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  • Prefabs Bundle By Disguise

    • $30.00
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    Save more than 10$ by buying the prefabs in a bundle. The bundle contains the following files: (The files are made by me, Disguise) + If you buy it in a bundle, you can include it in your map that you want to sell on CODEFLING!  
  • Statistics By Mevent 

    Beautiful display of player statistics and player ratings   Features: Beautiful user interface Customization (all interface you can set up in configuration) Performance Commands stats open statistics interface leaderboard open leaderboard interface Permissions statistics.use open statistics interface statistics.hide hides player from leaderboard   Config
  • Rust Magic Auth (Rust Magic Extension) By Neko 

    This is an extension for my existing product Rust Magic! Please do not purchase this if you do not already own the base product. Features Fully customisable lightweight pugin RustMagicAuth.cs using Oxide's Config, Data, and Lang systems. Reads from your existing Rust Magic config file - no need to re-specify what you already entered. Uses Rust Magic's connection logic - no unnecessary RCON connections. One single command to view any SteamID's, Discord ID's, Disc
  • TRAM CITY B [HDRP] By FireCrow

    An incredibly beautiful city, which matches the aesthetics of the game's monuments. In the city you can find shops, garages, a ruined store, roofs with parkour and loot, tram lines and trams, narrow streets between houses, atmospheric decorations, houses that you can loot by stealing parcels at the doors, houses that can be built up. The houses are made in such a way that you can build the first floor with foundations,walls and floors, and the second floor of your apartments will pleasant
  • Necrosiis (HDRP) By Electrik

    Necrosiis is my very first map, I spent a lot of time to have a precise, balanced, beautiful map, whether on Rust IO or in player view. A balance between classic and custom monuments, build places that change from procedural maps, and at the same time a light map that can be used by all. Come and discover the island of a god worshipped by its cannibal inhabitants who became zombies after their death.     FEATURES: ● Infected Dock    - Blue and red puzzle

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