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Survival Arena 1.0.6

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About Survival Arena




Survival Arena is a plugin that spawns a Battle-royal style game, where players must scavenge for equipment and fight to the death, all while staying inside of a shrinking, non-radiated zone.

The plugin spawns a large play area high in the sky and inherits the biome type from the ground below. This means that if the area is suspended above an arctic biome, all of the rocks, trees, logs and bushes will be spawned mirroring that biome type.

Players are teleported into the center building when they join, and once the game begins, they must loot containers to gear up to survive. Players are returned to their original locations when they leave the event or respawn after dying at the event.


Server owners can change or add loot profiles via the config. The plugin will select a random profile when the arena begins and fill the loot containers based on your specifications.

It comes with 2 default loot profiles:

  • Primitive - spears, melee weapons, bows, crossbows, burlap equipment, revolvers etc
  • GunLoot - more modern weapons.


The plugin uses EventHelper to run automatically, handle joining and leaving, and will allow players to vote to start the game.

Admins can also add additional trees, bushes, logs and loot spawns to the arena via command.




Type: Chat
Command: survivalarena
Function: Sends the user the UI to start up the game. Loot profiles, spawn height and lobby time can be adjusted here before starting the game.
Type: Chat/Console
Command: startarena <heightMod> <lobbytime> <arenaName> <lootProfile>
Function: Spawns and starts the game using the specified heightmod and lobbytime parameters. You can simply use the command with no parameters to start it using the default settings and a random arena/lootprofile.
Type: Chat/Console
Command: endarena
Function: Ends any active games and despawns the arena.
Type: Chat
Command: spawnarena <name>
Function: Spawns the arena, but does not start the game. Useful for debugging and development.
Type: Chat
Command: setcentrepoint
Function: Sets the arena's new center point at the players location. Useful if you want to move the spawn so it has more biome variety. Be sure not to make it too high or too close to the ground.
Type: Chat
Command: survival
Function: Used to join the game when the lobby is active.
Type: Chat
Command: saremove
Function: Removes the tree, loot container, log or bush that the player is looking at. This will no longer spawn in future games.
Type: Chat
Command: addtree
Function: adds a tree spawn at the players position.

Type: Chat
Command: addbush
Function: adds a bush spawn at the players position.

Type: Chat
Command: addlog
Function: adds a log spawn at the players position.

Type: Chat
Command: addloot
Function: adds a loot spawn at the players position.
Type: Chat
Command: saleave
Function: Leaves the event
Type: Console/Chat
Command: wipeoldarena
Function: Wipes any entities that are at the same height or higher than the arena.




If you wish to create your own arena, you may follow this tutorial here: https://youtu.be/BxmcjHjIJDU

Please note that the map file name needs to contain survivalarena or it will not allow the getarena command to work. Also I will not be offering support for this, so use at your own risk.

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