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About Property Buying

Put in sale properties (house, building, etc) so that players can buy them, rented.

Work with all doors that can include a lock code, Works with Economics





propertybuying.manager.use - Gives access to the (creates, suprimed ) properties
propertybuying.manager.admin - See all properties created and (creates , suprimed ) properties


/property - Accesses the property management ( added, removed )

How to add a property ?




To be able to use CopyPaste correctments with this plugin, just create a property as on the video above, and copy it.
Then when you pasted it a new name for the property will be put



If in the configuration file "AddTeamsWhitelist" is enabled the bases that is not bought will not degrade, but a TC must be placed so that it works properly


  "AlertDecay": 10.0,
  "AttemptToTerminate": 5,
  "ColorNotification": "#601099",
  "DivisionSelling": 2,
  "InviteExpire": 20.0,
  "PurchaseEconomics": false,
  "PurchaseLimit": -1,
  "TimeForPayLeased": "2m",
  "AlertDecay": 10.0,
  "AddTeamsWhitelist": true,


AttemptToTerminate - The number of attempts for payments before a lease is automatically resiliated

ColorNotification - The color of the notification messages between [ ]

DivisionSelling - Set the sale price ex: purchase price: 30 -> it will be divided by 2 -> 15 which will be returned to the players

InviteExpire - The time in seconds for an invitation to the property to have expired

PurchaseEconomics - Enabled / Disabled economics on the servers

TimeForPayLeased - The time before the next property payments

PurchaseLimit - The ownership limit that players can acquire. "-1" defines no limit

AlertDecay - Allows to alert the owner if any of this structure is below 10 health

AddTeamsWhitelist - Enable or disable adding team members to all doors when purchasing

Payment Time Model


d -> Days

h -> Hours

m -> Minutes

s -> Seconds

ex: 3d -> 3 Days


  "SellingProperty": "Selling the property",
  "NoPermissions": "You don't have permission",
  "NoOwner": "You are not the owner",
  "NoFounds": "You don't have enough funds",
  "PropertyAlreadyOwner": "This owner already belongs to someone",
  "LeasedButton": "Leased",
  "BuyButton": "Buy",
  "CloseButton": "Close",
  "SellButton": "Sell",
  "LeaseTitle": "Lease the property",
  "BuyedTitle": "Buyed the property",
  "BelongsHas": "Belongs has",
  "NavButtonHome": "Home",
  "NavButtonUsers": "Users",
  "AddTenantButton": "Added a new tenant",
  "ChangePayerButton": "Change the property payment",
  "NavButtonCommands": "Commands",
  "TopButtonCancel": "Cancel the edit",
  "TopButtonSave": "Save",
  "PropertyName": "Property Name",
  "NavButtonDoor": "Door",
  "NavButtonBuying": "Buying",
  "NextPayments": "Next payments",
  "NavButtonPricing": "Pricing",
  "NextPage": "Next page",
  "PreviousPage": "Previous page",
  "DoorText": "Door #{0}",
  "CodeLockAdding": "The lock code has been added to the \"{0}\"",
  "MailboxSet": "The mailbox was set to \"{0}\"",
  "AlertDecays": "Your property \"{0}\" is decay",
  "NoCodeLockAdding": "No lock code was added, (give you a lock code to put it on the door)",
  "NoteTitleTenant": "Added a new tenant '{0}'",
  "NoteTextTenant": "You authorized to be added to the \"{0}\" property by {1}\n\n(left click to accept)\n(right click to decline)",
  "InviteDecline": "You refused invitations",
  "InviteAccept": "You accepted the invitations",
  "InviteExpired": "Your invitations have expired",
  "WithdrawMoney": "You were charged {0}$",
  "MailboxPosed": "You must posed a mailbox before TC",
  "TCPosed": "Your TC was configured correctly",
  "WaitingPayments": "Your payment is waiting for you",
  "BuyProperty": "You just paid {0}$",
  "BuyEconomicsProperty": "A {0}$ payment has just been withdrawn from your account",
  "Error_CodeLock": "Must have at least a lock code",
  "Error_Mailbox": "He must have a mailbox",
  "Error_PriceRental": "The rental price is not defined",
  "Error_PriceSale": "The sale price is not defined",
  "Error_Title": "It must have a minimum of 2 characters",
  "CopyPasteSuccess": "\"{0}\" was copied under the name \"{1}\"",
  "PurchaseLimit": "You have reached the purchase limit",
  "ReloadWhitelistCodeButton": "Reload whitelist codelock"



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