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This plugin has saved my server and it's economy! My server uses many plugins that come with skinned items; VIP Tokens, Skill Tree Items, Epic Loot, Hardy Planters etc. etc. etc.

If there was a skinned item, it could be duped. Today a player sent me a video of their duping setup and it was crazy to see how fast it all happened. Thankfully it was only 1 player who's been doing this, and a honest one at that.

This plugin saved my bacon. The server is now dupe free, and this plugin has allowed me to take a deep breath and relax haha! 
Thank you for this plugin, it's amazing!

IQGuardianDrone is one of the must have plugins on your server. The combination and possibilities with this plugin are so satisfying.  I run this on my PVE server for a month now and it’s giving so much to the server. When it comes to performance Mercury really nailed it, its running smoothly on the server – have had other drone plugins that made lag spikes on the server – but this one run smoothly.

I really recommend buying Mercury’s IQGuardianDrone.

Does as advertised, and works as expected. Very simple plugin to setup and implement within minutes... thanks.

You get what you pay for, but nothing more, which is a bit disappointing.

When I had questions with the plugin and joined the author's Discord, I quickly found it was mostly dead. From 2 questions asked I only got 1 delayed answer. Don't buy if you've got questions and expect any (timely) help. Other than that I can recommend this plugin, which I'm currently testing on my secondary server which ran the vanilla PvE mode before.

  • This plugin requires you to set "server.pve = false" to work correctly
  • No more unability for players to remove their own structures, and no need to install extra plugins like the uMod remover tool
  • Damage is no longer reflected back to the player, while preventing damage or looting of players, boxes, sleepers or backpacks
  • If you check the discussions there seem to be some issues when used together with Raidable Bases, especially such PvP bases
  • Plays nicely together with plugins like Monument Owner
  • Compared to other plugins SimplePVE is much easier to set up, and configuration options are easily accessible
  • The /sprules command gives you access to most of the configuration in a GUI, but for some of the config you will have to edit a file
  • Nonetheless the author did an outstanding job to make configuration accessible, which should be more than enough for most usecases

In my eyes would be worth 5 stars with a more active community, or better commitment of the author to answer questions and provide all necessary info to users for an exceptional experience. I can't see any ambitions to improve documentation or build and facilitate a community where users help other users. In total you really get what you pay for, but nothing extra. You will need to accept "trial and error" with configuration options due to lack of commitment to help users set up their usecase, or answer questions.

The plugin is very easy to navigate, even for a complete noob like me. It provides all the options you need as an admin and more. If anyone is unsure about whether to buy it, don't hesitate. I don't think there is anything better than this plugin. Just grab it, and you won't regret it

I got used to Stack Modifier on another server and now that I host my own, it was the first plugin I knew I had to have.  I cannot live without it!  Khan continually updates and improves on this plugin and I feel it is worth 5 stars easily!  I thank the dev for all the hard work!  

Super cool bases and the dev is very helpful if you have any questions. Raidable bases in the sky look awesome and players are always blown away.

Thank you very much for this plugin and for the instant fix for checking the condition of items, I recommend it 😉



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