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  • Hi, Hope you are all doing well! This is my first topic and I'm looking for a developer who can create a custom Welcome menu with tabs like Servers, Kits(Umod Kits), Shop(Depends on ServerRewards), Wipe Schedule, and Leaderboard. As you can see, I'm talking about a private plugin currently in high demand. I'm looking for something similar like what's in the pictures below:          Well, all is said. By the way! I speak French and I can also speak English 😄 - S
    Hello CodeFling,   My name is Travis Butts, I have recently joined CodeFling and have been working on a few plugins but would also love to do some custom work for those who seek an idea they need help to create. For those wondering, I came from Arma 3 working on life mods, and recently started developing rust plugins around 2 years ago off and on. I have worked on two big projects, Rust Takeover and Rust Life. Rust Takeover was a very big PvP event that allowed 5 teams of 4 players to
    I need the same thing. With times you can raid ?  
    I would be happy to do this, let me know!

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