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About Me

  1. Version 1.4.1


    This plugin will allow players with permission to spawn police vehicles. This is perfect for any RP server. Current vehicles available are police car, police transport vehicle, police miniheli, police scrap transport helicopter and police boat. Each player may only have one vehicle spawned and in use at once, this is to stop players crashing the server. If the player has the permission for unlimited vehicles then they can spawn an unlimited amount, to remove a vehicle if the player has the unlimited permission they must look at the vehicle they wish to remove and use the removal vehicle command, if the player only has the use permission then they do not need to look at the vehicle. Each vehicle will spawn with an amount of fuel set in the configuration file. The siren is a new feature which uses web radio to function, some issues have been found where the siren stops or gets stuck in a loop, this is due to the radio station not the plugin as it is hosted for free as this is a free plugin, the station can be changed in the config if you would like to set up your own siren sound or a premium station. Any issues found can be resolved by stopping and starting the radio if you do not want to set up your own station. Permission required for player to use plugin: PoliceVehicles.use Permission required to allow player to spawn unlimited vehicles: PoliceVehicles.unlimited Commands: "/policecar" spawns police car "/policetransport" spawns police transport vehicle "/policeheli" spawns police minicopter "/policehelilarge" spawns police scrap transport helicopter "/policeboat" spawns police boat "/policesnowmobile" spawns police snowmobile "/policetrain" spawnss a police train (must be looking at train tracks and no other trains blocking spawn position) "/removevehicle" destroys players current vehicle, allowing them to spawn an new/different one Configuration file: { "Police car fuel amount on spawn": 500, "Police transport vehicle fuel amount on spawn": 500, "Police snowmobile vehicle fuel amount on spawn": 500, "Police heli fuel amount on spawn": 500, "Police heli large fuel amount on spawn": 500, "Police boat fuel amount on spawn": 500, "Police train fuel amount on spawn": 500, "Lock police car engine parts": true, "Lock police transport vehicle engine parts": true, "Police car engine parts tier": 3, "Police Transport engine parts tier": 3, "Lock police car fuel": true, "Lock police transport fuel": true, "Lock police snowmobile fuel": true, "Lock police heli fuel": true, "Lock police heli large fuel": true, "Lock police boat fuel": false, "Lock police train fuel": true, "Police Heli spawn spotlight": true, "Police Boat spawn spotlight": true, "Broadcast message when vehicles spawn": false, "Siren radio station": "http://stream.zeno.fm/7cyp2kaxhchvv" } Requires Spawn Modular Car plugin for police car and police transport vehicle: https://umod.org/plugins/spawn-modular-car Optionally Vehicle Deployed Locks can be installed which allows all vehicles to spawn with codelocks https://umod.org/plugins/vehicle-deployed-locks
  2. Version 1.0.2


    Put in sale properties (house, building, etc) so that players can buy them, rented. Work with all doors that can include a lock code, Works with Economics Permissions propertybuying.manager.use - Access to property management (add, delete) Commands /property - Accesses the property management ( added, removed ) How to add a property ? CopyPaste Config Payment Time Model Lang
  3. Pwenill

    Fuel Pump

    Version 1.0.5


    Fill your modular car with fuel, thanks to the petrol pump of the petrol station, without moving from your seat , the filling time and cost, is modifiable in the file configurations. Take that 10, 20 or 30 seconds waiting before leaving you swept away Available on all gas stations on the map Working with modular cars How to use ? Go to any gas station on the server When you are facing a pump, an image will appear in front of you Just click on the "E" key on your keyboard (you have to be in a modular vehicle) Config { "Currency": "SCRAP", "DistanceOfQuit": 5.0, "FillingLimit": 1000, "ImageLogo": "https://i.imgur.com/HFEMPq6.png", "PayItemID": -932201673, "Pricing": 5, "TimeFilling": 10, "Title": "Fuel Pump" } Currency: Payment currency that will be displayed on UI Title: The text displayed at the top of UI TimeFilling: The filling time of the vehicles Pricing: Sets fuel price for filling PayItemID: Item that will be removed during payments (default: scrap) ImageLogo: Image that is displayed on top left of UI FillingLimit: The maximum limit a reservoir can contain can be increased or decreased DistanceOfQuit: Max distance, for UI display ( when player exceeds max distance UI this closes automatically ) Langage { "Filling": "Fill", "AmountUI": "Amount Fuel", "CurrentFuel": "Current Fuel", "SalesRate": "Sales Rate", "FullTotal": "Full Total: {0} {1}", "RefuelButton": "Refuel", "TankLimit": "Your gas tank is already full", "AmountUnvalidate": "The amount must be greater than 0L", "AmountTotalLimit": "Your tank will be full please reduce the amount", "NoScrap": "You don’t get enough {0}", "SuccessFilling": "Your storeroom has been filled, and {0} {1} has been removed", "PlayerQuitZone": "You got away from the gas pump", "InterruptedFilling": "Filling your tank has been prevented" }
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Designed to add a location to roleplay and to allow players to store items. You can add this to your server and be sure players will get a unique living experience! This is a standalone prefab and does not include height, splat, alpha or topology of any kind. Want to have a custom map or prefab created? Contact me on discord! Fiber#0001
  5. Fiber

    Repair Shop

    Version 1.0.0


    Designed to add a location to roleplay at and to work on vehicles at. You can add this to your server and be sure players will get a unique roleplay experience! Have tuners on your server? This is the perfect location for them! This prefab has been designed to be placed in a city/town. This is a standalone prefab and does not include height, splat, alpha or topology of any kind. Want to have a custom map or prefab created? Any issues? Contact me on discord! Fiber#0001
  6. Version 1.0.2


    Simple plugin to allow anyone using Server Rewards to wipe player RP with server wipe, which is a feature not available natively within the Server Rewards plugin. No permissions, simple config, takes seconds to set up. The plugin will backup the player RP data file before resetting it. If something went wrong, or you didn't mean to wipe the data, it will be saved in "/path/to/your/oxide/data/ServerRewards/player_data-backup.json" Additional console command available to trigger a RP wipe at any time while server is running: clearrpdata Default Config: { "Options": { "Reset ServerRewards player RP on wipe": false, "Absolute path to Server Rewards player_data.json file.": "/FULL/PATH/TO/YOUR/ServerRewards/player_data.json" }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 2 } }
  7. Version 1.0.2


    A small ranch with two paddocks and a horseback riding trail. One of them has a small lake (drinkable). You can build on the whole site. The ranch building has three horse spawners inside. Perfect for a roleplay server and more!
  8. Version 1.0.1


    This brick-layered police station, has multiple rooms and outdoor parking spots! Left mostly undecorated, you have the freedom to decorate as you wish, using all the many areas and lots of spaces to make great RP! It features : Main entrance. Side door access. Two outdoor parking areas. Indoor parking garage. Second story access. Roof access. Helipad for an easy helicopter landing location. Multiple rooms. Fully surrounded sidewalk areas. Total prefab count : 779. Screenshots were taken from the editor. In-game quality will be vastly greater! This is a standalone prefab.
  9. Version 1.0.1


    To enter you need a fuse and Green Card. Find the way inside. Now you can take the "easy way" blueroom to the right side or the hard way to the "Super toxic" Part on the front. To enter the Greenroom just use the fuse at the Starpoint, jump to the Greendoor, enter the "super toxic jumps" Say Hello to the Fluffys inside, don't die, have fun. You need to find a timer and a button, just press, Don't enter the Laser, open the Redroom, take the Loot and go home. (Fun Fact, A Group without Information's needed more than 2 Hours to finish it and send me friendly "hate" DM´s pls don't send me hate DM´s, i love all people ) Info - 2803 Prefabs - 2Fusebox, 2Greencard, Bluecard, Redcard Loot -Normal Crate 21 -Oil Barrel 2 -Loot Barrel 6 -Crate Tools 3 -Crate Basic 1 -Crate Elite 3 -Foodbox 1
  10. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Welcome to my modern office building there is no access to enter it and its intended to be ornamental and filler in your city builds. this is a standalone prefab no splats etc. Prefab count : Over 5k Discord : 𝕰𝕯𝕰𝕹 Turcu'#6178
  11. Version 1.0.2


    This is the new house from my own collection of modern houses perfect for your role play server. It contains a spacious, beautifully landscaped garden, swimming pool, parking space, and inside unfurnished 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living room with an open kitchen. Please contact me if you find any kind of bug in this prefab or have any kind of suggestion, I will answer with great pleasure and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. You can also contact me on discord Turcu' #6178 for any kind of problem, question or prefab request (with extra charge).
  12. Version 1.0.1


    NPCKit is a Plugin made for any type of server pvp, pve or roleplay. With this Plugin you can create NPCs and add Kits to each of them as you like. They can be created with Clothing vanilla or skined and will wave to you, once you interact or leave the NPC. Each Kit can have its own cooldown and a default or Vip permission. Once a Kit is created you can delete it as well with the right permission, without deleting the whole NPC. You can also have unlimited Kits. If you create more then 4 kits, you will be able you navigate through multiple pages to see all the kitsyou created. Add as many NPC on you server as you like and give your players the ability to receive kits by interacting with one of your NPCs. All NPCs will also be displayed on the map with a shop marker. To interact with an NPC press the E key on your keyboard Whatch my showcase Video below to get a good starting point of my plugin. Check out my Discord to get even more help or request private plugins. Discord: https://discord.gg/5DDvvgyzsG Showcase video Permission createnpc - create an NPC and Kits (NOTE!: this is the Admin permission so only Admins should have it to create, delete NPCs/Kits) default - grand this permission to any player who will then be able to receive every kit with the default permission vip - grand this permission to any player who will then be able to receive every kit with the vip permission Chat Commands /createnpc - opens a panel to create the NPC (after that interact with the E key on your keyboard) Lang Files German and English translation included Config { "Use_MapMarker_For_NPC": true } Data File with all the NPC, kit and player information stored will be created
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Don't miss out! Come grab this bundle of all my available prefabs listed for a cheaper, limited price for only one month! In this bundle you will receive : RP - Two New York Plaza RP - Itzthatkyguy Skytower RP - Supermarket RP - Bookstore RP - Police Station RP - Fire Station RP - Modern Apartment Unit RP - Modern Mansion RP - Gas Station Note : These are standalone prefabs. For further detail and screenshots, see my individual prefabs listed under my profile!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Fits perfectly into the interior of your castle. Not to look nervous) The Inquisition Torture Weapon Pack contains: Catherine's Wheel; Cell; Interrogation chair; Rack-bed; Spanish donkey; The Gallows; The Guillotine; The Pillory.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Set of scenery in the style of the Wild West. Contains: Blacksmith; Fence; Gates; Hand pump; Hangman; Lighting pillar; Passenger carriage; Pile of barrels; Pile of rubbish; Shooting gallery; Tumbleweed; Wagon with cargo; Water tower; Wind tower.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Attention! Repair work. Observe labor protection! The set contains: A small staircase 1; A small staircase 2; Barricade; Concrete Mixer; Container with inventory; Folded boards; Generator with lights; Portable flashlight; Scaffolding 1; Scaffolding 2; Sign 1; Sign 2; Storage of cylinders 1; Storage of cylinders 2; Toilet for workers; Tools; Trailer with a coil of wires; Trailer with generator; Warning sign 1; Warning sign 2; Warning sign 3; Warning sign 4; Warning sign 5.
  17. Version 2.2.0


    Probably the best car service in the wasteland! Stop by to fix the car, buy new parts or body parts. There is a working lift at the station, on the second floor there is a recreation area with a kiosk where you can buy food. Enjoy it for you and your players!
  18. Version 1.0.0


    This location is from the game Dying Light A small stadium that can be used as a roadside monument. Contains no loot, can be set at will.
  19. Version 2.0


    Rehabilitation and recovery center. Once in this clinic, people were helped. But now strange things are happening there ... You can set the loot according to your preference.
  20. Version 2.0.0


    The location has a recycler, 2 vending machines. Gaming machines and a poker table (a safe zone is installed in this room. The location will add unusual content to your server! Enjoy using you and your players!
  21. c0ini

    Five Islands

    Version 1.2


    The map consists of five islands, three islands are connected by bridges. The relief is mostly without sharp drops, the roads are made in such a way that it is more convenient to use cars. The metro connects four large islands. On the main island there is a dormant volcano with a lake in the crater. Size: 3700. Prefabs: ~19800 Custom monuments: • Java coffee • Car service • Opposition camp • Oxide Clinic • Dying Light Stadium • Fisherman house A • Fisherman house B DS: c0ini#1435
  22. Version 1.0.0


    A nice medieval farmhouse set for Roleplay It consists of 6 themed houses Apple, berries, potatoes, animals, Pumpkins, Corn. and 6 undecorated houses, 1 damaged house, a small stable, water barrel
  23. Version 1.0.0


    A beautiful medieval roleplay village set with market, fountain. lovingly designed houses, a house with a bridge to the lake, apple trees and a large tree, The houses can all be decorated, chairs, tables, boxes, etc. A small ship port with a small underground passage As a whole village or as single parts Prefabs -Big Tree 76 -Fountain 175 -Markets and Stage 656 -Shipping Port 1152 -9in1 House 2319 -3in1 House 1156 -House1 434 -House2 187 -House3 672 -House4 456 -House5 176 -House6 417 -House7 423 -Completly Village 7208 -No Loot
  24. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple RPG wooden house pack with two detailed RPG homes for any roleplay rust servers. This pack has a leather shop and a house for those who need a rest. 1000+ prefabs per building. No complex instructions, place and play. You may also purchase a license to resell these prefabs on your own maps maps below. As always, please enjoy! Special Thanks to Raul Sorban!
  25. ArtiIOMI


    Version 1.1.6


    The plugin changes the system of plants and trees to a more realistic one. Features Watering plants planted in the ground. Fertilizing plants planted in the ground. Possibility to block planting in unauthorized fields. All trees grow and have stages of growth. Tree seedlings were introduced. The method of obtaining wood has been changed. Video Preview https://youtu.be/stoRXnVGpik https://streamable.com/tktvrq https://streamable.com/my4z28 https://streamable.com/mcyvwl UNINSTALLING Delete the file from the plugins folder, or disable the feature in the configuration file. A server restart is required to uninstall the new plant system! Configuration Credits @UmodTeam for adding hooks. @Steenamaroo, @Billy Joe, @Raul-Sorin SorbanThanks you so much! Love you!!!


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