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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This monument is largely based inside a desert plateau across a multilevel design with you working your way up to the control room and then to the roof for your escape with the loot. Quick Start Extract the zip file into your RustEdit install folder. Start Rust Edit. Click on Prefabs at the top & open up your Prefab List. Under the Custom category you will now find RobJs Premium Prefabs. Double click on the prefab file and it will spawn it into the map for you. Drag it to the general area you want to place it and click on Snap To Terrain and line up with ground by hand Apply the Height Mask, Topology Mask, Alpha Mask and Splat Mask. Check for issues with Alpha Mask on terrain and paint alpha if needed. Contact And Help If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553 For help/support my discord group is best: Click Here To Join NONE HDRP VERSION BELOW
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to Doc's Custom Scuba Tank monument, this is a custom unique monument with loads of places to explore inside. Climb the vines on the pillars or work your way up the mountain to get to the top of the scuba tank You will need scuba gear to explore and access all the loot There is 1 hackable crate at the bottom You can scuba inside of the cargo ship to find hidden loot Very funny to watch people pvp and scuba about Prefab Count 3568 Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you have any problems you can contact discord DocNorris#5423
  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Welcome to Doc's River/Canal boat, this is a custom puzzle room of a canal boat You will need a fuse and a blue keycard to access all the loot inside Easy to install Prefab Count 601 Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you have any problems you can contact discord DocNorris#5423
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I was inspired by this construction by the game Assasins Creed 4 BF. Old technologies of a forgotten civilization were hidden in this cave, during the time of pirates, pirates captured this cave and searched for a treasure in it for a long time. In our time, we can see what happened to the cave, it has old magic stones, shovels left over from pirates and mechanisms of our time. This cave perfectly conveys the contrast of the differences of times and technologies What's on this RadTown?! There is a trap with a floor that goes out from under your feet, the player can catch an opponent while he processes resources on the 2nd floor After falling, the player can fall on the laser and the Tesla coil will work On the 3rd floor there are 2 rooms with loot, to open the first room you just need to turn the wheel To open the second room, a red card and Fuse are required Boats rarely spawn inside the cave Barrels with fuel and components will spawn inside the cave, the player will always be able to swim away if he has a boat All the water in the cave is drinkable If there is a person on the 2nd floor, then a siren is triggered that will show you that there is a person there Total objects 4860 For correct installation, focus on the water lilies, they should be exactly on the water If you want me to change something or add it to this building, then write in the reviews, I want to develop and I'm interested in seeing your thoughts and suggestions
  5. c0ini

    Seaside bar

    Version 1.1.0


    The location has a recycler and a workbench of the first level, as well as a table for research. There are boxes with food, an underwater box at the pier. Can replace standard magazines. You can put ka on the shore and on land. There is also a vending machine that can be used to sell diving, kayak and paddle accessories. Enjoy it for you and your players!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Redesigned variation of the first version of the bar. Increased bar area, added seating area. Included a version of the bar for use as a roadside monument. At the location, you can find loot boxes, underwater boxes. There is a kiosk with a diving kit, kayak and paddle. All chairs can be seated, the stairs are functional. The lighting is switched on by a switch. The neon sign must be connected manually. The location will add unusual content to your server! Enjoy using you and your players!
  7. Version 1.5.4


    Rehabilitation and recovery center. Once in this clinic, people were helped. But now strange things are happening there ... You can set the loot according to your preference.
  8. Version 2.0


    DESCRIPTION This monument comes in two versions: With and without NPCs (Scientists). The Bandit Barge is perfect to chill after raiding the oil rig or the container carrier. Loots are available for those who have the right key cards. DETAILS Objects: 880 Topology: None Terrain Layer: None Puzzle: x1 Fuse, Blue Key Card & Red Key Card IN GAME VISIT This prefab was made for my custom map "Keanland". If you want to see how it looks like in game, come take a look on my server. Location on the map: R-18 Direct: steam://connect/ F1 console: client.connect NETWORK Discord: https://discord.gg/jahBP5enxj YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SKIROW Website: https://www.skirowmods.com
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Supply Depot - those pesky scientists are at it again , this time protecting their supply network of depot's 150 wide monument -requires green card to enter compound puzzle -requires green and blue card -requires 1 fuse cards in monument -green and blue LOOT 3 normal green crates 8 normal crates 2 ammo crates 3 medical crates 4 food crates 12 yellow barrel 12 blue barrels 4 fuel 2 tools NPC 13 x scientist (regular)
  10. Version HD0717


    Subterra is a map with plenty to do and explore both above ground and below and under the waves. Features a combined and integrated above and below ground railway system along with many unique monuments and places of interest to explore. Monuments and Features Area 51 Service Station & Shredder Canyon Railway Table Top Mountain Train Container Yard Deep Mines Oil Field Dweller Gold Mining Town Crashed UFO Beached Cargo Cheyenne Mountain Complex Stargate Gate Room Viaducts and Waterways Broken Wind Power Station Wind Farm Camp Crystal Lake Chichen Itza Fire and Ice Cave Cabin In The Woods Monument To The Fallen Ghost Town Library St Nikos Hospital Dweller Residences Construction Site St Nikolas Town Tanning Factory Wangen Observatory Integrated Railway, Underground, Tramway + The usual standard FP Monuments If you have any problems you can contact me via Discord https://discord.gg/r84Cg84 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g The map requires a workcart spawner for the trains to work above ground, it is included in this file with the permission of its creator SPooCK but if you need an update the link is included in the readme file, My thanks goes to SPooCK for its development and its inclusion. I also wish to take this time to thank those who have helped in its design and testing Mr Wizard, Jim, Apoco, Landon, Cerberus, Ark Nerd and anyone else who has contributed however small Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. Thanks Niko You Tube Video
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Railway station for your map / server. Extraction: - green card - 9 barrels - 9 crates of food - 9 main boxes - 4 regular boxes - 2 military boxes
  12. Version 1.3.0


    Когда-то этот корабль принадлежал знаменитому пирату, но пирата давно нет, а команда разбежалась. Как попасть на корабль? Слева и справа есть лестницы, по которым можно подниматься, а также можно подниматься по веревочным лестницам на мачты. Добыча: - 1 военный ящик - 6 базовых ящиков - 4 обычных ящика - 2 ящика с лекарствами - 1 ящик с едой.
  13. Version 0.0.2


    An ancient monument once abandoned by the old Atlantean civilization. In this cave, now an ancient temple, there is a throne in the form of a kraken, with which you can control the cave. The glowing trident that is above the kraken's head is fraught with a lot of energy and you can use it. With the help of the throne, you can turn on and off the lights above, below, and open the gates that are in the Atlantean helmet. You can get into the cave in 2 ways, through the gate (provided that your teammate opened it for you). And the second way is through the top. If there is 1 person at the top, then the gate at the top will open automatically, if two, then the siren at the top will light up, if 3, then the siren on the kraken throne will light up, if 4 or more, then the Tesla coil will work on the upper gate and will work until there are less than 4 people at the top(the more people, the stronger the energy discharge). In this cave you can safely live under water and on land. If you install it under water, you will be able to stay inside without bugs. Total objects 2166 Requires a Dll extension Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll https://www.rustedit.io/threads/rustedit-oxide-umod-extension.695/ If you install a prefab house without RustEditAPIExample, then you will not be able to use all the electric that is in this monument
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Backstory This island is part of an ancient civilization, apparently people who lived before the appearance of COBALT built an arena there and used magic. We can see that the arena has not been completed and only we can decide what to do with it next. After finding this mysterious island, the mechanisms turned out to be working, all the doors open. People lived in it and built small houses and a port, over time people mysteriously disappeared and something dark and powerful blows from the island Important When installing a map, focus on the glaciers near the wooden house with traps. About the island A little about the electrics of the island When approaching the skull, bonfires light up The doors in the skull open from the inside with a button and from the outside with the help of wheels(each door separately) Everything is connected in the garden, the players just need to connect the water to the pump, which is ready to turn on The runway can be illuminated with red siren The light near the runway automatically turns on at night and turns off during the day In the garden there is a rune that warms the earth around, this makes it possible to grow all kinds of plants in a cold climate On a huge mountain there is a path along which it is easy to climb to the top In the small lakes on the island, drinking water is not salty For correct operation, it is necessary -->https://www.rustedit.io/threads/rustedit-oxide-umod-extension.695/ if it is not installed, then all the electrics and mechanisms will not work for you
  15. Version 1.0.2


    I am introducing my first monument, Devils Fortress, a multi-tier loot monument. Includes all 3 standard puzzles, green, blue and red keycards, also includes custom puzzles with descriptive instructions. Bradley APC patrols the island, NPC scientists guarding and protecting the fortress, where you will find from starter loot to end-game loot, and some extras to explore. Chinook may also drop an additional locked crate on the dock area for players to access and loot. Here are some key features of Devils Fortress: CCTV cameras to view and monitor the Fortress, use FORTXX (Where XX is ranged from 01 to 25) NPC Scientists in multiple areas inside the Fortress. Bradley APC patrols the roads around the Fortress. Keycards spawning desks and multiple custom puzzles to solve as players progress. 3 Elite crates, Locked crate and military green crates are found inside the Fortress. Excellent monument to use on smaller maps, or an additional PVP monument on high populated servers. Details About 2000 prefabs in total. Included is Height, Biome, Splat, Alpha, Road and Topology filters that can be applied as required during installation. Required: Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll is required for this monument, for spawning of loot, NPC, APC and puzzles to be active. You can join my Discord if you like to find out more about Devils Fortress, or if you have any bugs, questions, queries. Use this free demonstration map to try it out for yourself at any time. Thank you very much for your time and have a great day.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    The tomb Number of prefabs: 1474 Type:the puzzle Loot: - Military Crates: 4 - Regular Crate: 2 - Barrels: 7 For the prefab to work correctly, you will need "Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll" INSTALLATION Drag & Drop Gently adjust to the terrain and apply the & height & splat & topology
  17. Version 2.0HDRP


    A beautiful place for your map that will appeal to your players. Prefab is sold in 2 versions, the first under construction, the second Monument. Climbing to the island is carried out through the chains on the edges. Easy installation on the map.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Backstory Once upon a time, this titan was alive and very strong. Little is known about him, there are legends that this titan held the rock so that people would not die inside. The Titan held on to a huge block of stone for a very long time and died petrified from ancient magic. After a while, people built columns and chains there in order to help him in some way. But these are only legends, although why does he have fire from his eyes?! About the Cave The monument is great for building by several players. The monument is not noisy and is atmospherically lit at night. The monument is easy to install on the map Around the cave there will be a forest, mushrooms, some stones for mining and decorations Total objects 982 You don't need to download anything for it to work, just install it on the map and click all these buttons starting with " Apply Height Mask"
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to my Russian Submarine Monument at 87m long with 2 decks to explore with mid to high-end loot and various puzzle levels from blue to red you can visit soon as you think you're ready for a fight. Can be used underwater and on the surface (See Install Video). Prefabs: 2621 Quick Start Extract the zip file into your RustEdit install folder. Start Rust Edit. Click on Prefabs at the top & open up your Prefab List. Under the Custom category you will now find RobJs Premium Prefabs. Double click on the prefab file and it will spawn it into the map for you. Align with the ocean. Contact And Help If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553 For help/support my discord group is best: Click Here To Join Remove built in bots guide
  20. Version 1.0.8


    Completely automated gameplay experience with easy setup. Includes plugins to manage the game and player items. I created this prefab as a game for my RP server, but ended up automating the gameplay to save time for my staff. The game revolves around finding loot from crates (primitive by default), and killing each other while a radiation zone closes in around you. The zone is represented by a dome that will shrink in size at a configurable rate, as the game progresses. This will force players back to the centre for a final showdown. The winner will be awarded a prize (configurable). This package includes everything required to run the game manually or automatically, and features: Primitive combat loot tables in each of the crates. A lobby with 8x elevators to bring contestants into the game. A configurable plugin to handle gameplay completely (more info below). Samsites surrounding the arena to prevent allies from dropping unsanctioned equipment. Custom UI for the radiation zone. Running the game: The game will run automatically every hour (by default). It will give players 5 minutes to join (by default), or can be manually started by typing in /starthg <seconds>. Players join by typing in /hg (by default), which will strip and save all of their equipment, note down their metabolism stats (hunger, thirst, health etc) and teleport them into the lobby. The players will then be added to the "roster" and will be told to get into an elevator. A player cannot join if they have a car key in their inventory, or an active crafting que. Upon the game commencing, players will be taken to the surface via an elevator and the game will begin when the doors open. The dome spawns after 60 seconds (by default), and will start shrinking. Leaving the bounds of the dome will bring up a hud indicating that the player is in a radiation zone, and will start giving the player radiation stacks for as long as they are outside. Dying removes the player from the game, returning their equipment on respawn, and teleporting them back to the location that they were at originally. A player can also manually leave the game by typing in /leave (by default). The game ends when there is 1 player left standing. The player will be returned to their original location, with their original health and metabolism stats, and will have the ability to claim a prize by typing /claimprize. Commands: /starthg <seconds> - starts the game manually and resets the automatic start timer. Seconds = how many seconds before the game actually begins. /endhg - ends the current round of hungergames. /hg - joins the hungergames event. This command is configurable. /leave - leaves the hugnergames event. This command is configurable. /addprize <short name> <quantity> <skin> - adds a new prize that players can win. /removeprize <shortname> or <skin> - removes a prize based on the shortname or the skin of the item. /listprizes - prints a copy of the prize list into your console. Adding a prize is as simple as getting the items shortname. There are 3 ways to do this. /addprize <short name> - adds the item to the list with a default quantity of 1, and a default skin of 0. /addprize <short name> <quantity> - adds to the item to the list using the shortname and quantity, and sets the skin to 0. /addprize <short name> <quantity> <skin> - allows you to add item(s) based on all 3 arguments. Items can be viewed in the HungerGames data file. Optional plugin - Night Vision You can the Nightvision plugin on Umod to allow for players to enjoy the event, even during pitch black nights. The plugin will enable/authorise a user to use nightvision when they join the event, and will then remove that privilege when they leave. Link: https://umod.org/plugins/night-vision Installation Follow the youtube guide for installation. The plugin will automatically acquire the button IDs when loaded for the first time. Be sure to delete the data file when you wipe the server so that it can acquire the new .net.IDs. Permissions "hungergames.admin" - Required to start/stop hungergames manually. See youtube video above for more information on adding this prefab to your map/server.
  21. Version 3.1


    PuzzleBank originally was for the Bank heist plugin but decided to go standalone to work on PVE servers Features Puzzle consists of Keycard doors Green , Blue , Red and 1 Fusebox 2 Hackable crates in the vault 6 scientist guards Should come with everything biomes topology alpha splat the works You will need rust edit installed on your server for the IO if your interested in the older bank heist plugin version of this without the keycards leave a message. 441 approx assets
  22. Version 1.0.2


    Commanders! It is time to invest in some defense from those who come from otherworldly places. I present to you Cobalt industries B.F.G, or otherwise known as (Big Fragmentation Cannon) but the acronym you were thinking of works as well. The BFG is a highly guarded monument that comes with a 3 tier loot puzzle, figure out the puzzle and grab the goods. Be warned, once you start, any player in the area will know you are breaching the defenses. Munitions Stores Red and Green Card Uses Four Fuses Four Elite Crates Three Military Crates High Difficulty Level (doing as a group is recommended) How to play Fight your way to the center of the B.F.G from the front entrance, put the fuse in the fusebox on the right. Go through the first green door and use the fusebox for the top-right control center that opens with a red card Once in the first red room use the fusebox to activate the door on the upper left control room, you only have 60 seconds to get to the other side. The fuse box in the 2nd red card room opens to the door to the last loot room on the ground in the center of the B.F.G Prefab Count 1200 Requirements RustEdit plugin is required Flatt ground is required Given Splat maps are recommended Lore The B.F.G is an extremely large piece of space artillery leftover from Cobalt industries during the planetary defense act of 1972 to combat extraterrestrial threats. In 1952 a research station in the artic codenamed Terif 1 picked up a transmission seemly from the other side of the solar system. Having no human origin, the Russian government enacted a precautionary measure to defend against any and all extraterrestrial threats as the meaning and origin of the transmission were not known. It was later realized that the U.S had been launching probes of their own in secret and testing a new technic of radio encryption which was mistaken by the Russians as alien contact.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    The original "Hapis Puzzle Green 1" is currently buggy and should be fixed at some point, as we all know this can take a long time at Facepunch . Here is an original replica + some features from me, have fun with it zum shop : our shop mein discord : our disord
  24. Version 1.0.0


    This monument can be used as a standalone monument or part of a larger railway network leading across your map. Consisting of 5 platform station with overhead bridge and even wheelchair access to platforms from underpass tunnel and the main building inspired by two real-world British Railway stations. Loot is mixed and can be added to by user but currently houses a blue card puzzle and a red card spawn. Comes with Arid and Temperate foliage packs. If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553 For help/support my discord group is best: Join RustMaps Discord
  25. Version 1.1.0


    Little Facctory Road is a free road side custom monument you can install very easily anywhere on a map. This monument is perfect for starter (can replace a Gas Station or Supermarket for exemple) and it's totally FREE !! FEATURES: - Recycler - Gas Station loot - No cards or fuse needed PHONES ID: FACTORAOD prefabs : 900 If you have any question you can contact me as follows Discord Thanks

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