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Simple VIP 1.1.2

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About Simple VIP

Simple VIP

Gift your supporters / VIP Tier players.

Customizable loot table for items to be claimed on a daily cooldown (or set the cooldown in seconds to what you desire)

Supports skins and custom item names.


/resetallvip - Resets all player cooldown data.

/resetvip "PlayerName" or "ID" - Resets a specific player.


Both Commands Work in RCON




VIP - Grant this permission to the players that can claim.

RESET - For admins and moderators to reset in game via chat

Example Config.

  "Settings": {
    "Chat Icon": 76561199529120185,
    "Cooldown (Seconds)": 86400,
    "VIP Items": [
        "amount": 1,
        "customname": "VIP SUPPLY SIGNAL",
        "shortname": "supply.signal",
        "skinId": null
        "amount": 40,
        "customname": "",
        "shortname": "paper",
        "skinId": null
        "amount": 40,
        "customname": "",
        "shortname": "explosive.timed",
        "skinId": null
        "amount": 25,
        "customname": "",
        "shortname": "ammo.rocket.basic",
        "skinId": null




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