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In case you don't have AdvancedStatus, you should purchase the Bundle. The price is the same, but additionally, you'll receive AdvancedStatus.
P.S. Any suggestions for improvement will be taken into consideration.

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About Fuel Status

The plugin displays the vehicle's fuel level in the status bar. Depends on AdvancedStatus plugin.



  • The ability to display the vehicle's fuel level(gauge) in the status bar.
  • The ability to specify the order of the bar;
  • The ability to change the height of the bar;
  • The abillity to customize the color and transparency of the background;
  • The ability to set a material for the background;
  • The ability to switch between CuiRawImageComponent and CuiImageComponent for the image;
  • The abillity to set own image and customize the color and transparency of the image;
  • The abillity to set sprite instead of the image;
  • The ability to customize the colorsize, and font of the text;
  • The ability to set a color for each percentage of fuel.



  "Fuel indicator refresh interval in seconds": 5.0,
  "Status. Bar - Height": 26,
  "Status. Bar - Order": 1,
  "Status. Background - Color": "#FFFFFF",
  "Status. Background - Transparency": 0.15,
  "Status. Background - Material(empty to disable)": "",
  "Status. Image - URL": "https://i.imgur.com/LP54lLZ.png",
  "Status. Image - Sprite(empty to use image from URL)": "",
  "Status. Image - Is raw image": false,
  "Status. Image - Color": "#E2DBD6",
  "Status. Image - Transparency": 0.55,
  "Status. Text - Size": 15,
  "Status. Text - Color": "#E2DBD6",
  "Status. Text - Font(https://umod.org/guides/rust/basic-concepts-of-gui#fonts)": "RobotoCondensed-Bold.ttf",
  "Status. Text - Offset Horizontal": 7,
  "Status. Progress - Transparency": 0.8,
  "Status. Progress - OffsetMin": "25 2.5",
  "Status. Progress - OffsetMax": "-3.5 -3.5",
  "Status. Progress - Zero Text Size": 12,
  "Status. Progress - Zero Text Color": "#F70000",
  "List of Gauge Indicators": [
      "MaxRange": 1.0,
      "MinRange": 0.6,
      "Color": "#B1C06E"
      "MaxRange": 0.6,
      "MinRange": 0.2,
      "Color": "#F7BB00"
      "MaxRange": 0.2,
      "MinRange": 0.0,
      "Color": "#F70000"
  "Version": {
    "Major": 0,
    "Minor": 1,
    "Patch": 1

The values of MaxRange and MinRange set the range of values over which the color applies.
The values for MaxRange and MinRange must be between 0.0 and 1.0 (inclusive), where 0.0 equals 0%, and 1.0 equals 100%.
The value of MaxRange must be equal to the value of MinRange of the previous.



  "MsgProgressZero": "Out of fuel, refill required!"
  "MsgProgressZero": "Нет топлива!"


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