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Found 21 results

  1. Version 2.0.5


    Create your own UI buttons for your rust server! Plugin comes with built ingame editor which makes creating proccess so much easier! • Features - Create as many buttons as you want. - Attach Images or Text to buttons. - Set chat commands to each button. - UI Editor ingame - Toggle hide function to create small gui menu. • Commands • Permissions • Config Example • Cui Data Example Special thanks to @SinKohhfor contributing and testing plugin before release.
  2. Mevent


    Version 1.0.25


    Large and highly customizable in-game shop for Rust. Features: Beautiful user interface Discount system (by permissions) Automatic shop filling Selling items (if SellPrice is more than 0) Performance Adding/editing/removing items in game Supports NPC Commands shop - open shop interface shop.refill - refill shop again Examples Economics ServerRewards Command as shop item Config
  3. Version 2.0.0


    The plugin adds a trading system to your server. The player can put the resource up for sale and get what he needs in return. Of the features: 1. Limit of lots per player. 2. The ability to delete lots by the administrator. (permishn market. moder) 3. When creating a lot, the player can specify which body kits are necessary and the minimum strength of the object 4. Added support for the economy(The player can both sell his balance and buy for it) 5. The interface has been changed(because there are a lot of pictures (namely objects) with frequent creation of lots, the RAM is clogged. I recommend reminding players about the gc.unload command (to clear RAM)) 6. The interface uses only images of game items and avatars of the user. 7. Added the lang file. 8. The warehouse has been moved to "My lots" 9. The item is now saved completely, up to the cartridges in the clip. 10. In the config, it is possible to configure the items that are specified as the price. 11. In the config, it is also possible to configure all the colors. 12. Support for custom items. The command to open the interface: /market Report all bugs here, they will be fixed in a timely manner. Thank you for reading my work, all the best
  4. MikeHawke

    Rules GUI

    Version 2.0.0


    RulesGUI displays a screen overlay on connect or command that a player must agree to, to continue playing on your server. This is a fork of the original work done by Pain Under his MIT Licence. V2 Full Rewrite, Backup and delete your config content. Features Customiseable overlay that the player HAS to accept to continue playing on your server. Chat command so that players can remind them selfs on the server rules at any time Admin command to force player to re-read the rules Variables Version 2.0.0 has a very easy to understand config. Background Image: True/False < Color or image as background Background Color RGBA: "0 0 0 1" < BG Color if ^ is set to false (RGBA examples at bottom) Background Image URL : << URL Of Background image if ^ is true Font Size << Size of font... duh Message Text: The message that will be displayed. Display on every connection: True/False << Display the message on first connection only or every connection. Disagree Kick Reason << If you disagree to the rules you get kicked from the server and the this will be displayed as the reason why Formatting As I have updated the code there is now more space to add text.. and as the text is no longer in a list format there is some formatting that needs to be applied. For new line us \n (not /). To make it look closer to the original use two \n\n Color tags etc all still work. Permissions rulesgui.usecmd Required to use /rulesto command Chat Commands /rules Will display rules on screen /rulesto "NameOrID" Will display rules on players screen. Console Command sendrules "PlayerName/ID" Will display the rules to selected player Configuration The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the RulesGUI.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. { "Background Image true/false": true, "Background Color RGBA": "0.1 0.1 0.1 0.7", "Background Image URL": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/yaqe1qesQ8c/maxresdefault.jpg", "Text Font Size": 22, "Message text": "<color=#00FFFF>Welcome!</color> <color=#ff0000>The following in-game activities are prohibited in the Game:</color>\n\n<color=#FFFF00>1.</color> Use of bots, use of third-party software, bugs.\n\n<color=#FFFF00>2.</color> Pretending to be a member of Administration.\n\n<color=#FFFF00>3.</color> Fraud, other dishonest actions.\n\n<color=#FFFF00>4.</color> Flooding, flaming, spam, printing in capital letters (CAPS LOCK).\n\n<color=#FFFF00>5.</color> Creating obstructions for other users, Greifing and bullying\n\n<color=#FFFF00>6.</color> Advertisement, political propaganda.\n\n<color=#ff0000>7. Racism! </color>\n\n<color=#0000FF>8. Failure to comply will land you in prison, continuing to break rules will land you a Ban!</color>", "Display on every connection true/false": true, "Disagree Kick Reason": "You disagreed with the rules!" } Color Examples blackSolid black. RGBA is (0 0 0 1). blueSolid blue. RGBA is (0 0 1 1). clearCompletely transparent. RGBA is (0 0 0 0). cyanCyan. RGBA is (0 1 1 1). grayGray. RGBA is (0.5 0.5 0.5 1). greenSolid green. RGBA is (0 1 0 1). greyEnglish spelling for gray. RGBA is the same (0.5 0.5 0.5 1). magentaMagenta. RGBA is (1 0 1 1). redSolid red. RGBA is (1 0 0 1). whiteSolid white. RGBA is (1 1 1 1). The Last digit dictates Alpha channel... so for an opaque appearance select a value below 1 E.g. 0.7
  5. Version 3.1.7


    New version. CRaidController allows to define each day the opening and closing time of the raids. Out of hours the damage is blocked. #FEATURES Defined schedules by groups oxide or id steam or raids are allowed during the day. Blocks damage outside the allowed period Displaying a UI Everything is customizable, configurable with many options. Non-raid time after a wipe #INFO Bypass allows you to destroy if is not the raid time (only if nullify is enabled). All options are optional and can be configured The plugin is compatible with players languages For English players, the times will be in 12h format. Prefabs list available here #UI There are 6 different displays, the background is in transparent black for the screens. Customizable I suggest interface 3 with "0 0 0 0" for background Date of version 2.0, subject to change UI n°1 UI n°2 UI n°3 UI n°4 UI n°5 UI n°6 #PERMISSIONS craidcontroller.change craidcontroller.hide #CONFIGURATION » GLOBAL » UI » SCHEDULES Note : "default", is the default shedules don't remove ! To determine which time slot corresponds to each player, the plugin will search in the configurations if there is a schedule with the steam id, else if it chooses the last oxide group where the player is present. » CREATE NEW GROUP OR PLAYER SCHEDULE Replace "default" by the oxide group name or ID steam (whith quote) » ADD ONE SCHEDULE "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "16:00", "» End": "00:00" } ] » ADD SEVERAL SCHEDULES "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "08:00", "» End": "10:00" }, { "» Start": "12:00", "» End": "14:00" }, { "» Start": "20:00", "» End": "00:00" } ] » EXAMPLE OF SCHEDULES CONFIGURATION » ADD A NON-RAID TIME AFTER A WIPE You can add a non-raid time for each group of schedules, Just enable it Two options are possible. Either with a custom date and time which will be treated in priority if the value is not on null. The second one is in number of days after the wipe (the time will be at 0h). #PREVIEW (Date of version 2.0, subject to change) In any suggestions, bugs, help, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  6. Version 2.1.9


    GUI with personal stats, leaderboard, per-category stats, and #1 player custom chat titles Tables with personal bests per category, top scoring player per category, and top-30 players per category. The same tables can be viewed for clans, rather than players. Server-wide top-list per category can be advertised on a timer. Tables have clickable headers for ascending/descending sort Multiple leaderboard snapshots (top single player for each category) can be taken for SQL/web use. See Daniel's free template on Codefling for web publishing of selected stats. Optional uMod dependencies. Clans. Economics. EventManager. Friends. PlaytimeTracker. BetterChat. Permissions. playerranks.use - Allows players to use GUI, if 'RequiresPermission' is true. playerranks.admin - Allows admin UI and command access. playerranks.excludefromstats - Allows players to toggle /pr optout - taking their stats out of public displays. playerranks.excludedfromstats - Force a player to be excluded from stats playerranks.optout - Used behind the scenes for user preference persistence across wipes. By default, stats for admins are not publicised. Chat commands. Player commands. /pr - Open PlayerRanks GUI /pr chat - Enable/Disable chat announcements. /pr optout - Have your stats removed from, or included in, public displays. Requires playerranks.excludefromstats permission. Admin commands. /pr save - Save the database /pr wipe - Wipe the database /pr del - Remove all stats for that player's steamID /pr wipecategory <categoryname> - Remove all of user stats for that category Console commands. playerranks.save - Save the database playerranks.wipe - Wipe the database Configuration. General options. displayClanStats - True/False record_ClanMate_Kills - Toggle killing of clan-members contributing to PVPKills. record_FriendsAPI_Kills - Toggle killing of 'Friends' contributing to PVPKills. record_RustIO_Friend_Kills - Toggle killing of RustIO friends contributing to PVPKills. record_Rust_Teams_Kills - Toggle killing of Rust team mates contributing to PVPKills. blockEvents - Toggle EventManager contributing to ranks. statCollection - True/False RequiresPermission - Makes user /pr access by 'playerranks.use' permission only. allowadmin - Toggle admin stats in public displays. chatCommandAliases useTimedTopList - Toggle public broadcast rotation. TimedTopListAmount TimedTopListTimer TimedTopListSize - Font size for chat output. TimedTopListNumbered - Adds ordered numbering to chat output (1st,2nd,etc). deleteOnBan - True/False saveTimer (minutes) lastLoginLimit - in days.Deletes data for users who haven't logged in since X days ago. Value of 0 means disabled. wipeOnDeath - True/False WipeOnNewMap - Wipes PlayerRanks data base when a new map is detected. CommandOpensTop30 = false; KDRExcludesSuicides = false; PVPKillsCountsSleeperKills = false; PlayTime_HH_MM = false useIntenseOptions - Enable/disable.Toggle gathering of information, and displays, relating to: StructuresBuilt ItemsDeployed ItemsCrafted EntitiesRepaired StructuresDemolished Resources Gathered GUI. UiTextColourStrong = "<color=#b3522b>"; UiTextColourWeak = "<color=#bdbdbd>"; ChatTextColourStrong = "<color=#d4d3d3>"; ChatTextColourWeak = "<color=#bdbdbd>"; ButtonColour = "0.7 0.32 0.17 1"; CategorySortButtonColour = "0.48 0.2 0.1 1"; GuiTransparency = 0.9; Useful tool for picking CUI colours - RGB Decimal. Titles EnablePlayerTitles = false; MaxDisplayedTitles = 3; MaxTitlesBeforeLineBreak = 3; TitleStart = "["; TitleEnd = "]"; AddTitleHoldersToGroup = true; DestroyGroupOnUnload = false; Categories. Each category has the following options in config. "PVPKills": { "EnabledInPersonal": true, "EnabledInTop1": true, "EnabledInTop30": true, "IncludeInChatBroadcast": true, "Title": "[Killer]", "BroadcastTitleChanges": true }, Title. Leave blank to have no title. Players with titles are automatically placed in a group of the category name. Players are removed when they lose #1, and all groups are emptied on unload. SQL - optional. Database Name Host Password Port Username tablename - Main data table name that PR will create. LBtableName - Leaderboards table name that PR will create. Use MySQL - true/false autoWipe - true/false (wipes SQL with main database) The SQL database will be created on the first save, whether automatic or manually with command /pr save. Category List. PVPKills PVPDistance PVEKills PVEDistance NPCKills NPCDistance Sleepers Killed HeadShots Deaths Suicides KDR (kill to death ratio) SDR (suicide to death ratio) SkullsCrushed TimesWounded TimesHealed HeliHits HeliKills APC Hits APCKills BarrelsDestroyed Explosives Thrown Arrows Fired Bullets Fired Rockets Launched WeaponTrapsDestroyed Drops looted Structures Built Structures Demolished Items Deployed Items crafted Entities Repaired Resources Gathered Structures Upgraded blockEvents - Toggle EventManager contributing to ranks. Economics** ServerRewards** PlayTime** (DD:HH:MM:SS) MySQL Only. Online/Offline Status** ActiveDate - Player's last login date. ** - These options are reported by Player Ranks, but not incremented or maintained by Player Ranks. Resetting Player Ranks database will not set these entries to zero, as they are read from elsewhere. Wipe Playtime Tracker data and/or Economics data to set these to zero. Key Binds. Personal stats and leader board can be bound to toggle as follows, using H J as examples: bind h callPersonalStatsUI bind j callLeaderBoardUI Notes. Data for banned players is automatically removed. Heli Kills are attributed to the player who hit the heli the most - not the last hitter. If a player dies from his wounds, the person who wounded him gets the PVP kill. PVP distance is recorded based on the wounding shot.
  7. CASHR


    Version 1.0.1


    SkinManager Let your players create their own sets of items. Product Features The plugin interacts and we get a list of allowed items using the Image Library plugin. 1.The plugin adds the ability to change the skin for items to your server. 2. You can open the menu only with the permission (skinmanager.use) 3.The plugin automatically applies skins when an item enters the player's inventory. 4. In the config, you can block any skinID. The command to open the interface: /skins Report all bugs here, they will be fixed in a timely manner. Thank you for reading my work, all the best Plugin Config CLICK TO OPEN CONFIG I also make unique custom plugins, you can contact me at discord - CASHR#6906 [VIDEO REVIEW]
  8. Version 0.0.8


    IQPlagueSkill is skill system that allows players to get advantages for playing on the server! Players must collect DNA points to study, for this they must fulfill simple conditions that are configured in the configuration file! There Is support for many plugins and various skills! What can be done with each skill : - You can enable and disable each skill separately - Customize its icon via a link to a PNG file To configure the icon using a Sprite from the game - Change the skill description - Change the skill name - Change the price for a skill - Any of his personal settings (individually in each skill) Neutral skills: - These skills help players simplify features in other plugins that this skill belongs to What is a pathogen and what does IT do - A pathogen is a virus, a disease gene that will destroy the player's genes, or rather their skills - You can customize the chance of players being infected with this virus - You can configure the time after which the virus infection will take place - You can configure the time after which the virus will destroy one skill - You can enable and disable this virus Skills available in the plugin and their functionality : Miner : Adds the ability to increase the rating of extracted resources - You can use custom mining ratings for each resource. - You can add a common rating multiplier for all resources Regeneration: Adds the ability to regenerate the player - You can change the amount of HP that will be regenerated by the player - You can set the time after which the player's HP will be regenerated Mastery of: Adds the ability to reduce the wear of items to the player - You can adjust the percentage that will reduce the player's weapon wear Hard skin: Adds the ability to get rid of the cold in cold biomes for the player Do not shake: Adds the ability to get up to the player after a serious injury - You can change the % chance of a player standing up after a fall - You can change the time after which the skill will work and win back the chance to the player - You can enable or disable deleting a skill from a player after it is successfully triggered Metabolism: Adds the ability to revive the player with the indicators that you set - You can change the % chance of rebirth with these indicators - You can change the number of HP when reviving - You can change the amount of Thirst when reviving - You can change the amount of Satiety when reviving Pathogen protection: Adds the ability to protect against the Pathogen - After successful activation - the skill will reset killing the pathogen: Adds the ability to get rid of the pathogen virus - Appears only after the player is infected with the Pathogen virus - Skill resets after using The Genesis gene: Adds the ability to save % of the DNA after a server wipe - You can configure the number of % of saved DNA Unity with nature: Adds the ability to earn DNA for animal prey - You can configure the Minimum and Maximum amount of DNA loss(it will be random within the limits specified by you) - You can customize the chance of dropping DNA - You can use a custom sheet for each animal - In the custom list, you can specify the Minimum and Maximum amount of DNA - In the custom list, you can specify your chance of DNA loss Unity with the earth: Adds the ability to earn DNA for resource extraction - You can set up a custom sheet for each item - In the custom list, you can specify the Minimum and Maximum amount of DNA - In the custom list, you can specify your chance of DNA loss Anabiotics: Adds the ability to get increased HP indicators for using first aid kits,syringes, and other healing drugs - You can customize a custom list with items - In the custom list, you specify the shortname of the item and the number of HP that it will give Crafter: Adds the ability to quickly craft items - You can configure how many times the skill will increase the crafting speed You can't find me : Additional skill that opens with the IQHeadReward plugin - Adds the ability to get rid of the bounty on the head - After triggering, the skill will be reset Video review - Additional opportunity to earn DNA points: - You can enable and disable the ability to earn DNA with: 1. Killing NPCs 2. Killing animals 3. Killing players - With a configurable Minimum and Maximum amount of DNA loss - With a configurable % chance of dropping points. Supported plugins: - IQEconomics support is available - IQHeadReward support is available - Friends support is available - There is support for Clans - Support is available Battles - Duel support is available - IQChat you can create your own notifications in the chat,to setup a chat room with this plugin With IQEconomics you will be able to change the currency of the DNA on the currency system of the economy,which will also work with the plugin With IQHeadReward you have a new ability for players With Friends,Clans,Battles,Duel protection works and farm DNA on his teammates and other minor modifications Interface setting : - You can change absolutely the entire interface - Change the background - Change blocked/active / available icons for skills Panel of information about the skills - Skill learning button - Change the overall text color - Change the color of the skill description and name text Automatic WIPE of the plugin: - You can enable automatic cleaning of skills after VAPE server(works with the skill Geneziz gen) additional features: - I thought about the economic part for your server - You will be able to sell them to DNA (in the Teams section) - You can sell the entire skill set (in the Teams section) - You will be able to sell immunity from the Pathogen in permises Important : This plugin will be one of the biggest in the branch of the plugins IQ , I'm going to do another set of plugins that will complement this, ideas very much! I'm going to create a couple of additional systems,which will combine great functionality and will not conflict with others, for you it will,as an alternative to replace a few plugins - one of my, still with great functionality
  9. Version 2.0.5


    Convenient GUI manager for player and group permissions. Allows assignment of player permissions. (online or sleeping) Allows assignment of group permissions. Allows one-click removal of all players from a group.(group page - "Remove All") Allows adding/removing a player from groups. Supports unlimited plugins/permissions/groups Up to 60 plugins per-page. Up to 40 permissions per-page. Up to 40 user groups per-page Permissions. permissionsmanager.allowed - Allows players to use GUI. Plugin can be used with this permission, or by any Admin : Auth Level 2. Chat commands. /perms OR /perms player - Opens GUI player list, allowing a player to be chosen. /perms group - Opens GUI group list, allowing a group to be chosen. /perms player <playername> - Opens permissions GUI for the specified player. /perms group <groupname> - Opens permissions GUI for the specified group. Console commands. EmptyGroup <groupname> - Removes all players from the specified group. Configuration. Global. Chat - Title colour Chat - Message colour GUI - Label colour GUI - On colour GUI - Off colour GUI - AllPerPage - Sets All/None option to per-page, or per plugin. Options - GUI Transparency 0-1 Options - Plugin BlockList - ex. "playerranks,botspawn" Block list must be lower case, comma separated, no spaces, and no final comma, as above. Useful tool for picking CUI colours - RGB Decimal - Take the RGB Normalized decimal output, and remove all commas. FAQ. Q: I'm trying to revoke permission(Y) for a player, but it says "Inherited". A: The player is in a group(X) which is also granted permission(Y). Solution: Revoke permission (Y) from group(X) or remove the player from group(X). Q: I removed a player from group(X), but they still have permission(Y). A: This is the opposite of the above. This player must have been independently granted permission(Y) at some time. Solution: Revoke permission(Y) from the player.
  10. Version 1.0.6


    Adds a coin flipping mini game to your server. Players can try their luck by playing against both a bot and a real player. Commands flip - open interface Permissions coinflipping.use - open interface coinflipping.players - play against players coinflipping.npcs - play against npcs coinflipping.createroom - create a room Config { "Commands": [ "flip" ], "Work with Notify?": true, "Economy": { "Type (Plugin/Item)": "Plugin", "Plugin name": "Economics", "Balance add hook": "Deposit", "Balance remove hook": "Withdraw", "Balance show hook": "Balance", "ShortName": "scrap", "Display Name (empty - default)": "", "Skin": 0 }, "Interface": { "Show coin in header?": true, "Coin Image": "https://i.imgur.com/GBVGvQa.png" }, "Values for Bot Game": [ 100, 200, 300 ], "Min Bet for Bot Game": 100, "Min Bet for Player Game": 100, "Permissions Settings": { "Opening the interface": "coinflipping.use", "Playing against players": "coinflipping.players", "Playing against NPCs": "coinflipping.npcs", "Creating a room": "coinflipping.createroom" } }
  11. Version 1.0.3


    See your targets health with a nice HUD. With 4 customizable styles, change it up how ever you would like it to be, you can change the texts format, colors, etc! Note: if none of the styles suit you, you can always ask me to make a new one, just give me a rough sketch and I will make it! With an internal whitelist you can choose what entities the HUD will trigger on "shortprefabname"! "ActiveTargetDuration" is the length the HUD will be shown for when you attack a target, the length is reset if you attack a target again! TextFormat {0} = target name, {1} = target current health, {2} = target max health To display a targets display name, aka support for BotSpawn or alike, in the language file change the shortprefabs name into to "" Styles: top detailed top thin hotbar detailed hotbar thin Permission: targethealthhud.use Config: { "ActiveTargetDuration": 60, "Style": "top detailed", "TextFormat": "{0} {1}/{2} HP", "UI General": { "PrimaryColor": "0.7058824 0.07843138 0.07843138 1", "SecondaryColor": "1 0.1960784 0.1960784 1", "TextColor": "1 1 1 1" }, "UI Styles": { "Hotbar Detailed": { "AnchorMax": "0.6406256 0.1462963", "AnchorMin": "0.3437505 0.1185186" }, "Hotbar Thin": { "AnchorMax": "0.640625 0.1314815", "AnchorMin": "0.34375 0.1203704" }, "Top Detailed": { "AnchorMax": "0.6683334 0.9424074", "AnchorMin": "0.3297916 0.9127777" }, "Top Thin": { "AnchorMax": "0.6683334 0.9312962", "AnchorMin": "0.3297916 0.9127777" } }, "Whitelist": [ "bear", "boar", "chicken", "stag", "wolf", "scarecrow", "murderer", "tunneldweller", "scientist", "heavyscientist", "patrolhelicopter", "bradleyapc", "heavyscientistad", "scientist_astar_full_any", "scientist_full_any", "scientist_full_lr300", "scientist_full_mp5", "scientist_full_pistol", "scientist_full_shotgun", "scientist_gunner", "scientist_junkpile_pistol", "scientistjunkpile", "scientistnpc_cargo", "scientistnpc_cargo_turret_any", "scientistnpc_cargo_turret_lr300", "scientistnpc_excavator", "scientistnpc_oilrig" ] } Language: { "bear": "Bear", "boar": "Boar", "chicken": "Chicken", "stag": "Stag", "wolf": "Wolf", "scarecrow": "Scarecrow", "murderer": "Muderer", "tunneldweller": "Tunnel Dweller", "scientist": "Scientist", "heavyscientist": "Heavy Scientist", "patrolhelicopter": "Helicopter", "bradleyapc": "Bradley", "heavyscientistad": "Heavy Scientist", "scientist_astar_full_any": "Scientist", "scientist_full_any": "Scientist", "scientist_full_lr300": "Scientist", "scientist_full_mp5": "Scientist", "scientist_full_pistol": "Scientist", "scientist_full_shotgun": "Scientist", "scientist_gunner": "Scientist", "scientist_junkpile_pistol": "Scientist", "scientistjunkpile": "Scientist", "scientistnpc_cargo": "Scientist", "scientistnpc_cargo_turret_any": "Scientist", "scientistnpc_cargo_turret_lr300": "Scientist", "scientistnpc_excavator": "Scientist", "scientistnpc_oilrig": "Scientist" }
  12. MikeHawke


    Version 1.0.3


    PhoneCore is a Grand Theft Auto Style GUI that is easy to setup and customise. UPDATE? Go To Bottom PhoneCore is a zip file with 4 variations to the code, images and psd/afphoto allowing you all the options you could think of. Code included is a 2x3 Phone, 3x4 phone and now 2x3 with 4 pages and 3x4 with 4 pages! Fire off any command that would usually be used with a "/" via this tasty little ui (e.g. /kits /backpack /dis) Configuration Configuration is simple, Drop in the urls for the image you want (list in image folder of default URLS) and add a command,Save, Reload and enjoy. Both the configs follow the same setup, just one is longer than the other. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. { "Use Permission phonecore2x4.show": false, "Background Image Url": "https://i.imgur.com/GY90fRP.png", "Image Url in place One": "https://i.imgur.com/bQGcmWL.png", "Command For Place One": "", "Image Url in place Two": "https://i.imgur.com/WAY6j4A.png", "Command For Place Two": "", "Image Url in place Three": "https://i.imgur.com/rOLnNiY.png", "Command For Place Three": "", "Image Url in place Four": "https://i.imgur.com/EbBRqT5.png", "Command For Place Four": "", "Image Url in place Five": "https://i.imgur.com/3mLH0mP.png", "Command For Place Five": "", "Image Url in place Six": "https://i.imgur.com/6RjWdNd.png", "Command For Place Six": "" } Command /Phone << opens the phone GUI Permission Each of the codes has an option to use permissions in the config.. the permission is pluginname.show and is required to open the PhoneUI is the config value is set to true e.g. PhoneCore3x4.show Update Version 1.0.1... Added 2 Extra codes to the zip, These "multi" versions have 4 pages.. Watch the video Below. Version 1.0.1... Code 2x3 had an error that prevented compiling.. this has been rectified. Version 1.0.2... Added Rules so that blank unused buttons are no longer clickable. Version 1.0.3... Added option in config to require a permission to open the UI Images These are images that are included & random things I've added to hosting that you can use on with PhoneCore Icons: https://i.imgur.com/6RjWdNd.png Blank https://i.imgur.com/EbBRqT5.png Backpack https://i.imgur.com/0o3q7BC.png Close https://i.imgur.com/3mLH0mP.png Discord https://i.imgur.com/Vz4vVaw.png Hammer https://i.imgur.com/rOLnNiY.png Info https://i.imgur.com/bQGcmWL.png Facemask/Kits https://i.imgur.com/mnBkYwB.png Message https://i.imgur.com/WAY6j4A.png Minicopter https://i.imgur.com/cMjS34N.png WorkBench https://i.imgur.com/eRN5lCU.png Door https://i.imgur.com/uKCyxev.png House/Teleport https://i.imgur.com/cclUBi3.png Kit/Present https://i.imgur.com/62Tu4HV.png Lift/Elevator https://i.imgur.com/ldwvf7L.png Wolf/Pet https://i.imgur.com/IqvuMKd.png Stats https://i.imgur.com/1Of9ltc.png Skin/Hoodie https://i.imgur.com/8DJoUQT.png Rocket Turret https://i.imgur.com/9Yom8S9.png Brush https://i.imgur.com/rUlh3Qk.png Portal Backgrounds: https://i.imgur.com/GY90fRP.png Default/Phone GUI https://i.imgur.com/MCjSq33.png Tower https://i.imgur.com/rYwQO6C.png Furnace https://i.imgur.com/J4rvbCJ.png Wolf https://i.imgur.com/d7b2LmJ.png SatAirDrop https://i.imgur.com/1NZyPXl.png Night https://i.imgur.com/UqdQAWL.png RustPoster https://i.imgur.com/m48YGmJ.png Waving https://i.imgur.com/WJ5Qr6w.png Face https://i.imgur.com/XHLySft.png Hemp https://i.imgur.com/AweYNbi.png MikeHawke https://i.imgur.com/vVye6Wu.png Cobalt Rewards https://i.imgur.com/htVCYhH.png Cobalt Regen
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Referral system - simple and beautiful! Including: Lang file is present Very simple config to configure Nice and stylish UI Avatars in UI at the best quality Doesn't load your server You can customize whatever your heart desires Commands: /ref - Open UI /ref invite <name> - Invite a player /ref accept - Accept invitations How it works ? The player must invite the player using the command /ref invite <name> Next, the player who was invited must accept the request using the command /ref accept After that, the Player and Jobs will appear in the UI (/ref). When completing these jobs, both players will receive the rewards you specified in the configuration. Gratitude: Azmodean - Thanks to this person, the lang file is very well translated. You can fix it anyway! Additional Information: This plugin was originally owned by another developer. It was given to me with his conscent. It has been heavily modified from the original version. Config: { "Maximum number of invited players": 5, "List of gift performers for the inviter (if more than one - random is taken)": [ { "Items obtained from this set": [ { "Item Display Name": null, "Short name of the subject": "rifle.ak", "Item Quantity": 1, "Item SkinID": 1, "Called command": null }, { "Item Display Name": null, "Short name of the subject": null, "Item Quantity": 0, "Item SkinID": 0, "Called command": "say %STEAMID% is god" } ] } ], "List of possible gifts for the invitee (if more than one - random is taken)": [ { "Items obtained from this set": [ { "Item Display Name": null, "Short name of the subject": "rifle.ak", "Item Quantity": 1, "Item SkinID": 1, "Called command": null }, { "Item Display Name": null, "Short name of the subject": null, "Item Quantity": 0, "Item SkinID": 0, "Called command": "say %STEAMID% is god" } ] } ], "Quest Accelerator to get a reward": { "ReferalSystem.default": 1.0, "ReferalSystem.vip": 2.0 }, "Prize conditions settings": { "Time spent on the server": 60.0, "The number of collected resources": 5000, "Number of destroyed objects": 5 } }
  14. Version 1.1.0


    Rusty Bangers is a UI for Vehicle Licence. STOP... I HAVE REWRITTEN THE PLUGIN TO MAKE SPACE FOR ANY OTHER VEHICLES COMING TO RUST. I HAVE ALSO ADDED THE ABILITY TO CUSTOMISE THE VEHICLE IMAGES. IF YOU USE THE DEFAULT CONFIG AND MY VEHICLE LICENSE CONFIG (PASTE BIN LINK BELOW) IT SHOULD WORK STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX (MINUS NEEDING SOME PRICE AND POSSIBLE COOL DOWN CHANGES TO MATCH YOUR SERVER) Check out updates below Permissions Rusty Bangers now requires vehiclelicence.use permission to be opened AND NOW Players can now only see options for vehicles that they have been granted permissions to spawn. Command /rusty << opens the UI Configuration { "Genericsettings": { "Command List": [ "mini", "tcop", "hab", "ch47", "rhib", "row", "sedan", "horse", "smallchassis", "mediumchassis", "largechassis", "smallcar", "mediumcar", "largecar", "workcart", "magnetcrane", "subsolo", "subduo" ] }, "Page1Settings": { "Slot 1 Permission": "vehiclelicence.minicopter", "Slot 1 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/1eCWmxC.png", "Slot 2 Permission": "vehiclelicence.transportcopter", "Slot 2 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/KMXvIiC.png", "Slot 3 Permission": "vehiclelicence.hotairballoon", "Slot 3 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/huK1pU3.png", "Slot 4 Permission": "vehiclelicence.chinook", "Slot 4 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/MQRcEcv.png", "Slot 5 Permission": "vehiclelicence.rhib", "Slot 5 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/jXf4fNl.png", "Slot 6 Permission": "vehiclelicence.rowboat", "Slot 6 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/SlE8lLs.png", "Slot 7 Permission": "vehiclelicence.sedan", "Slot 7 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/aNUvab6.png", "Slot 8 Permission": "vehiclelicence.ridablehorse", "Slot 8 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/eZvi0n2.png" }, "Page2Settings": { "Slot 1 Permission": "vehiclelicence.smallchassis", "Slot 1 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/Nlgsj4h.png", "Slot 2 Permission": "vehiclelicence.mediumchassis", "Slot 2 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/WX0iPUB.png", "Slot 3 Permission": "vehiclelicence.largechassis", "Slot 3 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/0JSrdCy.png", "Slot 4 Permission": "vehiclelicence.smallmodularcar", "Slot 4 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/7QsY72X.png", "Slot 5 Permission": "vehiclelicence.mediummodularcar", "Slot 5 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/65VPddU.png", "Slot 6 Permission": "vehiclelicence.largemodularcar", "Slot 6 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/zkmYF9d.png", "Slot 7 Permission": "vehiclelicence.workcart", "Slot 7 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/TU0DD1v.png", "Slot 8 Permission": "vehiclelicence.magnetcrane", "Slot 8 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/sXMrzuq.png" }, "Page3Settings": { "Slot 1 Permission": "vehiclelicence.submarinesolo", "Slot 1 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/bu3vBjM.png", "Slot 2 Permission": "vehiclelicence.submarineduo", "Slot 2 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/To7tiMp.png", "Slot 3 Permission": "", "Slot 3 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/6RjWdNd.png", "Slot 4 Permission": "", "Slot 4 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/6RjWdNd.png", "Slot 5 Permission": "", "Slot 5 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/6RjWdNd.png", "Slot 6 Permission": "", "Slot 6 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/6RjWdNd.png", "Slot 7 Permission": "", "Slot 7 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/6RjWdNd.png", "Slot 8 Permission": "", "Slot 8 Image": "https://i.imgur.com/6RjWdNd.png" }, "PageSettings": { "Home Icon Image": "https://i.imgur.com/ZTNqNQM.png", "Page 2 active": true, "Page 2 Icon Image": "https://i.imgur.com/W9Kr4jB.png", "Page 3 active": true, "Page 3 Icon Image": "https://i.imgur.com/qi5kX0c.png" }, "ButtonSettings": { "Buy Button Color": "1 0 0 1", "Deliver Button Color": "0 1 0 1", "Recall Button Color": "0 0 1 1", "Kill Button Color": "0.5 0.5 0.5 1" } } Set your config Variables to the same details displayed in your Vehicle Licence Config. Command List are the spawn commands from the Vehicle License config. e.g. In the Vehicle licence config "Commands": [ "car", "sedan" ], So in the list for RustyBangers we add either car or sedan. The order of the command list the must be the order of your icons and perms. The link below is a blank image. if you are not using the section I would suggest using this image. https://i.imgur.com/6RjWdNd.png Button Color Configuration is done in the RGBA format with values between 0 and 1. Examples at bottom. Vehicle licence config Here is a pastebin link for the config I use.. if your missing cars and chassis this contains them as you have to manually create them now. (Set prices and cool downs to your requirements mine maybe weird because it's for testing) https://pastebin.com/N5LKf6EJ Color Examples blackSolid black. RGBA is (0 0 0 1). blueSolid blue. RGBA is (0 0 1 1). clearCompletely transparent. RGBA is (0 0 0 0). cyanCyan. RGBA is (0 1 1 1). grayGray. RGBA is (0.5 0.5 0.5 1). greenSolid green. RGBA is (0 1 0 1). greyEnglish spelling for grey. RGBA is the same (0.5 0.5 0.5 1). magentaMagenta. RGBA is (1 0 1 1). redSolid red. RGBA is (1 0 0 1). whiteSolid white. RGBA is (1 1 1 1). The Last digit dictates Alpha channel... so for an opaque appearance select a value below 1 E.g. 0.7 UPDATE V1.1.0 Rewritten to allow users to make images that reflect their VL settings and include Subs, WorkCart and Crane. V1.0.4 Global configuration section removed thanks to Arainrr exposing fields in VehicleLicence for the RustyBangers project.
  15. Version 1.0.15


    Provides a GUI to manage your tool cupboard and area autoturret authorization. Also adds a button which appears above the TC loot table for accessing the GUI. Uses Friends, Clans, and Rust Teams. Click on Manage at the top of the TC Loot table for the GUI: Once opened by clicking the button, you can remove players by clicking the Remove button next to their name. Select additional players to add to the TC or turret by clicking the associated Select button: The user must be within range of the cupboard to access the GUI. They must also be authorized to the cupboard. Configuration { "Settings": { "cupboardRange": 3.0, "turretRange": 30.0, "limitToFriends": false, "useFriends": false, "useClans": false, "useTeams": false }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 7 } } cupboardRange -- Sets the minimum distance for interacting with a cupboard. 3f was the original default. 5f might work better for you. Don't set it too high or you may see overlap and odd behavior. turretRange -- Sets the maximum distance from a cupboard to locate turrets. 30f is the default, which should be close to actual cupboard protection range. You can adjust higher as needed if the plugin fails to find your local turrets. limitToFriends -- (false) If true, use Friends/Clans/Teams to limit the user selection list (configs below) useFriends -- (false) Use the Friends plugin if available. useClans -- (false) Use an available Clans plugin useTeams -- (false) Use Rust teams Permissions tcgui.use -- Allows player to see the Manage button and use the GUI Chat Commands /tc - Parent function which will display the authorized players for the TC in front of you. /tc gui - Alternate way to open the GUI for the TC in front of you. Most of this is only useful to and used by the GUI but could be used for scripting from other plugins or via RCON, perhaps... /tc add {player.userID} {player.displayName} - Add player to TC authorized list /tc remove {player.userID} - Remove player from TC authorized list /tc tadd {player.userID} {player.displayName} {turret.net.ID.ToString()} - Add player to turret authorized list /tc tremove {theplayer.userID} {turret.net.ID.ToString()} - Remove player from turret authorized list Notes debug mode now lists 300 fake players in addition to any active/sleeping players (for page testing, etc.)
  16. Version 1.3.1


    CPunishTool is an admin tool. Very intuitive way to punish a player # INFO WHEN TOOL IS EQUIPED AND ACTIVE - Show crosshair - Show UI - Display info in chat for each mode ALL MODE IS SECURED WITH PERMISSIONS AVAILABLE MODE - Kill (Wounded, Stop wounded, Kill) - Kick (with multiple custom reason) - Mute (with multiple custom duration and unmute option) - Voice Mute (with multiple custom duration and unmute option) - Freeze (if player is freeze, unfreeze him) - Ban (with multiple custom reason) # PERMISSION cpunishtool.use - Require for use and get the tool cpunishtool.kill - Require for kill player cpunishtool.kick - Require for kick player cpunishtool.mute - Require for mute player cpunishtool.voicemute - Require for voicemute player cpunishtool.freeze - Require for freeze player cpunishtool.ban - Require for ban player # CHAT COMMAND /punishtool - Get the tool in your inventory # OPTIONAL PLUGIN REFERENCE #PREVIEW # CONFIGURATION { "Kill Option": { "1": { "Short Description": "Wounded", "Details": "startwounded" }, "2": { "Short Description": "Stop Wounded", "Details": "stopwounded" }, "3": { "Short Description": "Kill", "Details": "" }, }, "Kick Option": { "1": { "Short Description": "No reason", "Details": "" }, "2": { "Short Description": "Language", "Details": "Thanks for guarding your language!" }, "3": { "Short Description": "Come discord", "Details": "You are expected on discord.gg/5NtNRhU" }, "4": { "Short Description": "Stop it !", "Details": "Stop and calm down. !" } }, "Mute Option": { "1": { "Short Description": "5 minutes", "Details": "5m" }, "2": { "Short Description": "10 minutes", "Details": "10m" }, "3": { "Short Description": "30 minutes", "Details": "30m" }, "4": { "Short Description": "1 hour", "Details": "1h" }, "5": { "Short Description": "1 day", "Details": "1d" }, "6": { "Short Description": "Permanent", "Details": "" }, "7": { "Short Description": "Unmute", "Details": "unmute" } }, "Mute Voice Option": { "1": { "Short Description": "5 minutes", "Details": "5m" }, "2": { "Short Description": "10 minutes", "Details": "10m" }, "3": { "Short Description": "30 minutes", "Details": "30m" }, "4": { "Short Description": "1 hour", "Details": "1h" }, "5": { "Short Description": "1 day", "Details": "1d" }, "6": { "Short Description": "Permanent", "Details": "" }, "7": { "Short Description": "Unmute", "Details": "unmute" } }, "Ban Option": { "1": { "Short Description": "No reason", "Details": "" }, "2": { "Short Description": "Language", "Details": "Language" }, "3": { "Short Description": "Rules infractions", "Details": "Violation of rules" }, "4": { "Short Description": "Staff deliberation", "Details": "Staff Deliberation" }, "5": { "Short Description": "Cheat", "Details": "Cheat" }, "6": { "Short Description": "Macro", "Details": "Macro" }, "7": { "Short Description": "Insults", "Details": "Insults" } } }
  17. CASHR


    Version 1.0.3


    CStats - statistics for your server that does not require any intervention from administrators, such as config settings and other things, is made in a unique style and does not load your server! This plugin also implements the idea of the player's death logs, that is, the player can see the profile of the player who killed him.
  18. MikeHawke

    The Button

    Version 1.0.8


    Customizable 7th Button. Easy to setup, Default is a backpack image and command Use any command that would usually require a slash e.g. "/Backpack" becomes "Backpack" in the config Permissions TheButton.use << Required to use The Button Command /button << toggles button on or off. Configuration { "GlobalSettings": { "Image Url for The Button": "https://i.imgur.com/7L1uDrs.png", "Command For The Button": "backpack", "Background color of Button RGBA format": "0.3 0.3 0.3 0.8", "Open By Default true/false": true }, "AlignmentSettings": { "AnchorMin": "0.645 0.023", "AnchorMax": "0.688 0.095" } } AnchorMin And Max are set roughly to the position right of the hot-bar but can appear slightly different depending on the players resolution. The default value in the Config is for 16:10.... theres 16:9: AnchorMin": "0.645 0.029", AnchorMax": "0.691 0.104" theres also to the left 16:9: AnchorMin": "0.295 0.029", AnchorMax": "0.341 0.104", Color Examples blackSolid black. RGBA is (0 0 0 1). blueSolid blue. RGBA is (0 0 1 1). clearCompletely transparent. RGBA is (0 0 0 0). cyanCyan. RGBA is (0 1 1 1). grayGray. RGBA is (0.5 0.5 0.5 1). greenSolid green. RGBA is (0 1 0 1). greyEnglish spelling for grey. RGBA is the same (0.5 0.5 0.5 1). magentaMagenta. RGBA is (1 0 1 1). redSolid red. RGBA is (1 0 0 1). whiteSolid white. RGBA is (1 1 1 1). The Last digit dictates Alpha channel... so for an opaque appearance select a value below 1 E.g. 0.7 Updates 1.0.2 Added background color to config, added open or close by default to config, fixed errors on server load, added hook to hide button if using furnace splitter. 1.0.3 Removed Debug message and fixed force load on default being true 1.0.4 error on server load fixed.... for real this time 1.0.5 Loosing the will to live.... Changed red text stuff again, changed methods that call the ui, simplified code, expanded brackets, drank coffee.. if its still broken after this i'm removing the plug and stating again! 1.0.6 Not given up on life yet.. another possible fix for red text spamage. 1.0.7 I just broke everything 1.0.8 Set the permission to the GUI... if the player doesnt have the perm they dont see the button
  19. Version 1.0.3


    A configurable UI with wipe/purge info to save your admins some work Optional dependencies : GUIAnnouncements Features : Set info about wipe time/day and purge time/day in a UI Panel Setup Colors used and a Top banner image Welcomes the player using his/her name automaticly Automaticly displays the settings inside the UI from CFG file Option to have it use a GUIAnnouncement message when purge is active or not. Both with a seperate timed interval.(to activate either set it to true/false and reload plugin for now) GuiAnnouncements are randomised from the lists (depended if the pre/during mode is set to true) This is not a purge plugin but a info panel still have to activate your purge!!! Permissions : purgeinfo.info : To give players permission to use the UI panel command Commands : /purge info : To open the informational UI panel. Configuration : Notes : You still have to manualy enable disable the Announcements to true/false and reload the plugin (this is not automated) { "GUI Info Settings": { "Banner Image": true, "Banner Image Url": "https://i.ibb.co/6YbWnxW/purge-info.png", "Banner Image Transparrency (0-1)": 0.9, "Welcome text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 1", "Version text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 1", "Wipe text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 1", "Purge text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 1", "Info Text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 1", "Info Text size (Default = 18)": 16, "Close Button Text": "Close this window", "Close Button color (RGBA)": "0 0 0 0.85", "Close Button Text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 1" }, "Wipe Info Settings": { "Wipe cycle (weekly biweekly monthly": "Biweekly", "Wipe day (mon tue fri etc..": "Thursdays", "Wipe time (example 19:00)": "19:00 UTC" }, "Purge Info Settings": { "Purge day (mon tue fri etc..": "Wednesday", "Purge start time (example 19:00)": "19:00 UTC", "Purge end time (example 18:00)": "18:00 UTC" }, "Info Block": { "Info text": "Your purge/wipe info can be placed here use \n to go to the next line" }, "Announcements": { "Use Pre Purge GUIAnnouncements": false, "Pre Purge GUIAnnouncements Cycle time (minutes)": 10.0, "Use During Purge GUIAnnouncements": false, "During Purge GUIAnnouncements Cycle time (minutes)": 10.0 }, "GUIAnnouncements messages": { "Pre Purge Announcement messages": [ "test : for the PurgeInfo plugin (pre purge trigger)", "test2 : For testing the PurgInfo plugin timing (pre purge trigger)", "test3 : Another test for PurgeInfo plugin timing (pre purge trigger(wip))" ], "During Purge Announcement messages": [ "test4 : for the PurgeInfo plugin (during purge trigger)", "test5 : For testing the PurgInfo plugin timing (during purge trigger)", "test6 : Another test for PurgeInfo plugin timing (during purge trigger(wip))" ] } } localisation : English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder. { "InvalidInput": "<color=red>Please enter a valid command!</color>", "Prefix": "[<color=green>PurgeInfo</color>] " }
  20. TF Crazy


    Version 1.0.3


    Mute or unmute server global chat and displays mute cooldown in gui. # CHAT COMMAND /muteall <minute> -- Mute the chat for all /muteall <stop> -- Cancel mute #INFO Admin bypass mute The plugin is compatabile with BetterChat, is optional # PERMISSION cmutechat.use -- Player can use mute command # API private void API_MuteChat(BasePlayer player, string command, string[] args) private bool API_CMuteChat() # HOOK ("CMuteChat_Start", string minute ) ("CMuteChat_Cancel")
  21. Death


    Version 1.0.1


    Display a GUI splash screen to players after they wake up with information in the event your server is migrating to a new host. Configuration options included to either kick the player or let them play after they exit the screen. Configuration HeaderText - {0} server name SubHeaderText {0} player name {1} tab ConnectInfo {0} connect info {1} server name {2} tab PrintInfo {0} connect info KickReason {0} server ip Replacements are optional and can be removed or replaced with static text. Replacements refer to {0}, {1}, {2}, etc... units throughout the config file that is automatically replaced with config values. Icon by @SawyerWD

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