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    • When I want to get an item from F1 --> Item and I click on any item it doesn't work, and in the Server tab it doesn't show anything, BUT if I can use noclip to fly and it doesn't work if you want to assign a skin to something. Anyone knows how to solve this? I've been looking for a solution for days. and when i type in chat my name is Green. i don't know what happen. users.cfg == ownerid 76561198128888828 "NayMan" "reason"  
    • I've got a plugin (AgileZones) that I submitted last week at $15-- it's waiting on validation -- that creates ZoneManger zones around player TCs. It also creates moving PVP zones around CargoShip, Supply Drops, and Heli Crash-sites. It is intended for use with TruePVE or NextGenPVE, such that these are PVP zones around TCs, but I guess could configure the zones to do anything ZoneManager supports -- By default, it's just standard Rust rules within the zones, so raiding is allowed. ZoneManagerAutoZones will create your static zones around Monuments. Sphere shaped zones aren't a great match for Train Tunnels... and ZoneManagerAutoZones is missing some of the new monuments. I'll address these if AgileZones sells a few copies. I also plan to fixup the way ZoneManager handles overlapping zones.  If you search for "AgileZones" in modded servers, you can try it out. Hopefully Codefling approves it? I'm not sure how long it usually takes.
    • Hi there, I highly recommend reading the in-depth documentation that nivex has included with the plugin again. It sounds like you need to set pvp and pve zones but there are many, many options and configurations you'll need to look at. If you still need assistance you would be best suited to posting your question in the plugin support section here. I hope you manage to get your issue resolved 🙂
    • preRelease ------------- The admin panel has been updated, charts have been added, the ability to connect Discord/Telegram bots for news statistics. Added 'spinner' to show page loading. Shows the number of purchases in the last week The number of items sold per week. The amount of money received per week. There is also a graph showing which payment method most often tops up the balance. The leaderboard has been updated, showing the place of the authorized user in the top. Avatars have also been added. Added admin alerts when buying an item on the site, in the future there will be alerts for authorizations, replenishments, and everything that you use. video    
    • Yeah, it won't fire two at once, but it does allow the Rocket launcher to be more rapidly fired as between shots you do not need the reload animation, and since the game does not expect a second trigger pull, it fires pretty damn fast, but you may need to fix it to work for Rocket Launchers. Not sure, but I had to recode it to work for Crossbows. 10 Shot cross with no reload animation? Hell yeah. That's a nice combat option. You could check on firing a weapon, if it's a rocket launcher, and fire a second rocket along with the first, but that would cause lag issues. There may be a way to instead check if the wall is hit, and if so to double, triple, etc the damage depending on the permission the player has.    I don't use Firearm Modifier for Rocket Launchers, since I use another plugin to have "Stealth Rocket Launcher" where pressing middle mouse will activate invisibility VS a specific entity group. Which is great fun. Invisible to Bradley for a minute, anyone? If course it drops the shield if you swap weapons, so you can only really use that Rocket launcher. But the same plugin has double shot weapons.


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