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RustPlus+ Game Web PHP Script + Website Template ( PHP + HTML / CSS / JS ) 2.0.0

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About RustPlus+ Game Web PHP Script + Website Template ( PHP + HTML / CSS / JS )

🎮 Rustplus+ - Easily Manage and Customize Your Game Server

Welcome to Rustplus+, where game server owners can transform their servers into a dynamic and engaging world for their players. Designed with the cutting-edge technology of PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS, Rustplus+ offers a comprehensive platform that not only tracks player statistics but also elevates your server's branding and player experience. Embrace the power of Steam integration for easy sign-in and registration, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly interface for your gaming community. With Rustplus+, you're not just running a game server; you're creating a distinct and immersive brand that captivates and retains players. Join the ranks of elite server owners who choose Rustplus+ for an unparalleled gaming journey. Rustplus+ is now on sale! Contact us today to start your project and step into a new era of game server management. 


In addition, the php script contains only html + js + css theme design template in version 1.0.0. Our users who do not want to use PHP script can use their own themes directly


🚀  Features and Structures:

  • Easy Setup: Quickly and easily install the Rustplus+ script. Unzip the file and follow the steps to get your server up and running in minutes.
  • Advanced Server Monitoring: Monitor your server's status, player count, and activity in real-time. Automatically update server information with Rust-Servers.Net API integration.
  • Dynamic Player Leaderboard: A dynamic leaderboard showing your players' performance and statistics. Easily customizable structure with 'playerranksdb_1.sql'.
  • Flexible Configuration: Easily customize your server settings via the config/config.php and config/configGlobal.php files.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Clean and understandable user interface for both administrators and players.
  • Community and Support: Community support and custom software services via Discord.
  • Security and Performance: Enhance your server's performance with a secure and optimized PHP code structure.
  • Modern and Stylish Design: The website reflects the dynamic and exciting atmosphere of the Rust game with a custom design. Players will feel like they've stepped directly into the gaming world as soon as they enter the site.
  • Advanced Animations: Animations enriched with page transitions and special effects make the user experience even more captivating.
  • Steam Auth


 📕 How It Works:

  1. Upload the script to your server and configure your MySQL database.
  2. Access the site through your web browser and complete the necessary setup.
  3. Monitor player statistics and server status in real-time.

.zip instal.txt 


🛒 Purchase and Showcase Your Game Server!

Grab this Rust game server web design now to create an impressive online presence for your gaming community. Influence your players with an unforgettable website experience and expand your community!


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