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About Graves

When killing scarecrows ,scientists ,animals or players they have a set chance to spawn a collectable grave (Halloween event).

Features :

  • Supports Scarecrows ,Scientists ,Animals and players (any normal surface npc)
  • Set spawn chance through cfg which spawns a random grave (Halloween event) when the npc is killed.
  • This is a remake of the first ever plugin I made years ago .
  • Random Collectable Graves : stone iron sulfur wood bones (Halloween grave piles).
  • Graves can spawn on any surface location a npc could walk and spawn  on.
  • Graves can spawn inside buildings/caves/tunnels/sewers/underwater labs.
  • Set grave pile prefabs from a list.

Permissions :

  • graves.canfind : To be able to trigger killing surface npc.
  • graves.canfindanimal : To be able to trigger killing animals.
  • graves.canfindplayer : To be able to trigger player kills or suicides.

Configuration :

set the chance between 0 and 1.

  "Show Chat messages": true,
  "Grave prefabs": [
  "Spawn Chance (0 - 1)": {
    "Scientist": 0.2,
    "Scarecrow": 0.2,
    "Player": 0.1,
    "Bear": 0.2,
    "Boar": 0.2,
    "Chicken": 0.2,
    "Wild Horse": 0.2,
    "Stag": 0.2,
    "Wolf": 0.2

Localisation :
English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder.

  "Graves": "You killed <color=#4A95CC>{0}</color> leaving a unmarked grave!",
  "GravesAnimal": "You killed a <color=#4A95CC>{0}</color> leaving a unmarked grave!",
  "AnimalBear": "Bear",
  "AnimalBoar": "Boar",
  "AnimalChicken": "Chicken",
  "AnimalHorse": "Horse",
  "AnimalStag": "Stag",
  "AnimalWolf": "Wolf"


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