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IQWipeBlock 0.0.61


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About IQWipeBlock

IQWipeBlock - multifunctional temporary lock of items after a wipe

Has the ability to :
- An interface that generates line positions with blocking progress by itself
- You can configure the lock completely in detail
- Variations of additional item locks for the main item ( ammo or modules ), you can enable the unlock of additional items during the unlock of the main item or after it is unlocked
- Support for blocking custom items with SkinID from plugins ( for example, the UraniumTools plugin)
- Full item blocking
- Blocking of separate modules to the item (body kits)
- Blocking of separate cartridges to the object (can be combined with the blocking of modules (body kits) and vice versa)
- Ability to highlight a locked item in your inventory
- The selection of a blocked item in the inventory can be made in 3 different types (grid, lightning, flame, see the video review)
- Detailed interface configuration :
- You can customize the location of all the blocks, change their places
- Two views of the unlock progress display ( configurable in the configuration)
- Customize all colors
- You can enable the quick menu for users
- Allow users to hide and reveal the quick menu
- Enable or disable the informative block with the display of colors ( informs about colors in the process of unlocking ) ( configurable in the configuration)
- Supports multilanguage
- Plugin support:
- Duel
- Battles
- Duelist
- ImageLibrary


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