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  1. Version 1.0.1


    In the climbing park there is the possibility to test your own ability to jump. there are 9 obstacles. the jump distance can be compared to the distances in a cave, where you have to jump over the bars. but you also have to climb a net, or walk along a small path. at the end there is the zipline, that brings you back to the ground. if you fall, you will fall in a lake. on the ground are a few more attractions. there is a shooting range, a swing boat and can throwing. have fun with the arena. Prefabs: 396 Please note: Download the prefab files and place them in RustEdit/CustomPrefabs directory of RustEdit. The prefabs can be accessed in the custom section of prefab browser. To use sinlge letters, the prefab has to be broken by selecting it (once placed) and using the "break prefab" function. Important: I don't use "prevent building sphere/cubes" in any of my prefabs, also no monument markers are set. These need to be added by yourself. If the NPCs are not wanted, press the H key (overview of all prefabs) and delete them from the prefab. Questions and suggestions: If you have any problems you can contact me via Katalaner - Discord: https://discord.gg/e2vrPszZFX Katalaner Webseite: http://katalaner.de Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_5P_wAFKl5bdndkDEQDK4g
  2. Version 1.0.4


    Survival Arena is a plugin that spawns a Battle-royal style game, where players must scavenge for equipment and fight to the death, all while staying inside of a shrinking, non-radiated zone. The plugin spawns a large play area high in the sky and inherits the biome type from the ground below. This means that if the area is suspended above an arctic biome, all of the rocks, trees, logs and bushes will be spawned mirroring that biome type. Players are teleported into the center building when they join, and once the game begins, they must loot containers to gear up to survive. Players are returned to their original locations when they leave the event or respawn after dying at the event. Server owners can change or add loot profiles via the config. The plugin will select a random profile when the arena begins and fill the loot containers based on your specifications. It comes with 2 default loot profiles: Primitive - spears, melee weapons, bows, crossbows, burlap equipment, revolvers etc GunLoot - more modern weapons. The plugin uses EventHelper to run automatically, handle joining and leaving, and will allow players to vote to start the game. Admins can also add additional trees, bushes, logs and loot spawns to the arena via command. Type: Chat Command: survivalarena Function: Sends the user the UI to start up the game. Loot profiles, spawn height and lobby time can be adjusted here before starting the game. Type: Chat/Console Command: startarena <heightMod> <lobbytime> <arenaName> <lootProfile> Function: Spawns and starts the game using the specified heightmod and lobbytime parameters. You can simply use the command with no parameters to start it using the default settings and a random arena/lootprofile. Type: Chat/Console Command: endarena Function: Ends any active games and despawns the arena. Type: Chat Command: spawnarena <name> Function: Spawns the arena, but does not start the game. Useful for debugging and development. Type: Chat Command: setcentrepoint Function: Sets the arena's new center point at the players location. Useful if you want to move the spawn so it has more biome variety. Be sure not to make it too high or too close to the ground. Type: Chat Command: survival Function: Used to join the game when the lobby is active. Type: Chat Command: saremove Function: Removes the tree, loot container, log or bush that the player is looking at. This will no longer spawn in future games. Type: Chat Command: addtree Function: adds a tree spawn at the players position. Type: Chat Command: addbush Function: adds a bush spawn at the players position. Type: Chat Command: addlog Function: adds a log spawn at the players position. Type: Chat Command: addloot Function: adds a loot spawn at the players position. Type: Chat Command: saleave Function: Leaves the event Type: Console/Chat Command: wipeoldarena Function: Wipes any entities that are at the same height or higher than the arena. survivalarena.admin If you wish to create your own arena, you may follow this tutorial here: https://youtu.be/BxmcjHjIJDU Please note that the map file name needs to contain survivalarena or it will not allow the getarena command to work. Also I will not be offering support for this, so use at your own risk.
  3. Version 1.0.9


    This plugin can be used by developers to manage their arena games etc. Developers can use this to handle the entry/exit of players into their games. The plugin will be primarily used by my HungerGames, ScubaArena and Skirmish game (soon to be released). It features: Registration calls to create and register the event with the plugin. Automatic running of the events in order, so you can have multiple event plugins running 1 after the other (configurable). Strip and save the players current inventory, and restore it after they leave the game. Store and restore the players metabolism stats when they join/leave the game. Register a destination for players to teleport to when joining the game. Command black listing. Build in hook management for popular plugins such as Backpacks and kits. API void EMCreateEvent(string eventName, bool automatic_start, bool stripItems, bool leaves_event_on_death, bool full_health_on_join, bool give_items_back_on_respawn, bool full_metabolism_on_join, Vector3 teleport_destination) Creates the event and allows the developer to specify the settings: eventName: the name of the event. this.Name is recommended. automatic_start: enrolls the event to be scheduled and ran by EventHelper. stripItems: strips the players items and stores them in the data file. Items will be returned upon leaving the event, or when they respawn after they have left the event unless give_items_back_on_respawn is set to false. leaves_event_on_death: Kicks the player from the event when they die. full_health_on_join: Stores the players health into the data file and sets their health to max. give_items_back_on_join: Gives the players items back when they leave the event, or when they respawn after leaving the event. If set to false, they will need to use the /recoveritems command to get their items back.This is useful if a server is running plugins such as kits, which wipes the players inventory to give the player a kit. full_metabolism_on_join: Saves and restores the players metabolism before and after a game. teleport_destination: The location that a player will teleport to when joining the game. Set to Vector3.new if you do not want them to teleport. void EMExternalPluginSettings(string eventName, bool canDropBackpack = false, bool canEraseBackpack = false, bool canOpenBackpack = false, bool canBackpackAcceptItem = false, bool canRedeemKit = false, bool CanLoseXP= false) Sets up the external plugin settings for the event. eventName: The registered name of the event. canDropBackpack: Backpack plugin. canEraseBackpack: Backpack plugin. canOpenBackpack: Backpack plugin. canBackpackAcceptItem: Backpack plugin. canRedeemKit: Can the player redeem kits. CanLoseXP: Can the player lose xp when dying in the game. void EMBlackListCommands(string eventName, string[] commands) Use to submit a list of commands that cannot be run while at the event. void EMRemoveEvent(string eventName) Removes the event from EventHelper. This will automatically trigger the EMPlayerLeaveEvent hook for each player if the event is active. void EMManuallyStarted(string eventName) Flags the event as manually started, preventing it from being run automatically if opting in for automatic_start. void EMUpdateLobby(string eventName, Vector3 pos) Allows you to update the lobby destination after an event has been created. void EMStartEvent(string eventName) Triggers an event to start. Marks the event as running so it can be used with the EMEndEvent hook. Call this when you want the game to start. void EMEndEvent(string eventName) Triggers the event to end. Goes through each participant and calls EMPlayerLeaveEvent on them before clearing the participants. Also resets manually_started to false and triggers the EMEndGame hook. bool EMEnrollPlayer(BasePlayer player, string eventName) Enrolls a player into the event. Follows the instructions of the EMCreateEvent settings by stripping items, setting health and metabolisms, as well as teleporting the player to the arena. Also checks for crafting queues, black listed items and escape blocks. Returns true if the player was enrolled successfully. void EMPlayerLeaveEvent(BasePlayer player, string eventName = null) Removes the player from the event. Strips the items that they have received from the event, then optionally restores their previous items, teleports them to the location that they were at prior to joining, sets their health and their metabolism etc, or will tell them that they need to use the command in order to get their inventory back. bool EMIsParticipating(BasePlayer player, string eventName) Returns true if a player is participating in an event (using the participants list associated with the event itself). bool EMAtEvent(ulong id) Returns true if a player is at an event (using the playerdata records). bool AddBan(BasePlayer player, string event_name) Bans the player from the specified event. bool RemoveBan(BasePlayer player, string event_name) Unbans the player from the specified event. Hooks void EMEndGame(string eventName) Is called when the game ends. Chat commands ehban <target name/id> - bans the player from all events globally. ehunban <target name/id> - unbans the player from all events globally.
  4. Version 1.0.8


    Event-tournament duels between players (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, etc) Event goal Players duel among themselves until the last survivor. In a situation with team muzzles, first they duel in teams, and then if there are not enough players for a team duel, then among themselves. What features: - Outsiders cannot enter the arena - Tournament participants in the role of spectators do not take damage and have a hardened metabolism - All things are saved and given to the participants after leaving the tournament, in the same form in which they were - After the event, the player returns to the same place from where he teleported to him - After a duel in the arena, all items dropped from duelists are cleaned - There is an API for compatibility between plugins - There is a blocking of prohibited chat and console commands in the tournament - Very thoughtful matchmaking generator for duels - Present UI - There is a full-fledged plugin setting with great functionality - There is an automatic start of tournaments after a certain time - Easy installation and configuration Installation: - Install CopyPaste [https://umod.org/plugins/copy-paste] - Install ArenaTournament - Ready Commands: /qq - register for the tournament [optional, as there is a button with UI] Admin commands: /qg - launch a random tournament [admin or permission arenatournamentbeta.admin] at.start - start random tournament [admin] at.copy name of existing name of new - copy arena settings to create a new one [admin] Creating a new arena: Build an arena Put resources in the closet so that it would be enough for a wipe and hide it Place the spawn point of the first team using regular chairs [https://rustlabs.com/item/chair] Set a spawn point for the second team using gaming chairs [https://rustlabs.com/item/secret-lab-chair] Set a spectator respawn point using sirens [https://rustlabs.com/item/siren-light] Save arena /copy name Add the arena to the config using the command at.copy nameexisting namenew Open plugin config Change in the config in your new arena "Position [coordinates]" to random, but within the map (not outside the grid!) Set up the arena (Important! Do not specify "Tournament Modes" more than you have specified spawn locations for each of the teams) Restart plugin API: API: [PluginReference] Plugin ArenaTournament; private bool IsOnTournament(ulong userid) { return ArenaTournament != null && ArenaTournament.Call<bool>("IsOnTournament", userid); } private bool IsDueling(BasePlayer player) { return ArenaTournament != null && ArenaTournament.Call<bool>("IsOnTournament", player); } Arena pack: https://haxlite.ru/fermens_Arenas.zip Demonstration: from the buyer
  5. Version 1.1.14


    This plugin and prefab combo adds a unique game arena to your map with very minimal effort. The plugin automates the game play entirely, and can be scheduled to run at an interval along side other plugins that use EventHelper. The game revolves around finding loot from crates (primitive by default), and killing each other while a radiation zone closes in around you. The zone is represented by a dome that will shrink in size at a configurable rate, as the game progresses. This will force players back to the centre for a final showdown. The winner will be awarded a prize (configurable). This package includes everything required to run the game manually or automatically, and features: Customizable weapon/armor lists (primitive and guns come default). A lobby with 8x elevators to bring contestants into the game. A configurable plugin to handle gameplay completely (more info below). Custom UI for the radiation zone. Running the game: The game will run automatically every hour (by default). It will give players 5 minutes to join (by default), or can be manually started by typing in /starthg <seconds>. Players join by typing in /hg (by default), which will strip and save all of their equipment, note down their metabolism stats (hunger, thirst, health etc) and teleport them into the lobby. The players will then be added to the "roster" and will be told to get into an elevator. A player cannot join if they have a car key in their inventory, or an active crafting que. Upon the game commencing, players will be taken to the surface via an elevator and the game will begin when the doors open. The dome spawns after 60 seconds (by default), and will start shrinking. Leaving the bounds of the dome will bring up a hud indicating that the player is in a radiation zone, and will start giving the player radiation stacks for as long as they are outside. Dying removes the player from the game, returning their equipment on respawn, and teleporting them back to the location that they were at originally. A player can also manually leave the game by typing in /leave (by default). The game ends when there is 1 player left standing. The player will be returned to their original location, with their original health and metabolism stats, and will have the ability to claim a prize by typing /claimprize. Commands: /starthg <seconds> - starts the game manually and resets the automatic start timer. Seconds = how many seconds before the game actually begins. /endhg - ends the current round of hungergames. /hg - joins the hungergames event. This command is configurable. /leave - leaves the hugnergames event. This command is configurable. /addfinalpoint - adds a potential end zone. /hgplayers - Lists all players who are still alive in the current event. Optional plugin - Night Vision You can the Nightvision plugin on Umod to allow for players to enjoy the event, even during pitch black nights. The plugin will enable/authorise a user to use nightvision when they join the event, and will then remove that privilege when they leave. Link: https://umod.org/plugins/night-vision Installation Follow the youtube guide for installation. The plugin will automatically acquire the button IDs when loaded for the first time. Be sure to delete the data file when you wipe the server so that it can acquire the new .net.IDs. Permissions "hungergames.admin" - Required to start/stop hungergames manually. "hungergames.list" - Required to use the /hgplayers command. See youtube video above for more information on adding this prefab to your map/server.
  6. NachiTo

    Maze Arena

    Version 1.0.0


    Maze Arena Prefab for your server!! Maze is an event for your server in which walls are placed inside creating a maze, once the maze and the teams inside are created, the entrances are closed and the last one to survive inside is the cattle. How to install it Download the file Put into rust edit files "CustomPrefabs" Set up the prefab in your map
  7. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Deadmans arena the best arena for your train server. Deadmans Snow biome Deadmans Desert biome Deadmans Grass biome How to install it. Select the prefab Apply Biome Mask Apply Height Mask Apply Splat Mask
  8. Billy Joe

    Rust Arena

    Version 1.0.2


    Rust Arena is a instanced arena plugin allowing for players to host/join arenas with whitelist, kit selection, and various modifier options. This plugin supports instanced arenas, allowing for multiple arenas to happen in the same area at one time. Setup is easy, and a install guide is provided for those that need help understanding the full setup process. Plugin Features Instanced Arenas This allows for multiple arenas to run in one section of a map without seeing the other users/items from another arena. Round Based Arena Arena owner can configure how many rounds are required to win the game. CS:GO Styled HUD While waiting for a round to start, or while being dead there is a CS:GO styled HUD showing round score, damage, etc. Team Names The arena owner can change the team names in the settings menu, which would be displayed on the damage UI and waiting HUD UI. Arena Settings Menu This allows for the arena owner to maintain various settings for that arena such as kits, arena whitelists, arena bans, map change menu, transfer ownership menu, and various other options such as headshots only, etc. Plugin Permissions Plugin Commands Admin Commands
  9. Alka

    Fight Club

    Version 1.0.1


    A simple fight arena inspired from boxing & mma, you can climb to go in the ring ! Feel free to message me with any ideas that you would like to see be added. Height,Splat,Topology... Included in .
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Procgen Arenas These arenas will perfectly decorate your battle server Aimtrain Arena A 418 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Paths Arena diameter: 200m Aimtrain Arena B 186 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat Arena diameter: 200m Aimtrain Arena C 122 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat Arena diameter: 200m Aimtrain Arena D 109 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat Arena diameter: 200m Aimtrain Arena E 104 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Paths Arena diameter: 200m Check out more of my work here! If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve / supplement this pack, please contact me. (Discord: jtedal#8448)
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Aimtrain Arenas These arenas will perfectly decorate your battle server Aimtrain Arena A 2500 Prefabs for this build 8 shooting tracks 25m; 50m; 75m; 100m; 125m; 150m; 175m; 200m; Aimtrain Arena B The arena is designed for training shooting at enemies in the open area 331 Prefabs for this build Arena length - ~200m There you will find marks at 5-15, 50, 100,150 and 200 meters. Aimtrain Arena C The arena is designed for training shooting at enemies located behind barriers, in the room and etc. 500 Prefabs for this build Arena length - ~200m There you will find marks at 5-15, 50, 100,150 and 200 meters. Check out more of my work here! If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve / supplement this pack, please contact me. (Discord: jtedal#8448)
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Lobby This lobby will perfectly embellish your combat server Product Features 8300 Prefabs for this build It includes 8 sections, each section has 5 portals Total number of portals - 40 Check out more of my work here!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Procgen Arenas These arenas will perfectly decorate your battle server Procgen Arena F 767 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 175m Procgen Arena G 1263 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 200m Procgen Arena H 829 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology, Paths Arena diameter: 150m Procgen Arena I 641 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 125m Procgen Arena J 594 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology, Paths Arena diameter: 100m Check out more of my work here! If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve / supplement this pack, please contact me. (Discord: jtedal#8448)
  14. 6 downloads

    Industrial Arenas These arenas will perfectly decorate your battle server Industrial Arena A 1715 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 150m Industrial Arena B 1753 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 85m Industrial Arena C 2028 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 100m Industrial Arena D 3607 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 200m Industrial Arena E 2186 Prefabs for this build Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 125m Check out more of my work here! If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve / supplement this pack, please contact me. (Discord: jtedal#8448)
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Farm Islands A wonderful pack of 4 farm islands that will add the opportunity for your players to get a significant amount of resources in a short period of time. But do not forget that there are a lot of "bloodthirsty" players and PVP content can't be avoided there Description: Each farm island is equipped with 150 ores (50-sulfur, 50-metal, 50-stone) Each island has a high level of radiation (it is weaker than on the Launchsite, but it breaks through the hazmat suit a little) On each farm island there is a "Prevent building sphere" with a diameter of 500 meters Each farm island has a surveillance camera with its own unique name Farm Island Grass 397 Prefabs for this build CCTV Cam: FarmIslandGrass Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 250m Farm Island Sand 705 Prefabs for this build CCTV Cam: FarmIslandSand Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 250m Farm Island Snow 250 Prefabs for this build CCTV Cam: FarmIslandSnow 6 barrels of fire to keep players warm Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 250m Farm Island Tundra 344 Prefabs for this build CCTV Cam: FarmIslandTundra Installation Modifiers: Biome, Height, Splat, Topology Arena diameter: 250m Check out more of my work here! If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve / supplement this pack, please contact me. (Discord: jtedal#8448)
  16. Version 2021.02.13


    A piece of the factory from Escape From Tarkov, redesigned as a 1v1 arena. \\\_____________________________INSTALLATION_____________________________/// Drag & Drop (place it under the terrain or set the time to night in that area.)
  17. Version 1.2.1


    The scene shows a rotten loading station surrounded by a little forest, which was used to reload goods from trains to trucks and trucks to trains in the good old times. But it isn´t so leave as it seems. A group of scientists was using the loading station to reload weaponry to a train and send it to the compound as suddenly one of the rusty structures collapsed and buried an armored truck among themselves. It´s your task to clear the area of scientists and find a way to open the armored truck to gain access to the weapons inside. While exploring the area you will see, you and the scientist are not the only ones who used the loading station for their own purposes. This monument includes: two versions of the Loading Station: a monument version for normal use with all loot, effects, IO elements and levels you can go to and an arena version for using with the deathmatch or gungame plugins with reduced prefab count, reduced effects, no sewer system and no loot boxes/barrels plus invisible colliders prefab count monument: 4820 prefab count arena: 1819 Monument layers: alpha, biome, height, texture, topology Arena layers: texture, topology custom loot (custom loot presets included if you have trouble loading the custom loot) custom vending machine (custom vending machine preset included if you have trouble loading the loot inside of it) custom CCTVs scientist NPCs many custom prefabs path around the area for optional bradley spawns (no bradleys included) hidden "easteregg" crate a more demanding door puzzle as the usual greencard/bluecard/redcard puzzles little safezone inside the monument (you just have to find it fully accessible. You can climb any building and travel trough the sewer system free download of further versions for all customers of this monument Please read the readme file after purchasing for further informations about how to use, cctv codes, aso. You have trouble, found bugs or have questions about this monument? Contact me via the support option or follow my discord link in the readme file. Special thanks: Pravum (testing, support) Sharlimar (testing) Levintos (testing) Nacron (testing) Jaysrips (to give me the permission to use is awesome scraptrain) Also available at: https://rust-custom-designs.biz/ Demo Video
  18. Version 1.0.0


    A Dock for any kind of PVP/Aimtrain arena Servers. Not much needs to be done when placed. Just adjust the level of the arena to the water level. Feel free to edit as you would like or message me with any ideas that you would like to see be added. Prefab Count : 219 Have fun!
  19. Version 1.0.4


    Scuba arena is a free for all underwater slaughter-fest. It allows up to 14 players to participate in underwater combat, adding a multi-directional element to your players strategy, while providing endless fun. The plugin handles the running of the game, and allows players to join from anywhere, stripping their equipment while the game is played and giving it back to them when they are finished. Setup is a breeze; simply drop the prefab in your map (underground, submerged in water), load the plugin and it will do the rest. Games are configured to start every hour by default. You can follow the installation guide here if you want more of an indepth look at it. Admin commands: - /startsa <optional: seconds> - manually starts the game. Will default the start delay to the configured time if no seconds parameter is provided. - /endsa - ends the current game, returning players to their original locations. - /addreward <shortname> <quantity> <skin> - adds the specified item to the rewards list. You can find item shortnames here: https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/ This can also be done via the config file. User commands: - /sa - joins an active game (if it hasn't started yet). - /leavesa - leaves the current game and returns the player to their original location. - /claimreward - claims a reward for winning ScrubaArena. Will not provide a reward if they have not won any games. Permissions scubaarena.admin
  20. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    FancyOrb Trench MAP BUNDLE [ OT Arena Event + Vanilla Compatible ] - Made in Collaboration with @Gluman & FancyOrb <- Click to visit his YT - Map Size: 1900 / Small - Medium This map contains two version of the same map. > OT Arena Event variant: [ Map used during the OT Rematch Event] - 5 Custom Monuments - Spawn Camp - Tents Camp - Trench FOB - Bradley Operation Camp - SS MAMA Aircraft Carrier [Made by: @Gluman ] > Vanilla Compatible variant: [ Adds all necessary features for a Vanilla Experience ] - Vanilla Adaptation & Includes a few custom monuments & vanilla monument additions - Modified Harbor [ Added Abandoned Cargo Ship ] - Modified Sewer Branch - Modified Power Plant [ Bradley APC will traverse through the Monument ] - Custom Sewer Outpost Monument [ Made by: @Brollow ] - Bandit Camp + Fishing Village - Large Oil Rig + Small Oil Rig - Mining Outpost + Gas Station + Super Market + Lighthouse x2 Custom Inclusions: This BUNDLE includes two custom prefabs made by @Brollow & @Gluman - Sewer Outpost & Aircraft Carrier:
  21. Version 1.0.2


    Fantastic addition to your prefab collection, This is Junkyard 2. This can be used as a Gun Game arena or as just another prefab, This was built using assets of my own choosing. - Contains Custom Zip Lines. I will be adding to this prefab and i hope you will enjoy the additions to come.
  22. Version 1.0.1


    This monument was created for holding events in it. The arena is made in such a way that players can be divided into 2 teams, red and blue. The administrator can manage the arena without leaving the place from which he watches the battle. Observers of the battle can sit on the stands, where I have installed invisible chairs. There are 2 entrances to the arena, entrance 1 and entrance 2, in order to get there, you need to open the kinetic doors from the inside, this could be your assistant. What can you manage? I have divided the control view into 2 parts, "light" and "doors". Which doors can be opened? - Doors in which gladiators sit - Doors to the store. - Doors for buying horses. - Doors for access to the arena doors(climb up). - Exit doors to the arena What kind of electricity can be used? - Light in the gladiator chambers - Light between the cameras and the store - Light at the horse spawn place -Light between the exit to the arena doors - Light at the Arena door - Light in the place where the administrator is sitting - Circular illumination on the battlefield inside the arena - Circular lighting around the arena - Turning on and off the cameras inside the arena All electricity is divided into 2 teams, you can separately open the doors of the blue or red ones. For greater historicity and convenience, I added an option called "pollice verso", which allows the administrator to give an order to spare or kill the loser, well, or just show everyone what decision he made. I thought that 2 teams would not be enough, and added 2 more exits "Bot1" and "Bot2", there you can spawn bots and open the doors for them to enter the arena. In the arena itself, I placed 2 traps, a barbed post and an electric pressure plate. What can players buy in the store and what are they like? - Food Store - Medical supplies Store - Weapons Store - Armor Shop - Clothing store The weapon is only melee, the armor is only wooden.But you can change the settings at your discretion. Clothing, weapons, can be sold at a price 2 times less. To do this, I divided the stores into "Buy" and "Sell"sections. The currency in the store is bones, gladiators can get bones from those killed in the arena. How do the cameras work? To turn off the cameras, the administrator should simply move the switch to the "off" position. Total of 20 cameras 4 cameras are located on the site of the gladiator battle. 5 cameras in the rooms of the red team. 5 cameras in the rooms of the blue team. 3 cameras at the exits of the red team. 3 cameras at the exits of the blue team. Camera names arena1 arena2 arena3 arena4 Blue Team Cameras bglad1 bglad2 bglad3 bglad4 bglad5 bglads bglads2 bglads2 Red Team Cameras rglad1 rglad2 rglad3 rglad4 rglad5 rglads rglads2 rglads2 There are 14500 objects in total.
  23. Version 1.0.2


    Spawn floating, rotating, collectable items. Includes instant-autoheal option for meds/foods, duration limit option for armour, and optional player UI to notify of heal amount and possession of temporary armour. Perfect addition to fast-paced arena games, but also useful for custom maps or placing health/armour perks around monuments. Permissions arenaitems.admin - allows use of UI and commands. Commands /arenaitems - Opens UI /arenaitems create <data-set-name> - Creates a new data set with your specified name. /arenaitems <data-set-name> add - Adds the item you're holding to the specified data set. *When adding an item, ammo type, attachments, skin, and ammo quantity are all recorded. UI options Buttons are included for : Loading/unloading of complete data sets. Deletion of data sets. Deletion of items. Replacement of items (with current held item) Adjustment of repsawn timer per-item, in seconds. Adjustment of item stack/ammunition amount, where applicable. Quitting the UI automatically reloads all items, applying new settings. Configuration "AutoHeal": true, Toggles between collect or instant use medical items. "AutoHealNotify": true, Notifies of collected item heal amount for 1 second via UI. "ArmourEffectDuration": 10, Select duration of armour perk. 0 means no limit is applied. "ArmourBoostNotify": true, Notifies if player has an armour perk which will expire. "RotateSpeed": 10, Adjust rotation speed of floating items. "FloatHeight": 0.6, Adjust elevation of floating items. "PickupDuplicateWeapons": false, Toggle whether player can pick up more than one of each weapon. "AllowPartialHeal": true, Toggle auto-use of medical items where item heal value exceeds player health defecit. "UiSettings": { "GuiTransparency": 0.9, "ButtonColour": "0.7 0.32 0.17 1" } This site has a handy colour picker, with RGBA decimal output, for CUI colours. Data. Item data is stored in /data/ArenaItems.json. Users should not need to manually edit this file – All options are adjustable via CUI. Notes. Item skins are saved and recalled. Water/fuel weapons work. Amounts are controlled in UI, the same as regular ammo. Ammo types are saved and recalled. (hv, incendiary, etc). Some game items, particularly ammo items, do not have a custom world models and will show as burlap bag. I recommend locating these ammo types close to their weapon spawns for clarity. Item axis have been manually adjusted to look right. If you notice any items which spin on the wrong axis or look out of place, please let me know. Finally, if you're a map-maker you might want to check out this free asset which compliments ArenaItems. Thanks to @Nemesis for creating and sharing.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Cobalt Cargo: Remember coming home after a long day at school, cracking that cold can of Mountain Dew, and just gaming your evening away? Well I don't. I was poor. But you don't have to be! Enjoy Cobalt Cargo! A Fun fast paced map with plenty of loot and shooting lanes for days! Features: Plenty of low to mid tier loot! Barrels! Shooting lanes for days 284 Entities Functional Deadly Radiation! Contact: If you require support or have any questions feel free to message me on Codefling. If you like what you see remember to drop a follow! Thanks!
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Mini lobby Space This lobby was built with the theme of a space base in mind. - 6 inputs to set This lobby can be used for an aim train server, for events or for whatever you need.


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