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About Skin And Bones

Skin and Bones is a nifty system that provides animals with bones and skulls you can use for trading, crafting and skull crushing.

Features :

  • When harvesting animal corpses this will skin the bonefragments to each respective animal type bones.
  • Injects animal corpses with skulls which are skinned upon gathering.
  • The plugin is a core system to give animals the new bones and skulls to be used in other plugins in this series.
  • With the new animal skull you have the option to crush them for bones just like with human and wolf skulls.
  • Admins can give themselves skulls and bones with commands.

Supported animals :

  • Bear
  • Polarbear : This will be shared component with regular Bears
  • Boar
  • Chicken
  • Horse and RidableHorse
  • Shark
  • Stag
  • Wolf

Permisions :

  • skinandbones.admin To be able to use the chatcommands.

Commands :

  • /bones {animalname} {amount} : Gives the animals bones and amounts (bear, boar, chicken, fish, horse, stag, wolf)
  • /skull {animalname} {amount} : Gives the animals skull and amounts (bear, boar, chicken, shark, horse, stag, wolf)

Configuration :

  • When having the  (Convert Bones : false)  the plugin will keep the vanilla bone.fragments , only the skulls will be added and skinned.
  "Main config": {
    "Debug": false
  "Convert Bones": true,
  "FX on Fail Crush": "assets/prefabs/misc/halloween/skull_door_knocker/effects/door_knock_fx.prefab",
  "Bones From Skullcrushing": {
    "Bear Bones": 30,
    "Boar Bones": 15,
    "Chicken Bones": 10,
    "Horse Bones": 25,
    "Shark (fish)Bones": 40,
    "Stag Bones": 15,
    "Wolf Bones": 20
  "SkinID's Skulls": {
    "Bear Skull SkinID": 2582058305,
    "Boar Skull SkinID": 2582176436,
    "Chicken Skull SkinID": 2582166639,
    "Horse Skull SkinID": 2582200089,
    "Shark Skull SkinID": 2583809564,
    "Stag Skull SkinID": 2582184045

Localisation :
English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder.

  "CommandBones": "<color=4A95CC>/bones {animalname} {amount}</color> : Gives the animals bones and amounts\n(bear,boar,chicken,fish,horse,stag,wolf)",
  "CommandSkull": "<color=4A95CC>/skull {animalname} {amount}</color> : Gives the animals skull and amounts\n(bear,boar,chicken,shark,horse,stag,wolf)",
  "CrushMessage": "</color>You crushed a <color=#4A95CC>{0}</color> into {1} <color=#4A95CC>{2}</color>",
  "CrushMessageFail": "You failed crushing the <color=#4A95CC>{0}</color>.\nTry crushing them from your inventory",
  "GiveMessage": "You where given <color=#4A95CC>{0}x {1}</color>",
  "GiveErrorAmount": "Value needs to be higher then 0",
  "GiveErrorBones": "The server uses normal :bone.fragments: bone.fragments",
  "InvalidInput": "<color=red>Please enter a valid command!</color>",
  "NoPermission": "<color=green>You do not have permission to use that command!</color>"


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