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About Bradley Guards

BradleyGuards minigame will make more fun of the boring Bradley.
Spawning bombs molotovs and a Tank Crew

Features :

  • Minigame with Scientist NPC spawning after Bradley gets destroyed and various events during its attack phase
  • It will throw random Bombs and Molotov when attacked.
  • Hardmode will throw the Bombs and Molotov towards player instead around the Bradley
  • When destroyed the Bradley does a close range Last Ditch Effort if the Driver is still alive and gets a last air support
  • As of version 1.1.1 napalm support will be set to target player instead of Bradley position
  • Give the NPC the choice of using some predefined outfits or use the vanilla Scientist Outfits
  • Predefined weapon or a different weapon through config if using outfits
  • Crew will be Despawned upon plugin unload or reload
  • Compatible with NPCKITS
  • Support for BetterNpcNames (v1.0.2 and higher)
  • Support for Kits
  • Permission system

Warnings :

  • backup your configs before plugin updates
  • This is not compatible with BradleyControl Plugin !!!!! (since version 1.0.5)
  • Version 1.4.0 has new options for MLRS and Convoy Bradleys
  "External Plugins": {
    "Armored Train : Can trigger Events": false,
    "Convoy : Can trigger Events": false,
    "SatDish/Harbor Event : Can trigger Events": false,
    "BradleyDrops : Can trigger Events": false,
    "BetterNpcNames :  Driver Title": "Pilot",
    "BetterNpcNames :  Guard Title": "Commander",
    "BetterNpcNames :  Gunner Title": "Grunt"
    "Last Ditch Effort MLRS rocket Amount": 15

Permissions :

  • BradleyGuards.ShowMessages (to show interaction messages)
  • BradleyGuards.ShowKillMessages (to show messages after bradley is destroyed)

Commands : (new in V1.0.5)

  • /bginfo : Shows the available commands/version/author

Logfiles :

  • Log files are found in the oxide.logs folder
  • Will log the Player and info regarding the spawns after destroying the Bradley

2:41:14 PM] Krungh Crow[56484515348451215] killed a BradleyAPC
2:41:14 PM] Krungh Crow[56484515348451215] 1 Tank Driver(s) got out
2:41:14 PM] Krungh Crow[56484515348451215] 2 Tank Guard(s) got out
2:41:14 PM] Krungh Crow[56484515348451215] 2 Tank Gunner(s) got out

Configuration :
Example config below :

  "Global NPC dont target": true,
  "External Plugins": {
    "Armored Train : Can trigger Events": false,
    "Convoy : Can trigger Events": false,
    "SatDish/Harbor Event : Can trigger Events": false,
    "BradleyDrops : Can trigger Events": false,
    "BetterNpcNames :  Driver Title": "Pilot",
    "BetterNpcNames :  Guard Title": "Commander",
    "BetterNpcNames :  Gunner Title": "Grunt"
  "Bradley Settings": {
    "Change Values": true,
    "Bradley Health": 2222,
    "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100,
    "Bradley Throttle Responce": 1.0
  "Bradley Loot": {
    "Change Values": true,
    "Bradley Max crates after kill": 4
  "Bradley Canon": {
    "Change Values": true,
    "Bradley Canon Fire delay": 0.3,
    "Bradley Canon Firerate": 0.25
  "Bradley Machinegun": {
    "Change Values": true,
    "Bradley Machinegun Bullet Damage": 15,
    "Bradley Machinegun Firerate": 0.06667
  "Event Settings": {
    "Bradley Crew Max Spawn Distance": 10,
    "Bradley Crew Max Roam Distance": 20,
    "Bradley Crew Body to Bags": true,
    "Max throwing range of a Grenade": 25.0,
    "Max Grenades per trigger": 1,
    "Max throwing range of a Molotov": 25.0,
    "Max Molotovs per trigger": 1,
    "Use Firerockets (instead of Molotovs)": false,
    "Hard Mode : Throws towards player (Grenades)": true,
    "Hard Mode : Max Grenades per trigger": 1,
    "Hard Mode : Max radius of a Grenade on player": 15.0,
    "Hard Mode : Throws towards player (Molotovs)": true,
    "Hard Mode : Max Molotovs per trigger": 1,
    "Hard Mode : Max radius of a Molotov on player": 15.0,
    "Napalm Support": true,
    "Napalm Support Area Radius": 25.0,
    "Napalm Support Rocket Amount": 3,
    "Napalm Support Rocket Height": 150,
    "Last Ditch Effort Rocket Amount": 0,
    "Last Ditch Effort Grenade Amount": 5,
    "Last Ditch Effort MLRS rocket Radius": 15,
    "Last Ditch Effort MLRS rocket Amount": 15,
    "Last Ditch Effort Hard Mode : targets player location": true
  "Tank Crew Driver": {
    "Tank Driver Health": 450.0,
    "Tank Driver Lifetime (minutes)": 1.0,
    "Tank Driver Damage multiplier": 1.0,
    "Tank Driver Spawn Chance 0-1": 1.0,
    "Tank Driver Spawn Amount": 5,
    "Tank Driver Use Outfit": true,
    "Tank Driver Use other gun with outfit": false,
    "Tank Driver gun short prefabname": "smg.mp5",
    "Tank Driver gun skin id": 0,
    "Tank Driver Use kit (clothing)": false,
    "Tank Driver Kit ID": ""
  "Tank Crew Guards": {
    "Tank Guards Health": 800.0,
    "Tank Guards Lifetime (minutes)": 1.0,
    "Tank Guards Damage multiplier": 1.0,
    "Tank Guards Spawn Chance 0-1": 1.0,
    "Tank Guards Spawn Amount": 3,
    "Tank Guards Use Outfit": true,
    "Tank Guards Use other gun with outfit": false,
    "Tank Guards gun short prefabname": "smg.mp5",
    "Tank Guards gun skin id": 0,
    "Tank Guards Use kit (clothing)": false,
    "Tank Guards Kit ID": ""
  "Tank Crew Gunners": {
    "Tank Gunners Health": 600.0,
    "Tank Gunners Lifetime (minutes)": 1.0,
    "Tank Gunners Damage multiplier": 1.0,
    "Tank Gunners Spawn Chance 0-1": 1.0,
    "Tank Gunners Spawn Amount": 3,
    "Tank Gunners Use Outfit": true,
    "Tank Gunners Use other gun with outfit": false,
    "Tank Gunners gun short prefabname": "smg.mp5",
    "Tank Gunners gun skin id": 0,
    "Tank Gunners Use kit (clothing)": false,
    "Tank Gunners Kit ID": ""

Localization :

English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder.

  "BradleyDriver": "<color=yellow>Bradley Driver : </color>Damnit i just washed it!",
  "BradleyGuards": "<color=yellow>Bradley Guard : </color>Stay away from our Bradley!",
  "BradleyGunner": "<color=yellow>Bradley Gunner : </color>Prepare to die!",
  "BradleyDriverBomb": "<color=yellow>Bradley Driver : </color>Catch this!",
  "BradleyGunnerFire": "<color=yellow>Bradley Gunner : </color>Fire in the hooole!",
  "BradleyNapalmSupport": "<color=yellow>Bradley Operator : </color>Support incomming!"



bool IsBradleyNpc(global::HumanNPC npc)

example call :

object OnEntityDeath(global::HumanNPC npc, HitInfo info)
  if (npc == null) return null;
  if (BradleyGuards.Call<bool>("IsBradleyNpc", npc))
    Puts($"Target : {npc} net.ID : [{npc.net.ID}] Event : BradleyGuards NPC");
  return null;

Changes made in 1.0.5 !!!

  • Updated/Cleaned/Organized the Documentation.
  • Added lifetime for each individual Crew
  • Added use of kits + checks (if incorrect kit name Crew will spawn with default scientist or heavy scientist outfit).
  • Changed the Npc Naming so they can be shown correctly with AdminRadar
  • Added prefix and chaticon to chat messages (language file changed so delete it before updating to avoid weird chat messages).
  • Added max roam range for the Bradley Crew
  • Bradley Crew will now despawn when plugin gets unloaded/reloaded
  • Removed the death sound when a npc dies.
  • Fixed : Bradley will now ignore scientists from junkpiles
  • added cfg : Tank Crew Lifetime (minutes)
  • added cfg : Damage multiplier for each driver/guards/gunners
  • added cfg : Napalm Support Rocket Height
  • added cfg : Use kit (clothing) (for each driver/guards/gunners)
  • added cfg : Kit ID (for each driver/guards/gunners)
  • added cfg : Bradley Crew max roam range


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