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Stunning and creative places for players to build! These custom buildable monuments are always the highlight of our Server, it makes the building experience so much more interesting! Would highly recommend these as they have lots  of attention to detail and are fun to build inside of.

Such a great plugin, I have been looking for something like this that lets me show the custom items players are buying and selling. So handy and I love how I don't have to reset them each month they just go by the monument location 🙂

An excellent plugin that has replaced 3 previous plugins and made for much simpler in-game configuration.

There were a few minor issues initially, but the developer wes VERY fast at resolving them.

Great job on these structures, well done on the design.  Was an awesome addition to my Wild West Server. Props to you and keep them coming.

what a great plugin. players often complain when their items glitch through the map and can't be retrieved without mod intervention. I added this to my server and players no longer complain of lost items. Well done and thank you. 

Great collection of loot, with no junk in barrels or crates.

Отличная сборка лута, без хлама в бочках и ящиках.

The best combat pass plugin that is available on the sites. The developer always gets in touch, the plugin is working and gives an extensive selection of settings. At the moment, no incorrect processing of the function has been noticed. I agree, the plugin doesn't cost $30, it costs more. I advise you to consider this product for purchase if you plan to add a similar system to your server

I have no words. One of the best plugins i have ever come across.

It's not super hard to set up if you've dealt with plugins before. The difficulty might come in understanding what some configs actually mean, because you know, some configs are hard to understand with a 5 word sentence, but of course you can't expect a config file to be a text book. However the author is quick and polite in answering any questions. But as i said, is not super hard. it's just a bit tedious and takes time. But not hard.

Also, the Loot Table Editor that's in the description of the product is great and will save you a lot of time. And i do mean A LOT of time.

Definitely recommended. Like DEFINITELY.

My only suggestion would be for the author to keep completing the documentation in the product page, and elaborating a bit more on the concepts i'm sure he keeps been asked about.

But yeah, WHAT AN AMAZING JOB YOU'VE DONE HERE. Congratulations and thanks! Worth every cent.



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