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  • Cobalt Medical Center By NightzimBR

    • $30.00
    • 0 reviews
    • 118
    • 0
    Hello, this is the Cobalt Medical Center, that I created for the monument competition. Pleaze! Review this file! If you will use it on your map is fine by me, but consider mention me somewhere! ThaNKS For your kindness!!! Hope you guys enjoy it. There are 2 ways to acess green and blue keycards. The main lootroom is the red keycard door The monument is level 3 (red key card). You can expect a lot of loot and a recycler in the restaurant, but watch out, other players
  • Pterodome (monument and arena) By Electrik

    • $14.90
    • 0 reviews
    • 9
    • 0
    Find the best way with jump puzzles and card puzzles to reach the loot in this detailed and polish monument inspired by the world of Jurassic Park. The monument can also be used as an arena event (and even use the entrance as a lobby) and is extremely easy to install on your map. After the nuclear apocalypse, the last pterodactyls recreated in laboratory have this time completely disappeared from the surface of the Earth. But one of the buildings where they were kept is still standin
  • Wangen U-Boot-Stifte By Niko

    This was my entry for the Codefling Custom Monument competition and it came 3rd, thanks for your support and votes. As a thank you to all those who voted and who have supported me and my creations over the past year this monument will remain FREE and will be part of the Island Z Custom Map to be released soon, may already be out depending on when you download this. Island Z is a Zombie themed map.  Make yourself aware of my other content here  - https://codefling.com/niko Support is

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