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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Create your own UI buttons for your rust server! • Info CustomButtons comes with 16 fully customizable UI elements. - 8 clickable buttons - 8 text labels - permission for each element • Available Customization ➼ change sizing, positioning and color of each UI element ➼ change text size and color ➼ option to attach image to buttons and labels ➼ change image position with OffSet settings ➼ assign chat commands to each button ➼ separate permissions for each button/label ➼ option to choose between hud/overlay type further explanation of customization here Custom Buttons [Quick Tutorial] • Config Example }, "Button #2": { "Button Enabled: ": true, "Text: ": "<color=#E4E4E4><size=11> Custom Crafting Menu</size></color>", "Button Type (Hud or Overlay): ": "Overlay", "Command: ": "help", "Button Color: ": "0.16 0.34 0.49 0.90", "Anchor Min: ": "0.3445 0.0", "Anchor Max: ": "0.4406 0.020", "Image Enabled: ": true, "Image URL: ": "http://333017_web.fakaheda.eu/tool.png", "Image OffSet Min: ": "1 1", "Image OffSet Max: ": "0 0" }, • Permissions custombuttons.usebtn1 (1 - 16) CustomButtons(ButtonsTemplate).json
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to Doc's Custom Scuba Tank monument, this is a custom unique monument with loads of places to explore inside. Climb the vines on the pillars or work your way up the mountain to get to the top of the scuba tank You will need scuba gear to explore and access all the loot There is 1 hackable crate at the bottom You can scuba inside of the cargo ship to find hidden loot Very funny to watch people pvp and scuba about Prefab Count 3568 Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you have any problems you can contact discord DocNorris#5423
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to Doc's Glass Tunnel Boat system, this is a custom above ground tunnel system that is patrolled by scientist. This prefab comes in 14 different parts/sections and you must assemble it yourself. Features There is a shop where you can buy a boat at the docking stations or you can walk the tunnels by foot 1 recycler at the stations Loads of loot inside the tunnels You can walk and build underneath the tunnels Easy to install Fully Customizable. you can design your own path. Also comes with a map with the system set up in one Prefab Count per piece Station T 716 Station L 597 Cross shape 524 L Shape 264 T Shape 335 Straight 100 Straight no npc 98 If you have any problems you can contact discord DocNorris#5423
  4. Version 2.0


    Welcome to SpaceX Starship Launch site, this is a smaller/cooler replacement to launch site. You can explore the inside of the Starship, it has 7 accessible floors, 2 elevators and 1 main loot room. You will need the blue and red key card and 1 fuse to enter all areas of the rocket. Scientist and Bradley are patrolling the outside of the Starship. Also has SpaceX factory full of loot and a recycler . Prefab Count 2334 Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you have any problems you can contact me on discord DocNorris#5423
  5. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Welcome to Doc's River/Canal boat, this is a custom puzzle room of a canal boat You will need a fuse and a blue keycard to access all the loot inside Easy to install Prefab Count 601 Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you have any problems you can contact discord DocNorris#5423
  6. Version 1.1.0


    Welcome to The Divide. In this map you'll find 2 separate continents both full with the usual monuments and tons to explore, you'll also find the Aquadome, water build domes, Twits nightclub, and a couple others. map is 4700 in size. ***Quick note on the video link the aquadome has changed and no longer has the elevator, i'll get a new vid up shortly***
  7. Version HD0717


    Subterra is a map with plenty to do and explore both above ground and below and under the waves. Features a combined and integrated above and below ground railway system along with many unique monuments and places of interest to explore. Monuments and Features Area 51 Service Station & Shredder Canyon Railway Table Top Mountain Train Container Yard Deep Mines Oil Field Dweller Gold Mining Town Crashed UFO Beached Cargo Cheyenne Mountain Complex Stargate Gate Room Viaducts and Waterways Broken Wind Power Station Wind Farm Camp Crystal Lake Chichen Itza Fire and Ice Cave Cabin In The Woods Monument To The Fallen Ghost Town Library St Nikos Hospital Dweller Residences Construction Site St Nikolas Town Tanning Factory Wangen Observatory Integrated Railway, Underground, Tramway + The usual standard FP Monuments If you have any problems you can contact me via Discord https://discord.gg/r84Cg84 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g The map requires a workcart spawner for the trains to work above ground, it is included in this file with the permission of its creator SPooCK but if you need an update the link is included in the readme file, My thanks goes to SPooCK for its development and its inclusion. I also wish to take this time to thank those who have helped in its design and testing Mr Wizard, Jim, Apoco, Landon, Cerberus, Ark Nerd and anyone else who has contributed however small Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. Thanks Niko You Tube Video
  8. Version HD0712


    Eden Falls is a 3800 size highly modified procedural map. (69K Prefabs) It features a road and river network covering most corners of the map, Some standard monuments are here along with a number of new and unique monuments created by me. The additional monuments are LUMBER MILL MISSILE SILO MARINA ICESTATION THULE EDEN FALLS CANYON THE ASYLUM FORT KNOX PUMPKIN FARM CAVERNS RADAR STATION ALCATRAZ Unique interest points SKULL MOUNTAIN SUMMIT CAMP ROAD RACE TRACK POLLUTED LAKE If you have any problems you can contact me as follows https://discord.gg/GyxJ9ny https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g?view_as=subscriber Eden Falls HDRP UpDate - CLICK FOR VIDEO Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. Thanks
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Railway station for your map / server. Extraction: - green card - 9 barrels - 9 crates of food - 9 main boxes - 4 regular boxes - 2 military boxes
  10. Version 1.1.5


    Bears and Wolves drop loot and have a static health and strength profile (random HP/Str) Radtown loot does not conflict with : Barrelless Bearrels Custom Animal Spawns Rust Spawner BackToTheWild Features : Wolf & Bears drop a backpack upon death with a % chance on drop (Just like in LegacyRust) Health and Strength wil be randomised using min/max values. Set Bear and Wolf Profiles (Health ,Strength ,Running speed and backpack droprate) With option to print the spawns to console showing HP and Strength Permissions : radtownloot.use : For giving players the chance to have the animals drop a lootbag radtownloot.admin : To use the chatcommand Commands : /rad animals (will print the info about plugin and Bear/Wolf settings to chat Localization : English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder. { "RadTownLoot": "A {0} dropped something!" } Logging : Each succesfull drop will now be loggd in the oxide log folder 11:25:52 AM] Krungh Crow[12345678910] killed a Radtown Bear and got some loot 11:26:24 AM] Krungh Crow[12345678910] killed a Radtown Wolf and got some loot Console Logging : Example Console logs if set to true [Rad Town Loot] A Bear spawned with 473 HP and 35 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Bear spawned with 374 HP and 34 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Bear spawned with 376 HP and 32 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Wolf spawned with 269 HP and 18 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Bear spawned with 353 HP and 35 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Bear spawned with 462 HP and 30 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Wolf spawned with 191 HP and 13 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Wolf spawned with 339 HP and 14 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Bear spawned with 394 HP and 39 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Wolf spawned with 151 HP and 22 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Wolf spawned with 219 HP and 17 Strength [Rad Town Loot] A Wolf spawned with 310 HP and 16 Strength Settings : Droprate settings * Bear droprate : Any value between 0.0/1.0 (0 means it will not spawn a backpack) * Wolf droprate : Any value between 0.0/1.0 (0 means it will not spawn a backpack) * Chat Steam64ID : Add your servers steampicture using the steam64ID. * Use random skins : true/false * Spawn min amount item : Minimum amount of items to spawn in the backpack. * Spawn max amount item : Maximum amount of items to spawn in the backpack. If u want the item to be a Blueprint add .bp behind the item name (eg ammo.pistol.bp) then it will spawn as a blueprint. Loottable settings * shortname : The items shortname (eg ammo.pistol). * Amount : Max amount of the item to spawn in the backpack. * skin : Add the skin ID if u want it to contain a certan skin. * AmountMin : the minimum amount of this item to spawn in the backpack You can change/add/remove lines to the lootprofile. Configuration : A example how u can configure it { "Bear settings": { "Change Bear stats on spawns": true, "Show Bear spawns in Console": true, "Bear Droprate 0-100": 10.0, "Minimum Health": 300, "Maximum Health": 500, "Minimum Strength (Att dmg)": 30, "Maximum Strength (Att dmg": 40, "Running Speed": 6.0 }, "Wolf settings": { "Change Wolf stats on spawns": true, "Show Wolf spawns in Console": true, "Wolf Droprate 0-100": 10.0, "Minimum Health": 150, "Maximum Health": 450, "Minimum Strength (Att dmg)": 13, "Maximum Strength (Att dmg)": 23, "Running Speed": 6.0 }, "Chat Steam64ID": 76561199090290915, "Use Random Skins": true, "Spawn Min Amount Items": 2, "Spawn Max Amount Items": 6, "Loot Table": [ { "shortname": "ammo.pistol", "amount": 200, "skin": 0, "amountMin": 200 } ............................. } Credits * NIvex for help with the loot system and coding assistance
  11. Version 1.2.00


    This custom map has a story behind it, its a 1.5k Size custom map however there is plenty of building space for up to 50 - 100 people and 12 monuments with a Bradley path. Cave Excavation: Abandoned Tunnel: Project Medusa: Custom Monuments : Information Hub (Mid Tier loot) Project Medusa (High Tier loot) Trader (Safe Zone) Business Man (Safe Zone) Cave Excavation (Low Tier Loot - Chinook Drop zone) Abandoned Military Base (Mid Tier Loot - Chinook Drop zone) Abandoned Tunnel (Low Tier Loot) Customized Lighthouse (Mid Tier Loot) Shipwrecked Barge (Low Tier Loot) Makeshift Harbor (Low Tier Loot) Rust Monuments: Dome (Mid Tier Loot) Oxums Gas Station (Low Tier Loot - Chinook Drop zone) Large Oil Rig (High Tier Loot) Mining Outpost (Low Tier Loot) Fishing Village (Safe Zone) This map supports HDRP, however if there are any bugs don't be afraid to ask for a fix! There is a Bradley setup that goes from Dome to the crossroads near Oxums gas station and then back again, this is for the story. If you don't want this then simply disable Bradley spawn in the rust config! There are a few plugins that will enhance the experience of this map, the BradleyGuards Plugin and Plagued Murderers Plugin! This map does require https://github.com/k1lly0u/Oxide.Ext.RustEdit to work, as do all custom rust maps.
  12. Version 1.0.2


    Commanders! It is time to invest in some defense from those who come from otherworldly places. I present to you Cobalt industries B.F.G, or otherwise known as (Big Fragmentation Cannon) but the acronym you were thinking of works as well. The BFG is a highly guarded monument that comes with a 3 tier loot puzzle, figure out the puzzle and grab the goods. Be warned, once you start, any player in the area will know you are breaching the defenses. Munitions Stores Red and Green Card Uses Four Fuses Four Elite Crates Three Military Crates High Difficulty Level (doing as a group is recommended) How to play Fight your way to the center of the B.F.G from the front entrance, put the fuse in the fusebox on the right. Go through the first green door and use the fusebox for the top-right control center that opens with a red card Once in the first red room use the fusebox to activate the door on the upper left control room, you only have 60 seconds to get to the other side. The fuse box in the 2nd red card room opens to the door to the last loot room on the ground in the center of the B.F.G Prefab Count 1200 Requirements RustEdit plugin is required Flatt ground is required Given Splat maps are recommended Lore The B.F.G is an extremely large piece of space artillery leftover from Cobalt industries during the planetary defense act of 1972 to combat extraterrestrial threats. In 1952 a research station in the artic codenamed Terif 1 picked up a transmission seemly from the other side of the solar system. Having no human origin, the Russian government enacted a precautionary measure to defend against any and all extraterrestrial threats as the meaning and origin of the transmission were not known. It was later realized that the U.S had been launching probes of their own in secret and testing a new technic of radio encryption which was mistaken by the Russians as alien contact.
  13. I have this server that a bunch of my friends and I play on and have a good time doing a mix of PvE and Pvp. The maps we use are normally just procedurally generated maps that I take into Rust edit and mark out a "safe zone" where our PvE/RP rules apply. I think its time I bump things up for my buddies and get an actual custom map made. I am willing to pay a price if needed, just let me know a price beforehand please. Below I will list some of the things I am looking for, but I will leave the rest up to creativity 4k map size Try and fit launch site in as the large monument, not too worried about airfield Bandit camp and Outpost please! As many small monuments you can (supermarket, gas stations, etc.) Clearly marked area for the PvE/RP zone. This can be marked with a shape drawn around it on the map, by rock visible on the map, etc. Just something that people can see on the map and know where to go to find the PvE area. PvE area should be somewhat flat (not entirely flat because I think that looks funny mixed with the other terrain) so people can build without having to worry too much about hills getting in the way. Roads going through PvE area so people can build their businesses and homes along them to encourage roleplay and such. PvE zone does not need to be too big, there are only about 10 or so of us at the moment, but we each will build a home and some sort of business more than likely. We are also still getting new friends in as we play. Custom monuments/monument designs are welcome! I am not the best at explaining stuff sometimes so if you have any questions or anything like that please feel free to ask! Thank you in advance to anyone that is willing to help! You can contact me here, or add me on Discord: Junior#6969
  14. Version 1.1.0


    Little Facctory Road is a free road side custom monument you can install very easily anywhere on a map. This monument is perfect for starter (can replace a Gas Station or Supermarket for exemple) and it's totally FREE !! FEATURES: - Recycler - Gas Station loot - No cards or fuse needed PHONES ID: FACTORAOD prefabs : 900 If you have any question you can contact me as follows Discord Thanks
  15. Version 1.8.6 (HDRP)


    Necrosiis is my very first map, I spent a lot of time to have a precise, balanced, beautiful map, whether on Rust IO or in player view. A balance between classic and custom monuments, build places that change from procedural maps, and at the same time a light map that can be used by all. Come and discover the island of a god worshipped by its cannibal inhabitants who became zombies after their death. FEATURES: ● Infected Dock - Blue and red puzzle with 1 fuse and a bonus loot green card room. - Scientist on the dock - Scarecrew in the futuristic inside rooms. ● Bandit Cave - In the middle of a canyon - Green puzzle no fuse ● Underground Way - Red puzzle - Enter from tunnel - Exit from cave ● Little Blue Road - A small monuments with green and blue puzzle - 2 scientists - Underground room ● Cannibal Village - Few loot in cabins - Lots of scarecrew - Underground sacrifice room ● Canyon control room - Small blue puzzle POINTS OF INTEREST : - Canyons - Ice Rings - Middle Lake Oil Rig - Skull fall - Lots of islands - Launch Site - Power Plant - Water Treatment - The Dome - Oil Rigs - Airfield - Train Yard - Sewer Branch - Bandit Camp - Outpost - 1 Stable - 3 Boats Shop Monuments Map size : 3500 If you have any question you can contact me as follows Discord Thanks
  16. Version 1.0.1


    Welcome to Impact isle, this map is 4k in size. It includes all main Rust monuments as well as my Get away Resort, Aquadome and a cave style buildable dome *( sold separately)*. also included is a custom bradley path located in the Aquadome **(The Get away resort, Aquadome and cave style buildable dome are *not* included in the package for editing but can be purchased if you wish to edit the map with them)** Prefab count is 19569 Enjoy
  17. Steenamaroo


    Version 1.0.8


    Give kits to all Rust npcs by location/type. Also mods weapon drop and condition. General information. Give custom Kits to all default Rust npc types, and control what, if anything, becomes lootable when the npc is killed. Also has control for dropping weapon on death, weapon condition, and magazine contents. Note : Please make sure that the weapons you're giving to the npcs are suitable. Oilrig npcs, in particular, seem to become stupid with certain weapons. Optional dependencies. Kits. Configuration. NPC types. Military Tunnel Junkpile Scientist Mounted Scientist (CH47) Compound Scientist BanditTown Murderer ScareCrow CargoShip HeavyScientists Excavator OilRig Airfield(new) Trainyard(new) Options per type: "enabled": false, "Kits": [], "Health": 100, "Weapon_Drop_Percent": 100, "Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100, "Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100, "Dropped_Weapon_Has_Ammo_Percent_Chance": 100, "Wipe_Default_Weapons", Removes default spawn weapons from npcs. "Wipe_Default_Clothing", Removes default spawn attire from npcs. "Wipe_Main_Inventory_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in main by Kits plugin "Wipe_Clothing_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in clothing by Kits plugin "Wipe_Belt_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in belt by Kits plugin "Default_Rust_Loot_Percent": 100 - Remove from corpse default loot given by Rust Note : Kits follows the same format as BotSpawn kits. If multiple are listed, one is chosen at random each time. "Kits":["Kit One"] "Kits":["Kit One", "Kit Two", "Kit Three"] API: Object hook OnNpcKits(ulong) is provided. Return non null to prevent this plugin from giving kits to your spawned npcs.
  18. Version 1.0.2


    Hello, there fellow boat lovers! Take to the waves with my complete ship pack! This pack contains a fleet of six unique bandit style ships to spice up your maps’ oceans and game-play. Fleet Inventory Includes One Beached Boat House One Large Ships One Medium Ship One Small Ship Two sunken Ships Prefab Count Each ship is under 200 prefabs to maximize server performance Notes This pack requires the RustEdit plugin for NPCs to spawn Make sure to adjust the height of your ship when placing
  19. Version 1.2.0


    Mecatrodectus was created by Cobalt's most brilliant post-apocalyptic scientists and technicians to allow the company to move quickly and off-road to extract minerals more easily and quickly, allowing them to continue to be the dominant company in this new post-apocalyptic world. It can accommodate 2 pilots, 4 technicians and 10 passengers, it also has 2 bedrooms with 2 beds each, a desk and a bathroom corner. Features Loot tier 1, 2 and 3 Stone, sulfur and metal ores Scientists Scarecrew Card puzzles (2 fuse, blue card, red card, green card bonus loot) Recycler Research Table prefabs : 1760 If you have any question you can contact me as follows: Discord
  20. Version 1.0.2


    The perfect building for your NPCs! You need a suitable building for your NPCs, our NPC Shop Buildings are perfect for it! We use these prefabs ourselves and our community love them! NPCShopv.1 Details| Objects: 187 Features: Interactive Recycler, Loot Spawns Topology: NO Height Mask: Yes Terrain Layer: NO Biom Layer: NO Alpha Maps: NO Plugins Required: NO RustEdit Dll Required: Yes NPCShopv.2 Details| Features: Interactive Recycler, Loot Spawns Objects: 264 Topology: NO Height Mask: Yes Terrain Layer: NO Biom Layer: NO Alpha Maps: NO Plugins Required: NO RustEdit Dll Required: Yes NPCShopv.3 Details| Features: Interactive Recycler, Loot Spawns Objects: 237 Topology: NO Height Mask: Yes Terrain Layer: NO Biom Layer: NO Alpha Maps: NO Plugins Required: NO RustEdit Dll Required: Yes NPCShopv.4 Details| Is a copy from NPCShopV.3 but only without snow decorations Features: Interactive Recycler, Loot Spawns Objects: 227 Topology: NO Height Mask: Yes Terrain Layer: NO Biom Layer: NO Alpha Maps: NO Plugins Required: NO RustEdit Dll Required: Yes Install: After the purchase you have the authorization to download the NPCShopBuilding.zip file under Purchases. Open the .zip a folder called MeinRustPrefabs should be there. Move this folder to your CustomPrefabs folder in the RustEdit directory! Now you should get a list of all available NPC shops in RustEdit under Prefabs > Prefabs List > Custom > MeinRustPrefabs If this is not the case, then check all steps again! If it still is, you are unfortunately forced to move all .prefabs & prefab.heights directly to the CustomPrefabs directory. We have implemented NPCs from the Human NPC Plugin in the NPC Shop Buildings, the users can then access the NPC through the sales outlet! Contact: Discord: https://discord.gg/GUnXuM8 Website: https://www.meinrust.de Questions, criticism and feedback are welcome! DM by codefling or under Discussion. NPC Shop Building Preview
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to the Get Away Hotel. A little something for the summer or something creepy for the fall. Visitors check-in, but they generally don't check out. It's mainly an arid biome monument, and Included is some basic loot spread out and plenty of space to add any more loot you may want to later. It's a little mix of fun and old movie references. Enjoy The prefab count is 5146
  22. Version 1.0.2


    My fellow engineers, Cobalt Industries, have left their power plant abandoned, break into the reactor, and see what they left behind. Core Green Card Blue Card Three Fuses Prefab Count 1200 Requirements Rustedit Plugin Flat ground is recommended Use of given splat maps is recommended Lore In 1953 Cobalt Industries set out to break the fusion power code to create a cheaper and more reliable power source. The Russian government approved the project codenamed 'Starlight.' Cost overruns mounting over 8.5 billion RUB and technological hurdles brought the project to an end in 1967. One of the most predominant being that the magnetic containment needed to keep the superheated plasma from destroying the entire facility at any useful power was of major concern. An incident with a small test reactor called 'Numa' ended with the destruction of site 19 and radioactive contamination in a 10-mile radius. To this day, the project remains canceled indefinitely until newer technology can contain the 100 million-degree plasma needed to create nuclear fusion.
  23. Version 1.0.2


    An awesome mini map for those who want to experience a close-quarters combat style of map. HDRP compatible and ready for your next wipe day! Features: Simple, High Performance, High FPS, low prefab count! 3386 prefabs in total! Can easily be retrofitted into a existing servers needs. A refreshing look on some of rust's original monuments. Custom Mini-outpost, Satellite Dish (Ray), Convoy, Water Tower, Lighthouse, Military Bunker. Unground Bradley and sunken Custom Cargo Ship Required Dependencies: This map requires the Rust Edit DLL Requires the Oxide Mod loader Open to suggestions and criticism! This is my first completed map! Contact me via discord or here on codefling! Stranger#5693
  24. Immp77

    Hobo Bus Stop

    Version 1.0.0


    Just a small prefab I tossed together to replace the normal bus stops, feel free to check them out and use them on your maps.
  25. Version HD0527


    Broken Wind is a medium sized monument with a huge lightbulb on its roof, its the control centre for the wind farm - or is it, what are the scientist up to in those white walled offices. You will find a few scientists protect this facility on two floors connected by a lift. Plenty of loot in a confined space is hard to get to, you have carded doors, timed doors, hidden escape routes and the easy way out for those who cannot figure out its secrets.

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