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Skinner is a very easy to use plugin which offers a variety of functions to help you skin stuff the way you want it to be. The UI is simple and adding skins is a breeze. When there are new skins released by the game, it is automatically added without needing any action from server admin. The creator, Whispers88 is responsive and offers great help with troubleshooting any issues with the plugin. On top of that, this is decently priced as well. Highly recommended plugin for any servers to let your players unlock a variety of skins.

Hands down the greatest skin box on the market!!

The skin search bar makes it 1 of a kind as well as being able to add a whole collection with 1 chat command. 

Best stats, thanks ❤️ Settings for every taste and color. I recommend 🙂

Pretty awesome - runs significantly smoother than the OG radar plugin with a much more streamlined interface/UI. Pleasant on the eyes too

Fantastic plugin, I use it on my modded servers and the players like the UI. I had a problem the other day after force wipe, when I contacted the Dev they were more than happy to help me out.  I got a fast response and the issue was fix. Thanks again!

thats the best thing we got,  help free land on the actual map, its perfect and have 2 different size of island!  thanks . 

This plugin is incredible! It's late coming, But WoW! First 2 hours I was running around everywhere and Locking anything and everything! Kid in a Candy Store! This one plugin has enabled me to Remove 9 locking plugins. Less plugins. Less server strain! 

I think any one, of your Players will LOVE this! Does what it says and makes life very much easier. Less mods to keep updated also. Not to mention the couple I bought some time ago. This is a money and time saver. Definitely a Must Have Mod for you and your players! 5 out of 5 for me and MY Guys!!!!

This plugin replaced so many other lock plugins for me, making administration easier, and provides the player a consistent experience. Highly recommended for busy admins, and happier players.



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