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Mute Notification Status 1.0.0

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About Mute Notification Status

This plugin is a "Mute Notification" plugin for Rust game servers, utilizing the Oxide/Umod framework. It is identified by the developer "cengizhanbucak" with version "1.0.0." The main purpose of this plugin is to provide specific notifications during the muting and unmuting processes of players.

The plugin commands:


[1] /globalmute

  • Permission Required: mutenotification.globalmute
  • Function: Toggles the global mute state on or off for all players on the server. It checks the permission, toggles the global mute state, sends a notification to the command issuer, and updates notification bars for all players accordingly.

[2] /nmute <player/steamid> <reason> [<time 1d1h1m1s>]

  • Permission Required:
  • For timed mute: mutenotification.timemute
  • For permanent mute: mutenotification.permmute
  • Function: Mutes a specific player either for a specified duration (using a combination of days d, hours h, minutes m, and seconds s) or permanently. It checks for player existence, permission, and whether a duration is specified, then applies the mute accordingly. A notification bar is created for the muted player, indicating the mute status and duration.

[3] /nunmute <player/steamid>

  • Permission Required: mutenotification.unmute
  • Function: Unmutes a previously muted player. It verifies the command issuer's permission and the existence of the targeted player. If successful, it removes the player's mute status and deletes the associated notification bar. These commands offer server administrators a nuanced control over player interactions, allowing for the enforcement of server rules and maintenance of a respectful communication environment. The inclusion of timed and permanent mute options, along with global mute capabilities, ensures that administrators can effectively manage player behavior across a variety of scenarios.


The plugin includes several key features and capabilities for players:

  • Timed Mute: The ability to mute players for a specific duration. This can be determined by time units such as minutes, hours, days, etc.
  • Permanent Mute: The ability to permanently mute players.
  • Unmute: The ability to unmute muted players.
  • Global Mute: The ability to mute all players across the server. This feature can be set for a certain duration or permanently.



The plugin offers a series of commands to server administrators and authorized individuals, allowing them to better control player communications. These commands are designed to easily manage mute operations and provide status updates through notifications when necessary.

The plugin also leverages Oxide's language support features to display messages appropriate for players in different languages. Additionally, it integrates with an external plugin, AdvancedStatus, for advanced status notifications, thereby displaying visual notification bars on the players' screens.

The structure of the plugin aims to provide Rust server administrators with more flexibility and control in managing player behaviors and enforcing server rules. Muting and unmuting operations are vital tools for improving the server experience and regulating communication among players.


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