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About Team Shifter

What is it?
A simple plugin that gives you ability to shift someone to other's team.

Let's say that somebody wants to join their friend's team, but the leader is offline, so they come for your help... what you gonna do? Yeet them into the team with this command 😎 


teamshifter.use		- Gives player ability to use /tshift

teamshifter.bypass	- Noone will be able to shift this player into any other team


* Bypass permission - Player with this permission cannot be shifted into any other team
* Auto team-creator - If you do f.e. /tshift zeeuss someplayer   and the "someplayer" is not in any team, this will automatically create one and will make the "someplayer" a leader and then put zeeuss into the team
* If the player that will be shifted is in any team, this will remove him from the team and then shift him, if he wasn't in any then it will just shift him to the other team



           ["NoPerms"] = "You don't have permission to use this!",
           ["Syntax"] = "Syntax: /tshift (player_to_move) (player_of_new_team)",
           ["NoPlayerToMove"] = "Couldn't find the player to move",
           ["NoPlayerOfNewTeam"] = "Couldn't find the player of new team",
           ["MoveMessage"] = "Moved {0} to {1}'s team",
           ["AlreadyInThatTeam"] = "{0} already is in {1}'s team",
           ["NeedsDifferentPlayers"] = "This command needs 2 different players and not the same one",
           ["CannotBeShifted"] = "{0} cannot be shifted by anyone into other teams",


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