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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Carbon Aliases Oxide Extension is a tool designed to seamlessly integrate plugins originally developed for the Carbon Engine into Oxide server environments. This extension facilitates the cross-platform compatibility of plugins, allowing them to be used on both Carbon and Oxide servers with ease. Primarily designed for the high-performance Carbon Engine, the plugins experience significant performance enhancements within the Carbon environment. However, when deployed on Oxide servers, these plugins seamlessly adapt to function as regular Oxide plugins, without incorporating the specific performance optimizations of the Carbon engine. Moreover, the extension is an open-source project, encouraging collaboration and community involvement. If users find the need for additional functionality, such as the creation of more aliases for specific Carbon functions, they are welcome to contribute by committing updates to the project. INSTALL THIS EXTENSION ONLY IF YOUR SERVER IS RUNNING OXIDE! THIS EXTENSION IS NOT REQUIRED ON CARBON SERVERS! Put this extension in /RustDedicated_Data/Managed/ folder. Current features: CUI Aliases ImageDatabase Aliases (Works on regular ImageLibrary plugin) Plugins that use CarbonAliases: Meteor Event 2.0 (coming soon) Extended Crafting (coming soon)
  2. Version 1.1.3


    The Offline Raid Protection plugin is a comprehensive solution designed to protect players' structures and vehicles while they are offline. It offers a range of customisable protection levels based on real-time or the length of time a player has been offline, and integrates with the Clans plugin and the in-game teams feature to determine protection status based on the online status of all clan or team members and authorised players. Key Features Configurable Protection Levels: Set protection levels based on real time or the amount of time since a player went offline. For example, a building can have 100% protection one hour after a player goes offline, and 50% protection after two hours. This feature is highly configurable. Clan/Team Integration: The plugin integrates with the Clans plugin and the in-game teams feature. The protection status of a structure or vehicle is determined by the online status of all clan or team members and authorised players. If any member or authorised player is online, protection is disabled. Penalty System: An optional penalty system is implemented to prevent abuse of the protection feature. For example, if a player leaves a clan or team, a penalty can be applied to all members and protection can be disabled for a configurable period of time. Game Tip Messages: The plugin displays game tip messages to players when they hit a protected structure or vehicle. The message includes the percentage of protection and is colour coded according to the level of protection. It supports all the languages available in Rust. Commands: Players with permission can use commands to check the protection status of other players, change the offline time of other players, and change the penalty status. Cache System: The plugin uses a caching system to optimise performance and keep the impact on the server to a bare minimum. Configuration: The plugin includes a configuration file that allows you to customise the behaviour of the plugin. Commands All commands can be configured. /orp or /ao <steam id or full name> — Check a player's offline protection status. /raidprot — Display offline raid protection information. /orp.fill.onlinetimes — Fill all players offline times. (Chat & Console command) /orp.test.offline <steam id or full name> <hours> — Change a player's offline time. /orp.test.online <steam id or full name> — Change a player's offline time to the current time. /orp.test.penalty <steam id or full name> <hours> — Change the duration of a player's penalty. A negative value or zero would disable the penalty. Permissions All permissions can be configured. offlineraidprotection.protect — Allows a player to be protected from raids when offline. offlineraidprotection.check — Allows a player to check the offline protection status of other players. offlineraidprotection.admin — Allows a player to use all admin commands of the plugin. To grant a permission, use carbon/oxide.grant <user or group> <steamname or ID> <permission>. To revoke a permission, use carbon/oxide.revoke <user or group> <steamname or ID> <permission>. Configuration The configuration is to a large extent self-explanatory. Raid Protection Options Scale of damage depending on the current hour of the real day: Defines the protection levels based on the current hour of the real day. The key is the hour of the day (0-23), and the value is the protection scale (0 — 340282300000000000000000000000000000000). Example: "0": 0.0, "1": 0.0, "2": 0.0, "3": 0.0 This means that the protection level is 100% from midnight to 3am. Scale of damage depending on the offline time in hours: Defines the protection levels based on the time since the player went offline. The key is the number of hours since the player went offline, and the value is the protection scale (0 — 340282300000000000000000000000000000000). The value of the hours can also be a decimal number. Example: "12": 0.25, "24": 0.5, "48": 1.0, "96": 2.0 This means that 12 hours after the player goes offline, the protection level will be 75%. After 24 hours it will be 50% and after 48 hours it will be 0%. After 96 hours, the damage is increased by 200%. Cooldown in minutes: During this time, damage levels will remain vanilla. Raids are possible. Scale of damage between the cooldown and the first configured time: During this time, the level of damage between the cooldown and the first configured time can be set to a specific value, such as 0.0. Protect all prefabs: Choose whether to protect all prefabs or only specific ones. This will protect anything in the TC range. Protect vehicles: Choose whether to protect vehicles. Vehicle authorisation always has priority. If you want to exclude certain vehicles from protection, add them to the blacklist. Prefabs to protect: List of prefabs that will be protected. Make sure you remove the prefabs you don't want to protect, some of them are pointless. Prefabs blacklist: List of prefabs that will not be protected. Prefabs in the blacklist will always have priority to be unprotected. Timezone Options The fallback timezone is UTC if you leave it blank in the configuration, or if your configured timezone doesn't exist. The timezone identifiers are different for Windows and Linux. You can check the appendices to find your preferred timezone. Conclusion: The Offline Raid Protection plugin provides a comprehensive solution for protecting players' structures and vehicles when they are offline. This plugin is essential for any Rust server owner who wants to provide a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for their players. Acknowledgments Special thanks to @Kulltero for his valuable feedback and suggestions during the development of this plugin. Windows_Timezones.txt Linux_Timezones.txt Prefabs.txt
  3. Version 3.9.6


    MyRustServer is a Rust Server Tool that allows you to create and manage your own Rust Server in just a few clicks. The tool brings many possibilities and options that simplify your life as a server admin. No unnecessary creation of batch files, easy installation of the server and extensions, easy updating of your plugins, wipe your server with one click and manage your players. Join the discord for better and faster support Big thanks to everyone who supports the project and helped me It is a standalone program, with which you can host your own server, connecting to other server host service providers is not possible. You can run MyRustServer on up to 4 different systems. You can create as many servers on one system as your hardware allows. The dashboard shows you all relevant information about your server. Here you control your server. Auto Restart Server Auto Update Server Auto Update Oxide Only Updates on Startup Force Restart Set Game Mode (Vanilla, Softcore, Survival and Hardcore) Set CPU Affinity Set Process Priority Stop Server Restart Server Kill Server With the installer you can easily install and update your server. No batch files are used. Install or Update Server (Master, BETA, AUX01 and AUX02) Verify Server Files Install Discord Extension Install RustEdit Under Settings you give your server your personal touch. Here you can set everything for your server. Name Logo URL Web URL App Logo URL Description Tags Max Players Add Users (Admins, Mods) RCON Password Add Ports to Windows Firewall Server Port Server IP RCON Port RCON IP Query Port App Port Add Custom Maps Server Map (Procedural, Custom, Barren, Hapis, Craggy, Savas) Map Size Map Seed - Advanced Settings Add Start Configs (convars) Backups (MRS Folder, Oxide Folder, Server Folder) Start Rust Server on MyRustServer Startup Repair MyRustServer In Plugins you can easily manage your plugins. No annoying manual reload after editing. - Editor Edit (Auto Reload Plugin on Save, create a backup) Reload Update View Website Enable/Disable Delete - Update Check Plugins for Update (Supported sites for checking are: umod, codefling, chaoscode, lone.design, rustplugins and myvector) Update Plguins (Only plguins from uMod can be installed automatically after checking) Paid Plugins (here you set your purchased plugins) Blacklist Plugins Update All Plugins Auto Update Plugins - Plugin Installer Install Plugins from uMod Auto Wipe Shedule Custom Map Custom Seed Custom Folder/File Full Wipe Blueprints Map Oxide Data Backpacks Logs Player Deaths Player Identities Player Stats Player Tokens New Map Seed on Wipe Install or Update Oxide and Carbon Uninstall Oxide or Carbon Show Server in Modded or Community Choose your build (Production, Staging or Development) Permissions Manager View Server Console Send Commands to your Server Add Quick Commands Open Steam profile Copy SteamID Copy Name Check IP Kick Player Ban Player Teleport to Me to Player Teleport Player to Me Set/Remove Admin/Mod Send Server Messages (Restart, Updates and Wipe) Send Custom Messages Send Custom Commands Sets for each Message a Time Connect your server to your Discord to use as remote control or status information. Start Bot on MyRustServer Startup Send Server Status (Online, Offline, Restart) Send new Updates (Server, Client and Oxide) Send Wipe Notification - Send Commands Start Server Stop Server Restart Server Kill Server Update Server Update Oxide Update Carbon !No Support for OneDrive Drives! !No Support for Cracked Servers! Windows Only
  4. Version 1.2.0


    Advanced Hit Bar will show the players the health information of the player or certain entities the player is shooting. This plugins comes with a nice UI and the ability to customize it. Important: This plugin depends on Image Library It also works with other plugins that modifies players health like Better Metabolism. Permissions: advancedhitbar.use - Players with this permission will be able to see the Hitbar when shooting (If perms are enabled from config). advancedhitbar.edit - Players with this permission will be able to edit the Hitbar color (If perms are enabled from config). Commands: /hitbar - Opens the Hitbar color config. /hitbar on/off - Enables/Disables the hitbar. /hitbar help - Show brief information on chat. Configuration: { "Plugin Settings": { "- Only users with perms can see the alert": false, "- Time alert will be displayed (Seconds)": 3.0, "- UI Anchor Min": "0.356 0.117", "- UI Anchor Max": "0.63 0.158", "- Config Text": "HITBAR SETTINGS", "- Config Color": "#ffffff", "Copter - Enable health bar": true, "Bradley - Enable health bar": true, "Players - Enable health bar": true, "NPC - Enable health bar (Animals, Scientists, Scarecrows, etc.)": true, "Minicopter - Enable health bar": true, "ScrapCopter - Enable health bar": true, "Deployables - Enable health bar": true, "Building Blocks - Enable health bar": true, "All Entities - Enable health bar": false, "Show hitbar when damage type is fire (Not Recommended)": false, "- Accept button text": "ACCEPT", "- Close button text": "CLOSE", "- Config Chat command": "hitbar", "- Config Custom Players Health (ONLY CHANGE THIS IF YOU CHANGED THE DEFAULT PLAYERS HEALTH)": 100, "- Config Custom Players Health (Assign the perm to the the players that have different health)": { // Only assign this perms to the players if you changed their max health (Example: Better Metabolism) "advancedhitbar.vip": 150, "advancedhitbar.vip1": 200 } } }
  5. WarmMilk


    Version 1.1.1


    RustGuardian is a Carbon plugin for Rust game servers designed to enhance fair play by monitoring weapon fire rates and tracking player statistics. It provides server administrators with tools to identify potential cheaters and gain insights into player behavior. Features Weapon Fire Rate Monitoring Employs advanced detection mechanisms to log instances where players fire weapons faster than predefined thresholds. Includes a customizable configuration file, allowing server admins to monitor specific weapons, or set specific fire rates for each weapon. Player Statics Tracking Tracking of player activities, including kills, headshot kills, deaths, and total time played. Calculates the Kill/Death Ratio (KDR) for a deeper analysis of player performance. Periodic Data Saving Ensures regular and automatic saving of player statistics in a JSON file. Data is saved at set intervals, defaulting to every hour, to maintain up-to-date records. User-Friendly Configuration Comes with an intuitive JSON configuration file where server admins can easily specify which weapons to monitor and adjust their fire rates. Each weapon is listed with a descriptive name alongside its ID for ease of identification. Configuration file will be available in file directory after first load of plugin, and will update after restarting server. For quicker support, reach out to me on Discord, warmestmilk
  6. Version 1.0.1


    The Arecibo Observatory, also known as the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC) and formerly known as the Arecibo Ionosphere Observatory, is an observatory in Barrio Esperanza, Arecibo, Puerto Rico owned by the US National Science Foundation (NSF). IT CONTAINS: Great variety of Parkour, Puzzles, NPCs, Loot, Hackable Crates and a nice decoration. RECOMMENDATION: This monument has a high difficulty to complete, it is recommended for two players, although with higher difficulty one player can also complete this monument.
  7. _senyaa

    Jet Ski

    Version 1.4.3


    This plugin adds jet skis with customizable physics! Chat Commands /jetski - Spawns jet ski near player (requires jetski.spawn permission) /jetski remove - despawns player's jet ski (requires jetski.despawn permission) /buyjetski - allows player to buy jet ski item and deploy it later (requires jetski.buy permission) Console Commands givejetski <amount> <player name> - give specified amount of jet skis to specified player (can be run in the server console or by player with jetski.admin permission) Admin Chat Commands (requires jetski.admin permission) /jetski_debug - show buoyancy points Each buoyancy point has force and size parameters Permissions jetski.admin - admin permission jetski.spawn - allows players to spawn a jetski via /jetski jetski.buy - allows players to buy jet ski deployable via /buyjetski jetski.free - allows players to use /jetski for free (if price is not 0) jetski.despawn - allows players to despawn a jet ski via /jetski remove Localization English Russian Configuration Example of JetSki.json { "(1.1) Jet ski price (set value to 0 to make it free, use ServerRewards or Economics as a shortname to use RP points or Economics balance respectively)": { "ShortName": "scrap", "Amount": 75, "SkinID": 0 }, "(1.2) Spawn cooldown (in seconds)": 120, "(1.3) Allow only 1 jet ski per player": false, "(1.4) Allow spawning jet skis only on beaches": false, "(1.5) Amount of jet skis /buyjetski command gives": 1, "(1.6) Starting fuel": 0, "(2.1) Allow picking up the jet ski only in building privilege": false, "(2.2) How much HP is reduced when the jet ski is picked up (0-100)": 25.0, "(2.3) Jet ski item name": "Jet Ski", "(2.4) Jet ski item skin ID": 2935987835, "(2.5) Jet ski item ID": 794443127, "(3.1)Make all snowmobiles jet ski": true, "(3.2) Allow Jet ski to drive on land": true, "(4.1) Enable 'boost' button (Left Shift)": false, "(4.2) 'Boost' button thrust": 10000.0, "(4.3) 'Boost' duration (seconds)": 5.0, "(4.4) 'Boost' cooldown (seconds)": 30.0, "(5.1) Engine thrust": 5000, "(5.2) Engine thrust on land": 49, "(5.3) Move slowly on grass or roads": true, "(5.4) Steering scale": 0.05, "(5.5) Automatically flip jet skis": false, "(5.6) Off axis drag": 0.35, "(5.7) Buoyancy force": 730.0, "(6.1) Jet ski prefab": "assets/content/vehicles/snowmobiles/tomahasnowmobile.prefab", "(6.2) Thrust point position": { "x": -0.001150894, "y": 0.055, "z": -1.125 }, "(6.3) Buoyancy points": [ { "Position": { "x": -0.62, "y": 0.09, "z": -1.284 }, "Size": 1.3 }, ... } ] } API BaseEntity SpawnJetski(Vector3 position, Quaternion rotation) Item CreateJetskiItem()
  8. Adem


    Version 1.0.3


    I bring to you a new plugin that will add Pogo Sticks to your server! These Pogo Sticks will allow players to jump, somersault, and parkour in ways never seen before in the game. With default configuration, Pogo Sticks don't do as well on sand and snow, for obvious reasons right? But don't worry you can configure any of the pogo presets, such as the speed and height of jump for example. The Pogo Stick is an ordinary worn item with a skinID that can be given to the player by console command, or any of the other unique ways you might want to give them out in your servers. There are two activation modes for Pogo Sticks. With default configuration, the player has to put the item in a belt container. In this mode, the Pogo Stick is only used when it is selected as an active item. In the second mode, the Pogo Stick is activated when it is added to a clothing/armor container. In order to use the second mode, replace the shortnames of all Pogo Sticks with a clothing item. As an example "burlap.gloves.new" to replace a less noticable part of your wardrobe. In this second mode, players will be able to shoot and use items while on the Pogo Stick! The creativity is in your hands, have fun with it! Chat commands (only for administrators) /givepogo <pogoPresetName> - give the pogo stick to yourself Console commands (RCON only) givepogo <userID> <pogoPresetName> <amount> – give the pogo stick to player. Config plugin_en – example of plugin configuration in English plugin_ru – example of plugin configuration in Russian Dependencies (optional, not required) GUI Announcements Notify ZoneManager My Discord: Adem#9554 Join the Mad Mappers Discord here! Check out more of my work here!
  9. Version 1.0.1


    AutoDungCollector The innovative "AutoDungCollector" plugin revolutionizes the way you deal with horse dung. This plugin has been specifically designed for horse enthusiasts and stable owners to simplify the laborious task of manually collecting horse manure. With the "AutoDungCollector" plugin, you can automatically collect horse dung within a specific radius. It utilizes state-of-the-art sensor technology and advanced algorithms to accurately detect the position and quantity of horse dung. Even the largest clumps are easily handled by the DungCollector due to its powerful suction technology! The plugin can be precisely configured through a Config to ensure smooth and efficient collection and disposal of horse waste. Permission This plugin utilizes the permission system. To grant a permission, use the command "oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>". To revoke a permission, use the command "oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or Steam ID> <permission>". AutoDungCollector.use - If a player possesses this permission and places a Dung Collector, the Dung Collector will automatically gather dung from horses. AutoDungCollector.give - Users with this permission also have the ability to execute the command. Note: Having this permission eliminates the need for the additional AutoDungCollector.use permission. Chat and Consolen Command This plugin includes a chat command that allows users to give themselves a DungCollector. To be able to use this command, the user needs the "AutoDungCollector.give" permission. Chat-Command: /dungbox - Allows users to obtain a DungCollector through a command. Console-Command: dungbox.give playername amount - With this command, you can give a specific user a certain number of DungCollectorBoxes. This command can be executed in the Rcon or server console. If you want to execute it in the F1 console, the user must be an admin. Config In the config, you have the option to set the name, skin, chat prefix for the NoGivePermission message, as well as the radius of the DungCollector. We recommend a range between 5.0-10.0 { "CollectionRadius": 5.0, "DungBoxChatPrefix": "<size=12><color=#AE3624>SERVERNAME</color> <size=18>|</size> <color=#738D45>Dung Collector</color>\n", "DungBoxName": "Dung Collector", "DungBoxSkinID": 1289528816 } Localization In the localization, you have the option to customize the NoGivPermission notification. This plugin supports both ENG and DE languages. {prefix} - Represents the chat prefix that you can set in the config. {playername} - Displays the player's name in the chat. { "NoGivePermission": "{prefix}<color=#AE3624>{playername}</color> you do not have permission for that!" } Skins Additionally, there are two skins that we have created specifically for this plugin. Item Name: Large Wood Box Item ShortName: box.wooden.large ENG-SkinID: 2976359133 DE-SkinID: 2976367851 If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me privately or reach out to our support and discussion channels. We hope you enjoy using this small plugin, and we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you! Info: The plugin "AutoDungCollector" is a plugin by @MeinRust & @NooBlet , make sure to check him out, he also has many cool plugins! The skins for this plugin were created by our server skinner @jerryvandamme
  10. Cannabis


    Version 1.0.1


    Turns the currently useless smoke rockets into fun javelin rockets! Requires permission `javelin.use` to function Very basic and barebones. To do: Customization of settings Acceptable skin ID's of the smoke rocket for compatibility of other plugins More accurate
  11. Version 1.0.2


    Stops a player from entering your server if their name contains certain phrases. And can log this to your Discord Permissions : kickplayernames.bypas : players with this perm bypass the filter Configuration : To use Discord functionallity the DiscordMessages Plugin is required to be installed. Kick instantly : true ( Kicks on first attempt with a English message). Kick instantly : false (Kicks the player after logging ingame displaying a message in chat and gametip (with the notification in his own language). Kick time after login : 30.0 ( after set time duration kicks the player (with the notification in his own language) at the exit screen. { "Discord Webhook": "Put your discord webhook here", "Discord log": true, "Discord Title": "Login detected with Name Phrase :", "Discord Embed color": 10181046, "Kick instantly": false, "Kick time after login": 30.0, "Blocked name Phrases": [ "admin", "banditcamp", "bandit camp", ".com", ".org" ] } Localization : English , Dutch , French , German , Russian language files included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder. Due to limitations in the login sequence the displayed message is always in English when using instant kicks (or to what language is used in the English language file). When delayed kick is set and player has fully connected the players language is displayed (if a language file has been made) otherwise uses the English file. { "KickMessage": "Sorry we dont allow the phrase [{0}] you are using in your name.You can rename yourself and you will be welcome to join our server again." }
  12. Version 1.0.2


    XKamikazeFPVDrone - kamikaze drone for your server. - Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions. - There is a lang ru/en/uk/es. - Sound effects when interacting with the menu. - The ability to craft a drone. - The ability to give away a drone by command. [ Shop and other things. ] - The ability to change the drone's camera speed. - The ability to change the speed and manoeuvrability of the drone. - The ability to customise the radius and scale of damage. - The creator of the explosives is the player controlling the drone. [ Settings in the config. ] - Instant drone detonation if the explosives took damage. [ Settings in the config. ] - Automatically add the player drones ID to the computer station they are sitting at. [ Radius: 15 meters ] Permissions xkamikazefpvdrone.usecraft - access to the drone crafting. Commands /craft.d - to open the crafting menu. give_drone steamID amount - to give the player a drone. API bool API_IsFPVDrone(Drone drone) - returns True/False if it's a kamikaze drone. Hooks void OnDroneExplode(Drone drone, Vector3 position) - is called when a kamikaze drone explodes. Config { "Drone settings": { "Drone skin": 0, "The speed at which the drone camera moves left and right. [ Default: 2.0 ]": 5.0, "The speed at which the drone camera moves up and down. [ Default: 2.0 ]": 5.0, "The speed of the drone moving left, right, forward and backward. [ Default: 10.0 ]": 50.0, "The speed of the drone moving up and down. [ Default: 10.0 ]": 50.0, "Automatically add the player drones ID to the computer station they are sitting at. [ Radius: 15 meters ]": false }, "Explosive settings": { "Explosion radius. [ Default: 3.8 ]": 5.0, "Damage scale. [ Default: 1.0 - 137 HP ]": 2.5, "The creator of the explosives is the player controlling the drone. [ Useful for killing players on your own behalf. Blocks damage in a safe zone. Supports many plugins - TruePVE, RaidProtection, etc. ]": true, "Instant drone detonation if the explosives took damage.": false }, "Craft settings": { "Crafting workbench level. [ 0 - workbench is not required ]": 2, "List of crafting resources": { "ammo.rocket.basic": 1, "techparts": 1, "battery.small": 1, "ducttape": 2, "wiretool": 1, "gunpowder": 25, "cloth": 10, "lowgradefuel": 5 } } }
  13. Whispers88


    Version 1.4.0


    Skinner allows you to skin all items with ease. Features: New Features V1.3.1: /SkinBase Command - Allows you to skin all deployables in your base to your default skincraft skins. You can optionally specify certain deplorables such as /skinbase sleepingbag to only skin sleeping bags. /SkinAll Command - This is like the skincon command but it will skin all the items in all the containers in your base. You can optionally specify certain items such as /SkinAll rifle.ak to only skin ak47's. New search bar UI has been added to skin craft, skinitem and skin commands, Additional config options for this have also been added. Added ability to import workshop collections has been added to the config Skin names are now automatically applied to reskinned items Short names are automatically added to custom skins Added ability to over-ride spray can behavior via config. Added ability to use the spray can effect when holding a spray can. Skin deployables/item you have already placed Automatically skin crafted items!! Automatically skin all items in your inventory Automatically skin all items in storage boxes Skin any item after its been crafted Automatically updates with new approved skins Can add custom workshops skins Ability to blacklist skins Command cooldowns! Performance optimized including reduced hooks and automatic hook subscriptions Commands: /skin or /s (skin items as per normal skinbox) /skinitem or /si (look at items that have already been placed such as a furnace or largebox and type the command and select the desired skin) /skincraft or /sc - (select default crafting skins. This will overwrite the default skin when you craft items) /skincon or /scon - (sets all items in a container you are looking at to your default craft skins) /skininv or /sinv - (sets all items in your inventory to your default craft skins) /skinimport or /sip skinid item-shortname – (add workshop skins) /SkinBase - Allows you to skin all deployables in your base to your default skincraft skins. You can optionally specify certain deplorables such as /skinbase sleepingbag to only skin sleeping bags. /SkinAll Command - This is like the skincon command but it will skin all the items in all the containers in your base. You can optionally specify certain items such as /SkinAll rifle.ak to only skin ak47's. Note: All commands can be customized via the configuration Permissions: Skinner.default - allows use of the /skin command Skinner.items - allows use of the /skinitem command Skinner.craft - allows use of thee /skincraft command Skinner.skincon - allows use of the /skincon command Skinner.skininv -allows use of the /skininv command Skinner.bypassauth- allows you to bypass the building auth requirement when using /skinitem Skinner.skinbase for use of the /skinbase command Skinner.skinall for the use of the /skinall command Skinner.import – allows use of the /skinimport command Custom command cooldown perms see config. Config: Note: The "Imported Skins (skinid : 'shortnamestring', skinid2 : 'shortnamestring2'": {}" is now redundant and automatically converted to imported skins list. { "Skin Commands (skin items in you inventory": [ "skin", "s", "skinbox", "sb" ], "Skin Items Commands (skin items you have already placed": [ "skinitem", "si" ], "Set default items to be skinned": [ "skincraft", "sc" ], "Automatically set all items in you inventory to your default skins": [ "skininv", "sinv" ], "Automatically set all items a container to your default skins": [ "skincon", "scon" ], "Automatically skin all deployables in your base": [ "skinbase", "skinbuilding" ], "Automatically skin all items in your base": [ "skinall", "sa" ], "Import Custom Skins": [ "skinimport", "sip" ], "Custom UI Positon 'min x, min y', 'max x', max y'": [ "0.66 0.05", "0.82 0.1" ], "Custom Searchbar UI Positon 'min x, min y', 'max x', max y'": [ "0.70 0.88", "0.82 0.91" ], "Add Search Bar UI": true, "Override spraycan behaviour": false, "Use spraycan effect when holding spraycan and skinning deployables": true, "Blacklisted Skins (skinID)": [], "Import Skin collections (steam workshop ID)": [], "Command based cooldowns ('permission' : 'command' seconds": { "Default30CD": { "skin": 30.0, "skinitem": 30.0, "skincraft": 30.0, "skincon": 30.0, "skininv": 30.0, "skinbase": 60.0, "skinall": 60.0 } }, "Imported Skins List": { "861142659": { "itemShortname": "vending.machine", "itemDisplayname": "Charcoal Vending Machine" }, "2758051392": { "itemShortname": "wall.frame.garagedoor", "itemDisplayname": "anime girl" }, "1493944658": { "itemShortname": "door.hinged.metal", "itemDisplayname": "Vintage" } }, "Imported Skins (skinid : 'shortnamestring', skinid2 : 'shortnamestring2'": {} }
  14. Version 1.9.20


    Generates a special item in random crates that gives optional health/gather buffs when carrying it, or can generate other items (scrap etc) when placed in a box. However it's location is permanently marked on the map, making the owner a target. How it works: The majority of the following is configurable, but out of the box here's how it works. Each time a player opens a crate (Locked, Elite, Military or Normal), the egg has a chance to spawn. Once found, the player will receive a UI message with instructions (see screenshot), and a server wide chat message will be broadcast alerting other players. 60 seconds after the egg is found, the players position will be marked on the map for all to see. If the player makes it home, or another player gets home with the egg, it can then be placed in a box and will start generating resources every hour. By default this is scrap, but if another resource is placed in the box with the egg (by default this is hqm, metal frags, or low grade fuel) the egg will instead generate that resource. The egg will only generate one resource at a time, but which resource is up to you. Optionally Sulfur Ore or Cooked Sulfur can be enabled, along with up to three custom items (for example, supply signals, red keycards, 5.56 ammo, etc etc). While in a box, the egg will be permanently marked on the map, making the player a target. The marker is a broad circle, so it will give the general position, but not down to the exact room or box. There is however an optional command for this. Introduced in 1.7.0 are roam buffs, which optionally increase health, pickup and gather rates whilst holding the egg, This helps incentivize players to take the egg out of their base, and can make for some really fun encounters. If at any point the player wishes to remove the marker and get rid of the egg, they can choose to crack it open, which will award the player with one of the following by default: 5 Incendiary and 3 HV Rockets MP5 + Ammo LR300 Rifle M39 + Ammo Multiple Grenade Launcher M249 + Ammo Alternatively, you can use the config option Use custom item list when cracking open the egg and instead add your own list of rewards. The plugin will choose one item at random from your list, and will fallback to the default list above if there are any issues (spelling mistakes etc). You can use the following link to grab the shortnames of the items you want: https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/ Once cracked open, or otherwise destroyed/lost, the egg can again be found in crates. There will only ever be one egg available at a time. The plugin will also keep track of the amount of time a player has held the egg (either in their inventory or in a box), along with their team, and an overall team total. In 1.8.2 there's a new custom event included that will drop a configurable amount of crates at a moment which can only be hacked with the egg in your inventory. See the update notes for 1.8.2 for more detail. Features: Highly configurable Server wide message when the egg is found or destroyed Optional webhook to discord when the egg is found or destroyed A "spam check" so players can't just open and close crates really quickly to increase their odds While the egg can be hidden in stashes, it will not generate resources Optional vending marker as well as the circle marker (the vending marker can have a custom name) Data logging for amount of time holding the egg Clear or retain player data on map wipe Leaderboard for the top 5 players Command to place the top player (and team) in an oxide group temporarily (requires Timed Permissions) Option to block cracking open the egg during a raid Option to kill the egg after a certain amount of time Option to stop adding time when the player is in a safe zone / the egg is in a stash / the egg is in a building / between certain hours / under a minimum pop Change the item name, skin and CUI image to your liking Dynamic command name option TruePVE support (see release notes for 1.6.2) Roam Buffs to increase health, pickup and gather rates whilst holding the egg (see 1.7.0 release notes) Custom chinook crate event included Option to blacklist certain commands (eg Teleport, Trade etc) Option to destroy the egg after x seconds in a safe zone or building blocked zone Notes: Default values: The spawn chances look low, but after a lot of testing these values are still hit but pretty rarely, making the egg more valuable when finally found. Increase them to suit if you prefer though. The player marker refresh time of 25 seconds is just about enough time for the player to stay out of the marker at a full sprint, but only just. I found that to be a good value but again, adjust as you see fit. Item Skins: If the item appears but the skin doesn't load, that means that it's an issue at your client end (not the plugin). It may be related to Steam issues, your download speeds or Rust issues. Also, rarely, some skins are just broken in which case they'll never load. The game doesn't give any meaningful feedback on this (occasionally a red unity error on screen), so just try another skin ID (you may need to quit and restart Steam in these cases). To find a skin you want to use, grab the number from the end of the URL on it's workshop page, eg https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2674986096. Approved skins will load faster in game than non-approved. TruePVE: For servers running TruePVE, a new config option allows damage to bases and players if they have the egg in their possession. If the egg is inside a base, the plugin will check for both TC auth and proximity before allowing damage. If the egg is on a player, damage will be allowed within a radius of that player. Roam Buffs: Pickups include items out in the world, but not items grown yourself in a planter. Chinook Event: I'd recommend using this - https://github.com/WheteThunger/BetterChinookPatrol - to properly randomise the monuments that the chinooks visit, rather than have it just pick one and stick to it all wipe. Available Commands (the command name is customisable in the config): /egg find - Will pinpoint the exact position of the egg once found. Requires permissions (thegoldenegg.use) /egg list - Will show the available resource generation options, along with their generation times (dynamic based on your config) /egg time - Will show the remaining time before the next resource generation /egg leader - Will show the top 5 players who have had possession of the egg (and their team total) /egg help - Will show a series of help messages and info /egg kill - Will destroy the egg instantly (admins only) /egg expire - For use along with the "Destroy the egg after x minutes" option. This will print the time remaining until the egg is destroyed. /egg event - To manually kick off the chinook event (admins only) /egg winner – Will place the person who has held the egg the longest (and their team if they have one) in the oxide group you specify for the time you specify (requires Timed Permissions) /egg purge – Will destroy the egg and wipe the data file Default Config: { "Egg spawn chance for Locked Crates (0 to 100)": 0.04, "Egg spawn chance for Elite Crates": 0.04, "Egg spawn chance for Military Crates": 0.03, "Egg spawn chance for Normal Crates": 0.02, "Marker Settings": { "Show map marker when the egg is in a box": true, "Show map marker when the egg is on a player": true, "Player marker refresh time (seconds)": 15, "Box marker refresh time (seconds)": 30, "Initial marker delay when the egg is found": 60, "Marker Radius": 0.7, "Marker Transparency": 0.7, "Marker Color (hex)": "#fa030a", "Marker Border Color (hex)": "#000000", "Add a Vending marker": false, "Vending Marker Name": "The Golden Egg" }, "Resource Settings": { "Resource Spawn Time (seconds)": 3600, "Scrap Spawn Amount (0 to disable)": 50, "HQM Spawn Amount": 25, "Low Grade Spawn Amount": 100, "Metal Frags Spawn Amount": 1000, "Allow Sulfur Ore": false, "Sulfur Ore Spawn Amount": 600, "Allow Cooked Sulfur": false, "Cooked Sulfur Spawn Amount": 400, "Custom Item 1 (use item shortname, eg ammo.rifle, gears, green.berry)": "", "Custom Item 1 Amount": 1, "Custom Item 1 Spawn Time (seconds)": 14400, "Custom Item 2": "", "Custom Item 2 Amount": 1, "Custom Item 2 Spawn Time (seconds)": 10800, "Custom Item 3": "", "Custom Item 3 Amount": 1, "Custom Item 3 Spawn Time (seconds)": 7200 }, "Item Customisation": { "Item Name": "The Golden Egg", "Item Skin ID": 0, "Item Found Image in Game (use an image 1000x400)": "https://i.imgur.com/3Yf5iaD.png", "Chat command": "egg", "Item Found Image for the Discord Webhook": "https://i.imgur.com/Knn0X37.png", "Item Lost Image for the Discord Webhook": "https://i.imgur.com/GxlVNSa.png" }, "Roam Settings": { "Increase health whilst holding the egg": true, "Total health": 150, "Increase ore/wood gather rate whilst holding the egg": true, "Gather multipler": 2.0, "Increase pickup amount whilst holding the egg (hemp/food etc)": true, "Pickup multipler": 2.0, "Don't allow roam bonus while server pop is below (leave at 0 to disable)": 0, "Don't allow roam bonus between certain hours": true, "Start of time period": "1AM", "End of time period": "7AM", "Broadcast a chat message when someone starts roaming": true }, "Event Settings": { "Run the chinook event": true, "Number of crates to drop": 2, "Crate unlock time": 600, "Maximum additional items to add to the crate(s)": 15, "Run the event once, between a certain time": true, "Start of time period": "8PM", "End of time period": "10PM", "Run the event on repeat": false, "Minimum time between events (seconds)": 3600.0, "Maximum time between events (seconds)": 7200.0, "Don't run the event if server pop is below (leave at 0 to disable)": 0, "Show map marker": true, "Marker Radius": 0.5, "Marker Transparency": 0.4, "Marker Color (hex)": "#ecf97f", "Marker Border Color (hex)": "#000000" }, "Let players with permission pinpoint the egg on screen (use /egg find)": true, "Send a webhook when the egg is found/destroyed": "https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks", "Don't add time while the player is in a safe zone": true, "Don't add time while the egg is in a stash": true, "Don't add time while the egg is in a building": false, "Don't add time while server pop is below (leave at 0 to disable)": 0, "Don't add time between certain hours": false, "Start of time period": "1AM", "End of time period": "6AM", "Destroy the egg if in a safe zone for longer than (seconds, leave at 0 to disable)": 0.0, "Destroy the egg if in a building blocked zone for longer than (seconds, leave at 0 to disable)": 0.0, "Destroy the egg if in a Raidable Base zone for longer than (seconds, leave at 0 to disable)": 0.0, "Name of permission group to grant with /egg winner (requires Timed Permissions plugin)": "", "Duration to grant access to group (requires Timed Permissions plugin). Format: 1d12h30m": "28d", "Destroy the egg after x minutes (leave at 0 to disable)": 0, "Block player from cracking open the egg while being raided": true, "Raid block timer": 300, "Data save interval": 300, "Clear data on map wipe": true, "Use custom item list when cracking open the egg": false, "Custom item list (use item shortname, eg rifle.m39, explosive.timed, etc": [ "item.one", "item.two", "etc" ], "Blacklist commands whilst holding the egg": false, "Blacklisted commands": [ "/tp", "/trade", "/shop", "/rw", "/bank", "/home", "/remove" ], "TruePVE Only": { "Enable damage to players and bases if they have the egg": false, "Max distance between players for damage to register": 100.0 } }
  15. Version 2.40.6


    Protect your gaming server against hackers, scripters, cheats and grievers! The plugin allows you to auto kick known hackers and scripters, as well as cheaters, griefers, toxic playes, racist players etc, the list goes on and growing each day. Note: ** All auto kick features are configurable by server, so you can make use of the banDB or just use the features that are made available. You can also auto kick users that are on VPN, PROXY or a BAD IP (See more at the bottom) This tool is a combination of wealth of information regarding players, from their vac ban counts, economy bans, game bans and server bans. It also gives you the family share information, if they are lending, and whom they are lending from, as well if the lender is either vac banned or community banned. API Key * You can get your api key from Server Armour: Servers Disclaimer: * If you are an abusive & biased admin, your server ip will be blacklisted from using this service. Discord: nd54sKX You can add the Server Armour bot to your discord by following this link: Add Server Armour bot to your discord Permissions ``` /sa.ban - requires permission serverarmour.ban /sa.unban - requires permission serverarmour.unban /clanban - requires permission serverarmour.ban ``` Admin Permissions ``` serverarmour.website.admin serverarmour.ban serverarmour.unban ``` Whitelist Permissions ``` serverarmour.whitelist.recentvac serverarmour.whitelist.badip serverarmour.whitelist.keyword serverarmour.whitelist.vacceiling serverarmour.whitelist.banceiling serverarmour.whitelist.gamebanceiling serverarmour.whitelist.hardware.ownsbloody serverarmour.whitelist.steamprofile serverarmour.whitelist.twitterban serverarmour.whitelist.familyshare ``` Commands ``` <optional> /sa.cp username <force:boolean> - This will show you the ServerArmour report for a specific user, when the force true is added, it will skip checking local cache and update it from the server. /sa.unban "username/id" - unbans a user /sa.ban "username/id" "reason" - This will ban a player for 1 hour, please keep reason english for now (this helps with sentiment analysis.) /clanban "username/id" "reason" - This will ban a player for 1 hour, please keep reason english for now (this helps with sentiment analysis.) /sa.ban "username/id" "reason" 1h - This will ban a player for 1 hour, please keep reason english for now (this helps with sentiment analysis.) /sa.ban "username/id" "reason" 1d - This will ban a player for 1 day, please keep reason english for now (this helps with sentiment analysis.) /sa.ban "username/id" "reason" 1m - This will ban a player for 1 month, please keep reason english for now (this helps with sentiment analysis.) /sa.ban "username/id" "reason" 1y - This will ban a player for 1 year, please keep reason english for now (this helps with sentiment analysis.) ``` ## Website Most of the administration and investigation is made easier due to the website, you can find all information aggregated in a simple way. ### Find a profile ### See previous bans See the reason why someone was banned on other servers, and make informed decisions. ### Link Overview See who is linked to an account, to quickly catch alt accounts trying to ban evade ### Reports Overview ### Arkan Overview ## Combatlog Overview All your servers combatlogs are streamed realtime to a simplistic screen, where you have a quick overview of players, and their KD Default Configuration { "Auto Kick": { "Bans on your network": true, // should SA auto kick bans create on any of your other servers you are admin on? "Enabled": true, // Is auto kick enabled? "Max allowed previous bans": 3, // max allowed bans on other servers, for a player "Steam": { "Min age of VAC ban allowed": 90, // Example: a player with a 89day vac should be kicked, 90 wont. "When Steam Level Hidden": false, // Kicks a player that has a hidden steam level, this includes private accounts. "Family share accounts": false, // kick family share accounts? "Family share accounts that are dirty": false, // kick family share accounts that are considered dirty? "Max allowed Game bans": 2, "Max allowed VAC bans": 1, "Min Allowed Steam Level (-1 disables)": -1, // "Private Steam Profiles": false, "Profiles that do no conform to the Steam64 IDs (Highly recommended)": true }, "Users that have been banned on rusthackreport": true, "VPN": { "Enabled": true, // should vpn or proxy players be kicked? "Ignore nVidia Cloud Gaming": true, // should players on the nvidia network be ignored? } }, "Better Chat: Tag for dirty users": "", //will prefix player names with this tag that are dirty "Broadcast": { // this will broadcast in chat by default "Kicks": false, // when a player gets kicked? "New bans": true, // when a player gets banned? "RCON": false, // should it all the above be broadcasted via RCON as well (usefull for battlemetrics player history) "Player Reports": true, //should their player report be broadcasted on connect "When VAC is younger than": 120 // goes together with the below }, "Clan Ban": { "Ban Native Team Members": true, // this is the normal team members in vanilla rust, by default will ban members in a Clan in Clans or ClansReborn "Reason Prefix": "Assoc Ban -> {playerId}: {reason}" // will use this reason prefifx format. }, "Discord": { "Webhook URL": "https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks", // webhook for connect reports, and kicks "Bans Webhook URL": "https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks", // webhook for bans, else it will default to above "Notify when a player has received a game ban": true, "Send Ban Report": true, "Send Kick Report": true, "Send Only Dirty Player Reports": true, //if only reports should be sent to discord when a player is dirty, if false, it will send a report for every player that connects "Show Quick Connect On report": true //this will embed a clickable link in the report to the server connect. }, "General": { "Debug: Show additional debug console logs": false, // always false, unless you want to debug where an issue occurs for the developer. "Ignore Admins": true // this will ignore admins completely. }, "io.serverarmour.com": { "Owner Email": "", // owner email, not required, but usefull for important communication (not spam) "Owner Real Name": "", // your name, the owner "Owner Steam64 ID": "", // the owners steam64id "Server Key": "", // Get this from the website "Share details with other server owners": true, // For future use, so that other server admins can send you emails for evidence etc, or discuss a ban. "Submit Arkan Data": true // if arkan data can be submitted to the cloud server, for analysis. }, "Server Info": { "Game Port": "", // your normal port, that users connect to "Query Port": "", // if you havent changed this, the default is the same as gameport. "RCON Port": "", // not used now, for future management from io.serverarmour.com "Your Server IP": "" // your server IP ONLY, without : ports }, "Show Protected MSG": true // shows that your server is protected by serverarmour, to a player that connects } Bad IP: It refers any combination of crawlers / comment & email spammers / brute force attacks. IPs that are behaving "badly" in an automated manner. Networks that are infected with malware / trojans / botnet / etc are also considered "bad". It may be possible that the user is not aware that their systems are infected or they have received an IP by their ISP that was recently infected with malicious code. If you wish to skip this, see variations of implementation. Setting: "Auto Kick: VPN and Proxy": true WIll automatically kick a player if they are either using a proxy, vpn or is a bad IP, "Auto Kick: VPN and Proxy: Sensitivity": 1.0 API Hooks void OnSARecentVacKick(string steamId, int unixLastVax, int unixRemainingDays) { } void OnSAVPNKick(string steamId, double ipRating) { } void OnSAKeywordKick(string steamId) { } void OnSATooManyVacKick(string steamId, int numberOfVACBans) { } void OnSATooManyGameBansKick(string steamId, int numberOfGameBans) { } void OnSABloodyKick(string steamId) { } void OnSATooManyBans(string steamId) { } void OnSAProfilePrivate(string steamId, int communityvisibilitystate) { } void OnSAProfileLevelLow(string steamId, int minlevelallowed, int userlevel) { } Methods int API_GetServerBanCount(string steamid) // Get the count of servers this use has been banned on bool API_GetIsVacBanned(string steamid) // Indicates whether or not the player has VAC bans on record. bool API_GetIsCommunityBanned(string steamid) // Indicates whether or not the player is banned from Steam Community int API_GetVacBanCount(string steamid) // Number of VAC bans on record. int API_GetGameBanCount(string steamid) // Number of bans in games, this includes CS:GO Overwatch bans. string API_GetEconomyBanStatus(string steamid) // The player's ban status in the economy. If the player has no bans on record the string will be "none", if the player is on probation it will say "probation", etc. bool API_GetIsPlayerDirty(string steamid) // Indicates if the player has any bans at all, includes server, game and vac bans bool API_GetIsPlayerDirty(string steamid) // Indicates if the game is a family shared game, true indicates the player doesnt own it but lending it. string API_GetFamilyShareLenderSteamId(string steamid) // Gets the steamid of the person lending the game. Returns "0" if there isn't a lender and it's not family share. bool API_GetIsFamilyShareLenderDirty(string steamid) // Checks if the current users family share account is dirty. int API_GetDaysSinceLastVacBan(string steamid) // Get amount of days since last vac ban. This will retun 0 if there is no vac ban. bool API_GetIsProfilePrivate(string steamid) // Check if the players profile is private. int API_GetProfileLevel(string steamid) // Gets the players steam level. Example [PluginReference] Plugin ServerArmour; private void OnUserConnected(IPlayer player) { { Puts(ServerArmour.Call<bool>("API_GetIsPlayerDirty", player.Id)); } The above is a universal example using the universal OnUserConnected hook for all Oxide supported games. More Info The plugin makes web calls to Server Armours api, which is a collection and aggregated database of multiple databases containing bans of steamid's. Information sent to the api is as follows: local server ban information * player steamid - only reliable way to track all information related to a player. * player username * player ip * reason - used to display reasons for a ban, and also for Sentiment analysis. (when users need to ban specific people (scripters, hackers, esp, aimbot, etc)) * * date and time server information * server name - to identify your server name * server port - server port, not currently used by our services, but will be used in the future for server owners to manage their server from a web based management console. * server admin name - By default the admin needs to set this up, this is used to identify how trustworty a ban that is being submitted is. This will also be used for banned users to contact the relevant server admins, this information is NEVER made public or sold. This is only used to make the service fair for all involved and so that there is a dispute process. When not provided, your bans will have the lowest of trust scores. * server admin email - By default the admin needs to set this up, this is used to identify how trustworty a ban that is being submitted is. This will also be used for banned users to contact the relevant server admins, this information is NEVER made public or sold. This is only used to make the service fair for all involved and so that there is a dispute process. When not provided, your bans will have the lowest of trust scores. * steam game id - the steam game id, to identify what game the server is actually hosting. * game name - same as above, but just in readable format. If more information is needed regarding any of the above, or any concerns, please open a thread so that I can provide more information. Please consider supporting the project.
  16. _senyaa

    Liquid Fuel

    Version 1.0.5


    In short, this plugin turns low grade, crude oil and diesel into a liquid, which forces players to use jugs, bota bags and bottles to interact with fuel. Based on this, we can introduce new features such as fuel splashing, refining crude oil in regular purifiers or building autonomous refining factories using powered water purifiers and pumps! Also players can get their fuel from Oxum's Gas Station. oh, and cool flamethrower 1. Introducing Liquid Fuel This plugin introduces 3 new liquids: Low Grade, Crude Oil and Diesel. 1 ml of the liquid represents 1 respecting "vanilla" item. Vanilla fuel is completely replaced by its liquid form. All items, vehicles, weapons and deployables now use liquid fuel. Players need to use liquid containers in order to get and store fuel. 2. Getting fuel There are several ways players can get fuel From Oxum's Gas Station Gas pumps now contain a bit of low grade inside them. Players can come to gas station and loot them. You can modify behaviour of this in the configuration file. From Red Oil Barrels Just like the regular old red barrels, players can get fuel from them, but they need to have free liquid containers inside their inventory. But players should be careful, because this plugin introduces gas explosions. From Pump Jacks. Since pump jacks now only farm crude oil, this plugin adds an option to increase crude oil production rates, see [3. Looting] Aditional Crude Oil in pumpjack configuration option. All drop rates are configurable. 2.1 Commands There are several chat and console commands so players, admins and other plugins could give liquid fuel. Chat commands: /buyxm42 - gives players XM42 and subtracts configured price. requires liquidfuel.buyxm42 permission liquidfuel.freexm42 permission gives it for free /buylowgrade /buycrudeoil /buydiesel these chat commands require liquidfuel.buyfuel permission liquidfuel.freefuel permission gives fuel for free Admin console commands: givefuel <1 - LGF , 2 - Crude Oil l, 3 - Diesel > <amount> <player name> givexm42 <player name> 3. Refining Crude Oil This plugin completely rethinks the way players refine their crude oil. Old oil refineries become non-existent the second you load the plugin, which makes players use purifiers. Players are able to refine the fuel at their base almost immediately after starting out. They use regular water purifiers, that run on campfires, these purifier are slower and refine at a slower pace. Mid-game way to get fuel is to place a powered water purifier. By default, it refines faster and more efficiently, producing more low grade. Also, all purifiers have a input/output slots for connecting them to barrels or other purifiers. This allows players to build complicated autonomous fuel refining factories, which I find very interesting. Remember, speed and refining rates are configurable, so you can balance it the way you see it! 4. Fuel Splashing Now players can splash and then ignite fuel anywhere and in any pattern they wish. This allows players to raid bases, use it in PvP, create interesting trap contraptions and much more! 5. XM42 Flamethrower There is an unused model of the military flamethrower in the Rust files for quite awhile. This plugin makes use of it and now it can be used in-game. This flamethrower has a larger fuel capacity and also deals more damage. And, of course, everything about this flamethrower is configurable. 6. Explosions Red fuel barrels now explode when they are ignited or shot. Players should carefully farm oil barrels using tools, because one shot can initiate a chain reaction of explosions of other neighbouring oil barrels and can easily kill them. Also, fuel wagons now have a chance of exploding when hit with something flammable. You can change the projectiles and the explosion chance in the configuration file. 7. Crafting Crafting with liquid fuel is quite easy - to craft low grade you just need to have a liquid container in your inventory to store the crafted fuel inside, to craft something with low grade, you need to have a liquid container with enough fuel inside it. 7.2 Crafting with mixing table mixing low grade is done as before, by placing cloth and fat, players can get fuel, it's just in liquid form mixing recipes that require low grade are done by placing a liquid container in place of low grade. 8. Localization Built-in localization: English Russian But you can always add your own or change existing ones by modifying files in /oxide/lang/{your_language}/LiquidFuel.json 9. Configuration LiquidFuel's configuration is quite easy to understand and work with. Here is the example of the configuration file. It is located in /oxide/config/LiquidFuel.json { "[1. Prices] Low Grade Fuel Amount": 300, "[1. Prices] Low Grade Fuel Price (set value to 0 to make it free, use ServerRewards or Economics as a shortname to use RP points or Economics balance respectively)\"": { "ShortName": "scrap", "Amount": 50, "SkinID": 0 }, "[1. Prices] Crude Oil Amount": 150, "[1. Prices] Crude Oil Price (set value to 0 to make it free, use ServerRewards or Economics as a shortname to use RP points or Economics balance respectively)\"": { "ShortName": "scrap", "Amount": 75, "SkinID": 0 }, "[1. Prices] Diesel Amount": 10, "[1. Prices] Diesel Price (set value to 0 to make it free, use ServerRewards or Economics as a shortname to use RP points or Economics balance respectively)\"": { "ShortName": "scrap", "Amount": 100, "SkinID": 0 }, "[2. Entity Fuel Tanks] Max interaction distance (m)": 4.0, "[2. Entity Fuel Tanks] Fuel tank stack limits": { "fuel_storage_scrapheli": 1000, "fuel_storage_attackheli": 1000, "fuel_storage": 500, "fuelstorage": 20, "engine": 20, "crudeoutput": 5000, "crate_fuel": 100, "modular_car_fuel_storage": 250, "snowmobilefuelstorage": 250, "submarinefuelstorage": 250, "tugboat fuel_storage": 250, "workcart_fuel_storage": 250, "locomotive_fuel_storage": 250, "wagon_storage_fuel": 2500, "coaling_tower_fuel_storage.entity": 5000, "flameturret.deployed": 250, "tunalight.deployed": 250, "lantern.deployed": 250, "carvable.pumpkin": 100, "jackolantern.happy": 100, "jackolantern.angry": 100, "chineselantern.deployed": 250, "skylantern.deployed": 250, "skylantern.skylantern.red": 250, "skylantern.skylantern.green": 250, "skylantern.skylantern.orange": 250, "skylantern.skylantern.purple": 250, "fogmachine": 500, "snowmachine": 500 }, "[3. Looting] Minumum of Low Grade Fuel in red barrel": 5, "[3. Looting] Maximum of Low Grade Fuel in red barrel": 9, "[3. Looting] Minumum of Crude Oil in red barrel": 15, "[3. Looting] Maximum of Crude Oil in red barrel": 19, "[3. Looting] Minumum of Diesel per diesel barrel": 1, "[3. Looting] Maximum of Diesel per diesel barrel": 1, "[3. Looting] Aditional Crude Oil in pumpjack": 3, "[3.1. Looting Oxum's Gas Station] Enable gas pumps in Oxum's Gas Station (true/false)": true, "[3.1. Looting Oxum's Gas Station] Max interaction distance": 2.0, "[3.1. Looting Oxum's Gas Station] Raycasting interval (higher number results in better performance, but slower UI)": 0.2, "[3.1. Looting Oxum's Gas Station] Minimum gas refill time (minutes)": 2.0, "[3.1. Looting Oxum's Gas Station] Maximum gas refill time (minutes)": 5.0, "[3.1. Looting Oxum's Gas Station] Minimum Low Grade Fuel": 15, "[3.1. Looting Oxum's Gas Station] Maximum Low Grade Fuel": 40, "[4. Refineries] Regular purifier purification ratio (per 1 crude oil)": 1, "[4. Refineries] Powered purifier purification ratio (per 1 crude oil)": 3, "[4. Refineries] Regular purifier purification speed (per minute)": 24, "[4. Refineries] Powered purifier purification speed (per minute)": 60, "[5. Fuel splashing] Enable fuel splashing (true/false)": true, "[5. Fuel splashing] Minimum burn time (seconds)": 20.0, "[5. Fuel splashing] Maximum burn time (seconds)": 25.0, "[5. Fuel splashing] Fire damage radius (m)": 0.2, "[5. Fuel splashing] Fire damage (per second)": 5.0, "[5. Fuel splashing] Delay between igniting next fuel path node (seconds)": 0.1, "[5. Fuel splashing] Fuel spent per second of splashing": 15, "[5. Fuel splashing] Fuel path decay time (seconds)": 180.0, "[6. XM42 Flamethrower] Price": { "ShortName": "scrap", "Amount": 500, "SkinID": 0 }, "[6. XM42 Flamethrower] Item Name": "XM42 Flamethrower", "[6. XM42 Flamethrower] Fuel capacity": 150, "[6. XM42 Flamethrower] Damage per second": 90, "[7. Explosions] Fuel wagon explosion chance": 0.2, "[7. Explosions] Projectiles that initiate fuel wagon explosion": [ "riflebullet_fire", "pistolbullet_fire", "riflebullet_explosive" ], "[7. Explosions] Red barrel explosion damage": 60, "[8. Misc] Fuel poisoning amount": 15.0 } 10. API This plugin exposes the following API methods: // Type: 1 - LGF; 2 - Crude Oil; 3 - Diesel Item CreateFuel(int type, int amount) -> Returns the stack of the requested fuel Item CreateXM42() -> Returns XM42 Item 11. Notes Because this plugin quite drastically changes Rust world and items, it is not recommended to install/uninstall this plugin mid-wipe. Even though it preserves its state after reloads, it's not recommended to unload the plugin for long periods of time. 12. Credits Thanks to @Nikita and @kyrich for helping me with testing and video production.
  17. Version 1.4.4


    Assists in finding ESPers that unearth stashes, it also allows admins to make placing bait stashes easy and simple, by automatically filling predefined items in random, and disables the ability for admins to accidentally unearth stashes whilst enabled. It will also automatically delete all contents of an admin stash when unearthed, which assists in admin abuse and/or exploitation of hackers. Supports Auto Demo Recorder (ADR) Supports Better Ban System Supports Server Armour Features: Notifies to discord when stashes are found which doesn't belong to players (or clan if using the clan plugin) Records the number of stashes found in a certain, configurable timeframe. Sends discord notifications when the above happens Admins can place "server" stashes, and they will be auto-filled with the /stash command. When a player unearths said stash, the contents will be automatically removed. Stashes can also be autogenerated and placed automatically. And can be replaced as they are found in another random location. It auto bans based on condition. Example: If a player finds 5 stashes that don't belong to them within 1 hour, they are auto-banned with a preset reason. It works with ADR as well and can trigger demo recordings based on conditions It works with ServerArmour to handle bans, else native bans. Battlemetrics will soon be supported. Permissions: stashwarning.admin - allows admins to use the stash placement system. Chat Commands: /stash - Enables manual stash placement tool. Stashes cannot be unearthed when enabled and stashes will be automatically given. /stashshow- Toggles On/Off - Will show admin the location of all plugin related stashes. /stashdestroyall - This will destroy all server stashes create by, or with this plugin. /genstashes- This will force generate all stashes that are missing. /regenstashes- This will remove, and then replace all stashes from this plugin. Config explanations: "API: ADR reason" The reason that will be given to ADR, and is sent to discord along with the recording. "API: ADR recording length in mins" How long the recording should be in minutes. "API: ADR Trigger recording when stashes found/triggered more than" When the recording should trigger, Example: If set to 1, the recording will trigger when the player has triggered/unearthed 2 stashes. "Discord: Color" Color for the embed message, see here https://gist.github.com/thomasbnt/b6f455e2c7d743b796917fa3c205f812 "Discord: Embed Title" The title of the embed inside discord. "Discord: Send Stash Toggle Msgs" If notifications should be sent to discord when an admin toggles the stash command. "Discord: Webhook Server Name" The server where the notification is sent from, useful for when you have multiple servers. "Discord: Webhook URL" https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks "SteamID for in-game chat icon." This will be used to assign against placed stashes for tracking. Do not change this to a user on the server, leave as is if you don't have another steamid. "Embed count buckets in hours" This should be a string, comma-separated. This will be the bucket embeds in discord, to show the count of stashes found for the user, inside the hour brackets. Example: 0, 24, 1 = would give you a count for all stashes, stashes in the last hour, and stashes in the last 24hours. See below "Stash Items" The items that you would like to be automatically filled when a stash is placed. The number would be the max quantity, this will be randomized when placing in a stash to remove predictability. "Stash Item Slots To Fill: Max" The maximum amount of slots to fill "Stash Item Slots To Fill: Min" The minimum amount of slots to fill A random value will be chosen between the above two values. "Auto Ban False Positive Distance" Default: 5 - Stashes found in this distance will be considered false positives. (Useful where multiple stashes are unearthed in one spot.) "Auto Ban False Positive - Include in count?" If the above false positives should be counted in the triggers. This affects auto bans as well. "Ignore Admins" If admins should be ignored when unearthing stashes not belonging to them. "Auto Ban Delay In Min" Delays auto bans by X minutes. "Delete found server stash after X seconds (0 = Disables)" Will automatically delete server stashes that were found, after X seconds.
  18. Version 1.1.2


    This is a simple tool to help you catch ESPer's. Unlike methods in the past requiring cheaters to fall for traps, this one will be watching without having to give them any bait! This plugin is still in "beta" and is offered at a reduced price for a limited time. Since 1.0.12, the embed now includes a radar image to show violations (red line): The above embed shows the culprit, with quick links to Steam, Battlemetrics, and ServerArmour. Along with each violation that caused the trigger, the consist of the violation id, the time it happened, and steamid and distance from the culprit. It is highly recommended to use along with ADR, although not required, but can easily eliminate false positives by having the option to watch the player from the demo. Commands /testesp - this will send a test embed to your configured webhook. Permissions espdetection.ignore Ignores specific players who are granted this permission. Config options explanation General Max distance to check The maximum to check if the player is ESPing. (default 150 outside, 100 inside) Check Interval How often should a player be checked (default 1 second) Ignore Players Idle Ignore players that haven't changed position (default 15 seconds) Only track players with active weapons Track players that have equipped weapons only. (default true) Auto Demo Record (only applicable if Auto Demo Record is installed) Record Length How long should the triggered recording be (default 10 minutes) Discord Webhook Where the logs & ADR recordings should be sent to Webhook Title Title of the embed Violations Probability % Which % probability should trigger a Discord embed and ADR recording. (default 40%) Samples How many samples should be kept in memory, to calculate the probability (default 20) Weapon Specific Configs These change characteristics of weapons Weapon Shortname Max distance to check This overrides the general setting for the weapon only Track if set to false, a player will be ignored if he has this weapon equipped. (default true) Attachment Specific Configs These change characteristics of attachments Attachment Shortname Add distance while aiming As the name suggests, it adds extra distance to the previous configs, useful for when aiming with an 8x or 16x Track if set to false, a player will be ignored if he has this weapon equipped. (default true) NOTE: if you are using ADR, a good command to use when reviewing the demos are `debug.culling 1`
  19. Version 1.2.93


    Records players automatically that have been reported X amount of times, with the ability to automatically upload the combat logs & Demo files to a discord webhook. Disk usage whilst recording: +- 1MB per 1 minute. Discord has an 8mb upload limit and 100mb for nitro. Chat Commands: /record - Chat: This will initiate a self-recording. Console Commands autodemorecord.record [steam64id] [minutes] - Console: Usefull to record a player on demand, or a schedule from another plugin. autodemorecord.blacklist add [steam64id] [recordingMinutes] [intervalMinutes] - Console: Add a player to the blacklist, which will record them for [recordingMinutes] every [intervalMinutes] autodemorecord.blacklist remove [steam64id] - Console: Removes a player from the blacklist. Permissions: Permission autodemorecord.record is required for a player to initiate a recording of themselves. Useful for streamers, to provide them with footage at wipe end, or tournaments. The recording length will be "Auto record for X minutes" Config explanations: "Auto record after X reports": Will start recording the player when these many reports have been received. "Only record when reports within X seconds": Only record when the number of reports above, are received in this timeframe. 0 to record always when the above value is reached. "Save/Load reports to datafile on reload": Useful when you aren't using the above config, if you do it might not be necessary to save data overhead. "Auto record for X minutes": the number of minutes the player should be recorded for. "Discord MSG Color": Color for the embed message, see here https://gist.github.com/thomasbnt/b6f455e2c7d743b796917fa3c205f812 "Discord Webhook": You discord webhook all information should be sent to. "Discord: Notify if recording is started": Should a message be sent to the discord webhook when the recording starts? "Discord: Include report with start message?": Should the player's report be added to the recording start message? "Discord: Notify if recording is stopped": Should a message be sent to the discord webhook when the recording ends? "Discord: Include report with end message?": Should the player's report be added to the recording end message? "Upload Combat Log to discord webhook?": Should the player's combat log be upload to the above discord webhook as a txt file? "Upload DEMO file to discord webhook?": Should the player's demo file be uploaded to the above discord webhook? "Split DEMO files for non nitro discord (8mb chunks)?": This will split files and upload multiple files to discord for non-nitro discord servers. If you have nitro with an upload limit of 100mb, then you can turn this off. "Discord Webhook - Self Record" All self-initiated recordings will post to this webhook, if not set it will go to the main one. "Record if FlyHacked in last X seconds" This will initiate a recording when a player rejoins the server after kicked for flyhacking. "Save recording to server?" If set to false, it will not save to the HDD, to save space. Make sure you have a webhook setup, otherwise it will still save as to not lose any demos. API: If you want to trigger a recording from your plugin, you can do the following: AutoDemoRecord.Call("API_StartRecording", BasePlayer player, string Reason, int LengthInMin); All suggestions welcomed!
  20. Version 1.1.2


    When running a server, I've always wanted a simple, easy-to-use/configure plugin, and a lightweight plugin that just Welcomes new users, welcomes back old users, and says goodbye to leaving users. I never could find a working one that fit all my "needs." So I took to my IDE and made TrueWelcomer. This plugin is built on the idea of being user-friendly, it's simple and easy to configure. At its core: True Welcomer, welcomes new users, welcomes back old users, and says goodbye to users leaving. True Welcome is compatible with both Oxide & Carbon! Configuration: { "Debug Mode": false "Show Join Messages": true, "Show Welcome Messages": true, "Show Leave Messages": true, "Clears the Data List on wipe": true, "Steam User Icon ID": 0 "Hide Players with AuthLevel": false, "AuthLevel to Hide. 0 - Both, 1 - AuthLevel1, 2 - AuthLevel2 ": 0, "Hide Players With Permission": false } Oh.. Did I mention it comes with Localization? Localization: { "OnWelcome": "Welcome, <color=#ff7675>{0}</color>, to the server!", "OnJoin": "Welcome back, <color=#ff7675>{0}</color>, to the server!", "OnLeave": "Goodbye, <color=#ff7675>{0}</color>!", "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to run this command!", "NowHiding": "Users will no longer be alerted when you join or leave the server.", "NowShowing": "Users will now be alerted when you join or leave the server.", "ServerConfigAlert": "Due to the Server's Config, your preference will be ignored." } You can contact me on Discord (@itznxthaniel) or Support Post here if you need help!
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Give your professional players another reason to excel with this volcano. - To access the volcano you will have to overcome the oil ring to get to the main box, activate the elevator with a button that will give you access to the elevator door. - As you go down to the volcano via the elevator, you can equip yourself and take some anti-radiation pills, you will need them. - Inside the volcano you will have to choose wisely the way to activate the door using a fuse and a red card, be careful, the access to this mechanism is dangerous, remember you are in a volcano, the ground is lava!!!!
  22. Version 1.4.8


    The easiest and fastest way to build a Rust server Functions: Server Config Installer Wipe Manager Custom Map Support - Server Config: Here you can set up all the settings for your server. Server Name Server Tag Server Description Server URL Server Logo URL Map Size Map Seed Generate Maps Seed MAX Player RCON Password Server Port Query Port RCON Port App Port Game Mode Custom Map - Installer: Here you can easily install your server and mods. Install or Update your Server Verify your server files Install or Update Oxide (Detects new version) Install or Update Carbon (Detects new version) Install or Update RustEdit (for Custom Map Users) Install or Update Discord Extension (to run Discord Plugins) - Wipe Manager: Here you can easily Wipe your Server Full Wipe Blueprints Map Oxide Data Backpacks Logs Player Deaths Player Identities Player Stats Player Tokens New Map Seed on Wipe HowTo: - Start Rust Server Tool as Admin - Install Server - Make your settings and save - Start Server That's all
  23. Version 4.0.7


    The plugin allows to define opening and closing times for raids for each day of the week, with the ability to block damage outside of those hours. The configuration is customizable with many options, #FEATURES Defined schedules raids are allowed during the day. Blocks damage or execute console command outside the allowed period. Displaying an UI or use CustomStatusFramework. Everything is customizable, configurable with many options. Protects the player if he has recently joined the server Prevents raids if not enough time to play #INFO Bypass allows you to destroy if is not the raid time (only if block damage is enabled). All options are optional and can be configured The plugin is compatible with players languages The times displayed can be configured for the players, in order to adapt to the format of their country /craid (for open panel) #API private bool API_IsRaidTime() => _mainController.currentSchedule.isRaidTime; private List<int> API_StartSchedule() { return new List<int> { (int)_mainController.currentSchedule.start.day, _mainController.currentSchedule.start.hour, _mainController.currentSchedule.start.minute }; } private List<int> API_EndSchedule() { return new List<int> { (int)_mainController.currentSchedule.end.day, _mainController.currentSchedule.end.hour, _mainController.currentSchedule.end.minute }; }


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