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Version 0.1.3:
- Spam in Commands category with "no_input" should not be a thing anymore.


If any problem with TC occurs let me know(f.e. most of the times not displaying player's name or timestamp stucked for multiple logs).

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About ZLogs

What is it?
This is a logger for multiple categories with nice gui.

If you want to know what's going on your server this logger will surely help you achieve that.

zlogs.use -- Gives you permission to use the command

Chat Command
/zlogs  --  Opens the GUI

All the datas are being saved into data folders and each category has it's data file
Path to data files: Your_Server\oxide\data\ZLogs


Features & some info:
I've been trying to aim for the most important data logging, but this definitelly isn't FINAL version of plugin
in future I am planning on making the GUI better - by clicking on log displaying menu, ability to wipe category from in-game etc...
Every category can be disabled in config and plugin won't display the logs in menu and won't log for the disabled category anymore.

By clicking on a certain log it teleports you to the position where it happend(admin permissions needed to use teleport command!),
by using the log teleport it also writes it into command category where you can see it was ZLog teleport.

I've been testing any performance issues and tried to fix most of them, also by distributing this plugin to other server owners,
and with maximum about 4,5k+ logs in 1 category everything seemed fine.

I am also OPEN to any suggestions for more categories! 😁


  "NoPerms": "You don't have permission to use this!",
  "pdataSucc": "Successfully loaded playerDeaths.json",
  "pdataFail": "Failed to load playerDeaths.json. Creating new playerDeaths.json",
  "itemSucc": "Successfully loaded itemDropsPicks.json",
  "itemFail": "Failed to load itemDropsPicks.json. Creating new itemDropsPicks.json",
  "connSucc": "Successfully loaded playerConns.json",
  "connFail": "Failed to load playerConns.json. Creating new playerConns.json",
  "commandSucc": "Successfully loaded commands.json",
  "commandFail": "Failed to load commands.json. Creating new commands.json",
  "animalSucc": "Successfully loaded animalKills.json",
  "animalFail": "Failed to load animalKills.json. Creating new animalKills.json",
  "exploSucc": "Successfully loaded explosives.json",
  "exploFail": "Failed to load explosives.json. Creating new explosives.json",
  "chatSucc": "Successfully loaded chat.json",
  "chatFail": "Failed to load chat.json. Creating new chat.json",
  "heliSucc": "Successfully loaded heli.json",
  "heliFail": "Failed to load heli.json. Creating new heli.json",
  "newJson": "New .json was created recently, please wait few seconds.",
  "logsDisabled": "These logs are disabled in the config!",
  "noLogs": "There are no logs to be displayed yet!",
  "labelPAGES": "Page {0} / {1}",
  "bttnExit": "Exit",
  "bttnPDATA": "Player Deaths",
  "bttnITEMS": "Items Picks & Drops",
  "bttnCONNS": "Connections & Disconnections",
  "bttnCOMMANDS": "Commands",
  "bttnANIMALS": "Animal Kills",
  "bttnEXPLO": "Explosives",
  "bttnCHAT": "Chat",
  "bttnHELI": "Heli",
  "pdeaths": "{0}    {1} was killed by {2} - {3}",
  "pdeaths2": "{0}    {1} was killed by {2}",
  "itemPickup": "{0}    {1} picked up {2}",
  "itemDrop": "{0}    {1} dropped {2}",
  "playerConn": "{0}    {1} has connected",
  "playerDis": "{0}    {1} has disconnected({2})",
  "playerCommand": "{0}    {1} has used {2}",
  "playerKillAnimal": "{0}    {1} has killed a {2} with {3}",
  "exploUse": "{0}    {1} has thrown {2}",
  "playerChat": "{0}    [{1} Chat]  {2} said: {3}",
  "heliSpawn": "{0}    a patrol heli has spawn at: {1}",
  "heliDown": "{0}    a patrol heli has been shot at: {1}"


  "Player Deaths logs?": true,
  "Item Picks & Drops logs?": true,
  "Connection and Disconnection logs?": true,
  "Command logs?": true,
  "Animal Kills logs?": true,
  "Explosives logs?": true,
  "Chat logs?": true,
  "Heli Logs?": true


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