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About Me

  1. Gruber


    Version 1.2.9


    Nuclear war, what could be worse than that. War is a harbinger of death. I present to your attention a map in the post-nuclear world. Nuclear bombs were dropped long ago on this once beautiful island, radiation destroyed most of the living world, craters formed and a handful of people were able to take refuge in shelters. You are one of the lucky ones who have been in the shelter for a long time, you were born in the shelter and do not know what is happening on the surface. In the craters formed after the missile strike, they served as excellent places for the construction of cities and factories, the remaining technologies allowed the surviving population to develop. On this map you will find many custom monuments in an unusual style, and the music plugin from KpucTaJl will add to you the atmosphere of the old world. Monorails run along the entire outskirts of the island, which fit very well into the atmosphere. Remember, the wasteland does not spare anyone, good luck! I express my gratitude to STAR for providing the DELTA monument. Description 2 Size: 4000к Prefab Count: ~60к Operation of the "SoundRustEdit" plugin In some moments there is a radio that plays and the music changes, there are 12 different songs from the Fallout game in the plugin How can I view the map? You can do this in our Discord server by submitting a request for an invitation to our servers. There you will be given the rights of an “administrator” and without any difficulties you will be able to fly around the map and fully familiarize yourself with it. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/UpUXuxs4Vx Custom monuments: Sunctuary Vault 103 Concord City Camp in Pit Vault 118 General Atomics Robotics Opencast Mine Large Dam Rad Farm Radar Vault Tec Barge Village Junk Town Olivia Station Open Air Cinema Diner Starline Restaurant Mobile Station Red Rocket (2 options) Monorails and railway tracks Many islands, for those who like to live far from the mainland Places to build (some can only be accessed by air transport) Monuments from Facepunch: Launch Site Nuclear Missile Silo Outpost Ferry Terminal Junkyard Water Treatment Plant Train Yard Airfield Military Tunnel Power Plant Giants Excavator OilRig (2) Harbor Bandit Camp Sewer Branch Lighthouse Fishing Village Ranch The Dome Satellite Dish Roadsite Monument Underground Tunnels Arctic Research Base Underwater Lab Required Dependencies:https://github.com/k1lly0u/Oxide.Ext.RustEdit This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This monument is similar in size, style and loot to oxum's gas station. NOTES – If you need support, I’m most active on my discord server @ discord.gg/TJxwpKT2Ge – You can edit the monument. FEATURES - Ammo crates, normal crates, tool crates, military crates, barrels, scientists, green keycard - Similar to gas station in size & style - Low Prefab Count: ∼750 – Topology, splat, and height masks are all included.
  3. Gruber


    Version 1.0.1


    It's time for anomalies. Scientists from cobalt conducted large experiments on gravity and something went wrong, they created a machine that threw anomalies on the island in the form of weightlessness zones, some monuments changed their current appearance and location, and the railway took off into the air along with garbage and loot. You will have to try to survive in new conditions that you have not experienced before. Good luck fighters, I hope you can handle the controls in the gravitational field. Beware Of Rocket Launchers!!! I present to your attention an optimized custom map with an unusual game concept for your server. Thanks to the excellent plugin developer Adem, this map with an unusual gameplay has appeared. Incredible landscapes are waiting for you at high altitude and all this in zero gravity, you can build not only on the ground, but also in zero gravity on flying islands. Also, so that you won't be bored in zero gravity, there are a lot of loot and ore, as well as places to build bases. Attention, the map is unusual, I recommend watching it and testing it on our test server, how to get to it, you can read below Now I'll tell you a little bit about the Gravity plugin: 1. This plugin creates zero gravity zones, when you enter this zone you get a message on the screen to enter zero gravity, press the space bar, also if you want to leave the zero gravity zone, fly out of its radius and you will have a countdown timer (fly close to the surface of the earth or over water so as not to break your legs and not to die). 2. He also creates flying and floating objects that move and create more atmosphere. 3. The plugin does gravity on trains and on your foundations so that you can easily build a base, if you have a full-fledged house with a roof, then there will be no weightlessness inside the house. 4. Create loot, ore and crates that you can customize yourself in the plugin. There are many settings in the plugin, you can manage loot yourself, and so on. Features: Prefab Count: ~15к prefabs Size: 4000 A lot of interesting locations to explore Railway A large number of places for the construction of foundations in the form of unusual rocks, caves, landscape, underwater and icebergs Custom ways to overcome distances on boats and tugboat Custom plugin Gravity (by Adem) The atmosphere of weightlessness This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates! How can I view the map? You can do this in our Discord server by submitting a request for an invitation to our servers. There you will be given the rights of an “administrator” and without any difficulties you will be able to fly around the map and fully familiarize yourself with it. Custom Monuments: Flying Laboratory Mining Outpost in zero gravity Supermarket in zero gravity Gas Station in zero gravity Power Plant in the rift Water Treatment in the rift Train Home Lighthouse in zero gravity The Dome in zero gravity a huge area in the air with zero gravity, a lot of loot, ore and places to build bases Custom point Zipline interesting places to build a base marked X Monument Facepunch: Launch Site Missile Silo Junkyard Harbor 1 and 2 Arctic Research Base Satellite Dish Train Yard Abandoned Military Base Airfield Sewer Branch Oil Rig 1, 2 Bandit Camp Outpost Giant Excavator Pit Military Tunnel Ranch Fishing Village 1,2 Underwater Lab Railway HQM, Sulfur, Stone Quarry Roadside Monument
  4. Version 1.1.4


    Adds re-spawnable items with command. With this plugin, you can: • Define spawn points for different items anywhere in your server's world. • Set custom intervals for spawning items, allowing you to control the frequency of loot respawns. • Specify random quantity ranges for items, adding an element of unpredictability to your server's loot economy. Whether you're looking to create themed loot areas, simulate dynamic item distribution, or simply enhance the gameplay experience on your Rust server, this plugin gives you the flexibility and control to do so with ease. Commands (ONLY ADMIN); • /addspawn <name> <x> <y> <z> <item> <quantity> <interval> ► You can create a spawn point with static time and item count. • /addspawnq <name> <x> <y> <z> <item> <randomMin> <randomMax> <interval> ► You can create a spawn point that only includes random item count. • /addspawnr <name> <x> <y> <z> <item> <intervalMin> <intervalMax> <quantity> ► You can create a spawn point that only includes random time. • /addspawnqr <name> <x> <y> <z> <item> <randomMin> <randomMax> <intervalMin> <intervalMax> ► You can create a spawn point that includes both random time and item count. • /deletespawn <name> ► You can delete spawn points with this command. • /showspawns ► Prints out spawn points in f1 console. ➡ "<name>" This defines your spawn points name which you can use in /deletespawn. ➡ "<x> <y> <z>" This is positions for items to be spawned you can use console command "client.printpos" to see where you're standing at. ➡ "<item>" You need to use the short name for the item you want to be spawned, you can find the short names here. ➡ "<quantity>" This defines the item count. ➡ "<interval>" This defines the respawn time in seconds. ➡ "<randomMin>", "<randomMax>" you can adjust those values for how many items will be spawned for random item count. Ex; 1 10, Spawned item count will be in between 1 and 10. ➡ "<intervalMin>", "<intervalMax>" you can adjust those values for how much time later the item will be respawned for random time. Ex; 1 10, Item will respawn every 1 to 10 seconds. This is how the default config looks like. (I don't reccomend you to use config file if it is not necessary) { "Spawn1": { "Interval": 5.0, "IntRandom": true, "IntMax": 5.0, "IntMin": 1.0, "Position": { "x": 100.0, "y": 10.0, "z": 50.0 }, "ItemName": "ammo.rifle", "Quantity": 16, "Random": false, "RandomMin": 0, "RandomMax": 0 }, "Spawn2": { "Interval": 10.0, "IntRandom": false, "IntMax": 0.0, "IntMin": 0.0, "Position": { "x": 100.0, "y": 10.0, "z": 50.0 }, "ItemName": "scrap", "Quantity": 0, "Random": true, "RandomMin": 10, "RandomMax": 30 } }
  5. Monster


    Version 1.0.0


    XCustomGenes is a versatile gene editor plugin offering a user-friendly UI, multilingual support, sound effects, and robust features for editing or deleting genes through chat commands or the UI, with options for payment integration using in-game currency. -> In the code you can switch the plugin language - LanguageEnglish = true <- Features Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions. There is a lang ru/en/uk/es. Sound effects when interacting with the menu. User-friendly UI gene editor. To change/delete genes, player/administrator can use: chat commands or UI editor. Ability to change/delete genes on a selected item, as well as on all items in inventory simultaneously. Ability to make gene changing/deletion paid. Balance of any plugin or Scrap can be used as currency. Various chat messages. Protection against incorrect input of genes. The administrator can quickly give himself seeds with the right genes using the UI editor. Permissions xcustomgenes.use - access to menu / access to genes editing. xcustomgenes.admin - access to admin functionality. Commands /g, /gene, /genes - to open the menu. [ Commands can be changed in the config. ] /genes item genes(xxxxxx) - to change/delete genes on the selected item. /genes all genes(xxxxxx) - to change/delete genes on all items in inventory simultaneously. xcustomgenes_give steamID shortname genes(xxxxxx) amount skinID - to give seeds with genes to the player. [ Arguments - genes, amount, skinID - is not a mandatory. ] Config { "General settings": { "SteamID profile for custom avatar": 0, "Chat prefix": "<size=12><color=#FFFFFF50>[</color> <color=#00FF0050>XCustomGenes</color> <color=#FFFFFF50>]</color></size>\n", "List of commands to open the menu": [ "g", "gene", "genes" ], "Gene list for quick selection": [ "GGGGYY", "GGGYYY", "GGYYYY", ... ] }, "GUI settings": { "Color_background_1": "0.517 0.521 0.509 0.95", "Color_background_2": "0.217 0.221 0.209 0.95", "Button color (icons)": "1 1 1 0.75", "Block color": "0.517 0.521 0.509 0.5" }, "Payment settings": { "Use payment": false, "True - plugin with balance | False - scrap": false, "Price per stack (it can be either x1 or x50)": 10, "Price per stack (it can be either x1 or x50) - gene delete": 2, "Plugin name": "Economics", "Method name(API) - Balance": "Balance", "Method name(API) - Withdraw": "Withdraw", "Method(API) data type - [ 0 - int | 1 - float | 2 - double ]": 0 } }
  6. Version 1.1.1


    Extra VendingMachine adds a vending machine at outpost with custom items to be added via a config All items has a refill timer . Setting it at 0 disables the timer for that item (time in seconds) Config file example item to buy will be the item sold to client item to sell will be what player pays for the buyitem so in this example itemtobuy is 5.56 ammo and itemtosell is scrap vending machine is selling ammo for scrap max stock is amount of ammo in vending machine to sell NOTE : only first 7 sellorders will be listed in vending machine "ShopName": "The Awesome Shop", "SpawnCorrection": { "x": -2.5, "y": 0.0, "z": 7.0 }, "SpawnRotation": 0, "VendingSellOrder": [ { "ItemBuyAmount": 1, "ItemName": "", "ItemsellAmount": 10000, "ItemSkinID": 0, "ItemToBuy": -1002156085, "ItemToSell": -932201673, "MaxStock": 10, "RefillAmount": 5, "Refilltime": 0 }, { "ItemBuyAmount": 1, "ItemName": "", "ItemsellAmount": 50, "ItemSkinID": 0, "ItemToBuy": -1442559428, "ItemToSell": -932201673, "MaxStock": 10, "RefillAmount": 1, "Refilltime": 600 }, { "ItemBuyAmount": 1, "ItemName": "", "ItemsellAmount": 500, "ItemSkinID": 0, "ItemToBuy": -747743875, "ItemToSell": -932201673, "MaxStock": 10, "RefillAmount": 5, "Refilltime": 0 }, { "ItemBuyAmount": 128, "ItemName": "", "ItemsellAmount": 100, "ItemSkinID": 0, "ItemToBuy": -1211166256, "ItemToSell": -932201673, "MaxStock": 10000, "RefillAmount": 128, "Refilltime": 1500 }, { "ItemBuyAmount": 1, "ItemName": "", "ItemsellAmount": 500, "ItemSkinID": 0, "ItemToBuy": -1003665711, "ItemToSell": -932201673, "MaxStock": 20, "RefillAmount": 5, "Refilltime": 0 }, { "ItemBuyAmount": 1, "ItemName": "", "ItemsellAmount": 100, "ItemSkinID": 0, "ItemToBuy": 602628465, "ItemToSell": -932201673, "MaxStock": 50, "RefillAmount": 10, "Refilltime": 300 }, { "ItemBuyAmount": 1, "ItemName": "", "ItemsellAmount": 2000, "ItemSkinID": 2478929353, "ItemToBuy": -2049214035, "ItemToSell": -932201673, "MaxStock": 50, "RefillAmount": 10, "Refilltime": 600 }, ] }
  7. IIIaKa

    Real PvE

    Version 0.1.6


    Plugin for Real PvE servers, featuring damage prevention, anti-griefing measures, claiming vehicles, an automatic loot queue in radtowns and raid zones and much more. The ability to set "server.pve" to "true", which allows the server to have a "PvE" flag; Damage from NPC's are enabled when server.pve is true; The ability to inflict damage to one's own structures with "server.pve true"; The ability to destroy(including external walls) or rotate one's structures without any time constraints; The ability to force the decay of building blocks with Twigs grade, even if there is wood in the Tool Cupboard; No one, except the owner or their friends, will be able to open their loot containers (chests, storages, bodies, etc.); Players can't gather resources within the Building Privilege of someone else; Administrators can bypass loot restrictions; The ability to schedule the killing of players if they disconnect within someone else's Building Privilege; Disabling backpack and active item drop upon death, even if backpack is full; The ability to disable 'Give' messages; The ability to modify the items given at spawn on the beach; The ability to create an unlimited number of custom permissions; The ability to allow players to bypass the queue; The ability to set limits on sleeping bags, shelters and auto turrets for each permission; The ability to set a multiplier for the prices of monuments and events for each permission; The ability to customize the price and amount of vehicles for each of your custom permissions; The ability to assign vehicles to each player; The ability to customize the assigned price and available amount of vehicles for each of your custom permissions; An assigned vehicle can't be damaged, looted or pushed by other players, but it can be pushed if it is within someone else's Building Privilege; The ability to loot monuments through a queue system; The ability to configure monuments, setting their looting price and time, and adjusting status bars for each monument; The ability to acquire the privilege to loot events (helicopters, bradleys, and raidable bases) through a purchase; The ability to customize the price of each event types and loot attempts (lives); NPCs only aggress against players who are looting monuments, events or raidable bases; Only players who are looting monuments, events or raidable bases can inflict damage to NPCs; RaidableBases are protected from griefing(no damage, no loot and etc). Only the owner can interact with the raid; Neutral RaidableBases can be purchased; Prices for purchasing neutral raids are configurable for each difficulty level; Configurable raid limits (currently available) along with discount multipliers for purchases, for each permission. File location: *SERVER*\oxide\data\RealPVE\PermissionConfig.json Default: https://pastebin.com/5VtWZZVr All permissions are created and configured in the config file under the "List of permissions" section. You can create as many permissions as needed and customize them flexibly. It is recommended to use the prefix "realpve" in the permission's name, for example: "realpve.vip". NOTE: The first permission will serve as the default permission for those who do not have any permissions. { "List of permissions. NOTE: The first permission will be used by default for those who do not have any permissions.": [ { "Permission Name": "realpve.default", "Bypass Queue": false, "Limit of beds": 15, "Limit of shelters": 1, "Limit of auto turrets": 12, "Monuments price multiplier": 1.0, "Events price multiplier": 1.0, "Limit of RaidableBases(at the time)": 1, "RaidableBases price multiplier": 1.0, "Vehicles settings": { "Horse": { "Limit": 1, "Price": 10.0 }, "Bike": { "Limit": 1, "Price": 20.0 }, "Car": { "Limit": 1, "Price": 25.0 }, ... } }, { "Permission Name": "realpve.vip", "Bypass Queue": true, "Limit of beds": 20, "Limit of shelters": 2, "Limit of auto turrets": 15, "Monuments price multiplier": 0.9, "Events price multiplier": 0.9, "Limit of RaidableBases(at the time)": 2, "RaidableBases price multiplier": 0.9, "Vehicles settings": { "Horse": { "Limit": 5, "Price": 9.0 }, "Bike": { "Limit": 5, "Price": 18.0 }, "Car": { "Limit": 5, "Price": 22.5 }, ... } } ], "Version": { "Major": 0, "Minor": 1, "Patch": 1 } } An example of a monument/event/rb multipliers using default permissions. For example, if you set the price for the Harbor at $1000, a player with the default permission(1.0) will pay $1000 * 1 = $1000. Meanwhile, a player with a VIP permission(0.9) will pay $1000 * 0.9 = $900. However, if a player possesses a misbehaving permission with a value of 1.1, they will need to pay $1000 * 1.1 = $1100. { "RealPVE command": "realpve", "Is it worth forcibly implementing PvE for a server? Note: When the 'server.pve' is true, there may be bugs or issues with damage to objects.": true, "Use GameTip for messages?": true, "Is it worth preventing the sending of 'Give' messages?": true, "Which currency symbol and format will be utilized?": "{0}$", "Anti-Sleeper - Time in seconds after which a player will be killed if they disconnect while inside someone else's Building Privilege. Set to 0 to disable": 1200.0, "Settings for the events": { "CargoShip": { "Price": 50.0, "DeathLimit": 5 }, "PatrolHelicopter": { "Price": 50.0, "DeathLimit": 5 }, "BradleyAPC": { "Price": 50.0, "DeathLimit": 5 } }, "Wipe ID": null, "Version": { "Major": 0, "Minor": 1, "Patch": 6 } } EN: { "MsgNoteText": "Welcome to our PvE server!\nThis server utilizes the RealPVE plugin.\nYou can find more details about the plugin at the following link: https://codefling.com/plugins/real-pve", "MsgAdminLootEnabled": "You have been added to the loot restriction ignore list!", "MsgAdminLootDisabled": "You have been removed from the loot restriction ignore list!", "MsgMonumentOccupied": "{1} occupied {0} in {2} minutes.", "MsgMonumentFree": "{0} is available for looting!", "MsgMonumentOfferTitle": "Unlock Treasures of {0}!", "MsgMonumentOfferDescription": "Tap the notification to pay {0}.\nAnd unlock access to undiscovered riches!", "MsgMonumentLooterDeath": "You died while looting {0}. You have {1} seconds.", "MsgMonumentLooterExit": "You have left the monument. You have {0} seconds to return!", "MsgMonumentLooterRemoved": "Time's up! You have been removed from the monument!", "MsgMonumentLootingNotFree": "You have been added to the loot queue. Loot cost: {0}", "MsgMonumentNotInQueue": "You are not in the queue! You need to re-enter the monument!", "MsgMonumentNoAccess": "no access", "MsgEventOccupied": "{0} is already occupied by {1}!", "MsgEventOfferTitle": "Claim {0}!", "MsgEventOfferDescription": "Tap the notification to pay {0}.\nAnd unlock access to undiscovered riches!", "MsgEventNewLooter": "You have claimed {0}. You have {1} death for your team.", "MsgEventDeathLimit": "{0} is no longer yours! You have exceeded your death limit!", "MsgEventComplete": "{0} destroyed at coordinates: {1}!", "MsgEventCargoShip": "Cargo Ship", "MsgEventPatrolHelicopter": "Patrol Helicopter", "MsgEventBradleyAPC": "Bradley", "MsgRaidableBasesDisabled": "This Raidable Base is disabled!", "MsgRaidableBasesOccupied": "The Raidable Base is already occupied by {0}!", "MsgRaidableBasesLimit": "Limit exceeded! You have {0} out of {1} available Raidable Bases.", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchaseStart": "Payment successful! Please wait...", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchased": "You have successfully purchased the Raidable Base!", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchaseFailed": "You were unable to purchase the Raidable Base! Funds refunded.", "MsgRaidableBasesOfferTitle": "Claim {0} Raidable Base!", "MsgRaidableBasesOfferDescription": "Tap the notification to pay {0}.\nAnd unlock access to undiscovered riches!", "MsgRaidableBasesBarText": "{0} Base", "MsgRaidableBasesBarNoAccess": "no access", "MsgRaidableBasesEasy": "Easy", "MsgRaidableBasesMedium": "Medium", "MsgRaidableBasesHard": "Hard", "MsgRaidableBasesExpert": "Expert", "MsgRaidableBasesNightmare": "Nightmare", "MsgPrivlidgeClear": "{0} players have been removed from the Building Privilege.", "MsgPrivlidgeClearEmpty": "Only you are authorized in the Building Privilege.", "MsgVehicleDialogTitle": "Department of Motor Vehicles", "MsgVehicleDialogDescription": "ID: \nType: \nRegistration fee: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionRegistered": "ID: \nType: \nRegistration date: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionRegisteredValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionNotOwner": "ID: \nOwner: \nRegistration date: \nType: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionNotOwnerValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescription": "ID: \nType: \nRegistration fee: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionRegistered": "ID: \nType: \nReg date: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionRegisteredValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionNotOwner": "ID: \nOwner: \nReg date: \nType: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionNotOwnerValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarGarageEmpty": "The car lift is empty!", "MsgVehicleDialogLink": "Register Vehicle", "MsgVehicleDialogUnLink": "Cancel registration", "MsgVehicleDialogIncorrectPassword": "The password must consist of 4 digits!", "MsgVehicleNotOwner": "You are not the owner!", "MsgVehicleCanNotInteract": "You are not the owner or their friend!", "MsgVehicleNoPermissions": "You do not have permissions for this action!", "MsgVehicleLinked": "The {0} has been successfully linked! You have {1} out of {2} available.", "MsgVehicleUnLinked": "The {0} has been successfully unlinked!", "MsgVehicleFailedDeauthorize": "You can only deauthorize by unlinking the vehicle from you.", "MsgVehicleLimit": "Limit exceeded! You have {1} out of {2} available.", "MsgVehicleDestroyed": "Your vehicle {0}({1}) has been destroyed!", "MsgVehicleFind": "Your vehicle {0} is located in grid {1}!", "MsgVehicleClear": "Removed {0} vehicles!", "MsgVehicleClearEmpty": "No vehicles found for removal!", "MsgVehicleNotFound": "Vehicle not found!", "MsgVehicleTugboatAuthorization": "To authorize in the tugboat, it must be claim!", "MsgVehicleLandVehicle": "Land", "MsgVehicleAirVehicle": "Air", "MsgVehicleWaterVehicle": "Water", "MsgVehicleWinterVehicle": "Winter", "MsgVehicleTrainVehicle": "Train", "MsgVehicleHorse": "horse", "MsgVehicleBike": "bike", "MsgVehicleCar": "car", "MsgVehicleBalloon": "air balloon", "MsgVehicleMinicopter": "minicopter", "MsgVehicleTransportHeli": "transportHeli", "MsgVehicleAttackHeli": "attack heli", "MsgVehicleRowBoat": "row boat", "MsgVehicleRHIB": "RHIB", "MsgVehicleTugBoat": "tugboat", "MsgVehicleSubmarineOne": "small submarine", "MsgVehicleSubmarineTwo": "submarine", "MsgVehicleSnowmobile": "snowmobile", "MsgVehicleTrain": "train", "MsgFree": "Free", "MsgNoDate": "null", "MsgEconomicsNotEnough": "Not enough funds!" } RU: { "MsgNoteText": "Добро пожаловать на наш PvE сервер!\nДанный сервер использует RealPVE плагин.\nПодробней о плагине можно узнать по ссылке: https://codefling.com/plugins/real-pve", "MsgAdminLootEnabled": "Вы добавлены в список игнорирования ограничения лутания!", "MsgAdminLootDisabled": "Вы удалены из списка игнорирования ограничения лутания!", "MsgMonumentOccupied": "{1} занял {0} на {2} минут.", "MsgMonumentFree": "{0} можно лутать!", "MsgMonumentOfferTitle": "Откройте сокровища {0}!", "MsgMonumentOfferDescription": "Нажми на уведомление для оплаты {0}.\nИ разблокируй доступ к неизведанным богатствам!", "MsgMonumentLooterDeath": "Вы умерли во время лутания {0}. У вас есть {1} секунд.", "MsgMonumentLooterExit": "Вы покинули монумент. У вас есть {0} секунд на возвращение!", "MsgMonumentLooterRemoved": "Время вышло! Вы были удалены из монумента!", "MsgMonumentLootingNotFree": "Вас добавили в очередь на лутание. Стоимость лутания: {0}", "MsgMonumentNotInQueue": "Вас нет в очереди! Вам необходимо перезайти в монумент!", "MsgMonumentNoAccess": "нет доступа", "MsgEventOccupied": "{0} уже занят игроком {1}!", "MsgEventOfferTitle": "Займите {0}!", "MsgEventOfferDescription": "Нажми на уведомление для оплаты {0}.\nИ разблокируй доступ к неизведанным богатствам!", "MsgEventNewLooter": "Вы заняли {0}. У вас на команду есть {1} жизней.", "MsgEventDeathLimit": "{0} больше не ваше! Вы исчерпали свой лимит жизней!", "MsgEventComplete": "{0} уничтожен в координатах: {1}!", "MsgEventCargoShip": "Карго", "MsgEventPatrolHelicopter": "Патрульный вертолет", "MsgEventBradleyAPC": "Танк", "MsgRaidableBasesDisabled": "Эта Рейд база выключена!", "MsgRaidableBasesOccupied": "Эта Рейд база уже занята игроком {0}!", "MsgRaidableBasesLimit": "Лимит превышен! У вас {0} из {1} доступных Рейд баз.", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchaseStart": "Оплата прошла! Ожидайте...", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchased": "Вы успешно приобрели Рейд базу!", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchaseFailed": "Вам не удалось приобрести Рейд базу! Деньги возвращены.", "MsgRaidableBasesOfferTitle": "Займите Рейд базу уровня: {0}!", "MsgRaidableBasesOfferDescription": "Нажми на уведомление для оплаты {0}.\nИ разблокируй доступ к неизведанным богатствам!", "MsgRaidableBasesBarText": "Уровень: {0}", "MsgRaidableBasesBarNoAccess": "нет доступа", "MsgRaidableBasesEasy": "Легко", "MsgRaidableBasesMedium": "Средне", "MsgRaidableBasesHard": "Сложно", "MsgRaidableBasesExpert": "Эксперт", "MsgRaidableBasesNightmare": "Кошмар", "MsgPrivlidgeClear": "Из шкафа выписано {0} ироков.", "MsgPrivlidgeClearEmpty": "Кроме вас в шкафу ни кто не авторизован.", "MsgVehicleDialogTitle": "ГИБДД", "MsgVehicleDialogDescription": "ID: \nТип: \nСтоимость регистрации: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionRegistered": "ID: \nТип: \nДата регистрации: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionRegisteredValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionNotOwner": "ID: \nВладелец: \nДата регистрации: \nТип: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionNotOwnerValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescription": "ID: \nТип: \nСтоимость регистрации: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionRegistered": "ID: \nТип: \nДата: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionRegisteredValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionNotOwner": "ID: \nВладелец: \nДата: \nТип: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionNotOwnerValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarGarageEmpty": "Подъемник пустой!", "MsgVehicleDialogLink": "Поставить на учет", "MsgVehicleDialogUnLink": "Снять с учета", "MsgVehicleDialogIncorrectPassword": "Пароль должен состоять из 4-х цифр!", "MsgVehicleNotOwner": "Вы не являетесь владельцем!", "MsgVehicleCanNotInteract": "Вы не являетесь владелецем или его другом!", "MsgVehicleNoPermissions": "У вас нет прав для этого действия!", "MsgVehicleLinked": "{0} успешно привязан(а)! У вас {1} из {2} доступных.", "MsgVehicleUnLinked": "{0} успешно отвязан(а)!", "MsgVehicleFailedDeauthorize": "Вы можете выписаться только при отвязки транспорта от вас.", "MsgVehicleLimit": "Лимит превышен! У вас {1} из {2} доступных.", "MsgVehicleDestroyed": "Ваше транспортное средство {0}({1}) было уничтожено!", "MsgVehicleFind": "Ваше транспортное средство {0} находится в квадрате {1}!", "MsgVehicleClear": "Удалено {0} транспортных средств!", "MsgVehicleClearEmpty": "Транспортные средства для удаления не найдены!", "MsgVehicleNotFound": "Транспортное средство не найдено!", "MsgVehicleTugboatAuthorization": "Для авторизации в буксире, его необходимо поставить на учет!", "MsgVehicleLandVehicle": "Наземный", "MsgVehicleAirVehicle": "Воздушный", "MsgVehicleWaterVehicle": "Водный", "MsgVehicleWinterVehicle": "Зимний", "MsgVehicleTrainVehicle": "ЖД", "MsgVehicleHorse": "Лошадь", "MsgVehicleBike": "Мотоцикл", "MsgVehicleCar": "Машина", "MsgVehicleBalloon": "Воздушный шар", "MsgVehicleMinicopter": "Мини коптер", "MsgVehicleTransportHeli": "Корова", "MsgVehicleAttackHeli": "Боевой вертолет", "MsgVehicleRowBoat": "Лодка", "MsgVehicleRHIB": "Патрульная лодка", "MsgVehicleTugBoat": "Буксир", "MsgVehicleSubmarineOne": "Маленькая подлодка", "MsgVehicleSubmarineTwo": "Подлодка", "MsgVehicleSnowmobile": "Снегоход", "MsgVehicleTrain": "Поезд", "MsgFree": "Бесплатно", "MsgNoDate": "пусто", "MsgEconomicsNotEnough": "Не достаточно средств!" } admin: loot - Enables or disables the ability for the player who enter the command to loot other players' boxes, bodies, backpacks, etc. Permission "realpve.admin" required. vehicle: find - helps to find a player's vehicle; unlink - unlinks the vehicle without the need to approach it; clear - unlinks all vehicles. Example: /realpve vehicle find *netID* This plugin provides the ability to claim vehicles, thereby preventing theft and griefing from other players. In permissions, you can set the price and quantity restrictions for each type of vehicle, ensuring flexible customization according to your preferences. An assigned vehicle can't be damaged, looted or pushed by other players, but it can be pushed if it is within someone else's Building Privilege. File location: *SERVER*\oxide\data\RealPVE\MonumentConfig.json Default: https://pastebin.com/XY1d9YaM This plugin introduces queue system and loot purchases for monuments. You can customize the price and time for looting for each monument. Within monuments, only the "Looter" and his friends have the ability to loot, pick up items or damage entities. Additionally, NPCs and animals within monuments do not aggress against other players and do not receive damage from them. If a player dies within the monument, they will have a grace period to return. This allows players to safely loot monuments without fear of griefing. Example of monument configuration: "ferry_terminal_1": { "Type": "RadTown", "ShowSuffix": true, "Broadcast": true, "LootingTime": 900, "Price": 15.0, "BarSettings": { "Order": 10, "Height": 26, "Main_Color": "#FFBF99", "Main_Transparency": 0.8, "Main_Material": "", "Image_URL": "https://i.imgur.com/awUrIwA.png", "Image_Sprite": "", "Image_IsRawImage": false, "Image_Color": "#FFDCB6", "Image_Transparency": 1.0, "Text_Size": 12, "Text_Color": "#FFFFFF", "Text_Font": "RobotoCondensed-Bold.ttf", "SubText_Size": 12, "SubText_Color": "#FFFFFF", "SubText_Font": "RobotoCondensed-Bold.ttf" } } Type - This field serves only as an indicator for you. The changes won't have any impact; ShowSuffix - Suffix display. Some monuments (for example Warehouses) have suffixes in the name, like "Warehouse #12"; Broadcast - Enabling or disabling broadcasts when a monument is occupied or vacated; LootingTime - Time allocated for looting the monument; Price - The price for which you can start looting the monument. 0 means looting is free; BarSettings - Settings for the Advanced Status Bar. You can also choose the types of monuments by specifying them under the "List of tracked types of monuments" section. A list of all available types can be viewed on the MonumentsWatcher's page in the "Developer API" section. "List of tracked types of monuments": [ "RadTown", "RadTownWater", "RadTownSmall", "TunnelStation", "Custom" ] Events(except cargo), similar to monuments, offer the opportunity to claim events. All events are configured in the config file under the "Settings for the events" section. You can customize the price of looting and looting attempts(deaths, including friends). Just like in monuments, only the "Looter" and his friends have the ability to loot and damage entities. Additionally, in events, NPCs do not aggress against other players. If a player(including friends) exceeds the death limit, the event became free, thereby providing other players with the opportunity to claim the event. Example of event configuration: "Settings for the events": { "CargoShip": { "Price": 50.0, "DeathLimit": 5 }, "PatrolHelicopter": { "Price": 50.0, "DeathLimit": 5 }, "BradleyAPC": { "Price": 50.0, "DeathLimit": 5 } } Price - The price to claim the event. 0 means looting is free; DeathLimit - Limit of deaths after which the event becomes free. File location: *SERVER*\oxide\data\RealPVE\NewbieConfig.json Default: https://pastebin.com/QHZCqpji An example of an item list given for the main inventory: "List of items for the main inventory": [ { "ShortName": "note", "Slot": 0, "Amount": 1, "SkinID": 0, "Text": "MsgNoteText" } ] P.S. In the Text field, you need to specify the language key. Or, you can just write any text, but there won't be a translation of the text. File location: *SERVER*\oxide\data\RealPVE\RaidableBasesConfig.json Default: https://pastebin.com/rpDng7Fd Integration with the RaidableBases plugin does not restrict its functionality in any way. On the contrary, it adds an anti-grief system that protects bases from malicious players. In raid bases, NPCs and other entities can only receive damage from the raid owner or their friends; Turrets and traps do not aggress against outsiders; You can customize the price of claiming to each difficulty and set individual discounts for each permission. You can still purchase raid bases using the /buyraid command. Raid bases without owners(buyable, maintained, manual and scheduled) can be bought for a price set in the configuration file or assigned to the first player who enters its radius, if the final price(price * discount) less or equals to 0. Additionally, as a bonus, upon buying this plugin, you receive 5 free bases for 3 difficulty levels, along with configured loot for them.
  8. Version 2.0.18


    RUST Plugin Test Server TEST MY PLUGINS THERE! connect play.thepitereq.ovh:28050 Custom Recycle plugin expands the possibilities of RUST recycler recipes. You can customize and remove existing recipes, and add new ones, even for non-recyclable items. Additionally, you can add levels to your recycler to increase its speed. The only limit with this plugin is your imagination! Edit existing recycler recipes and add your own. Disable RUST's default recipes. Set editable chances for custom recipe items. Change the speed of the recycler. Place and pick up the recycler. Set custom recycle amounts with levels. A RUST-themed level UI. Supports currency plugins. Level progress is saved when the recycler is picked up. giverecycler <userId> - Gives you or player (if ID is set) an placeable recycler. (From player console - requires permission) customrecycle.give - Required to use giverecycler command from player console. ImageLibrary plugin is required ONLY when Recycler Levels are enabled. When you have problems like DOUBLE RECYCLER PLACING try CHANING ITEM NAME in configuration! { "Override Custom Skinned Items With Steam Icons (no URLs needed)": false, "Recycler Speed (5 = Default)": 5.0, "Recycler Speed Permissions": { "customrecycle.admin": 1.0, "customrecycle.vip": 4.0 }, "Require Permission To Place": false, "Placed Recycler Amount Permissions": { "customrecycle.admin": 1000, "customrecycle.default": 1, "customrecycle.vip": 3 }, "Recycler Item Name": "Recycler", "Allow Placing Only On Floor": false, "Allow Placing On Tug Boat": false, "Enable Better Amount Accuracy (More Calculations)": true, "Allow Pickup Recycler To Everyone Authed": true, "Disabled Vanilla Recipes": [ "axe.salvaged", "box.wooden.large" ], "Recycler Levels - Enable": true, "Recycler Levels - Save Levels On Pickup In Name": false, "Recycler Levels - Enable For No Owner": false, "Recycler Levels - Money Plugin (0 - None, 1 - Economics, 2 - ServerRewards, 3 - ServerRewards)": 0, "Recycler Levels - Money Plugin Currency (If ShoppyStock Is Used)": "rp", "Recycler Levels": [ { "Recycler Stack Percentage Per Tick": 0.15, "Custom Recycle Chance Multiplier": 1.0, "Next Level Currency Cost (0 to disable)": 1000, "Required For Next Level": [ { "Item Shortname": "wood", "Item Skin": 0, "Item Amount": 1000, "Icon URL": "" }, { "Item Shortname": "stones", "Item Skin": 0, "Item Amount": 1000, "Icon URL": "" } ] }, { "Recycler Stack Percentage Per Tick": 0.2, "Custom Recycle Chance Multiplier": 1.0, "Next Level Currency Cost (0 to disable)": 1000, "Required For Next Level": [ { "Item Shortname": "wood", "Item Skin": 0, "Item Amount": 3000, "Icon URL": "" }, { "Item Shortname": "stones", "Item Skin": 0, "Item Amount": 3000, "Icon URL": "" } ] } ], "Custom Recyclables - Show Level Bonus": true, "Custom Recyclables - Allow Only In Placed Recyclers": false, "Custom Recyclables (Shortname or SkinID)": { "2483299228": { "Give Default Output": true, "Custom Output Items": [ { "Item Shortname": "coal", "Item Chance (0-100)": 50.0, "Minimum Item Amount": 1, "Maximum Item Amount": 1, "Item Skin": 2550800428, "Item Display Name": "Golden Jackhammer Body" }, { "Item Shortname": "coal", "Item Chance (0-100)": 50.0, "Minimum Item Amount": 1, "Maximum Item Amount": 1, "Item Skin": 2550800641, "Item Display Name": "Golden Jackhammer Drill" } ] }, "metal.refined": { "Give Default Output": true, "Custom Output Items": [ { "Item Shortname": "metal.fragments", "Item Chance (0-100)": 100.0, "Minimum Item Amount": 50, "Maximum Item Amount": 100, "Item Skin": 0, "Item Display Name": "" } ] }, "rifle.ak": { "Give Default Output": true, "Custom Output Items": [ { "Item Shortname": "techparts", "Item Chance (0-100)": 100.0, "Minimum Item Amount": 1, "Maximum Item Amount": 2, "Item Skin": 0, "Item Display Name": "" }, { "Item Shortname": "scrap", "Item Chance (0-100)": 100.0, "Minimum Item Amount": 30, "Maximum Item Amount": 70, "Item Skin": 0, "Item Display Name": "" } ] } } }
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A deserted apartment building, now occupied by scientists. Perfect for one grids or smaller maps in general. This monument is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates! NOTES – If you need support, I’m most active on my discord server @ discord.gg/TJxwpKT2Ge – You can edit the monument. FEATURES – Topology, splat, and height masks are all included.
  10. Steenamaroo


    Version 1.2.1


    Give kits to all Rust npcs by location/type. Also mods weapon drop and condition. Configurable via UI. General information. Give custom Kits to all default Rust npc types, and control what, if anything, becomes lootable when the npc is killed. Also has control for dropping weapon on death, weapon condition, and magazine contents, corpse duration, and backpack duration. Notes : All options have full descriptions in UI, accessible by clicking the option's name. Please make sure that the weapons you're giving to the npcs are suitable. Oilrig npcs, in particular, seem to become stupid with certain weapons. Place weapon in the first, left-most, slot of the kit's belt container. Frankenstein clothing can be given in UI, instead of via kit. Optional dependencies. Kits. Permissions. NPCKits.allowed - allows use of UI customisation, by chat command. Chat commands. /npckits - Opens UI, if user has NPCKits.allowed permission Configuration. NPC types. OilRig Excavator CompoundScientist BanditTown MountedScientist JunkPileScientist DungeonScarecrow ScareCrow MilitaryTunnelScientist CargoShip HeavyScientist TunnelDweller UnderwaterDweller Trainyard Airfield DesertScientist ArcticResearchBase LaunchSite Gingerbread MissionProviderOutpost MissionProviderFishing MissionProviderStables MissionProviderBandit BoatShopkeeper BanditShopkeeper Options per type: "enabled": false, "Kits": [], "Health": 100, "Weapon_Drop_Percent": 100, "Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100, "Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100, "Dropped_Weapon_Has_Ammo_Percent_Chance": 100, "Wipe_Default_Weapons", Removes default spawn weapons from npcs. "Wipe_Default_Clothing", Removes default spawn attire from npcs. "Wipe_Main_Inventory_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in main by Kits plugin "Wipe_Clothing_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in clothing by Kits plugin "Wipe_Belt_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in belt by Kits plugin "Default_Rust_Loot_Percent": 100 - Remove from corpse default loot given by Rust Note : Kits follows the same format as BotSpawn kits. If multiple are listed, one is chosen at random each time. "Kits":["Kit One"] "Kits":["Kit One", "Kit Two", "Kit Three"] API: Object hook OnNpcKits(ulong) is provided. Return non null to prevent this plugin from giving kits to your spawned npcs.
  11. Version 2.1.0


    Get the Large Fishing Village and Ranch merged! No need to go to the middle of the map to get horses anymore! This prefab requires the rust edit extension. Prefabs included - Recyclers located near Entrances. - Heli Vendors. - Horse Stables. - Betting Area. - Drone Marketplace. You will also gain .map files to use on RustMaps. Join my support discord for more: here
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This map takes place in the long, distant future where most of the island's population has been exterminated or forced into hiding in the extensive caves below the surface. The Cobalt Corporation has grown exponentially, taking over the entire island with an iron fist. The Cobalt Corporation's presence is marked by multiple road checkpoints, manned by armed scientists who shoot anything in sight, ensuring complete control and instilling fear among the island's survivors. The corporation has developed several fortified cities across the island, serving as heavily guarded headquarters. Venture into the unknown as you explore and scavenge the remnants of old vanilla monuments: These iconic structures have either crumbled with time or sunk to the bottom of the sea due to devastating earthquakes. On the positive side, now it's a good time to invest in submarines and diving tanks. Face the challenge of the ruthless Cobalt Corporation: For those bold enough to confront this powerful entity, the opportunity to seize control of entire cities awaits. Be warned, as these cities are strategically designed, and infiltrating these strongholds would require not only unparalleled skill but also anticipating the movements of its armed scientists. Size: 3750 Prefab count: ∼14k CUSTOM CITY MONUMENTS > Emberwaste city - Level of difficulty: Easy -- Layout > Dusthaven city - Level of difficulty: Medium -- Layout > Sandstone city - Level of difficulty: Hard -- Layout > Green city - Level of difficulty: Hard -- Layout CUSTOM MONUMENTS > Trainyard Ruins > Launch Site Ruins > Road Checkpoints > Bank > Office Buildings > Sunken Power Plant (underground tunnels and sewers are closed) > Sunken Quarrys > 3 Unknown Sunken Monuments - Marked with custom "?" icons on the map to encourage players to explore each one on their own > Lighthouse Ruin > Grand Waterfall > Bridges FEATURES > The mountain is surrounded by a unique rocky - forest biome, and is covered by fumes, giving it a cold look and preventing players from roof camping at the same time. > Ring road > Ring rail in the tier 2 area of the map, dedicated for Armored Train (the plugin is not included) > Bandit Fishing Village contains the best from both outpost and bandit camp > Recyclers and marketplaces at all fishing villages > Buildable bus stops > Large Rock formations that players can build inside, or on top > Sunken monuments for players to explore & loot with submarines / diving tanks > Sunken monuments are fully functional (loot, puzzles, recyclers) > Optimized Prefabs VANILLA MONUMENTS > Harbor (2/2) > Ferry Terminal > Oxum's Gas Station > Supermarket > Airfield > Satelite Dish > Fishing Villages > Lighthouse > Small & Large Oil Rig > Underwater Lab NOTES – Need help? You can always contact me on my discord server @ discord.gg/TJxwpKT2Ge – The password for the editor is included with the map.
  13. Version 1.0.1


    - Mars Attacks Arena Mars Attacks Arena is a booby-trapped battlefield where players must fight to the death. Beautifully decorated in a sci-fi style, Mars Attacks Arena will leave your players with their mouths agape. - Includes: Two zones: Floor 1 and 2, with Traps, Barricades, Parkour, Radiation Zone, NPCS and Loots.
  14. Monster


    Version 2.1.9


    XStatistics - statistics for your server. - Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions. - Storing player data in - oxide/data/XDataSystem/XStatistics or MySQL or SQLite. - There is a lang ru/en/uk/es. - Sound effects when interacting with the menu. - UI settings in the configuration. - Display TOPs in game chat. - Ability to customize the privacy of the default statistics. - Ability to delete a player's stats after they have been banned. - Ability to customize grades of building blocks. [ To be recorded in statistics. ] - Ability to add a player to the blacklist. [ Player's statistics will not be displayed in the TOPs and will not be available to other players. ] - Ability to use MySQL or SQLite database. - Ability to automatically give awards and clear data after a WIPE. [ Settings in the configuration. ] [ Plugin economics or any other. Also [ RU ] GameStores. ] - A player can hide/open his statistics. [ Need permission. ] - A player can view the statistics of other players. [ Need permission. ] - A player can reset their statistics to zero. [ Need permission. ] - The player can view the entire list of players and search. [ Need permission. ] - Creating an unlimited number of categories, subcategories and pages. - Creating custom TOPs, coefficients and awards. [ Unlimited number. ] - Various admin commands to manage player statistics. - Support and compatibility with many plugins. - Server events (Bradley, Chinook, and Patrol Helicopter) count as stats for the player who did the most damage. - Checking OwnerID of Building blocks, Constructions and other entities. - Ability to create a Global TOP of your project. [ For this purpose it is enough to enter MySQL data and server name into the configuration.] [ This TOP can be disabled in the configuration and only the TOP players of the server can be used. Or you can use two TOPs at the same time! ] - Ability to use pages for categories with subcategories. - Administrator Mode. [ View hidden player stats, open player search and more ]. - Automatic deletion of statistics of players who have not logged connection the server for N days. - Ability for players to disable messages with the TOP players in chat. If your server is visited by more than 500 players, it is recommended to use SQLite or MySQL. Statistics were tested on a server with 120 online and 5000 players in the database. Excellent result on optimization. To display player avatars you need to customize the configuration of the ImageLibrary plugin! What are the statistics at this point? Global TOP data is manually deleted from the MySQL database. [ It is important that the servers are turned off so that online players data is not written to the database ]. Or after all servers are wiped, run the command - player_stats_reset globaldata null - on one of the servers. [ Also take into account the servers parameters, for a fair TOP they should be the same! ] Shortnames to customize statistics Permissions xstatistics.use - access to the statistics menu. xstatistics.top - access to the TOPs of subcategories. xstatistics.coefficients - access to view the coefficients. xstatistics.player - access to view player statistics, player list and player search. xstatistics.resetwipe - access to the ability for a player to reset his statistics - WIPE. xstatistics.resetall - access to the ability for a player to reset his statistics - ALL TIME. xstatistics.shstats - access to the ability to hide/open your statistics. [ If the permission has been revoked, the statistics privacy will automatically change to default. ] xstatistics.admin - access to admin mode. Commands /stat, /stats, /statistic, /statistics - to open the statistics menu. [ Commands can be changed in the config. ] Server console --- Admin commands. stats_ct <customTopName> - to see the top players. [ Custom TOP. ] stats_t <subcategoryName> - to see the top players. [ TOP subcategory. ] player_stats_reset statswipe <steamID> - to reset a player stats to zero - WIPE. player_stats_reset statsall <steamID> - to reset a player stats to zero - ALL TIME. player_stats_reset all <steamID> - to reset a player stats to zero - WIPE and ALL TIME. player_stats_reset global <steamID> - delete a player from the database Global TOP. [ Player must be offline! ] player_stats_reset globaldata null - Delete data from a table in a MySQL database - Global TOP. [ Use this command after all of your servers have been wiped. ] [ The command can be used on any of the Global TOP servers. ] player_actstats global true/false - change statistics privacy for all players. player_actstats <steamID> true/false - change statistics privacy for a player. stats_give_award - start giving out awards for TOPs. stats_clear_data_wipe - to clear all statistics - WIPE. [ Same as after a server wipe ] Config
  15. 0xF


    Version 1.0.1


    Terminal is an indispensable item that will allow players to manage the resources of the house in one place! Just as importantly, it is not just a conditional button on the screen or something similar, but a complete new item that is placed in the house, which gives a nice user experience to any player that likes interaction. Its multifunctionality will allow the player to use it for a variety of purposes, from simple resource management to building a terminal-only resource factory. Interested? Then let's get to the details. Examples of uses: Getting remote access to resources, the ability to take resources from several storages at once, as well as put them in them. The ability to use the terminal as one big chest thanks to the cells of different levels, available import and export pipes will allow to realize the delivery of resources to the production tools Building a plant powered by terminal alone Many other clever uses, like a chest in the buffer of the house connected to the terminal. Combining uses Features: Similar type items are displayed combined in one slot, where you can see the total quantity and take the required quantity. Two modes of operation: wireless and cellular. Full-featured new placeable item Works with industrial pipes Ability to create different cells (by standard there are 4 levels) Cells have their own stack size just for them. Intelligent movement that will not allow you to store more items in the boxes than allowed The terminal has a convenient search for items in the user's language, not only in English Demo Video: Installation instructions Installing dependencies CustomEntities. Go to Github, click Clone -> Download ZIP, then transfer CustomEntities.cs to the folder with plugins. CustomItemDefinitions. Go here, download and install in the plugins folder. Download purchased this plugin and install it in the plugins folder the same way. Done Quick Start: Prompt commands: give terminal give storage_cell.level1 give storageadaptor.wireless Place terminal, put the cell in the cell storage, install the adapter on the chest, enjoy. More about items: [Terminal] Terminal is a placeable item, with the ability to be placed both outside and in the house, serves for convenient management of all resources in the house. It has a certain amount of health (default 500), as well as the ability to pick up with a loss of strength. It has 2 modes of operation, wireless and cell, can work with industrial, by means of pipes to import and export items from cells. The server owner can decide where to get this item from, it has its own short name and can be used in all plugins, the best option is to craft it. The shortname of the item - terminal Command to give: give terminal How to pick up a terminal? For this we must have authorization in the cabinet. Holding a mallet in your hand, point at the part of the terminal where the inscription Authorize appears, press the R button and select Turn. How to switch modes of operation? It is possible to do this by pressing the switch on the left side of the laptop, it looks like this: What is needed to work in wireless mode? To start working you need the item “Wireless Storage Adapter”, this item is part of the plugin. Can be obtained by any method of the server owner's choice. The short name of the item - storageadapter.wireless. Command to give out: give storageadapter.wireless Next, install the wireless storage adapter on the storage item you need. Such as: chests, furnaces, refineries, etc. Next, select the wireless mode on the terminal by pressing the switch. After entering the laptop, it will display all the items that are connected to the adapter in the range of the wireless mode of the terminal (customizable). What is needed to work in the cell mode? The first thing you need are the cells themselves, they can be obtained in any way the server owner chooses. The short name of the item - storage_cell.{name from the config, by default it is level1-4} Command to give out: give storage_cell.level1 Cells should be put in the terminal cell storage, it looks like this: It is recommended to put any kind of lock on the cell storage, otherwise they can be stolen! Next, select the cell mode on the terminal by pressing the switch. After entering the laptop, where you can now see what is in the cells, how many slots are available and you can put things there. [Wireless Storage Adaptor] Used for the wireless mode of the terminal. Installed on all storage items for which a regular storage adapter is available. Does not require additional connection. The server owner can decide where to get this item from, it has its own short name and can be used in all plugins, the best option is to craft it. The short name of the item - storageadapter.wireless. Command to give out: give storageadapter.wireless [Storage Cells] Cells hold items, have a certain number of slots and a maximum stack in each slot. These are special slots and only in them items can be stacked to their maximum. The maximum stack works on the principle of 1 type - 1 slot. That is, if the maximum stack is 5000 and the player puts there 10 new machine guns, they will occupy 1 slot and such can be put another 4990, if he puts a slightly broken machine gun, it will take another slot and will store the same machine guns. This is how it works with all items. Another example; a level 1 cell has a maximum stack of 5000 and 8 slots, and if you store only sulfur in it, you can eventually store 40000 sulfur in it. Higher level cells have more stacks and slots. Don't worry, the configured max stack won't be knocked down, items will unstack when they are laid down and taken out of the cell. The server owner can decide where to get this item from, it has its own short name and can be used in all plugins, the best option is to craft it. The short name of the item - storage_cell.{name from the config, by default it is level1-4} Command to give out: give storage_cell.level1
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Hud Controller is a very simple Hud system. It can do a ton of things, all listed below! Why should you choose Hud Controller? Having a unique server is very important when you choose to have a hud on your server, players see that 24/7. So, you want a good-looking, unique hud menu that stands out to players. With Hud Controller, you can do that, and much more, with ease. FEATURES - Built in UI editor - Add panels, change colors, change fonts, delete panels, change images, EVERYTHING IS EDITABLE! - Dynamic custom events - Normal rust events - Quick command buttons - Display RP or Economics - Display server time - Display player grid - Display players - ETC* Text fields can accept the following placeholders {serverName} {configServerName} {maxPlayers} {onlinePlayers} {joiningPlayers} {queuedPlayers} {totalPlayers} {playerGrid} {serverTime} {playerCurrency} Support? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Message me in my Discord! https://discord.gg/RVePam7pd7
  17. Version 2.0.0


    This plugin will add variable custom quarries and pumpjacks to your server. You can create any amount of different quarries and pumpjacks! You can get the fastest support in our Discord: Alias™ dev. Features Prefab substitution You can avoid using survey charges for installing quarries. Static quarries All 4 type of statics (pumpjack, stone, sulfur, HQM) can be configured separately. Built-in remove You can configure different remove and refund settings per quarry. Repair It is very similar to the standard system with all the sounds and effects. It also supports custom items. Build limits Built in options to set limits for quarries and pumpjacks separately. Custom Items You can use any normal and/or skinned items (custom items) as fuel and/or resource production. Fuel system You can set up several different fuel types with different production settings per fuel type. Production system You can set up min/max amount of items and probability chances per item. Permissions You can set up build limits and/or gather rates by permissions and also sum all permission parameters (or not). Upgrade system You can upgrade from one quarry to another using different skin id. UI Adaptive and informative interface made in modern rust-style design so it may seem like part of the game. It will automatically change its size and screen location depending on your quarry settings. Langs You can translate any phrase in the plugin. Performance The plugin completely has its own mechanics, which ensures the best performance even compared to the standard system. This also fixes all of the default quarry bugs. Optimization You can completely disable some of the plugin's functions in the main config. Configuration Main config (oxide/config/aQuarry.json) Static quarries config (oxide/data/aQuarry/StaticQuarries/) Personal quarries config (oxide/data/aQuarry/PersonalQuarries/) Commands quarry.give «SteamID» «SkinID» => give to player the quarry with specified skin from config quarry.giveme => give all quarries from config to self Permissions: aQuarry.admin => allows to use «quarry.give» and «quarry.giveme» commands from in-game console
  18. Version 2.1.2


    Unlock the secrets of treasure hunting in the world of Rust with the "Treasure Chest" plugin. This feature-rich plugin allows server owners to create custom loot experiences for their players by introducing unique treasure chests, each with its own set of surprises and rewards. News: You can now change skin and display name of chest . You can change for each chest custom stack size. Small UI changes. 4 custom chests : Green, Blue, Red, Gold Customizable Loot Chests: The plugin allows server administrators to define multiple types of Treasure Chests, each with its own set of loot items. Chests can be enabled or disabled individually, giving administrators fine-grained control over the available loot. Create loot tables for each chest, specifying the items, skins,quantities, and probabilities players will find inside. Chest Spawning: Treasure Chests are spawned in the game world based on predefined containers and chances . Admins can chose containers where will Treasure Chest spawn ,with spawn chance . Permission System: Control who can use the givechest command. Command : /givechest "display name" quantity Configuration: The "Treasure Chest" plugin is highly configurable, allowing you to create a truly unique loot system on your Rust server. Customize everything from the items inside chests to the chance of finding them. Usage: Set up your custom treasure chests with the desired loot. Let players uncover the riches by interacting with these chests. Admins can distribute chests as rewards or for special events,and more. Configuration: The "Treasure Chest" plugin is highly configurable, allowing you to create a truly unique loot system on your Rust server. Customize everything from the items inside chests to the chance of finding them. Config Example: "Enabled - true/false , if false chest will not spawn in PrefabPaths", "CustomStackSize - now you can change stack size of each chest", "You can change skin and display name of each chest", "MinChestAmount/MaxCHestAmount - how much items player will get from chest ", "CooldownSeconds - how much seconds will player need to wait to open another chest", "You can add more items to loottable", "Economy: here you put item or plugin", "PluginName: economics or serverrewards", "If you use plugin ,shortname and skinId will be showed in Ui as item for economy,you will not get that item you will get balance of plugin", "IsBlueprint - if true you will get bp of that item", "Min/MaxAmount - quantity of that item (you can put min/max - to same number (1),so its min and max 1 quantity of that item)", "Probability - from 0.0 (0%) to 1.0 (100%) chance to get that item", "command : /givechest display name quantity; example /givechest green chest 5", "Spawns - PrefabPath (chose where will chest spawn),SpawnChance (0-100 ,chance to spawn chest in that prefab)", "Dont put same prefabpath for more type of chests,for each chest use different prefabpath", "Opening effect : if empty its disabled,you can change opening effect to something else" "Chests": [ { Enabled = true, "CustomStackSize": 100, ItemDisplayName = "Green Chest", ItemShortname = "xmas.present.large", LootBoxSkinID = 3038475567, MinChestAmount = 1, MaxChestAmount = 2, LootTable = "greenchest", "CooldownSeconds": 60, LootTables = new Dictionary<string, List<LootTableItem>> { ["greenchest"] = new List<LootTableItem> { new LootTableItem { "Economy": "Plugin", "PluginName": "Economics", "Shortname": "rock", "MaxAmount": 5, "MinAmount": 1, "Probability": 1.0, "SkinID": 2108583966, "DisplayName": "EcoMoney", "IsBlueprint": false }, { "Economy": "Plugin", "PluginName": "ServerRewards", "Shortname": "wood", "MaxAmount": 300, "MinAmount": 100, "Probability": 1.0, "SkinID": 0, "DisplayName": "", "IsBlueprint": false }, { "Economy": "Item", "PluginName": null, "Shortname": "stones", "MaxAmount": 300, "MinAmount": 100, "Probability": 1.0, "SkinID": 0, "DisplayName": "", "IsBlueprint": false } } }, "Spawns": [ { "PrefabPath": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_normal_2.prefab", // where can "green chest" spawn "SpawnChance": 50.0 // chance to spawn in that crate_normal_2 } ] }, Get ready to surprise and engage your players with a loot system that goes beyond the ordinary. Unleash the treasures of Rust with the "Treasure Chest" plugin!
  19. Niko


    Version 123 090624fM


    Colony is a Map on and Alien World with unique mechanics and play techniques Survival does not get much harder than this. Oxygen required outside, Unique settler buildings and Habitat Domes, Aliens to discover, Unique Monuments. A World under constant bombardment from Meteors either destroying your base or supplying much needed ore. There are no standard monuments on this map, it has been designed to be as unique as possible within the constraints of Rust, to this effect there are a number of unique plugins that are required to play this map and additional server configs - All instructions are provided within the ReadMe file and are all included. UNIQUE LOCATIONS CENTRAL COLONY BASE - many rooms to explore, safe zones, air transport, rail transport, ground transport, bandit and outpost in one. You can even live within your own base in the Colony LASER MINES - Replacement for Quarries, Lasers blast the ground producing ore to collect DOMES - Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon & Gamma. The only source of wood and limited water supplies UFO - Crashed and damaged, enter, explore, escape NUCLEAR WASTE & REPROCESSING - Irradiated but what broke through the floor TRANSPORT HUB - The place to pick up a cool ride OBSERVATION POST - Simple monument SPACE TELESCOPE - Take a look into deep space UNDERGROUND ACCESS - Allows access to the train tunnels LANDER - Where the first explorers landed ROCKET - Crashed, exposing a satellite, guarded M577 APC - Giant rover, guarded Mt SHART VOLCANO - It can get hot but a great place for ore SATELLITE GRAVYARD - Old wrecks and guarded ATOM SMASHER - Underground collider ALIEN TOMB - Find who lived here before you ALIEN CUBE - They have come back, high in the sky, only one way in - Teleport AGRIFARM - Large dome for growing the Colonists food FEATURES PLAYER BUILT BASES - Build inside Tugs encased in an outer shell, build in smaller domes, build your own limited to 6 foundations and 2 levels, perfectly balanced SOLAR POWER PLANTS - If they are close enough then you can tap into the free power METEOR BOMBARDMENT - These rain down constantly, leaving behind ore to collect, just pray they don't hit your base - They arrive every few minuets SPACEDROPS - Rapid decent from Space. Marked with trails - Every 1-2 hours OXYGEN SYSTEM - All white buildings will have Oxygen, very specific to the shape and size. Outside you will need Oxygen tanks and Spacesuits FORCE FIELDS - Certain areas are separated by force fields allows the smooth transition to oxygenated areas and those without
  20. Version 1.0.5


    Norddream Island is a map on which many custom places to build a base are waiting for you, such as: an underwater place, a glass sphere in the snow, many places with a ready-to-use farm, floating islands, modern houses, underground places and many others. All custom places are marked on the map. There are also custom monuments here, such as: Motel, in which players can find a research paper, which can be used to buy something in the motel shop. The bradley arena is a place where 3 bradleys are located, to destroy them, the player needs several red access cards. Helicopter defense tower - here players can conveniently shoot down a helicopter. Car service - here players can find parts for the car and much more. The landscape is well suited for spawning raid bases. The external railway is connected to the metro. Specifications • Map size: 4500 • Prefab count: ~56 500 • Editing of the map is allowed, the password is in the ReadMe file Custom monuments • Motel • Bradley Arena • Challenge House • Heli Tower • Mine • Car Service • Railway Station • Large Warehouse • 20 Custom Places To Build A Base Standard monuments • Arctic Research Base • Fishing Villages • Harbor 1 • Harbor 2 • Ferry Terminal • Airfield • Giant Excavator Pit • Nuclear Missile Silo • Military Tunnel • Powerplant • Water Treatment Plant • Lighthouses • Bandit Camp • Outpost • Junkyard • Radtown Small • Military Base • Oilrig 1 • Oilrig 2 • Trainyard • Roadside Monuments • Sulfur Quarry • Stone Quarry • HQM Quarry • Satellite Dish • The Dome • Underwater Labs • Launch Site • Large Barn • Ranch
  21. Version 1.8


    Helheim Island: The Last Bastion is a 3800km map made by Keirox Custom Maps, one of the first map makers of Rust's history. Vanilla by default, moddable as you wish. The map is being worked on actively and getting updates regulary. Here is a video that will be very helpfull to know everything about the map ! The map is optimized for performance. Prefabs count: 41500 Monuments list : CUSTOM : Helheim Airport, Helheim Powerplant, Hospital, Cathedral, Catacombs, Airbus Crashsite, The Refuge, Mines, Mines B, Laboratory FACEPUNCH : Missile Silo, Sewer Branch, Ferry Terminal, Small Harbor, Train Yard, Abandoned Supermarket, Oxium Gas Station, Mining Outpost, Artic Research Base, Stone/Sulfur/HQM Quarry, Underwater Lab, Bandit Camp, Fishing Villages This map is protected by a provided plugin. You can still edit the map with the provided files. The goal is that this map goes right into Facepunch's official servers in the future! My website: https://rust-keiroxcustommaps.com Discord (with over 2000 members): https://discord.gg/Yec8RP6
  22. Version 2.0.3


    Buried beneath the deep blue oceans of rust lay a trove of lost treasures. This plugin introduces a casket system for fishing that your players will absolutely love! FishingTreasure is a plugin that uses the newly introduced fishing mechanic in Rust, to provide your players with the chance to obtain a casket. When opened, the casket will roll on the loot table 3 times, rewarding the players with 3 random items of varying rarity. Fully customisable loot system that automatically adds all new items to the game (configurable). Items can also be manually added via the config or a chat command in game. Supports custom items with unique DisplayNames and skins. Includes 3 tiers of rarity – common, rare and elite. Each can have its drop chance configured to the desired rarity. Hotspot system that allows for areas to be added as a "hot spot", which increases the drop chance of a casket by a multiplier (configurable). fishingtreasure.admin – allows users to spawn caskets, add items, force an update of items and remove items. { "General Settings": { "Base chance of obtaining a casket when catching a fish [%]": 3.0, "Permission based chance modifiers [1.0 = 100% increase to the base chance value]": {}, "Loot rolls per casket": 3, "Casket info": { "shortname": "halloween.lootbag.medium", "skin": 2560835553, "displayName": "casket" }, "Sounds when opened": { "Common": "assets/prefabs/misc/halloween/lootbag/effects/bronze_open.prefab", "Rare": "assets/prefabs/misc/halloween/lootbag/effects/silver_open.prefab", "Epic": "assets/prefabs/misc/halloween/lootbag/effects/gold_open.prefab" }, "Should this plugin handle the item splitting for caskets? [set to false if using a stacks plugin]": false }, "Hotspot Settings": { "Enable fishing treasure hotspots": false, "Name the hotspot shows when it appears on the map": "Fishing Treasure Hotspot", "Sphere darkness": 6, "Hotspot size": 50.0, "Minimum time a hotspot can be alive for [seconds]": 1600.0, "Maximum time a hotspot can be alive for [seconds]": 2000.0, "Delay between hotspot deployments [seconds]": 3600.0, "Minimum modifier that will be applied to a hotspot": 1.0, "Maximum modifier that will be applied to a hotspot": 4.0, "Should the hotspot check to see if players have entered/left the zone and notify them?": true, "If monitoring for players, how often should we check for players in the hotspot?": 1.0 }, "SkillTree settings": { "Set to true if you want to add the FishingTreasure buff to the skill tree": true, "Maximum level for the modifier buff": 5, "Chance increase per level for finding caskets [0.2 = 20%]": 0.2 }, "Loot Table": { "Common": { "enabled": true, "tableWeight": 100, "loot": [ // Loot here ] }, "Rare": { "enabled": true, "tableWeight": 25, "loot": [ // Loot here ] }, "Epic": { "enabled": true, "tableWeight": 10, "loot": [ // Loot here ] } } } /casket - spawns a casket in the users inventory API object OnCalculateFishingTreasureChance(BasePlayer, float highestMod) - Used to override the default casket chance.
  23. Version 3.1.1


    Custom Gather allows you to have dynamic gather rates on your server! This allows you to assign different gather rates for as many groups of players as you would like. What this plugin offers that other gather rate plugins don't: Create custom gather rates based on oxide permission groups Example: Have a global 2x gather rate, but have VIPs gather at 4x, and Elite VIPs gather at 8x. Modify resources in Unloadable Train Wagons Set separate custom rates for Public and Private quarries Modify Fishing Rate Gather rate modifier includes grubs/worms picked from plants Configuring JSON Files This plugin creates two JSON files, one is located in Oxide/Config/CustomGather.json, and the other is in Oxide/Data/CustomGather.json. The config file is used to set the global on/off switches, unloadable train wagon settings, the blacklists and the global override list. The data file is used to create and specify custom groups to be assigned via oxide permissions. The 'default' group makes a permission named customgather.default and automatically assigns it to the default oxide group All other groups generate permissions titled customgather.{groupname} that then must be assigned to an oxide group or player. Do NOT delete the data json file during server wipe. It will reset all your custom group settings and need to be reconfigured. Tutorial Blacklists & Global Override List The Blacklists reverts an item's gather rate to 1x for the specified method of gathering that it is listed under. The Global Override List is similar, but you specify a custom gather rate for specific items that is then applied globally, regardless of permission groups or gather method. Items need to be entered in with their short names. Use this reference to find any item's short name. Insert items by their short names inside quotations and separated by commas. Chat Commands /cg info -- Displays each custom group and their gather rates Config JSON - Example { "Global On/Off Switches. Only set these to false if you use a separate plugin to control specific gather rates.": { "Modify rates for items picked off the terrain (ex: plants, tree stumps, small ore nodes)": true, "Modify rates for items grown in planters": true, "Modify rates for fishing": true, "Modify rates for PUBLIC Quarries and Pumpjacks": true, "Modify rates for PRIVATE Quarries and Pumpjacks": true, "Modify rates for the Giant Excavator": true, "Modify rates for Dispensers (ex: ore nodes, trees, animal corpses)": true, "Modify rates for Resource Train Wagons": true }, "Unloadable Train Wagon Settings": { "Multiplication Rate": 20, "Single Stack of Resources?": true }, "Blacklists (items to gather at vanilla rates)": { "Harvested Items": [ "human.skull", "skull.wolf" ], "Pickup Items": [ "cloth" ], "Planter Box Items": [ "clone.hemp" ], "Fishing": [ "fish.anchovy" ], "Quarries & Pumpjacks": [ "stones" ], "Excavator": [ "stones" ], "Train Resource Wagons": [ "metal.ore" ] }, "Global Override List": { "pumpkin": 20, "hq.metal.ore": 10 } } Data JSON - Example { "Custom Permission Group Settings": { "default": { "Gather Rate": 1, "PUBLIC Quarries & Pumpjacks Rate": 1, "PRIVATE Quarries & Pumpjacks Rate": 1, "Giant Excavator Rate": 1, "Fishing Rate": 1 }, "vip": { "Gather Rate": 2, "PUBLIC Quarries & Pumpjacks Rate": 2, "PRIVATE Quarries & Pumpjacks Rate": 2, "Giant Excavator Rate": 2, "Fishing Rate": 2 }, "Elite": { "Gather Rate": 3, "PUBLIC Quarries & Pumpjacks Rate": 3, "PRIVATE Quarries & Pumpjacks Rate": 3, "Giant Excavator Rate": 3, "Fishing Rate": 3 }, "SuperElite": { "Gather Rate": 4, "PUBLIC Quarries & Pumpjacks Rate": 4, "PRIVATE Quarries & Pumpjacks Rate": 4, "Giant Excavator Rate": 4, "Fishing Rate": 4 }, "MegaElite": { "Gather Rate": 5, "PUBLIC Quarries & Pumpjacks Rate": 5, "PRIVATE Quarries & Pumpjacks Rate": 5, "Giant Excavator Rate": 5, "Fishing Rate": 5 } } }
  24. Version 1.0.2


    XFastButtons - custom buttons for your server. - Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions. - Storing player data in - oxide/data/XDataSystem/XFastButtons - There is a lang ru/en/uk/es. - Sound effects when interacting with the menu. - Various settings for buttons. [ Font, Text, Command, Image, Color, Size, Coordinates, Parent Layer ] - A handy list of buttons under the slots. - Easy and fast selection of coordinates. [ AnchorMin, AnchorMax, OffsetMin, OffsetMax ] - Customize the list of server images. [ For server logo, etc. ]. - Customize the image list. [ For button creation by the player. ]. - Customize the list of button colors. [ For button creation by the player. ]. - The player can hide server/my buttons using the settings menu. - The player can create his own buttons and place them on the screen as he wishes. - Ability to limit the number of buttons created by a player. - Ability to create buttons with commands (chat and console) that have multiple arguments. [ /kit vip, /home 1, /sethome 1 - etc. ] - Ability to edit already created buttons. - Ability to delete created buttons. - Ability to undo changes. [ Convenient preview while editing/creating a button. ]. - Ability to create any number of server(admin) buttons by permissions. - Ability to hide/show buttons when the player interacts with containers or mounted prefabs(chair, transport, etc.) [ Configure in config. ]. - By default, the plugin has a few customized buttons, a list of images, and a list of colors. Permissions xfastbuttons.settings - access to basic settings. xfastbuttons.use - access to create/edit/delete buttons. [ Regular players cannot create/edit/delete server(admin) buttons in any way! ] Config { "General setting": { "Maximum number of buttons a player can create": 6, "Maximum number of individual buttons a player can create": 5, "List of containers - buttons will react to open/close container. [ Leave the list empty to extend this to all containers. Or set null to disable this feature. ]": null, "List of mountable prefabs (chair, transport, etc) - buttons will react to interaction with the prefab. [ Leave the list empty to apply this to all prefabs. Or set null to disable this feature. ]": [ ......... ], "List of server buttons - [ You can only configure parameters - Text, Command, Color, Font ]": [ ......... ], "List of server buttons by permissions - [ You can only configure parameters - Text, Command, Color, Font ]": { ......... }, "List of individual server buttons - [ You can configure all parameters ]": [ ......... ], "List of individual server buttons by permissions - [ You can configure all parameters ]": { ......... } }, "GUI setting": { "Color_background_1": "0.517 0.521 0.509 1", "Color_background_2": "0.217 0.221 0.209 1", "Close button (icon) color": "1 1 1 0.75", "Server image list - [ These images are not available to players ]": { ......... }, "Image list - [ These images are available for players to select ]": { ......... }, "List of button colors": [ ......... ] } }


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