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About Carbon




Carbon is a self-updating, lightweight, intelligent mod loader for Rust utilizing the latest C# and Harmony for the best performance and stability possible. Its robust framework and backward compatibility with Oxide plugins make it the ultimate replacement for those wanting better functionality and performance from their plugins!

Carbon has all the creature comforts you need to run your server, such as a permission system, user system, and so much more. Carbon is developed by experienced developers and server owners working to take the tedium out of hosting servers and make configuration and setup seamless with an integrated GUI in-game to manage everything!

Join our official Discord server for more frequent development info, discussions, and future plans. To find this page more easily, check out carbonmod.gg!


  • Extremely lightweight, stripped out of additional, unrelated-to-Rust processes
  • Seamless transition from Oxide to Carbon
  • Permissions system
  • Hook system
  • MySQL & SQLite support
  • DRM support
  • Chat, Console, and Covalence support
  • Built-in Carbon Modules (internal plugins) that help your server for the better
  • Carbon-only methods that speed up and better the performance of your plugins
  • Integrated RustEdit extensions (Module)
  • Integrated Stack manager (Module)
  • Integrated Gather manager (Module)
  • Embedded error/exception Demystifier, which shows accurate error outputs
  • Very fast & helpful error handling for plugin compilation




Staging Builds

Would you like to run Carbon on staging or aux branches of Rust throughout the month? Our staging and aux branches are always up-to-date, so you can properly test plugins prior to a major update or provide a modded server for players to try out new Rust updates before they're live!

For Developers

If you're a developer, you can enjoy all of the latest improvements of C# 10 as well as the ability to add your own methods anywhere in the assembly without being locked down to pre-existing hooks. All of your existing Oxide plugins will be compatible, though we recommend making a Carbon-specific version available to utilize Carbon to its fullest. Check out Creating your First Plugin to get started!


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