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  1.  2022.02 Neko

    Discord Pop Bot+

    This is a script capable of controlling multiple bots from one program and with a single config file without ever connecting to your server over RCON.
    You may need Administrator privileges on the system to setup & run this script depending on your server's setup.
    Feature List
    Run multiple bots from the one script Change your config using the included "Config Editor & Generator" - no JSON knowledge needed!
    - Returning 2022! Lowest possible performance impact* - there are no new RCON connections ever made to your server. Show players, max players, queued players, AND joining players! Special variables that are replaced in your strings, allowing you to have any variable in any part of your pop bot's message. Global pop bots - add up the total players across your servers and show it on a dedicated bot! Detailed logging - always know what went on whilst you were gone. NEW: Multi-game support. Read More NEW: Full cross-bot compatibility! CSGO & Rust servers? No problem! NEW: Conditionals system to give you ultimate control over your server statuses! * Assuming that the servers are run on a machine separate to the bot.
    How does it work?
    This script works by querying the BattleMetrics API - even if you don't have a purchased RCON subscription! If you do, you'll be able to display the amount of players joining.
    Installation, Configuration, and Support
    Update Intervals
    During the creation of your pop bots, you may be asked what "Update Interval" you would like. If you are running more than 4 bots, it is recommended you increase your update interval appropriately so that you do not spam Discord's API - a quick way to get your server banned that a lot of Discord-related Rust scripts do not account for. Additionally, Discord will attempt to kill the connection a few times before banning you, which could result in crashes! Not to worry though, this script has been built to be as reliable as possible and will automatically restart itself if you follow the steps under "Running the Script".
    The threshold feature has been replaced with the new conditionals system.
    Joining Players
    If you would like to show the amount of players joining, it is absolutely necessary that you have a BattleMetrics RCON subscription purchased. You will be asked by the config generator if you would to create a Pop Bot with BM Token or Pop Bot without a BM Token - if you wish to display the players currently joining your server, choose the former. If you do not wish to show this or do not have a BM subscription, use the latter.
    Obtaining a Discord Bot Token
    First, head over to https://discord.com/developers/applications and create yourself an application. It'll most likely need your server logo, the name of the server, and any other information you wish for people to see appear.
    Once that's done, select the "Bots" tab and press create a bot. You'll be presented with "Click to reveal a token" and a button that reads "Copy". You can just press Copy and it's on your clipboard ready to insert into your config file.
    Obtaining a BattleMetrics API Token
    If you have purchased a BM RCON subscription, this is for you.
    Head over to https://www.battlemetrics.com/developers. You want to select "New Token".
    Fill in the identifier with something such as "Pop Bots" and ensure it has the "Execute any RCON command" permission. The rest aren't used at all, so whether or not you grant them or not are completely your choice.
    You'll have only one chance to copy this token somewhere safe (such as the config.json file), so make sure you do. Luckily for you, this one token will work with all of your pop bots, so don't worry about generating a new one for each bot (unless you really want to keep things nice and tidy).
     2.6.1 Amino

    Rust EAC Ban Checker


    - Checks to see if a user is EAC banned or not. This can be done through a specified channel and/or through a command.

    - Can also check to see if a user has EAC banned friends!!

    - Able to check to see if a user has battlemetrics bans. It will only be able to see bans that you have access to! (Can be disabled and enabled | Permission required)

    Very simple to install and get running!


    The bot is very simple to set up. Just fill in the very minimal things in the config and start up the bot and you're good to go.

    Steps to install:
    If you want the bot to run 24/7 you will need a VPS or bot hosting node.
    Hosting recommendation -> https://pebblehost.com/bot-hosting

    Once you have your bot node, upload all the files that are given to you into the file section of your bot node.

    From there all you need to do is edit the config.json file with all the proper information and you're good to go!

    THERE IS ALSO A README.txt FILE IN THE FOLDER THAT YOU GET! It has all the information that you need

    Any questions, please feel free to join my support server and I'll be more than happy to help you!
     2.1.0 Amino

    Server Supporter Bot

    Server supporter bot offers a wide variety of things. Those being:
    Team chat logs Global chat logs F7 Report logs Log RCON console to discord Leave and join logs for your rust server Fully interactable RCON (Able to send commands from discord to server) Multi server pop display is bot status An anti staff ping (Toggleable on / off)  Suggestions command ( Sends suggestions to the specified channel ) | You can also deny and accept suggestions VIA a command Rust stats command (Pulls a users global rust stats) Servers stats command (Will pull your servers battlemetrics stats, player count, etc*) Steam URL converter (converts a vanity URL into a Steam 64 ID) EAC Checker command (Will check if the given Steam 64 ID is EAC banned from rust) A server blacklist checker (Checks if a server is blacklisted from Rust) Userinfo command (Will pull up information on a given discord account) Code lock command (DMs the user a 4 digit code that they can use for code locks in game) Rust hours command (Checks a players Rust hours) Discord user mute and unmute command (Mutes people in discord) Discord on and off duty commands (For server staff) Logs for discord joins, leaves, and messages removed Servers command gives stats on all the servers that you define in the config Discord purge messages command Automatic link removals Discord logs for leaves, joins, bans, unbans, messages removed, messaged edited, roles created, roles deleted, etc* The bot also offers a VERY simple config so you can have the bot up and running in no time.
    The configs let you configure the anti staff ping, any embed colors, your server name, bot prefix, etc*
    Everything is configurable and can be toggled off and on.

    Purchasing this will also give you access to any further updates that we release!

    All Commands:
    stats hours eac clock on clock off  account bl code botinfo convert discordinfo mute unmute mapcheck maps seeds serverstats suggest userinfo sendverify servers serverinfo rcon restart The bot is very simple to install.
    All you need to do is copy and paste all the given files into a folder or discord bot hosting site and start the bot with node index.js
    It will automatically install all the needed packages.
    All you need to do is edit the config1, config2, and rconServersConfig
    You are given config examples for all the configs to assist you in setting up the bot. 
    If they do not auto install, the packages that you will need are:
    discord.js node-fetch path fs os discord.js-pagination axios discord-buttons

    Need support or want updates about what is coming to the bot? Join the Server Supporter Bot discord here https://discord.gg/RVePam7pd7
     1.2.1 Amino

    Advanced Rust Pop Watcher

      - Multi server - You can add as many servers that you want to the config!
      - Fully Customizable - You can change the players joining message, queued message, and regular message!
      - Global bot - There is also a global pop bot that will display the pop of all of your servers combined.
      - Dynamically changing status - The bots status will go to do not disturb mode when the server is offline, idle when the data is being loaded, and online when it is actively updating the servers pops.
      - Threshold message -  When your server is under a certain % of the max players allowed on the server it will not show the pop of the server, instead it will show the message that you set in the config!
      - Server status messages - The bot can also send a message to discord when your server(s) go offline and online.
      - Very simple config 

      - Dynamic Pop Cap Changer
       When your server gets to a certain amount of players away from the max allowed players it will increase the max amount of players allowed
       This will work the same way with decreasing the max amount of players allowed.

       You can set the max the cap is allowed to go to, so it cannot increase over x amount for the player cap, and cannot decrease under x amount for the player cap
       You can also not allow it to increase the player count if the server is under x amount of FPS. 


    Just fill in the very minimal things in the config and start up the bot and you're good to go.

    Steps to install:
    If you want the bot to run 24/7 you will need a VPS or bot hosting node.
    Hosting recommendation -> https://pebblehost.com/bot-hosting

    Once you have your bot node, upload all the files that are given to you into the file section of your bot node.

    From there all you need to do is edit the config.json file with all the proper information and you're good to go!

    Any questions, please feel free to join my support server and I'll be more than happy to help you!

     2022.01 Neko

    Rust Magic (Discord Bot)

    A utility bot that helps with administrating your Rust servers without going in-game for the information - pure magic!

    Simple-setup config Supports BattleMetrics RCON and direct RCON to your server Seamlessly include all your servers from this single bot Smart pagination when the results are too large to display (e.g combatlog) Customisable combatlog output Colour config options to keep output in line with your brand Full Playing ... Discord status customisation View the combatlog of any steamID on any of your servers See who's in a player's team or clan directly from Discord Convert steam vanity URLs to Steam IDs and find their profile on BattleMetrics quickly Automatic name conversion so you always have a player's most recent Steam name Disable commands you don't need or want Restrict command usage to specific roles using their names or IDs Free-to-use emojis included to be used as templates or the real thing - they help keep things looking organised! Includes and integrates with Wxll's ClansRcon.cs plugin to provide additional features not usually available from console. Detailed logging  NetworkID logging & searching Combatlog + NetworkID linking - no more unresolveable combatlogs. Adaptive and clear error handling - so you know what's gone wrong. Player notifications - see when a player you want to spectate comes on and offline Anti staff mention system - warns users not to tag your staff members! Rust Game ban checking - check if a SteamID has been game banned from Rust Chat Sync that works BOTH WAYS! And nearly all of the above is fully customisable through the simple configuration file. Custom commands to allow for restarting your server from Discord, muting from Discord, etc with a customisable syntax. I am completely open to ideas, bug reports, suggestions, and other comments so please get in touch in Discord and mention you have some feedback for this product <3
    Documentation / Installation / Issues / Extensions
    As of RustMagic 1.5 (29/04/2021), contacting me on Discord is no longer the place to go for support, and coming here is not where you should come to see installation steps.
    I have setup a Public Wiki as well as a fair few tutorials for everyone to use and view. Please see the appropriate links.
    Public Wiki / Documentation Tutorials / Guides Issues / Feature Requests / Support v1.5 Update
    The 1.5 update is the largest overhaul of RustMagic ever done, and as such requires an entirely new configuration setup.
    You will have to re-do your configs.
    Additionally, Battlemetrics-Only Installations are no longer supported.
    Please use a direct RCON connection, and if you have any problems with this on a trust level please see the debugging notice on the wiki.
    v1.5 Update
    The 1.6 update introduces recent changes to how distribution requirements are satisfied. There is no longer any need to manually drag a file from the Distributions/ directory into the root directory. Simply run the file run.py with Python and RustMagic will attempt to start.

    Emojis Preview

     1.2 Skizzy

    Rust - Discord Automated Wipe Countdown Bot

    Simply the bot uses the integration of discord unix/epoch timestamps to count down your server(s) wipes in your discord automatically generating new timestamps as your server wipes, currently the bot allows monthly - (wiping at force) weekly and biweekly servers as well as the full customisation of the embed in which the server info is held in (see above for example), the system is 100% automated one you create your servers/wipes.
    Countdown bot is coded in python utilising discord.py along with mongodb to store information
    Feature List :
    Create & Delete Wipes Fully customisable embed (Title, Description, Thumbnail, Footer, Embed Colour) Edit server information ie wipe-times or server descriptions Fully automated countdowns - autogenerates the next wipes  Works alongside Force wipe, currently offering Monthly (force), Biweekly and Weekly wipe options for servers  
    Server with python 3.6 & discord.py 1.7.2 or above Pip packages listed - discord, buttons, arrow, motor, dnspython, pymongo,aiohttps Suggested bot host 0.99$ -> https://serverstarter.host/
    For any problems please msg me on discord : Skizzy#0037
     1.3.3 daniel

    Statistics page for In-game Stats

    This template is powered off of Steenamaroo PlayerRanks plugin.
    Demo: https://never-back-down.com/
    Feature List
    * Displays a table with stats from in-game
    * Clean interface
    * Player Counter
    * Personal Stats
    * Server info
    How To Install
    *Drag all the folders into your web server
    *Open the config folder and open Sitconfig.php and input your information
    *Open the config folder and open the subfolder called serverDBs. This it where your site will get the data to display
    Go to https://rust-servers.info/ and register your server to get your server's api. Should look like this https://api.rust-servers.info/status/
    How it works:
    This application grabs database information that has been populated with Steenamaroo's Player ranks plugin
    It will display it in a easy to read list with a clean darkmode appearance.
    Need Support?
    Add me on discord!
    Free Gt403cyl2

    Rust Wipe Tool Master

    Rust Wipe Tool Master is a tool for server owners or admins who run their Rust server on Windows based machines, be it locally or on a server, that want to save some time on wipe days.

    4 easy steps:
    #1 - Simply enter the location of the server identity you wish to wipe.
    #2 - Get the list of files for plugins installed on your server with the "Get Plugin Files" button.
    #3 - Select which files you wish to delete for the wipe.
    #4 - Click "Wipe Server" and confirm.

    Your server is now wiped, simply change your map size or seed as you like and boot up your server.

    Disclaimer: There are files that will show up on your list that if you delete it could break your server, know what files you are deleting and what they are for.

    Any comments, suggestions or if you need help, message me!
     2022.01b Neko

    Rust Magic Auth (Rust Magic Extension)

    This is an extension for my existing product Rust Magic! Please do not purchase this if you do not already own the base product.
    Fully customisable lightweight pugin RustMagicAuth.cs using Oxide's Config, Data, and Lang systems. Reads from your existing Rust Magic config file - no need to re-specify what you already entered. Uses Rust Magic's connection logic - no unnecessary RCON connections. One single command to view any SteamID's, Discord ID's, Discord @'s, or Discord Name's link data. Re-assign a user's Discord role when they rejoin your Discord server after leaving. Revoke permissions if they leave your Discord. Re-grant permissions if they decide to join your Discord again. Name syncing from in-game to Discord Role syncing that works both ways, depending on how you set it up. TBA: MySQL Database support. Authentication Flow
    User types /auth in-game, and receives a code. User PMs this code in a command to your RustMagic bot, e.g. /auth ab12cd34 User is asked to select which server they received this code on using the same reaction-based menu as with other Rust Magic commands. The code is checked against what that server has on record, and if invalid is asked to re-enter their code. Once the code is confirmed as valid, the user will receive 3 things: All of the oxide groups or permissions you have specified across all of your servers. A thank you message on the server they received their code on (if logged in) A discord role in your server to show that they are authenticated. The authentication flow is now complete. Requirements
    Rust Magic > v1.1.0 ("extensions update") A windows, linux, or mac server that is already setup to run Rust Magic Knowledge of the Oxide Permissions System Installation
    Extract the ZIP to your Desktop or other appropriate location. Select the distribution that most closely resembles your setup (should be the same as your chosen Distribution for Rust Magic) Drag the rustmagicauth.xxxxx.xx file into your Rust Magic Extensions/ folder Ensure your config is setup correctly Restart Rust Magic Configuration
    The plugin uses Oxide's default systems to handle config, language settings, and data.
    It is recommended you clear oxide/data/RustMagicAuth.json as frequently as you wipe to ensure codes cannot be guessed.
    { "Chat Icon (Steam64 ID)": 76561199093053926, "Chat Prefix": "<color=#d464e8>Magic Auth</color>:", "Valid Auth Code Characters": "1234567890abcdef", "Auth Code Length": 8, "Oxide Group To Check User For": "auth" } While most of this is self explanatory, it's important to note the following:
    Valid Auth Code Characters must match the config for the extension. Auth Code Length must match the config for the extension. The oxide group to check for is used solely to prevent a user from generating a code after they've authenticated. It is assumed that you will grant authenticated users an oxide group instead of a single permission. Extension
    Please see sample.json after purchase for fully-detailed explanations on what each option does.
    Briefly, however:
    You can get Discord Role/Server/Channel IDs by going to Settings > Appearance > Developer Mode
    This bot will work if you want to have logs in a Staff discord, but if this is the case ensure settings.discord_server_id has been explicitly set.
    find <steam64ID, @User, Discord Username, Discord ID>
    Retrieves the link data for the specified user if available.
    unlink <@User, Steam64 ID, Discord User ID>
    This will remove all in-game permissions, their Discord role, and all data about their accounts that the bot has stored.
    reward @User
    Allows you to trigger a manual execution of all tasks that would be needed to give a user their rewards.
    Useful if, for example, your server is offline when the bot tries to reward the user.
    This is a command intended for users of your community! It will allow them to perform a re-execution of all commands only for themself, with a cooldown of 1 hour.
    If you’re tired of users saying “I didn’t get my rewards”, this is perfect for you as you can just tell them to run /rewards and the ticket is resolved.
    As of version 1.2.0, you will be required to merge your existing in-game auth.json file!
    Once you are using the latest version of the plugin, you will see that there is a now folder: oxide/data/RustMagicAuth
    You can drag and rename your old RustMagicAuth.json data file into here, the new name you want to use is auth.json.
    Additionally, there is a new config option: Clear Name Data on Wipe which you can set to true to make the (potentially large) date files clear themselves of useless & old data.
    Name Sync
    The latest version of Rust Magic Auth now has name syncing!
    The RustMagicAuth.cs plugin gathers all of this information and provides an RCON command that the RustMagic bot will execute perioidcally.
    It will set the nickname of people in your Discord server to the latest recorded Steam name that they have (authenticated members only).
    Role Sync
    Along with name syncing, role syncing is now an available feature.
    Please be incredibly careful when setting it up, as it has the power to very easily result in financial losses if you are using it with VIPs and Nitro Boosters.
    First of all, two-way syncs can be incredibly dangerous. When RustMagicAuth detects that a user has a Discord role you want to sync, it will perform that command across all servers. This means if setup incorrectly, a user receiving VIP on one server could potentially end up having VIP on all servers.
    Secondly, due to the nature of Oxide, there is no simple and efficient way to detect when an oxide group is added or removed from a user. Because of this, data is updated only when the user joins a server. This means the previous data doesn’t persist anywhere, and we’re left only with a list of what groups they currently have.
    Finally, it’s important to read the sample.json file as you may have missed new command configs or new mandatory settings.
     1.0.0 SKIROW

    SKIROW's Condo

    This condominium has 5 big apartments, a garage where a car lift, a workshop and a concierge office. On top of the building there are two terraces and pool. This building isn't only beautiful but also a great place for roleplay players!

    This creation is FREE! Perhaps, feel free to leave a review if you like it !

    Note: I removed the elevators to prevent glitches when copy/paste into Rust.
    Map used for this video is called "Tahuata": https://codefling.com/maps/tahuata

    Wood: 13.700
    Stone: 30.360
    Metal Frag.: 2.800
    HQ Metal: _
    In game: This build require "Copy Paste" plugin. Please note: I advice you to rename the json file as "base01.json" or anything else easy for you to remember. This build also require a flat terrain. 
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SKIROW
    Website: https://www.skirowmods.com
     1.1.2 LosGranada

    Rust Server Tool

    The easiest and fastest way to build a Rust server
    Server Config Installer Wipe Manager Custom Map Support
    - Server Config: Here you can set up all the settings for your server.
    Server Name Server Tag Server Description Server URL Server Logo URL Map Size Map Seed Generate Maps Seed MAX Player RCON Password Server Port RCON Port App Port Game Mode Custom Map - Installer: Here you can easily install your server and mods.
    Install or Update your Server Verify your server files Install or Update Oxide (Detects new version) Install or Update RustEdit (for Custom Map Users) Install or Update Discord Extension (to run Discord Plugins) - Wipe Manager: Here you can easily Wipe your Server
    Full Wipe Blueprints Map Oxide Data Backpacks Logs Player Deaths Player Identities Player Stats Player Tokens New Map Seed on Wipe HowTo:
    - Start Rust Server Tool as Admin - Install Server - Make your settings and save - Start Server That's all 🙂
     1.0.2 Kopter

    Account Linking

    Account Linking
    You can test the linking system at https://link.kopter.me
    Mobile Friendly/Responsive Support for Discord server boosting Support for a Steam group Discord bot has useful commands Importing data from previous solutions is also supported  
    What's Included
    Website Discord Bot Rust Plugin Installation Guide (Text and Video) Video Coming Soon  
    For hosting, a cheap VPS from OVH or Hetzner, for example, is enough to run this.
    Server with at least NodeJS 12 A MongoDB database  
    Note: NodeJS 16 will be required when the discord bot is updated to Discord.js V13, so it's recommended
    Importing Data
    If you have used something before to link players Steam and Discord accounts and want to transfer that data, it's possible to do that. You can find which ones are supported below and if you use something that's not listed here, something might be arranged.
    Discord Auth from uMod
     2.2.2 lilciv

    Rust Server Installer Script

    This script will install a Rust Server on your Windows machine all within one file. The following things are supported and handled by the script:

    SteamCMD Installation
    Release and Staging Branch Support
    Custom Map Support - With the choice of adding the RustEdit DLL during install.
    Oxide Support (Release Branch Only)
    Creation of StartServer.bat, UpdateServer.bat, and WipeServer.bat files based on user values.
    How to Use
    Launch the RustServerInstaller.bat file.
    Follow the listed prompts. Be sure to use actual file paths (Ex: C:\RustServer)
    Note: If you do not specify a value for something, the default value will be chosen.
    For assistance, please open a support case here on Codefling or message me on Discord: lilciv#2944
    Tested on Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server 2019.
    This script is not supported on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 in any way. It will not run.
    FYI: If you use any sort of Antivirus program that manages SSL certificates, you will need to disable it for this script to run properly. Kaspersky and Bitdefender seem to be two common ones causing issues.
    Note: If you change your Server Identity name after running the script (the default is "RustServer") - you will need to adjust two lines in the WipeServer.bat file:
    Line 17 (cd /d server/identity) - change the identity name to your new one.
    Line 30 (cd /d server/identity) - change the identity name to your new one.
    Note: It is not recommended to move the install directory of your server after the script has run, as the UpdateServer.bat file will no longer function as expected. While you can manually update the file to reference the new directory, it is generally easier and recommended to run the script from scratch to complete a fresh Rust Server install, and then copy over your server and oxide folders, ensuring your identity name remains the same.
    Custom Maps
    One thing to note about using Custom Maps:
    Custom Maps MUST have a direct downloadable link, meaning the link must immediately start the map download.
    For example, https://www.dropbox.com/s/ig1ds1m3q5hnflj/proc_install_1.0.map?dl=1 is a direct download link.
    For Dropbox links, ensure that the end of the link has "dl=1" and not "dl=0"
    How To Join Your Server
    To join your new server, you'll need to type one of the following commands into the Rust F1 console:
    If your server is hosted on the machine that you are running Rust from:
    client.connect localhost:ServerPort An example of what you would type when using the default Server Port of 28015:
    client.connect localhost:28015  
    If your server is hosted on another machine in your local network:
    client.connect MachineIP:ServerPort An example of what you would type when using the default Server Port of 28015:
    How To Let Others Outside Your Network Join
    To let others outside your local network join your server, you will need to forward the UDP Server Port to your server machine.
    Along with this, in many cases you will need to allow the required ports through the Windows Defender Firewall.
    While every Router/Firewall is different, please watch SRTBull's video explaining the process.
    YouTube Overview Video By SRTBull
     1.0.0 Amino

    Rust To Discord Chat Logs

    Multi Server Chat Log logs the chats from all of your servers! Team chats and Global chats can be split up for each server!


    The bot is very simple to set up. Just fill in the very minimal things in the config and start up the bot and you're good to go.

    Steps to install:
    If you want the bot to run 24/7 you will need a VPS or bot hosting node.
    Hosting recommendation -> https://pebblehost.com/bot-hosting

    Once you have your bot node, upload all the files that are given to you into the file section of your bot node.

    From there all you need to do is edit the config.json file with all the proper information and you're good to go!

    Any questions, please feel free to join my support server and I'll be more than happy to help you!
     1.1.0 Amino

    Discord Server Status

    Post the status of your server(s) to Discord automatically!

    This bot can watch the status of all the servers that you want it to!

    The bot is very simple to set up. Just fill in the very minimal things in the config and start up the bot and you're good to go.

    Steps to install:
    If you want the bot to run 24/7 you will need a VPS or bot hosting node.
    Hosting recommendation -> https://pebblehost.com/bot-hosting

    Once you have your bot node, upload all the files that are given to you into the file section of your bot node.

    From there all you need to do is edit the config.json file with all the proper information and you're good to go!

    Any questions, please feel free to join my support server and I'll be more than happy to help you!
     1.1.3 Billy Joe

    Rust UI Tool - Unity Exporter

    This is a tool I made as I found CUI to be very difficult when beginning to make Rust Plugins. This tool allows you to make any type of UI in unity, and export it to Rust Format, using this tool allows you to go back and make any minor adjustments needed as everything is saved in the project file. Never leave your self guessing on how far you can go with UI, this tool will allow you to make super sleek looking UI in just minutes!
    Create Panels, Images, Labels, Buttons, and Input Fields
    Pick one of the four fonts and get a preview live
    Use any sprite from rust, and directory auto set by exporter
    UI Materials, be able to test UI with materials live
    Auto Custom Image Uploader, exporter will upload your image to imgur and the exporter will put the link in the proper section
    Export UI from Unity to Rust
    Automatic Offset/Anchor Support, no longer need to fight with numbers in your head
    Automatic conversion for Font Size, Text Alignment, etc
    Download Unity 2021.1.5f1
    Extract the zip file to a spot you would like to keep the tool
    Find the ImgurToken.txt in the same folder as the UI scene, follow instructions in the file.
    Open the project file in the folder that you extracted, and navigate to the top find Rust -> Download Sprites and follow the instructions
    After that you are all done, now its time to get creative and make some killer UI
    Notes for those who purchase:
    - When using custom images, please put them in a custom folder in the assets folder.
    - Make sure you set your game tab to 1920x1080 otherwise your scene view will look all wonky
    - Make sure that you are on the right unity version, and if you are showing unity errors google them before contacting me.
    - Rust CUI Input Fields do not have a background or placeholder text, to add a background use a panel.
    View an example, and if that's not enough check out the video below!
    Advanced UI made in minutes
     1.0.4 _senyaa


    CUIEditor - standalone Rust Community UI Editor. Create complex UIs with ease!
    This is a fork of https://github.com/bazuka5801/CuiBuilder
    Open Help->Keybinds to see available keybinds.
     1.5.0 glasiore

    Leaderboard for Ember

    This addon will create / add a leaderboard for your Ember based Rust website. It is using PlayerRanks by Steenamaroo.
    It supports multiple servers.
    Ember (Required) https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620
    PlayerRanks (Required) https://codefling.com/file/14-playerranks/
    Thing You Should Know
    Leaderboard for Ember is made by us, not by the owners / creators of Ember.
    Updates of Leaderboard for Ember will be made buy us, not by the owners / creators of Ember.
    If you have any problem or anything to ask about Leaderboard for Ember, please let us know.
    This is not a drag-drop module that you can use easily. Buy it, if you are sure you can do it. It is not hard, you need some time to set it up becuase you have to use a plugin to create Data.
    Module is easy, drag-drop but you have to do the SQL connection.

    How does it work?
    The plugin you use sends the data from your Rust server to your SQL DB and th is module reads that data to show those informations on Leaderboard page.
    You can make changes on Leaderboard Admin Page. You can decide what to show on the Leaderboard or not.
    You can go to player profile by clicking on their nicknames.
    You can sellect the category to list players or you can click on the categories of the Leaderboard.

    New Installation
    1. Put the TrkerLeaderBoards folder into the ember module folder
    2. Go to the leaderboard settings page in the admin menu
    3.Make your edit or press the save button at the bottom of the page to save default settings
    4.Open config.php in the TrkerLeaderBoards folder
    5.Add your servers to the servers array as in the example
    6.If you are going to use the database where ember is installed, you do not need to add it to the remote db area.
    7.If you did not enter remote db, stat table will search in ember's default database 
    --To use a remote database--
    Remove comment lines by deleting / * in $ remoteDB field
    In the $remoteDB field, define your database information as in the example
    Write the database name you defined in the field corresponding to the remote db field in the $ servers field.
    (Don't forget to remove the // mark from the remote db)
    Fill in the stat_table field and save
    Update Process
    Back up your old module before updating files
    It will be sufficient to update the settings in the config.php file in your old module according to the new config.php file.
    If you want to use a remote server, read the remote server connection section above

    For remote server connections, you may need to grant remote connection permissions on the server you will connect to.
    In this case, tables using the link will not be able to load.
    If the table is stuck loading, check your config settings.
     1.0.1 Billy Joe

    Rust Snippets

    Rust Snippets is a tool for developers to enable them to speed up programming and avoid them to have to visit forums or repeat repetitive tasks. Rust Snippets currently has all hooks built in to your visual studio so you never have to go look at the docs again, code on the fly with comments per hook. There is some other secrets and ideas I have for this, so expect updates 🙂
    Setup - Sets up default oxide plugin setup

    Harmony - Sets up default Harmony oxide plugin

    Config - Sets up basic config file

    Language - Sets up base language file

    Rest are hooks, so typing "On" or "Can" will bring up all the hooks

    Tutorial is included in download, its very easy and well guided. Feel free to message me with any questions.
    JMarkson - Getting me the uMod link with hooks and giving me the idea ❤️
     1.1.1 marko

    Discord Bot for Rust Server Owners

    Rust Bot
    Fully translatable Rust Bot for Discord.
    r/stats steamid - Shows users global Rust stats r/serverstats - Shows stats for servers listed in config.js r/bans steamid - Shows bans for given Steam ID r/resolveid - Resolves users Steam ID from their Vanity URL r/totalplayers - Shows current active Rust player count r/rustnews - Fetches configurable amount of news articles containing Rust r/blacklist IP - Checks if the IP is blacklisted by Facepunch New in 1.1.0
    r/hours steamid - Show players total Rust hours
    r/userinfo @user - Show general information about discord user
    r/mapcheck seed size - Show info of given map
    You can now send RCON commands to your server!
    rc/kick {player} {reason} - Kicks the player of the server
    rc/ban {player} {reason} {time}  - Bans the player for given hours
    You can send any RCON commands directly to the server with the rc/ prefix.
    You can specify the Discord users seperately in config.js that can send RCON commands.
    Support & Suggestions
    How to install
    You can either use a bot hosting company or rent a VPS yourself.
    If you install on your own systems, you will need NodeJS and NPM installed.
    The dependencies are listed in package.json.
     1.0.2 LosGranada

    Better Vote Page for Ember

    This is an Ember module for Ember websites. This is not only for Rust, anyone who has Ember script can have it.
    Ember (Required) https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620
    How to Install?
    - Copy the servervote folder in root\modules
    - Edit the file modules\servervote\resources\views\vote.twig
    - After edit, clear cache for Ember and reload yousite\vote
    How to Update?
    - save your vote.twig
    - replace all files
    - copy your vote.twig file into the directory
    - More than one Server
    - Header Text
    - Info text
    - Server Pictures
    - Server Text
    - Button Text
    HTML / TWIG Knowledge should be a bit assumed.
     1.0.0 MikeHawke

    Centralized Banning

    Fancy a bit of Centralized Banning without paying for RustAdmin or similar.

    What is Centralized banning? Centralized banning is the ability to ban a player on one server and have that ban logged across all of your servers.

    If you have a web server that runs php and mysql you can easily set it up.

    This is literally a simplified version of the RustyBan Centralized banning system for use with the server end point system.
    Installation is easy:
    Setup a sql user, database and API table. (my sql rip is at the bottom)

    Edit the Database.php file in API/config folder with your Database name, User and password.
    Drop the API files into your webserver

    drop the CentralBan.cs plugin into all your servers.

    Set the API URL in the oxide config file and run the 
    command in console.

    then set your server.bansserverendpoint as your check.php?steamId= address
    Watch my video
    CREATE TABLE `API` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `steamId` varchar(17) NOT NULL, `Reason` text NOT NULL, `expiryDate` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT current_timestamp() ON UPDATE current_timestamp() ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; ALTER TABLE `API` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id`); ALTER TABLE `API` MODIFY `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT; COMMIT;  
     1.2.1 glasiore

    Better Ticket for Ember

    Better Ticket for Ember is a support tickets module with Discord integration for Ember script. With this module, your players will be able to create tickets. You can answer each ticket, delete the tickets, manage the tickets, change the server type, change the status.

    Also you can add Discord integration between this module and your Discord server. Each activity will be sent to your Discord channel and to ticket creator player's DM box.

    Ticket page. Ticket creation. Answering tickets. Discord integration. (Logging ticket creation, answers from players. Also players with Discord verified profiles will get a direct message about the ticket.) Category creation for tickets. Your servers will be listed under Manage Ticket - Server  
    Place the BetterTicket folder into Ember's modules folder. 
    Go to your website, 
    Go to Better Ticket Settings,
    Enter your  License Key (You can get your licence key after purchasing the module. Send me a message after you buy it.)
    Enter your Discord Bot Token (If you want to use Discord Integration.)
    Enter your  Discord Guild ID (If you want to use Discord Integration.)
    Enber your Discord Guild Log Channel ID (If you want to use Discord Integration)

    Click on SAVE button.
    Click on "Install Better Ticket v(current version)" 
    It will be installed after all of these steps. 

    Here is a video about it:  
     1.0.3 Billy Joe

    Custom Icon Creator

    This is a simple tool for developers who want to make custom items, this allows you to chose a item name (Workshop Name) and item image anywhere on your computer (.png) and upload it to your rust steam workshop. This will allow you to get the workshop ID in which you use to create a "custom" item.
    - Must have steam running
    - Must have rust in steam library
    Download the zip and extract the folder to chosen location
    Run the unity game named, Rust Custom Icons.exe
    I recommend running this in windowed which you can get to by pressing ALT + ENTER
    GIF of how it work
     1.0.3 glasiore

    Better FAQ & Rules Page for Ember

    This addon will add FAQ and Rules Page for your Ember based website. (Actually you can use it for anything...)

    Ember (Required): https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620  
    Create, delete, edit Entries Create, delete, edit Categories Adding images - videos - embed codes of YouTube etc.. Customizable Font Awesome Icons Rich Text Editor  
    Future Plans
    Just let us know whatever u want to see with FAQ Page  
    How to?
    You just need to drag - drop / copy - paste the Better FAQ & Rules Page for Ember module to your Ember Modules folder, that is all, it will work.
    We have to verify your profile. After you purchase it, you just need to find me on DM, just send me a message, I will help you ASAP.

    Discord: Miu#3686  /   glasiore#0085
    To complete installation, you should go to this address;
     2.1.4 glasiore

    Better Profile for Ember

    This addon will make user profiles somewhere better than default for your Ember based website.

    Ember (Required) https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620
    PlayerRanks (Required for In-game stats on profile) https://codefling.com/file/14-playerranks/
    Social Links Commenting Profile Customization In-game Statistics (multiple servers supported) Owned Products Credit Transfer Future Plans
    Profile music. Customizable follow/unfollow and notification system for every actions. (we waiting for ember update.) Clan(team) system Clan statistics And more..  
    How to?
    You just need to drag - drop / copy - paste the Better Profile for Ember module to your Ember Modules folder, that is all, it will work.
    We have to verify your profile. After you purchase it, you just need to find me on DM, just send me a message, I will help you ASAP.

    Discord: Miu#3686  /   glasiore#0085
    To complate installation, you should go to these addresses;
    If you just bought Better Profile for Ember you should do all steps,
    If you are updating it, you should only do the Step 2 and 3.
    Step 1: https://youtsite.com/admin/betterprofile/setupdb-20210117-1337 Step 2: https://youtsite.com/admin/betterprofile/setup/social Step 3: https://youtsite.com/admin/betterprofile/setup/20-01-2021 Step 4: https://youtsite.com/admin/betterprofile/setup/23-01-2021  
    Future Plans
    We are planning to add emojis, gifs, image, video link support soon. We are waiting for Ember updates.
     0.1.0 DJRedNight

    Rust Server Installation & Backup Script

    This script will help you install and manage your local dedicated Rust server. Rust is a video game created by Facepunch Studios. This script and its author have no claim or rights to any content that Facepunch or Valve owns, operates or disseminates to the public.

    Installation & Walkthrough
    You can find a tutorial video on the installation process here on youtube!
    First Installation
    Download the current release by clicking on the link below, or by downloading direct from CodeFling. I will push minor updates github every so often and major updates to CodeFling. 
    Unzip to a desired location on your hard drive.
    Run the RustyServerInstaller.bat file.
    Once your Rust server is installed, make sure to select OPTION 1 when it asks you to load a procedural map or a custom map. You want to run the procedural map first!
    Running Your Rust Server
    You can edit the startup parameters of your rust server by editing the JSON files in the root directory. If you want to use a custom map, be sure that the levelurl value is set to the absolute path including drive letter to your map file if its on your local machine. Relative paths will not work.
    Updating, Backing Up, & Reinstallation of Files
    You can choose to backup, reinstall, update or wipe files from your server using the main menu. However, to ensure that things do not break, STOP or QUIT your server first. This will ensure that no rollbacks, or corrupted files will be in your server.
     1.1.1 Havens

    Social Link

    🔗 Social Link 
    A site that allows the user to link their Discord/Steam account and get perks or rewards.
    📝 Table of Contents
    Introduction Motivation Features Getting Started Requirements Installation Setup CRON Job Scheduling Dashboard Configuration  
    ❇️ Introduction
    Social Link is a site that allows the user to link their Discord/Steam account and get perks or rewards. It's a simple service that checks whether the user is present in the Steam group or/and in the Discord server (it can also assign a Discord role automatically), then it can send custom commands via RCON (compatible with multiple server). This project was primarily made for Rust servers administrators.
    💎 Features
    Steam authentication Discord authentication Steam group checker Discord Guild checker Discord role assignment Sends custom RCON commands Possibility of having multiple Rust servers or RCON commands will be sent Option to Enable/Disable Steam Group Check / Discord Auth / Discord role assignment / RCON Commands Admin dashboard Discord Webhooks logs Possibility for the user to de-authenticated Possible for the admin to de-authenticated a user Custom Discord/Steam oxide group name Customization of the site name, logo, design, links (Discord / Steam group / store) Checking all users if they are in the Steam group and/or in Discord (Automated and Manual).  
    ⚡ Getting Started
    ✅ Requirements
    Ubuntu or Debian Nginx PHP SQLite Composer Node.js with npm Supervisor 💻 Installation
    Download the source code. Go to directory: cd Social-Link Create a database file with:  touch database/social-link.sqlite Install: composer install Rename or copy env.example to .env: cp .env.example .env Generate a new application key php artisan key:generate You can find your Steam API key here.
    Discord Login Setup:
    Create new application here Go on OAuth2 and add redirect (use this format: "https://domain.com/discord/callback") Vk Login Setup:
    Create new application here Go on Manage -> Settings and add Authorised redirect URI: (use this format: "https://domain.com/vk/callback") Before continuing, you must modify the ".env" otherwise the rest will not work.
    This information is essential to be modified in the .env, other information will have to be modified on the dashboard.
    DB_DATABASE= # full path to your db file "/path/to/project/database/social-link.sqlite" ADMIN_STEAM_ID= # The first user who will have the admin role (you will have the option to add another admin later). STEAM_KEY= # The steam API key to authenticate via Steam. STEAM_REDIRECT_URI= # The redirect URL (it must be in this format: https://domain.com/auth/steam/callback) # If you want to use Discord: DISCORD_CLIENT_ID= # CLIENT ID to authenticate via discord DISCORD_CLIENT_SECRET= # CLIENT SECRET to authenticate via discord (NOT THE TOKEN BOT) DISCORD_REDIRECT_URI= # Redirection URL (it must be in this format: https://domain.com/discord/callback) # If you want to use VK (VKontakte) (https://vk.com/apps?act=manage): VKONTAKTE_CLIENT_ID= # App ID VKONTAKTE_CLIENT_SECRET= # Secure key VKONTAKTE_REDIRECT_URI= # Redirection URL (it must be in this format: https://domain.com/vk/callback)  
    Once you have completed the .env file:
    Setup database tables:  php artisan migrate:fresh --seed Install Node dependencies: npm install && npm run prod  
    ✍️ Job Scheduling
    To send RCON commands and check all users if they are in the steam group and/or in the discord in the background, you need to install Supervisor or use a tools like Forge or Ploi.
    🕐 Setup CRON (Automatic Check)
    Open crontab:  sudo crontab -e Append:  * * * * * php /path/to/project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1 "/path/to/project/artisan" becomes whatever directory you've set in your nginx config file  
    👑 Dashboard Configuration
    Now you have everything configured you must log in. Go to the homepage (your-domain.com) and click on Get Started. Once logged in, go your-domain.com/admin, then go to Settings & Servers and edit the information!
    🔂 How to update
    To update Social Link, keep the .env and the database/social-link.sqlite file and recreate a directory, put the contents of the archive and put back the two kept files then run this command:
    composer install && php artisan migrate && npm i && npm run dev  
     1.0.0 glasiore

    Better Store for Ember

    This addon adds category support to your Ember Shop. Ember does not support categories on shop currently and with this module, you can add categories for each package of each server you have. 
    This is not a module, this is an addon. Installation is different than module installation. It is easy.
    You will be able to add categories to your Ember store packages. You can select store package category from:  site.com/admin/packages/packagenumber Under  site.com.com/admin/servers   you can add categories to your servers. Multiple server supported.  
    Ember (Required) https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620
    1: Upload the BetterStore.zip to your host.
    2: Unzip the Better Store zip file to Ember Installation Folder (Main Directory). 
    3: Go to this link (edit it with your website name before using it!!!) = https://site.com/api/betterStoreSetup
    Installation is done.
    If you need further help, just send me a message.
     1.0.4 glasiore

    ChangeList for Ember

    This is an Ember module for Ember websites. This is not only for Rust, anyone who has Ember script can have it.
    You can share things you have changed on your server just like the PlayRust.com's ChangeList page; https://rust.facepunch.com/changes/1

    Ember (Required) https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5620

    How to Install?
    Just copy paste it to Ember -> Modules folder next to other modules (if you have any) - (or upload it and unzip it to your website)
    Than go to this address to activate it: website.com/admin/change-list/setupdb-20201223-17
    You should replace website.com with your domain name.
     1.0.1 Jasper

    Discord get server players & info

    Automatically sends information about the server to the discord channel.

    How to use this bot?

    1. install the higher node.js 
    2. download the bot files
    3. file extraction
    4. open the console 
    5. "npm i" <- type in console
    6. open to config.js
    module.exports = { ip: "", // server ip (domain) port: 0, // server port channel_id: "0", // discord channel id color: "#7289da", // embed color token: "TYPE YOUR TOKEN", // insert your bot token here! updateInterval: 20, // it is seconds and an integer must be entered. watcher: true // you can hide to your server ip and port } 7. edit to config.js 
    8. "node index.js" <- type in console
    9. check to console!
     1.1.0 The Canadian Kek

    Rust Map Loader

    Rust Map Loader
    This tool is still under active development, if there are any bugs please feel free to contact me and I'll sort them out ASAP
    Rust Map Loader is a simple tool that is meant to help automate the map testing process for mappers. It consists of 3 main things, the archiver1, the remover2 and the loader3. In it's current state, all map files inside the game and server directory will be deleted so please back them up beforehand. This tool will archive whatever map is being replaced at the time of operation, read below for process details.
    The archiver copies the map file from the server's map directory and renames it to the current 24h time. It then stores this file under \Backup\Archive\ The remover clears the server and client folder of all maps to ensure there is no world file mismatch. The loader copies the new map file to the server and client's map directory. Setting up and using Rust Map Loader is easy, all you need to do is edit uploader.bat and change: <Server Map Directory> and <Client Map Directory> respectively.
    Here's a quick example:
    set server=<Server Map Directory> set client=<Client Map Directory> Gets re written as:
    set server=C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\rsmfull\server\rsm set client=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\maps Please use this tool at your own discretion, and ALWAYS REMEMBER TO KEEP MANUAL BACKUPS.
    If you have any questions, comments, queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me through codefling or discord "General Tao#5086"
     1.0.0 Neko

    Auto-Wipe Script

    This is a script that can be used to automatically wipe your servers on a set schedule, changing either your seeds or level URL.

    You may need Administrator privileges on the system to setup & run this script depending on your server's setup.

    Batch script which turns on/off your server and deletes your chosen data/map/bp files
          Executable which will handle changing the seed/levelurl
          seeds.txt file which stores all your seeds/levelurls which will be randomly chosen every wipe (the name can be changed later)
    Rust Server(s) setup in a standard way on a Windows dedicated server.
          Administrator privileges on said Dedicated server.
          File editing software (Notepad++ works)
          Rust server(s) running as a service (you can use NSSM to set this up)
          Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (64 Bit, 32 Bit)
    How to Setup

    Open auto-wipe.bat     
    Enter your server's service name Replace the example paths with the plugin and map file paths you want to be deleted on wipe Note: Using *.db will delete all .db   files in the folder
    Open config.json in Notepad++
    Replace the example server config path with your own server.cfg location Replace the example seed / txt file with the path of your own seeds.txt or levels.txt file (the name of the file does not matter) Note: Make sure to use double \\ just like in the example provided or it will not work! Optional: Change the value of replacement from server.seed to server.levelurl if you wish to change the server levelurl each wipe.
    Choosing your "Replacement" value
    This can be anything that you wish for the code to look for, but it is necessary that the seed or levelurl is the last thing on the line and it is separated by a space.
    For example, if you wanted to change something where the line started with
    +server.seed you can change the replacement property to match this.
    For most standard setups and usages, the default of
    server.seed will be sufficient.

    Open Task Scheduler in Windows
    Click Create Task Select "Run whether user is logged on or not" Select "Run with highest privileges" In the drop-down box select "Configure for Windows Server 2016" (may be different depending on server version) In the "Triggers" tab click "New..." and select your schedule In the "Actions" tab click "New..." and select the auto-wipe.bat file In the "Conditions" tab deselect any power options
    Populate your seeds.txt file
    If you're using levelurls, the same will apply just with different values
    Open seeds.txt (you may have called it something else) in Notepad++ Go to https://just-wiped.net/search-rust-maps and search for some seeds using your map size. Put each seed or levelurl on a new line Save the file
    Perform a Dry-Run
    Whilst your server is online with no pop, manually run the
    auto-wipe.bat to ensure that it is working as expected. If not, please go through all of the steps again and make sure you read everything! It is very common to forget double backslashes in the config file, or to have a typo in one of your file paths.
    This is a general method to setup your auto wipes, each setup will be different so you must ensure you adapt and change ALL file paths to match your setup and desires.
    I cannot aid you in making your server into a service, though it is highly recommended for all servers to do so as it will make your setup safer and more relaible. There are numerous tutorials available on YouTube if you desire to do so.
    If you have time, and would like to help better this product, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/pvssvoM3KxEPAxVj9.Thank you.
     1.0.0 Neko

    Rust Chat to Discord

    Receive your Rust server's chat messages into your Discord server - no plugin installation needed!
    Tired of a Discord extension crashing your server? 😄
    All it does is listen for chat messages over RCON and then post them to a specified Webhook. With a little bit of knowledge and trial-and-error, you could even have this working as an embed or change how it looks entirely.
    Whilst this product won't rid your server(s) fully of it, it'll make sure it gets used just that little bit less, and hopefully make it cause less crashes. This is a simple, free to use, free to modify script using my own WebRcon Package licensed under BSD 3-Clause.
    Install Python3.8 Download & extract the ZIP file Using your favourite text editor open up output_chat.py and edit the following variables:
    ○ WEBHOOK_URL - This should be the webhook the code will post to
    ○ RCONHOST - The IP of your server
    ○ RCONPORT - The port that your server is listening to RCON on
    ○ RCONPASSWORD - The RCON password you specify in your .bat, .sh or .cfg file. Open some form of console and type python output_chat.py Fair Warnings
    This script has not been setup to dynamically adapt to Discord's ratelimits. If you feel like your chat goes at about 10 messages a second for more than 5 minutes at a time, do not use this. You will need basic programming know-how if you wish to edit this script effiiciently. Support is not guaranteed for this product, and is available solely at the discretion of the author. If you have multiple servers, you will have to run multiple instances of this script. If you are on Linux, you might want to learn how to use Tmux You must include the copyright notice and license (see the LICENSE file) in any and all redistributions of this code. Usage instructions do not account for the various nuances of different Operating Systems, and you must adapt the steps accordingly. See some of my other products for more detailed Python installation instructions. This has not been designed to be user friendly. It has been created and made available for those who feel like a small challenge.

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