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Notify Animal Feed 1.0.0

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About Notify Animal Feed

Notify Addon that will popup the notification when killing animals.


Features :

  • works with both the Notify versions.
  • lightweight
  • Simple config
  • Animal naming can be changed through language file.
  • Permission system
  • Option through config to use any Notify profile (can create profiles)

Supported Animals :

  • Bear
  • Polarbear
  • Boar
  • Chicken
  • Horse (Wld horse)
  • Stag
  • Wolf
  • Zombie (minecraft)
  • Simpleshark (Shark)

Permissions :

  • notifyanimalfeed.use : Grant user permission to see the feed


  "Notify profile ID": 0


  • {Killer} : Player name will be displayed on this location
  • {Victim} : Animal name will be displayed on this location (can be customised in language file)
  • {Weapon} : Weapon/explosives/traps/fire will be displayed on this location
  • {_Distance} : Distance between animal and player will be displayed here

Make sure to use all 4 when changing the language file text including brackets.

  "FeedAnimal": "<color=orange>{Killer}</color> killed a <color=yellow>{Victim}</color> with a <color=yellow>{Weapon}</color> from <color=yellow>{_Distance}</color>m",
  "Bear": "Bear",
  "PolarBear": "Polar Bear",
  "Boar": "Pig",
  "Chicken": "Chicken",
  "Horse": "Wild Horse",
  "Stag": "Stag",
  "Wolf": "Wolf",
  "SimpleShark": "Shark"


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