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  2. David.

    spectate mode

    Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed
  3. David.

    Closing Error

    Im actively working on solving this issue, its very strange to see this problem happening only to few customers and also with such a simple thing as calling hook. Tomorrow I will provide temponary solution to get it work for you guys. Im very sorry for inconvenience.
  4. Razor14150

    Closing Error

    David I tried sending you a message as Im having an issue with the wipe module. I can send you configs if needed as well. https://youtu.be/P-ziqbflzds
  5. Today
  6. Yesterday
  7. That would require adding some cui elements into code and also I would have to do some changes for config which would make it just more cluttered so due to that this is not something what I would consider adding to public version. Ofc any customization can be done, feel free reach out on discord if you want something special for your welcome panel.
  8. Is there a way to provide links to other tabs? For instance, if you reference Discord on the Wipe Cycle tab, click on Discord to bring you to the Discord tab.
  9. As title, even though the raidable bases are PvP zones, if players are killed I don't want their corpse or backpacks lootable. I have these options set to false int he config. Player corpse works as expected and is not lootable by other players. However, once the corpse goes and become a backpack, players can freely loot it even though the permissions are set to not allow it. I am also running the PreventLooting plugin with these options also false. Any ideas why player backpacks are still lootable? Thanks.
  10. yes it had items in it
  11. Hi, Most likely the person does not have any backpack created with any items inside of it. Lastly, when I checked it was working correctly. Are you 100% confident the player you're trying to loot has items in his backpack?
  12. Hello, very nice plugin, however, the backpack does not work. When I activate the option in the configuration, and I handcuff a player, I want to look in his backpack, and there, I have this message: No Backpack found for {target.displayName} However, I have the backpack plugin: https://umod.org/plugins/backpacks How come?
  13. 不知怎么的,猩红的信被卡住了
  14. Crossbow


    Very nice plugin! A really clean and tidy way to show notifications. Thanks!
  15. Where is Raidable Bases in that video? It has been maintained 100% and in my humble opinion far more advanced in coding than some of the others in this video.
  16. JohnLaundry


    So this looks like it'll work for a server hosted on local machine, will it work on a server provided by a GSP?
  17. goontrash

    Npc Support

    from lone.design - Currently with npcs they do not work, i setup the config properly and the shop will not open when using an npc
  18. David.

    spectate mode

    Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  19. I haven't played this map for a while but decided to give it a go and this is the console I get when firing it up. Regards, Brian
  20. David.

    spectate mode

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  21. David.

    spectate mode

    Sorry about that, will be patched today.
  22. mrdecoder

    spectate mode

    lol my players sometimes get send 2 spectate mode and lose all there shit
  23. Mevent

    hello sir

    Download the latest version, I fixed it there
  24. NiiRiXx Gaming

    Closing Error

    I've added you
  25. Immp77

    The Devide

    temp rolled it back to the .23 version. i'm having a issue with the editor so trying to figure out whats up with that
  26. Immp77

    The Devide

    kk thats probably my end let me see if i can fix it
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