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Rust Premium Website 1.2.6

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About Rust Premium Website

Rust Premium Website is 100% customizable, allowing you to change the site's colors, links, text, and more. You have the freedom to personalize every aspect, creating a unique experience for players.

One significant advantage of our website is its translation capability. You can add as many languages as you want, enabling players from different regions to access and navigate the site easily. Effectively communicate with a diverse community of players.

Our website features a leaderboard and profile system, which requires the DatabaseStats plugin. This system allows you to track players' progress and achievements, fostering healthy competition within your community. The leaderboard adds an extra element of excitement to your Rust server, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Additionally, our website seamlessly integrates Steam authentication, allowing players to log in using their Steam accounts. This secure authentication method ensures a seamless and reliable experience for players. Build a strong community and establish trust by providing a familiar and secure login process.

Moreover, our website prominently displays real-time statistics about the number of players on your server. Stay informed about player activity and showcase the popularity of your server. This feature helps attract new players and demonstrates the thriving nature of your Rust community.

Take full control of your Rust server's online presence with our fully customizable, translation-ready website equipped with a leaderboard system. Engage with players from around the world, deliver an immersive gaming experience, and showcase the vibrant community you've built. Start creating your dream website today!



1. If you want to use Leaderboard and Profile pages, you need to install and configure the DatabaseStats plugin.

2. If you want to add more rules, you can add it on the array of language file, same at services and custom  links. If you want to edit text from website, just edit it from the lang folder.

3. If you want to add more languages, just copy language file from lang folder, and rename to language code, for exemple en.php to ro.php, after that, add language in translations_list.php. This website use IP location to detect the language code, languages are taken automatically form visitor IP.

4. This website is written in PHP, so, you need LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) to use it.

5. Make sure your host is capable to read .htaccess files and your Apache server have mod_rewrite enabled.

6. If you want to add many servers just copy the current array from servers_list, add comma and paste the copied array.

7. If you want to update the website from an older version to a newer one, you must delete the old website, minus the files config.php, translations_list.php and the translations folder, then copy the new website to host.

8. We recommend hosts that use CPanel, Plesk or CyberPanel, also even using LAMP technology directly on Linux if you are familiar with Linux.
Some of the hosts we tested are: Hostico, Hostinger, GoDaddy, BlueHost and HostGator.



$name = "Rust Premium Website"; // The name of website
$custom_protocol = ""; // The custom protocol of website. Default is http or https
$folder_path = ""; // The folder path of website. If it is blank, the path will be /
$favicon = "favicon.ico"; // The favicon of website. You have to upload the image in the uploads folder, then pass the name of the image here
$logo = "logo.png"; // The logo of website. You have to upload the image in the uploads folder, then pass the name of the image here
$header = ""; // The header image of website. You have to upload the image in the uploads folder, then pass the name of the image here. If it is blank, the displayed image will be the default
$color = "orange"; // The color of website. Select from: orange, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink
$link_hub = "https://rustpremiumwebsitehub.com"; // The link of servers hub
$link_store = "https://store.rustpremiumwebsite.com"; // The link of server store
$link_steam = "https://steamcommunity.com/id/dfxphoenix"; // The link of Steam group
$link_discord = "https://discord.dfxphoenix.xyz"; // The link of Discord server
$link_youtube = "https://youtube.com/dFxPhoeniX"; // The link of Youtube channel
$link_facebook = "https://facebook.com/dFxPhoeniX"; // The link of Facebook page
$link_instagram = "https://instagram.com/waltercurelea"; // The link of Instagram account
$link_x = "https://x.com/waltercurelea"; // The link of X account
$link_tiktok = "https://tiktok.com/@waltercurelea"; // The link of TikTok account
$contact_email = "[email protected]"; // The contact email of server
$copyright_name = "dFxPhoeniX"; // The Copyright name
$copyright_link = "https://dfxphoenix.xyz"; // The Copyright link
$home_page_name = true; // Enable/Disable the name of the page on Home page
$social_icons = true; // Enable/Disable the social icons
$dark_mode = true; // Enable/Disable the dark mode theme change
$open_newtab = false; // Enable/Disable opening social links in a new tab

// Enable/Disable pages
$page_hub = false;
$page_leaderboard = true;
$page_store = true;
$page_profile = true;
$page_custom = false;

// Enable/Disable modules
$module_status = true;
$module_email = true;
$module_rules = true;

// Enable/Disable socials
$social_steam = true;
$social_discord = true;
$social_youtube = true;
$social_facebook = true;
$social_instagram = false;
$social_x = false;
$social_tiktok = false;

// Enable/Disable leaderboard top
$leaderboard_deaths = true;
$leaderboard_suicides = false;
$leaderboard_shots = false;
$leaderboard_headshots = true;
$leaderboard_farmeditems = false;
$leaderboard_looteddrops = false;
$leaderboard_thrownexplosives = true;
$leaderboard_playtime = false;
$leaderboard_votes = false;
$leaderboard_balance_money = false;
$leaderboard_balance_rp = false;

// Enable/Disable profile stats
$profile_ip = true;
$profile_joindate = false;
$profile_lastconnected = false;
$profile_rank = true;
$profile_playtime = true;
$profile_votes = true;
$profile_balance_money = true;
$profile_balance_rp = false;
$profile_kills = true;
$profile_deaths = true;
$profile_suicides = true;
$profile_shots = true;
$profile_headshots = true;
$profile_farmeditems = true;
$profile_looteddrops = true;
$profile_thrownexplosives = true;

const session_name = "rustpremiumwebsite"; // The session name
const session_domain = "rustpremiumwebsite.com"; // The session domain. The preceding dot must be used if you want subdomains to work as well
const session_time = 60 * 60 * 24; // The session cookie lifetime. Time is in seconds
const session_maxtime = 60 * 60 * 24; // The session cookie max lifetime. Time is in seconds
const steamauth_key = ""; // Your Steam WebAPI-Key found at https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey
const steamauth_domain = "rustpremiumwebsite.com"; // The main URL of your website displayed in the login page
const steamauth_logout = "./"; // Page to redirect to after a successfull logout (from the directory the SteamAuth-folder is located in) - NO slash at the beginning!
const steamauth_login = "./"; // Page to redirect to after a successfull login (from the directory the SteamAuth-folder is located in) - NO slash at the beginning!
const servers_list = [
	'Rust Server' => [
		'rust_servers_key' => "", // API Key from https://rust-servers.net
		'mysql_ip' => "", // The MySQL IP
		'mysql_port' => "3306", // The DatabaseStats MySQL Port
		'mysql_username' => "rustuser", // The DatabaseStats MySQL Username
		'mysql_password' => "", // The DatabaseStats MySQL Password
		'mysql_dbname' => "rustserver", // The DatabaseStats MySQL Database Name
		'mysql_tablename' => "DatabaseStats" // The DatabaseStats MySQL Table Name


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