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About Me

  1. Version 1.2.2


    Description Add another option to your RP/PVE server to make life in Rust even more realistic. Let your players use a fridge. If they don't, their food will mould and decay. With this plugin you can automate this. Set the time when something spoils in boxes. You can also customise the list according to your needs. So if you prefer to have horses measuring, just replace this in your config! Functions Add the user group this plugin applies to: foodspoil.active Config After you have successfully started the plugin, you can define everything yourself in /oxide/config/FoodSpoil.json! load, run, enjoy Support Discord
  2. Wrecks

    Bounty Hunter

    Version 1.2.4


    Unlock a new lane of economic gameplay in Rust with the Bounty Hunter plugin: purchase a license, hunt NPC scientists, cash out rewards, and profit, with full customization and Discord integration. The Bounties are not Players, They are Scientists That you set up in config & Spawn in Randomly At FP Monuments. Works with Kits. Requires Economics or Server Rewards to handle cashout. With “Bounty Hunter” you open a new lane of Economic gameplay for your server. Set a License fee in order to be able to "Legally" Cashout Bounty Tokens (License is optional) to sell for monetary gain. Outfit your Bounties, You are able to set whatever outfit or clothing you like, as well as skin, weapon and skin id for that Bounty Tier. Once the bounty is taken down players can cashout tokens with Economics or Server Rewards. Spawn in the Bounty Hunter NPC, With Marker Manager Enabled, the cashout location will be displayed on the map. Output all Sales to Discord to track your Economy and make Adjustments as needed to The Bounty Hunter NPCS “Bonus Buy” & “Discount Buy” as needed to suit your taste. Commands *OPTIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO SPAWN THE NPC DYNAMICALLY ACROSS MAPS AT BANDIT CAMP, THIS WILL OVVERIDE THE COMMAND SPAWNED NPC /spawnbountyhunter – Requires Admin Permission – Will spawn a Bounty Hunter NPC in your Position. /removebountyhunter – Requires Admin Permission – Will remove the Bounty Hunter NPC you are looking at. /BuyBL – With Sufficient funds, the player can purchase a Bounty Hunter License (Configurable to be disabled and bypassed) /ab - Will Setup a custom spawn point in data for bounties to spawn at BuyBL is configurable, target your players id and sell them the license via shop. Usage "BuyBL playerid Quick Demo HOOKS OnBountyActive OnBountyInactive Config { "Discord Webhook URL": "INSERT_WEBHOOK_URL", "Enable Skill Tree Xp Gain?": false, "Require License for Xp Gain?": true, "Enable Monument Spawns?": true, "Enable Custom Spawns?": false, "Clear Custom Spawns File On Wipe?": false, "Chat Icon": 0, "Maximum Active Bounties": 3, "Drop Bounty Tokens In Pouch?": true, "Base Item for the Bounty Tokens?": "blood", "Tokens Marketable to the Bounty NPC?": true, "Console Command to Purchase a Bounty License? (For GUI Shops)": "buybl", "Require a Bounty License To Cash In Tokens to the Bounty NPC?": true, "Price to Purchase a Bounty License?": 10000, "Lose Bounty License on Death?": true, "Clear Licenses on Wipe?": false, "Dynamic (Bandit Camp) Spawn Of The NPC Enabled?": true, "Economy Plugin - 1 Economics - 2 Server Rewards": 1, "Maximum Amount of Like Tokens Sold at a Time": 3, "NPC Interaction Cooldown In Seconds": 3, "NPC Kit Enabled?": false, "NPC Kit Name?": "", "Amount of Time In Seconds Between Bounty Spawns": 600, "Amount of Time In Seconds for a Bounty to Despawn": 1200, "Enable Spawn SFX?": true, "Enable Despawn SFX?": true, "Announce to Chat When Bounty is Active?": true, "Announce to Chat When Bounty is Claimed?": true, "Enable Marker Manager from UMOD, To Mark Bounties?": true, "Bounty Tiers": [ { "Tier Name": "Tier 1 Bounty Target", "Skill Tree Xp Value": 100, "Bounty Clothing Options": [ { "Shortname": "hazmatsuittwitch", "Skin": 0 } ], "Bounty Total Health": 150, "Bounty Damage Scaling": 1, "Aim Cone Scale": 2, "Weapon to Equip?": "rifle.ak", "Weapon Skin ID": 3140321604, "Bounty Token Name": "Tier 1 Bounty Token", "Bounty Token Skin": 3155517347, "Is the Token Marketable to the Bounty NPC?": true, "Sale Price?": 1000, "Max Discount Buy Variation in %? (Negative Values) (To Simulate Supply & Demand)": -10, "Maximum Bonus Variation in %? (Positive Values) (To Simulate Supply & Demand)": 5, "Bounty Optional Drops": [ { "Shortname": "stones", "Skin": 0, "Custom Name": "", "Amount Min": 3, "Amount Max": 10, "Chance to Drop": 20 }, { "Shortname": "scrap", "Skin": 0, "Custom Name": "", "Amount Min": 5, "Amount Max": 30, "Chance to Drop": 30 }, { "Shortname": "paper", "Skin": 3048132587, "Custom Name": "Cash", "Amount Min": 1, "Amount Max": 3, "Chance to Drop": 40 } ] }, { "Tier Name": "Tier 2 Bounty Target", "Skill Tree Xp Value": 200, "Bounty Clothing Options": [ { "Shortname": "hazmatsuit.arcticsuit", "Skin": 0 } ], "Bounty Total Health": 225, "Bounty Damage Scaling": 1.5, "Aim Cone Scale": 2.5, "Weapon to Equip?": "rifle.lr300", "Weapon Skin ID": 2715918380, "Bounty Token Name": "Tier 2 Bounty Token", "Bounty Token Skin": 3155517539, "Is the Token Marketable to the Bounty NPC?": true, "Sale Price?": 2000, "Max Discount Buy Variation in %? (Negative Values) (To Simulate Supply & Demand)": -5, "Maximum Bonus Variation in %? (Positive Values) (To Simulate Supply & Demand)": 15, "Bounty Optional Drops": [ { "Shortname": "metal.fragments", "Skin": 0, "Custom Name": "", "Amount Min": 200, "Amount Max": 500, "Chance to Drop": 30 }, { "Shortname": "scrap", "Skin": 0, "Custom Name": "", "Amount Min": 240, "Amount Max": 300, "Chance to Drop": 30 }, { "Shortname": "paper", "Skin": 3048132587, "Custom Name": "Cash", "Amount Min": 10, "Amount Max": 15, "Chance to Drop": 40 } ] }, { "Tier Name": "Tier 3 Bounty Target", "Skill Tree Xp Value": 300, "Bounty Clothing Options": [ { "Shortname": "scientistsuit_heavy", "Skin": 0 } ], "Bounty Total Health": 325, "Bounty Damage Scaling": 2, "Aim Cone Scale": 3, "Weapon to Equip?": "rifle.ak.ice", "Weapon Skin ID": 0, "Bounty Token Name": "Tier 3 Bounty Token", "Bounty Token Skin": 3155517732, "Is the Token Marketable to the Bounty NPC?": true, "Sale Price?": 3200, "Max Discount Buy Variation in %? (Negative Values) (To Simulate Supply & Demand)": -3, "Maximum Bonus Variation in %? (Positive Values) (To Simulate Supply & Demand)": 20, "Bounty Optional Drops": [ { "Shortname": "metal.refined", "Skin": 0, "Custom Name": "", "Amount Min": 200, "Amount Max": 500, "Chance to Drop": 30 }, { "Shortname": "scrap", "Skin": 0, "Custom Name": "", "Amount Min": 440, "Amount Max": 600, "Chance to Drop": 30 }, { "Shortname": "paper", "Skin": 3048132587, "Custom Name": "Cash", "Amount Min": 20, "Amount Max": 35, "Chance to Drop": 40 } ] } ], "NPC Clothing Options": [ { "Shortname": "burlap.trousers", "Skin": 1760352876 }, { "Shortname": "burlap.shirt", "Skin": 1760350097 }, { "Shortname": "shoes.boots", "Skin": 547978997 }, { "Shortname": "hat.boonie", "Skin": 3077061771 }, { "Shortname": "burlap.gloves", "Skin": 1338273501 } ] } LANG { "NoPerms": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] You do not have permission to run this <color=#b54251>Command</color>!", "NoTokens": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] :coffeecan: You have no <color=#b5a642>Bounty Tokens</color> on you that I can cash out. \nBe on the look out, see you soon!\n\n:exclamation:", "BountyHunterCooldownMessage": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] :angry: Wait <color=#a642b5>{0}</color> second(s)!, I think I spotted a [<color=#b5a642>Bounty</color>...", "EconomicsMessage": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] :eyes: \n\n I can net you <color=#85bb65>$</color><color=#42b5a6>{0}</color> for your <color=#42b5a6>{1}x</color> <color=#a642b5>{2}</color>(s).", "SrMessage": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] :eyes: \n\n I can net you <color=#42b5a6>{0}</color> <color=#cd5c5c>RP</color> for your <color=#42b5a6>{1}x</color> <color=#a642b5>{2}</color>(s).", "SaleDisabled": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] <color=#42b5a6>Sales</color> are Disabled in the Config, Enable and Try again.", "NoBountyHunterLicense": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] :eyebrow: Are you out there targeting Bounties without a <color=#42b5a6>License</color>? \nUse <color=#42b5a6>/BuyBL</color> to purchase one.", "AlreadyHasLicense": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] You already have a <color=#b54251>Bounty Hunter License</color>.", "BuyBountyHunterLicenseSuccess": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] <color=#b54251>Bounty Hunter License</color> Obtained. \nYou were charged {0}<color=#3e9c35>{1}</color>, Stay Vigilant, <color=#8bb542>{2}</color>!", "InsufficientFunds": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] You don't have enough funds to purchase a <color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter License</color>. \nIt costs <color=#42b5a6>{0}</color><color=#a642b5>{1}</color>.", "Despawn": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] The <color=#42b5a6>{0}</color> has <color=#b54251>Fled</color> the Island.", "BountySpotted": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] A <color=#42b5a6>{0}</color> has been spotted.", "BountyEliminated": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] The <color=#42b5a6>{0}</color> was <color=#b5a642>Eliminated</color> by <color=#8bb542>{1}</color>!", "BountyDrop": "[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] The <color=#42b5a6>Bounty</color> dropped a pouch! Open it and deliver the <color=#42b5a6>Bounty Token</color> to the Bounty Hunter for your Reward!", "Revoked":"[<color=#b5a642>Bounty Hunter</color>] Your <color=#42b5a6>Bounty License</color> has been <color=#42b5a6>Revoked</color> be wary of Death next time!" }
  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    An intriguing medieval-themed standing ballista, which will add some excitement and design to your server! Designed on a realistic height (based on a scientist prefab size comparison), these prefabs make a great addition to any server. It IS NOT functional. Total prefab count is : 40. This is a standalone prefab.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    A simple medieval-stylized tower which bears a "torch", in the form of a campfire on the top for added aesthetics. Also easily modifiable and can be altered in any way you wish. This is a standalone prefab.
  5. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This medieval market can be used for either rp or functionality, and easily modifiable to your liking. Based on a realistic height and with the reasonable materials, it was designed around a central trading hub, with lots of space for additional prefabs. Total prefab count is : 400. This is a standalone prefab.
  6. Version 1.0.1


    The Arecibo Observatory, also known as the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC) and formerly known as the Arecibo Ionosphere Observatory, is an observatory in Barrio Esperanza, Arecibo, Puerto Rico owned by the US National Science Foundation (NSF). IT CONTAINS: Great variety of Parkour, Puzzles, NPCs, Loot, Hackable Crates and a nice decoration. RECOMMENDATION: This monument has a high difficulty to complete, it is recommended for two players, although with higher difficulty one player can also complete this monument.
  7. ArtiIOMI


    Version 1.1.7


    The plugin changes the system of plants and trees to a more realistic one. Features Watering plants planted in the ground. Fertilizing plants planted in the ground. Possibility to block planting in unauthorized fields. All trees grow and have stages of growth. Tree seedlings were introduced. The method of obtaining wood has been changed. Video Preview https://youtu.be/stoRXnVGpik https://streamable.com/tktvrq https://streamable.com/my4z28 https://streamable.com/mcyvwl UNINSTALLING Delete the file from the plugins folder, or disable the feature in the configuration file. A server restart is required to uninstall the new plant system! Configuration Credits @UmodTeam for adding hooks. @Steenamaroo, @Billy Joe, @Raul-Sorin SorbanThanks you so much! Love you!!!
  8. _senyaa

    Jet Ski

    Version 1.4.5


    This plugin adds jet skis with customizable physics! Chat Commands /jetski - Spawns jet ski near player (requires jetski.spawn permission) /jetski remove - despawns player's jet ski (requires jetski.despawn permission) /buyjetski - allows player to buy jet ski item and deploy it later (requires jetski.buy permission) Console Commands givejetski <amount> <player name> - give specified amount of jet skis to specified player (can be run in the server console or by player with jetski.admin permission) Admin Chat Commands (requires jetski.admin permission) /jetski_debug - show buoyancy points Each buoyancy point has force and size parameters Permissions jetski.admin - admin permission jetski.spawn - allows players to spawn a jetski via /jetski jetski.buy - allows players to buy jet ski deployable via /buyjetski jetski.free - allows players to use /jetski for free (if price is not 0) jetski.despawn - allows players to despawn a jet ski via /jetski remove Localization English Russian Configuration Example of JetSki.json { "(1.1) Jet ski price (set value to 0 to make it free, use ServerRewards or Economics as a shortname to use RP points or Economics balance respectively)": { "ShortName": "scrap", "Amount": 75, "SkinID": 0 }, "(1.2) Spawn cooldown (in seconds)": 120, "(1.3) Allow only 1 jet ski per player": false, "(1.4) Allow spawning jet skis only on beaches": false, "(1.5) Amount of jet skis /buyjetski command gives": 1, "(1.6) Starting fuel": 0, "(2.1) Allow picking up the jet ski only in building privilege": false, "(2.2) How much HP is reduced when the jet ski is picked up (0-100)": 25.0, "(2.3) Jet ski item name": "Jet Ski", "(2.4) Jet ski item skin ID": 2935987835, "(2.5) Jet ski item ID": 794443127, "(3.1)Make all snowmobiles jet ski": true, "(3.2) Allow Jet ski to drive on land": true, "(4.1) Enable 'boost' button (Left Shift)": false, "(4.2) 'Boost' button thrust": 10000.0, "(4.3) 'Boost' duration (seconds)": 5.0, "(4.4) 'Boost' cooldown (seconds)": 30.0, "(5.1) Engine thrust": 5000, "(5.2) Engine thrust on land": 49, "(5.3) Move slowly on grass or roads": true, "(5.4) Steering scale": 0.05, "(5.5) Automatically flip jet skis": false, "(5.6) Off axis drag": 0.35, "(5.7) Buoyancy force": 730.0, "(6.1) Jet ski prefab": "assets/content/vehicles/snowmobiles/tomahasnowmobile.prefab", "(6.2) Thrust point position": { "x": -0.001150894, "y": 0.055, "z": -1.125 }, "(6.3) Buoyancy points": [ { "Position": { "x": -0.62, "y": 0.09, "z": -1.284 }, "Size": 1.3 }, ... } ] } API BaseEntity SpawnJetski(Vector3 position, Quaternion rotation) Item CreateJetskiItem()
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Attention! Repair work. Observe labor protection! The set contains: A small staircase 1; A small staircase 2; Barricade; Concrete Mixer; Container with inventory; Folded boards; Generator with lights; Portable flashlight; Scaffolding 1; Scaffolding 2; Sign 1; Sign 2; Storage of cylinders 1; Storage of cylinders 2; Toilet for workers; Tools; Trailer with a coil of wires; Trailer with generator; Warning sign 1; Warning sign 2; Warning sign 3; Warning sign 4; Warning sign 5.
  10. Version 2.0.0


    The location has a recycler, 2 vending machines. Gaming machines and a poker table (a safe zone is installed in this room. The location will add unusual content to your server! Enjoy using you and your players!
  11. Version 2.0


    Rehabilitation and recovery center. Once in this clinic, people were helped. But now strange things are happening there ... You can set the loot according to your preference.
  12. Version 2.2.0


    Probably the best car service in the wasteland! Stop by to fix the car, buy new parts or body parts. There is a working lift at the station, on the second floor there is a recreation area with a kiosk where you can buy food. Enjoy it for you and your players!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Set of scenery in the style of the Wild West. Contains: Blacksmith; Fence; Gates; Hand pump; Hangman; Lighting pillar; Passenger carriage; Pile of barrels; Pile of rubbish; Shooting gallery; Tumbleweed; Wagon with cargo; Water tower; Wind tower.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Fits perfectly into the interior of your castle. Not to look nervous) The Inquisition Torture Weapon Pack contains: Catherine's Wheel; Cell; Interrogation chair; Rack-bed; Spanish donkey; The Gallows; The Guillotine; The Pillory.
  15. c0ini

    Five Islands

    Version 1.5


    The map consists of five islands, three islands are connected by bridges. The relief is mostly without sharp drops, the roads are made in such a way that it is more convenient to use cars. The metro connects four large islands. On the main island there is a dormant volcano with a lake in the crater. Size: 3700. Prefabs: ~19800 Custom monuments: • Java coffee • Car service • Opposition camp • Oxide Clinic • Dying Light Stadium • Fisherman house A • Fisherman house B DS: c0ini
  16. Version 2.4.0


    NoRecycle NoRecycle is a plugin designed to protect players from accidentally recycling valuable items in PVE and RP environments. Environments often allow players to collect items such as money, coins, prizes, thalers, or other currencies that they don't want to accidentally recycle. This plugin allows server administrators to set a list of items that are not allowed to be recycled. This list may contain specific currencies, prizes, or other important items that are crucial to gameplay or roleplaying. By using NoRecycle, server administrators can ensure that players do not accidentally lose valuable items by recycling them. The plugin blocks the recycling of these specific items, giving players an additional level of security and helping to ensure a realistic and enjoyable gaming experience in PVE and RP environments. In addition, NoRecycle can also be used for other purposes where a similar mechanic is desired to prevent certain items from being recycled. This can be customized depending on the needs of the server and player community. *edit From version 2.0.0, you can use the plugin in even more versatile ways. You now have the option of entering the corresponding SkinID. If you want to use vanilla items, please leave the SkinID at 0. From version 2.4.0 you can also use multiple SkinIDs for the same item. Here is an example: Config: { "NonRecyclableItems": { "sticks": [ 123456789 ], "paper": [ 987654321 ], "rock": [ 807372963, 2145518274, 0 ] } } load, run, enjoy Support Discord
  17. badgyver


    Version 1.0.4


    Andalusia Custom Map for Rust, containing a wide variety of custom prefabs, terrains and real rivers of Andalusia. - Description: • Andalusia is a map with all the main rivers of Andalusia (Spain). • It contains the terrain, topology and real biome of Andalusia (Spain). • Size: 6000. • Objects: 88779. • The map can be edited: Yes. - Contains all Official Monuments: • Ferry Terminal • Nuclear missile silo • Large oil platform (This monument contains an access to the subway, you can reach this monument from the train) • Small oil platform (This monument contains an access to the subway, you can reach this monument from the train) • Submarine laboratories • Harbor • Large fishing villages • Fishing villages • Launch site (Customized, with a monorail surrounding this monument, it also contains: Ziplines, a small store, customized loot, npcs and a tug on which you will find a red card respawn) • Satellite dish (Customized, with attack helicopter respawn, recycler, custom loot, npcs and a small resting place) • The Dome • HQM Quarry • Stone quarry • Sulfur quarry • Arctic Research Base • Sewer Branch • Train yard • Junkyard • Abandoned military bases • Military tunnel • Caves • Large barns • Ranch • Bandit camp • Power plant • Swamp • Airfield (Customized, contains platforms with cranes, custom loot and npcs. Several zip lines with which you can cross the entire Aerodrome, in addition to a tank that guards this site) • Giant excavation • Outpost • Lighthouse - Prefabs and custom monuments: • Zeppelin (Puzzle-parkour). • Ghostbusters Barracks, this is a faithful monument to the fire station used by the ghostbusters, contains puzzles, traps, loot, npc, ghostbusters logo. • Civil Guard Barracks, a construction zone for the server administrator. This monument-zone contains helicopter respawns and loot. • Arena, zone with loots, defenses, towers, barricades and crate with code, everything you need for your server to contain a PVP zone. You can also use this zone for other things. • Bank, a monument created for the Bank Heist plugin. If you do not have this plugin, you can use this monument for the player to search for resources. • Aircraft carrier, the aircraft carrier has been created especially for the Biplane plugin, you can also use it as a monument, it contains helicopters, loot and NPCs. • Inferno Arena, is a battlefield with traps, death and fire. • Train Stations, with waiting room, loot and NPC, with secondary rail respawn. • Aerial platforms, each aerial platform contains several platforms connected to each other. • Epic Tower Construction Zone for players. • Train tracks scattered all over the map, carefully designed. • City, with collapsed skyscrapers. • Custom Oil plataform, with four oil platforms, two small and two large. (This monument contains an access to the subway, you can reach this monument from the train). • The Arecibo Observatory, also known as the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC) and formerly known as the Arecibo Ionosphere Observatory, is an observatory in Barrio Esperanza, Arecibo, Puerto Rico owned by the US National Science Foundation (NSF). • H1Z1 Lab is an experimental laboratory with various puzzles to solve. It contains Zombies, NPC, traps, puzzles and an original crystal box in which you will get two hackable oil rig crates, plus extra loot of elite crates. • Underwater glass dome, the player will be able to build underwater. • A variety of custom sites for the player to build, you can find these sites easily from the map, they are marked with an X mark. • Customized rivers navigable with motorboats. • Access by train to all the Oil Shelf Plaforms. - This map will be updated frequently, new monuments will be added to recreate-simulate Andalusia (Spain).
  18. Pwenill

    Fuel Pump

    Version 1.0.9


    Fill your modular car with fuel, thanks to the petrol pump of the petrol station, without moving from your seat , the filling time and cost, is modifiable in the file configurations. Take that 10, 20 or 30 seconds waiting before leaving you swept away Available on all gas stations on the map Working with modular cars How to use ? Go to any gas station on the server When you are facing a pump, an image will appear in front of you Just click on the "E" key on your keyboard (you have to be in a modular vehicle) Config { "Currency": "SCRAP", "DistanceOfQuit": 5.0, "FillingLimit": 1000, "ImageLogo": "https://i.imgur.com/HFEMPq6.png", "PayItemID": -932201673, "PerFuel": 1, "Pricing": 10, "TimeFilling": 10, "Title": "Fuel Pump" } Currency: Payment currency that will be displayed on UI Title: The text displayed at the top of UI TimeFilling: The filling time of the vehicles Pricing: Sets fuel price for filling PerFuel: The quantity received in relation to the price ( Pricing ) PayItemID: Item that will be removed during payments (default: scrap) ImageLogo: Image that is displayed on top left of UI FillingLimit: The maximum limit a reservoir can contain can be increased or decreased DistanceOfQuit: Max distance, for UI display ( when player exceeds max distance UI this closes automatically ) Langage { "Filling": "Fill", "AmountUI": "Amount Fuel", "CurrentFuel": "Current Fuel", "SalesRate": "Sales Rate", "FullTotal": "Full Total: {0} {1}", "RefuelButton": "Refuel", "TankLimit": "Your gas tank is already full", "AmountUnvalidate": "The amount must be greater than 0L", "AmountTotalLimit": "Your tank will be full please reduce the amount", "NoScrap": "You don’t get enough {0}", "SuccessFilling": "Your storeroom has been filled, and {0} {1} has been removed", "PlayerQuitZone": "You got away from the gas pump", "InterruptedFilling": "Filling your tank has been prevented" }
  19. Version 1.0.23


    Adds 53 new deployable items to your server!. Custom item collection system. Players can obtain these items while cutting trees, mining rocks and collecting plants. Includes a built in market that can be accessed via a chat command or a HumanNPC. Each base item can be configured to allow for a wide variety of placement options/restrictions. A large amount of configuration options are available for each item. Adjustable placement options while holding shift. Items can be picked up by holding a hammer, looking at the deployed entity and pressing your mouse3 button (scroll wheel button). deployablenature.admin - Required to use the giveprefab command. deployablenature.market.chat - Required to use the market chat command. deployablenature.ignore.restrictions - Allows a player to deploy items without restriction (TC etc). deployablenature.gather - Required for players to obtain drops while gathering. deployablenature.use - Required to deploy nature items. deployablenature.free - allows access to the nature market for free. There is also the option to create groups via the config, which will receive discounts in the market based on the value assigned to them. Example: "Permissions that will receive a discount on the store cost when purchasing [1.0 is full price]. Prefix with deployablenature.": { "deployablenature.vip": 0.5 }, This would give players with the deployablenature.vip permission a discount of 50% off of the market price. Command: giveprefab Parameters: <skin id> <quantity> Example: /giveprefab 2609145017 100 - spawns the user 100x medium clutter rocks" Permission: deployablenature.admin Command: naturemarket Permission: deployablenature.market.chat Command: dnpickup Permission: None Command: giveprefab (console) Parameters: <player id/name> <skin id> <quantity> Example: /giveprefab "new guy" 2609145017 100 - spawns the user 100x medium clutter rocks for new guy" Permission: deployablenature.admin Console Command: dnkillentities - wipes all nature entities from the map. Parameters: <optional parameter: true> - this wipes the data after the command executes. If not used, the nature items will respawn on plugin reload. Example: dnkillentities or dnkillentities true. Permission: deployablenature.admin if running from player console. Console Command: dnkillentitiesforplayer - wipes all nature entities from the map for the specified player Parameters: <player name/id> Example: dnkillentitiesforplayer "new guy" - would delete all entities for the player whose name contained "new guy". Permission: deployablenature.admin if running from player console. Console Command: dnpurge - enables purge mode, wiping all entities from the map (does not delete data), and preventing them from spawning on server start/being deployed by players while active. Automatically resets to false on server wipe. Parameters: <true/false> Example: dnpurge true - would enable purge mode. Permission: deployablenature.admin if running from player console. You most likely won't need the below information, but it is here for more advanced users. Prefab Types 0: Rock 1: Tree 2: Bush 3: Animal Tree Types 0: None 1: Palm 2: Oak 3: Swamp 4: Birch 5: Beech 6: Pine 7: Cacti 8: Snow Bush Types 0: None 1: Willow 2: Willow_snow 3: Spice 4: Spice_snow 5: Creosote 6: Berries 7: Mushrooms Example config https://pastebin.com/E5duDqtf API public bool IsDeployableNature(BaseEntity entity) Returns if an entity is a DeployableNature entity that has the prevent_gather attribute.
  20. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Fear of the deep sea? Now you can overcome it with this wonderful window to the ocean. Stand out on your server with Underwater Train Station, an underwater train station with access to the subway tunnel. - Contains: NPCS, Loot, Puzzles and a nice decoration. - Tip: You can remove the train tracks and put your own custom ones (Existing tracks can serve as a guide, or if you prefer you can keep them as they are fully functional).
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Now you will have a Rust style space for your clan, group or game team. The community is a circular space with several construction zones for your base or house. Surrounded by a large wall which offers a defense for your team. The community offers a decorative space for your Rust server, junkyard style.
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Give your professional players another reason to excel with this volcano. - To access the volcano you will have to overcome the oil ring to get to the main box, activate the elevator with a button that will give you access to the elevator door. - As you go down to the volcano via the elevator, you can equip yourself and take some anti-radiation pills, you will need them. - Inside the volcano you will have to choose wisely the way to activate the door using a fuse and a red card, be careful, the access to this mechanism is dangerous, remember you are in a volcano, the ground is lava!!!!
  23. AhigaO


    Version 1.0.1


    The plugin will add weight for the players on your server. In the config, you can set the weight for each item in the game. If a player exceeds the weight limit that he can carry, he will not be able to budge.The amount of the maximum weight of the player is determined by the permission that you set in the config (The first permission is given to all players). Config: { "Carry Weight Settings for Players": { "weight.default": 500, "weight.vip": 800, "weight.premium": 1200 }, "Player item check interval(Influences optimization)": 1.0, "Weight for all items not listed below": 0.1, "Weight setting for items(per 1 item)": { "rifle.ak": 5.0, "wood": 0.2 } }
  24. Version 1.0.1


    This brick-layered police station, has multiple rooms and outdoor parking spots! Left mostly undecorated, you have the freedom to decorate as you wish, using all the many areas and lots of spaces to make great RP! It features : Main entrance. Side door access. Two outdoor parking areas. Indoor parking garage. Second story access. Roof access. Helipad for an easy helicopter landing location. Multiple rooms. Fully surrounded sidewalk areas. Total prefab count : 779. Screenshots were taken from the editor. In-game quality will be vastly greater! This is a standalone prefab.


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