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Explore hundreds of custom Rust plugins provided by our amazing community of developers.

211 files

  1. Free


    Checks for updates for all Codefling plugins, and prints to console.
    Reports to console "Codefling has updates for the following plugins.", then lists the names.
    Authors - Each author name has a true/false option to enable/disable checking their plugins. CheckIntervalMinutes - How often the plugin requests updated information from Codefling. DiscordWebhookAddres - Address for your discord server's webhook, for posting updates. Ignore - String array for plugin names to ignore. eg ["one plugin"] or ["multiple", "plugins"]

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  2. $20.00

    No Recoil New

    Installing the plugin removes the recoil from rapid-fire weapons!
    It is also possible to increase the number of cartridges in the clip.
    Works on all weapons that are listed in config!!
    If you take away permissions from the user. Then his weapons will become normal!
    It is possible to increase the magazine of cartridges but no more than 1000
    You can also adjust the percentage of return, thereby changing it.
    Also, improved weapons can be given a prefix
    There is a lang file
    Everything can be configured in the config file
    /nrg ShortName - Give yourself improved weapons! Permission needed (NoRecoil.admin)
    /nr - When you enter this command, the modification is disabled for your weapon that is in your hands. If you enter it again, you can turn it back on
    Permission needed (NoRecoil.admin and NoRecoil.ShortName (NoRecoil.rifle.ak))
    /nrg Steam64ID/Nick ShortName - The team issues improved weapons to the player on the server Permission needed (User must have permission to use - NoRecoil.ShortName (NoRecoil.rifle.ak))

    Video review - 

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  3. $20.00


    IQMarker is a new look at the already outdated and boring markers when hit!
    Now your players themselves customize what they want to see when they hit, so you can sell each customization item separately or give it out just like that!
    Absolutely every marker in the player is configured separately, when you change the marker type, the settings of the previous marker are saved, which gives more comfort to your players in choosing and configuring the marker for themselves!
    The player will be able to:
    - Choose the appropriate marker color
    - Choose when he wants to see the marker, for example when hitting a player or an animal, or a building, or a car! Anything at all!
    - The player can choose a separate type of marker (of which there are 3)
    - Marker icon, health bar or text with damage!
    - By selecting an icon or health bar-the player can also choose an additional setting for it with the display of damage or fall of the player!
    Watch the video review to clearly see how the plugin works!

    Permissions :
    iqmarker.use - give access to the marker
    iqmarker.usecolorlist - give access to the list of colors
    iqmarker.usecustomcolor - give access to a choice of custom colors
    iqmarker.usesize - give access to the ability to resize the marker

    And also all other rights to add-ons to the marker, for each color or icon, you set in the configuration file!

    Example - o.grant group default iqmarker.use

    Chat command:
    /hit - open the settings menu

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  4. $10.00


    IQCraftSystem is a unique crafting system with all sorts of crafting, craft even a tree(which can be put), even a copter!

    - Huge functionality
    - Advanced settings
    - You can craft whatever your heart desires.
    - Has a nice interface
    - Has all the interface settings in detail, in the configuration
    - Has sorting of items by category
    - Has a smooth design
    - Plugin support
    - Has conditions for crafting, which you can set separately for each item
    1. The level of work bench
    2. Have a rank
    3. To have the skill to "Advanced crafting" with the support of IQPlagueSkill
    4. Currency with IQEconomic support
    - Also the installation of items that are required for crafting
    - Categories that you can craft
    1. game Items
    2. Commands
    3. Transport
    4. BaseEntity-prefabs

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  5. Free


    Basic ownership management for Rust rideable horses
    Tired of some clown stealing the horse you just found? This plugin allows players to maintain ownership and optionally prevent others from riding off with them.
    Rideable horses may be claimed by mounting or via the chat command /hclaim.
    Claimed horses can be released via the chat command /hrelease or through the use of a timer configured by the admin.
    Users with permission may also spawn and remove their owned horses.
    Limits may be set for standard and VIP users.
    { "Options": { "useClans": false, "useFriends": false, "useTeams": false, "SetOwnerOnFirstMount": true, "EnableTimer": false, "ReleaseTime": 600.0, "ReleaseOwnerOnHorse": false, "RestrictMounting": false, "EnableLimit": true, "Limit": 2.0, "VIPLimit": 5.0 }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 2 } } useClans/useFriends/useTeams -- Use Friends, Clans, or Rust teams to determine accessibility of an owned horse. This allows friends to share horses. SetOwnerOnFirstMount -- Sets ownership of an unowned horse on mount. EnableTimer -- Enable timed release of horse ownership after the time specified by ReleaseTime. ReleaseTime -- Sets the time IN SECONDS to maintain horse ownership if EnableTimer is true. Must be a numerical value.  Note that timers reset on server restarts. ReleaseOwnerOnHorse -- Release ownership of a horse while the owner is mounted after ReleaseTime has been reached.  If false wait until they dismount. RestrictMounting -- Restrict mounting of owned horses to the owner. If false, you can use other plugins to manage this such as PreventLooting. EnableLimit -- Enable limit of total claimed horse count per player.
    Limit -- Limit for users with claim permission.
    VIPLimit -- Limit for users with vip permission.
    horses.claim -- Allows player claim and release horses horses.spawn -- Allows player to spawn or remove a horse. horses.vip -- Gives player vip limits when limit is in use. horses.find -- Allows player to show the location of their nearest claimed horse. Commands
    /hclaim - Claim the horse you're looking at. If the horse is owned by the server, this should work. However, this will not bypass the purchase routine at the stables. /hrelease - Release ownership of the horse you're looking at. /hfind - Show location of nearest owned horse /hspawn - Spawn a new horse in front of you (requires horses.spawn permission). /hremove - Kill the horse in front of you (requires horses.spawn permission and ownership of the horse). You may then enjoy some delicious horse meat.  

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  6. Free

    Console Chat New

    A lite plugin that allows players to read or share chat history, copy links and ensure no messages are missed. Players can toggle this on/off as they choose. The toggle persists until it is re-toggled by the player or the config option is disabled.
    Console Commands
    consolechat.toggle - Enables/Disables consolechat on a per-player basis. This is not an rcon command.  
    Enable_Toggle: Enables or disables consolechat.toggle command. Output_Color: The color of all ConsoleChat messages that output to console. Time_Format: The time format of all ConsoleChat messages that output to console.

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  7. $50.00

    RaidableBases New

    Create fully automated raidable bases with NPCs
    This is the premium version of Raidable Bases. The differences between this and the free version is five (5) difficulties and associated loot table functionality instead of one (1), buyable events, and lockouts for players. Updating from 1.7.1 to 2.0.0 shouldn’t require anything special. Simply install it.

    This is not your run-of-the-mill plugin. DO NOT INSTALL WITHOUT READING THIS DOCUMENTATION FIRST. This plugin is extremely advanced and requires utmost attention to detail to configure properly. Jumping around in the configuration file or profiles will lead to more problems than it's worth. Take your time to understand each option before enabling or disabling its functionality.
    Raidable Bases is an independent expansion of Dangerous Treasures. You may learn how to enable the expansion mode below. It does not require Dangerous Treasures for any other purpose.


    Loot Tables
    The plugin comes with some very basic items (Default_Loot.json) that only serve as a demo loot list for you to either delete or expand upon. In order to make any use of the plugin (beyond demonstration) you will have to create your own loot lists instead.
    It will take a very long time to configure your loot tables, and fine-tune each to your specific needs. To start, I recommend that you use the rb.populate all command. This creates files in the Editable_Lists folder for each difficulty that contain every item in the game. Edit each file and set the amounts for the items that you want to spawn, and remove those that you do not want to spawn. It may look intimidating editing a list of 660 items, but don't underestimate how easy it is to delete items from a list compared to adding each one manually.
    Items that have their amount (not amountMin) set to 0 will not spawn. So you may either delete these items from the list, or come back to them later. If you set amountMin to 0 then chance will determine if the item spawns or not, and another item will not replace it unless there are extra items available (as of 1.7.3).
    You can set the item skin that you want to use, but I suggest using the Skins settings in the configuration file to use random skins, or none at all.
    The rb.populate command which populates the Editable_Lists folder also includes items already inside of your Difficulty_Loot folder. This allows you to easily repopulate lists in order to re-evaluate which items spawn at a later date.
    Files inside of the Editable_Lists folder must be copied into an existing loot file in order to use the loot table. As the name implies, it is for editing only.
    - If you want to use Editable_Lists/Easy.json for your Easy bases then copy the contents of the file into the Difficulty_Loot/Easy.json file.
    - If you want to use Editable_Lists/Expert.json for the Expert Bases.json profile, then you must copy the contents of the Expert.json file into the Bases_Loot/Expert Bases.json file

    Loot Priority
    Loot is pulled from all datafiles within the oxide/data/RaidableBases/ folder with the exception of the Profiles folder which is used to configure bases.
    oxide/data/RaidableBases/Base Loot - If a loot table exists in this folder with the same name as a profile then all of the bases in that profile will use this loot table. If you want items in this loot table to always spawn then you must enable Always Spawn Base Loot Table in the respective profile.
    oxide/data/RaidableBases/Difficulty Loot - Items will be chosen from these files based on the difficulty of each profile.
    If Use Day Of Week Loot is enabled then it will choose the loot table for that specific day. Otherwise, it will pick from Default_Loot.json. This is the default list, and is only used when all other loot tables do not have a sufficient amount of loot to spawn based on the Amount Of Items To Spawn setting.

    Loot Settings
    Allow Duplicate Items - This is useful when you do not have enough items in your loot tables , and you want to spawn Amount Of Items To Spawn by using the same items more than once. Amount Of Items To Spawn - This is the number of items that you want to spawn. If you do not have enough items in your loot tables then it will only spawn the amount that you have available. It will not spawn items if the container does not have enough space. Divide Loot Into All Containers - This allows you to divide loot evenly from all of your loot lists into all containers when enabled. You MUST increase or decrease Amount Of Items To Spawn respective to how many items you want in each container. This includes large boxes, small boxes, coffins and vending machines. Optional settings include (in order of priority) cupboard, bbq, oven, fridge and lockers. Allow Players To Pickup Deployables (false) - As name implies, overridden by Entities Not Allowed To Be Picked Up Allow Players To Deploy A Cupboard (true) - Block players from placing a TC after destroying the TC in the base. Drop Container Loot X Seconds After It Is Looted (false) - Prevent players from cherry picking items and leaving the rest, in order to despawn the raid quicker. Drop Container Loot Applies Only To Boxes And Cupboards (true) - As name implies Empty All Containers Before Spawning Loot (true) - Useful if using CopyPaste files that contain loot already - I suggest leaving this true as it can complicate how many items spawn if there are too few inventory slots remaining. Ignore Containers That Spawn With Loot Already (false) - Useful if you want specific loot to spawn from a copypaste file. Require Cupboard Access To Loot (false) - Prevent all players from looting until they reach the TC, or destroy it. Skip Treasure Loot And Use Loot In Base Only (false)" - Useful if you want all loot to spawn from a copypaste file - not recommended - will allow players to memorize which boxes to raid and ignore the rest. Always Spawn Base Loot Table (false) - Very useful if you want items in the Base_Loot file to always spawn (such as C4, rockets, ammo, etc)
    Blacklisted Commands (none) - prevents players from using these commands inside of a raid base Automatically Teleport Admins To Their Map Marker Positions (true) - right-click map to teleport (requires raidablebases.mapteleport permission) Block Wizardry Plugin At Events (false) - Block players from using wands Chat Steam64ID (0) - The steam profile icon to show in chat messages Expansion Mode (Dangerous Treasures) (false) - Allow Dangerous Treasures to take over a random box for its event Remove Admins From Raiders List (false) - Allows admins to help players without receiving any rewards Show X Z Coordinates (false) - Show X Z coordinates alongside grid location Buy Raid Command (buyraid) - Opens the buyable UI to purchase raids for each difficulty Event Command (rbe) - Specify command name Hunter Command (rb) - Specify command name Server Console Command (rbevent) - Specify command name
    Raid Management
    Allow Teleport (false) - Allow/prevent players from teleporting Allow Cupboard Loot To Drop (true) - Allows loot to drop when TC is destroyed by a player Allow Players To Build (true) Allow Players To Use Ladders (true) Allow Player Bags To Be Lootable At PVP Bases (true) - Bypasses Prevent Looting plugin Allow Player Bags To Be Lootable At PVE Bases (true) - Bypasses Prevent Looting plugin Allow Traps To Drop Loot (false) - Allow traps such as guntraps and turrets to drop loot on death Allow Players To Loot Traps (false) - Allows players to loot traps such as guntrap and turrets with TC access Allow Raid Bases On Roads (true) Allow Raid Bases On Rivers (true) Allow Raid Bases On Building Topology (true) - Specifically added for custom map makers Allow Vending Machines To Broadcast (false) - Prevents vending machines from showing on the map Allow Bases To Float Above Water (false) - Keyword: FLOAT Prevent Bases From Floating Above Water By Also Checking Surrounding Area (false) - Keyword: FLOAT Maximum Water Depth Level Used For Float Above Water Option (1.0) - Keyword: FLOAT, but allows you to prevent on water if the value is low enough Auto Turrets Power On/Off Automatically (false) - Turns turrets on/off as players enter/exit raid bases - Will likely remove this option as it annoys the hell out of me Backpacks Can Be Opened At PVE Bases (true) Backpacks Can Be Opened At PVP Bases (true) Backpacks Drop At PVE Bases (false) - Will drop a backpack on death, even if explicity disabled in Backpack configuration (requires Backpacks 3.4.0 ) Backpacks Drop At PVP Bases (false) Block Mounted Damage To Bases And Players (false) - Prevent players from dealing damage while on mini, scrap heli, etc Make Npc AI Dormant When Inactive (true) - Same as the convar but enforced for close range Block RestoreUponDeath Plugin For PVP Bases (false) Block RestoreUponDeath Plugin For PVE Bases (false) Bypass Lock Treasure To First Attacker For PVE Bases (false) - Do not set an owner for PVE bases Bypass Lock Treasure To First Attacker For PVP Bases (false) - Do not set an owner for PVP bases Despawn Spawned Mounts (true) - Allows mounts such as mini or scrap heli to remain if not abandoned when raid despawns Do Not Destroy Player Built Deployables (true) - Useful for cleaning up after players Do Not Destroy Player Built Structures (true) Divide Rewards Among All Raiders (true) Draw Corpse Time (Seconds) (300.0) - The amount of time the players corpse location is drawn on their screen Eject Sleepers Before Spawning Base (true) Extra Distance To Spawn From Monuments (0.0) Flame Turrets Ignore NPCs (false) - Can help with performance on some servers Maximum Elevation Level (2.5) - The allowed height of the surrounding terrain for spawning bases Move Cookables Into Ovens (true) Move Food Into BBQ Or Fridge (true) Move Resources Into Tool Cupboard (true) Move Items Into Lockers (true) Lock Treasure To First Attacker (true) - Sets the first attacker as the owner of a raid. You must set eject settings in each profile if you do not want players entering private raids Lock Treasure Max Inactive Time (Minutes) (10.0) - Resets the raid as public after this time Minutes Until Despawn After Looting (min 1) (15) - The time until the base despawns after being raided Minutes Until Despawn After Inactive (0 = disabled) (45) - The time until the base despawns after being raided Minutes Until Despawn After Inactive Resets When Damaged (true) - Resets the time until the base despawns when it is damaged by a player Mounts Can Take Damage From Players (false) Mounts Can Take Damage From SamSites (true) Player Cupboard Detection Radius (75.0) - Extra layer of protection to prevent raid bases from spawning too closely to player bases Players With PVP Delay Can Damage Anything Inside Zone (false) - Applies specifically to PVP raid bases Players With PVP Delay Can Damage Other Players With PVP Delay Anywhere (false) PVP Delay Between Zone Hopping (10.0) - The amount of time players can take damage while on a PVE server after stepping outside of a PVP zone - prevents exploiting - recommended value: 120 Prevent Fire From Spreading (true) - Helps with server performance by preventing forest fires, err, fire from spreading after initial spawn Prevent Players From Hogging Raids (true) - Prevents players from tagging multiple raids at once Require Cupboard To Be Looted Before Despawning (false) Destroying The Cupboard Completes The Raid (false) Require All Bases To Spawn Before Respawning An Existing Base (false) - Rotate through all bases specific to each difficulty before reusing an existing base Turn Lights On At Night (true) Turn Lights On Indefinitely (false) Use Random Codes On Code Locks (true) Wait To Start Despawn Timer When Base Takes Damage From Player (false) - Prevents the inactive despawn timer from starting until it is damaged by a player. Combos well when inactive resets is disabled by giving players a limited time to finish a raid once they start it Additional Containers To Include As Boxes (none) - example: vendingmachine
    Eject Mounts
    Boats (false) - Set any true to prevent them from entering a raid base Cars (Basic) (false) Cars (Modular) (false) Chinook (false) Horses (false) MiniCopters (false) Pianos (true) Scrap Transport Helicopters (false) All Controlled Mounts (false) - Mounts controlled via another plugin
    Max Amount Allowed To Automatically Spawn Per Difficulty (0 = infinite) -1 = disabled)
    Easy (0) - Specifies how many of each difficulty can be spawned at any given time Medium (0) Hard (0) Expert (0) Nightmare (0)  
    Player Lockouts (0 = ignore) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Easy) (0.0) - Set a cooldown before the player can enter another raid base Time Between Raids In Minutes (Medium) (0.0) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Hard) (0.0) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Expert) (0.0) Time Between Raids In Minutes (Nightmare) (0.0) Block Clans From Owning More Than One Raid (false) - Prevent clans from hogging multiple raid bases Block Friends From Owning More Than One Raid (false) Block Teams From Owning More Than One Raid (false)
    Easy|Medium|Hard|Expert|Nightmare Raids Can Spawn On
    Monday (true) Tuesday (true) Wednesday (true) Thursday (true) Friday (true) Saturday (true) Sunday (true)
    Entities Not Allowed To Be Picked Up
    List: generator.small, generator.static autoturret_deployed - overrides Allow Players To Pickup Deployables
    Difficulty Colors (Border)
    Easy (000000) Medium (000000) Hard (000000) Expert (000000) Nightmare (000000)
    Difficulty Colors (Inner)
    Easy (00FF00) Medium (FFEB04) Hard (FF0000) Expert (0000FF) Nightmare (000000)
    Map Markers
    Marker Name (Raidable Base Event) Radius (0.25) Use Vending Map Marker (true) Use Explosion Map Marker (false) Create Markers For Buyable Events (true) Create Markers For Maintained Events (true) Create Markers For Scheduled Events (true) Create Markers For Manual Events (true)
    Buyable Events
    Cooldowns (0 = No Cooldown) VIP Permission (raidablebases.vipcooldown (300.0) Admin Permission (raidablebases.allow (0.0) Server Admins (0.0) Normal Users (600.0) Allow Players To Buy PVP Raids (false) Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Distance To Spawn Bought Raids From Player (500.0) Lock Raid To Buyer And Friends (true) Max Buyable Events (1) Reset Purchased Owner After X Minutes Offline (10.0) Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want buyable raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin
    Maintained Events
    Always Maintain Max Events (false) - Spawn another raid soon after one despawns Chance To Randomly Spawn PVP Bases (0 = Ignore Setting) (0.0) - Overrides all PVP Allow profile settings for a chance to make the raid PVE or PVP Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Include PVE Bases (true) Include PVP Bases (true) Ignore Safe Checks (false) - Bypass checks that ensure no buildings or other objects are blocking the spawn Minimum Required Players Online (1) Max Maintained Events (1) - How many bases you want available at any given time Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want maintained raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin Time To Wait Between Spawns (15.0) - Wait a specific time frame between each paste (can be set to 0)
    Manual Events
    Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Max Manual Events (1) Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want manually spawned raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin
    Scheduled Events
    Enabled (false) - Spawn raids on a timer specific to random amount of time between Every Min and Every Max Seconds Chance To Randomly Spawn PVP Bases (0 = Ignore Setting) (0.0) - Overrides all PVP Allow profile settings for a chance to make the raid PVE or PVP Convert PVE To PVP (false) Convert PVP To PVE (false) Every Min Seconds (3600.0) Every Max Seconds (7200.0) Include PVE Bases (true) Include PVP Bases (true) Ignore Safe Checks (false) - Bypass checks that ensure no buildings or other objects are blocking the spawn Max Scheduled Events (1) Max To Spawn At Once (0 = Use Max Scheduled Events Amount) (0) Minimum Required Players Online (1) Spawn Bases X Distance Apart (100.0) Spawns Database File (Optional) (none) - Useful if you want scheduled raids to spawn in specific locations using spawn files from the Spawns Database plugin Time To Wait Between Spawns (15.0) - Wait a specific time frame between each paste (can be set to 0)
    Economics Buy Raid Costs (0 = disabled)
    Easy (0.0) - How much each raid costs, use the /buyraid command to see the UI Medium (0.0) Hard (0.0) Expert (0.0) Nightmare (0.0)
    ServerRewards Buy Raid Costs (0 = disabled)
    Easy (0) - How much each raid costs, use the /buyraid command to see the UI Medium (0) Hard (0) Expert (0) Nightmare (0)
    Allowed Zone Manager Zones
    List: pvp, 99999999 - the list of zones where raid bases may spawn at - Zone Manager is not required to use this plugin.
    Event Messages
    Announce Raid Unlocked (false) Announce Buy Base Messages (false) Announce Thief Message (true) Announce PVE/PVP Enter/Exit Messages (true) Show Destroy Warning (true) Show Opened Message (true) Show Opened Message For Paid Bases (true) Show Prefix (true)
    Enabled (false) Banner Tint Color (Grey) Maximum Distance (300.0) Text Color (White)
    Lusty Map
    Enabled (false) Icon File (http://i.imgur.com/XoEMTJj.png) Icon Name (rbevent) Icon Rotation (0.0)
    Ranked Ladder
    Award Top X Players On Wipe (3) - Every wipe the top 3 players are awarded the raidablebases.th permission and raidhunter group. Used with plugins that give titles based on permissions/groups, such as BetterChat Enabled (true)
    Randomize Npc Item Skins (true) - Skins npc outfits
    Include Workshop Skins (true) Preset Skin (0) Use Random Skin (true) - Skins boxes
    Loot Items
    Include Workshop Skins (true) Use Random Skin (true) - Skins items inside of boxes
    List: Partial Names (door, barricade, chair, fridge, furnace, locker, reactivetarget, rug, sleepingbag, table, vendingmachine, waterpurifier, skullspikes, skulltrophy, summer_dlc, sled) Skin Everything (true) Include Workshop Skins (true) Use Random Skin (true) - Skins deployed items
    Resources Not Moved To Cupboards (skull.human, battery.small, bone.fragments, can.beans.empty, can.tuna.empty, water.salt, water, skull.wolf) Use Day Of Week Loot (false) Do Not Duplicate Base Loot (false) Do Not Duplicate Difficulty Loot (false) Do Not Duplicate Default Loot (false) Use Stack Size Limit For Spawning Items (false)
    Allow PVP Server-Wide During Events (false) All other TruePVE settings are controlled by the plugin - no special rules are needed to use Raidable Bases
    Enabled (true) - Shows a status indicator Anchor Min (0.838 0.249) Anchor Max (0.986 0.284) Font Size (18) Panel Alpha (1.0) Panel Color (000000) PVP Color (FF0000) PVE Color (008000) Show Containers Left (false) Show Time Left (true)
    Buyable UI
    Enabled (true) - Allows players to buy raids through a UI - DO NOT PUT IN STORE OR SHOPS Anchor Min (0.522 0.136) Anchor Max (0.639 0.372) Panel Color (000000) Panel Alpha (0.0) Button Alpha (1.0) Text Color (FFFFFF) Use Contrast Colors For Text Color (false) Use Difficulty Colors For Buttons (false) X Button Color (497CAF) Easy Button Color (497CAF) Medium Button Color (497CAF) Hard Button Color (497CAF) Expert Button Color (497CAF) Nightmare Button Color (497CAF)
    Enabled (true) - Shows lockout timers for each difficulty (expert/nightmare not implemented) Easy Anchor Min (0.838 0.285) Easy Anchor Max (0.883 0.320) Medium Anchor Min (0.893 0.285) Medium Anchor Max (0.936 0.320) Hard Anchor Min (0.946 0.285) Hard Anchor Max (0.986 0.320) Expert Anchor Min (0.838 0.325) Expert Anchor Max (0.883 0.365) Nightmare Anchor Min (0.893 0.325) Nightmare Anchor Max (0.936 0.365) Panel Alpha (1.0)
    Fog Machine Allows Motion Toggle (true) Fog Machine Requires A Power Source (true) SamSite Repairs Every X Minutes (0.0 = disabled) (5.0) SamSite Range (350.0 = Rust default) (75.0)
    Infinite Ammo
    AutoTurret (true) FlameTurret (true) FogMachine (true) GunTrap (true) SamSite (true)
    AutoTurret (256) FlameTurret (256) FogMachine (5) GunTrap (128) SamSite (24)
    Tesla Coil
    Requires A Power Source (true) Max Discharge Self Damage Seconds (0 = None) 120 = Rust default) (0.0) Max Damage Output (35.0)
    Difficulty (0 = easy, 1 = medium, 2 = hard, 3 = expert, 4 = nightmare) (0) Additional Bases For This Difficulty (default) - A list of bases to use within this profile Paste Options (default) - Paste options specific to the profiles filename if it is also a base Profile Enabled (true)- Useful for disabling a profile instead of deleting it Add Code Lock To Unlocked Or KeyLocked Doors (true) Add Code Lock To Boxes (false) Add Code Lock To Tool Cupboards (false) Close Open Doors With No Door Controller Installed (true) Allow Duplicate Items (false) - [Explained above] Allow Players To Pickup Deployables (false) - [Explained above] Allow Players To Deploy A Cupboard (true)- [Explained above] Allow PVP (true) Allow Friendly Fire (Teams) (true) Amount Of Items To Spawn (30) - [Explained above] Flame Turret Health (300.0) Block Plugins Which Prevent Item Durability Loss (false) - Force items to take condition losses Block Damage Outside Of The Dome To Players Inside (false) - Prevent damage from outside of the dome to players inside of the dome Block Damage Outside Of The Dome To Bases Inside (false) - Prevent damage from outside of the dome to the base inside Block Damage Inside From Npcs To Players Outside (false) Building Blocks Are Immune To Damage (false) Boxes Are Invulnerable (false) Spawn Silently (No Notifcation, No Dome, No Map Marker) (false) Divide Loot Into All Containers (true) - [Explained above] Drop Container Loot X Seconds After It Is Looted (0.0) - [Explained above] Drop Container Loot Applies Only To Boxes And Cupboards (true) - [Explained above] Create Dome Around Event Using Spheres (0 = disabled, recommended = 5) (5) - A visible dome for players to distinguish raid bases from player bases Empty All Containers Before Spawning Loot (true) - [Explained above] Eject Corpses From Enemy Raids (Advanced Users Only) (true) - Prevents corpses from remaining inside of a raid when it becomes private and prevents the user from looting it Eject Enemies From Purchased PVE Raids (true) - Useful when Lock Raid To Buyer And Friends is enabled Eject Enemies From Purchased PVP Raids (false) Eject Enemies From Locked PVE Raids (true) - Useful when Lock Treasure To First Attacker is enabled Eject Enemies From Locked PVP Raids (false) Explosion Damage Modifier (0-999) (100.0) - Modify the damage of all explosives Force All Boxes To Have Same Skin (true) Ignore Containers That Spawn With Loot Already (false) - [Explained above] Protection Radius (50.0) Require Cupboard Access To Loot (false) - [Explained above] Respawn Npc X Seconds After Death (0.0) - Useful in simulating a real raid where players respawn Skip Treasure Loot And Use Loot In Base Only (false) - [Explained above] Always Spawn Base Loot Table (false) - [Explained above] -

    Arena Walls
    Enabled (true) Extra Stacks (1) - How many times you want walls to stack on top of one another Use Stone Walls (true) Use Iced Walls (false) Use Least Amount Of Walls (true) Use UFO Walls (false) - Walls spawn horizontally instead of vertically Radius (25.0)
    NPC Levels
    Level 1 - Play With Fire - Harmless fire aura rotates around npcs randomly Amount (0 = disabled) (0) Chance To Play (0.5) Level 2 - Final Death (false) - Respawns all npcs when raid is completed
    Enabled (true) Murderer Items (metal.facemask, metal.plate.torso, pants, tactical.gloves, boots.frog, tshirt, machete) Scientist Items (hazmatsuit_scientist, rifle.ak) Murderer Kits (murderer_kit_1, murderer_kit_2) - Kits have priority over these lists of items Scientist Kits (scientist_kit_1, scientist_kit_2) Random Names (none) - Spawn with a custom random name instead of a provided random name Amount To Spawn (3) Aggression Range (70.0) - Aggression range is increased by 250 meters when engaged Despawn Inventory On Death (true) Health For Murderers (100 min, 5000 max) (150.0) Health For Scientists (100 min, 5000 max) (150.0) Minimum Amount To Spawn (1) Use Dangerous Treasures NPCs (false) - Tells Dangerous Treasures to control and outfit the NPCs instead Spawn Murderers And Scientists (true) Scientist Weapon Accuracy (0 - 100) (30.0) - These bots are meant to be savages. 30% is average for highly skilled players, while the average player has 10-20% accuracy Spawn Murderers (false) Spawn Random Amount (false) Spawn Scientists Only (false)
    Economics Money (0.0) - How much is rewarded after a raid. Overridden by Divide Rewards Among All Raiders ServerRewards Points (0) Change Building Material Tier To
    Wooden (false) - Useful for upgrading or downgrading buildings automatically Stone (false) Metal (false) HQM (false)
    Auto Turrets
    Aim Cone (5.0) Minimum Damage Modifier (1.0) Maximum Damage Modifier (1.0) Start Health (1000.0) Sight Range (30.0) Set Hostile (False = Do Not Set Any Mode) (true) Requires Power Source (false) Remove Equipped Weapon (false) Weapon To Equip When Unequipped (null = Do Not Equip) (rifle.ak)
    raidablebases.allow -- Allows player to use the available ADMIN commands. This is NOT recommended as players can use the commands 'buyraid' and 'rb' already. raidablebases.canbypass permission (or to be flying) to bypass dome restrictions (this previously worked for admins, but now requires the permission instead) raidablebases.blockbypass permission to bypass Owning More Than One Raid settings for Clans/Friends/Teams raidablebases.mapteleport Teleporting to map marker now simply requires this permission and to be enabled in config raidablebases.ddraw allows support for FauxAdmin users raidablebases.config allows use of the rb.config command in-game (server console does not require this permission) raidablebases.banned bans the user from entering any raids - DO NOT GIVE THIS TO THE DEFAULT GROUP LOL
    This plugin creates it's own spawn points automatically, which cover the entirety of your server's map when the plugin is loaded. This is created one-time when the plugin loads. The grid maintains itself without requiring any input.
    You may view the grid by typing /rb grid in-game to view detailed drawings of all locations on the grid.
    X - green - possible spawn point
    X - Red - currently in use
    C - Cyan - construction detected nearby
    TC - yellow - TC detected nearby
    W - blue - water depth is too high - refreshes on ocean level change
    Each location on the grid is checked a second time before spawning a base to insure it does not spawn the base on players or their buildings.
    You can disable using the grid by providing a valid spawn file for each raid type (buyable, maintained, scheduled and manual).

    buyraid - buys a raid, eg: buyraid easy, buyraid easy steamid, buyraid 0, buyraid 0 steamid. I suggest typing the command and using the UI to buy bases. rb - for players to see the ladder (also for admins to see the status of each raid going on, which includes showing the allies and owners of each raid) rb ui [lockouts|status] - toggle ui on/off, or optional the lockouts or status   For admins, or players with the admin permission raidablebases.allow:   rb grid - see the grid and all monument names rb resettime - reset the time for the next scheduled event rbe - spawns a base at the position you are looking at. You cannot spawn a base on a player (including yourself) rbe draw - draw the raids radius rbe despawn - despawn a base near you rbe despawnall - despawn all bases rbe [basename] [difficulty] - spawn a raid at the location you are looking at rbe expire steamid|playername - removes a lockout for a specific player rbe expireall rbevent [basename] [difficulty] - spawn a raid randomly on the map - and teleport to it if using the command in-game rb.reloadconfig - allows you to reload the config without needing to reload the plugin. Some changes are not applied immediately, and no changes are retroactive to bases that are already spawned. rb.config - allows you to edit the config by adding, removing, and listing bases. Requires the permission raidablebases.config when not being used from the server console. rb.toggle - toggles Maintained Events and Scheduled Events on/off, if enabled in the config, until plugin reloads rbe setowner name - Sets the player as the owner of the raid rbe clearowner - Clears the owner of the raid Additional Bases allows you to add additional files to an existing base so that all bases in that list share the same configuration as the primary base/profile. This is great for setting up a list of bases for easy, medium, hard, expert and nightmare.
    Command rb.populate will populate specific loot tables with every item in the game (items are disabled by default as their amounts are set to 0)
    Arguments: rb.populate easy medium hard expert nightmare loot all Arguments: rb.populate 0 1 2 3 4 loot all   easy - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Easy.json medium - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Medium.json hard - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Hard.json expert - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Expert.json nightmare - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Nightmare.json loot - Populates oxide/data/RaidableBases/Editable_Lists/Default_Loot.json all - Populates ALL above loot tables Configure the items to your liking then copy the files contents into a loot table that you would like to use (for example Difficulty Loot/Easy.json) You cannot use loot tables in the config file anymore. Use the data directory (oxide/data/RaidableBases)
    No return behavior:
    void OnRaidableBaseStarted(Vector3 raidPos, int mode, float loadingTime) void OnRaidableBaseEnded(Vector3 raidPos, int mode, float loadingTime) void OnPlayerEnteredRaidableBase(BasePlayer player, Vector3 raidPos, bool allowPVP) void OnPlayerExitedRaidableBase(BasePlayer player, Vector3 raidPos, bool allowPVP)
    Players will be considered raiders after looting, killing an npc, using explosives, eco raiding, destroying a building block/high wall/door or dealing damage from INSIDE of the dome You must change easybase1, mediumbase2, expertbase3, etc to the name of your CopyPaste files, or vis-versa. This plugin doesn't create bases for you. You can use the rb.config command (rb.config add "easy bases" easybase1 easybase2 0) in the server console to make this process easier. You can rename all profiles or additional base filenames. When copying a base with CopyPaste, make certain that you copy the base from eye level of the foundation outside of the base. I would not change autoheight from false to true. Do not change stability to true, as it may cause your base to crumble. height is the distance the base is spawned off of the ground. elevation determines how flat the surrounding terrain must be in order for bases to spawn on it Scheduled Events is how often you want a random base to spawn on the map. This is disabled by default. This randomness comes from Every Min Seconds and Every Max Seconds Maintain Events will always spawn the Max Events amount of bases on your map. This is disabled by default. When one despawns, another will take its place shortly after. Allow Teleport will prevent players from teleporting when disabled. Compatible with NTeleportation or any plugin that uses the CanTeleport hook. Help
    This plugin does NOT use Zone Manager - it creates and manages everything on its own. If you are having issues with too few locations on the grid, or each attempt to spawn a base returns a manual spawn was already requested then it is likely because of how you have setup Zone Manager. You either have far too many zones, or you have zones which are far too large. Raidable Bases will not spawn in these zones unless the ZoneID is added to Allowed Zone Manager Zones in the config file. Do not put this plugin in your store/shop. It simply is not designed to work with it. There are far too many cooldowns to make this idea plausible, and the plugin cannot function properly without them. Using /buyraid will open a UI designed specifically for this issue. This plugin requires CopyPaste plugin to work. It also requires that you have copypaste files already made. Raidable bases will be spawned using the CopyPaste plugin. This plugin does NOT come with any bases. PvE server friendly with TruePVE and other plugins that support the hooks CanEntityTakeDamage, CanEntityBeTargeted, and CanEntityTrapTrigger. Bases can have 5 difficulty settings: 0 for easy, 1 for medium, 2 for hard, 3 for expert, and 4 for nightmare. This is configurable per profile. Bases can spawn on roads and other areas that do not allow building by Rust. Building ladders in these areas is allowed by the plugin. I will add support for building twig later. My bases often spawn in the same biome If you're having issues with spawn points being repeatedly used, or with a biome being favored consistently over other biomes then this is an elevation issue with the terrain on your map. You can fix this by increasing the Elevation in the configuration. For example, if your Elevation is 1.0 then set it to 1.5 and try again. This will also increase the height the base is allowed to spawn off of the ground. With certain maps you'll just have to make do with this issue. Corpses appear outside of the dome as backpacks This is intended, and it is optional. The location is drawn on the players screen to notify them that their corpse moved. This allows players to retrieve their backpack in the event that the raid becomes locked privately to another player, and prevents them from entering. Players do not drop their active item when they die.

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  8. $35.00 $29.99

    Lock Me Up - Handcuffs

    Lock Up the nasty players! Admins or players with permissions will have the ability to spawn handcuffs and use them to lock up victims or npc's while also giving them the ability to escort or loot their target. This system was heavily inspired by the Rustoria/OTV developers.
    Equip the handcuff item in your belt and make sure it's selected, go near a player/npc and hold E button.
    Current Futures Include (check the config bellow as well)
    Support for permissions Handcuff item type, skin & stack are changeble Handcuffed player can be looted Handcuffed player can be escorted - By Foot - In Vehicle Ground/Air/Water - Dragged behind the Vehicle with adjustable distance NPCs can be handcuffed as well (all the above apply) Adjustable on handcuff time Option to cancel on spotted Option to escort the player floating or stick to ground Inventory slots can be locked on handcuffed Handcuff message changable Adjustable access to locked player Adjustable lock/cuff protection Configurable blocked Chat & Console commands for handcuffed players Handcuff item stack can be made unlimited Option to unlock player on warden death Option to keep victim locked on death Option to change victim clothes on handcuff More futures may be taken in consideration after they are suggested and discussed.
    Commands [Chat & Console]
    cuff _all|PlayerName|SteamID - Lock the target through a Server Console or F1 Console command (Admin Only)
    (Chat: /hcuffs | Console hcuffs) ~
    ~ /hcuffs _self Amount - Give yourself handcuffs (Chat only)
    ~ /hcuffs PlayerName|SteamID Amount - Give the target player handcuffs
    ~ /hcuffs _all Amount - Give everyone in the server handcuffs (Admin Only)
    /lock - Lock|Unlock yourself
    :: Example Command for Server Rewards: hcuffs $player.id 1
    Check if target is Restrained
    Restrain Player - For self-restrain use player as attacker
    Unrestrain Player 
    - save = Saves the player into the data, usually used when player disconnect
    - ride = Additional checks for players inside a vehicle
    Default Config
    Config is pretty much self explementary.

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  9. $1.00


    StartingPoint is a simple method of setting a single spawn point.
    Teleports new players to Start Point on spawn.
    Simple command to set spawn point.
    Automatic Zone creation when enabled.
    Automatic data clear on map change.
    Provision to give a certain kit on player spawn.
    Ability to set it as global spawn for all players new or old.
    Provision to force players to skip DeathScreen.
    Optional Dependencies
    Zone Manager << Required to use Zone Functions.
    Kits << Required For Kits Functions
    StartingPoint.Admin << Required to set spawn point.
    /EnableStart << Toggles the StartPoint Enabled Variable in config (to be used after Start Point is set
    /SetStart << In game sets the spawn point (Start Point) and updates config.
    WipeStart << In Console clears the data file which resets the initial spawns.
    The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the startingpoint.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors.
    { "StartPoint Enabled true/false": false, "StartPoint Location": { "x": 28.01832, "y": 1.85290134, "z": 968.511536 }, "AutoRespawn true/false": false, "Only Spawn at SpawnPoint true/false": false, "Give Kit On Spawn true/false": false, "KitName": "AutoKit", "Zone On StartPoint true/false": false, "Zone Radius": 5, "Zone Flags": "pvpgod, noplayerloot", "Use Messages true/false": true, "Enter Message": "This is a <color=#ff0000>NO</color> PVP Spawn!", "Exit Message": "Flying the nest, Good Luck", "Spawn Building Load Timer(Increase if building around Spawn isnt spawning in time)": 4.0 } Zone Manager is required to use Zone Functions.
    Use Messages needs to be true to use the Enter and Exit Message function
    color tags are usable in the Enter and Exit Messages but must be in hex format.
    If "Only Spawn at SpawnPoint true/false" Is set to true please ensure you clear the DataFiles for Starting Point with WipeStart in console as players that have already died will continue to spawn as normal.

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  10. $30.00

    Abandoned Bases New

    Allows bases to become raidable when all players in a base become inactive.
    Compatible with TruePVE and NextGenPVE servers.
    Abandoned Bases checks each building on the server in order to determine which bases are inactive. Bases become inactive when all players authorized on the tool cupboard have been offline for the configured amount of days. When a base becomes inactive there are one of two outcomes.
    1.) It will be immediately destroyed if it does not meet the configured minimum requirements.
    2) It will become raidable for a configurable period of time, and when the time expires the base will be destroyed.
    Each zone has a map marker, allows PVP and is surrounded by a dome that protects it from being attacked from the outside. Players who zone hop will be flagged with a PVP delay where they can still be attacked for a configurable amount of time.
    Command /sar - converts a base into an abandoned base (requires abandonedbases.convert permission) - this can be used on any base that you are authorized to and will cause the base to be destroyed when the timer expires
    Command /sab - starts a manual check for each building on the server in order to determine which bases are inactive (requires abandonedbases.admin permission)
    Purge Settings
    Permission - The permission to use with this setting Lifetime (Days) - The amount of time in days before a base is considered abandoned. Set to none to not consider players with this permission as inactive. Comes with 3 configured permissions and lifetime days by default Abandoned Settings
    Blacklisted Commands (command1, command2, command3) - Commands players are not allowed using at a raid or marked with PVP delay Marker Name (Minutes) (Abandoned Player Base [{time}m]) - Text shown on map marker for minutes Marker Name (Seconds) (Abandoned Player Base [{time}s]) - Text shown on map marker for seconds Foundations Required (4) - Minimum amount of foundations required to become raidable Walls Required (3) - Minimum amount of walls required to become raidable Sphere Amount (10) - Increase to darken the dome, or decrease to brighten it Sphere Radius (50) - How big the dome is in meters Use Dynamic Sphere Radius (false) - Allow the dome to detect the best dome size Max Dynamic Radius (75.0) - How maximum size of the dynamic radius PVP Delay (15.0) - The amount of time in seconds that players can take damage after leaving the dome Despawn Timer (1800.0) - The amount of time in seconds that players have to finish the raid Reset Despawn Timer When Base Is Attacked (true) - When enabled this will reset the above despawn timer back to 1800 seconds by default Backpacks Can Be Opened (true) - When enabled players will be allowed to open their backpacks while inside of the dome Backpacks Can Be Looted By Anyone (false) - Bypass PreventLooting plugin and allow backpacks to be lootable if enabled Corpses Can Be Looted By Anyone (true) - Bypass PreventLooting plugin and allow backpacks to be lootable if enabled Allow PVP (true) - Allows PVP while inside of the dome, and when flagged with a PVP delay Run Once On Server Startup (false) - Check for abandoned bases immediately after server startup is complete Run Every X Seconds (0.0) - The time in seconds to check for each building on the server in order to determine which bases are inactive Kill Inactive Sleepers (false) - When enabled players with a permission from purge settings will be executed when they are offline for the configured amount of lifetime days

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  11. $5.00

    Me Actions New

    The /me command allows you to display a specific action above the head of a player. It’s particularly used for actions that couldn’t have been done in game in a roleplay context.
    { "CONFIG": { "» Message duration (seconds)": 10, "» Message size": 20, "» Message color": "#ce422b", "» Message pattern": "* {message} *", "» Message in capital letters ?": true, "» Display range": 15.0 }, "CHAT": { "» Chat Command": "me", "» Chat Prefix message": "Roleplay Message", "» Chat prefix size": 18, "» Chat prefix color": "#ce422b" }, "VERSION": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 1 } }  

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  12. $15.00


    A radio system to talk with the players on the same frequency.

    IMPORTANT NOTE : If you active option [» Work only radio item in inventory ?].  See ITEM MANAGER (bottom of description)

    - Choose a radio frequency between 1 and 9999 - Transmit your voice - Receive the voice of others, even if you are on the other side of the map. - A very beautiful UI - Force roleplay (option). The player must have a custom item (radio) in his inventory for the radio to work. He must also have the item in his hands and maintain the primary attack in order to activate the microphone.  
    BIND (Only needed if [» Work only radio item in inventory ?] option is false)
    When you speak with the V key your voice will be transmitted if the radio microphone is ON. To switch between the use modes and ask your players to use the bind mode, use the ideal bind location "B"  
    bind b radio_statement  
    For change the radio frequency or disable radio  
    PERMISSIONS (Only needed if [» Work only radio item in inventory ?] option is false)
    { "1. CONFIG": { "» Chat Command": "radio", "» Chat Prefix message": "RADIO", "» Chat prefix size": 18, "» Chat prefix color": "#ce422b", "» Work only radio item in inventory ?": false }, "2. VERSION": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 1 } }  
    To give you the item you can use the CNewItemManager (the default configuration of the radio in this plugin doesn't have the same basic item, you have to change it).
    Your custom items parameters :
    shortname: rf.detonator skinID: 2067425750  

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  13. Free


    Simple plugin which attaches power requirements to the Rust refrigerator along with optional food decay.
    To power the fridge you will need to locate a point around the middle of the fridge from the front.  Yes, the heater.

    { 2 "Settings": { 3 "branding": "Frigidaire", 4 "decay": false, 5 "foodDecay": 0.98, 6 "timespan": 600.0, "blockpickup": true, "blocklooting": false 7 }, 8 "Version": { 9 "Major": 1, 10 "Minor": 0, 11 "Patch": 2 12 } branding -- Fridge name, shown only in GUI upon opening fridge decay -- If true, food inside an unpowered fridge will decay over time. If false, the next two configs will be unimportant. foodDecay -- Percentage of food left behind on each stack at each timespan. The default of 0.98 should decrement by 2% on each run. timespan -- How often to process food items in an unpowered fridge blockPickup -- If true, block picking up fridge if powered. blockLooting -- If true, block looting when fridge is NOT powered.

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  14. $15.00


    For a more RP immersion, your inventory is the backpack.

    I had created this plugin for my roleplay server. This project having been abandoned due to lack of time, and not wanting to invest any more on rust, I propose it to you if some people want a more "role play" approach of backpacks. 
    Your inventory is automatically locked. You only have 6 spaces left in your quick inventory. - 4 backpacks are available to unlock an additional 6 spaces. (default bag (+6), third party bag 1 (+12), third party bag 2 (+18), third party bag 3 (full inventory access)) - The bag must be imperatively equipped on you. - When you unpack your bag, or opt for a smaller one, the exedent will be thrown on the floor. Same thing when you loot a body. If you pick up the bag first, the objects will be thrown on the ground. - The plugin automatically recognizes the backpack with its skin id.  

    Your need CNewItemManager if you want give backpack to player.


    If you want to make the item craftable, or make it spawn in crates. With alpha loot, beetloot etc...
    DEFAULT BACKPACK BASE ITEM : attire.hide.poncho SKIN : 2279263758  
    BACKPACK TIER 1 BASE ITEM : attire.hide.poncho SKIN : 2279264643  
    BACKPACK TIERS 2 BASE ITEM : attire.hide.poncho SKIN : 2279265273  
    BACKPACK TIERS 3 BASE ITEM : attire.hide.poncho SKIN : 2279265679  

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  15. $12.13


    aMAZEingPro is a Rust mini-game which allows you and your friends to enjoy amazeingly fun but confusing mazes. Included extension required.
    If the download contains extra files, named "READ ME" or "IMPORTANT", please read through since it's important notes for the version you're using.
    The plugin currently features the following:
    Extremely customizable. Asynchronous maze creation. Batch maze creation & destruction. Configurable maze sizes. Maze modes. Multiple floors. Multiplayer. Spectating mode. Host & helper player lives & respawning on trap death. Rewards: Economics and / or ServerRewards Events: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day & Easter modes. Configurable per floor:
    Posters. Traps (landmines, gun traps & bear traps). Block tier configurations (twigs, wood, stone, metal, top tier). Entrance / exit (reward box) loot configurations. Skins for entrance (small) / exit (large) storage boxes and rugs. Trap spawn chance amounts. Locked doors & gifts. NPCs: Grimstons which can make your life easier or harder, depending on the configuration.  
    The plugin currently features the following:
    (string) CreateBuilding(ulong playerId, string modeJson, Vector3 rootPosition, int seed) // Generates a maze building with the mode configuration and returns the id which can be used to destroy it. (string) CreateBuilding (ulong playerId, Mode mode, Vector3 rootPosition, int seed, bool persistent) // Generates a maze building with the mode configuration and returns the id which can be used to destroy it. (void) DestroyBuilding(ulong playerId, string buildingId) // Destroys a building with the id. (bool) IsHosting(ulong playerId) // Returns true if the player with the ID is currently hosting / playing a game. (bool) IsHelping(ulong playerId) // Returns true if the player with the ID is currently playing or is participating in someone's game. (bool) IsHelpingPlayer (ulong playerId, ulong helpedPlayer) // Returns true if a player is playing in someones' maze game. (bool) IsCooledDown(ulong playerId) // Returns true if the player with the ID is currently cooled down. (int) GetCooldown(ulong playerId) // Returns the amount in seconds of someone's cooldown. Warning: On plugin reload, the buildings created with the API (along with the running games) are going to be destroyed.
    The config comes with a few handy links, quick to access when you wanna make changes, like change the skins of small / large storage box, or need the item short-names and block tier indicators.
    { "ItemsListWebsite": "https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/", "LargeWoodenStorageBoxWorkshopWebsite": "https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=252490&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=mtxitems&requiredtags%5B%5D=Large+Wood+Box", "SmallWoodenStorageBoxWorkshopWebsite": "https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=252490&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=mtxitems&requiredtags%5B%5D=Wood+Storage+Box", "RugWorkshopWebsite": "https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=252490&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=mtxitems&requiredtags%5B%5D=Rug", "BlockTiers": "0 = Twigs, 1 = Wood, 2 = Stone, 3 = Metal, 4 = Top Tier", "GrimstonMoods": "0 = Angry, 1 = Helpful, 2 = Annoying", "WelcomeCommand": "maze", "InfoCommand": "maze.info", "PlayCommand": "maze.play", "LeaveCommand": "maze.leave", "KickCommand": "maze.kick", "InviteCommand": "maze.invite", "InviteAcceptCommand": "maze.accept", "InviteDeclineCommand": "maze.decline", "ModesCommand": "maze.modes", "LeaderboardCommand": "maze.lead", "ResetModesCommand": "maze.resetmodes", "MaximumInvites": 5, "DefaultHeight": 250.0, "BatchKillCount": 15, "BatchCreationRowCount": 5, "EnableLogging": true, "UseNPipesSignText": false, "EnablePlayerNoclip": false, "EnablePlayerNoclipLerp": true, "PlayerNoclipLerp": 4.0, "PlayerNoclipSprintMultiply": 3.0, "Themes": { "Auto": true, "Theme (0 = None, 1 = Valentine's Day, 2 = Easter, 3 = Halloween, 4 = Christmas)": 4, "Settings": { "StockingChanceAmount": 5, "StockingChanceTimes": 2, "ScarecrowChanceAmount": 5, "ScarecrowChanceTimes": 2, "RustigeChanceAmount": 5, "RustigeChanceTimes": 2 } }, "GroupCooldowns": { "admin": 0, "vip": 25, "default": 120 }, "Modes": {} }  
    To set up a mode with one or more floors, it must look something like this:
    { "DisplayName": "Easy Run", "DisplayDescription": "Fun but complicated. Don't give up too easily. There're memes for your enjoyment.", "Size": 15, "Disabled": false, "Group": "default", "EnableInvites": false, "RespawnOnFloorWherePlayerDied": true, "HostMaximumLives": 1, "HelperMaximumLives": 1, "Rewards": { "Currency (0 = Economics, 1 = ServerRewards - balance is divided by 100)": 0, "Completion Depositing Balance": 100, "Door Unlocking Depositing Balance": 5, "Losing Withdrawal Balance": 50, "Leaving Withdrawal Balance": 10 }, "Floors": [ { "EnableLanterns": true, "Grimstons": [ { "Mood": 0, "Speed": 3.0, "Health": 250.0, "Invincible": false, "SpawnPosition (0 = Entrance, 1 = Middle, 2 = Exit)": 0 } ], "Posters": { "Urls (Must be an accessible direct download link to an image - PNG or JP[E]G)": [ "https://i.redd.it/cbcz02c3wlv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/xhyxowes0gv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/y30leeu81lv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/qbo7ot73ojv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/78v3jj30hjv51.jpg" ], "PosterSpawnChanceAmount": 5, "PosterSpawnChanceTimes": 2 }, "Doors": { "DoorChanceAmount": 10, "DoorChanceTimes": 6, "DoorMaximumAmount": 7, "GiftStorageChanceAmount": 5, "GiftStorageChanceTimes": 2, "GiftStorageSkinId": 0, "WrapGifts": true, "GiftLoot": [] }, "Traps": { "EnableLandMines": false, "EnableGunTraps": true, "EnableBearTraps": false, "EnableFog (Works only if Halloween mode is enabled)": true, "GunTrapAmmoChanceAmount": 5, "GunTrapAmmoChanceTimes": 2, "GunTrapAmmoAmount": 64, "LandMineChanceAmount": 5, "LandMineChanceTimes": 2, "BearTrapChanceAmount": 5, "BearTrapChanceTimes": 2 }, "Blocks": { "RugSkinId": 0, "EntranceWallTier": 2, "ExitWallTier": 2, "WallTier": 1, "WallFrameTier": 1, "FoundationTier": 1, "FloorTier": 2 }, "Loot": { "EntranceSignFormat": "START", "EntranceStorageLoot": [], "EntranceStorageSkinId": 0, "ExitSignFormat": "FINISH\nGood job, {0}!", "ExitStorageLoot": [ { "ShortName": "scrap", "MinAmount": 500, "MaxAmount": 1000 } ], "ExitStorageSkinId": 0 } } ] }  
    Grimstons (NPCs)
    They're NPCs which join you per each floor (if configured), will share 3 different modes:
    Angry Grimston: Will hunt you down and damage you with their weapon (recommended you to set one - don't forget the ammo). Annoying Grimston: Extremely innoffensive, yet annoying enough to get in your comfort zone, and push you into traps. Helpful Grimston: It doesn't bother you, just minding his own business, on his way to the end of the maze.  
    { "Mood (0 = Angry, 1 = Helpful, 2 = Annoying)": 0, "Speed": 3.0, "Health": 1.0, "ShootRate": 0.15, "Invincible": false, "Kit": "Test", "LockClothing": false, "LockInventory": false, "LockBelt": false, "InventoryItems": [ { "MinAmount": 500, "MaxAmount": 0, "ShortName": "ammo.rifle" } ], "ClothingItems": [ { "SkinId": 1216976323, "ShortName": "metal.facemask" }, { "SkinId": 2030079828, "ShortName": "pants" }, { "SkinId": 2030078205, "ShortName": "hoodie" }, { "SkinId": 494043029, "ShortName": "shoes.boots" } ], "BeltItems": [ { "SkinId": 0, "ShortName": "rifle.ak" } ], "SpawnPosition (0 = Entrance, 1 = Middle, 2 = Exit)": 0 }  
    Here are all the permissions you can use:
    aMAZEingPro.play: Allows anyone to start a new maze. Invited players do not require this permission. aMAZEingPro.admin: Allows anyone to execute [admin command]s.  
    Here are all the commands you can use:
    Welcome: /maze by default, will print some information about this plugin, including the commands. It'll open the HUD for aMAZEingCUI if you have it installed. Info: /maze.info by default, will print some information the current game the player's playing, including mode information. Play: /maze.play by default, [1/2/3 or mazeId (easy, hard, etc.)] will start a game with the specified maze id or index. Leave: /maze.leave by default, will make a player or a helper teleport back to where they were. If the same player started the maze, the maze will be destroyed. Invite: /maze.invite by default, will invite another player if you're already in a maze. They'll be secretly notified about it, where they can: Accept: /maze.accept by default, [none or playerName] will accept a request to help a player to the maze. Accepting without having any input, will accept any games that the player's been requested to. Decline: /maze.decline by default, [none or playerName] will decline a request to help a player to the maze. Declining without having any input, will decline any games that the player's been requested to. Kick: /maze.kick by default, [playerName] will kick a helper player from a player's game. Modes: /maze.modes by default, will print a list of all the maze modes a player can play in. Leaderboard: /maze.lead by default, will print a list of all the maze modes with top 5 players best completion times. Reset Modes: /maze.resetmodes by default [admin command], will reset the configuration.  
    To properly set up the plugin, please make sure you executed the following steps:
    Step 1
    Place Humanlights.System.dll in the RustDedicated_Data/Managed folder.
    Step 2
    Put aMAZEingPro.cs within the oxide/plugins folder.
    Step 3
    If you want everyone to be able to play the mini-game, use oxide.grant group default aMAZEingPro.play or replace default with admin, vip or any group you want.
    The plugin currently depends on the following plugins:
    ZoneManager by k1lly0u SignArtist by Whispers88 Vanish by Whispers88 HumanNPC by Ts3hosting The following are optional but highly recommended plugin dependencies:
    TruePVE by nivex HelpText by Calytic ServerRewards by k1lly0u Economics by Wulf Rust Kits by Whispers88  
    If you have any ideas or feedback you wanna give me, please comment down below.

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  16. $15.00


    This plugin allows for easy and fast whitelisting and blacklisting players for individual permissions! This plugin can be used for moded servers, but is ideal for event oriented servers. The plugin comes with a discord integration to record all actions done by the plugin through the UI!
    Unlike other whitelisting plugins, MassWhitelist has a complete UI to make all actions user friendly. The following actions can be done through the UI:
    Create New Permission Add Whitelisted players Remove Whitelisted players Add Blacklisted players Remove Blacklisted players Clear all players in both lists Remove Permission The amount of permissions you can create is endless (I created more than 40 to test).
    The MassWhitelist also has the functionality to make a:
    Server join permission: Players that are not whitelist can not join (It will not allow the user to download the .map!) Revoke on Unload: When the plugin is unloaded all the players whitelisted to that permission will no longer have it! The plugin comes with hooks for every action so that there can be good communication between plugins, and a full range of chat commands in case one does not feel like using the UI.
    Important! This plugin uses Image Library to optimize the handling of images! You can download Image Library from: https://umod.org/plugins/image-library
    /masswhitelist --> Opens the UI /newperm <name> <true/false> <true/false> --> Generates a new permission with the name, the first true/false is for a server join setting, and the second true/false is for the revoke on unload setting /addWhitelist <name> <id list> or /addwl <name> <id list> --> Adds a list of id's into the whitelist of permission name! Yes, you can copy paste a list! /whitelistplayer <name> <id> or /wlpl <name> <id> --> Adds a single player to the whitelist of permission name! /addblacklist <name> <id list> or /addbl <name> <id list> --> Adds a list of id's into the blacklist of permission name! Yes, you can copy paste a list! /blacklistplayer <name> <id> or /blpl <name> <id> --> Adds a single player to the blacklist of permission name! /unblacklistplayer <name> <id> or /unblpl <name> <id> --> Removes a single player to the blacklist of permission name! /unwhitelistplayer <name> <id> or /unwlpl <name> <id> --> Removes a single player to the whitelist of permission name! /removeblacklist <name> <id list> or /rembl <name> <id list> --> Removes a list of id's from the blacklist of permission name! Yes, you can copy paste a list! /removewhitelist <name> <id list> or /remwl <name> <id list> --> Removes a list of id's from the whitelist of permission name! Yes, you can copy paste a list! /revokeall <name> or /revall <name>  --> Removes all id's from both the whitelist and blacklist /removeperm <name> or /remperm <name>  --> Removes the permission from the server Discord
    The plugin comes with a discord integration that sends an embed into the channel of your choice! This allows for a log of what has been done and by who. Be aware that it might spam that channel if players are whitelisted/blacklisted individually!
    To make the discord integration work you just have to add the discord webhook into the config file
    If the hook returns a string it is due to an error! If the hooks worked properly it will return a boolean.
    object AddNewPermission(string PermName, List<ulong> whitelist, List<ulong> blacklist, bool ServerPerm, bool remove) object AddWhiteList(string PermName, List<ulong> whitelist) object AddWhiteListPlayer(string PermName, ulong PlayerID) object AddBlackList(string name, List<ulong> blacklist) object AddBlackListPlayer(string PermName, ulong PlayerID) object RemoveBlackListPlayer(string PermName, ulong PlayerID) object RemoveWhiteListPlayer(string PermName, ulong PlayerID) object RemoveBlackList(string name, List<ulong> blacklist) object RemoveWhiteList(string PermName, List<ulong> whitelist) object MassRevokePermission(string PermName) object RemovePermission(string PermName) Default Config
    If for some reason you manage to break the config file, you can use this default config:
    "Permission List": [
    "permission": "masswhitelist.server",
    "whitelisted": [],
    "blacklisted": [],
    "serverjoin": true,
    "RevokeOnUnload": false
    "Discord Webhook": "",
    "Discord Color": "#FF8F00"

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  17. Free


    BotSpawn spawns a set number of Rust AI bots at chosen monuments.
    It also supports bots at server airdrops, supply drops, biomes, custom locations, and 'toplayer' by chat command.
    Offers Facepunch default scientist, murderers, with additional customisation options, including kits.

    BotSpawn allows storage of sets of data files.
    Each set has a prefix in their names and a specific set is loaded by setting this prefix in config - DataPrefix = "NameHere",
    Default locations are generated automatically and their settings are held in /oxide/data/BotSpawn/prefix-DefaultProfiles.json. Custom location are added by chat-command and their settings are held in /oxide/data/BotSpawn/prefix-CustomProfiles.json.  
    Recent updates notes.
    The way custom spawn points are stored changed in V2.1.2.
    The change means three main things.
    1: You will have to remove and re-add all your custom spawn points.
    2: If you're using Parent_Monument with custom spawn points, those custom spawn points will now automatically relocate each wipe.
    I.E. You will no longer have to set them up from scratch every wipe.
    3: If you're using Parent_Monument with custom spawn points, Parent_Monument must be set (and botspawn reloaded) before adding custom spawn points.
    If you change Parent_Monument, or set it later, all custom spawn points will need removed and re-done.
    Optional dependencies -
    Kits CustomLoot Permissions.
    botspawn.allowed - Required for non-admin use Console commands.
    bot.count - Displays the number of live BotSpawn npcs in console. bots.count - Displays the number of live BotSpawn npcs in console, listed by profile name. botspawn spawn <profilename> - Spawns additional out-of-population npcs, for the given profile. botspawn kill <profilename> - Kills any out-of-population npcs, for the given profile. botspawn.toplayer <playername> <profilename> - Spawns bots from given profile at given player. botspawn.addspawn - for keybinding botspawn.removespawn - for keybinding botspawn.info - Display profile name of the npc you're looking at  

    General notes.
    BotSpawn maintains population based on number of "Bots" in a profile.
    NPCs spawned for airdrops or by 'spawn' or 'toplayer' commands, or by calls from other plugins
    are not considered part of the population and will no respawn on death.

    Without Kits default Scientists/Murders will have nothing in their corpse inventory
    except default Rust random loot - No weapons or clothes.

    All BotSpawn options will govern BotSpawn bots, only.
    The only exception is "NPCs_Attack_BotSpawn" option which prevents outside npcs from attacking BotSpawners.
    "DataPrefix": "default", (tells BotSpawn which data files to load) "DayStartHour": 8, "NightStartHour": 20, "NPCs_Attack_BotSpawn": false, "HTNs_Attacks_BotSpawn": false,(Scarecrows etc npcs will ignore botspawn npcs.) "BotSpawn_Attacks_NPCs": false, "APC_Safe": true, "Turret_Safe": true, "Animal_Safe": true, "Supply_Enabled": false, (spawn 'airdrop' bots for user-called supplys) "Remove_BackPacks_Percent": 100 is always : 0 is never. "Remove_KeyCard": true, (any keycards in bot default loot will be destroyed) "Ignore_HumanNPC": true, (ignore 'bots' from HumanNPCCore plugin) "Ignore_HTN": true/false (botspawn npcs will ignore scarecrows etc.), "Ignore_Sleepers": true/false, "Pve_Safe": true, (bots will not be injured by fire/barbs, etc.) "Max_Chute_Wind_Speed": 100 "Max_Chute_Fall_Speed": 100 "Staggered_Despawn": false "PeaceKeepers_Ignore_Melee": false  
    *'BotSpawn' are npcs spawned by this plugin.
    *'NPCs' are npcsb spawned by any other means.

    Note - The 'Attacks' global options are preventative.
    False = disable : True = default behaviour.
    Chat commands.
    /botspawn add <customname> - Add a custom profile at your location /botspawn remove <customname> - Remove a custom profile at your location /botspawn move <existingname> - Relocate a custom profile to your location /botspawn list - Show all custom location names /botspawn toplayer <playername> <profilename> - Spawns npcs near player, using specified profile settings. /botspawn info - Tells you the profile name of the npc you're looking at. /botspawn spawn <profilename> - Spawns additional out-of-population npcs, for the given profile. /botspawn kill <profilename> - Kills any out-of-population npcs, for the given profile. /botspawn reload <profilename> - Reloads a specific profile, reading any data file changes, without reloading the whole plugin. For custom spawn points.
    /botspawn edit <existingname> - Show, and begin editing custom spawn points. /botspawn show <duration> - show custom spawn points for profile being edited, for X seconds. /botspawn addspawn - Adds your current location to the spawns for the profile you're editing. /botspawn removespawn - Removes the last-added custom spawn point. /botspawn removespawn <number> - Removes a specific custom spawn point, by number. /botspawn movespawn <number> - Moves a specific custom spawn point, by number. Note: You will need to edit data/BotSpawn.json and set AutoSpawn: "true", as well as any other customisations.
    Default locations.
    HackableLockedCrate Monuments All major monuments are automatically detected and numbered 0/1/2 to allow multiples.
    HackableLockedCrate profile does not apply to the oilrig crates, or crates spawned by BotSpawn.
    Arid Temperate Tundra Arctic Note: Radius is irrelevant for biomes Each bot spawns at a random position within the relevant biome.
    Options per-profile.
    The following options will be listed once in your data json for each location.
    The only essential setting is AutoSpawn : True. Everything else is preference.
    AutoSpawn - true/false. Murderer - True/False.
    Spawns the 'running zombie' murderer prefab instead of Scientist. Bot Names - [], See below. Bot Name Prefix - eg "NPC". Keep_Default_Loadout - true/false.
    Keeps Scientist/Murderer attire and weapons, in addition to your custom kits. Kit - [], See below. Day_Time_Spawn_Amount - 0. Night_Time_Spawn_Amount - 0. Radius - 200 - Size of the area in which bots will spawn. Roam_Range - 40. Chute - true/false. Stationary - true/false - Allows CustomSpawnPoints npcs to exist off navmesh; They will aim and fire but will not move. UseCustomSpawns - true/false. ChangeCustomSpawnOnDeath - true/false - Killed npc will spawn at his original spawnpoint, or a random one. Announce_Spawn - true/false. Announcement_Text - "Custom text here.". Bot Health - 100 is default. Value can exceed 100. Bot_Accuracy_Percent 100 is most accurate. Bot_Damage_Percent (dealt)- 100 is greatest amount of damage. Aggro_Range - 30. DeAggro_Range - 40. Peace_Keeper- true/false
    Bots ignore you if you have no projectile/fire weapon drawn.
    Melee will do no damage to bots. Peace_Keeper_CoolDown - 5 (seconds).
    Once aggravated, bots will remain hostile towards you for this period, even if you put away your weapon. Attacks_Other_Profiles - true/false.* Suicide_Timer - 300 seconds.** Die_Instantly_From_Headshot - true/false. Instant_Death_From_Headshot_Allowed_Weapons - Shortprefabnames - See below Weapon_Drop_Percent - 100 is always : 0 is never. Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent - 50(%). Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent - 100(%). Wipe_Belt_Percent - 100 is always : 0 is never.. Wipe_Clothing_Percent - 100 is always : 0 is never. Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent - 100 is always : 0 is never. Spawn_Hackable_Death_Crate - true/false - spawns hackable crate at npc corpse. Death_Crate_CustomLoot_Profile - "CustomLootProfileName. Death_Crate_LockDuration - 600. Disable_Radio - true/false. Running_Speed_Boost - 0.0 is default. Values of even 1.0 or 2.0 will make a big difference. AlwaysUseLights - true/false (ignore time of day) Corpse_Duration: 60 (Seconds) Respawn_Timer - 60 (Seconds). For custom profiles only
    Location - Data only - Do not change manually. Parent_Monument - eg "Dome" Maintains position relative to parent after map seed change.  
    * Murderers will never attack murderers but murd V sci and sci V sci will work fine.
    ** Prevents long term build up of airdrop and toplayer bots.
    ** Does not apply to re-spawning regular bots.

    Kits, Names, and Headshot weapons should be formatted as follows:
    ["kit1"], for single or ["kit1", "kit2", "kit3"], for many.
    ["name1"], for single or ["name1", "name2", "name3"], for many.
    ["lr300.entity"], for single or [ "lr300.entity", "m92.entity" ], for many.

    If there are multiple entries BotSpawn will randomly pick one from the list.
    If the number of kits is equal to the number of bots, BotSpawn will always pair them together in sequence.
    Random names are generated for any blank entries - ["one", "", "three"],.
    Single instance calls.
    These will not respawn (like "toplayer" bots) location is your intended target, profileName is taken from BotSpawn (config or data), and group should be made up and assigned by the user.
    string[] AddGroupSpawn(Vector3 location, string profileName, string group) string[] RemoveGroupSpawn(string group) string NpcGroup(NPCPlayer npc) Long term calls.
    string[] CreateNewProfile(string name, string profile) string[] ProfileExists(string name) string[] RemoveProfile(string name) All returns are string array ["true/false/error", "details message"]
    Also, botspawn can return the Monument Name and a list of live bots, for each AutoSpawn = true monument.
    var result = (Dictionary<string, List<ulong>>)BotSpawn?.Call("botSpawnbots");  
    Example call.
    [PluginReference] private Plugin BotSpawn; Vector3 location = new Vector3(0,0,0); string[] Spawn = BotSpawn?.Call("AddGroupSpawn", location, "Dome", "YourNameHere") as string[]; Puts($"{Spawn[0]}"); Puts($"{Spawn[1]}");  
    Q: There's a million options. Where do I start?
    A: Set AutoSpawn to true for at least one monument in config/BotSpawn.json, then reload the plugin.
    A: Everything else is preference/user customisation.

    Q: My bots disappear or don't move.
    A: It's possible that some belt items and some weapon skins may caused the bots to stop responding.
    A: Try plain weapons only in the belt to troubleshoot.
    A: Failing that, try a different location.
    A: Certain terrain still causes issues for bot spawning.

    Q: Performance sucks.
    A: Try setting ai_dormant = true
    A: If this helps but you'd like to modify the dormancy range, you can specify 'ai_to_player_distance_wakeup_range X'. The default is 160m.
    A: Failing that, please reduce the number of bots.

    Q: My bots won't die?!
    A: Make sure Godmode permissions allow you to do damage.
    A: Same for vanish ^.
    A: If you're running a PVE server, use a PVE plugin which allows you to alter its settings for NPCPlayers.

    Q: I take damage when attacking my bots.
    A: This can also be caused by server, or plugin, PVE settings.

    Q: Will X kill my bots?
    A: Radiation, drowning, falling, and helicopters will not kill your bots.
    A: Turret targeting bots can be toggled. Bradley targeting bots can be toggled.
    A: Fire (campfires etc) will kill your bots. Damage from barbs, cacti etc will kill your bots, but can be prevented with the 'Pve_Safe' config option set to true.

    Q: What weapons can my bots use?
    A: I recommend sticking to basic bullet-weapons, hand tools and melee weapons.
    A: Some weapons may work better than others. Some weapon skins have been known to cause issues and errors.
    A: Please try plain weapons if you're having problems. Scientists are not optimised to use melee, only.
    A: At least one projectile weapon should be given.

    Q: Can I have custom profile locations?
    A: Yes. Your custom locations are stored in data with a filename of *YourPrefix*-CustomProfiles.json.
    Use chat command '/botspawn add NewNameHere' to create a profile at your present location.

    Q: Can I have specific custom spawn points? (underground, etc)
    A: Yes. Use the built in commands to create custom spawn points and set UseCustomSpawns to true, for some profile..
    A: That BotSpawn profile will now ignore radius settings and use the precise spawn points from your file.

    Q: Can I spawn bots at airdrops.
    A: Yes. Airdrop option spawns bots at server drops. Spawn at user-supply call is an additional option.

    Q: My bot kits aren't working.
    A: Console will report if your kit does not exist, or if there is no active weapon there.
    A: Please redeem the kit yourself to an empty inventory, to ensure that you remember to put items in it!
    A: If it's empty, kit yourself out the way you want the kit to be then type: /kit edit NameOfKit and /kit items.

    Q: How can I prove that bots have spawned? I can't find them.
    A: Type bot.count into console.
    A: Respawn timer is taken into account so if you spawn one and kill him, bot.count will show 0 until respawn.

    Q: bot.count console command shows that there are 0 bots.
    A: Double check that at least one monument is set active:true in your config, and reload the plugin.
    A: Also, don't forget their respawn timer. Make sure they aren't all dead when you bot.count.

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  18. Free


    Simple set of CUI info pages for Rust servers.
    InfoScreens offers multi-page, and multi-subpage,information viewable by command and also automatically presented when a user joins the server.
    infoscreens.show - Enables ability to show info screens to other players.
    with permission : 
    /infoscreen <playername>
    /infoscreen <playername <pagename>
    ISWipe – This clears InfoScreens' record of players who have joined the server.
    PermaUIButton = false; Creates a permanent 'I' button at screen top right. SideNav = false; - Toggles navigation between top and side. OnlyShowOnce = false; - If true, info is only shown automatically on first-join. NeverAutoShow = false; - Never display automatically on first-join. NumberOfPages = 4; - Automatically creates nav and config entries on reload. GuiTransparency = 0.95; ButtonColour = "0,100,0,1"; ButtonColourSelected = "0,200,0,1"; CommandAlias = "is"; - Alternative, customisable, chat command. Colours accept RGBA – maximums 255/255/255/1
    VisibleTo - "default,somegroup" Makes a page only visible to the listed groups.
    This is comma separated, with no spaces.
    Each page, by default, has three elements. Two are text and one is image.
    Each element has the following options.
    Text Elements Only.
    "Content": "Some Text Here", - use \n line break for multi-line "FontSize": 16, "FontColour": "255,255,255,1", "AlignTopMiddleBottom": "top/middle/botton", "AlignLeftMiddleRight": "left/middle/right", Image Elements Only
    "URL": "https://...", All Elements
    "GoBehindNav": false, "ShowOnSubPages": "0", "PosBottomToTop": "0.0,1.0", "PosLeftToRight": "0.0,1.0"
      Usage Info.
    The 'Pos...' entries are on a scale 0-1.
    "PosLeftToRight": “0.0,1,0” is full width, left to right. "PosLeftToRight": “0.0,0.5” is half width, left to centre. "PosBottomToTop": "0.0,1.0 is full height, bottom to top "PosBottomToTop": "0.5,1.0" is half height, centre to top Additional elements can be added by copying/pasting/editing name.
    'ShowOnSubPages' can be altered and will automatically create next/previous buttons.
    For example, you could have a background image with
    "ShowOnSubPages": "0,1,2",
    then have three content elements showing on “0”, “1”, “2” respectively.
    This will give three sub-pages with different content and the same background, under one nav-heading.

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  19. Free

    HumanNPC GUI

    Provides a GUI to manage your HumanNPC NPCs.
    Requires version 0.3.37 or later of HumanNPC from remod.org.
    You do not need to be near your NPCs to use the plugin. Simply enter npcgui in console or /npcgui in chat to open the initial screen.
    Click "Select" to choose an NPC. NPCs which are part of an NPC Music Player band are shown in green, and all others are listed in blue.
    Click the kit name button next to "kit" to select kits from the Kits plugin.
    Click any of the blue buttons to toggle the associated setting.
    Type new data into any of the number fields and press ENTER to update that setting.
    You may also enter the spawn location directly as (X, Y, Z) and press ENTER to change. Or, click "Spawn Here" to move the NPC to your current location.
    Click "Create New" to create a new NPC.
    There is currently no configuration required for Human NPC GUI.
    humannpcgui.use -- Allows player to use the GUI Chat Commands
    /npcgui - Open the GUI

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  20. Free


    This plugin provides a way to automate light control and toggle lights from the server console and via chat command using no fuel. There is a config to allow you to pick and choose what is toggle. There is also options to automate turning lights on and on at night.
    A big thank you to Wulf and k1lly0u for their awesome lights plugins. If you need fine grained control of lights they are both superior options. If you want fuel use for lighting AutoFuel is a awesome choice. My understanding of lights came directly from reading these plugins and it inspired me to make this low load and slightly more inclusive of entities plugin. If it generates lights or effects I tried to include it. I include a lot of non-light devices (Water Pumps, Fog Machine, Snow Machine, Spooky Speakers, Strobe Lights) to allow operators to have fun with players.
    I am open to suggestions to improve this plugin as long as it does not hurt performance.  I use it on my PVE server and it has a lot of lights.  By using always on the load of the lights is light on the server.  It can still be brutal on the client due to the graphics load.  Night Toggle (turning the lights on and off, is reasonably efficient but can spike server load).  It is nice for role playing but use always on if you want the best server side performance.

    This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>.
    lightson.allowed Granting that to a group or player allows them to toggle the lights for the entire server. For example:
    oxide.grant group admin lightson.allowed
    Console Commands
    lights on -- Turn on specified lights (either all for all entities or a specific name) lights off -- Turn off specified lights (either all for all entities or a specific name) lights check -- check the lights after reloading the config to allow changes without reload (either all for all entities or a specific name) There is a second parameter where you can specify a portion of the light source short name to force all of them to the on or off state ignoring the config.
    lights on fireplace -- Turn on all fireplaces regardless of the config settings
    Chat Commands
    /lights on -- Turn on specified lights (either all for all entities or a specific name) /lights off -- Turn off specified lights (either all for all entities or a specific name) /lights check -- check the lights after reloading the config to allow changes without reload (either all for all entities or a specific name) There is a second parameter where you can specify a portion of the light source short name to force all of them to the on or off state ignoring the config.
    /lights check candle -- Turn on all candles if the the flag is appropriate for the time of day
    The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the LightsOn.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors.
    Console Output set to false will stop message (other than errors and night toggles) from logging in the console.
    These can be set  in the json which lets you determine what is turned off and on automatically:
    BBQs Campfires Candles Cauldrons Ceiling Lights CCTVs Deluxe Christmas Lights Elevators Fire Pits Fireplaces Flasher Lights Fluid Splitters Fog Machines Furnaces Hobo Barrels Heaters Igniters Lanterns (which include Chinese Lanterns,  Tuna Can Lamps, Lanterns, and Jack'O Lanterns) Mixing Tables Neon Signs Reactive Targets Refineries RF Broadcasters RF Receivers Searchlights Simple Lights Siren Lights Smart Alarm Smart Switch Snow Machine Spooky Speakers Storage Alarms Strobe Lights Telephones Vehicle Lifts Water Pumps Water Purifiers Electric Water Purifiers Valid values are a - always on, d - on during the day only, n - on during the night only, i - do not process this entity.
    To avoid automatically turning off active processing there are protection you can set to true for the following:
    BBQs Campfires Cauldrons Fire Pits Fireplaces Furnaces Hobo Barrels Mixing Tables Refineries If there is anything inside these (including fuel) they will not have their state changed.  You can still force them off by name. For example:
    /lights off furnace Additional control parameters:
    Console Output Check Frequency (10-600) Dusk Time (0-24) Dawn Time (0-24) Use Zone Manager Plugin Notes
    If the server lights are on (either via always on of the night toggle is on) and you place a light source you have selected to be on, it is turned on when placed. This avoids having to periodically turn the lights on to catch newly placed lights.
    This alters fuel requirements to zero through the methods it is using to toggle the lights, since you removing player agency around fuel usage. Note: Furnaces etc. turned on will not process their contents, just look active and produce light. You are giving free light but not free processing. Simply turn them off and back on for normal processing. It is important to let players know this as they may initially be confused or frustrated.
    Since this plugin is toggling animation flag states (where ever possible), it allows things like hobo barrels to light up with no fuel in them. It does some "hacky" flag settings to avoid needing fuel in other light sources. It is not elegant, but efficient.
    If you want free fuel NoFuelRequirements or AutoFuel are good solutions, this plugin tries to avoid altering the fuel level in entities other than hats and jack o lanterns. I only add fuel where the toggle of animation state trick is not working in that use case.  It is best to set any item being processed by another plugin to ignore to avoid conflicts.
    Hats and Jack O Lanterns usually require at least one fuel in them to allow players to toggle them. Toggling Lanterns (which includes Jack O Lanterns) with the commands does not need fuel.
    If you are using the commands to turning a light source on and it is already on, it is not altered. If you are turning a light source off with the commands and it is already off, it is not altered. Toggling lights on should not mess up processing content, as their state is not changed. It will mess up processing if you toggle off and then back on for an entity that processes things (grills, furnaces, refineries, camp fires, firepits and fireplaces). Since I added the Night Toggle feature, I also added Protection for light sources that also process contents. I would recommend you leave these to true. Doing so will not turn these off when dawn happens. That is to avoid annoying players by interrupting their processing. The side effect is they will always appear on if they set to automatically turn on in the configuration.
    Choose carefully what you will configure to be controlled if you plan to use the off command or Night Toggle. If you are going to use the off command I recommend you do not include Furnaces, Grills or Refineries as it will stop processing if they are in legitimate use. If folks tend to cook in campfires, firepits and fireplaces you may want to skip them as well if you plan to use the off command. Honest I normally just turn items not normally used to do processing on and leave them on as it has the smallest server load and will not annoy players. It is important to consider consequences of turning things off or toggling them on and off.
    Check Frequency controls how often the plugin checks for night or to toggle the lights in seconds. It has a relatively small load unless there are lights to process. If you want the lights on at a very precise time then a lower number (more frequent check) will help increase the accuracy.
    I like to light up all the hobo barrels on the map to give a nice effect, that is why I originally wrote this. It should cover all light sources, please let me know if any are missing. It will be interesting when electricity comes in, I will do my best to ensure this keeps functioning.
    The light source name tries to match so "a" would match all light sources with "a" in their name. Use "all" to force all lights server wide regardless of configuration setting.
    Support for Zone manager via adding zones to \oxide\data\LightsOn-Zones.json

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  21. Free


    Teleportation portals for Rust - this is a partial rewrite of the old Portals plugin by LaserHydra.
    Portals gives you the opportunity to place teleportation portals in the Rust world.

    How to use
    Go to the place where the entrance should be. Type /portal entrance portal1 (portal1 is an example name for a portal). Go to the place where the exit should be. Type /portal exit portal1 Portals can be unidirectional or bidirectional. See below.
    By default, a spinner wheel will be placed at the entrance and exit. If you have SignArtist installed, it can also write the portal name on the wheel. See Configuration below.
    It is recommended that you set the following configs for SignArtist to try to lessen the chance of spinners not being painted:
    { "Time in seconds between download requests (0 to disable)": 0, "Maximum concurrent downloads": 50, ... } There are additional configs for SignArtist, but what is above has impact on its use by Portals.
    On load, Portals will try to draw to every spinner within a few seconds at most.  This can exceed the default limits in SignArtist for "Time in seconds between...". If you have 5 portals, 10 spinners will need to be painted.  So, a limit of 10 might just allow Portals to finish its work.  Set this to allow all portals as well as any signs you may have actively using it. Permissions
    This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant . To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke .
    portals.admin - Required for /portal command portals.use - Standard permission for using portals (can be customized per portal in oxide/data/Portals.json) Commands
    Commands can be used in chat or console.
    /portal entrance <NAME> - Set the entrance to a portal You can substitute pri|primary|add|create for entrance /portal exit <NAME> - Set the exit for a portal You can substitute sec|secondary for exit /portal timer <NAME> <NUMBERINSECONDS> You can substitute time for timer /portal remove <NAME> - Remove a portal /portal spinner <NAME> <TRUE|FALSE> - Enable or disable spinner for named portal (NEW 12/2020) /portal oneway <NAME> <TRUE|FALSE> You can use 1/0 or true/false /portal spinner <NAME> <TRUE|FALSE> You can use 1/0 or true/false /portal perm/permission <NAME> <PERMISSION> Ex. /portal perm cp1 checkpoint1 -- Registers a new permission, portals.checkpoint1 for portal cp1. /portal list - List existing portals Configuration
    { "wipeOnNewSave": true, "defaultTwoWay": false, "playEffects": false, "defaultCountdown": 5.0, "deploySpinner": true, "nameOnWheel": true, "useNoEscape": false, "spinEntrance": true, "spinExit": true, "spinnerBGColor": "000000", "spinnerTextColor": "00FF00", "Version": { "Major": 2, "Minor": 2, "Patch": 1 } } Stored Data
    Portals are saved in oxide/data/Portals.json.
    For Developers
    void OnPortalUsed(BasePlayer player, JObject portal, JObject point) JObject portal: the portal object; Example: { "ID": "1", "Entrance": { "Location": { "_location": "16.76093 75.57893 10.72905" } }, "Exit": { "Location": { "_location": "3.850618 72.05898 22.37546" } }, "OneWay": true, "DeploySpinner": true, "TeleportationTime": 0.0, "RequiredPermission": "portals.use" } JObject point: exit or entrance point, player is being teleported to; Example: { "Location": { "_location": "16.76093 75.57893 10.72905" } }  
    SpawnEphemeralPortal(BasePlayer player, BaseEntity entity, float time = 10f)
      Spawns a temporary portal in front of a user and target entity.  It will be automatically destroyed after "time".  Default name is currently player.displayName:TEMP.
    Spinners can break when not placed on a nice flat surface like a foundation.

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  22. Free


    Prevent damage to players and objects in a PVE environment
    Uses ZoneManager, Friends, Clans, RustIO, GUIAnnouncements, HumanNPC (from remod.org), ZombieHorde
    Works with DynamicPVP.
    Don't let the documentation trouble you.  In most cases all you should need to do is install the plugin.  The rest is optional.
    NEW FOR 1.0.52: Custom rule and entity collection editor - You must set AllowCustomEdit true in the configuration to enable this feature.  To go along with this, new entity types will be detected at wipe and should be available to set into existing or new collections for inclusion in rulesets.
    NextGenPVE is a new plugin and not a fork of TruePVE, et al.  It includes an integrated GUI for ruleset management.
    NextGenPVE is organized into entity collections, rules that use those collections, and rulesets that include a set of rules.
    Each ruleset has a default damage value of true or false.
    Each ruleset may include a list of rules which override the default setting called exceptions.
    Each ruleset may include a list of exclusions to the exceptions that override those exceptions.
    Each ruleset can and probably should be associated with a zone (if not the default ruleset).
    Each ruleset can be either enabled or disabled.
    The default ruleset (out of the box) has the following settings:
    Default damage false Exceptions: animal can damage animal animal can damage player fire can damage building fire can damage player fire can damage resource helicopter can damage building helicopter can damage player npc can damage player npc turret can damage animal npc turret can damage npc npc turret can damage player player can damage animal player can damage building (their own or a friend's) player can damage helicopter player can damage minicopter player can damage npc player can damage resource player can damage scrapcopter player can damage vehicle resource can damage player scrapcopter can damage player trap can damage trap elevator can damage (crush) player Exclusions: NONE (Could be chicken, bear, HumanNPC, etc.) There is an integrated GUI for the admin to use to:
    Enable/disable NextGenPVE Create or delete rulesets Enable or disable rulesets Set the default damage for a ruleset Add rules for exceptions to the default damage setting of a ruleset Add exclusions for the rules Set the zone enabling activation of a ruleset Set a schedule for ruleset enable/disable (NEEDS IMPROVEMENT) Schedules consist of the following simple format.  A schedule (currently one per ruleset) determines when the ruleset is active.  If not set, it is always active. FORMAT: DAYOFWEEK_OR_*;START:TIME;END:TIME 1;1:00:21:00 == Monday between 1AM local time and 9PM local time *;4:00;15:00 == Every day between 4AM and 3PM The schedule can be inverted such that the period entered would disable the ruleset rather than enable it. Set global flags.  
    The following commands have been implemented:
    `/pverule` - Starts the GUI for editing, creating, and deleting rulesets `/pveenable` - Toggles the enabled status of the plugin `/pvelog` - Toggles the creation of a log file to monitor ruleset evaluation.  This will severely impact performance and so should be used sparingly. `/pvebackup` - Creates a database backup copy in the plugin oxide data folder. This could be used, for example, in timed plugins or scripts to create periodic backups. It might also be used prior to making major changes that go wrong (for recovery purposes). If an end user is having trouble with the plugin, we might request that you make and send a backup file for troubleshooting. `/pvedrop` - Drop and create a new database with default values.  This will not affect the config file, only the db.  Yes, this will delete your rulesets. `/pveupdate` - Update new entity types (normally run automatically at wipe, but can be run any time).  Any newly-detected entities will be added to the collection 'unknown'. Sub-commands for /pverule
    `/pverule list` - List current rulesets `/pverule dump RULESETNAME` - List some information about a specific ruleset `/pverule backup` - Same as /pvebackup. `/pverule restore` - List available backup files from the plugin oxide data folder. `/pverule restore FILENAME` - Restores the named database backup file to the live database.  The file must end in .db and MUST be from a previous backup created by NextGenPVE.  It must also be located in the plugin oxide data folder. Additional sub-commands of /pverule called by GUI
    `/pverule editconfig {CONFIG} true/false` - Set any of the global flags below to true/false `/pverule editconfig RESET true` - Reset all of the global flags to default `/pverule editruleset default defload YES` - Reset the default ruleset to defaults. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} delete` - Delete the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} name {NEWNAME}` - Change the name of a ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} schedule {SCHEDULE}` - Set schedule for a ruleset.  Format is day;starthour:startminute;endhour:endminute, e.g. 1;1:00;9:00, 2;15:00;21:00.  Use '*' for every day `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} clone ` - Clone a ruleset.  The new name wil be {RULESETNAME}1 or {RULESETNAME}2, etc. if 1 exists. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} damage 0/1` - Set default damage for the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} invschedule 0/1` - Set schedule inversion for the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} enable 0/1` - Enable or disable the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} except {RULENAME} add` - Add a named exception RULENAME to the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} except {RULENAME} delete` - Delete a named exception RULENAME from the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} src_exclude {TYPE} add` - Add a source exclusion, e.g. NPCMurderer. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} src_exclude {TYPE} delete` - Delete a source exclusion, e.g. HumanNPC. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} tgt_exclude {TYPE} add` - Add a target exclusion, e.g. NPCMurderer. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} tgt_exclude {TYPE} delete` - Delete a target exclusion, e.g. HumanNPC. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} zone default` - Set a ruleset zone to default. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} zone delete` - Delete zone from a ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} zone {zoneID}` - Set zone for ruleset. The above commands can also be run from console or RCON (without /).
    nextgenpve.use -- Currently unused nextgenpve.admin -- Required for access to GUI and other functions nextgenpve.god -- Override PVE, killall  
    { "Options": { "useZoneManager": false, "protectedDays": 0, "useSchedule": false, "useGUIAnnouncements": false, "useMessageBroadcast": false, "useRealtime": true, "useFriends": false, "useClans": false, "useTeams": false, "AllowCustomEdit": false, "AllowDropDatabase": false, "NPCAutoTurretTargetsPlayers": true, "NPCAutoTurretTargetsNPCs": true, "AutoTurretTargetsPlayers": false, "HeliTurretTargetsPlayers": true, "AutoTurretTargetsNPCs": false, "NPCSamSitesIgnorePlayers": false, "SamSitesIgnorePlayers": false, "AllowSuicide": false, "TrapsIgnorePlayers": false, "HonorBuildingPrivilege": true, "UnprotectedBuildingDamage": false, "TwigDamage": false, "HonorRelationships": false }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 21 } } The non-use flags above can be set from the GUI without reloading, etc.  useXXX flags are for the admin to determine third-party plugin use and require a reload.  In the GUI, you may also RESET the non-use flags to default.
    ZoneManager can be used to associate a ruleset with a zone.
    A few global flags are currently available to limit NPC AutoTurret and trap damage.
    If protectedDays is set to a value greater than 0, player-owned items will become unprotected if the player has been offline for this number of actual days (experimental).
    If a player is trying to damage a building, "HonorBuildingPrivilege" determines whether or not they are limited to damaging their own structures or any structures.
    "UnprotectedDamage" determines whether or not an unprotected building (no TC) can be damaged by players other than the builder.
    "TwigDamage" determines whether or not twig building components can be destroyed by any player.
    "HonorRelationships" determines whether or not a player can damage their friend's structures or deployables.
    Note that friends support can include Friends, Clans, or Teams.
    AllowCustomEdit - Enables the editing of custom rulesets and setting collections for entities.  Be careful here as you can easily categorize animals as NPCs, resources as players, etc.
    AllowDropDatabase - Enables pvedrop command and GUI button to reset the database to defaults.  This wipes everything!!!
    NextGenPVE uses SQLite for most of its data storage. The database file is named nextgenpve.db.
    The only other data file is ngpve_zonemaps.json. This is currently used by third party plugins that create their own PVP ruleset and zones.  Many of those would need to be modified to use NextGenPVE, but the function calls should behave the same.
    Each rule includes a source and target listing all of the types that will be matched for the rule. The player is simply BasePlayer, whereas NPCs include several different types.
    Any individual type of NPC, for example, can be added to one of the "exclude" fields of a ruleset. This can be source or target. The list is based on the exception rules added to the ruleset, and the entity types they contain.
    The default ruleset allows quite a bit of damage other than player to player. For example, it has an exception for player_animal, allowing players to kill animals. You can add, for example, "Chicken" to the target exclusion list to block killing chickens for the poultry-friendly.
    The basic rule evaluation order is:
    Ruleset -> Default Damage -> Exception Rule -> Exclusion.
    Example 1:
    Player attacking Bear
    Default ruleset damage False. Exception for player_animal. No source exclusion for BasePlayer. No target exclusion for Bear. DAMAGE ALLOWED. Example 2:
    Bear attacking Player Default ruleset damage False. Exception for animal_player No source exclusion for BasePlayer. No target exclusion for Bear. DAMAGE ALLOWED. Example 3:
    Player attacking Chicken Default damage False. Exception for player_animal. No source exclusion for BasePlayer. Target exclusion for Chicken. DAMAGE BLOCKED.
    For use with DynamicPVP, you may need to create a new ruleset.  Change the name to match the one that DynamicPVP uses - default name is "exclude".  Set that ruleset's default damage to true.  After that, reload DynamicPVP.  Your ruleset should look like this:

    Note that the Zone is set to lookup.  You can click on "lookup" to see that the zone lookup for this is set to one or more DynamicPVP-created zones.  You should be able to adjust the rules for the zone to block things that would otherwise be allowed.
    Competing Ruleset Examples
    You create a clone of the default ruleset and enable it. You now have two rulesets with identical functionality including default damage, allow rules, and exclusions. Both rulesets would apply to the entire map by default. If you edit the allow rules or exclusions, the rulesets will compete.  The clone will likely override the default. Without a schedule or zone to determine which one is active at any given time or place, either may match for all PVE activity. FIX 1: Apply schedules to both rulesets FIX 2: Set a zone to the cloned ruleset (requires ZoneManager) to isolate it. You create a new ruleset with default damage TRUE and enable it You now have a ruleset which competes with the default ruleset. This new ruleset has default damage TRUE, which overrides the default ruleset. The entire map is now PVP. FIX 1: Add a zone to the new ruleset (requires ZoneManager) to isolate it to a specific area of the map. FIX 2: Add a schedule to the new ruleset.  A better option for scheduled PVP might be to add a schedule to the default ruleset and delete your secondary ruleset. In short, any rulesets you copy or create should be isolated by time and/or area using schedules or zones.  If your intention is to simply modify what types of damage is to be allowed globally, delete the extra rulesets and edit the default ruleset instead.
    Improve the schedule editor. Performance tweaks as needed.

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  23. $10.00

    Quarry Levels

    Allows players to upgrade their quarries or pumpjacks with another quarry or pumpjack effectively allowing them to stack up to 10 quarries and pumpjacks together instead of having them placed individually causing clutter. This plugin is very performant and was designed to run on very high-pop servers.
    A level 2 quarry will produce the same amount as 2 level 1 quarries. Same for pumpjacks. Every quarry level will also unlock the next tier of production. Level 3 will unlock metal, level 4 sulfur and level 5 HQM. The production rates for each output are default but can be adjusted in the config.
    The GUI displays the production amount, process rate, capacity and fuel consumption for each level. The production of each type is also displayed under it's respective icon each time fuel is consumed. The time it takes to complete 1 cycle is based on process rate.
    https://umod.org/plugins/ImageLibrary (Required)
    https://umod.org/plugins/economics (Optional)
    This plugin does not currently have permissions. Once you install it, it can be used by all players. Permissions will be added in the next update.
    If you'd like to see more config options, please suggest them in the Discussions tab.
    QuarryMaxLevel - Sets the maximum level a player can upgrade their quarry to. PumpjackMaxLevel - Sets the maximum level a player can upgrade their pumpjack to. EnableEconomics - Enables the Economics plugin for upgrades. Leaving disable will use the old upgrade method. EconomicsCost - Sets the price per upgrade for both quarries and pumpjacks. EconomicsCurrency - Sets the vanity name of the currency to be displayed in the GUI and info text. Metal_Production - Increases the amount produced each process rate. Lower = higher. Sulfur_Production - Increases the amount produced each process rate. Lower = higher. HQM_Production - Increases the amount produced each process rate. Lower = higher. ButtonBounds - Change the position of the "upgrade" button. ButtonColor - Change the container color of the "upgrade" button. ButtonOpacity - Change the background opacity of the "upgrade" button. ButtonFontColor - Change the font color of the "upgrade" button. PanelBounds - Change the position of the upgrade panel. PanelColor - Change the container color of the upgrade panel. PanelOpacity - Change the background opacity of the upgrade panel. PanelFontColor - Change the font color of the upgrade panel.  
    QL reload - Hot loads the config to apply config changes without having to reload the plugin. (Console command)

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  24. $15.90

    ATM (Cash Machine)

    Simple ATM system suitable for every modded server. This plugin comes with multiple ways how to access ATM interface. Account balance is holded by Economics (free plugin) so admins have full range of commands to control player accounts. 

    • Dependencies
     - Economics (Required)
     - ZoneManager (optional, only for Button)
    • How to access ATM
    Swiping credit card through reader
    Interacting with custom vending machines
    Pressing electric button (experimental)

    • Commands
    /spawncardreader - spawn card reader entity /vmspawn - spawn vending machine entity /setplace - confirm object placement /setatmzone - set button to open ATM (experimental)  Video showcase here

    • Config File
    { "General Settings": { "Auth Key": 1377475368, "Is Enabled: ": true, "Can Announce: ": true, "Require Card: ": true, "Use Button: ": false, "Title Text: ": "<color=#ce422b>RUST</color> ATM", "Default Bank Information: ": "This panel serves to inform player about functions of ATM machines and ingame currencies. It can be customized inside config file, including font styling", "Log Warnings: ": true }, "Chat Settings": { "Messages Enabled: ": true, "Chat Tag Enabled ": true, "Chat Tag Color: ": "4A95CC", "Chat Message Color: ": "FFFFFFFF" }, "Vending Machine Settings": { "Vending Machine Skin": "2441271366" }, "Currency Settings": { "Currency Item ID": "-1779183908", "Currency Skin ID": "2420097877" }, "Credit Card Settings": { "Card Skin ID": "2410672337", "Card On Player Spawn": true }, "Version: ": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 6, "Patch": 7 } }

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  25. Free

    Static Dispensers

    Harvest resources from objects that you normally cannot harvest from. 
    Dispensers are being slightly refilled at every sunrise.
    { "GatheredDispenserNotices": false, "DepletedDispenserNotices": false, "RefillDispenserNotices": true, "GatherMultiplier": 35.25, "Definitions": [ { "PrefabFilter": "rock_small", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 10, "ShortName": "stones", "Amount": 100 }, { "GatherAmount": 8, "ShortName": "metal.fragments", "Amount": 50 } ], "WhitelistedHeldItems": [ "rock", "pickaxe", "hammer.salvaged", "icepick.salvaged", "stone.pickaxe", "jackhammer" ] }, { "PrefabFilter": "rock_med", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 10, "ShortName": "stones", "Amount": 500 } ], "WhitelistedHeldItems": [ "rock", "pickaxe", "hammer.salvaged", "icepick.salvaged", "stone.pickaxe", "jackhammer" ] }, { "PrefabFilter": "rock_cliff", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 10, "ShortName": "stones", "Amount": 5000 }, { "GatherAmount": 1, "ShortName": "bleach", "Amount": 1 } ], "WhitelistedHeldItems": [ "rock", "pickaxe", "hammer.salvaged", "icepick.salvaged", "stone.pickaxe", "jackhammer" ] }, { "PrefabFilter": "rock_formation", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 10, "ShortName": "stones", "Amount": 10000 } ], "WhitelistedHeldItems": [ "rock", "pickaxe", "hammer.salvaged", "icepick.salvaged", "stone.pickaxe", "jackhammer" ] }, { "PrefabFilter": "powerline_pole", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 7, "ShortName": "wood", "Amount": 200 }, { "GatherAmount": 8, "ShortName": "metal.fragments", "Amount": 50 } ], "WhitelistedHeldItems": [ "rock", "axe.salvaged", "chainsaw", "stonehatchet", "hatchet" ] }, { "PrefabFilter": "pallet_stacks", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 10, "ShortName": "wood", "Amount": 300 } ], "WhitelistedHeldItems": [ "rock", "axe.salvaged", "chainsaw", "stonehatchet", "hatchet" ] }, { "PrefabFilter": "electrical_box_a", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 7, "ShortName": "metal.fragments", "Amount": 500 } ], "WhitelistedHeldItems": [ "rock", "pickaxe", "hammer.salvaged", "icepick.salvaged", "stone.pickaxe", "jackhammer" ] }, { "PrefabFilter": "electrical_box_b", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 7, "ShortName": "metal.fragments", "Amount": 150 } ], "WhitelistedHeldItems": [ "rock", "pickaxe", "hammer.salvaged", "icepick.salvaged", "stone.pickaxe", "jackhammer" ] }, { "PrefabFilter": "dish_radio", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 10, "ShortName": "metal.fragments", "Amount": 1000 } ], "WhitelistedHeldItems": [ "rock", "axe.salvaged", "chainsaw", "stonehatchet", "hatchet" ] }, { "PrefabFilter": "powerline_pole", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 7, "ShortName": "wood", "Amount": 200 } ], "WhitelistedHeldItems": [ "rock", "axe.salvaged", "chainsaw", "stonehatchet", "hatchet" ] } ] } FOR BEST ENTERTAINMENT, USE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS OF THE PLUGIN.

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