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Found 22 results

  1. Version 4.2.4


    MyRustServer is a Rust Server Tool that allows you to create and manage your own Rust Server in just a few clicks. The tool brings many possibilities and options that simplify your life as a server admin. No unnecessary creation of batch files, easy installation of the server and extensions, easy updating of your plugins, wipe your server with one click and manage your players. Join the discord for better and faster support Big thanks to everyone who supports the project and helped me It is a standalone program, with which you can host your own server, connecting to other server host service providers is not possible. You can run MyRustServer on up to 4 different systems. You can create as many servers on one system as your hardware allows. Or buy at https://myrustserver.mysellix.io/shop where the key is sent automatically immediately after purchase. The dashboard shows you all relevant information about your server. Here you control your server. Auto Restart Server Auto Update Server Auto Update Oxide Only Updates on Startup Force Restart Set Game Mode (Vanilla, Softcore, Survival and Hardcore) Set CPU Affinity Set Process Priority Stop Server Restart Server Kill Server With the installer you can easily install and update your server. No batch files are used. Install or Update Server (Master, BETA, AUX01 and AUX02) Verify Server Files Install Discord Extension Install RustEdit Under Settings you give your server your personal touch. Here you can set everything for your server. Name Logo URL Web URL App Logo URL Description Tags Max Players Add Users (Admins, Mods) RCON Password Add Ports to Windows Firewall Server Port Server IP RCON Port RCON IP Query Port App Port Add Custom Maps Server Map (Procedural, Custom, Barren, Hapis, Craggy, Savas) Map Size Map Seed - Advanced Settings Add Start Configs (convars) Backups (MRS Folder, Oxide Folder, Server Folder) Start Rust Server on MyRustServer Startup Repair MyRustServer In Plugins you can easily manage your plugins. No annoying manual reload after editing. - Editor Edit (Auto Reload Plugin on Save, create a backup) Reload Update View Website Enable/Disable Delete - Update Check Plugins for Update (Supported sites for checking are: umod, codefling, chaoscode, lone.design, rustplugins and myvector) Update Plguins (Only plguins from uMod can be installed automatically after checking) Paid Plugins (here you set your purchased plugins) Blacklist Plugins Update All Plugins Auto Update Plugins - Plugin Installer Install Plugins from uMod Auto Wipe Shedule Custom Map Custom Seed Custom Folder/File Full Wipe Blueprints Map Oxide Data Backpacks Logs Player Deaths Player Identities Player Stats Player Tokens New Map Seed on Wipe Install or Update Oxide and Carbon Uninstall Oxide or Carbon Show Server in Modded or Community Choose your build (Production, Staging or Development) Permissions Manager View Server Console Send Commands to your Server Add Quick Commands Open Steam profile Copy SteamID Copy Name Check IP Kick Player Ban Player Teleport to Me to Player Teleport Player to Me Set/Remove Admin/Mod Send Server Messages (Restart, Updates and Wipe) Send Custom Messages Send Custom Commands Sets for each Message a Time Connect your server to your Discord to use as remote control or status information. Start Bot on MyRustServer Startup Send Server Status (Online, Offline, Restart) Send new Updates (Server, Client and Oxide) Send Wipe Notification - Send Commands Start Server Stop Server Restart Server Kill Server Update Server Update Oxide Update Carbon !No Support for OneDrive Drives! !No Support for Cracked Servers! Windows Only
  2. Version 1.0.9


    SelfWipe is a plugin with a simple GUI Discussions whether 1 weekly, 2 weekly or monthly are a thing of the past. That means every player can decide for himself when he wants to wipe. I play 10 hours a day for two weeks and have everything after 2 weeks, then it gets boring on the server). But now I can decide for myself whether I want a wipe or not on a server that runs for 4 weeks. With the command /wipe I have the following options: -Wipe All -Wipe Blueprints -Wipe Inventory -Wipe Backpack -Wipe Building This means that each player makes this decision himself and no one else suffers from it. If you have any questions or problems, join my discord https://discord.gg/D2zTWCEnrN The plugin was created by ☆☆☆ M&B Studios ☆☆☆ Thanks to @CASHR and Shaigann for the help
  3. IIIaKa

    Wipe Status

    Version 0.1.5


    The plugin displays the time until the next wipe in the status bar. Depends on AdvancedStatus plugin. The ability to display the remaining time until the wipe: If there are N days left. Configurable in the configuration file; If player is in a safe zone or building privilege zone; The option to choose between a server wipe and a manually specified wipe; The ability to specify the order of the bar; The ability to change the height of the bar; The abillity to customize the color and transparency of the background; The ability to set a material for the background; The ability to switch between CuiRawImageComponent and CuiImageComponent for the image; The abillity to set own image and customize the color of the image; The abillity to set sprite instead of the image; The ability to specify custom text. Additionally, customization options for the color, size, and font of the text. wipestatus.admin - Provides the ability to set custom date of wipe. { "ImageLibrary Counter Check": 5, "Wipe command": "wipe", "Use GameTip for messages?": true, "Is it worth displaying the wipe timer only when players in the safe zone or building privilege?": false, "When should it start displaying? Based on how many days are left(0 to display always)": 0, "Custom wipe dates list(empty to use default). Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm. Example: 2023-12-10 13:00": [], "Status. Bar - Height": 26, "Status. Bar - Order": 10, "Status. Background - Color": "#0370A4", "Status. Background - Transparency": 0.7, "Status. Background - Material(empty to disable)": "", "Status. Image - URL": "https://i.imgur.com/FKrFYN5.png", "Status. Image - Sprite(empty to use image from URL)": "", "Status. Image - Is raw image": false, "Status. Image - Color": "#0370A4", "Status. Text - Size": 12, "Status. Text - Color": "#FFFFFF", "Status. Text - Font(https://umod.org/guides/rust/basic-concepts-of-gui#fonts)": "RobotoCondensed-Bold.ttf", "Status. SubText - Size": 12, "Status. SubText - Color": "#FFFFFF", "Status. SubText - Font(https://umod.org/guides/rust/basic-concepts-of-gui#fonts)": "RobotoCondensed-Bold.ttf", "Version": { "Major": 0, "Minor": 1, "Patch": 5 } } EN: { "MsgText": "WIPE IN", "MsgNewDateAdded": "The new date {0} has been successfully added.", "MsgNewDateAddFailed": "Invalid format or date is earlier than the current one. Date format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm", "MsgClearDates": "Custom dates list has been successfully cleared!", "MsgSetBar": "Displaying the bar: {0}" } RU: { "MsgText": "ВАЙП ЧЕРЕЗ", "MsgNewDateAdded": "Новая дата {0} успешно добавлена.", "MsgNewDateAddFailed": "Не верный формат или дата меньше текущей. Формат даты: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm", "MsgClearDates": "Список дат был успешно очищен!", "MsgSetBar": "Отображение бара: {0}" } bar - Enabling and disabling personal bar display. add - Adding a new wipe date. Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm. Permission "wipestatus.admin" required. clear - It clears the list of dates. Permission "wipestatus.admin" required. Example: /wipe add "2023-12-28 15:16"
  4. Mevent


    Version 1.0.9


    Blocking items after wipe Features Beautiful user interface Performance Interface customization Setting up items by category Support for blocking items by SkinID On-screen alert Ignore blocking by permission Commands block (open interface) wb.indent [seconds] (to slide the blocks) Permissions wipeblock.ignore (ignore blocking) Hooks void OnWipeBlockEnded() API bool AnyBlocked() int SecondsFromWipe() bool IsBlocked(ItemDefinition def) bool IsBlocked(string shortName, ulong skin) bool IsBlocked(ItemConf item) bool IsBlocked(int cooldown) int LeftTime(ItemConf item) int LeftTime(int cooldown) Config Examples Config
  5. Mevent

    Daily Rewards

    Version 1.0.6


    Daily Rewards is a strong tool for Rust admins who want to keep their players engaged until the end of the wipe. You can provide your gamers with distinct daily rewards for logging in with this plugin. This way, you not only liven up gameplay, but also encourage longer playtime. With Daily Rewards, don't lose the chance to draw in new players and keep returning ones! Features Beautiful and user-friendly interface Daily rewards for logging Motivating players to stay in the game longer Retention of players until the end of the wipe Compatibility with many plugins Edit rewards and config via in-game interface (no JSON editing required) By default, the plugin supports English, Russian, and Chinese languages Cooldown time before receiving an award Saving rewards in the plugin's inventory Do not receive rewards from inventory while in the build block, raid block, or combat block Commands daily – open daily rewards interface dailyrewards.wipe – wipe of player data dailyrewards.top [format: csv, empty (default)] [limit (10 is default)] – get a list of players with the day their award. Permissions dailyrewards.use – allows you to open the DailyRewards menu dailyrewards.edit - allows you to enable edit mode Video FAQ Q: Where can I see an example of a config? A: Config
  6. Version 0.3.7


    Hey! Here is RustHandler, a script allowing the automatic management of Rust. (Linux Debian based distros : Debian, Ubuntu Desktop & Server (64 bit)) Introducing the NEW RUSTHANDLER CLIENT/SERVER! No, you're not in the wrong place, this is all about hosting a RustDedicated Linux server, and managing it with a simple, pleasant Winform panel, making server management a breeze with just a few clicks. Installation : On the server side: -Put RustHandler.sh in your user's root directory (/home/YourUser/*here), where it must remain for RustHandler to function properly. -Do : chmod +x RustHandler.sh sudo ./RustHandler.sh -install if you're running Debian : chmod +x RustHandler.sh su root ./RustHandler.sh -install And that's it! That's all there is to it! PC side : Now run RustHandler Client.exe on your PC, log in with your normal user (not root). Log in, apply your settings in "Server Settings", save, wipe, update, launch! THAT'S IT. Optional: Install the Rust typography in the archive so that it's correctly interpreted in your software. Don't forget to take a look at the "Rust server running" checkbox, to see if your server is running. In any case, you can't run it twice, or wipe/update while the server is running. The features listed below are obviously still valid, and others will be optimized/added in the future. LEGACY METHODE v0.2.0 : With RustHandler, you can: -Wipe your server in one command, the script will ask you for the seed of the next map, the date of the next wipe, will enter the dates of the wipe you have just done and the one to come in the server description. It will also display the date of the wipe you just did automatically in the title. Are you tired of panicking every time you wipe? -You can change the description and server parameters before wipe in RustHandler.sh, line 33 to 42, just don't touch the variables ({$Variables}), they change the dates automatically. RustHandler.sh therefore, during your next wipe will only ask you for the seed of the desired map and boom! Server wiped! Server will be updated automatically (+Oxide) just after. -NEW: Functionality for full wipe, or wipe while keeping your BP! Just toggle fullwipe or savebp. -NEW: CPU Affinity : If you wish to allocate certain cores, cores range, line 21 : For example "0-3" for your first 4 cores. affinite_cpus=$"0-3" -NEW: Custom Path : Lines 25 and 28, you can now choose custom paths for your server installation, and for the RustHandler folder. Read the description in the script carefully. ServerPath=$"/home/seb/Games/Rust" RustHandlerPath=$"/home/seb/Games/Rust" -You can change, before launching the "wipe" command, the convars (launch commands), and therefore, change the parameters of your server before the next wipe! For example, if in a week, you want your server to go from 4 to 5 players, modify the appropriate line in RustHandler (notepad++, VSCode). Just edit RustHandler.sh before launching. Line 55 to 98 to edit your convars. During your next wipe, the server.cfg will modify itself. You can also prepare the server description of your next wipe beforehand, very useful! server.maxplayers 200 server.hostname "[FR] RUSTinPEACE ! - [DEV] - Wipe '$LastWipe'" server.worldsize 4500 server.globalchat 1 server.secure 1 decay.scale 1 maxteamsize 4 server.saveinterval 600 you have about 40 of the most useful convars. You can add/remove as many as you want. -Disable some plugins at startup, once your wipe is done. And even automatically delete some Data.json files, before restarting the server. Like for example, deleting data from Kits, to start clean during your Wipe. And you can leave these settings in place, the deactivation of plugin and deletion of Data files will only be done when you enter the command "wipe". # Deletes monthly data files. Remove sharp symboles and edit as required : # Will delete ImageLibrary folder with useless cache : rm -rf $HOME/server/oxide/data/ImageLibrary # a Sharp symbole will disable this rules : #rm -rf $HOME/server/oxide/data/Jail #rm -rf $HOME/server/oxide/data/SpawnsDatabase # Will delete useless data files from old wipe : rm $HOME/server/oxide/data/Kits_Data.json rm $HOME/server/oxide/data/Godmode.json rm $HOME/server/oxide/data/SpawnsDatabase/prison2021.json # Deactivates plugins that need to be modified on the new version, or on the new map procgen. Go to Oxide/Plugins to remove the .off from the "Plugin.cs.off" plugin will reactivate it, once you've made your adjustments. mv $HOME/server/oxide/plugins/ZoneManager.cs $HOME/server/oxide/plugins/ZoneManager.cs.off mv $HOME/server/oxide/plugins/MarkerManager.cs $HOME/server/oxide/plugins/MarkerManager.cs.off #mv $HOME/server/oxide/plugins/ZoneManager.cs $HOME/server/oxide/plugins/ZoneManager.cs.off &> /dev/null #mv $HOME/server/oxide/plugins/BotSpawn.cs $HOME/server/oxide/plugins/BotSpawn.cs.off &> /dev/null (Put a "#" Before a line disable deletion, or deactivation.) -Make automated backups of your Rust+Oxide server. Just edit line 104 to 121. You can also configure automatic sending of your backups to FTP/SFTP. For example : # Enable or disable automatic backups, only run when the Rust server is running. enableBackup=true # Enable or disable sending backups by FTP/SFTP. enableRemoteBackup=true # Choose the frequency of automatic backups, in hours. cooldownInHours=6 # Delete backups older than: (in days). deleteOldBakInDays=15 # IP address of your FTP/SFTP server. IP= # User of your FTP/SFTP server. user=rustuser # Your FTP/SFTP server password. password=myhoneybirthday # Target directory of your backups on your FTP/SFTP server. pathToSend=/home/BakRust # FTP mod, if you want autobackup to send backups to another machine on Linux, no package allows scripting the sending, so you have to use scp. # If you want to send your saves via scp, just put scp instead of ftp, just below. PS= OVH and other FTP backups are simple FTP, not SFTP. ftpMod=ftp If for example, only local backups interest you, you also have a function above to auto delete backups that are older than 15 days. Local backups will automatically be stored in: /home/YourUser/RustHandler/backup You can change the backup settings at any time, the script will take them in real time, including if the Rust server is running. Simply, if you set previously a save cycle of 6 hours, the parameters will change in 6 hours. -If RustHandler is launched as a root user, it blocks the launch of the server and gives you a warning message (start a server as root is a security breach), and on top of that offers you to install the script's dependencies. It also installs the plugin dependencies: "SignArtist.cs". You will just have to restart your dedicated server afterwards, because Libgdiplus needs it (SignArtist dependency). -RustHandler automatically restarts your server, if for example you use the “TimedExecute.cs” plugin, if you program the command, every day at noon “restart 300”, the server will restart automatically, and if you activate the “Auto_Update” mod, it will update each time it restarts! -RustHandler logs all restarts of your Rust server, whether accidental or not. If for example your server becomes unstable, and you suspect it to restart randomly, consult: /home/YourUser/RustHandler/restarter.log You will have a detailed list of reboots your machine has done. Server restart on 2022-04-07 19:59:05 Server restart on 2022-04-08 12:00:58 Server restart on 2022-04-09 12:01:25 Server restart on 2022-04-10 12:00:54 Server restart on 2022-04-11 12:01:18 Server restart on 2022-04-12 12:00:55 -RustHandler also has a “protection”, which prevents launching a Rust server several times (otherwise data corruption), so in case of error, do not panic, check your running processes, you will see that RustHandler has kick process the old. BUT, RustHandler, will only do this for Rust processes launched ON THIS user, so you can have several Rust servers, on the same dedicated machine, which are completely independent of each other. Magic! RustHandler automatically creates logs (raw logs) of your server, including EVERYTHING, so also the start of the server, which does not normally appear on an RCON protocol. Each time your server restarts, RustHandler creates a new log file. Installation/Use : -Edit the script as required, as explained above (line 21 to 152). -Just drop the script at the root of your User, for example: /home/seb/RustHandler.sh -make RustHandler.sh executable : chmod +x RustHandler.sh -start RustHandler.sh : ./RustHandler.sh RustHandler will create a "server" folder where all your server files will be present: /home/YOURUSER/server As well as a RustHandler folder, where the backups, logs and others will be present I recommend that if you need to modify him afterwards, you do so via the "right-click > EDIT" function on Filezilla, which allows you to modify text files without having to systematically Download > modify > re-upload files. Just remember to make him executable again if necessary. For Linux beginners : Remember NEVER to use root/sudo to modify server files/folders. If you modify files with root/sudo, your normal user will no longer be able to modify them! Upcoming updates: -Unfortunately, I haven't had time to translate everything yet, but it will happen very soon! (Baguette !) Added : English version since 0.0.3 -A Wipe mod (without BP)/ FullWipe : Done : in 0.0.4 version -A presentation in video -A clicable interface throught ssh instead of word commands -Scheduled Wipe -A command or clickable menu to easily import a backup. In case you have a corrupt save. -Your suggestions? Tell me about ! Apologies for the bad english !
  7. Mercury


    Version 1.11.10


    IQWipeBlock - multifunctional temporary lock of items after a wipe Has the ability to : - An interface that generates line positions with blocking progress by itself - You can configure the lock completely in detail - Variations of additional item locks for the main item ( ammo or modules ), you can enable the unlock of additional items during the unlock of the main item or after it is unlocked - Support for blocking custom items with SkinID from plugins ( for example, the UraniumTools plugin) - Full item blocking - Blocking of separate modules to the item (body kits) - Blocking of separate cartridges to the object (can be combined with the blocking of modules (body kits) and vice versa) - Ability to highlight a locked item in your inventory - The selection of a blocked item in the inventory can be made in 3 different types (grid, lightning, flame, see the video review) - Detailed interface configuration : - You can customize the location of all the blocks, change their places - Two views of the unlock progress display ( configurable in the configuration) - Customize all colors - You can enable the quick menu for users - Allow users to hide and reveal the quick menu - Enable or disable the informative block with the display of colors ( informs about colors in the process of unlocking ) ( configurable in the configuration) - Supports multilanguage - Plugin support: - Duel - Battles - Duelist - ImageLibrary CONFIGURATION : { "Setting up Locks": { "Configuring weapon and Tool Locks": { "rifle.ak": { "Time to lock this item(in seconds)": 500, "SkinID for the item(if not required, leave the value 0)": 0, "Additional list related to this subject! (Items that can be applied to the main item, example Weapons - > Ammo)": { "weapon.mod.8x.scope": 100 } }, "wood": { "Time to lock this item(in seconds)": 500, "SkinID for the item(if not required, leave the value 0)": 0, "Additional list related to this subject! (Items that can be applied to the main item, example Weapons - > Ammo)": {} }, "stones": { "Time to lock this item(in seconds)": 600, "SkinID for the item(if not required, leave the value 0)": 0, "Additional list related to this subject! (Items that can be applied to the main item, example Weapons - > Ammo)": {} }, "sulfur.ore": { "Time to lock this item(in seconds)": 700, "SkinID for the item(if not required, leave the value 0)": 0, "Additional list related to this subject! (Items that can be applied to the main item, example Weapons - > Ammo)": {} } }, "Configuring Gear locks": { "shoes.boots": { "Time to lock this item(in seconds)": 600, "SkinID for the item(if not required, leave the value 0)": 0, "Additional list related to this subject! (Items that can be applied to the main item, example Weapons - > Ammo)": {} } }, "Setting up explosive locks": { "explosive.timed": { "Time to lock this item(in seconds)": 7770, "SkinID for the item(if not required, leave the value 0)": 0, "Additional list related to this subject! (Items that can be applied to the main item, example Weapons - > Ammo)": {} } }, "Unlock additional items after unlocking the main one (true) or jointly (false)": true }, "Configuring the interface": { "In which part of the screen will the interface with the lock of weapons and tools be located(0-Left, 1-Center, 2-Right)": 0, "In which part of the screen will the interface with the equipment lock be located (0-Left, 1-Center, 2-Right)": 1, "In which part of the screen will the interface with blocking explosives and ammunition be located(0-On the Left, 1-In the Center, 2-on the Right)": 2, "Display the progress of opening an item by filling in the background": false, "Display information-instructions, which block is responsible for what": true, "Link to your background (If not required, leave the field blank)": "", "HEX background color": "#3B3A2EC3", "HEX background color blurr": "#00000044", "HEX background color blurr of additional items": "#00000076", "HEX text color": "#efedee", "HEX line color": "#5E5E5EC8", "HEX line color when unblocking": "#7D904EFF", "HEX background color of the blocked image": "#16161647", "HEX color of the background color of the blocked background": "#16161624", "HEX background color of the next item to unlock": "#161616FF", "HEX background color of the unlocked item": "#667345", "HEX background color of an unlocked item with additional locks": "#C67036", "HEX color of the subject lines with additional locks": "#D08654FF", "Sprite of the blocked element": "assets/icons/bp-lock.png", "Sprite in the quick access menu": "assets/icons/warning_2.png", "Should I hide the interface opening button after unlocking all items": false, "Use the time format (Full - D + H + M(/S) - true / Abbreviated - D/H/M/S - false)": false }, "Configuring the plugin": { "Use the label in the player's inventory if the item is locked(the label will be right on the item being locked)": true, "Enable menu to open wipeblock": false, "Enable the ability to hide the menu to users": true, "Select the label type : 0 - Grid, 1-Flame, 2-Lightning": 0, "Display time on all blocked items, regardless of progress": false, "Settings for collaboration with other plugins": { "IQChat : Chat Settings": { "IQChat : Custom prefix in chat": "[IQWipeBlock]", "IQChat : Custom avatar in the chat (If required)": "", "IQChat : Use UI notifications": false } }, "Notify players that all items have been fully unlocked (true - yes/false - no). The message is configured in lang": true, "Notify players every time they log on to the server that all items are unlocked (true - yes/false - no). The message is configured in lang": false } }
  8. Version 1.2.21


    Bundle of four addons made for Welcome Panel UI. All four addons including preset default config files as you see them on screenshots.
  9. Version 1.0.5


    RUST AUTO WIPER Rust auto wiper is an advanced but simple-to-set-up Discord bot that makes your server wipes 100% automated! Features: 100% automates the server wipe process. Start map votes for the next wipe automatically. Manage wipes of as many servers as you need. Dynamically update server details on the wipe. (ex: server title, description) Deletes a selection of files and folders on the wipe. (ex: plugin data files) Sends wipe announcements. Updates server on the wipe. Set up wipe reminders. Information: This advanced server wipe system covers 100% of the wipe cycles on all your servers. The real power of this tool is that it's running separately from the server, this makes managing server files much easier when the server is offline. with this tool, you don't need batch files or other crap to get your server(s) wiped. This tool also uses cron intervals to determine the exact wipe dates and times. *Note: This tool must be run on a Windows VPS/Server* Configuration: (This example shows 1 server, but you can set up as many servers as you want) module.exports = { token: '', // Your Discord bot token rustMapsApiKey: '', // the rustmaps.io api key guildId: '984577959648174121', // the id of the discord server you want to use the bot in logChannelId: '1102195648683585616', // the id of the channel where the bot should log all actions dbdAccountId: '', // your dbd account id (get this by typing /license display in the support server) debugMode: true, // if true, the bot will log all actions to the console servers: [ // in this list your can add as many servers as you need { server_identifier: 'server1', // the unique identifier of the server. (used for internal purposes) server_name: 'Test Server', // the name of the server server_ip: '', // the ip of the server server_port: 28015, // the port of the server server_queryPort: 28017, // the query port of the server server_rconPort: 28016, // the rcon port of the server server_rconPassword: '', // the rcon password of the server server_modded: true, // if the server is modded or not (if plugins are used) wipe_Interval: '0 20 19 1/1 * ? *', // the interval of the wipe. (generate interval at http://www.cronmaker.com/) wipe_bpWipe: false, // if the wipe is a bp wipe or not files_serverRootPath: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting', // the path to the main server folder. (where your start.bat is located) files_savesFolderPath: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\server\\rsm', // the path to the saves folder. (where your map file is located) files_serverCfgPath: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\server\\rsm\\cfg\\server.cfg', // the path to the server.cfg file files_startFilePath: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\start.bat', // the path to the start.bat file files_oxideFolderPath: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide', // the path to the oxide folder files_excludeSafeFiles: ['logs', 'cfg', 'Log.EAC.txt'], // save files that should not be deleted on wipe. (always exclude cfg) files_deletables: [ // file paths that should be deleted on wipe. (use absolute paths) 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide\\data\\Shop.json', 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide\\data\\Referrals.json', 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide\\data\\StaticLootables_data.json', 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide\\data\\VanishPlayers.json', 'C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\rsmtesting\\oxide\\data\\Kits', ], vote_autoStart: true, // if the vote should start automatically vote_channelId: '1098325670687416331', // the id of the channel where the vote should be posted vote_StartAt: '0 0 19 1/1 * ? *', // the interval when the vote should start. (generate interval at http://www.cronmaker.com/) vote_endAt: '0 10 19 1/1 * ? *', // the interval when the vote should end. (generate interval at http://www.cronmaker.com/) vote_maps: ['1000_1', '1000_50000', '1000_1000'], // the maps that should be voted for. (always format the map name like this: 'mapSize_mapSeed') vote_mapCount: 3, // the amount of maps that should be voted for. the maps from the list will be randomly selected vote_multiple: true, // if players can vote for multiple maps update_dynamicTitle: true, // if the title should be updated dynamically update_serverTitle: 'Test Server wiped on {wipeDate} test1', // the title of the server. placeholders: {wipeDate} update_dynamicDescription: true, // if the description should be updated dynamically update_serverDescription: 'Test Server wiped on {wipeDate} test1', // the description of the server. placeholders: {wipeDate} // embed placeholders: {serverName} {mapSeed} {mapSize} {mapImage} {mapUrl} {wipeDate} {nextWipeDate} {nextBpWipeDate} {nextVoteDate} announcement_autoAnnounce: true, // if the announcement should be posted automatically after a wipe announcement_channelId: '1098325694930497607', // the id of the channel where the announcement should be posted announcement_content: '@ ping roles', // the content of the announcement. (can be used to ping roles) announcement_embedTitle: '{serverName} just wiped!', // the title of the embed announcement_embedDescription: '**Join Server:**\nSteam: steam://connect/{serverIp}:{serverPort}\nF1: `client.connect {serverIp}:{serverPort}`\n\n**Planned:**\nNext wipe: {nextWipeDate}\nNext BP wipe: {nextBpWipeDate}\nNext vote: {nextVoteDate}\n\n**Map:** [rustmaps.com]({mapUrl})', // the description of the embed announcement_embedColor: '#038CB5', // the color of the embed. (must be a hex color) announcement_embedImage: '{mapImage}', // the image of the embed announcement_embedFooterText: 'Server just wiped!', // the footer text of the embed announcement_embedFooterIcon: '', // the footer icon of the embed announcement_embedThumbnail: '', // the thumbnail of the embed announcement_embedAuthorName: '', // the author name of the embed announcement_embedAuthorIcon: '', // the author icon of the embed announcement_embedUrl: '', // the url of the embed reminder_autoRemind: true, // if the reminder should be posted automatically before a wipe reminder_Interval: '0 15 19 1/1 * ? *', // the interval when the reminder should be posted. (generate interval at http://www.cronmaker.com/) reminder_channelId: '1098325694930497607', // the id of the channel where the reminder should be posted reminder_content: '@ ping roles', // the content of the reminder. (can be used to ping roles) reminder_embedTitle: '{serverName} is about to wipe!', // the title of the embed reminder_embedDescription: 'Make sure to vote for the next map!', // the description of the embed reminder_embedColor: '#038CB5', // the color of the embed. (must be a hex color) reminder_embedImage: '', // the image of the embed reminder_embedFooterText: 'Server is about to wipe!', // the footer text of the embed reminder_embedFooterIcon: '', // the footer icon of the embed reminder_embedThumbnail: '', // the thumbnail of the embed reminder_embedAuthorName: '', // the author name of the embed reminder_embedAuthorIcon: '', // the author icon of the embed reminder_embedUrl: '', // the url of the embed }, ], }; Support: You can get support at my Discord server by clicking HERE!
  10. David

    Wipe Countdown

    Version 1.0.2


    Let players know how many days left till next wipe with this simple countdown plugin. • Features - show time left with chat command - auto broadcast when players type keyword in chat - api to get time left • Commands • Config • API
  11. Version 1.2.2


    The plugin displays the time to wipe from the WipeTimer plugin Features: Shows the exact time before the wipe Ability to display the timer within the time specified in the config, after connecting the player Comprehensive setup of all aspects Option to tailor text for different languages to reach players from various countries Lang files for all languages are auto-generated, so you only need to write your text. Important! Time format for specifying the time to the second: "Time Format": "d\\d\\ hh\\h\\ mm\\m\\ ss\\s",
  12. Version 2023.10.12.0810


    SAVE 13% WHEN BUYING THE BUNDLE NOW SUPPORTING PROCGEN AND CUSTOM URL BASED MAPS ! This plugin will allow you to setup automatic server wipes without requiring external scripts. This plugin is very useful for any server owner but I'm positive that it will be really useful for those hosting providers running panel based game instances where you do not have full access to customize the server or the provided wipe tool is very limited. You should have a look at the suggested plugins for Oxidation's Scheduler which is a perfect fit for a fully in-game automatic wipe process. The plugin also allows you to set a list of seeds that will be used at server wipe to select the new map seed. You can define as many different wipe types as you'd like on the config file like so: This example is for a "forced" wipe. In order to execute the wipe type on the rcon console "wipe forced". "Forced": { "Restart": 120, "Message": "A server wipe is being executed, we'll be back shortly", "Game": { "Blueprints": true, "Logs": true, "Map": true, "PlayerDeaths": true, "PlayerIdentities": true, "PlayerStates": true, "PlayerTokens": true }, "Plugins": { "Convalence": true, "Data": true, "Groups": true, "Language": true, "Logs": true, "Users": true }, "Files": [ "my/custom/path/this_file_will_be_deleted.json" ], "Blacklist": [ "carbon/data/this_file_will_never_be_deleted.json" ] } This example is for a "weekly" wipe. In order to execute the wipe type on the rcon console "wipe weekly". "Weekly": { "Restart": 120, "Message": "A server wipe is being executed, we'll be back shortly", "Game": { "Blueprints": false, "Logs": true, "Map": true, "PlayerDeaths": true, "PlayerIdentities": false, "PlayerStates": true, "PlayerTokens": false }, "Plugins": { "Convalence": false, "Data": true, "Groups": false, "Language": true, "Logs": true, "Users": false }, "Files": [ "my/custom/path/this_file_will_be_deleted.json" ], "Blacklist": [ "carbon/data/this_file_will_never_be_deleted.json" ] } This is a standalone Harmony patch, Oxide installation is optional. Copy the Oxidation.Wiper.X.dll file into your HarmonyMods folder and restart your server. At the first server start after installing the patch a new configuration file Oxidation.Wiper.json will be created at the HarmonyMods folder. What is Harmony ? Harmony is a library for patching .NET code during runtime, it directly manipulates game code (CIL) without any additional abstraction layer such as Oxide. The direct patching of the game's byte code allows more performant modding as developers no longer need to rely on third party code, events or hooks to build custom functionality.
  13. P1S4G0R

    Wipe Protect

    Version 1.3.8


    This plugin provides two types of protection for players in Rust. Firstly, you can enable general protection. General protection provides universal protection for all players starting from when the server wipe occurs, and during the duration specified in the configuration file, no player can damage another player's base. Secondly, you can enable player-based protection. In player-based protection, each player has protection starting from when they first join the server after a wipe, for the duration specified in the configuration file. During this period, the player cannot damage another player's base, and other players cannot damage their base. To activate general protection, the 'Protect Type' setting in the configuration file should be set as follows: "Protect Type": 2, To activate player-based protection, the 'Protect Type' setting in the configuration file should be set as follows: "Protect Type": 1, Along with player-based protection, you can allow players to purchase extra protection time. To enable players to purchase extra protection time, the 'Buy Protect Enabled' setting in the configuration file should be set as follows: "Buy Protect Enabled": true, With this setting, players can use the '/buyprotect amount' command to purchase protection time (the amount should be a whole number representing minutes). To configure the unit for protection cost ('rp', 'scrap', or 'economics'), the cost per minute of protection, and the duration after which the protection becomes active if the player doesn't have an active protection, you need to modify the respective settings: "How many minutes after purchase should it be active?": 60, "Cost of Protect for a Minute": 100, "Protect Cost Type? scrap / rp, economy": "rp", "How often should it check purchase requests? (enter minute example 5)": 5 Using the above settings as an example, if the player doesn't have an active protection, they will pay 100 RP for 1 minute of protection, and the purchase will be processed at 19:00 if made at 18:00 in real time. If the player already has an active protection, they will pay 100 RP for 1 minute, and the time will be added on top of their existing protection time. If you set "How many minutes after purchase should it be active?" to 0, the purchased protection will be immediately added to the player. To enable notifications on the right side above the health bar, the following settings should be configured, and the ImageLibrary and CustomStatusFramework plugins should be installed. If you prefer to use chat notifications only, you don't need to install these two plugins. "Gui Enabled": true, Admin Commands The plugin includes the following commands that can only be used by admins: /addprotect player_nick_name_part x -> Adds x minutes of protection to the player. /removeprotect player_nick_name_part -> Removes the player's protection. /checkprotect player_nick_name_part -> Displays how much protection time the player has remaining. Player Commands /noprotect -> Player’s can remove protect theirself. /buyprotect minute ->(minute must be intger) if player has enough cost added protect to player All Config Settings { "Protect Enabled": true, / Protect enabled => true, disbled => false "Custom Status Framework Gui Enabled": false, // Gui Enabled notification right bottom "Simple Status Gui Enabled" : true, //Gui Enabled notification right bottom "Protect Type": 1, // Protect Type player => 1 , General => 2; "Chat Message Enabled": true, //chat message enabled => true, disabled => false "Protect Time": 120, // how many minute player has protect after first login or general protect "Protect Icon Url": "https://icon-library.com/images/protect-icon/protect-icon-18.jpg", //icon image url "Player Has Protect Notification Color Code": "0.46275 0.22745 0.18431 1", //color rgba massive code "Notification Title Color Code": "0.91373 0.77647 0.75686 1", //color rgba massive code "Notification Text Color Code": "0.91373 0.77647 0.75686 1", //color rgba massive code "Notification Image Color Code": "0.91373 0.77647 0.75686 1", //color rgba massive code "Wipe Protect Enabled Notification Background Color Code": "0.46275 0.22745 0.18431 1", //color rgba massive code "Check Status Gui Time": 1, // Check Time interval As Like Minute "Give Back C4, Rocket, Satchel Enabled": true, //control giveback item "Buy Protect Enabled": true, // "How many minutes after purchase should it be active?": 60, // as like minute "Cost of Protect for a Minute": 60, // Cost of protect minute "Protect Cost Type? scrap / rp, economy": "rp", //cost type "How often should it check purchase requests? (enter minute example 5)": 5 // Check Time interval As Like Minute "Dont Protect this Prefabs (Twigs, Metal, Stone, TopTier)" : [ "Twigs", "Stone" ] } Language Settings: You can modify the notification messages in different languages under the 'Language' folder. Discord: If you find any bugs, need assistance, or have suggestions related to the plugin, you can reach out on Discord. Discord pisagor0104 https://discord.gg/JnQftZeSXD
  14. Version 1.0.1


    Information: This plugin creates an end of day event. This is similar to what the game developers provided but has more functionality. You can also manage this event yourself, regardless of the server wipe timer or tag. After the start of the event, F-15E "Strike Eagle" fighter jets will start flying in the sky dropping rockets in random places. Road Bradleys will also appear and patrol the roads and attack everyone in their path. The most experienced players can try to capture Bradley before the end of the event. To do this, they need to lower Bradley's health to a certain limit, fight his guards and repair him to full health. After that, players can control it and destroy other players, buildings or other Bradleys they meet on their way. But keep in mind that this requires a minimum of 2 players. One will control the Bradley and the other will control the weapon turret. Bradley also has two additional seats for passengers. Keyboard keys: W, A, S, D - Controlling the Bradley or his weapon Ctrl + R - Enable or disable third person view Ctrl + E - Changing the seat in Bradley R - Turn on turn off the light Warning: admins are advised not to change their first person view while in Bradley. Chat commands: /endgame start - starts end game event. /endgame stop - ends the end game event. /spawntank - allows the admin to spawn a captured Bradley in front of them. /killalltanks - removes all captured Bradleys. Console commands: endgame start - starts end game event. endgame stop - ends the end game event. Configuration: Disable EndGame server event - disables a timed server event (requires a server restart to enable). Enable auto start EndGame event - events will automatically run after a certain time. Minimum time between events (in seconds) - minimum time before the next event. Maximum time between events (in seconds) - maximum time until next event. Enable bradley spawn - Bradley will spawn at the start of the event. Number of bradleys to spawn - the calculation is based on the size of the map, the length of the roads and their number (MapSize / 1000 * count) where count is the number of Bradleys per 1 km of the road. Allow capture of Bradley - if enabled then players can capture bradley. Spawn Npc when bradley is out of action - after Bradley is out of action, NPCs will appear next to him. Npc type - you can select NPC type. 1 - cargo, 2 - cargo_turret_any, 3 - cargo_turret_lr300, 4 - ch47_gunner, 5 - excavator, 6 - full_any, 7 - full_lr300, 8 - full_mp5, 9 - full_pistol, 10 - full_shotgun, 11 - heavy, 12 - junkpile_pistol, 13 - oilrig, 14 - patrol, 15 - peacekeeper, 16 - roam, 17 - roam_nvg_variant, 18 - roamtethered. Npc count - number of spawning NPCs. Minimum bradley health to capture - the minimum amount of Bradley's health after which players will be able to capture him. Restore bradley health per hit - amount of health restored after each hammer blow. Waiting for repair after damage - waiting time for repairs after receiving damage. Repair cost - resources and their quantity for repairing Bradley. Requires ammo for bradley weapons - Includes the need to have ammo for Bradley weapons. Type of ammo for cannon (short name) - Required type of ammunition for a cannon Type of ammo for turret (short name) - Required type of ammunition for a turret. Use ammo from the player's inventory - If disabled, ammo is taken from Bradley storage. Weapon ammo storage size - Bradley storage size for player ammo and loot. Enable jet spawn - jet will appear after the event starts. Jets lifetime (in seconds) - the time before the Jets fly off into the sunset.. Number of spawn jets - total number of jets per event. Allow jets to use missiles - allows aircraft to drop missiles at random locations on the map.
  15. King.


    Version 1.0.1


    WipeAddon : An auxiliary plugin for performing a wipe Has the ability to : Does not let players in until the set wipe time When opening the server, will be available to enter for players also time WipeBlock and the rest of the plugins in which goes time from the vyp, will go from the moment of opening the server. Config : { "Allow players with admin rights to enter the server ?": true, "Players who can access the server [SteamID]": [ 765600000000, 765600000044, 765600000123 ], "Time to open the server | Hours": 14, "Time to open the server | Minutes ": 0, "Config version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 0 } }
  16. Version 1.1.0


    XWipeCalendar - beautiful calendar for your server. - Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions. - There is a lang ru/en/uk/es. - Automatic calendar generation. - Display for one day several events. - Possibility to create N events. - Possibility to set the calendar for the whole year. - Ability to view customized months. Permissions xwipecalendar.use - permission to view the calendar. Commands /wipe, /calendar - open calendar. Config { "General settings": { "Close the calendar by tapping anywhere on the screen": false, "Timezone - UTC+0:00": 0, "Use local computer/hosting time. [ Requests to an external time service and time zone will be disabled ]": true }, "Settings GUI": { "Background color_1": "0.517 0.521 0.509 0.95", "Background color_2": "0.217 0.221 0.209 0.95", "The color of the numbers of the current month": "1 1 1 0.75", "The color of the numbers of the next month": "1 1 1 0.1", "Block color": "0.417 0.421 0.409 0.95" }, "List of events. Description of events - oxide/lang/(ru/en/uk/es)": { "1": [ ... ], "2": [ ... ] }, "Time": "2024-00-00T00:00:00.00" }
  17. Version 2.4.1


    Simply the bot uses the integration of discord unix/epoch timestamps to count down your server(s) wipes in your discord automatically generating new timestamps as your server wipes, currently the bot allows monthly - (wiping at force) weekly, biweekly - (every 2 weeks) & Custom - (Multiple times a week) - as well as the full customisation of the embed in which the server info is held in (see above for example), the system is 100% automated once you create your servers/wipes. Countdown bot is coded in python utilising discord.py along with mongodb to store information Feature List : Create & Delete Wipes Fully customisable embed (Title, Description, Thumbnail, Footer, Embed Colour) Edit server information ie wipe-times or server descriptions Fully automated countdowns - autogenerates the next wipes Display server pop in the embed & last wipe Works alongside Force wipe, currently offering Monthly (force), Biweekly and Weekly wipe aswell as Custom - multiple wipes a week eg 2 Commands : (All showcased in pictures) !wipe - displays all servers and wipes to users !list - displays all embeds & serverids !create - allows you to make a new server / embed - followed by a number of questions !delete <server/embed> <id> allows you to delete servers & embeds !editeembed <id> - allows you to edit the embed id eg : thumbnail, description etc !editserver <id> - allows you to edit server information eg : wipe time, name, info Config: { "Misc":{ "Bot_Prefix":"!", "Bot_Token":"", "Server_Name":"Server Name Here", "Embed_Hex_Color":"#FFFFFF" }, "Mongo_Config":{ "MONGO_URL": "" }, "Discord_Config":{ "Guild_ID":0, "StaffRole_ID":0 } } Requirements Server with python 3.7 or above Pip packages listed - discord.py, aiohttp, motor,d nspython, python-dateutil, arrow, requests Suggested bot host 0.99$ -> https://serverstarter.host/ For any problems please msg me on discord : Skizzy#0037
  18. Version


    Rust Wipe Tool Master is a tool for server owners or admins who run their Rust server on Windows based machines, be it locally or on a server, that want to save some time on wipe days. 4 easy steps: #1 - Simply enter the location of the server identity you wish to wipe. #2 - Get the list of files for plugins installed on your server with the "Get Plugin Files" button. #3 - Select which files you wish to delete for the wipe. #4 - Click "Wipe Server" and confirm. Your server is now wiped, simply change your map size or seed as you like and boot up your server. Some changes in the latest update. (v2.0.0.0) The above instructions are still accurate, but for the new functionality, the Help button explains the new functions. Disclaimer: There are files that will show up on your list if you use the Advanced checkbox, that if you delete it could break your server, know what files you are deleting and what they are for. Any comments, suggestions or if you need help, message me! Attention: I am aware that Windows Defender doesn't like the latest version, I can assure you the results are false positives. Here is a scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/254e60904fa9a84cb581afcc7023742be1b8f30428e407d6002131e3c7ad2912
  19. Neko

    Wipe Settings

    Version 1.0.1


    This is an incredibly simple, and potentially misleading with its name, plugin that will edit your hostname & description to include your wipe dates. Specify your preferred date format (DD/MM, MM/DD, etc) and the hostname + description you wish to use. This WILL completely override your server.cfg's hostname & description! This WILL display an incorrect wipe date if loaded halfway through your wipe! The plugin must be loaded before your server(s) wipe to function correctly! Config { "Date Format (dd, mm)": "dd/mm", "How many days counts as 'Just Wiped'?": 1, "What text should be added if the server is 'Just Wiped'?": "JUST WIPED", "Hostname ({wipe} goes where you want the wipe text)": "My Server | Active Admins | {wipe}", "Description ({wipe} goes where you want the wipe text, 'Just Wiped' will not be added here)": "Welcome to XXYY, join our discord: discord.gg/abcdef\nLast wipe was on {wipe}", "Hostname Update Interval (seconds)": 3600 } In your hostname & description, simply put {wipe} anywhere and it'll get replaced with the date of your wipe. Want your server to say "RECENTLY WIPED" for the first 3 days of your wipe? Simply use "How many days counts as 'Just Wiped'?": 3 and "What text should be added if the server is 'Just Wiped'?": "RECENTLY WIPED" and you're set! Replacements JReplacements are: {wipe} - The date of the wipe, which is formatted as specified in the config {just} - The 'JUST WIPED' text. If you want your JUST WIPED text separated from your date format, this is how to do it. Why is an 'Update Interval' needed? Let's say your server wipes on 22/11, and you only want it to say "Just Wiped" for the first 3 days of your 7 day wipe cycle. At some point during the third day, the server will no longer count as "Just Wiped" by your own definition, and there needs to be a good way to check this. You can alter the update interval to be as long or as short as you wish. Don't fancy having a timer running? Set it to 0 and it'll never be created Be warned though, unless you have daily server restarts or plugin reloads, the plugin will not know that it needs to update the hostname accordingly.
  20. Version 1.2.4


    Clear Groups is a simple plugin that allows admin to remove all players from specific groups with a single command. In the configuration file you can: Specify which groups you want to clear. Specify to ignore admin. Set the command for clearing the group(s). Set the command for clearing the data file. Chat Commands: /cleargroups - Clear groups /cleargroupsdata - Clear data file Console Commands: cg - Clear groups cgd - Clear data file Permissions: "cleargroups.admin" - Allows admin to clear the data file and clear the selected group(s). Default Configuration File: { "Change Commands": { "Manually clear groups": "cleargroups", "Delete clear groups data": "cleargroupsdata" }, "Main Options": { "Ignore Admin": true, "Clear Data on wipe": false }, "Group Names": [ "", "" ] } Default Data File: { "RemovedFromGroup": [] } For support: Contact me here or on Discord: gt403cyl2
  21. Version 1.1.0


    Using Discords Webhooks it sends an embed to discord notifying users of server wipes. * Different message support between FacePunch Forced wipes & Manually wiped * Includes Automation * Includes test console command * Includes Embed Setting Options * Coded for optimal performance Now requires RustMaps.com API key! Because they re-wrote the website forcing all users to sign in & make one, the day before wipe this month, lol. Notes: * When you see " [Discord Wipe Embed] Waiting on rustmaps retrying in 60seconds." It means exactly what it says... * It means it's waiting on the rust-maps website to generate the Image & will re-try posting the discord embed in 60 sec. Configuration { "Sets Console Command": "sendwipe", "Disable Auto Send (Requires you to manually use console command to send embed message)": false, "ConnectionInfo": { "DiscordWebhookURL": "", "ServerName": "[US] -10X No BPs [KITS/TP/PVP]", "RustServerIp": "", "DonationURL": "https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/darkcrow2nd", "EnableStaging": false, "EnableBarren": false, "RustMapsApiKey": "" }, "ForceWipe": { "AtEveryone": false, "AtRoleID": "", "EmbedHexColour": "#ffc348", "This will replace the Map Image if used": "" }, "Manually": { "AtEveryone": false, "AtRoleID": "", "EmbedHexColour": "#ffc348", "This will replace the Map Image if used": "" }, "Do not touch.": { "WipedTime": "Monday, 27 February 2023 16:42", "LastWipe": "Monday, 27 February 2023 16:42" } }
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Allows users to block monuments/part of monuments for a configured amount of time after wipe, players won't be able to loot high end weapons early in the game You are able to add any monument you want in the configuration file, any position and any radius that you need blocked, you will only have to setup this once, after each map wipe the plugin will automatically detect the monument and block the desired zone Use case examples: Block certain parts of a monument for 24 hours, such as Launch Site's top of the main building Commands: /getpos (Requires admin access) Use the command to get the proper position within the monument /showzones (Requires admin access) Shows the blocked monuments /testradius value (Requires admin access) Draws a sphere with the specified radius in order to give you an idea of the blocked area based on the value Configuration: { "Monument name & their settings": { "OilrigAI": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "OilrigAI2": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/harbor/harbor_1.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/harbor/harbor_2.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/harbor/fishing_village_a.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/harbor/fishing_village_b.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/harbor/fishing_village_c.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/xlarge/launch_site_1.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/large/excavator_1.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/large/powerplant_1.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/large/trainyard_1.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/medium/junkyard_1.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/large/airfield_1.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/large/water_treatment_plant_1.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/medium/compound.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/medium/bandit_town.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/small/sphere_tank.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/small/satellite_dish.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/tiny/water_well_c.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/tiny/water_well_d.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/tiny/water_well_e.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/medium/stables_a.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 }, "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/medium/stables_b.prefab": { "IsEnabled": false, "Position": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Radius": 0.0, "Blocked time (seconds)": 0.0 } } } Language: { "DayFormat": "<color=#ACFA58>{0}</color> day and <color=orange>{1}</color> hours", "DaysFormat": "<color=#ACFA58>{0}</color> days and <color=orange>{1}</color> hours", "HourFormat": "<color=#ACFA58>{0}</color> hour and <color=orange>{1}</color> minutes", "HoursFormat": "<color=#ACFA58>{0}</color> hours and <color=orange>{1}</color> minutes", "MinFormat": "<color=#ACFA58>{0}</color> minute and <color=orange>{1}</color> seconds", "MinsFormat": "<color=#ACFA58>{0}</color> minutes and <color=orange>{1}</color> seconds", "SecsFormat": "<color=#ACFA58>{0}</color> seconds", "Blocked": "You are not allowed to enter here! Try again in {0}" }


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