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Please note that the presented version of the plugin is in the development stage and is not the final release. We are actively working on improving and optimizing the functionality to provide you with the best user experience.
P.S. Any suggestions for improvement will be taken into consideration.

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About Extended Stats

The plugin is designed for collecting and sending information to the database for subsequent display on the website through direct MySQL queries or API(post query).
The plugin has the capability to work with the database through an API. This is implemented in case the database and game server are located on different hosts, and the database host restricts queries beyond localhost.

Currently, the data is only sent to the database, but in the future, the capability to retrieve information from the database will be added.
P.S. This plugin works only with the MySQL type.



  • Collecting:
    • Server information;
    • Player information;
    • Team information;
    • Clan information(in future);
    • Report(F7) information.
  • Sending data through:
    • direct MySQL;
    • via API(POST query) to MySQL.



  "Time in seconds for updating data in the database(0 to disable)": 300.0,
  "Enable Database Logs": true,
  "Data loading method(true for API, false for MySQL)": true,
  "API Service URL(Specify the address of your website)": "https://site.com/ExtendedStats/index.php",
  "API Service Key(Generate your own API key)": "GlBRw-elM6v-gjko3-cxSDk-Tsy7B",
  "MySQL - Host": "localhost",
  "MySQL - Port": 3306,
  "MySQL - Database name": "db_playrust",
  "MySQL - Username": "root",
  "MySQL - Password": "root",
  "Current Server ID": 0,
  "List of deployed names": {},
  "Version": {
    "Major": 0,
    "Minor": 1,
    "Patch": 0


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