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "explosives", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "pistol.m92", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "shotgun.spas12", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "pickaxe", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "hatchet", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "can.beans", "amount": 3, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "can.tuna", "amount": 3, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "black.raspberries", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 3 } ] } } Localisation : English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder. { "PumpkinHead_Spawn": "My Pumpkiiiin", "PumpkinHead_Spawn_Backpack": "A Backpack dropped!", "Prefix": "[<color=green>PumpkinHead</color>] : ", "info": "\nGathering the wild pumpkins outside you could be jumped by PumpkinHead.", "CornHead_Spawn": "My Coooorn", "CornHead_Spawn_Backpack": "A Backpack dropped!" }
  11. Version 1.1


    Its just a bunch of Hocus Pocus! Entity count on this prefab is 897. Comes with lots of loot inside and outside as well as NPC's inside. The door to enter is a red keycard door. This will make an awesome Halloween Prefab!
  12. Sabby


    Version 1.0.3


    When gathering ore nodes ,picking up resource deposits ,cutting down trees or harvesting animal corpses u Can be rewarded with a random item. Features : Supports : Ore nodes/Trees/Driftwood/Cactus/Roadsigns/Animal corpses/Farming crops/Resource pickups (incl the halloween lootpiles) Chance for a rewarded item is random through cfg for each type Single item handout through lootprofile lists (item shortnames are used) No double handouts when collecting seeds or bonus hits on trees/nodes Option to disable the chat messages (this could get spammy) Easy setup and ideal for seasonal events like Halloween ! Permissions : gatherbonus.bonus : Ore Nodes gatherbonus.harvest : Crop harvesting gatherbonus.corpse : Animal corpses gatherbonus.pickup : Resource pickup gatherbonus.chat : To use the chat command Commands : /gatherbonus : Displays plugin info and whatever is set through language file (info) Configuration : { "Main config": { "Debug": false, "Use Chat messages": true, "Chat Prefix": "[<color=orange>Halloween</color>] : " }, "Drop Chance on GatherBonus (0.0-1.0)": { "Cactus": 0.5, "Driftwood": 0.5, "Roadsigns": 0.5, "Tree": 0.8, "Metal Node": 0.5, "Stone Node": 0.5, "Sulfur Node": 0.5 }, "Drop Chance on Pickup (0.0-1.0)": { "Hemp": 0.05, "Wood": 0.05, "Stone": 0.05, "Sulfur": 0.05, "metal": 0.05, "Mushroom": 0.05, "Bones": 0.05, "Corn": 0.05, "Pumpkin": 0.05, "Potato": 0.05, "Berries": 0.05 }, "Drop Chance on Crops Harvest (0.0-1.0)": { "Hemp": 0.5, "Corn": 0.5, "Pumpkin": 0.5, "Potato": 0.5, "Berries": 0.5 }, "Drop Chance on Animal Corpse Harvest (0.0-1.0)": { "Bear": 0.5, "Boar": 0.5, "Chicken": 0.5, "Horse": 0.5, "Shark": 0.5, "Stag": 0.5, "Wolf": 0.5 }, "Reward Item setup": { "Items From Gathering (shortname)": [ "radiationresisttea", "healingtea", "maxhealthtea", "oretea", "scraptea", "woodtea", "halloween.mummysuit", "skull_fire_pit", "halloween.lootbag.small", "halloween.lootbag.medium", "halloween.lootbag.large", "halloween.surgeonsuit", "scarecrowhead", "spookyspeaker", "wall.graveyard.fence", "knife.butcher", "skullspikes.pumpkin", "coffin.storage", "pitchfork", "spiderweb", "gravestone", "cursedcauldron", "ghostsheet" ], "Items From Pickup (shortname)": [ "radiationresisttea", "healingtea", "maxhealthtea", "oretea", "scraptea", "woodtea", "halloween.mummysuit", "skull_fire_pit", "halloween.lootbag.small", "halloween.surgeonsuit", "spookyspeaker", "wall.graveyard.fence", "scarecrowhead", "knife.butcher", "skullspikes.pumpkin", "coffin.storage", "pitchfork", "spiderweb", "gravestone", "cursedcauldron", "ghostsheet" ], "Items From Harvesting Crops (shortname)": [ "radiationresisttea", "healingtea", "maxhealthtea", "oretea", "scraptea", "woodtea", "halloween.mummysuit", "skull_fire_pit", "halloween.lootbag.small", "halloween.lootbag.medium", "halloween.surgeonsuit", "spookyspeaker", "scarecrowhead", "wall.graveyard.fence", "knife.butcher", "skullspikes.pumpkin", "coffin.storage", "pitchfork", "spiderweb", "gravestone", "cursedcauldron", "ghostsheet" ], "Items From Harvesting Animal Corpses (shortname)": [ "radiationresisttea", "healingtea", "maxhealthtea", "oretea", "scraptea", "woodtea", "halloween.mummysuit", "skull_fire_pit", "halloween.lootbag.small", "halloween.lootbag.medium", "halloween.lootbag.large", "halloween.surgeonsuit", "spookyspeaker", "wall.graveyard.fence", "scarecrowhead", "knife.butcher", "skullspikes.pumpkin", "coffin.storage", "pitchfork", "spiderweb", "gravestone", "cursedcauldron", "ghostsheet" ] } } Localisation : English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder. { "Info": "\n<color=green>Available Commands</color>\n<color=green>/gatherbonus info</color> : Shows info on version/author and commands", "InvalidInput": "Please enter a valid command!", "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use that command!", "ItemReward": "You found a <color=#4A95CC>{0}</color> around a {1}", "ItemRewardPickup": "You picked up <color=#4A95CC>{0}</color> and found a <color=#4A95CC>{1}</color>", "ItemRewardHarvest": "<color=#4A95CC>{0}</color> harvested and found a <color=#4A95CC>{1}</color>", "Version": "Version : V" }
  13. Sabby

    Zombie Rocks

    Version 1.2.0


    When running in the forest on the quest of finding some ore nodes and finally hitting the rock to get some valuable resources , there can be a zombie sleeping under the rock Features : Set configurable chance of a [Rock Zombie] spawning after a ore node is depleted (last hit) Set configurable chance of a [Ore/Wood Zombie] spawning after a ore or wood spawn is picked up Set configurable chance of a [Tree Zombie] spawning after a tree is cut down Configurable NPC (HP, Damage scaling, spawn amount and more) Support for Kits. The NPC can drop a backpack (internal lootprofile through configuration) The npc can only spawn on the surface (no support for tunnel/cave nodes) npc has 2 starter outfits and changes weapon each time it spawns out of the box (or when assigned kit(s) is not found) Ore/Wood zombies use their Stone and Tree zombie kits Permissions : zombierocks.pickup : Assign to players/groups to trigger the resource pickup mini event zombierocks.nodestone : Assign to players/groups to trigger stone mining mini event zombierocks.nodeiron : Assign to players/groups to trigger the iron mining mini event zombierocks.nodesulfur : Assign to players/groups to trigger the sulfur mining mini event zombierocks.tree: Assign to players/groups to trigger the tree cutting mini event Pickup items : On resource pickups only 1 npc can spawn Wood stones iron sulfur Commands : /zrinfo : Replies plugin info and version to chat Configuration : To make a item spawn as a blueprint add .bp behind the shortname (for example ammo.pistol.bp) { "Use Debug": true, "Tree spawns": { "Can spawn from trees": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 40.0 }, "Pickup spawns": { "Can spawn from resource pickups": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 10.0 }, "Node spawns": { "Stone Nodes": { "Can spawn from stone nodes": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 50.0 }, "Sulfur Nodes": { "Can spawn from sulfur nodes": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 40.0 }, "Metal Nodes": { "Can spawn from metal nodes": true, "Spawn chance (1-100%)": 40.0 } }, "NPC Settings": { "Spawn Amount": 1, "Health": 250, "Max Roam Distance": 20, "Damage multiplier": 0.6, "Lifetime (minutes)": 10.0, "Use kit (clothing)": true, "Kit ID Rock Zombie": [ "RockZombie-01", "RockZombie-02", "RockZombie-03" ], "Kit ID Tree Zombie": [ "TreeZombie-01", "TreeZombie-02", "TreeZombie-03" ], "Show messages": true, "NPC drop a Backpack with loot": true, "Use Random Skins": true, "Spawn Min Amount Items": 2, "Spawn Max Amount Items": 6, "Loot Table": [ { "shortname": "ammo.pistol", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.pistol.fire", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.pistol.hv", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle.explosive", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle.hv", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.rifle.incendiary", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 5 }, { "shortname": "ammo.shotgun", "amount": 12, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 8 }, { "shortname": "explosive.timed", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "explosives", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "pistol.m92", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "shotgun.spas12", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "pickaxe", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "hatchet", "amount": 1, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "can.beans", "amount": 3, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "can.tuna", "amount": 3, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 1 }, { "shortname": "black.raspberries", "amount": 5, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 3 } ] } } Localisation : English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder. { "Zombie_Spawn": "Braaains", "Zombie_Dropped_Backpack": "{npc} dropped his old Backpack !", "Prefix": "[<color=green>Rock Zombie</color>] : ", "infoRock": "The diffrent stone/sulfur/metal rocks can hide a Zombie that can ressurect from their rocky grave.", "infoTree": "When cutting down Trees a Zombie can ressurect from under their roots.", "infoPickup": "When picking up resources a Zombie can sneak up behind you.", "Nodes": "<<color=orange>Nodes</color>> ", "Trees": "<<color=green>Trees</color>> ", "Pickups": "<<color=orange>Pickups</color>> " } API : bool IsZombieRocksNpc(global::HumanNPC npc) example call : object OnEntityDeath(global::HumanNPC npc, HitInfo info) { if (npc == null) return null; if (ZombieRocks.Call<bool>("IsZombieRocksNpc", npc)) { Puts($"Target : {npc} net.ID : [{npc.net.ID}] Event : ZombieRocks NPC"); } return null; }
  14. Version 4.2.3


    Rust's first in-game social-media network. See what's up, chat with friends, share your experiences and make connections. Ruster.NET brings you a whole new system of communication! CHAT — SHARE — REACT WARNING: As stated in the License section of the plugin, you may NOT modify the plugin in any way. If you wish to modify the logos, you may only do so using Ruster.NET Pro. Not conforming to the license, will cause your server(s) to be permanently blacklisted. [ ! ] PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT CERTAIN SERVER HOSTS DO NOT ALLOW YOU [ ! ] [ ! ] TO IMPORT FILES/DLLS, WHICH THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES YOU TO [ ! ] INCLUDED DLL EXTENSIONS REQUIRED COMMUNITY Join my Discord server if you have any questions and/or suggestions! TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT connect FEATURES Make friends, share moments and pictures you've made in the world. Like, dislike or comment to your friends' posts and photos. Use the Marketplace to make a quick buck. Build your own marketplace and use the mass-restock feature. Block users and limit toxicity. Auto-moderation for obnoxious posts & censorship. Pay for advertisements which last from one day to a whole week. Rust+ integration. ServerRewards & Economics integration. Localisation integration -> if anything's wrong with any of the translations, let me know or help me translate. Ruster.FM, audio player. Cassette uploads (posts & DMs) -> Watch demo. Voice recordings (posts & DMs) - only available for Verified users. Submit your own snippets (upload 15 seconds - of your OGGs or YouTube links), only available for Verified users. Photographs (DMs) -> Watch demo. Sell art (Photographs & Cassettes) on the Marketplace or share them in posts. Browser sounds are only heard by you -> beeps, notifications, splash sounds. Hashtags used for filtering post content, the Marketplace can be sorted by sold items. Feed filtering / searching. Like & dislike previewer. SQL integration. Blackmarket & Red-Rooms. Stories. Cross-server support (view other servers' activities). Privacy mode (hide real names & Steam64 IDs) when streaming. Custom commands. Nicknames. Moderation tools. Pinning posts on top of feeds. Ruster.NET Internet. Groups. Stocks. Auto-locale updater. User & administration customisation. Custom colors. Color picker. Auto-language phrase updater. Reporting system. Track transactions & sales. Create coupons and sell items with discounts by sharing the coupon code. GIF playback. Flipbook system & custom items. Transaction lists (purchases & sales). User profile store for avatars, frames and banners. Trading system lists (only between friends). Gift Cards (50, 100, 250 and 500 in value) to share with your friends or turn it into Wallet money. Payment methods (wallet and server currency). Gift baskets and gift sending (pick a friend in User Settings, then buy marketplace listings, the items will go in their basket). ROADMAP Ruster.Addons is a tool and API system for Ruster.NET which allows you to run or create your own addons. Per-user customization. Full-screen picture viewer. Discount codes. SQL INTEGRATION MIGRATION To successfully migrate from JSON to the SQL database, please follow the following steps: Run the save command in your console / webrcon. Update Ruster.NET to the latest in your server. Make sure your SQL database connection is alive and working. Save the server once again, for the configuration file to generate the new properties. Open the configuration file up and scroll down to the Sql section, fill it up accordingly. "Sql": { "Port": 3306, "Hostname": "localhost", "Database": "RusterNET_db", "Username": "root", "Password": "", "Table": "RusterNETData" } After that is done, make sure you saved the configuration file, then run the o.reload RusterNET console / rcon command. While you're having the RusterNET.admin permission, run the /migratetosql chat command. The DataType property will switch to SQL and the SQL database will initialize, launch the connection and save the database on your SQL server. Notice: You don't have to create the table or data fields as it's all automatically generated. On each save, the whole table in being wiped and the data's being recreated. FRIEND REQUESTS Sending friend requests will immediately notify the other user about it. Once you're friends, you may both write posts on eachothers' feeds, rather than within the Marketplace &/or Global Feed. Cutting ties with a friend or blocking them, will ensure mutual communication blockage. PHOTOGRAPHS If you're a server administrator, here's how you set the photograph uploads up: Open up the RusterNET.json (config) file; Go to the Imgur Application Registration form and log-in if you haven't yet; Fill it up accordingly, but make sure the Authorization type is for Anonymous usage; The redirecting URL may be https://imgur.com. After all has been done, copy the ClientID and paste it in the RusterNET.json file config: PhotographUpload -> ImgurClientId To manage your Imgur Applications, go here. GIFS With the addition of GIFs, you may share your favourite animated image stacks in your server! PROFILE CUSTOMS Users can customize their profiles in more interesting ways with predefined avatars, profile banners and avatar frames! AVATARS By default, Ruster.NET comes with a variety of predefined avatars (15 in total), 8 being free and the rest are exclusively found in the Profile Store. FRAMES Ruster.NET comes with a variety of exclusive avatar frames (13 in total) that can be found in the Profile Store. BANNERS Ruster.NET comes with a variety of exclusive avatar frames (13 in total) that can be found in the Profile Store. PROFILE STORE Use the Profile Store to purchase all the exclusive items for your profile. All the prices or even the avatars, frames or banners can be reconfigured (or add more or less of them). I highly recommend to use the existent ones as a template so it blends in better. FLIPBOOKS Ruster.NET Short Flipbook Ruster.NET Medium Flipbook Ruster.NET Long Flipbook Frames: 20 Frames: 40 Frames: 180 Costs: 50 x Scrap Costs: 85 x Scrap Costs: 150 x Scrap Skin: 2741149446 Skin: 2741150219 Skin: 2741150823 Flipbooks are designed to allow your players to get creative by creating short films using the Instant Camera. They're cheap, get one, snap the thumbnail picture, take loads of pictures, each time moving slightly, and see your art come to life like people in the '60s did. You may reset the Flipbook with a fee by using the Repair Bench. The fee is 25 Scrap by default. The actual fee is scaled based on the type of Flipbook and how many frames have been consumed. TRADING You may send trade requests to your friends that live farther than where you are. This feature requires the RusterNET.trade permission to be able to see the blue Trade button under your friends' profile. STORIES As you probably know, Stories on other social medias are pretty much posts that last for 24 hours. Same thing in Ruster.NET. You may add a message to your Photographs so they're also included with the Story you're willing to post. Users can upload up to 5 stories at once, so use your space wisely. Once the stories run out, you'll be notified of how many views it has gained, in the notification list & push. For users to be allowed to use Stories, an administrator must give specified users or groups permission: RusterNET.story. Configuration { "LogLevel": -1, "DataType": 0, "UniqueId (Must not be null/empty)": "defaultid", "Ads": { "AdvertPrice24h": 5000, "AdvertPriceMultiplier1w": 6.5 }, "Tax": { "Amount": 0.9 }, "Marketplace": { "MaximumStackSizeEachItem (-1 = Default stacksize for the item)": -1, "MaximumStackSizeWholeStack (-1 = Default stacksize for the item)": 100000, "MinimumPrice": 0, "MaximumPrice": 2500, "BlacklistedItems": [ "photo" ] }, "Look": { "AdminNameColor": "#de3535", "ModeratorNameColor": "#a3de35" }, "DMs": { "MustBeFriendsToDM": true, "DeleteOwnMessagesCooldown": 1800.0 }, "Notifications": { "VerticalOffset": 0.0 }, "Sounds": { "FFMPEGPath": "", "PlayStartup": true, "PlayBeeps": true, "PlayLikes": true, "PlayDislikes": true }, "PhotographUpload": { "ImgurClientId": "my_client_id" }, "Cooldown": { "ButtonPress": 0.5, "BusinessCardCreation": 60.0, "RustPlusNotifications": 4.0 }, "Currency": { "ItemShortname": "scrap", "ItemSkinId": 0, "Currency Type (0 = Item, 1 = ServerRewards, 2 = Economics": 0 }, "Profanity": { "BannedWords": [ "bad word", ], "BannedWordReplacements": [ "good word", ] }, "Sql": { "Port": 3306, "Hostname": "localhost", "Database": "RusterNET", "Username": "root", "Password": null, "Table": "RusterNET" }, "Localisation": { "DefaultLanguage": "en-GB", "Languages": [] } } SELL ITEMS — GIVE FEEDBACK — KEEP IN TOUCH. The Ruster.NET Marketplace is a place for you to sell items you don't use anymore or want to sell it for triple the price. How It Works The way the marketplace works is quite simple. Keep reading to understand how it all works. INTRODUCTION Marketplace posts are like regular posts, except that you may set up your items you want to sell and the price you want to receive once a player purchased them. These posts you only find when you're in the marketplace panel. On the purchase, if the marketplace listing becomes out-of-stock, it's only visible for the creator of the post until the post owner is refilling the listing. RESTOCKING When you have more than one listing or a whole lot of post listings, you may mass restock using the "RESTOCK" button (next to the "WITHDRAW" button), hold a hammer and hit an unlocked storage container filled with items for those listings to automatically take out and restock. You may also individually restock your listings when you're the owner and have opened the post in full-screen. Drag and drop the item in the stash slot when it shows up. If you changed your mind from restocking, press [USE] to return to Ruster.NET. ADMIN LIMITS The owner of the server may configure the currency, and minimum / maximum price amounts players can set for their listings. ADVERTS Adverts can be modified in the Marketplace panel. Your active (or inactive) adverts will show up first. If any an advert that an user has posted is not stocked or needs restocking, they'll not be used by the algorithm which shows them on various feeds in different occasions. Items To create adverts, you may purchase two different kinds from the Marketplace. The 24h one allows you to post and sell items within 24 real-time hours. The 1w one lasts for a whole week. Ruster.NET 24h Advert Ruster.NET 1w Advert Costs: 5,000 x Scrap Costs: 35,000 x Scrap Skin: 2501319446 Skin: 2501320266 HASHTAGS They work like real social media hashtags, add them to your posts and they'll be seen above the feed you're in. The more posts with the same hashtags, they'll be trending and be available for other users to filter their feeds with. You may use the mignifying glass icon to search by content - which is found in any of the feeds you can surf through. Marketplaces' hashtags will automatically filter the frequently sold items which will allow you to easily see the best prices which fit your needs. BUSINESS CARDS Create business cards to allow strangers to send you a friend request and connect with you. Ruster.NET Business Card Skin: 2505386906 DIRECT MESSAGING Send private messages to friends, share your location on the map and react to their messages! Ruster.FM is Ruster.NET's audio player which you can play YouTube or direct URL snippet audio clips in your browser. Make sure you're doing the following for your server to successfully upload the clips for your players. To note: only Verified Ruster.NET users may use the Upload Audio feature. Download FFMPEG from here. Open up the ZIP file and in the bin folder, extract ffmpeg.exe into your server at an ideal location (recommended oxide/temp). After that is done, you may now click on the Upload Song when you're in the New Post panel. Fill up the fields, and when ready, press Upload. After the upload's complete, make sure you're publishing it. Then, you're good to go! rickroll.zip The URL can be a YouTube URL or a direct-link MP3/audio file. Only allow trusted players to use it (with the RusterNET.verified permission). The limit for the audio clips is 15 seconds. As of now, the way Rust allows me to store audio files, limits me like that. Will revisit some other time, and then for sure will implement a longer duration. REPORTING Players in your servers can now report any posts for various reasons. If you're a moderator and/or an administrator, you'll be able to see the Reports DM group which only the two types of users can access. COMMANDS CHAT /getruster: Will give you the Ruster.NET item which when held, it'll bring up the browser. (needs RusterNET.getruster permission) /launchruster: It'll bring up the browser. (needs RusterNET.launch permission) /get24hadvert: Will give you the Ruster.NET 24 hour Advert item which when held, you'll be able to create an advert for an item to sell. (needs RusterNET.get24hadvert permission) /get1wadvert: Will give you the Ruster.NET 1 week Advert item which when held, you'll be able to create an advert for an item to sell. (needs RusterNET.get1wadvert permission) /ruster [player name/id]: Will pull up the browser of someone and preview it as you'd be them. (needs RusterNET.admin permission) /rusteran [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets all notifications (Rust+ ready). /rusterrp [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets Rust+ notifications (Rust+ ready). /rusterpn [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets push notifications (Rust+ ready). /rusterfn [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets friends notifications (Rust+ ready). /rustercn [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets chat notifications (Rust+ ready). /rusterpm [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets Privacy Mode (Rust+ ready). /rusterratio [16]: Sets the aspect ratio for Ruster.NET. Should help ultra-wide screen users. /pinrusterfm [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets Ruster.FM pinning (Rust+ ready). /migratetosql: Migrates local JSON database to SQL. (needs RusterNET.admin permission) CONSOLE launchruster: It'll bring up the browser. (needs RusterNET.launch permission) closeruster: Forcefully closes Ruster.NET - helpful in cases it gets stuck. Please report if it ever does. DEBUG clearrustertc: Wipes all Team conversations from Ruster.NET. (needs RusterNET.admin permission) Permissions RusterNET.admin: Will allow administrators to run all admin-only commands stated above -> Having this permission will allow you to: purchase free-of-charge Marketplace listings / adverts for testing and administrative purposes. purchase your own Marketplace listings / adverts. delete ANY Marketplace listings, adverts &/or posts. RusterNET.moderator: Will allow moderators to delete posts/adverts of other users -> Having this permission will allow you to: delete ANY Marketplace listings, adverts &/or posts. RusterNET.use: Will allow anyone open up the Ruster.NET browser and any other Ruster.NET-related items -> Having this permission will allow you to: view the Ruster.NET browser in any way. RusterNET.launch: Will allow anyone open up the Ruster.NET browser -> Having this permission will allow you to: can run the /launchruster (chat) and launchruster (console) commands. RusterNET.verified: Anyone that has this will be marked as verified -> Having this permission will allow you to: you'll get the blue tick as you're verified, it's just a marker, can be used to your own benefit through add-ons. RusterNET.getruster: Will allow anyone to run the /getruster command -> Having this permission will allow you to: can run /getruster to get the Ruster.NET browser item, which when earned, put it in your hotbar and click the according button to pull it up. RusterNET.get24hadvert: Will allow anyone to run the /get24hadvert command. RusterNET.get1wadvert: Will allow anyone to run the /get1wadvert command. RusterNET.story: Will allow anyone to upload Ruster.NET Stories. RusterNET.internet: Will allow anyone to access the Internet. Will enable to find the "View Servers" button. RusterNET.poll: Will allow anyone to add polls to their posts. Will enable to find the "Polls" button. RusterNET.trade: Will allow anyone to send Trade requests to friends. Will enable to find the "Trade" button on friends' profiles. (c) Raul-Sorin Sorban — 2022 All rights reserved
  15. Version 1.2


    Low entity count of 367. Pumpkin Infestation has Npc's and loot inside. Red card room included to get inside. Nice prefab if your not afraid of spiders, but its ok, these are cute!
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Nice junkpile prefab to place on the map for Halloween. Has various loot, 1 NPC, pickable corn and pumpkins. Entity count of 40
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Dr. Finkelsteins lab (nightmare before christmas) entity count: 300 Various loot and NPC's. Bloody red water runs around the prefab. Collider placed inside to cause damage to the player if they disobey the danger signs and go for a swim. Pumpkins with glowing eyes greet you at the gates. Eerily green glowing lights come from the window and the top floor. We just Dr. Finkelstein is up to some kind of new experiment while Sally tends to her garden of deadly nightshade on the side with her bench. Nice prefab to add for Halloween to give the players a spooky treat!
  18. Version 1.1


    The Witches House has several barrels/boxes to loot around the prefab. 2 NPC's added. Nice Halloween prefab to add to your map! Entity Count: 983
  19. Version 1.2


    The annual pumpkin festival has 3 NPC's and various loot all around it along with a dunk tank, pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and water gun station. Great prefab for Halloween! Entity count of 339.
  20. Version 2.0.5


    It’s an event in the Satellite Dish location Description The event begins with a chat warning: a bioweapons deal will be in the Satellite Dish. When the time is up, extra crates, NPCs guarding this location will appear in the Satellite Dish. Then a locked zombie’s cage will appear. A CH47 will fly to this location to make a transaction. When the CH47 arrives, it will drop the locked crate as a payment for the biological weapon. Then it will land and zombies will begin boarding on the CH47. As soon as the CH47 has picked up all the remaining zombies, it will fly off the map. If you kill at least one zombie, an alarm will start. The alarm can be ended by answering the phone on the Satellite Dish within 10 seconds. If you don’t stop the alarm, reinforcements will arrive as Bradley to this location. It will parachute down from the aircraft. All crates looting, NPCs, zombies, Bradley can be changed by configuration. It is possible to change the configuration of all NPCs or use the BotSpawn plugin for NPCs. There is a camera in the location for viewing the event and lighting for night events. When an event appears, a marker will display on the map (configurable in the configuration file). It is possible to set up in the configuration the PVP zone for those who use the TruePVE plugin. All players in the event zone have a timer with countdown to the end of the event It is possible to set up an automatic event appear on the map. All timers can be set up in the configuration. Dependencies Required NpcSpawn Dependencies (optional, not required) True PVE PveMode GUI Announcements Notify Discord Messages AlphaLoot CustomLoot NTeleportation Economics Server Rewards IQEconomic Kits Chat commands (only for administrators) /satdishstart - start the event /satdishstop - end the event /satdishpos - determining the position and rotation coordinates for changing the location of NPCs and crates. It should write in the configuration (Attention! The event must be started, the current position of the administrator in relation to the Satellite Dish is read) Console commands (RCON only) satdishstart - start the event satdishstop - end the event Plugin Config en - example of plugin configuration in English ru - example of plugin configuration in Russian Hooks void OnSatDishEventStart() – called when the event starts void OnSatDishEventEnd() – called when the event ends void OnSatDishEventWinner(ulong winnerId) – called at the end of the event, where the winnerId is the player who did more actions to complete the event My Discord: KpucTaJl#8923 Join the Mad Mappers Discord here! Check out more of my work here!
  21. Version 1.0.9


    The Vengeful Rust Pumpkin-Man came from the depts of his inner kingdom to reak havoc and mayhem among the Rust players of upper Earth. Unfortunalty for him he emerged in the swamp waters of Rust and turned to Stone. He is still alive within but only his eyes blaze with anger. Explore the surrounding area and try to find out why he emerged here. Prefab Count 461 (how many prefabs are in the pack) Simple Dock with some tug-boats ready to resupply the Underwater Labs. Blue card puzzle. This prefab contains: 1 green card room 1 blue card room 14 Scarecrow 5 scientist 2 Crate Elite 4 Crate Tool 4 Crate Normal 2 2 Crate normal Copy the prefab folder to your RustEdit Custom Prefabs folder. Place the prefab down and apply the prefab modifiers. This prefab requires rustedit.dll https://github.com/k1lly0u/Oxide.Ext.RustEdit If you have any problems you can contact me via Discord https://discord.gg/Nem7xAwJhe
  22. Version 1.0.2


    The Tatzelwurm emerged from a mountain cave after a centuries long sleep looking for food to try and sate its ravenous hunger. The only thing to stop it and turn it to stone was the strange copper dome it touched. A great addition to any Halloween styled map. Explore the depths of its belly to see what loot it contains. Prefab Count 430 This prefab contains: Crate Normal 1 Crate Tool 2 Npc 7 Barrel 15 Food Box 7 Added beside Dome to make it more interesting for players to have fun. If you have any problems you can contact me via Discord https://discord.gg/Nem7xAwJhe
  23. Sabby


    Version 1.3.0


    When killing scarecrows ,scientists ,animals or players they have a set chance to spawn a collectable grave (Halloween event). Features : Supports Scarecrows ,Scientists ,Animals and players (any normal surface npc) Set spawn chance through cfg which spawns a random grave (Halloween event) when the npc is killed. This is a remake of the first ever plugin I made slightly over a year ago . Random Collectable Graves : stone iron sulfur wood bones (Halloween grave piles). Graves can spawn on any surface location a npc could walk and spawn on (valid navmesh) Set grave pile prefabs from a list. Permissions : graves.canfind : To be able to trigger killing surface npc. graves.canfindanimal : To be able to trigger killing animals. graves.canfindplayer : To be able to trigger player kills or suicides. Configuration : set the chance between 0 and 1. { "Show Chat messages": true, "Grave prefabs": [ "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/collectable/stone/halloween/halloween-stone-collectable.prefab", "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/collectable/stone/halloween/halloween-bone-collectable.prefab", "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/collectable/stone/halloween/halloween-metal-collectable.prefab", "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/collectable/stone/halloween/halloween-wood-collectable.prefab", "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/collectable/stone/halloween/halloween-sulfur-collectible.prefab" ], "Spawn Chance (0 - 1)": { "Scientist": 0.2, "Scarecrow": 0.2, "Player": 0.1, "Bear": 0.2, "Boar": 0.2, "Chicken": 0.2, "Wild Horse": 0.2, "Stag": 0.2, "Wolf": 0.2 } } Localisation : English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder. { "Graves": "You killed <color=#4A95CC>{0}</color> leaving a unmarked grave!", "GravesAnimal": "You killed a <color=#4A95CC>{0}</color> leaving a unmarked grave!", "AnimalBear": "Bear", "AnimalBoar": "Boar", "AnimalChicken": "Chicken", "AnimalHorse": "Horse", "AnimalStag": "Stag", "AnimalWolf": "Wolf" }
  24. Version 2.4.1


    Fit out murderers (and scarecrows) with random selections of custom attire, skins and melee weapons. Configure the attire, skins and weapons to choose from (or leave the plugin defaults if you want) and when spawning murderers will be fitted out with a random combination of attire, skins and weapons. You can also configure the health (strength) of the murderers and scarecrows. A great way to really customise the appearance of your murderers without them all looking identical. Configuration The settings and options can be configured in the PlaguedMurderers file under the config directory. The use of an editor and validator is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. Settings for scarecrows are configured in the same way as murderers, but in the sections of the config file suffixed with "(scarecrows)". Configure which clothing (attire) murderers should wear: The attire to dress murderers in is defined in the following areas within the config: HeadwearTorsoLegsShoesGloves Each area contains a list of items to choose from. A value of "none" can be added to any of these to make them optional (having only a value of "none" will result in no attire being added to this "slot"). example: (Headwear) "Headwear": [ "bucket.helmet", "burlap.headwrap", "none" ], This would fitout muderers with a random selection of either a bucket helmet, burlap headwrap, or no headwear. Which items are available? Realistically any of the items that can be "worn" will work, it is recommended to use those listed below: Headwear "attire.reindeer.headband", "bucket.helmet", "burlap.headwrap", "clatter.helmet", "coffeecan.helmet", "deer.skull.mask", "diving.mask", "hat.beenie", "hat.boonie", "hat.cap", "hat.candle", "hat.dragonmask", "hat.miner", "heavy.plate.helmet", "mask.balaclava", "mask.bandana", "nightvisiongoggles", "riot.helmet", "santahat", "santabeard", "wood.armor.helmet" Torso "attire.hide.poncho", "attire.hide.vest", "bone.armor.suit", "burlap.shirt", "heavy.plate.jacket", "hoodie", "jacket", "jacket.snow", "roadsign.jacket", "shirt.collared", "shirt.tanktop", "tshirt", "tshirt.long", "wood.armor.jacket", "none" Legs "attire.hide.skirt", "burlap.trousers", "heavy.plate.pants", "pants", "pants.shorts", "wood.armor.pants", "heavy.plate.pants", "roadsign.kilt" Feet "burlap.shoes", "attire.hide.boots", "shoes.boots", "boots.frog", "diving.fins" Hands "burlap.gloves", "tactical.gloves", "roadsign.gloves", "burlap.gloves.new" Configure the skins to use for the clothing Skins are configured by using the item names (from attire above) and the id of the skins to be utilised. If no skins are defined for a piece of attire, it will be added with its default skin. Note: skins will be randomly chosen from the same sets for both Murderers and Scarecrows: example: "Skins": { "bucket.helmet": [ 747281863, 816503044, 818863931 ], "burlap.headwrap": [ 84948907, 1076584212, 811534810 ] }, This would then randomly select one of the three skins in the relevant group for use when the attire is added to the murderers. Configure which melee weapons murderers should be equipped with: The weapons to choose from is defined in the Melee Weapon section of the config. A value of "none" can be added to have some murderers spawned without a weapon (although this seems like a weird thing to do, it will work). example: "Melee Weapon": [ "hatchet", "knife.bone", "knife.butcher", "knife.combat", "machete", "paddle", "salvaged.cleaver", "salvaged.sword" ] Enable Glowing Eyes Defines whether murderers and scarecrows should spawn with glowing eyes Glowing Eyes: true/false Set Health for Murderers and Scarecrows Sets the health/strength of the murderers and scarecrows, (higher numbers will make them stronger). Default plugin value for murderers is 100 and 500 for scarecrows. Spawning Murderers and Scarecrows The plugin itself doesn't cause murderers to spwan, there's a couple of ways to get this happening on your server: Update the server config with (or type these into your console): halloween.enabled "true" halloween.murdererpopulation "10" halloween.scarecrowpopulation "5" Utilise another plugin to spawn them such as Murderers, BotSpawn or Night Zombies Rust Kits Support The plugin now supports Rust Kits! Simply add the names of the kits to the configuration file under the relevant sections, and set "Use Kits" to true. Note: if "Use Kits" is set to true, then all other config options will be ignored.
  25. Version 1.0.7


    Small map with a monument in the style of Halloween. Suitable for a dynamic and somewhat complex game. A long time ago, when mythical creatures walked the earth, the great Lord necromancer, walking through his expanses, saw a bright light in the distance. He immediately realized that the first humanoid creatures began to appear on earth and he and his children urgently need to hide somewhere. Then the Necromancer came up with an idea, he decided to create a separate island in the ocean for his cubs, which no one will ever find in their lives....Time passed, humanity flourished, it was the 21st century. The necromancer was living out the last of his days and now, on one of the terrible days, a cargo ship came across this small island. The people who accompanied this ship along with their robot guards decided to go down and find out what is here. When they saw the terrible creatures, they immediately opened fire. Hearing all that was happening, the necromancer immediately rode to the place, but it was too late....All his children were killed. He went to the realm of Death and asked her never to take the soul of these people in her life. -They must suffer, they will not leave this Ostrov ever. They will never be able to die, they will be reborn every time... Thank you, my dear friend, for reading to the end the nonsense I wrote above, and not closing the page in the middle of the text. There are several standard and several custom monuments on the map. I added a recycler as well as some number of crates in "Fishing village" and "Sphere tank". On the oil rig, in the blue rooms there are tables with red cards. Players can get a blue card at the Church. Also in the" Fishing village " hidden elite boxes. You can see them on the screenshot. If you don't like something, then after the purchase you can edit the map as you want. Unfortunately, there are not many custom monuments on the map, but here I decided to work in favor of the fps. Due to the large number of prefabs, the map may lag for players. I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Like everything, if anything, write to me in discord, I will answer any questions. You can find me on the Lone. Design channel. Below I have specified custom and standard monuments. Thank You for your attention and good luck! Size: 1к Custom monuments: Church 2 Cemeteries Dead swamp 2 Caves under construction 6 Roadside carts (each cart has a processor and 3 stores. All stores on the map are different and there is what is in the city of bandits and in the NPC city) 2 AirWolf (The same copter shop as in the city of bandits) Monuments from Facepunch: Sphere Tank Oil Rig Large Oil Rig Fishing Village P.S. If you want to change the map for yourself / your needs, please contact the author.


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