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About Paintball


Paintball is a plugin that spawns an arena in the sky to host a paintball match using snowball launchers. Players have a set number of hits that they can take before they are eliminated.

There are 2 game modes included with the plugin:

  • Free-for-all: Everyone vs everyone.
  • Team death-match: Players are split into 2 teams.


Players can be awarded with items, economics, server rewards and custom commands if they win.

The plugin comes with 2 dynamic arenas included, which will be selected randomly each game.

EventHelper is used to automatically start the event and will also allow players to vote for the event manually.




The only permission is paintball.admin. This is required to run all commands except for joining and leaving an event, or redeeming prizes.


Command: pbstart
Parameters: <optional: arenaFile, optional: heightMod, optional: startDelay>
Type: Console & Chat
Description: Manually starts the game.

Command: pbend
Parameters: none
Type: Console & Chat
Description: Manually stops the game.

Command: pbjoin (configurable)
Parameters: none
Type: Console & Chat
Description: Joins an active game.

Command: pbleave (configurable)
Parameters: none
Type: Console & Chat
Description: Leaves an active game.

Command: pbprize (configurable)
Parameters: none
Type: Chat
Description: Redeems a prize for winning.

Command: pbsetcentrepoint
Parameters: <arenaFile>
Type: Chat
Description: Sets the centre point of an arena at the players location. The arena will spawn from that location moving forward.


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