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  • my server somehow keeps crashing in evening  its already 2 days  that this keeps happening but only in evening  i get this in log files    [Info] {   "Height": 2014,   "Width": 2014,   "Base64": " iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAB94AAAfeCAYAAAC++5W6AAAgAElEQVR4AezZzU3jYBhGUYKogIpogP67ISSw4JNlk59rFJOcmQ0a8pjk8Go2d/f69r5/8ocAAQIECBAgQIAAAQIECBAgQIAAAQIECBAgQIAAAQIECBC4SuD5qpURAQIECBAgQIAAAQIECBAgQIAAAQIECBAgQIAAAQIECBAg8CUgvDsEAgQIECBAgAABAgQIECBAgAABAgQIECBAgAABAgQIECAQBIT3gGdKgAABAgQIECBA
    Tell me do you think it's possible a plugin to see the killcam when someone gets killed?
    i seem to be having a flouting / swimming player problem  sometimes players just randomly cannot touch ground anymore  its like they noclip but cannot  go up or down  they fly 1 mtr above land  they can stand on objects, and bases just fine , only land is a problem anybody know why?  and maybe a fix for it  and no its not a cheat  the 3 players that had this sofar called me the second it happend     
    No, but if someone does that just ban them. No one who does that has a legit reason.  

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