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  2. nivex

    free version

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to 1.0.2
  3. TF Crazy


    In a future update I will do this for you
  4. Today
  5. Walking around with nothing in my belt, the stationary custom location spawn bots are shooting at me. Peaceful is set to True.
  6. Msg me on my discord !David#1337 so we can discuss more details in case you want to do buttons for ports by yourself
  7. mcoulter876


    Can we have the bots that are set as peaceful not attack players holding a rock??? jeez Maybe have them only attack when attacked instead of just carrying around a weapon (or a friggin' rock).
  8. For portals you can use this 2 together: https://umod.org/plugins/zone-manager https://umod.org/plugins/nteleportation
  9. To get an idea, something like PAT (Perfect Aim Train) but obviously different. This is for my community. Just tell me price per hour / or plugin, or however you want to do it. Mainly looking for customish UI, that has back buttons, to teleport back to spawn. Also looking for a portal plugin of some sort.... the free ones out there are kind of.... not up to par. Please let me know, and remember, give me a price Time isn't free!
  10. Getting spammed hard with these errors [Error] Failed to call hook 'OnDispenserGather' on plugin 'SmeltOnGather v1.0.3' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object) at Oxide.Plugins.SmeltOnGather.OnDispenserGather (ResourceDispenser dispenser, BasePlayer player, Item item) [0x00014] in <bdce42f145e8479f874204f8a782b916>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.SmeltOnGather.DirectCallHook (System.String name, System.Object& ret, System.Object[] args) [0x0016e] in <bdce42f145e8479f874204f8a782b916>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.CSharpPlugin.InvokeMethod (Oxid
  11. saintmichel13

    free version

    got it tnx nivex!
  12. dankmemer


    Can you add options to for example set a *default* server wide radio, and an option to turn on/off the GUI? For example, if people don't want to see 'disabled' on their screen when they aren't using it.
  13. Guest

    Vending Machine Issues

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  14. it looks so sexy and clean thank you man for the Update.
  15. Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed
  16. Steenamaroo


    Roam distance is ignored when they are in aggro, so you should be able to do that. Just create your two profiles and give them small roam range, so that one side doesn't walk off when the other is defeated.
  17. Im glad to hear that Small tip, if you using images under the text, have a look at Font Outline, it will make text stand out more.
  18. awesome plugin! love how ive got mine to look
  19. nivex

    free version

    hi, there isn't a free version. raid bases is an exception where i didn't want to leave people hanging after my decision to sell
  20. saintmichel13

    free version

    similar to raidable bases, is there a free version that we can try this out with limited features?
  21. Mercury


    With your wishes? If that's what you mean, yes, thank you buddy
  22. i know we hve a roaming distance, but is it possible for bots to be directed to a location? I was thinking of making some sort of battle arena for the bots where they are spawning and fighting each other
  23. Mercury


    Please do not confuse the policies of different sites, each community is different, if you are not satisfied with the price here - take the plugin elsewhere, am I not entitled to set the price that I think is necessary? There are many different differences in websites
  24. I am wondering about this also as I would like to limit stuff between default group and vip group
  25. Plugin is not supporting pagination, I felt like 10 tabs is plenty of space.
  26. Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug
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