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About Auto Pilot

This plugin adds an autopilot for your players, which they can use in cars and helicopters with a permission. Player needs to enter /autopilot command, put a marker on the map and the autopilot will drive there.
While driving, player can disable autopilot with "/autopilot disable" command or by leaving the vehicle.

At the moment, next types of vehicles are supported:

  • Modular cars
  • Helicopters
    • Minicopters
    • Scrap Transport Helicopters

You can setup:

  • Helicopter AI
    • Max height above the ground
    • Minimum height to fly forward/backward
    • Max slope by forward axis
    • Pitch strength
    • Throttle strength
    • Land throttle strength
    • YAW strength (rotation around its axis)
  • Car AI 
    • Search Mechanism settings
      • Max crossways amount for search method (0-2)
    • Driver settings
      • Max speed
    • Obstacle detection settings
      • Disable obstacle detection
      • Ray length
    • Minor settings
      • Enable visual debug

Video demonstration: 

By default, the plugin has 2 localization files, for Russian and English

"autopilot.car" - use autopilot on car
"autopilot.helicopter" - use autopilot on helicopters


  "Helicopter AI Setup": {
    "Max height above the ground": 25.0,
    "Minimum height to fly forward/backward": 15.0,
    "Max slope by forward axis": 0.3,
    "Pitch strength": 0.2,
    "Throttle strength": 1.0,
    "Land throttle strength": 0.5,
    "YAW strength (rotation around its axis)": 1.0,
    "Min follow height": 10.0
  "Car AI Setup": {
    "Search Mechanism settings": {
      "Max crossways amount for search method (0-2)": 2
    "Driver settings": {
      "Max speed": 15.0
    "Obstacle detection settings": {
      "Disable obstacle detection?": false,
      "Ray length": 5.0
    "Minor settings": {
      "Enable visual debug?": false


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