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About Announcement



The Announcement plugin is now even more powerful! With the /ann command in the game, you can make announcements to all players in 2 different types as chat or gui, you can assign variables to your announcements (showing the number of players) or you can change the colors and sizes of the fonts. In the Gui display, you will be determining how long the player stays on their screen. Instant announcements can be activated in the external config file and you can activate automatic message announcements at certain time intervals by activating automatic messages!



  • /ann <message> <chat> - Announce is done chatten.
  • /ann <message> <time> <gui> - Announce the GUI done



To use the announcement command, you must define authorization for yourself.

  • announcement.announce



you can set the values to be added per kill from the configuration file

  "AutoAnnouncementDelay": 60.0,
  "AutoAnnouncementEnabled": false,
  "AutoAnnouncementTexts": [
      "autoMessage": "Players playing on the server: {playerstats}",
      "Tip": "chat"
      "autoMessage": "Players playing on the server: {playerstats}",
      "Tip": "gui",
      "visibilityTime": 10.0
  "chatIcon": 0,
  "messageColor": "white",
  "tagColor": "#43ACFF",
  "tagPrefix": "Announcement",
  "tagSize": 15



  "NoPermission": "You are not authorized to use this command.",
  "InvalidArgs": "Valid uses are:\n/ann <message> <chat> - Announce is done chatten.\n/ann <message> <time> <gui> - Announce the GUI done",
  "InvalidTime": "You entered an invalid impression duration.",
  "InvalidDisplayType": "You have entered an invalid notation type. Please enter 'chat' or 'gui'."


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