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Found 46 results

  1. Immp77

    The Divide

    Version 1.0.3


    Welcome to The Divide. In this map you'll find 2 separate continents both full with the usual monuments and tons to explore, you'll also find the Aquadome, water build domes, Twits nightclub, and a couple others. map is 4700 in size.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    My fellow engineers, Cobalt Industries, have left their power plant abandoned, break into the reactor, and see what they left behind. Core Green Card Blue Card Three Fuses Prefab Count 1200 Requirements Rustedit Plugin Flat ground is recommended Use of given splat maps is recommended Lore In 1953 Cobalt Industries set out to break the fusion power code to create a cheaper and more reliable power source. The Russian government approved the project codenamed 'Starlight.' Cost overruns mounting over 8.5 billi
  3. Version 1.0.1


    The underground bunker "4F7C" is perfectly camouflaged and easily blends into its surroundings. This is a completely autonomous bunker in which one or more of your players can live and grow weed! This bunker is the best place to live! At the entrance there is a truck, a couple of barrels of fuel, simple square boxes, and a generator. The entrance itself has a large gate sliding to the sides, in order to open them the player will need to start the generator standing outside and hidden by the bush, the player should not have any difficulties finding it (a wire from the bunker gate leads to
  4. Version 1128


    This radio telescope is loosely based on the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico. Recently shut down for good, you can have this one live on in Rust. Guarded by a full complement of Bandit Guards, they protect excellent loot in the center of the dish. You can also make your way to the platform above its center. The only way is to walk the tight ropes suspending it or fly, don't fall.
  5. Version 1.0.3


    The custom compound monument is near perfect copy of the monument from rust but with a few changes including no safe zone versions No peacekeeping scientist and no turrets with aimbot or cool down periods if you are aggro the defences. Included in this package is three versions.. 1. Bandit controlled compound is my favourite and it's a semi safe environment where you only get killed if you shoot your gun. 2. Buildable version of the compound has a few of the buildings removed and you are able to build in the gaps to create your own row houses and build in garages with no AI guards. 3. Default
  6. Version 1.0.13


    This custom map has a story behind it, its a 1.5k Size custom map however there is plenty of building space for up to 50 - 100 people and 12 monuments with a Bradley path. Cave Excavation: Abandoned Tunnel: Project Medusa: Custom Monuments : Information Hub (Mid Tier loot) Project Medusa (High Tier loot) Trader (Safe Zone) Business Man (Safe Zone) Cave Excavation (Low Tier Loot - Chinook Drop zone) Abandoned Military Base (Mid Tier Loot - Chinook Drop zone) Abandoned Tunnel (Low Tier Loot) Customized Lighth
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to Rubins Tugboat Sales, just a small fun project i tossed together, comes with a green and blue keycard loot rooms, i did a custom tugboat interior redesign plus some other stuff to explore. total prefab count is 2220
  8. Hello, I'm trying to find someone to create a custom plugin. This plugin im trying to have made is mainly for events i run on my server. The idea of the plugin is this. Players can trade items to the server with a command so lets use 200 wood for example which gives them 1 Point. Now this point DOES NOTHING! This plugin would need its own leader board with command that shops lets say top 10. Each 200 wood they trade gives them 1 point and keeps adding up until we wipe our server. I Would want the "Wood" to be able to be changed to what ever i would want in the config for item wise &
  9. Version 1.0.0


    3 entrances/exits, 1 recycler, 6 military crates, 6 regular crates, a few food crates, 100% buildings accessable, working practice range (targets will break, no scoring), no npc's or scientists. If you find any errors or want anything changed please leave a comment or something :).
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Little Blue Road is a free tiny custom monument with fuse, green and blue card puzzle you can install easily anywhere on a map. FEATURES: - Recycler - Research Table - Loot tier 1 and 2 - Scientists If you have any question you can contact me as follows Discord Thanks
  11. Version 210409


    You will find the Great Lake the central feature of this 4k map with a dual Oil Rig in the centre, a Sailing Ship and a 3 tiered Dam System. Loot and adventure is found above and below the waves. On the west of the map are the traditional monuments while the east is home to some unique custom creations. You will find many new custom monuments based upon the premise that Rustkind has survived in these domed cities THE MATRIX, a 3D elevator maze CATHEDRAL, Home to a religious artefact HMS RACE HORSE, Sailing ship owned by Bandit Guards CABLE CAR, Its broken like a lot in rus
  12. Kusha

    Mini Outpost

    Version 0.0.4


    Mini Outpost is a miniature size version of the original outpost from vanilla Rust. Including all necessary vending machines to have the same function as the original yet having a smaller footprint. Perfect for one grid or smaller size maps. Features: All vanilla vending machines from outpost. All vanilla commodities you'd find at regular outpost (Recyclers, workbench, refinery, etc) Fully customizable Low prefab count Chill zone Music area ~1/6 of the footprint of the vanilla outpost Simple and easy installation No build zone
  13. Version 210310


    Eden Falls is a 3800 size highly modified procedural map. (53K Prefabs) Watch the videos on my channel to get a full picture of what you get, links below It features a rail, road and river network covering most corners of the map Some standard monuments are here along with a number of new and unique monuments created by me. The additional monuments are LUMBER MILL MISSILE SILO MARINA BURIAL MOUND ICESTATION THULE EDEN FALLS CANYON THE ASYLUM FORT KNOX PUMPKIN FARM CAVERNS RADAR STATION ALCATRAZ Uniq
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Create own UI buttons for your rust server! • Info CustomButtons comes with 16 fully customizable UI elements. - 8 clickable buttons - 8 text labels - permission for each element • Available Customization ➼ change sizing, positioning and color of each UI element ➼ change text size and color ➼ option to attach image to buttons and labels ➼ change image position with OffSet settings ➼ assign chat commands to each button ➼ separate permission for each button/label ➼ option to choose between hud/overlay type further explanation of customization
  15. Version 1.0.1


    | Custom Ocean Scrap Piles | Drag n' drop! Nothing crazy looking, something Facepunch should have made themselves. Features: Simple, Detailed, very very low prefab count! 120~ prefabs in total! Can easily be inserted into a map allowing for more ocean expansion! Includes 2 tan crates, 1 single green crate, and a few scattered barrels and tool boxes.
  16. Electrik


    Version 1.7


    Necrosiis is my very first map, I spent a lot of time to have a precise, balanced, beautiful map, whether on Rust IO or in player view. A balance between classic and custom monuments, build places that change from procedural maps, and at the same time a light map that can be used by all. Come and discover the island of a god worshipped by its cannibal inhabitants who became zombies after their death. FEATURES: ● Infected Dock - Blue and red puzzle with 1 fuse and a bonus loot green card room. - Scientist on the dock - Scarecrew in the fu
  17. jtedal

    Land of Invaders

    Version 1.0.4

    1 download

    A beautiful and interesting map in the style of Sci-fi mixed with science fiction. The map will get an update with underground tunnels even before its release. If you ask me "What the hell is going on on the map?" then I'll tell you that I don't know it myself xD. I really wanted to try to create a map in the style of sci-fi mixed with fiction. It turned out something cosmic, with elements of an extraterrestrial civilization, by the way, and the name "Land of Invaders". Perhaps the inhabitants of this island lived their own lives and did not touch anyone and one day
  18. Version 2.0.0


    | Creeping Mansion Variations| Drag n' drop! Make your own monument or concept out of the shell of this building! Features: Simple, Detailed, 1932 (Variant A)~ 2022 (Variant B)~ prefabs in total! Can easily be inserted into a map allowing for a more diverse role play experience, by customizing and adding in your own details! Does not include a "Monument Marker" keep this in mind when placing the building. Does not include a "Prevent Building Sphere", keep this in mind when allowing players to build in or around the building. Variant A: Does not include
  19. Version 1.01


    This is a tiny little Bridge i made for river's that just don't have anything...Hope u like it. Here is my discord cause u can talk to me (Panda)#8692 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With a few simple Jumps there is a mili crate And there are a few simple loot crates for this bridge as u see above:) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This bridge can be applied to any existing map with rivers needs very little modification. --------------------
  20. Version 1.0.1


    A bundle of 6 Viking houses for you role play server owners and a little extra No special plugins or anything is needed, paste and play! Total Prefab count: 1781 for all included in the pack. Special thanks to KB-Edits for the active role in developing this pack.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    A huge map consisting of many islands connected by a road and you can reach almost any point on the map by boat or car. There is a cosmodrome in the center of the map at the top of a snow-covered mountain. On each island there are custom monuments in the form of small villages, warehouses, factories. Some standard monuments have been redesigned for other biomes, for example the snowy bandit camp, where all the green vegetation is hidden, which was replaced by snowy ones. MAP SIZE: 4000
  22. ollie

    House Bundle

    Version 1.0.0


    A bundle made of all my houses. Cheaper than buying them all separately! Features -Bundle of 5 houses. -1 Mansion, 3x Houses and a log cabin. -Beautiful modern architecture. If you wish to edit any of the designs please contact the author. Please refer to individual products for prefab count and any extra information.
  23. Version 1.2.0


    Mecatrodectus was created by Cobalt's most brilliant post-apocalyptic scientists and technicians to allow the company to move quickly and off-road to extract minerals more easily and quickly, allowing them to continue to be the dominant company in this new post-apocalyptic world. It can accommodate 2 pilots, 4 technicians and 10 passengers, it also has 2 bedrooms with 2 beds each, a desk and a bathroom corner. Features Loot tier 1, 2 and 3 Stone, sulfur and metal ores Scientists Scarecrew Card puzzles (2 fuse, blue card, red card, gree
  24. Version 1.0.6


    HEXAGONIA is the most unusual map in existence! Map fully handmade, has a lot thematic places in Hexa style. yes... we rly put all this cliffs ourself This map has its own atmosphere! You can feel it when just respawned and see flying islands and non-typical relief for rust, but no need to fear about moving around the map, it wont be complicated, because of direct roads around the map. Map has a lot custom monuments and unusual places for build. The water near the coast is fresh and perfect for watering your garden
  25. jtedal


    Version 1.0.5


    Under the map there are 5 stations that are connected by 1 branch of tunnels. the tunnels contain rocks, non-loot piles of garbage, and bots. In the creation of the map, my good friend Gruber provided me with his RT. I suggest you also look at his product. A little about the map: Size: 4к Prefab Count: ~38к Custom monuments: Сoncrete plant Borgund Pack of Roadside Monuments + Gas Station + Warehouse “Cobalt” U.S.S Subway Station Polis + 2 more underground stations Monuments from Facepunch: Train Yard Outpost

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