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About Police Vehicles

This plugin will allow players with permission to spawn police vehicles. This is perfect for any RP server. Current vehicles available are police car, police transport vehicle, police miniheli, police scrap transport helicopter and police boat. Each player may only have one vehicle spawned and in use at once, this is to stop players crashing the server. If the player has the permission for unlimited vehicles then they can spawn an unlimited amount, to remove a vehicle if the player has the unlimited permission they must look at the vehicle they wish to remove and use the removal vehicle command, if the player only has the use permission then they do not need to look at the vehicle. Each vehicle will spawn with an amount of fuel set in the configuration file.

The siren is a new feature which uses web radio to function, some issues have been found where the siren stops or gets stuck in a loop, this is due to the radio station not the plugin as it is hosted for free as this is a free plugin, the station can be changed in the config if you would like to set up your own siren sound or a premium station. Any issues found can be resolved by stopping and starting the radio if you do not want to set up your own station.

Permission required for player to use plugin:


Permission required to allow player to spawn unlimited vehicles:



"/policecar" spawns police car

"/policetransport" spawns police transport vehicle

"/policeheli" spawns police minicopter

"/policehelilarge" spawns police scrap transport helicopter

"/policeheliattack" spawns police attack helicopter

"/policeboat" spawns police boat

"/policetugboat" spawns police tugboat with doors, locks, CCTV station, Phones and Cells

"/policesnowmobile" spawns police snowmobile

"/policetrain" spawnss a police train (must be looking at train tracks and no other trains blocking spawn position)

"/removevehicle" destroys players current vehicle, allowing them to spawn an new/different one

Configuration file:

  "Police car fuel amount on spawn": 500,
  "Police transport vehicle fuel amount on spawn": 500,
  "Police snowmobile vehicle fuel amount on spawn": 500,
  "Police heli fuel amount on spawn": 500,
  "Police heli large fuel amount on spawn": 500,
  "Police attack heli fuel amount on spawn": 500,
  "Police boat fuel amount on spawn": 500,
  "Police tugboat fuel amount on spawn": 500,
  "Police train fuel amount on spawn": 500,
  "Lock police car engine parts": true,
  "Lock police transport vehicle engine parts": true,
  "Police car engine parts tier": 3,
  "Police Transport engine parts tier": 3,
  "Lock police car fuel": true,
  "Lock police transport fuel": true,
  "Lock police snowmobile fuel": true,
  "Lock police heli fuel": true,
  "Lock police heli large fuel": true,
  "Lock police boat fuel": false,
  "Lock police train fuel": true,
  "Police Heli spawn spotlight": true,
  "Police Boat spawn spotlight": true,
  "Broadcast message when vehicles spawn": false,
  "Siren radio station": "http://stream.zeno.fm/7cyp2kaxhchvv"


Requires Spawn Modular Car plugin for police car and police transport vehicle:


Optionally Vehicle Deployed Locks can be installed which allows all vehicles to spawn with codelocks


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