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Found 54 results

  1. Version 1.0.12


    This is a simple tool to help you catch ESPer's. Unlike methods in the past requiring cheaters to fall for traps, this one will be watching without having to give them any bait! This plugin is still in "beta" and is offered at a reduced price for a limited time. Since 1.0.12, the embed now includes a radar image to show violations (red line): The above embed shows the culprit, with quick links to Steam, Battlemetrics, and ServerArmour. Along with each violation that caused the trigger, the consist of the violation id, the time it happened, and steamid and distance fr
  2. Death

    Quarry Levels

    Version 1.0.1


    Allows players to upgrade their quarries or pumpjacks with another quarry or pumpjack effectively allowing them to stack up to 10 quarries and pumpjacks together instead of having them placed individually causing clutter. This plugin is very performant and was designed to run on very high-pop servers. A level 2 quarry will produce the same amount as 2 level 1 quarries. Same for pumpjacks. Every quarry level will also unlock the next tier of production. Level 3 will unlock metal, level 4 sulfur and level 5 HQM. The production rates for each output are default but can be adjusted in the con
  3. DezLife

    No Recoil

    Version 0.1.3


    Installing the plugin removes the recoil from rapid-fire weapons! It is also possible to increase the number of cartridges in the clip. Works on all weapons that are listed in config!! If you take away permissions from the user. Then his weapons will become normal! It is possible to increase the magazine of cartridges but no more than 1000 You can also adjust the percentage of return, thereby changing it. Also, improved weapons can be given a prefix There is a lang file Everything can be configured in the config file Сommands: Chat /nrg ShortName - Give yourself
  4. TF Crazy


    Version 1.0.6


    A radio system to talk with the players on the same frequency. IMPORTANT NOTE : If you active option [» Work only radio item in inventory ?]. See ITEM MANAGER (bottom of description) FEATURES - Choose a radio frequency between 1 and 9999 - Transmit your voice - Receive the voice of others, even if you are on the other side of the map. - A very beautiful UI - Force roleplay (option). The player must have a custom item (radio) in his inventory for the radio to work. He must also have the item in his hands and maintain the primary attack in order to activate the microphone.
  5. Mevent


    Version 1.0.3


    Large and highly customizable in-game shop for Rust. Features: Beautiful user interface Discount system (by permissions) Automatic shop filling Selling items (if SellPrice is more than 0) Performance Adding/editing/removing items in game Commands shop - open shop interface shop.refill - refill shop again Examples Economics ServerRewards Command as shop item Config
  6. TF Crazy


    Version 1.0.3


    For a more RP immersion, your inventory is the backpack. I had created this plugin for my roleplay server. This project having been abandoned due to lack of time, and not wanting to invest any more on rust, I propose it to you if some people want a more "role play" approach of backpacks. FEATURES Your inventory is automatically locked. You only have 6 spaces left in your quick inventory. - 4 backpacks are available to unlock an additional 6 spaces. (default bag (+6), third party bag 1 (+12), third party bag 2 (+18), third party bag 3 (full inventory access)) - The bag
  7. Version 2.1.3


    Configure spawn checks for launchsite including RustEdit spawns. Configure settings for Bradley (hp/crates/damage etc etc). Add a cooldown between Kills Works with : BradleyGuards (Bazz3l) BradleyGuards (KrunghCrow) Paratroopers (FastBurst) Optional dependencies : RustEdit Features : Configurable Bradley settings like HP,Crates,Damage Can set Sleepersafe true/false (To not attack a sleeper) Can set a Cooldown between destroying(killing) the bradley (added in 2.1.0) Shows remaining cooldown in chat if enabled (
  8. Version 1.0.2


    Sound Library Api allows you to store & play recorded sounds for players, attach them to npcs, trigger them via in-game events Configuration: { "Enable welcome message": true, "Welcome message file name": [ "filename1", "filename2", "filename3" ], "Enable Chopper event message": true, "Chopper event message file name": [ "filename1", "filename2", "filename3" ], "Enable Airdrop event message": true, "Airdrop event message file name": [ "filename1", "filename2", "filename3" ], "Enable Cargoship event message": true, "Cargo
  9. Death

    Full Repair

    Version 1.0.1


    A simple plugin that disables max condition loss, the red bar items receive when repaired. More features are coming soon. Important The plugin will not change existing items, so if you install the plugin while your server is running, old items will be unaffected. Rebooting your server after installation will apply the changes to existing items. Permissions fullrepair.use - Grants user the ability to fully repair items without durability penalty. (The red bar) Config UsePermission - If disabled, all players can fully repair items without durabili
  10. Version 1.2.4


    Records players automatically that have been reported X amount of times, with the ability to automatically upload the combat logs & Demo files to a discord webhook. Disk usage whilst recording: +- 1MB per 1 minute. Discord has an 8mb upload limit and 100mb for nitro. Chat Commands: /record - Chat: This will initiate a self-recording. Console Commands autodemorecord.record [steam64id] [minutes] - Console: Usefull to record a player on demand, or a schedule from another plugin. autodemorecord.blacklist add [steam64id] [recordingMinutes] [intervalMinutes] - Conso
  11. Version 1.6.8


    Simple ATM system suitable for every modded server. This plugin comes with multiple ways how to access ATM interface. Account balance is holded by Economics (free plugin) so admins have full range of commands to control player accounts. • Dependencies - Economics (Required) - ZoneManager (optional, only for Button) • How to access ATM Swiping credit card through reader Interacting with custom vending machines Pressing electric button (experimental) • Commands /spawncardreader - spawn card reader entity /vmspawn - spawn vending machine entity /setplace
  12. Version 1.0.5


    CInfoPanel is a panel info when platyer join server or when enter command. ImageLibrary is required http://umod.org/plugins/image-library # INFO - Multi language (EN / FR) - Pagination - Regroup order by categories - Full custom - Validation for close # CHAT COMMAND /info - For open manualy # CONFIGURATION { "1. CONFIG": { "» Show panel once?": false, "» Command chat": "info" }, "2. LOGO": { "» Enabled?": true, "» Logo URL": "https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/668151580964552721/808704749637599292
  13. Version 0.1.5


    Gesture Wheel allows players to have a convenient wheel that provides them the ability to use gestures. NOTE: As of the April 2021 wipe, this functionality is baked into the game itself (default key b). Looking for options to re-purpose the plugin. Usage The plugin is preset to use Shift-RightClick to bring up the menu. See below for how to change this, although it is still global. Once the player has clicked on the X to close or one of the gestures, the menu will close. Permissions This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use ox
  14. Version 1.0.19


    Yet another player loot protection plugin for Rust Uses ZoneManager, Friends, Clans, Rust teams Player boxes, workbenches, etc. are protected from opening and pickup by others. With Friends/Clans/Teams support, a player's friends will maintain access. Server-owned storage should be unaffected. A list of zones can be set to only protect boxes in those zones. A schedule can be set to disable/enable the plugin throughout the actual or in-game time and day. Note that this is not damage control, only access to contents and pickup of entities. Commands
  15. Version 1.2.0


    Harvest resources from objects that you normally cannot harvest from. Dispensers are being slightly refilled at every sunrise. Configuration { "GatheredDispenserNotices": false, "DepletedDispenserNotices": false, "RefillDispenserNotices": true, "GatherMultiplier": 35.25, "Definitions": [ { "PrefabFilter": "rock_small", "Contents": [ { "GatherAmount": 10, "ShortName": "stones", "Amount": 100 }, { "GatherAmount": 8, "ShortName": "metal.fragments", "Amount": 50
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Allows admins to spawn entities in different monuments. Setup your entities and positions once and you will have them spawn on every map no matter the seed or size in the desired monument! Commands: /getmonumentpos (Requires admin access) Use the command to get the proper position within the monument, rotation wise pick any value until you have the desired entity's position Configuration: { "Monument name & their entities": { "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/harbor/harbor_1.prefab": [ { "IsEnabled": false, "Prefab": "Ex
  17. Version 1.0.3


    A configurable UI with wipe/purge info to save your admins some work Optional dependencies : GUIAnnouncements Features : Set info about wipe time/day and purge time/day in a UI Panel Setup Colors used and a Top banner image Welcomes the player using his/her name automaticly Automaticly displays the settings inside the UI from CFG file Option to have it use a GUIAnnouncement message when purge is active or not. Both with a seperate timed interval.(to activate either set it to true/false and reload plugin for now) GuiAnnouncements ar
  18. Havens

    Social Link

    Version 1.1.1


    Social Link A site that allows the user to link their Discord/Steam account and get perks or rewards. Table of Contents Introduction Motivation Features Getting Started Requirements Installation Setup CRON Job Scheduling Dashboard Configuration Introduction Social Link is a site that allows the user to link their Discord/Steam account and get perks or rewards. It's a simple service that checks whether the user is present in the Steam group or/and in the Discord se
  19. Version 1.2.2


    This plugin will allow players with permission to spawn police vehicles. This is perfect for any RP server. Current vehicles available are police car, police transport vehicle, police miniheli, police scrap transport helicopter and police boat. Each player may only have one vehicle spawned and in use at once, this is to stop players crashing the server. If the player has the permission for unlimited vehicles then they can spawn an unlimited amount, to remove a vehicle if the player has the unlimited permission they must look at the vehicle they wish to remove and use the removal vehicle comman
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Makes invisible bullets for vanished players (Great for AimTrain plugin where players are shooting and you can see their bullets, this will make them invisible) [+] Performs good [+] No config file [+] Hides bullets [+] Hides impact [+] You do not hear invisible bullets
  21. Version 1.1.2


    BradleyGuards minigame will make more fun of the boring Bradley. Spawning bombs molotovs and a Tank Crew Features : Minigame with Scientist NPC spawning after bradley gets destroyed and various events during its attack phase Made compatible with NPCKITS (V1.0.9) (To make sure the NPC will not get the random NPCkits outfit thx @TheEye) It wil throw random Bombs and Molotovs when attacked. Hardmode wil throw the Bombs and Molotovs towards player instead around the Bradley (New in V1.0.9) Crew Spawn amounts Can be set for each Driver/Guards/Gunners in the cf
  22. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Block the use of certain tools when gathering an NPC, Player, Animal, Node, Tree, ETC! Control what tools they cannot use! Permissions: bettertoolblocker.bypass Configuration: { "Animals": { "bear.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ], "boar.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ], "chicken.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ], "stag.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ], "wolf.corpse": [ "knife.bone", "knife.combat" ] }, "Horse": { "horse.corpse":
  23. supreme

    Chest Stacks

    Version 1.2.1


    Allows players to stack chests Configuration: { "Amount of Chest Stacks Allowed": 3, "Only stack chests in Building Privlidged zones": true } Permissions: cheststacks.use DO NOT USE COPY/PASTE PLUGIN TO PASTE STACKED CHESTS, IT WON'T WORK PROPERLY. In order to stack the chests you have to press RIGHT CLICK while looking at the placed chest and being near it! Supports: Small Boxes, Large Boxes, Coffins
  24. Version 1.0.1

    1 download

    This plugin allows for easy and fast whitelisting and blacklisting players for individual permissions! This plugin can be used for moded servers, but is ideal for event oriented servers. The plugin comes with a discord integration to record all actions done by the plugin through the UI! Unlike other whitelisting plugins, MassWhitelist has a complete UI to make all actions user friendly. The following actions can be done through the UI: Create New Permission Add Whitelisted players Remove Whitelisted players Add Blacklisted players Remove Blacklisted players
  25. Version 2.2.0


    Punch players and other things because it's fun. A very default melee weapon to protect yourself with - your goddamned fists. Punchables Players: Hurt players and make them bleed to death. Murderers: Hurt Scarecrows or any other humanoid and player-like / Non-Playable-Characters with your punchies. Animals: Some animals want you dead. I don't support animal cruelty though. Horses: I mean, why not... Loot Containers: Break barrels with your fists. Your fists might start bleeding though. Bradley: Bradley go brr. Building Blocks: Can give damage to

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