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Explore hundreds of custom Rust monuments provided by our amazing community of mappers.

197 files

  1.  2.0 DocNorris

    Doc's SpaceX Starship Launch Site HDRP Ready

    Welcome to SpaceX Starship Launch site, this is a smaller/cooler replacement to launch site.
    You can explore  the inside of the Starship, it  has 7 accessible floors, 2 elevators and 1 main loot room.
    You will need the blue and red key card and 1 fuse to enter all areas of the rocket.
    Scientist and Bradley are patrolling the outside of the Starship.
    Also has SpaceX factory full of loot and a recycler .

    Prefab Count 2334

    Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.
    If you have any problems you can contact me on discord
     1.0.2 FireCrow


    This big bandit excavator is perfect for the atmosphere of the game, can be a great replacement for the bandit camp on your map. It has a save zone, many vending machines, a recycler, workbenches, casino and its own custom airwolf.
    ~PrefabsCount: 340 prefabs
     1.0.0 squishy288

    Downed German Biplane New

    A German biplane that crashed into the ground leaving pieces of the plane and a very small amount of loot as well. Perfect as a roadside monument or as a scene for players to find when roaming the lands. 80 prefabs.

    1 Brown crate 1 Toolbox
     1.2 UVSTAR

    [HDRP READY]Checkpoint By UVSTAR

    Checkpoint is a small monument area where you can connect roads and player can come and enjoy the weapon locker with great visuals during the night or day!!
    Prefab Modifiers:
    Height Splat Topology Once downloaded, unzip and place the files in "Program Files (x86)\RustEdit\CustomPrefabs" folder.
    Note! You will need the latest versions of Oxide and Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll to use these on a map/server
     1.0.0 squishy288

    Storage Bunker New

    ~140 prefabs
    A very small storage bunker with a greencard puzzle leading to a bit of loot and an extremely cool door that slides into the ground.
    Loot excluding puzzle:
    1 Brown crate
    Loot in puzzle room:
    1 Brown crate
    2 Military crates
    1 Toolbox
     1.0.0 c0ini

    Oxide clinic HDRP New

    Rehabilitation and recovery center. Once in this clinic, people were helped. But now strange things are happening there ...
    You can set the loot according to your preference.
    $14.90 $10.50
     1.0.3 The Canadian Kek

    Hillside Bunker

    This is a tier 3 puzzle monument.
    Two keycard readers (Blue and Red) Two fuseboxes One main loot room Scattered loot crates  
    Lore: Cobalt was always a shady company. With countless projects and plans, they needed somewhere to keep their employees safe as well as monitor them. Enter the hillside bunker. Not much is known about this bunker, not that one would want to know nowadays. It was said that Cobalt used bunkers like these to monitor employees and stash weapons. Whoever was here is gone now, and you (the player) are here to take what they have left behind.
    This is the puzzle version of the Hillside Bunker Tier 0 monument made by myself.
     1.0.0 squishy288


    ~360 prefabs
    A very small monument called Shattered Smithy. Once a place of work and metal forging, it is now abandoned leaving remnants of the machines there as well as a bit of loot. To gain access into the building only a mere fuse is needed. A recycler is also located in the building set to look like a smelter to melt all of the precious components and a tier two workbench to boot.
    Loot excluding puzzle:
    1 Brown crate
    2 Small food crates
    Loot in puzzle room:
    1 Basic crate
    2 Brown crates
    1 Toolbox
    2 Military crates
    2 Diesel barrels
    2 Fuel barrels
     1.1.0 Безумец

    Pirate Ship

    Once this ship belonged to a famous pirate, but the pirate is long gone, and the crew has scattered.
    How to get on the ship? There are ladders on the left and right sides, and you can climb them, as well as you can climb rope ladders to the masts.
    - 1 Military Crate
    - 6 Base Crates
    - 4 regular boxes
    - 2 boxes of medicines
    - 1 crate of food
    $11.00 $10.00
     1.0 SKIROW

    Container Yard

    This prefab has a locked crate inside a container hanging on a crane. To reach it, players will have to parkour their way to the top of the container pile with jumps and fishing nets to climb. On their way to the loot they will have to eliminate the scientists scattered along the way. Once they collect their loot, they can return to the yard to continue exploring. Players can also find more loot in the smaller container pile.  In the yard, a truck with a SAM on the back will shoot down any flying vehicles that come too close. A recycler is available inside the shelter.
    Included in the zip file: Prefab file, splats, heights, biome and topology masks.
    Objects: 1905
    Height Masks: Included
    Plugins Required: RustEdit.dll 
    This prefab was made for my custom map "Keanland". If you want to see how it looks like in game, come take a look on my server. Location on the map: I-3
    Direct: steam://connect/
    F1 console: client.connect
    Discord: https://discord.gg/jahBP5enxj
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SKIROW
    Website: https://www.skirowmods.com
     1.0.0 squishy288

    APC Junkyard

    A junkyard with an aggressive APC named Bradley guarding a lot of loot. Perfect for a smaller map that cannot fit launch site but still wants an APC to be taken down and a redcard room. Any player daring to explore this junkyard will need +10% radiation protection as well as cunning to slip by Bradley or a way to destroy the armored APC.
    Loot excluding puzzle:
    1 Advanced underwater crate
    1 Medical crate
    6 Brown crates
    3 Military crates
    Loot in puzzle room:
    1 Brown crate
    1 Military crate
    2 Elite crates
    1 Bluecard desk
     1.0.1 Immp77

    Black Hollow Farm *HDRP*

    Welcome to Black Hollow Farm. This is a tier 1 halloween monument i made, just something spooky and fun to explore.
     1.0.0 RobJ

    Train Station (HDRP✔)

    Here is my train station based on real-world station styles including switch house down the track this monument feat. a green card puzzle with good loot and a great place to pick and find work carts (Your server needs to have the Work Cart Plugin if you want them spawning) But this monument doesn't require it.
    Quick Start
    Extract the zip file into your RustEdit install folder. Start Rust Edit. Click on Prefabs at the top & open up your Prefab List. Under the Custom category you will now find RobJs Premium Prefabs. Double click on the prefab file and it will spawn it into the map for you. Drag it to the general area you want to place it and click on Snap To Terrain Apply the Height Mask, Topology Mask, and Splat Mask. Contact And Help. If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553
    For help/support my discord group is best: Join RustMaps Discord
     1.0.2 Cobalt

    Cobalt Industries B.F.G

    Commanders! It is time to invest in some defense from those who come from otherworldly places. I present to you Cobalt industries B.F.G,  or otherwise known as (Big Fragmentation Cannon) but the acronym you were thinking of works as well.
    The BFG is a highly guarded monument that comes with a 3 tier loot puzzle, figure out the puzzle and grab the goods. Be warned, once you start, any player in the area will know you are breaching the defenses.
    Munitions Stores 
    Red and Green Card
    Uses Four Fuses
    Four Elite Crates
    Three Military Crates
    High Difficulty Level (doing as a group is recommended)
    How to play
    Fight your way to the center of the B.F.G from the front entrance, put the fuse in the fusebox on the right.
    Go through the first green door and use the fusebox for the top-right control center that opens with a red card
    Once in the first red room use the fusebox to activate the door on the upper left control room, you only have 60 seconds to get to the other side.
    The fuse box in the 2nd red card room opens to the door to the last loot room on the ground in the center of the B.F.G
    Prefab Count
    RustEdit plugin is required
    Flatt ground is required
    Given Splat maps are recommended
    The B.F.G is an extremely large piece of space artillery leftover from Cobalt industries during the planetary defense act of 1972 to combat extraterrestrial threats.
    In 1952 a research station in the artic codenamed Terif 1 picked up a transmission seemly from the other side of the solar system. Having no human origin, the Russian government enacted a precautionary measure to defend against any and all extraterrestrial threats as the meaning and origin of the transmission were not known. It was later realized that the U.S had been launching probes of their own in secret and testing a new technic of radio encryption which was mistaken by the Russians as alien contact.
     1.0.2 Cobalt

    Cobalt Industries Starlight Reactor

    My fellow engineers, Cobalt Industries, have left their power plant abandoned, break into the reactor, and see what they left behind.

    Green Card Blue Card Three Fuses
    Prefab Count
    Rustedit Plugin Flat ground is recommended Use of given splat maps is recommended
    In 1953 Cobalt Industries set out to break the fusion power code to create a cheaper and more reliable power source. The Russian government approved the project codenamed 'Starlight.' Cost overruns mounting over 8.5 billion RUB and technological hurdles brought the project to an end in 1967. One of the most predominant being that the magnetic containment needed to keep the superheated plasma from destroying the entire facility at any useful power was of major concern. An incident with a small test reactor called 'Numa' ended with the destruction of site 19 and radioactive contamination in a 10-mile radius. To this day, the project remains canceled indefinitely until newer technology can contain the 100 million-degree plasma needed to create nuclear fusion.
     2.0.1 c0ini

    Car service HDRP

    Probably the best car service in the wasteland! Stop by to fix the car, buy new parts or body parts. There is a working lift at the station, on the second floor there is a recreation area with a kiosk where you can buy food.
    Enjoy it for you and your players!
     1.1.0 Silver

    Cemetery - Paid version [HDRP]

    A completely custom cemetery. Composed of several crypts and tombs on the surface, including two huge crypts, one of which has access to an underground crypt.
    This cemetery is a complete redesign of my first realization (See Cemetery free version on my profile)
    Important : To enter the crypt whose door is blocked, you have to go through the lianas on the side of the building!

    Number of prefabs: ~2700.

    The file contains : Biome / Heights / Splat / Alpha file (And of course the prefab!).
    The fog effect is the same as the swamp effect, it is here to support the creepy side of the cemetery, but it is easily removable!
    Does not contain any riddles or loot.

    Support : 
    You can contact me directly via the messages here, or by adding me on discord: Sìlver#0091
    Don't hesitate to leave a review, good or bad, it could help me to improve !
    Hope you like it! 
     1.2.0 Silver

    Cemetery - Free version

    A cemetery composed of several above-ground crypts, one of which is underground and connected to a cave with two entrances (see screen.) Is already protected by a block of prohibition of construction.
    Number of crypts: 36 (All visitable)
    Number of prefabs: ~2100.
    The file contains : Biome / Heights / Splat / Alpha file (And of course the prefab!).

    The fog effect is the same as the swamp effect, it is here to support the creepy side of the cemetery, but it is easily removable!
    Does not contain any riddles or loot. (Contains however several easters egg, the entrances of the cave are hidden, the crosses on the crypts are harvestable (This gives metal ores)

    Support : 
    You can contact me directly via the messages here, or by adding me on discord: Sìlver#0091
    Don't hesitate to leave a review, good or bad, it could help me to improve !
    Hope you like it! 🙂
     1.0.0 squishy288

    Mini Oilrig

    This is a miniature version of the classic oilrig. Fully recreated, I have included two versions of the prefab. One version contains rustedit's built in scientists and the other has no bot spawns. I've included two versions because rustedit's built in bots are bugged, they will not move, they will shoot at players but will not move about the oilrig. That's why I've included a version without bots so that a plugin can be used to spawn fully functional scientists, I recommend BotSpawn to spawn scientists. This is a standalone prefab.
    3 Elite Crates
    3 Military Crates
    5 Normal Crates
    2 Basic crates
    1 Green Keycard Desk
    Blue card room

    Scientists on the bot version:
    3 Heavy Scientists
    4 Blue Scientists
     1.2.1 Oreo

    Casino Royale (HDRP)

    Once known to be a central point in Rust for Ferring passengers across the land by train, this once bustling train station has now become safe haven to ever happens across its path.  This monument has working Casino, with vending machines to resupply and pass time of each Rustonian that passes through its doors.  Feet tired from walking, take a break in our custom lounge, be careful we do charge rent for those loafing around.
    **Like what you see, be sure to follow and leave a review to stay up to date on all of he new and exciting maps and prefabs I have coming out
    Join my discord https://discord.gg/WVUrezQkXx and be apart of a friendly growing community 
     HD0603a Niko

    Alcatraz by Niko [HDRP]

    ALCATRAZ, MAJOR UPDATE, If you are a previous owner please read this fully as the monument has undergone some major changes and it performs differently
    After the HDRP update it was shown that the monument needed some “Renovation” – The prison itself has been rebuilt from the ground up, it looks and behaves more like a prison.
    ADDED There is a guards area, showers, kitchen and execution room, there is a guards control room with buttons to open the doors in the solitary wing. You as Admin will need to add code locks to each of the doors in solitary if you wish to house prisoners. Because it has been re-designed you can in effect run it as a prisoners VS guards PVE / Roleplay if you wish. The guard room also controls the exit to the outside, the yard and the roof. If prisoners get hold of cards then they could find an easy escape.
    If you wish to allow prisoners to escape via Heli then you can spawn (as Admin) the scrap transport helicopter on the roof
    Custom loot has been added inside the prison for the use of guards and prisoners. Escape out is via the roof, the yard or by any means possible, maybe by obtaining cards or by gaining access to the guard room. If you wish to use it a Prisoner VS Guards then you will need
    to remove the NPC spawners around the island and inside the prison via the use of Rust Edit.
    The roof is protected by a motion activated sensor, the timed cut off for this is in the Wardens Office, if it is not cut off then the Heli will be destroyed if that is being used as a means of escape by the hidden SAM site
    If your prisoners gain access to the wardens office and find the hidden loot then expect a war, guns and explosives are their as this is the main loot
    There are only basic crates in the prison, prisoners will need to find a way out using these basics, vending machines only supply food
    You can if you wish in Rust Edit remove walls and/or floors then when in game build add on sections that could be used to “Tunnel” out with pick axes, use your imagination with this one and try out before committing to this form of escape
    You may need to do some minor terrain blending, reapply the road heights etc to get the best results and it is strongly advised you do not  rotate the monument. Finally check the alpha holes, locations are the cave exits north and south the yard, the pipe climb to the roof, the cave sink hole, the area next to the lighthouse.
    CCTV is in effect, AL1 through to AL31, guards and the warden can monitor these from their respective rooms, you will need to set up each camera.
    Approx. 16K Objects, Physical Size for comparison is approx. 1.5x Launch Site
    When adding to your map create a flat area in the sea. Use the waterline of the dock to line up the height of this monument.  It may require some minor terrain blending/smoothing and checking of the alpha once in place along with checking of the road heights.
     1.0.0 squishy288

    Floating Island Bandit Camp + Outpost

    A floating bandit camp, perfect for any server. It includes multiple ladders to get up to the island as well as all the amenities in the classic bandit camp monument. I have also included a version that adds the outpost vending machines as well as an oil refinery to the monument. HDRP compatible.
    Roughly 1100 prefabs
    Bandit Camp Version:
    Repair bench Level 1 workbenches Recyclers Research table All bandit camp shops Poker tables Slot machines Airwolf Gambling Wheel Drone station Shop front
      Bandit Camp + Outpost Version
    Adds an oil refinery All Outpost vending machine shops
     HD0603 Niko

    Burial Mound by Niko [HDRP]

    Thanks for purchasing this HDRP Update of BURIAL MOUND
    This based on the old English burial mounds found in the UK. The final home of a once great Rust King. You will find the monument home to ghosts and traps. You will find treasure inside, a parkour room, tunnels and a general sense of dread as you can hear the scarecrows but not always see them coming.
    Due to HDRP, this monument had to be completely reworked from the ground up, in doing so the layout has changed, the traps are new, you have darts coming from the walls (Auto Turrets with Nail Gun) you have triggered fire traps that auto switch off, sliding doors that are time locked and the return of the flame turrets hidden in the walls. The original underwater pools are here as well as one way systems and a ton more scarecrows. You will need to bring with you plenty of meds and for some of the journey you will need 
    to make sure you are full health.
    Full instructions are included with the readme file

    If you have any problems you can contact me as follows
     2.0.0 c0ini

    City prison HDRP

    Prison - can be a great roadside monument!
    The building has 3 cells for prisoners, a sheriff's room and a reception area. On the roof there is a helipad with a minicopter. Electricity supplied, which can be controlled.
    You can arrange boxes with loot as you wish.
     1.0.1 gpsmit84

    Devils Fortress

    I am introducing my first monument, Devils Fortress, a multi-tier loot monument. Includes all 3 standard puzzles, green, blue and red keycards, also includes custom puzzles with descriptive instructions. Bradley APC patrols the island, NPC scientists guarding and protecting the fortress, where you will find from starter loot to end-game loot, and some extras to explore. Chinook may also drop an additional locked crate on the dock area for players to access and loot.
    Here are some key features of Devils Fortress:
    - CCTV cameras to view and monitor the Fortress, use FORTXX (Where XX is ranged from 01 to 25)
    - NPC Scientists in multiple areas inside the Fortress.
    - Bradley APC patrols the roads around the Fortress.
    - Keycards spawning desks and multiple custom puzzles to solve as players progress.
    - 3 Elite crates, Locked crate and military green crates are found inside the Fortress.
    - Excellent monument to use on smaller maps, or an additional PVP monument on high populated servers.
    - About 1800 prefabs in total.
    - Included is Height, Biome, Splat, Alpha, Road and Topology filters that can be applied as required during installation.
    Required: Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll is required for this monument, for spawning of loot, NPC, APC and puzzles to be active.
    You can join my Discord if you like to find out more about Devils Fortress, or if you have any bugs, questions, queries.
    A free Demonstration map is also available for you to try out on my Discord.
    Thank you very much for your time and have a great day.
     1.0.0 RydereEsBueno

    Circuit Terrax

    My first creation of a ground track, I highly recommend the racing plugin to enjoy it more. This one is totally Free, if you are going to modify it please put my credits.
    Based on Ryderesbueno's track.
    Enjoy it.
     HD0529 Niko

    Matrix Elevator Maze by Niko [HDRP]

    The Matrix started as a set for the film's lobby scene, The Matrix Hence, the name has developed into a multi-floored elevator maze. Get some loot along the way. You need to fight your way in and fight your way out. Guards at the entrance and exit.
    Finally updated for HDRP
     1.0.1 Silver

    The Farm [HDRP]

    A "simple" farm with a field, two barns and a house, everything is decorated, inside and outside !
    The map will be updated over time to maintain it and add some decoration (According to my inspiration, or your ideas). 🙂
    Is already protected by a block of prohibition of construction.
    Number of prefab: Lightweight 737 prefabs. File Contains: The Biome / Heights / Splat file (And of course the prefab!). Does not contain any puzzle or loot. Support : 
    You can contact me directly via the messages here, or by adding me on discord: Sìlver#0091 Hoping you like it ! 🙂
     1.0.0 Sal

    Motor Station

    The Motor Station is a small monument where you can go to modify your vehicle and gather some loot.
    It's a great location to gather some fuel for your vehicles and features two small puzzle rooms, requiring different cards.

    Useful features:
    Repair Bench Mixing Table Modular Car Lift Food Vending Machine Seed Vending Machine 1 Green Card Puzzle 1 Blue Card Puzzle  
    RustEdit spawns that do not require a puzzle to be completed:
    1 Green Card 6 fuel barrels 5 basic crates 3 normal crates 2 toolboxes 1 food crate 2 food boxes 1 medical crate  
    RustEdit spawns that require a puzzle to be completed:
    Green Puzzle:
    1 basic crate 1 normal crate 2 green crates Blue Puzzle:
    2 green crates 1 elite crate  
    Prefab count:
    412 Prefab count
     2021.05.29 Disguise

    Satellites [HDRP]

    A rusty old soviet satellite. It was used to track down the U.S.A in the cold war.

    Drag & Drop
    Gently adjust above terrain and apply the height & splat. (Suggested splat count: 10x (click on "apply splat 10 times"))
    Then place it on the terrain until you feel it comfortable.
    \\\_____________________________DIFFERENT TYPES_____________________________///
    There  are 7 types of satellite.
    1. Satellite (not crashed)
    2. Satellite with loot (crashed)
    Loot: CCTV 
    3. Satellite with loot (crashed)
    Loot: Computer Station 
    4. Satellite with loot (crashed)
    Loot: Solarpanel Blueprint
    5. Satellite with loot (crashed)
    Loot: Spacesuit
    6. Satellite with loot (crashed)
    Loot: Targeting Computer
    7. Satellite with no loot (crashed)
    Due to limitations of RUST and Rustedit, there might be some issues in the followings:
    - Wow, nothing, that's cool.
    - 18 prefabs
     HD0523a Niko

    UFO Pack - IceStation Thule, Area 51, Single Player Thule, UFO Prefab, Crashed UFO

    IceStation Thule is based upon John Carpenters The Thing. Features Green, Blue and Red Card puzzles however you only need Green to start it. Fuses are also required. Multiple loot creates around the monument with the Red card Puzzle protected by Heavy Scientists and requiring 2 players to complete. Also note the station is protected by a SAM site and Transmitted alarm to encourage counter raids. There are also 9 cameras THULE1 - THULE9
    Apoco has taken the UFO and added / altered the Puzzle to make it a separate monument on its own, 
    credit to him for taking the work further.
    The extra prefab is called UFOCOMPLETE.prefab and is placed in the prefab folder with the others
    You will also find Apocos UFO conversion as part of the Added Area 51
    There is also a single player version of the original Thule monument
    You will also find a crashed version, you will need to fit this as you see fit, its purely cosmetic
     1.0.0 Безумец

    Railway Station

    Railway station for your map / server.
    - green card
    - 9 barrels
    - 9 crates of food
    - 9 main boxes
    - 4 regular boxes
    - 2 military boxes

    $12.00 $11.00
     1.0.0 Immp77

    Get Away Resort *hdrp*

    Welcome to the Get Away Hotel. A little something for the summer or something creepy for the fall. Visitors check-in, but they generally don't check out.
    It's mainly an arid biome monument, and Included is some basic loot spread out and plenty of space to add any more loot you may want to later. It's a little mix of fun and old movie references. Enjoy
    The prefab count is 5146
     1.0.1 Stranger

    Abandoned Filling Station | HDRP | STRANGER

    Drag n' drop! No puzzles. Nothing crazy looking.

    Simple, High Detail, low prefab count! 327 prefabs in total! Can easily be inserted into a existing map. A refreshing look on rust's gas station monument. Something all players can recognize. Includes 2 Tan crates, 1 green, scattered barrels. Does not include a "prevent building sphere" + "monument marker" keep this in mind when placing the prefab.
     HD0527 Niko

    St Nikos Hospital [HDRP]

    St Nikos Hospital, the place you go to get patched up after a long days PVP, featuring a reception, 3 wards, the operation room with observation deck for all those students of medicine. There is also a canteen, a research lab and HAL9000 controlling it all. Loot galore under lock and key and the watchful eye of HAL9000, just don't steal his loot, you will regret it.
     HD0527 Niko

    Broken Wind by Niko [HDRP]

    Broken Wind is a medium sized monument with a huge lightbulb on its roof, its the control centre for the wind farm - or is it, what are the scientist up to in those white walled offices. You will find a few scientists protect this facility on two floors connected by a lift. Plenty of loot in a confined space is hard to get to, you have carded doors, timed doors, hidden escape routes and the easy way out for those who cannot figure out its secrets.
     1.0.0 Sal

    Roadside Encampment

    The Roadside Encampment is an outpost scientists to observe players from.
    Allowing entry only through minicopter and guarded by 4 scientists, it features an office, a living space and some horded loot barrels.
    Useful features:
    Refinery Research table  
    RustEdit spawns:
    1 green card spawn 1 green crate spawn 1 medical box spawn 1 standard box spawn 2 food spawns 4 fuel barrels 4 normal lootable barrels  
    Prefab count:
    190 prefab count
     1.0.0 Banana

    Apartment Complex

    Tired of those bigger buildings only letting you explore 1 floor, or just a single room!?

    Slightly bigger than Sphere Tank (Dome) Monument.
    Due to number of rooms/floor containing puzzles (ranging from hidden loot, IO (fuse/key card), parkour, etc) this monument far exceeds Launch Site's average clear time. Players will require several days to fully explore and clear this beast in a setting where high player traffic is expected due to the lucrative nature of its contents.

    14 floors, 84 rooms total, completely accessible!
    Fully modular complex that can be easily split to fit your needs!
    IO (puzzles) included, parkour, loot and everything else in between!
    All terrain, splats, collision, etc are taken care of!
    Entities: Just under 18k for the entire complex, 7.8k per Apartment Building!

    If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached on Discord: Baпaпa#7050
    Door scaling has also been handled to avoid collision issues with hinged doors as shown below!


    $24.30 $16.30
     HD0525 Niko

    StarGate Command by Niko [HDRP]

    StarGate Command is a loose representation of the gate room from StarGate, The main entrance only allows access to part of the monument, your players will need to enter the secret entrance to get deeper in the monument.
    Because this is an underground monument you will need to place it in a mountain, there are no terrain modifiers and you will need to add your own alpha and modify the terrain slightly. This is the only way to get it matching your map. Find a mountain that will house the entire monument, if you see red terrain trigger above ground then the mountain is not big enough and you will need to re-position it or create extra terrain to cover it. The main road entrance should be lined up to a road as part of your normal map or level with the ground where you intend to add a road. You will also see a shaft leading to the surface. This needs to be made flat and outside of the mountain surface so you will need to do some terrain modifications. Those 2 entrances are where you will need to add the Alpha.
    If you have any problems adding this to your map I will add it for you time permitting.
    If you have any problems or questions before purchased you can contact me as follows

    Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.
     2021.05.23 Disguise

    Retro Oilrig [HDRP]

    A wooden oilrig, 99% accurate as the original Large Oilrig

    Due to limitations of RUST and Rustedit, there might be some issues in the followings:
    ‣ CH47 (Chinook) event is disabled.
        CH47 (Chinook) event is disabled, will not be available due an error in Rust,
    it causes an error which kick and kills players if they attempt to hack the oilrig. In order to prevent that,
    the CH47 event is disabled. (waiting for fix)
    ‣ Not visible from far away.
        The monument will not be visible from far away. Some of the sockets are visible, but not the whole monument.
    ‣ Scientist loot.
        Scientists will not drop any kind of ammo. They will give you instead Military Tunnel scientist lootdrops.
     1.0.0 DocNorris

    Doc's Codefling Hq (hdrp)

    Welcome to Codefling Hq, this is a custom hq that has 2 accessible floors with loot .
    You will need a blue keycard and 1 fuse to access all the loot .
    Every purchase 50% of the sale will be donated to codefling to show my support

    Blue keycard puzzle room (Deaths office) 2 interactive draw bridges  2 interactive vault doors  1 interactive lift Prefab count : 1803

    If you have any problems you can contact discord

    Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.
    If you find any bugs or issues contact me on here or discord and il sort them out straight away 
     2.0.0 Knockcree

    HDRP FP Junk-Yard Broken

    This will allow map makers to create their own unique style of the main monuments by adding or modifying the prefabs.
    Big thanks to all from KBEdits for the work on helping to make these prefabs.

    Whats on the map.
    An original version of Junk-Yard and a broken down version using the existing prefabs within RustEdit.
    The original version has been moved to the side on a movement of 10. After modification of the broken version move the original FP Junkyard over the top and save as a prefab, this allows you to use the original FP Junkyard prefab modifiers.
    Due to issues with the Magnetcrane Entity being added with Rustedit for broken versions, this version does not contain one and a plugin will be required to spawn the magnetcrane or manually spawn one after map has been loaded. We hope this issue will be resolved soon.
    Rad and no build zones will have to modified to suit your needs.
    If you notice anything missing please let us know.
    Left in a map for users to create their own prefabs.
    Tested on Live server.
    Tested on RustEdit v-1-1-37
    Prefab count 1024. Includes Crate and Barrel Spawns, these can be modified to suit your needs in Rustedit.
    Join KBEdits Discord for latest updates https://discord.gg/3DYPGMxG5s
    Please be aware of the licence agreement prior to downloading.
     1.0.2 FireCrow


    The underground bunker "4F7C" is perfectly camouflaged and easily blends into its surroundings.
    This is a completely autonomous bunker in which one or more of your players can live and grow weed! This bunker is the best place to live!
    At the entrance there is a truck, a couple of barrels of fuel, simple square boxes, and a generator.
    The entrance itself has a large gate sliding to the sides, in order to open them the player will need to start the generator standing outside and hidden by the bush, the player should not have any difficulties finding it (a wire from the bunker gate leads to the generator).
    If the player is lucky, then he will be able to find a fuse in the boxes, because without it it will not be possible to open the gate, in addition to the running generator, the player needs to insert a fuse.
    After the doors of the first gate are open, the player will be able to get inside even in a car of any size (4 modular car will be able to enter the bunker and leave without scratches)
    It's dark inside, there is a littered mine with a wagon left there, a couple of ores that the player can farm, a couple of square boxes and a couple of fuel barrels.
    Now, when the player is in the middle of the way to the bunker, he needs to start another generator and as soon as it starts in the tunnel leading to the bunker, the lights will turn on. Next, the player will have to move even deeper, there will be a gate and another fusebox.
    At this point, the player can build this buffer zone separating the entrance to the underground bunker and the underground tunnel.
    After the player inserts the last fuse, the second gate will open and he will be able to get inside the bunker.
    In the bunker, the first thing the player enters into the garage, where there are 2 car lifts, they are always running.
    Next, the player enters the corridor from which the greenhouse is visible through the glass, in the greenhouse, the player, by starting the generator, will be able to use the control panel to turn on/off automatic irrigation, which itself will pump water and water the beds, heating and lighting the bunker, as well as controlling the gate and lighting in tunnel.
    The bunker does not end there, further behind 2 more doors there will be an ice cave, where the player can build a house. There is also a well-hidden narrow tunnel from which you can get into a small cave and build a house hoping that no one will find it.
    Prefab Count: 2021 (+- 15 prefabs depending on the biome)
    After purchase, 3 versions of the bunker will become available to you:
     - Adapted outside and inside for the desert
     - Adapted outside and inside for the forest
     - Adapted outside and inside for the winter

    In the readme file there will be a link to the video, repeating which step by step you can install this bunker minimally harming the relief of your map and place it beautifully. It takes less than 3 minutes (if you've never used an editor) From the outside, the bunker looks like the last picture in the gallery above, it is very compact on the outside and you can easily place it wherever you want.
    If you like this, then you can also look at our previous product: GreenHouse (Click)
    The placement of the bunker is as simple as possible and if you suddenly have any difficulties - feel free to write to us! Or any questions.. always write! for any reason! We will be happy to answer! 
    (!) Dll extension is required! Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll (!)
    What is it? >> https://www.rustedit.io/threads/rustedit-oxide-umod-extension.695/
     1.0.1 FallenAngel

    Scientist Supermarket HDRP

    This is a from scratch build Supermarket, plenty of loot and very dangerous. Keep in mind this is my first official project. Fits perfect on post apocalyptical maps.
    Includes :
    Scientists Spawns (alot ~ 20) junkpile as well regular ones. military grade crates light areas Landing zone "hackable crate" (mini event CH47) and much more...  
    Feedback is always appreciated, also a have a discord server. I will make a video soon an upload it to YouTube.
    At last but not least thanks for all support in any ways! I appreciated every little thing.
    I guess there is nothing more to say, except for its challenging.
     1.0.1 DocNorris

    Doc's ScrapYard Hdrp Ready

    Welcome to Doc's Scrapyard, this is a custom scrapyard with 1 puzzle room.
    You will need the green and 1 fuse to access all loot in the arena 
    Good replacement for Junkyard 
    1 recycler 
    Prefab Count 499
    Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.
    If you have any problems you can contact discord
     2.0.0 DocNorris

    Doc's AirPort HDRP Ready *On Sale*

    Welcome to Doc's Airport, this is a custom airport with loads of places to explore inside the main airport.
    3 accessible planes one is a puzzle room with a main loot area.
    You will need the blue and green keycard and 1 fuse to enter the plane on the runway!
    Perfect for pvp and a good replacement for the current airfield. 
    Prefab Count 7838

    Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.
    If you have any problems you can contact me on discord

    $9.99 $6.99
     2.0.0 DocNorris

    Doc's Boxing Stadium/Arena Hdrp Ready

    Welcome to Doc's Boxing Arena, this is a big boxing arena/Stadium with loads of places to explore.
    There is 1 hackable crate that spawns in the centre of the boxing ring 
    2 accessible floors
    You will need the blue key card and 1 fuse to access all loot in the arena 

    Loads of loot spawns 
    Perfect pvp monument. 
    Prefab Count 7868
    Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.
    If you have any problems you can contact discord
     1.6 NightzimBR


    Hello guys, this is my De_Mirage from CS:GO. I'm trying hard to make more maps from CS:GO and further Custom Maps for Rust to raise some money.

    You can play it in our server:

    Rustzera.com PVP Training Resort
    Go to free-for-all and select Tier 3
    The prefab
    The map is almost the same as de_mirage, I'm working on upgrades after uploading all of my maps. I will continue improving this map to perfection. Feel free to point any issues and suggestions. I would highly know your guy's feedback to improve my work.
    I assure you guys that I will keep improving the map and making newer versions.
    Please, enjoy. 

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