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Great product, adds value to my server and im really happy with the icons!


Thank You Forcet!


Honestly amazing. I loved the old system and this just brings back the nostalgic feeling I had plus re-introduces a major gameplay mechanic. Hopefully, it will get people out of their base more.

Boston, a map to remember. When I stumbled upon this map when I was searching for one for my servers, I was blown away by the details and custom monuments that are present on this beautiful map. If you're not used to custom monuments, you could be in for a big surprise.  After waking up on the beach and walking around I was shocked to see a complete space station up in the air, and even more remarkable is that it is reachable by zipline, which makes it easy to enter for the starters who don't have any experience with mini's, heli's or even jetpacks.  As a matter of fact, all the monuments are easily reachable by zipline which in my eyes is a big plus. The puzzle card rooms and NPC's make sure you get a good piece of the action and the loot that comes with it, and after clearing the monument you get the awesome feeling in your stomach when you jump off the space station and dive into the water, what a rush!

Exploring the map further it seems to have a prison with 3 keycard rooms with many elite crates, definitely worth visiting, all those details and prisons are nice treat to the eyes and even a bigger treat for the trigger-happy players....then I stumbled upon a ruined city with zombies trying to kill you, even with F1 grenades and boy do they mean business lol. The stores in the city have awesome loot but to get to the loot you have to work for it, the loot comes as a real reward when you're finished taking on the zombies. A very pleasant detail is that the gun cabinets and clothing vitrines are actually lootable, just when you think it doesn't get any better, it actually does. It is all so well-balanced, amazing.

Running around this map makes you forget about time, all you want to do is get going and explore more and more while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and monuments. And if you search for the secret spots to build a base, you will realize that Gruber has thought of every little detail to make you smile and enjoy the base you build. Flying with a mini or heli and looking from above makes you realize even more that it's an aftermath of the earth disasters that have taken place. It is up to you to make sure it doesn't get out of hand.......

Highly recommended.

It has always been the plugin I am looking for. Very convenient to set rules that suit oneself. I love it. The feedback issue was quickly resolved by the author.

Excellent plugin, worth its price.

Truly a lifechanging plugin, It fixes most of the ways players could ruin your server relating to C4.

Comes pre-configured and ready to go! pretty easy to fly! overall great fun to be had adding a new vehicle to the server. Live out your dreams as The Fan Man! 

Very nice tournament map comes with a no build in center map and build in center map, we use this for PVP and base building, it is very useful!  Players love to claim their number on the map and protect it at any cost! 

10/10 for this amazing map

I have spent -hundreds- of dollars on plulgins and maps. I think at this time, this is my favorite. The map is on the larger site, but don't misconstrue this fact as the map is barren. There is plenty of custom things to do, some of which are show-cased on the trailer video, and some are hidden. I don't want to give away, or spoil the hidden features, and build locations, because that is part of what makes this map fun.
Beyond this the dev, Gruber is a damn stud always helpful, and has a sense of humor.

Whether you like to be at points looking below, sneaky/hidden 1way in and out, or barren / between monuments as places to build, it's all here.

Cheers to the current king of maps



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