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Database Stats 1.8.8

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About Database Stats

Database Stats is a plugin that stores in the database (SQLite, MySQL) or file, certain statistics such as the number of kills, the number of deaths or even the amount of money from Economics for each player.

This plugin is usefull if you want to display this statistics on your website or app.


Database storage:

  • Steam ID
  • Rust nickname
  • IP
  • Join Date
  • Last Connected
  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Shots
  • Headshots
  • Farmed Items
  • Looted Drops
  • Thrown Explosives
  • Economics money count
  • ServerRewards points count
  • PlaytimeTracker playtime count
  • EasyVote votes count
  • BetterChat rank name



  "Data Type : 0 (Files) or 1 (SQLite) or 2 (MySQL)": 1,
  "Date format": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss",
  "Enable counter for Animals": true,
  "Enable counter for NPCs": true,
  "MySQL": {
    "Database Name": "rustserver",
    "Database New Save Table Name": "DatabaseStatsSaves",
    "Database Table Name": "DatabaseStats",
    "Host": "localhost",
    "Password": "pass",
    "Port": 3306,
    "Username": "rustuser"
  "Save Data on New Save": false,
  "SQLite": {
    "Database Name": "databasestats.db",
    "Database New Save Table Name": "DatabaseStatsSaves",
    "Database Table Name": "DatabaseStats"
  "Wipe on New Save": {
    "Deaths": false,
    "FarmedItems": false,
    "Headshots": false,
    "Kills": false,
    "LootedDrops": false,
    "Shots": false,
    "Suicides": false,
    "ThrownExplosives": false


API Hooks:

object API_GetPlayerData(string userid, string key, bool deserializeData = false)


If you want to use a website for this plugin, take a look on my Rust Premium Website.

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