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  2. I updated the plugin tonight. It should address that issue. Thanks for letting me know folks.
  3. Today
  4. JUDD

    Flying Carpet

    My carpets are always invisible and the framerate when flying is very choppy. Don't have choppiness with helis or anything.
  5. Yes, a future version I planned to add the /down command, but have it set as one of the last features to be added because I didn't really see how it would be helpful, and I'd have to handle refunding which takes a fair bit of time to implement and test thoroughly to ensure there are no exploits. If you need this feature, just let me know, and what customizations you might want for the command, and I'll add it to the update after next update.
  6. Yesterday
  7. chovah


    Hi RFC, How can I get this mod to perform this? I would like to run a No KoS server, where any damage not within a certain distance of a players base is NULL, and monument/PVP areas. I ran TRUE PVE with Dynamic PVP and it auto makes monuments PVP, but that still leaves player bases invulnerable, which I dont want. I just basically want roaming people to not damage each other, anywhere inside a monument, rig, cargo, or bases is PVP
  8. what's the prefab count and what monuments are on it ?
  9. Greetings All, I am wanting to create an economy surrounding actual money as a loot option. Not just with an Econ plug but an actual physical item that I can skin to make look like money/currency. Is this possible? And what item that is still in the game files could possibly be used for that? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
  10. I see... I thought a miniature tractor drives along your planters harvesting your crops LOL
  11. Alter Ego


    works fine - thank you. is there any way to STFU those players silent? sometimes i don´t want to show theres an admin online
  12. Alter Ego


    just use another plugin version (there are multiple delivered) and give your admins a exclusive one. i dont think there will be more permissions added to keep it simple, but maybe
  13. DezLife


    What exactly is wrong with you?
  14. Mals

    Question about RustRewards

    Changed Status from Not a Bug to Closed
  15. Wooopsiiii


    Little question ? Is it just me or the camera doesn't work anymore ?
  16. The video's up! Please check the description of the plugin!
  17. rednekOIO


    is there a way to modify it, so that one page is one perm next page is one perm. that way we could use it for admin commands and for player commands?
  18. Last week
  19. doublee313


    Thanks for the reply. I thought so. Well, when they add it....I'm sure you will plug it in Thank you for the awesome work and support. Donations coming next month for those we depend on.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Custom roadside monuments. If you are tired of the usual supermarket, gas station and warehouse, then this is your choice. You can replace standard roadside monuments on your maps. A variety of unique roadside mini-monuments that can be swapped out on the current map to bring a uniqueness to your maps that your players will love! Features: Custom Restaurant (781 prefabs). – A great monument that won’t leave your players hungry. Custom Red Rocket Gas Station (706 prefabs).– A recreated monument from the Fallout game of the same name. Custom Car Service (640 pre
  21. No worries! I am glad I can assist you! Yes, you can have as many as you want, preferably not too many (up to 3) since the more they are, the more performance will be affected! This is how you add multiple Grimstons: "Grimstons": [ { "Mood (0 = Angry, 1 = Helpful, 2 = Annoying)": 0, "Speed": 3.0, "Health": 250.0, "ShootRate": 1.0, "Invincible": false, "Kit": "", "LockClothing": true, "LockInventory": false, "LockBelt": false, "InventoryItems": [], "ClothingItems": [], "BeltItems": [], "SpawnPosition (0 = Entrance, 1 = Middle, 2 = E
  22. Prototype

    Multiple floors?

    Hello! Thankyou for getting back to me! I have one last question, is it possible to add more then 2 AI roaming the maze?
  23. Changed Status from Closed to Not a Bug
  24. Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug
  25. Hello there! Please read this comment, it should tell you on how to do that!
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