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  1. Is there a way to have pages under each tab. So like click tab for rules. then have pages that can go through all under the rules tab, for alot of information, sorta like server info plugin
  2. Also players can not be killed by traps, even though i have it allowed. Any Update on the above also?
  3. I have player_building allowed. but players cant damage any deployables/doors. Like sleeping bags, boxes, electrical items, etc. Player can damage building parts liek walls and stuff and tc. but thats it. i have tried adding to exclude target. but no luck
  4. Love the plugin and options. Is there any chance can get the PSD for the images/background?
  5. RocketMyrr

    Not receiving message

    Yeah its posting to F1 console if its not being displayed. For entering and leaving the bubble
  6. RocketMyrr

    Not receiving message

    People are randomly getting the message that they’ve Entered the portal and will txp in 5 seconds. Sometimes they get the message sometimes not. No errors that I see. So it’s confusing player as they think the portal is broken or not there
  7. So this is already a plugin on umod. https://umod.org/plugins/combat-logger however no one is really maintaining it and it’s been over 2 years since a update. Was wondering if someone can either update it or maybe make a new combat logger plugin. One of the biggest issues having is it’s not registering the new turrets. But their are a lot of other bugs in it. I think this should deff be a public plugin a lot of people would benefit from it
  8. RocketMyrr

    Not Working

    Yes I am. I have tried reloading sign artist after loading portals. And then reload portals and still nothing like you said on the page
  9. RocketMyrr

    Not Working

    Yup. Loads fine and compiles fine with no errors. And yes fully updated on updates to server.
  10. Got the support page to finally appear. It was for the Portals plugin
  11. RocketMyrr

    Not Working

    I have tried putting this on our server but none of the commands are working. Nothing is getting populated in the data file. I have tried wiping both config/data and still nothing. No errors are popping up either on backend. I made sure i have perms to which i do. Ive tried portal entrance portal exit and portal list to no avail
  12. I did download the plugin and cant get to the support page. Trying to put a error in of a plugin not working but keep getting that above error unless theres something else i need to do
  13. When you click support under a plugin it gives a error [[Template dplus/front/support/view is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]

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