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The sites are really cool, but the terrain can be limited with movement. If there were more pathways through the restricting terrain areas, I'd say it would be a map we would use again.

I'm building a medieval-themed server, and I too build prefabs, but the time it takes to build medieval structures is far harder than any modern one, using all the available Rust assets, so having this for free is nice and appreciated, well done. 😀 5 stars

Great plugin easy to use I've been using this plugin for about 1 year on my server 🤩

Amazing work by Kaho, easy to use and setup. Great puzzle and love it so far. Make sure you check out their other works also!

Many times  I look at a plug in and think 'man this would be great if....' or 'I wish that this would work with...'

I didn't have to do this time.

I tell you guys, there is something amazing here. The things that you can do with this plugin are practically boundless. Got a RP server? How about an epic fun maze with a pot of gold at the end? Raidable Bases? Not much terrain needed for a  padded and pancaked  1x1 HQM base filled  with these boxes.. and you don't know what you're getting in to. Is the base harboring just one box?? (shoulda brought more ammo..) **For those wondering, you can make these boxes indestructible<or adjust the damage settings any way you want>** (which makes plugins like Raidable bases all that more challenging!) Want a little more simple practicality? how about a 1x1 with 15 full size storage areas? Need a Furnace Room? Crafting Room? Seriously I could go on and on for days. This really is great. I wouldn't even hesitate to buy this again simply because of how amazing and detailed this plugin is.  Nikedemos did an outstanding job on this one!

Love this ! So easy to use great support and this with other plugins that David makes, takes your server from 3 to a 10 real fast in style ! 

Beautiful map! Really happy I bought this map, I can't wait to load it up next wipe.

I absolutely love this plugin. Simple, easy to understand, and unique.
My players love it too, some of them were shocked when died 😄



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