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  1. Version 1.0.4


    Simple Info Panel which will welcome players upon connecting to your server. • Info /info - command to open • Customization Button Colors, Button Icons, Button Text Title Color, Title Size Text Content Color and Size Changing Text,Colors, Icons, and Enable/Disable Buttons /oxide/config/InfoPanelUI.json "Title Enable: ": true, "Title Text: ": "<size=44>YOURSERVER.NET</size>", "Button 1 Show: ": true, "Button 1 Color: ": "0.16 0.34 0.49 0.95", "Button 1 Image URL: ": "image-url", "Button 1 Text: ":
  2. Version 1.0.4


    Simple set of CUI info pages for Rust servers. InfoScreens offers multi-page, and multi-subpage,information viewable by command and also automatically presented when a user joins the server. Permission infoscreens.show - Enables ability to show info screens to other players. ChatCommand /infoscreen with permission : /infoscreen <playername> /infoscreen <playername <pagename> ConsoleCommand ISWipe – This clears InfoScreens' record of players who have joined the server. Configuration Global. PermaUIButton
  3. Version 1.0.5


    CInfoPanel is a panel info when platyer join server or when enter command. ImageLibrary is required http://umod.org/plugins/image-library # INFO - Multi language (EN / FR) - Pagination - Regroup order by categories - Full custom - Validation for close # CHAT COMMAND /info - For open manualy # CONFIGURATION { "1. CONFIG": { "» Show panel once?": false, "» Command chat": "info" }, "2. LOGO": { "» Enabled?": true, "» Logo URL": "https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/668151580964552721/808704749637599292
  4. Version 1.0.1


    You get version A and version B when buying this plugin. Version A: This plugin shows your recoil to UI. Works fine with /pattern command or you can add simple hook to add pattern to player which will teleport or join a minigame for example. Permission needed for command: recoilpatternui.command Supported weapons: - AK-47 - LR300 - MP5A4 - THOMPSON - CUSTOMSMG - More will be added soon Version B: It is basically version A but you can see other players recoil, you need to have permission to use the command Permission: recoilpat
  5. Version 1.0.3


    A configurable UI with wipe/purge info to save your admins some work Optional dependencies : GUIAnnouncements Features : Set info about wipe time/day and purge time/day in a UI Panel Setup Colors used and a Top banner image Welcomes the player using his/her name automaticly Automaticly displays the settings inside the UI from CFG file Option to have it use a GUIAnnouncement message when purge is active or not. Both with a seperate timed interval.(to activate either set it to true/false and reload plugin for now) GuiAnnouncements ar
  6. Version 1.0.5


    Rusty Bangers is a UI for Vehicle Licence. Check out updates below Dependency Vehicle Licence Permissions Rusty Bangers now requires vehiclelicence.use permission to be opened AND NOW Players can now only see options for vehicles that they have been granted permissions to spawn. Command /rusty << opens the UI Configuration { "Page1PermSettings": { "MiniCopter Permission": "vehiclelicence.minicopter", "Scrap Transport Heli Permission": "vehiclelicence.transportcopter", "Hot Air Balloon Permission": "vehiclelicence.hotairballoon",
  7. Version 1.0.0


    • Info Simple KDR plugin which displays three UI panels with kills, deaths and overall ratio. /kdrhide - command to hide KDR /kdrshow - command to open KDR again panels are open after connecting by default • Customization You can change every aspect of those three panels and make them suit your needs panel sizing, coloring and positioning text color and size changing text inside panels disable separate panels Positioning and Anchors explained here Anchoring UI E
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Create own UI buttons for your rust server! • Info CustomButtons comes with 16 fully customizable UI elements. - 8 clickable buttons - 8 text labels - permission for each element • Available Customization ➼ change sizing, positioning and color of each UI element ➼ change text size and color ➼ option to attach image to buttons and labels ➼ change image position with OffSet settings ➼ assign chat commands to each button ➼ separate permission for each button/label ➼ option to choose between hud/overlay type further explanation of customization
  9. MikeHawke


    Version 1.0.3


    PhoneCore is a Grand Theft Auto Style GUI that is easy to setup and customise. UPDATE? Go To Bottom PhoneCore is a zip file with 4 variations to the code, images and psd/afphoto allowing you all the options you could think of. Code included is a 2x3 Phone, 3x4 phone and now 2x3 with 4 pages and 3x4 with 4 pages! Fire off any command that would usually be used with a "/" via this tasty little ui (e.g. /kits /backpack /dis) Configuration Configuration is simple, Drop in the urls for the image you want (list in image folder of default URLS) and add a
  10. Version 1.3.1


    CPunishTool is an admin tool. Very intuitive way to punish a player # INFO WHEN TOOL IS EQUIPED AND ACTIVE - Show crosshair - Show UI - Display info in chat for each mode ALL MODE IS SECURED WITH PERMISSIONS AVAILABLE MODE - Kill (Wounded, Stop wounded, Kill) - Kick (with multiple custom reason) - Mute (with multiple custom duration and unmute option) - Voice Mute (with multiple custom duration and unmute option) - Freeze (if player is freeze, unfreeze him) - Ban (with multiple custom reason) # PERMISSION
  11. Krungh Crow


    Version 2.0.1


    Spawn in a lift ,parts ,modules ,chassis or car with permissions and shared cooldown. They still need to be fixed before driven ! Features : Updating to v2.0.0 will reset the garage prices only (backup the cfg file) !!! Set kits and sell them through the shop Use of Economics or ServerRewards (combined to 1 button as of v2.0.0) Configurable colors/backgrounds/transparency/buttons This is a Garage so no complete vehicles incl parts attached are planned in the near future Logging of each sale or attempt to a misbuy is saved in the log folder Chan
  12. CASHR


    Version 1.0.3


    CStats - statistics for your server that does not require any intervention from administrators, such as config settings and other things, is made in a unique style and does not load your server! This plugin also implements the idea of the player's death logs, that is, the player can see the profile of the player who killed him.

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