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As a server administrator, I like this plugin because it has convenient and wide settings and stable server operation. As a player, I can say that the plugin is interesting, it gives a certain competition with other players, besides, setting up the plugin will protect unwanted players from entering the event, which will allow players not to worry about their loot being stolen. How much time the plugin is already on the server - not a single complaint. Everyone likes everything. Everyone is happy. They are waiting for similar works, just like me

As always, a brilliant and unimaginable idea to diversify the usual monument in the game. A wide plugin setup, stable operation is a good find for the admin, and an interesting performance and exciting gameplay, a large set of action scenes, it's brilliant in a word. Players are constantly in line for this event. Everyone likes the idea of a scientist, a pilot. And the moment of arrival of reinforcements on Chinook? it's brilliant! 😄

A good plugin with customization support. Perfectly fit into my server to perform the function of transferring things via WIPE. A small load on the server. Convenient and clear config. And, of course, stable work. The players appreciated the new opportunity. No one has any questions or problems with using it yet.

In general, it's funny that the mapper has gone into coding, but😄 his works also continue to please. Just what my server was missing. The Low load on the server is probably the most important plus from the technical side. The visual setting pleases the eye. The players are happy that now they have the monuments under full control, and no thief will spoil their game.

Good and useful plugin, the clan skin option makes life easy.
This is a must have clan plugin, the author of the plugin is active and listens to user inputs.

Makes life easier with the GUI when it comes to clans, allowing you to create a clan, view other clans, and see player statistics, making the process of inviting members to your clan an easy task.

Very useful when you really want to know who you are about to invite to your clan, by looking at their stats.
And having the ability to do everything with the click of a button without chat commands is an other great feature.
The other cool thing is that you have great control over the plugin when it comes to configuration, and on top of that its easy to set it up.

In my opinion this is the best clan plugin out there.

Overall a plugin made with love on every code line!

The ability for players to choose their own marker is a game changer. It allows the hit marker to be customised to the player's preferences, ensuring that it is not only visually appealing but also convenient for players during intense battles.
The flexibility of customisation truly reflects the developer's attention to detail and commitment to player satisfaction.

The Plugin itself is also very good and intuitive to use, and is therefore highly recommended!

At first, we had trouble getting it to work, but after consulting with them, it soon worked perfectly! The Plugin is very good and very reliable, even if a glitch occurs, they fix it immediately!


Great Discord bot - helps a lot with the background end of things including dealing with tickets (you're given auto responses e.g. 'appeal denied', 'send config' etc....), taking player suggestions and checking player links between their Discord and Steam IDs. In future updates I'd love to see some integration between ingame and discord however at the bot's current price it's more than worth the money.



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