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About Clans

Clans plugin with a lot of innovations, convenient management and much more





  • Beautiful user interface
  • Performance
  • Allied clans
  • Gather rate for players
  • Clan skins
  • The clan TAG min- and max-length can be defined in the config
  • The clan overview shows offline member names
  • Clan members can toggle friendly-fire protection for clan mates and allies
  • Clan creation can check TAG’s against a blocked word list
  • Clan tagging can be optionally disabled
  • Old (not updated since x days ) clans can be automatically purged
  • Clans rating
  • Players rating
  • Setting a personal avatar for your clan
  • Autowipe with wipe (optional)



  • clans (display clan menu)
  • clans help (get information about commands)
  • clan create (create a clan)
  • clan leave (leave from your clan)
  • clan join (open UI with invitations)
  • clan ff (toggle friendlyfire status)
  • clan allyff (toggle friendlyfire status for allies)
  • clan invite <name/steamid> (invite a player)
  • clan withdraw <name/steamid> (cancel an invite)
  • clan kick <name/steamid> (kick a member)
  • clan allyinvite <clanTag> (invite a clan to ally)
  • clan allywithdraw <clanTag> (cancel the offer of an alliance)
  • clan allyaccept <clanTag> (accept the offer of an alliance)
  • clan allycancel <clanTag> (cancen the offer of an alliance)
  • clan promote <name/steamid> (promote a member)
  • clan demote <name/steamid> (demote a member)
  • clan disband (disband your clan)
  • clans.convert (convert data from old clans)
  • clans.loadavatars (download avatars of all players)
  • clans.manage list - lists all clans, their owners and their member-count
  • clans.manage listex - lists all clans, their owners/members and their on-line status
  • clans.manage show [name/userId] - lists the chosen clan (or clan by user) and the members with status
  • clans.manage msg [clanTag] [message] - sends a clan message
  • clans.manage create [name/userId] [clanTag] - creates a clan
  • clans.manage rename [oldTag] [newTag] - renames a clan
  • clans.manage disband [clanTag] - disbands a clan
  • clans.manage invite [clanTag] [name/userId] - sends clan invitation to a player
  • clans.manage join [clanTag] [name/userId] - joins a player into a clan
  • clans.manage kick [clanTag] [name/userId] - kicks a member from a clan
  • clans.manage owner [clanTag] [name/userId] - sets a new owner
  • clans.manage promote [clanTag] [name/userId] - promotes a member
  • clans.manage demote [clanTag] [name/userId] - demotes a member



  • clans.cancreate (permission to create a clan)
  • clans.canjoin (permission to join a clan)
  • clans.canleave (permission to leave a clan)
  • clans.candisband (permission to disband a clan)
  • clans.cankick (permission to kick a clan member)
  • clans.admin (permission to use command 'clans.manage')


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