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Found 10 results

  1. Version HD0522


    You will find the Great Lake the central feature of this 4k map with a dual Oil Rig in the centre, a Sailing Ship and a 3 tiered Dam System. Loot and adventure is found above and below the waves. On the west of the map are the traditional monuments while the east is home to some unique custom creations. ***NOTE*** Great Lake has proved to be extremely difficult in updating to HDRP due to the high mountainous terrain involved, you will find bugs unfortunately as its the nature of the beast. Please if you do report them to me via my discord and i will correct them usually within 24 hours 48 at the most. You will find many new custom monuments based upon the premise that Rustkind has survived in these domed cities THE MATRIX, a 3D elevator maze CATHEDRAL, Home to a religious artefact HMS RACE HORSE, Sailing ship owned by Bandit Guards CABLE CAR, Its broken like a lot in rust but climb the towers or walk the cables for loot THE BAYOU, still haunted now Halloween is over THE LARGE COBALT COLLIDER, A particle accelerator with a giant ring underground, just like the real thing ARECIBIO OBSERVATORY, Radio telescope under repair by the Bandit Guards repair company, dont just stay in the dish FRENCH QUARTER, a section of New Orleans, plenty to explore and 3 hidden buttons for Mardi Gras 3 TIER DAM, don't for get there are adventures under the waves Plus some old favourite's from previous maps Along with a number of smaller additions
  2. Version 44 0918


    Subterra is a map with plenty to do and explore both above ground and below and under the waves. Features a combined and integrated above and below ground railway system along with many unique monuments and places of interest to explore. Monuments and Features Area 51 Service Station & Shredder Canyon Railway Table Top Mountain Train Container Yard Deep Mines Oil Field Dweller Gold Mining Town Crashed UFO Beached Cargo Cheyenne Mountain Complex Stargate Gate Room Viaducts and Waterways Broken Wind Power Station Wind Farm Camp Crystal Lake Chichen Itza Fire and Ice Cave Cabin In The Woods Monument To The Fallen Ghost Town Library St Nikos Hospital Dweller Residences Construction Site St Nikolas Town Tanning Factory Wangen Observatory Integrated Railway, Underground, Tramway + The usual standard FP Monuments If you have any problems you can contact me via Discord https://discord.gg/r84Cg84 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g The map requires a workcart spawner for the trains to work above ground, it is included in this file with the permission of its creator SPooCK but if you need an update the link is included in the readme file, My thanks goes to SPooCK for its development and its inclusion. I also wish to take this time to thank those who have helped in its design and testing Mr Wizard, Jim, Apoco, Landon, Cerberus, Ark Nerd and anyone else who has contributed however small Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. Thanks Niko You Tube Video
  3. Version 1.8


    A small 2k map I made perfect for small servers contains two custom prefabs Made by me not password locked so you can edit it further with your own custom work but will remove the bridge and bank. This is my first map so if you see any issues let me know and ill do what I can to fix it. If you wish for a non bank version feel free to send me a message Due to the bank prefab if you want to add this map you now need RustEdit installed on your server. Contains: Airfield Launch Site Large Oil Rig Military Tunnel Outpost Bandit Camp Harbor Lighthouse Water Treatment Fishing Village Custom Bank Prefab (requires all 3 keycards to gain access to 2 hackable containers )
  4. Version 1.0.5


    50% OFF THROUGH SEPTEMBER 21ST! An awesome mini map for those who want to experience a close-quarters combat style of map. HDRP compatible and ready for your next wipe day! Features: Simple, High Performance, High FPS, low prefab count! 3909 prefabs in total! Can easily be retrofitted into a existing servers needs. A refreshing look on some of rust's original monuments. Custom Mini-outpost, Satellite Dish (Ray), Convoy, Water Tower, Lighthouse, Military Bunker. Underground Bradley and sunken Custom Cargo Ship Updated to be compatible with the latest Ocean Update! Required Dependencies: This map requires the Rust Edit DLL Requires the Oxide Mod loader Open to suggestions and criticism! This is my first completed map! Contact me via discord or here on codefling! Stranger#0005
  5. Oreo

    Castaway (HDRP)

    Version HDRP_V2.1


    Welcome to a beautiful island dubbed Castaway. This map brings a unique Resort where everyone in the family has something to do like gather around a camp fire, BBQ fish or even gamble. Continue down and you will see in the distant our Renewable energy attempt with a solar power farm. Be careful the road you take as you may find yourself in the middle of a secret bandit camp that may or may not be abandoned. This map is a 5k and has a different theme throughout the map with a derailment that vagrants took advantage of and made a home of a box car, or ice burgs that house a special Easter egg only the observant can pick out. This map has customer buildable caves, only the adventurous will find, or place your base in a landlocked barge, or my many pit spots found throughout.
  6. Version 1.18


    This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates! Visit the island of bandits, and you will remember it for a long time, and do not forget that you are being followed, so you better hide and build the safest house in non-standard construction zones. A fantastic multi-layered landscape was created using the World Machine. Features: About 17k prefabs; Map size 3500; Optimized FPS; 3 custom locations with loot; 27 custom locations for building; 3 Interesting cave with water; 1 Interesting custom ice cave; 3 waterfalls; Small farm island in the center of the map. There are also many standard locations on the map. Required Dependencies: RustEdit DLL Video created by MYPLOKI: [email protected]
  7. Version 2.5


    Welcome to Hemp Island, this is a custom hemp leaf shaped map, Super fun map for the hemp farmers (2 Maps included ) Map size: 4k Prefab count: 25500 Map 1 Prefab count: 13060 Map 2 High Performance Map 1 Comes with 4 custom monuments Boxing Arena https://codefling.com/monuments/docs-boxing-arena-hdrp-ready-on-sale Airport https://codefling.com/monuments/docs-airport-hdrp-ready Multi Storey carpark https://codefling.com/monuments/docs-multi-storey-carpark-hdrp-ready Scuba Tank https://codefling.com/monuments/docs-scuba-tank-hdrp-ready Large and small oil rig are on the map you just cant see it on the main image Cargo ship patrols the map Loads of caves for the trolls to live Working underground tunnel systems Map 2 Custom monuments Smoke City Jump Street Codefling hq Hemp farm Multi-Storey Carpark Scuba Tank Map 2 is locked on rust edit Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you find any bugs or issues contact me on here or discord and I will sort them out asap! DocNorris#5423
  8. Version 1.0.0


    A terraformed map inspired by the Tanoa map of Arma 3. The map is terraformed but has no prefab, nor topology (It has however the biomes), it is thus intended for the level designers! You will find in the zip two map files, one completely blank (flat) and one terraformed. Features: Number of prefabs: ~0 The file contains: A blank map and a terraformed map. There are: North : Iced islands Middle : Temperate zone South : Arid zone Support: You can contact me directly via the messages here, or by adding me on discord: Sìlver#0091 Don't hesitate to leave a review, good or bad, it could help me to improve ! I hope you will enjoy it !
  9. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Welcome to king of the mountain this is a custom huge mountain map, where players can explore and build in the clouds Also there is steep cliff jumps in tool water pools if you want to take the quick way down Underwater loot in the pools There's a long spiral road going all round the map and up the mountain Map size: 1.5k + max terrain height Low Prefab count:6000 Comes with 1 custom monument Scuba Tank https://codefling.com/monuments/docs-scuba-tank-hdrp-ready large/small oil rig are on the map and cargo ship Working underground tunnel systems Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you find any bugs or issues contact me on here or discord and il sort them out straight away DocNorris#5423
  10. Version 2.0.0


    This Is A 1.9k Or Smaller Map .This Is Map Is Intended To Be Use For A Battle Server Or A 1-Grid Ur Choice. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Install This Map UnZip The File And Go To DropBox.Com And Click Upload Then Select Panda-1-Grid-Map Click Share Then Change The 0 To 1 Because When Someone Is Coming Into Ur Server They Can Dowload It.--U WILL NEED THE RUST DLL ON UR SERVER-- ------------------------------------------ Thank U For Ur Support And Downloading --HDRP AND NORMOL VERSION--

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