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About Me

  1. Version HD0717


    Subterra is a map with plenty to do and explore both above ground and below and under the waves. Features a combined and integrated above and below ground railway system along with many unique monuments and places of interest to explore. Monuments and Features Area 51 Service Station & Shredder Canyon Railway Table Top Mountain Train Container Yard Deep Mines Oil Field Dweller Gold Mining Town Crashed UFO Beached Cargo Cheyenne Mountain Complex Stargate Gate Room Viaducts and Waterways Broken Wind Power Station Wind Farm Camp Crystal Lake Chichen Itza Fire and Ice Cave Cabin In The Woods Monument To The Fallen Ghost Town Library St Nikos Hospital Dweller Residences Construction Site St Nikolas Town Tanning Factory Wangen Observatory Integrated Railway, Underground, Tramway + The usual standard FP Monuments If you have any problems you can contact me via Discord https://discord.gg/r84Cg84 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g The map requires a workcart spawner for the trains to work above ground, it is included in this file with the permission of its creator SPooCK but if you need an update the link is included in the readme file, My thanks goes to SPooCK for its development and its inclusion. I also wish to take this time to thank those who have helped in its design and testing Mr Wizard, Jim, Apoco, Landon, Cerberus, Ark Nerd and anyone else who has contributed however small Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. Thanks Niko You Tube Video
  2. Version 1.4.0

    1 download

    A beautiful map with long windy roads with a serene backdrop, custom monuments and a custom cave that has hidden dangers. With plenty of room to build and luscious landscapes that is peaceful and relaxing all the way to unforgiving Snow storms that force even the grittiest and saltiest of players to flinch. This map has everything you could want and runs smooth on servers to allow for seamless gameplay. Get your copy today!!!
  3. Oreo

    Oreos Oasis

    Version HDRP_V1


    Oasis is an island with unique monuments such as a hidden treasure ship, Quarry and grotto. If you stumble upon a hidden cave take heed to the entrance warning, if you do not; your head will too act as a marker upon a spike to everyone else after you. Find the grotto and find peace with yourself, venture deeper and find a special Easter egg. The final twist in this map lies not much further from the grotto, the Quarry which lays untouched for a very long time tells a story of what possibilities Oasis berried. Oasis was built with balance in mind, not prefab heavy which allows for a sustained FPS for your server, large enough for most servers and suitable for Every server.
  4. Oreo


    Version 1.6.0


    A 6,000 size map that is perfect for every server! The map is divided up by 3 primary regions, the first region is Desolate with sand dunes and a radiated pond that the local Cobalt Sphere has been using as a run off from there cooling pipes. Venture north where your met with cold and treacherous landscapes. As you venture the winter island you will find your self upon a thick forest full of life and possibilities. This map has custom buildable caves only marked with hobo barrels, and custom buildable Oreos Pit Stop's, that come with a complimentary working oil refinery and recycler. I hope you enjoy this map, if you do and want to stay up to date with what I upload be sure to follow me, and to also leave a comment and like the map
  5. Oreo

    Oreos Britannia

    Version HDRP_1


    Britannia is a 5k map with beautiful landscapes and unique Monument placement to bring to Rust a map demanding anything but ordinary. If you are looking for a map to cater to PvP, Role play or even PvE, look no further. Like what you see, be sure to leave a Like and Follow to stay up to date with all of the content I create
  6. Version 0.3.27


    This was my first map using Rust Edit. It never really got finished due to size restrictions and starting a bigger version, so it's not a high priority, but it is maintained and can change drastically from update to update. It is a 4k size map, but the landmass is much smaller (probably closer to a 2K/3K map), so good build space is scarce. This will cause fights for building claims on more populated servers, but don't fret! There are many various sized "Raft foundations" that serve as great sea bases. The road network is simple but packed with scrap piles. This makes scrap runs very rewarding, but beware! The Bradley patrols these lands, so if you hear the rumbling of tank tracks, Run! Map Size: 4000 Features Bradley Patrols the main road England/Scotland Cargo Ship has a custom route Race Tracks Jumps Customized Vanilla Monuments(more scientists, Access to unreachable areas) CCTV Cameras on the Racetracks Floating Raft Foundations scattered around the sea Custom Monuments Cobalt Harbour Zen Labs CCTV Codes RACETRACK0 - 8 DIRTTRACK0 - 7 COBALTHARBOR1 - 2 ZENLABS1 The map is free! If you download it, thanks in advance Note! You will need the latest versions of Oxide and Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll to use this map on a server. Known Servers Disco Rust (ALL Skins FREE, PvE, RP, Kits, Levels, PvP)
  7. Version 2.5


    Welcome to Hemp Island, this is a custom hemp leaf shaped map, Super fun map for the hemp farmers (2 Maps included ) Map size: 4k Prefab count: 25500 Map 1 Prefab count: 13060 Map 2 High Performance Map 1 Comes with 4 custom monuments Boxing Arena https://codefling.com/monuments/docs-boxing-arena-hdrp-ready-on-sale Airport https://codefling.com/monuments/docs-airport-hdrp-ready Multi Storey carpark https://codefling.com/monuments/docs-multi-storey-carpark-hdrp-ready Scuba Tank https://codefling.com/monuments/docs-scuba-tank-hdrp-ready Large and small oil rig are on the map you just cant see it on the main image Cargo ship patrols the map Loads of caves for the trolls to live Working underground tunnel systems Map 2 Custom monuments Smoke City Jump Street Codefling hq Hemp farm Multi-Storey Carpark Scuba Tank Map 2 is locked on rust edit Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you find any bugs or issues contact me on here or discord and I will sort them out asap! DocNorris#5423
  8. Version 1.1.0


    Welcome to The Divide. In this map you'll find 2 separate continents both full with the usual monuments and tons to explore, you'll also find the Aquadome, water build domes, Twits nightclub, and a couple others. map is 4700 in size. ***Quick note on the video link the aquadome has changed and no longer has the elevator, i'll get a new vid up shortly***
  9. Oreo

    Saxons Island

    Version HDRP


    Saxons was a bustling island that had all of the marks to become a metropolis, until a horrible derailment sent the local township into financial ruins. Navigate yourself through to all of the hotspots the island has to offer you, from a secluded Airport to a local gambling hall and over the hill to what FEMA calls a local relocation effort. If you like this map and want to stay up to speed on comes out new or old, please Follow and Like
  10. MikeHawke


    Version 1.0.5


    Terminator stops unwanted rust world spawns and kills rust events and entities via command. Features Ability to toggle config settings via console. One time Kill or continual kill. Item count. Sets server convars where available to lighten load. Commands There are 3 main console commands.. DoIt/DoItNow/Comeon. and 12 variables. Bradley/Plane/Heli/CH47/Mini/Scrap/Horse/Hab/Boats/Ores/Cols/Animals/Logs/Wood/ModCars Bradley is the tank found usually at launch site Plane is the Cargo plane that drops air drops Heli is the attack helicopter Ch47 is the chinook (this will break oil rig events if true) Mini is MiniCopters Scrap is Scrap Transport Helicopters Horse is both wild horse and ridable horse Hab is Hot Air Balloon Boats is Row and RHIB Boats Ores are all mineable Ore Cols are Collectable entities (Pumpkins, Hemp, Corn, Stone, Metal, Sulfur, Wood, Halloween Cross, Easter Eggs...etc Wood are Driftwood Logs Logs found in the floor of the woods Animals is all Animals (Bear, Bore, Stag, Wolf etc) ModCars is the new modular cars. DoIt followed by a variable will toggle the config property E.g. DoIt Mini [Terminator] Terminating Minicopters is set to True DoIt Mini [Terminator] Terminating Minicopters is set to False DoItNow followed by a variable will destroy all active entities of that type. (Also has the extra variable ALL) E.g. DoItNow Mini [Terminator] Terminating MiniCopters [Terminator] None Out ComeOn Will count active items on the map from all of the variable options. E.g. ComeOn [Terminator] There are 16 Minicopters Alive [Terminator] There are 7 Scrap Helis Alive [Terminator] There are 9 Horses Alive [Terminator] There are 9 HotAirBalloons Alive [Terminator] There are 900 Ores Alive [Terminator] There are 2152 Collectable Entites Alive [Terminator] There are 45 Boat Entites Alive [Terminator] There are 143 Animals Entites Alive Configuration The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the Terminator.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. { "Kill BradleyAPC true/false": false, "Kill CargoPlane true/false": false, "Kill CargoShip true/false": false, "Kill Attack Heli true/false": false, "Kill Ch47 true/false": false, "Kill MiniCopters true/false": false, "Kill Scrap Helis true/false": false, "Kill Horses true/false": false, "Kill HotAirBalloons true/false": false, "Kill Ores true/false": false, "Kill Collectable Entites true/false": false, "Kill Boat Entites true/false": false, "Kill Animals true/false": false, "Kill Modular Cars true/false": false "Default Population Value For Scrap Transport Helis": 0, "Default Population Value For Minicopters": 0, "Default Population Value For Wild Horses": 1, "Default Population Value For Rideable Horses": 4, "Default Population Value For Hot Air Ballons": 1, "Default Population Value For Row Boats": 4, "Default Population Value For Rhibs": 1, "Default Population Value For Bears": 2, "Default Population Value For Chickens": 3, "Default Population Value For Stags": 3, "Default Population Value For Wolves": 2, "Default Population Value For Boars": 5, "Default Population Value For Modular Cars": 3 } Kill options are toggleable via the DoIt Command. Default Population Values are what the server expects as a default number when NOT terminating the item in question... This has been added as some servers (after the Vehicle update) have chosen to still have MiniCopters and Scrapcopters spawn in the wild... E.g. "Default Population Value For Minicopters": 1 << would be the default value before the update. (now 0) When the plugin is loaded it will set the server convars to the value in the config and when terminating is disabled. Example Setup In this example we want to remove Ores only... Dropping in the plugin will update Server Convars as per the rules set out in the config. [Terminator] Update Server Values scraptransporthelicopter.population: "1" minicopter.population: "1" horse.population: "1" ridablehorse.population: "4" hotairballoon.population: "1" cargoship.event_enabled: "True" [Terminator] Bradley Not Being Terminated [Terminator] Plane Not Being Terminated [Terminator] Heli Not Being Terminated [Terminator] Chinook Not Being Terminated [Terminator] Ores Not Being Terminated [Terminator] Collectables Not Being Terminated motorrowboat.population: "4" rhib.rhibpopulation: "1" bear.population: "2" chicken.population: "3" stag.population: "3" wolf.population: "2" boar.population: "5" By default the Config value for Terminating Ores is false.. so lets set it to true doit ores [Terminator] Terminating Ores is set to True And then lets kill any ores that have spawned on the map before the rule was set doitnow ores [Terminator] Terminating Ores [Terminator] Terminating Ores [Terminator] Terminating Ores [Terminator] Terminating Ores [Terminator] Terminating Ores [Terminator] None Out Now to confirm, if we run ComeOn we can see there are no longer any Ores on the map comeon [Terminator] There are 18 Minicopters Alive [Terminator] There are 9 Scrap Helis Alive [Terminator] There are 36 Horses Alive [Terminator] There are 9 HotAirBalloons Alive [Terminator] There are 3498 Collectable Entites Alive [Terminator] There are 45 Boat Entites Alive [Terminator] There are 143 Animals Entites Alive Lather, Rinse, Repeat for the Variables you want. Video FAQ. Horse When I Kill horses it says [Terminator] Terminating Horse Part1 but no part two... Part 1 is Rideable horses Part 2 is Wild horses. Its fine to see one without the other. Spam When I run a doitnow command there is a log of network spam. This is intentional to show that the plugin is working per variable. The doitnow all command does not do this. nothing out/ not out After running a doitnow command it says terminating and then nothing out or not out. Correct.. it validates that it has killed them all and reports that they are gone.
  11. kilgoar


    Version 1.0.2


    Visit this scenic Chinese island. This map includes a five story pagoda and the Wangen laboratory where everything went wrong
  12. Version HD0712


    Eden Falls is a 3800 size highly modified procedural map. (69K Prefabs) It features a road and river network covering most corners of the map, Some standard monuments are here along with a number of new and unique monuments created by me. The additional monuments are LUMBER MILL MISSILE SILO MARINA ICESTATION THULE EDEN FALLS CANYON THE ASYLUM FORT KNOX PUMPKIN FARM CAVERNS RADAR STATION ALCATRAZ Unique interest points SKULL MOUNTAIN SUMMIT CAMP ROAD RACE TRACK POLLUTED LAKE If you have any problems you can contact me as follows https://discord.gg/GyxJ9ny https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g?view_as=subscriber Eden Falls HDRP UpDate - CLICK FOR VIDEO Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. Thanks
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This map is originally a procedural one based. (map size 2500 - seed : 31410 ) I added Launchsite monument, boosted a little bit spawn around road, removed satellite monument to gain player building place. This small map with Large monuments added are perfect to fit on small low-pop server to increase interaction between players and enjoy puzzle like Launchsite Monuments. Monuments: Launch Site Bandit Town Compound Harbor (2) Oil Rig (2) Sphere Tank Water Treatment Plant Small Caves (2) Medium Caves Gas Stations Supermarkets Lighthouses (2) Quarries (3) Water Wells I can customize map like you want, add or remove some monuments, etc.. Don't hesitate to send me a message with your needs.
  14. Version 1.1.5


    Oasis is a new concept of custom map for rust. Everything is surrounded by desert and in the middle is a huge green oasis. In the Oasis, you can find many custom places to build. Two cities are made in such a way as to allow you to build inside some houses. You can completely build up the first floor, and the second floor has several varieties of interior for your comfort. You may notice flying islands with the possibility to build. Can also build in custom small canyon caves screenshots of some of them you can see. In the middle of the oasis is a large oilrig, which is completely restyled. Also some custom monuments inside and outside the oasis. We are happy to finally show this map, we hope you enjoy exploring it. Custom Monuments: - Forest Wooden Towers - Hobbit houses - Tram City A - Tram City B - Desert Town - Tiny Desert Town with restyled fp supermarket A - Restyled FP Supermarket B - Restyled FP Gas Station - Restyled FP Bandit Town - Restyled FP OilRig - Tram Depo A - Tram Depo B - Warehouse C - Intricate Сustom Сave (from the same rocks as the map) - Simple quarry with hidden building place - Waterfall A - Waterfall B and cave with a lake (players can build) - Railway RadTown (not for workcarts) Facepunch Monuments: - Airfield - Bandit Town - Cave Large Hard - Cave Large Sewers Hard - Cave Medium Hard - Cave Medium Medium - Cave Small Easy - Cave Small Hard - Cave Small Medium - Compound - Excavator - Fishing Village A/B/C - Gas Station - Harbor - HQM Quarry - Launch Site - Lighthouse - Military Tunnel - Oilrig 1 - Oilrig 2 - Powerplant - Sewer Branch - Satellite Dish - Sphere Tank - Stables A/B - Sulfur Quarry - Supermarket - Swamp - Trainyard - Warehouse - Junkyard - Water Well A/B/C/E
  15. Version 1.2.00


    This custom map has a story behind it, its a 1.5k Size custom map however there is plenty of building space for up to 50 - 100 people and 12 monuments with a Bradley path. Cave Excavation: Abandoned Tunnel: Project Medusa: Custom Monuments : Information Hub (Mid Tier loot) Project Medusa (High Tier loot) Trader (Safe Zone) Business Man (Safe Zone) Cave Excavation (Low Tier Loot - Chinook Drop zone) Abandoned Military Base (Mid Tier Loot - Chinook Drop zone) Abandoned Tunnel (Low Tier Loot) Customized Lighthouse (Mid Tier Loot) Shipwrecked Barge (Low Tier Loot) Makeshift Harbor (Low Tier Loot) Rust Monuments: Dome (Mid Tier Loot) Oxums Gas Station (Low Tier Loot - Chinook Drop zone) Large Oil Rig (High Tier Loot) Mining Outpost (Low Tier Loot) Fishing Village (Safe Zone) This map supports HDRP, however if there are any bugs don't be afraid to ask for a fix! There is a Bradley setup that goes from Dome to the crossroads near Oxums gas station and then back again, this is for the story. If you don't want this then simply disable Bradley spawn in the rust config! There are a few plugins that will enhance the experience of this map, the BradleyGuards Plugin and Plagued Murderers Plugin! This map does require https://github.com/k1lly0u/Oxide.Ext.RustEdit to work, as do all custom rust maps.
  16. Version 1.8.0


    The Island is a 3k custom map and optimally designed for PVE. PVP is also possible. The map consists almost exclusively of Costom Monuments. The map was created from a heighmap of "ARK-The Island". Custom Monuments are for example: Broken Excavator, The Castle, Modified Bridge (original by Shaddar), Small Harbour, The Bunker, The Castle, The Prison, Helipad and any more Also avalaible here : https://rust-custom-designs.biz for € Join our Discord : https://discord.gg/Wx2tUFg a lot of custom monuments broken excavator the bunker castle prison small harbour and many more requires oxide & oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll
  17. I have this server that a bunch of my friends and I play on and have a good time doing a mix of PvE and Pvp. The maps we use are normally just procedurally generated maps that I take into Rust edit and mark out a "safe zone" where our PvE/RP rules apply. I think its time I bump things up for my buddies and get an actual custom map made. I am willing to pay a price if needed, just let me know a price beforehand please. Below I will list some of the things I am looking for, but I will leave the rest up to creativity 4k map size Try and fit launch site in as the large monument, not too worried about airfield Bandit camp and Outpost please! As many small monuments you can (supermarket, gas stations, etc.) Clearly marked area for the PvE/RP zone. This can be marked with a shape drawn around it on the map, by rock visible on the map, etc. Just something that people can see on the map and know where to go to find the PvE area. PvE area should be somewhat flat (not entirely flat because I think that looks funny mixed with the other terrain) so people can build without having to worry too much about hills getting in the way. Roads going through PvE area so people can build their businesses and homes along them to encourage roleplay and such. PvE zone does not need to be too big, there are only about 10 or so of us at the moment, but we each will build a home and some sort of business more than likely. We are also still getting new friends in as we play. Custom monuments/monument designs are welcome! I am not the best at explaining stuff sometimes so if you have any questions or anything like that please feel free to ask! Thank you in advance to anyone that is willing to help! You can contact me here, or add me on Discord: Junior#6969
  18. Version HD0704


    Devils Islands is 4 Islands separated by wide rivers, each an area for control promoting true clan warfare on a 3.5K sized map. All the usual favourites are here along with the European Central Bank, The Obelisks of Loot, Underground Bunker, Nuclear Power Station, Destroyed Cathedral, Gun store and Garage, Tanning Factory along with 4 deep mines for all the ore you can carry. Aprox 33K Prefabs Devils Islands Video
  19. Version 2.0.9


    This map contains a few custom made monuments and includes all the regular facepunch monuments aswell. The map have great roads for the ultimate vehicle experience and loads of forest making it easier for those poor solo players to hide within NOW ALSO WITH TUNNEL SYSTEM Monuments of interest Shopping Center Golem Haven Crashed Cargoship Tunnel System If you find any bugs or glitched you can reach out to me on my discord server (http://d.foxygaming.nu) or send a pm here on codefling and I'll get back to you as soon as I can Map Size: 4000 Prefab count: 17 000
  20. Version 1.0.7


    This is one of my first full maps, Its all custom terrain and 5k. Hope you enjoy. Included are all rust monuments, lots of interesting hills and valleys to explore or build in. Includes Twits Club and The Aquadome with additional Bradley spawn inside, theres also plenty of space to add any you may want in the future. It has full ground and ocean topology for those that like to explore the ocean as well as land.
  21. Version 1.1.1


    Welcome to Ravagedlands, this map has everything, its roughly 4700 in size. Prefabs Included on the map Are The Aquadome with custom Bradley path inside, as well as a basic Buildable underwater dome. There's a custom cargo path that circles the entire map inside and out. I've also included some generic buildable spaces for those that like to build there.
  22. Version 1.0.1


    Welcome to Impact isle, this map is 4k in size. It includes all main Rust monuments as well as my Get away Resort, Aquadome and a cave style buildable dome *( sold separately)*. also included is a custom bradley path located in the Aquadome **(The Get away resort, Aquadome and cave style buildable dome are *not* included in the package for editing but can be purchased if you wish to edit the map with them)** Prefab count is 19569 Enjoy
  23. Version 1.6


    A small 2k map I made perfect for small servers contains two custom prefabs Made by me not password locked so you can edit it further with your own custom work but will remove the bridge and bank. This is my first map so if you see any issues let me know and ill do what I can to fix it. If you wish for a non bank version feel free to send me a message Due to the bank prefab if you want to add this map you now need RustEdit installed on your server. Contains: Airfield Launch Site Large Oil Rig Military Tunnel Outpost Bandit Camp Harbor Lighthouse Water Treatment Fishing Village Custom Bank Prefab (requires all 3 keycards to gain access to 2 hackable containers )
  24. Version 1.0.0


    A terraformed map inspired by the Tanoa map of Arma 3. The map is terraformed but has no prefab, nor topology (It has however the biomes), it is thus intended for the level designers! You will find in the zip two map files, one completely blank (flat) and one terraformed. Features: Number of prefabs: ~0 The file contains: A blank map and a terraformed map. There are: North : Iced islands Middle : Temperate zone South : Arid zone Support: You can contact me directly via the messages here, or by adding me on discord: Sìlver#0091 Don't hesitate to leave a review, good or bad, it could help me to improve ! I hope you will enjoy it !
  25. Version 1.0.2


    An awesome mini map for those who want to experience a close-quarters combat style of map. HDRP compatible and ready for your next wipe day! Features: Simple, High Performance, High FPS, low prefab count! 3386 prefabs in total! Can easily be retrofitted into a existing servers needs. A refreshing look on some of rust's original monuments. Custom Mini-outpost, Satellite Dish (Ray), Convoy, Water Tower, Lighthouse, Military Bunker. Unground Bradley and sunken Custom Cargo Ship Required Dependencies: This map requires the Rust Edit DLL Requires the Oxide Mod loader Open to suggestions and criticism! This is my first completed map! Contact me via discord or here on codefling! Stranger#5693

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