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So good plugin, allows to give a chance to take a look when the VIP'S rank of one player gonna be end. Good config and easy to use.

This plugin is simple but extremely useful for quickly gaining altitude without the hassle of searching for the perfect parachute jump-off point.
If someone wants to make their players happy, this plugin is just the right thing.

We used a different tool for several years before switching to this impressive one about a year ago!

It offers numerous features, and everything is very easy to understand. The support is outstanding, whether through tickets or private messages. If anyone is still in search of a tool for the easy management and installation of their Rust server, then this tool is definitely the right choice!

In our opinion, this tool deserves 10 out of 5 stars!

Love the interface, love the customization, nothing to really hate about this beautifully made plugin. HOWEVER, my only gripe is it isn't compatible with the paid Kits by Mevent that is also bought from here. It is only compatible with the free "Rust" Kits version that you get from Umod.  I had to look really deep to find out it did not once I keep getting an error that the plugin was not installed or on. Hopefully this is done in the future, that would be awesome. Unfortunately till then  I might just uninstall that $25 dollar paid kit for the free so it  is integrated or keep the /kits command on chat, we shall see.

Too early to tell, but I have not found anything I do not like from this add on. Love how easy it is to fix and adjust in the data files. One of the more fun things to adjust in my opinion from all my plugins. Clean and easy to use UI for players once it is set up correctly. Just a tip for future buyers, do not erase from the item data but from the category file, otherwise it will leave empty blank spots on the store.

I honestly thought this was the paid version of the Kits app that is on Umod.  WelcomePanel and WPAddon later, I found out it was not lol. Now I am on the fence of uninstalling this one and getting the Umod version so it is compatible with my panel.  I personally love the interface of this one over the Umod version it is clean and easy to use. The seller of this plugin replied quick to a question I had, that I was able to fix before he replied but never the less he replied in a timely manner.

I been having this problem where if I  disable Admin Players from receiving XP and Gifts, no-one receives any gifts at all. So I tried to contact the seller and no answer yet, and it has been over a week since I messaged twice. People get busy I get it, but my message was opened but never replied to.  Overall the plugin does what it claims, but I feel I pulled the trigger on this one too fast considering the price and what it does. 

Works Good but kind of lags in the things where has higher stacking




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