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About VirtualRecycler

VirtualRecycler Plugin

The VirtualRecycler Plugin, developed by M&B-Studios, is a powerful tool designed for Rust server administrators and VIP players. This plugin allows players to use virtual recycling machines to quickly and efficiently recycle their surplus items.


Commands: The plugin offers a set of chat commands that enable players to open and use their virtual recycling machine.

Permissions: Various permissions are supported, including:

virtualrecycler.use: Grants players permission to use the virtual recycling machine.

virtualrecycler.admin: Provides admins with instant recycling capabilities.

virtualrecycler.vip: Offers VIP players a customized recycling speed.

virtualrecycler.raidablebases: Allows players to open the VirtualRecycler only in the raidable bases

Automatic Recycling: When a player opens their virtual recycling machine, the recycling process starts automatically. The recycling speed may vary depending on permissions.

Ease of Use: Operating the virtual recycling machine is straightforward and user-friendly. Players can quickly and conveniently recycle their surplus items.

Efficient Management: The plugin offers efficient management of recycling machines, ensuring that each player can only use their own machine.

With the VirtualRecycler Plugin, you can enhance the recycling experience on your Rust server while simplifying the management and control of recycling machines.

If you have any questions or problems, join my discord

  "Commands": [
  "DefaultPermission": "virtualrecycler.use",
  "DefaultSpeed": 1.0,
  "AutoStart": false,
  "PermissionSpeeds": {
    "virtualrecycler.admin": 0.1,
    "virtualrecycler.raidablebases": 0.5,
    "virtualrecycler.vip": 0.5
  "StaticRecyclerSpeeds": {
    "virtualrecycler.static1": 1.0,
    "virtualrecycler.static2": 0.5,
    "virtualrecycler.vipstatic": 0.1


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