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About Me

  1. Epic

    Cobalt Dam

    Version 1.0.0


    This monument consist of around 2800 Prefabs. Welcome to the Cobalt Dam, Long abandoned and no longer producing power for the island..... However there are still supplies left over from the Scientist that once worked the dam.... This includes a Green, Blue and Red card access..... Each side of the dam has an entrance to the core of the monument that hold the red room, each side is equal in steps for the green and blue puzzles. Several loot spawns from 4 Military crates, 2 Elite and much more. with a Locked crate spawn aswell. The monument DOES NOT include all of the land surrounding it in the screenshots. If interest arises I can upload a version with and without the terrain! Enjoy!
  2. Version 1.1.13


    This plugin and prefab combo adds a unique game arena to your map with very minimal effort. The plugin automates the game play entirely, and can be scheduled to run at an interval along side other plugins that use EventHelper. The game revolves around finding loot from crates (primitive by default), and killing each other while a radiation zone closes in around you. The zone is represented by a dome that will shrink in size at a configurable rate, as the game progresses. This will force players back to the centre for a final showdown. The winner will be awarded a prize (configurable). This package includes everything required to run the game manually or automatically, and features: Customizable weapon/armor lists (primitive and guns come default). A lobby with 8x elevators to bring contestants into the game. A configurable plugin to handle gameplay completely (more info below). Custom UI for the radiation zone. Running the game: The game will run automatically every hour (by default). It will give players 5 minutes to join (by default), or can be manually started by typing in /starthg <seconds>. Players join by typing in /hg (by default), which will strip and save all of their equipment, note down their metabolism stats (hunger, thirst, health etc) and teleport them into the lobby. The players will then be added to the "roster" and will be told to get into an elevator. A player cannot join if they have a car key in their inventory, or an active crafting que. Upon the game commencing, players will be taken to the surface via an elevator and the game will begin when the doors open. The dome spawns after 60 seconds (by default), and will start shrinking. Leaving the bounds of the dome will bring up a hud indicating that the player is in a radiation zone, and will start giving the player radiation stacks for as long as they are outside. Dying removes the player from the game, returning their equipment on respawn, and teleporting them back to the location that they were at originally. A player can also manually leave the game by typing in /leave (by default). The game ends when there is 1 player left standing. The player will be returned to their original location, with their original health and metabolism stats, and will have the ability to claim a prize by typing /claimprize. Commands: /starthg <seconds> - starts the game manually and resets the automatic start timer. Seconds = how many seconds before the game actually begins. /endhg - ends the current round of hungergames. /hg - joins the hungergames event. This command is configurable. /leave - leaves the hugnergames event. This command is configurable. /addfinalpoint - adds a potential end zone. /hgplayers - Lists all players who are still alive in the current event. Optional plugin - Night Vision You can the Nightvision plugin on Umod to allow for players to enjoy the event, even during pitch black nights. The plugin will enable/authorise a user to use nightvision when they join the event, and will then remove that privilege when they leave. Link: https://umod.org/plugins/night-vision Installation Follow the youtube guide for installation. The plugin will automatically acquire the button IDs when loaded for the first time. Be sure to delete the data file when you wipe the server so that it can acquire the new .net.IDs. Permissions "hungergames.admin" - Required to start/stop hungergames manually. "hungergames.list" - Required to use the /hgplayers command. See youtube video above for more information on adding this prefab to your map/server.
  3. Version 5222 0509P


    Subterra is a map with plenty to do and explore both above ground and below and under the waves. Features a combined and integrated above and below ground railway system along with many unique monuments and places of interest to explore. Monuments and Features Area 51 Service Station & Shredder Canyon Railway Table Top Mountain Train Container Yard Deep Mines Oil Field Dweller Gold Mining Town Crashed UFO Beached Cargo Cheyenne Mountain Complex Stargate Gate Room Viaducts and Waterways Broken Wind Power Station Wind Farm Camp Crystal Lake Chichen Itza Fire and Ice Cave Cabin In The Woods Monument To The Fallen Ghost Town Library St Nikos Hospital Dweller Residences Construction Site St Nikolas Town Tanning Factory Wangen Observatory Integrated Railway, Underground, Tramway + The usual standard FP Monuments If you have any problems you can contact me via Discord https://discord.gg/r84Cg84 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. Thanks Niko You Tube Video
  4. Version 1.0.0


    New Prefab! Police Station! Prefab with 3 floors and helipad on the roof. Comes with Safe zone and no building. Floor -1 - Jail with 4 bots captured. Floor 0 - Lobby with desks, vending machines and metal detectors. 2 Peacekeeper bots. Floor 1 - Lobby with more vending machines, weapons room and office for admins. Roof - Hepipad Parking lot behind the building.
  5. Version HD0523a


    Fully working Oil Derrick, put fuel in, get crude out, refine crude, repeat..... endless supply of Fuel, if you can keep control of the area while it does its work
  6. Version 45 1103


    A scaled recreation of the Bullion Depository in Kentucky. Better known as Fort Knox. Well the outside is, inside its been Rusted up and this long awaited update brings to the field updated use of materials so it looks better. The rooms are slightly different, the puzzle slightly different, the outside is protected by auto turrets that work on detection. Alarms are triggered all over using sensors. The new Vault Door is used so it opens up like a true vault. Automatic lights, automatic sealed in door so one way in one way out. A couple of heavy scientists are placed at within this time but you will be pleased to know its a single player monument. Please be aware the video is out of date, New one in production If you have any problems you can contact me as follows https://discord.gg/r84Cg84 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g?view_as=subscriber Thanks Niko
  7. Version 44 0825


    Welcome to Colditz, the notorious WWII Prisoner of War camp used to house the prisoners who could not be housed elsewhere. This is a premium custom monument This is a scaled recreation along the same lines that were done with my Alcatraz monument. You will find all the main areas with details of some of the escape attempts, not only the ones that succeeded but also the ones that failed. Of course it has been rustified for the game. You will need all coloured cards along with approx. 10 fuses to get all the loot. Scientists have been placed at the same strategic spots where guards patrolled and machine gun nests (outpost statics) in the same places. Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you have any problems you can contact me as follows https://discord.gg/GyxJ9ny https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g?view_as=subscriber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_tRDjxvmNE Thanks Niko
  8. Version 44 0824


    ALCATRAZ, MAJOR UPDATE, If you are a previous owner please read this fully as the monument has undergone some major changes and it performs differently After the HDRP update it was shown that the monument needed some “Renovation” – The prison itself has been rebuilt from the ground up, it looks and behaves more like a prison. ADDED There is a guards area, showers, kitchen and execution room, there is a guards control room with buttons to open the doors in the solitary wing. You as Admin will need to add code locks to each of the doors in solitary if you wish to house prisoners. Because it has been re-designed you can in effect run it as a prisoners VS guards PVE / Roleplay if you wish. The guard room also controls the exit to the outside, the yard and the roof. If prisoners get hold of cards then they could find an easy escape. If you wish to allow prisoners to escape via Heli then you can spawn (as Admin) the scrap transport helicopter on the roof Custom loot has been added inside the prison for the use of guards and prisoners. Escape out is via the roof, the yard or by any means possible, maybe by obtaining cards or by gaining access to the guard room. If you wish to use it a Prisoner VS Guards then you will need to remove the NPC spawners around the island and inside the prison via the use of Rust Edit. The roof is protected by a motion activated sensor, the timed cut off for this is in the Wardens Office, if it is not cut off then the Heli will be destroyed if that is being used as a means of escape by the hidden SAM site If your prisoners gain access to the wardens office and find the hidden loot then expect a war, guns and explosives are their as this is the main loot There are only basic crates in the prison, prisoners will need to find a way out using these basics, vending machines only supply food You can if you wish in Rust Edit remove walls and/or floors then when in game build add on sections that could be used to “Tunnel” out with pick axes, use your imagination with this one and try out before committing to this form of escape You may need to do some minor terrain blending, reapply the road heights etc to get the best results and it is strongly advised you do not rotate the monument. Finally check the alpha holes, locations are the cave exits north and south the yard, the pipe climb to the roof, the cave sink hole, the area next to the lighthouse. CCTV is in effect, AL1 through to AL31, guards and the warden can monitor these from their respective rooms, you will need to set up each camera. Approx. 16K Objects, Physical Size for comparison is approx. 1.5x Launch Site Thanks Niko When adding to your map create a flat area in the sea. Use the waterline of the dock to line up the height of this monument. It may require some minor terrain blending/smoothing and checking of the alpha once in place along with checking of the road heights.
  9. Version 2.0


    DESCRIPTION IMPORTANT: In August 1st, 2022, this creation will no longer be supported but It will available to purchase and download. This monument comes in two versions: With and without NPCs (Scientists). The Bandit Barge is perfect to chill after raiding the oil rig or the container carrier. Loots are available for those who have the right key cards. DETAILS Objects: 880 Topology: None Terrain Layer: None Puzzle: x1 Fuse, Blue Key Card & Red Key Card This monument is part of https://codefling.com/maps/keanland IN GAME VISIT This prefab was made for my custom map "Keanland". If you want to see how it looks like in game, come take a look on my server. Location on the map: R-18 Direct: steam://connect/ F1 console: client.connect NETWORK Discord: https://discord.gg/jahBP5enxj YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SKIROW Website: https://www.skirowmods.com
  10. Version 1.1.1a


    This is my Cobalt Harbour monument. Heavily guarded and packed with loot! Prefab Count: 1415 The Cobalt Harbour contains the following: 1x Recycler (Green Card access) 1x Green Card spawn 1x Timed Crate (Climbing puzzle) 1x Cargo Ship (static) Prefab Modifiers Height Splat Topology Alpha Roads Note! You will need the latest versions of Oxide and Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll to use these on a map/server.
  11. Version 1.0


    The Cargo Ship sank and all but one 'Timed Crate' remained. Get in there before the Cobalt Rescue boats get there first! Prefab Counts: 411 The Sunken Cargo Ship contains the following: 4x Military Crates 1x Timed Crate Scuba Loot (On the 'Rescue Boats' aka Tug Boats) 6x Underwater Rock formations (High chance of shark spawns) Several Underwater Crates 1x Tug Boat prefab inc. Scientist & Loot crate Prefab Modifiers Height Splat Topology Note! You will need the latest versions of Oxide and Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll to use these on a map/server.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first monument, I obviously used the bandit boathouse prefab as a base and expanded from there. There's a lot of detail so I know that can effect performance. I've tweaked things a little to improve FPS. This monument consists of - Some scattered crates, a toolbox and barrels outside rooms. Green room (open for 120 seconds)(When the fuse it put into the green fuseboxbox the blue LED will start flashing to indicate the monument is in use) - 2x Normal crates, 2x Medical crates, 1x Food crate 1x Toolbox - some barrels. Blue keycard. Blue room - 3x Normal crates, 2x Green crates, some food. Red keycard. Red room - 1 Military crate, 3x Green crates, 3x Normal crates, 1x Toolbox, 1x Food crate, 1x Medical crate - some barrels. 6 Scientists scattered throughout. Size: Small Implementation difficulty: Easy - I've set default perimeters to have this as a swamp-like monument, but you could just as easily remove the LakeV2 prefab and possibly the swamp fog and have it as a water-based monument as the ladders make this possible. Hope you enjoy! Markiii https://discord.gg/EWpMyS4h
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This is a car shop monument with a car lift and a place for a car vendor NPC. Prefab count - 211
  14. LordxDonut

    PVP Planet

    Version 1.5.1


    This map is a 2500 size map. It was designed with PVP in mind. With all the popular monuments added. It can also work for smaller PVE or RP servers. No Islands. Launch site is centered on the map. There are many custom ziplines. Bandit and Outpost are combined. AirWolf is Located at Outpost aswell. There are both Oil Rigs and all the Underwater monuments. Street powerlines were removed and car wrecks to improve performance. There is a ring railroad track included. Full Subway system. Multiple mountains with flat tops. This is a budget map for those who cant afford higher end/ expensive maps. But just want some cool features. Rust Edit is Required to use this product.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Minuteman 28 is a bunker named after the LGM-30 Minuteman missiles. It is a fully populated subterranean facility featuring a nuclear silo, a control room, 2 entrance-ways, (both requiring a red key card and fuse,) and one exit. Around the backside of the facility is a helicopter pad, a hangar, and an industrial pigeon nest. Scattered throughout the bunker are scientists protecting their loot. The control room holds most of the monument's loot, (2 elite crates, 1 wooden crate, and 1 green crate,) along with the other wooden crates and barrels around the monument. There are also 3 CCTV cameras scattered throughout the facility. (BunkerC1, BunkerC2, BunkerC3 respectively.) If you need any assistance with the structure, you can reach me at sciencemind#5471 on Discord. WARNING: This structure requires Oxide and the RustEDIT plugin.
  16. Version 1.1.0


    Custom Monument with 2 Rooms Elevator inside needs a Fuse to Work (can be found on roof) Access to Greenroom Third Floor gives informations small generator need to get fuel for the timer-switches 4 Timer need to be activated (check third floor) After that the Greendoor opens on first floor and the "Bunker" opens Redcard room can be accessed as long as the generator has fuel Greenroom Loot 2 Green Crates Redroom Loot Elite Crate 2 Green Crates 1 Normal Crate Prefab comes with a Road around the Monument and some houses - check Screenshot Height, Splat, Alpha - all included
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Scientist Headquarter Did you ever asked youself where the Scientist are living? Here! In Scientist Headquarter! Green, Blue, Redcard puzzle. Two Fuses and a greencard are required! Blue and Redcard can be found while doing the puzzle. Player will find: 1x Military Crate, 3x Normal Crates, 1x Primitive Crate, 2x Toolboxes, 2x Vehicleparts Crates, 1x Diesel Barrel, 6x Oil Barrels Also a Recycler can be found in the Hangar. Greencard Room: Blue Card 1x Military Crate, 1x Techparts Crate, 1x Foodbox Bluecard Room (Main Building) Red Card 1x Elite Crate, 2x Military Crate, 1x Toolbox, 2x Normal Crates, 1x Techparts Crate, 1x Vehicleparts Crate, 2x Foodboxes Redcard Room (Main Building) 2x Elite crates, 4x Military Crate, 2x Normal Crates My wish was it to create a Monument that can be used multifunctional and has blue and red cards + puzzle. You can set NPC if you wish, you could let drive the Bradley on it or you let maybe a Plugin hold a Event on it. Everything is possible. I really hope you enjoy my work :).
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Car Sales with customisable sign. Each Variant has working Modular Car Lift as well as recycler and oil refinery , Vending machine contains Engine parts at a price. Desert variant has sand fx . This file contains 3 Variants: - Car Sales. - Car Sales Desert. - Car Sales Snow. I hope you enjoy and have plenty more on the way including map files. Nice.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Franktown is a small Western-style town somewhere on the edge of the world, where the foot of modern man has not yet reached. All the color of that era is collected here. Travelers come here to buy a horse and weapons with which they defend themselves in these parts. There are 11 buildings located on the territory of the city. 1. Weapons store. Here you can buy weapons of those times, as well as buy supplies for it. A local seller will be happy to advise you and provide a service in exchange for the local currency-scrap 2. The chapel, which is also a church. Although the building is old, it is still in good condition. Various ceremonies were held here. There is not much to say here. An ordinary hall with seats and a priest’s seat. The coffin that fell from the chairs suggests that the ceremony was interrupted at one of the moments of farewell to the deceased. It’s a terrible sight. 3. The Undertaker’s building. An undertaker lived in this house. A man who in his life was so used to digging the earth that he asked himself the question-who will dig a hole for him? The building is divided into 2 zones. The workshop area, where coffins for the dead were created and the necessary inventory was stored, and the second zone – the living area, where this character rested in his spare time, sitting by the fireplace. 4. Bar. The place where all the men of this area gathered. They gathered in a friendly company over a glass of wild unfiltered beer, telling stories about who knocked down how many cans with a shot from his revolver with his eyes closed, sitting on his mare and sipping a cigar. The bar is spacious, with a good view and a balcony for watching. There is still a lot of alcohol on the shelves. 5. Medical center. The building where local “50 Cent’s” most often fell from another bullet wound. Some of them literally lost their heads and legs. The building is two-storeyed. You can find medicines to heal your wounds and not leave your head on the table. 6. Stable. This is a parking horses. Four-legged inhabitants of these parts. One of the most valuable things that can be found here. For local currency, you can buy a saddle from a merchant, with which you can choose your favorite horse and ride it into the sunset. 7. The Sheriff’s building. The den of a local law enforcement officer. A stealer of wild cowboys and insatiable “50 Cent’s”. The building has 2 cages for the most violent inhabitants. On the table there is a notebook for entering the names of those very assholes because of whom he had to keep order in a place that would sit in a bar with a beautiful girl and tell her stories about how he reward the local cayotes. 8. Railway station. Everything is simple here. An ordinary station with two zones – a passenger zone and a cargo zone. You can still find something useful here. Sometimes a train arrives at the station, so there will definitely be something that will be useful in the future 9. Bank. The repository of all the jewels. Everything that was considered expensive was brought here. There is a special room with this wealth, which can only be accessed through a blue access card. Apparently, among them was a kind of Elon Musk, who was able to come up with this protection technology. 10. A residential building that cannot be entered into the interior. The door is closed, and you should not break it down, as problems may arise. There is clearly nothing of value inside. 11. Depot. Trains are defended here. You can try to steal one of them. Also on the territory of the city you can find a place of execution – a gallows, a local toilet, a well. The city was considered a place where you could always be safe. Additionally: In the future, I plan to produce new buildings for expansion or replacement of buildings. It is very well suited for creating a custom city where you can add merchants. A certain safe zone or a custom place for the appearance of players. In the background, you can see the Western Ranch, which fits perfectly into this color. Please note that the Ranch is not included in this set of prefabs, but you can buy it separately by finding it in my resources. Loot: Crate Normal Random = 4 pieces Crate Normal_2 = 3 pieces Crate Food = 5 pieces Crate Tool = 2 pieces Crate Med = 2 pieces Crate Basic = 4 pieces Vehicle Parts = 2 pieces Entity count 7800 pieces Features: • Availability of places to buy weapons in the store without using NPCs. Store profiles are included in the package • The presence of a horse dealer. The profile is included in the package. • Detailed work of the interiors of each building. 99% of the work is done completely from scratch. If you have any questions, feel free to write to me in Discord: Xacku в Macke #8202
  20. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    A Deserted Military Base Once, in wartime, this base was one of the most significant strategic points, but later the authorities mobilized their troops, while not dismantling the base and abandoning all things. What caused these actions is unknown. But it is known that local units of the Cobalt army entered the territory of the base. They are now guarding these possessions, but you have the opportunity to clean up the territory. In what way to protect it? Silent, destroying each soldier quietly, or enter the territory en masse and arrange a real war. A reward? The reward will please you. Having captured a military base, there will be an MLRS rocket launcher in your possession, charging which you will be able to attack almost any point on the island. The one who will be in the affected area is deprived of the slightest chance of survival. Act, survivor! Description • The size of the location’s territory is the same as that of the Military Base of Variation D • There are hostile NPCs on the territory • There is a shooting range on the territory, where you can practice shooting • Availability of a recycler • Availability of a table for repair • Loot List: Barrel – 18pc Oil Barrel – 5pc Fuel Crate – 5pc Crate Normal 2 – 7pc Metal Crate Normal – 3pc Crate Normal Random – 4pc Food Crate – 8pc Mine Crate – 2pc Medical Crate – 3pc Ammo Crate – 6pc Tool Crate – 1pc Vehicle Parts – 1pc Green Card – 1pc
  21. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    FancyOrb Trench MAP BUNDLE [ OT Arena Event + Vanilla Compatible ] - Made in Collaboration with @Gluman & FancyOrb <- Click to visit his YT - Map Size: 1900 / Small - Medium This map contains two version of the same map. > OT Arena Event variant: [ Map used during the OT Rematch Event] - 5 Custom Monuments - Spawn Camp - Tents Camp - Trench FOB - Bradley Operation Camp - SS MAMA Aircraft Carrier [Made by: @Gluman ] > Vanilla Compatible variant: [ Adds all necessary features for a Vanilla Experience ] - Vanilla Adaptation & Includes a few custom monuments & vanilla monument additions - Modified Harbor [ Added Abandoned Cargo Ship ] - Modified Sewer Branch - Modified Power Plant [ Bradley APC will traverse through the Monument ] - Custom Sewer Outpost Monument [ Made by: @Brollow ] - Bandit Camp + Fishing Village - Large Oil Rig + Small Oil Rig - Mining Outpost + Gas Station + Super Market + Lighthouse x2 Custom Inclusions: This BUNDLE includes two custom prefabs made by @Brollow & @Gluman - Sewer Outpost & Aircraft Carrier:
  22. Version 1.0.1


    A cozy small underground outpost equipped with all the necessary Trading / Shops + Gambling Wheel & Poker Tables. This Monument comes with 3 prefabs.. > Sewer Outpost - [ Just includes the Inner Monument and no Surface Exit / Entrance ] > Sewer Outpost W Chimmey - [ Includes Exits but NO Surface Connection ] > Sewer Outpost W SurfaceEntrance - [ Full Prefab ] I feel like a lot of Custom Safezone are overwhelming and too much to explore and run through. This Monument make it simplistic and great for Smaller Servers / 1 Grids & More.
  23. Version 1.0.4


    This plugin creates a global storage system for each user. It will automatically create a storage container at each of the safe zones on the map (Outpost, Bandit camp and each Fishing Village), that users can use to access their global storage chest. The contents of this chest can be accessed from any other global storage chest on the map, or via the chat command (with permission). Chests can also be added manually via a chat command, or deployed via a skinned item which can be given via a chat or console command. Multiple players can use the chest at the same time, all of whom will access their own storage. Permissions globalstorage.admin - Required for certain chat commands. globalstorage.chat - Required for using the "gstorage" chat command. globalstorage.access - Required to access a the global storage chest. Chat commands Command: giveglobalbox Parameters: <optional: target name> <optional: quantity> Description: Gives the player a deployable Global Storage chest. Example: /giveglobalbox "new guy" 10 Permission: globalstorage.admin Command: gstorage Parameters: None Description: A chat command to open the players global storage. Example: /gstorage Permission: globalstorage.chat Command: addglobalstorage Parameters: None Description: A chat command to set a deployed chest as a Global Storage chest. Example: /addglobalstorage (while looking at a large wooden box). Permission: globalstorage.chat Command: addcustomlocation Parameters: None Description: Spawns a box using the users location and orientation. Location is saved to the config so will persist through wipes. Only recommended for servers that use the same map each wipe. Example: /addcustomlocation Permission: globalstorage.admin Command: removecustomlocation Parameters: None Description: Removes the targeted custom location box and deletes it from the config. Example: /removecustomlocation (while targeting a custom location box) Permission: globalstorage.admin API object CanAccessGlobalStorage(BasePlayer player) { // Returning a boolean value prevents the global storage from being accessed. return null; } void OnGlobalStorageOpened(BasePlayer player, StorageContainer container) { // Triggers after the container has been opened. }
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Railway Turntable & Maintenance Shed is a monument that can be used with or without a railway system connected and contains a work cart spawn inside if needed. You will find work carts and waggons in various stages of repair inside the maintenance shed and lots of looting opportunities including a blue card puzzle to access the storage room. What's Included Built-In Cliff Turntable & Maintenance Shed (Bare Bones) Built-In Temperate Decor Pack (Socket Snap) Built-In Arid Decor Pack (Socket Snap) Standalone Turntable & Maintenance Shed (Bare Bones) Standalone Temperate Decor Pack (Socket Snap) Standalone Arid Decor Pack (Socket Snap) Adding To Map Installing Built-In Cliff Version Installing Standalone Version Adding NPC’s Contact And Help If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553 For help/support my discord group is best: Join RustMaps Discord
  25. Version 1.0.0


    The monument was created to replace the standard supermarket. A fresh and new look at roadside monuments. P.S. Included in the pack of wayside monuments (Pack-2). Description 1154 Prefabs for this build There are all the necessary modification masks for easy installation on the map Triggers, crates and green card Lighting Recycler Modification masks Height Mask Splat Mask Topology Mask Triggers Building Sphere Environment volume building (Light shading of the screen when the player is in the building) Check out more of my work here! Join the Mad Mappers Discord Here! https://discord.gg/UpUXuxs4Vx


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