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Friendly Fire 1.0.0

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About Friendly Fire


FriendlyFire is a Rust plugin designed to provide a toggle for friendly fire within player teams. The plugin is created by Mucroce (#0001) and Bxcas (#2490) with version 0.1.


Toggle Friendly Fire: Players in a team can use the /ff command to toggle friendly fire on and off. Only the team leader has the authority to change this setting.

Team Management: The plugin checks if players have teams before allowing them to toggle friendly fire. If a player doesn't have a team, a message is displayed.

Prevention Mechanism: The plugin prevents friendly fire between team members when the toggle is off. If friendly fire is toggled on, team members can damage each other.

How to Use:

Installation: Add the plugin to the Oxide plugins folder.

Toggle Friendly Fire:

Use the /ff command to toggle friendly fire.

Only the team leader can execute this command.

If not in a team, a message informs the player that they don't have a team.


The plugin provides feedback messages to players through the chat.

Example Usage:

Team leader types /ff to toggle friendly fire on or off for the team.

Non-team leader attempts to use /ff and receives a message indicating only the team leader can toggle friendly fire.

This plugin enhances gameplay by allowing teams to decide whether they want friendly fire enabled, giving more control and strategy to team-based interactions.

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