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About PNPC Helicopter AI

This add-on for the PersonalNPC plugin allows bots to fly to different points on the map.

The owner spawns the bot, gets into the helicopter as a passenger, selects a point on the in-game map and the bot starts flying towards it.

To use this plugin, you need the main PersonalNPC plugin, and you need to enable the use of this addon in the bot settings.

Default configuration:

  "Max height above the ground": 25.0,
  "Minimum height to fly forward/backward": 15.0,
  "Max slope by forward axis": 0.3,
  "Pitch strength": 0.2,
  "Throttle strength": 1.0,
  "Land throttle strength": 0.5,
  "YAW strength (rotation around its axis)": 1.0



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