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Found 19 results

  1. Mevent


    Version 2.10.7


    Crafting system that allows you to create items, cars, vehicles, recyclers, etc. Commands craft open interface crafts.setwb [categories: cat1 cat2 ...] set new custom workbench Permissions You can set permission in config, for example: "Permission (ex: crafts.use)": "crafts.use", crafts.setworkbench - allows you to use the "crafts.setwb" command (set custom workbenches) Craft Types Command Vehicle Item Recycler ModularCar How to install a custom workbench 1. Spawn the workbench (for example, in RustEdit or a plugin) 2. In the game, go to him and use the command "crafts.setwb" and specify the necessary categories. Example: /crafts.setwb Misc 3. Go to config (oxide/config/Crafts.json) and configure this workbench (use SafeZone, workbench level, etc.) VIDEO Config
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Presenting the Five Stars Hotel, a place where you can relax and enjoy your day after a long farming day. You will find everything you need to enjoy your stay here. From nice and cozy rooms to a nice pool, gambling or disco. The hotel is 100% compatible with the Hotel Plugin and others. Features The hotel has 20 rooms (10 on each building). Stairs and elevator access to upper floors. Lobby with 18 NPCvendingmachines (9 on each lobby). Recycling machines on second and third floors. Fully equipped rooms. Casino on last floor with Roulette, Poker tables, Slot machines and Arcade(left building). Disco room on last floor (right building). Roofs with helipads. Marketplace on left building roof. Pool with chairs and grill. Enjoy your stay! For bugs and orders feel free to contact me here or on discord.
  3. DocNorris

    Reefer Island

    Version 1.0.7


    Welcome to Reefer Island, a fully custom light weight Rust map featuring under water build areas + unique custom monuments and a fully functional above-ground train system! This map is packed full of engaging areas for players to explore and loot while also giving players a familiar feel with vanilla monuments. Map size: 4250 Prefab Count: 6703 FPS Optimized Lag Free Custom Monuments Crash Site 1 Recycler 1 hackable crate 10 scientist multiple loot spawns Green card puzzle room Hawks Nest Tunnel 14 scientists 1 recycler 1 hackable crate multiple loot spawns Red/Green card Puzzle room Ship Wreck 10 scientists 1 Hackable Crate 1 recycler multiple loot spawns Blue card puzzle room Abandoned Fairground 1 hackable crate 1 recycler 2 diesel can spawns multiple loot spawns 5 scientist Blue/Green card puzzle room Custom build areas 2 small underwater build areas with submarine bay 1 Large underwater build area with 2 submarine bays Other monuments Train Yard Fishing villages (With Recyclers) Launch Site Military Tunnels Giant Excavator Satellite dish Power Plant Arctic Research base Harbor The Dome Airfield Bandit Camp Stables Abandoned Military base Abandoned supermarket Sewer Branch Oil Rig small + large Underwater Labs Underground train tunnels Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions If you find any bugs or issues contact me on here or discord and il sort them out straight away @ DocNorris#5423.
  4. Version 2023.4.18.34


    This high performance patch will change the overall output rates of pickup, gather and quarries/excavator aka "Gather Manager". This is a standalone Harmony patch, Oxide installation is optional. Copy the Oxidation.Modded.X.dll file into your HarmonyMods folder and restart your server. At the first server start after installing the patch a new configuration file Oxidation.Modded.X.json will be created at the HarmonyMods folder. The following settings can be configured: Recycler tick rate (default: 5s) Research table speed (default: 10s) Crafting speed multiplier Vending machine buying speed Overall gather multiplier Overall pickup multiplier Overall quarry multiplier Overall excavator multiplier Overall trap multiplier It also supports setting unique output rates based on the Item's short name, example: "Excavator": { "*": 5.0, "hq.metal.ore": 1.0, "metal.ore": 2.5, "sulfur.ore": 1.0 } What is Harmony ? Harmony is a library for patching .NET code during runtime, it directly manipulates game code (CIL) without any additional abstraction layer such as Oxide. The direct patching of the game's byte code allows more performant modding as developers no longer need to rely on third party code, events or hooks to build custom functionality.
  5. Version 1.0.7


    This plugin allows for your players to receive or purchase personal recyclers that they can place inside of their base. The primary benefit of this plugin vs other similar plugins, is that this plugin will restrict usage of the recyclers to only a user or their team (configurable), and has commands built in that will allow players to purchase it directly via payment gateways like Tebex etc. It will also work with the VIP Token plugin, allowing for a token to be purchased and traded in game, providing the consumer with a redeemable recycler. The plugin itself is fairly straight forward - players type the command into chat, which will provide them with a recycler item. This item is a reskinned box, and will be placed using the box prefab, but once deployed, it will spawn a recycler in with the same positioning as the box, then despawn the box. Recyclers can also be picked up using a hammer or toolgun by pressing mouse 3. Features Automatically clears data on map wipe. Allows players to keep their unredeemed recyclers between wipes (configurable). Prevents other players from accessing the recycler (configurable). Team mate support (configurable). Configurable starting amount of recyclers. Additional recycler(s) are accrued upon a map wipe, if the player had not redeemed their recycler (configurable). External payment gateway support, allowing for you to sell individual recyclers to your players. VIP Tokens support. Check below for the configuration example. Can pick up own recyclers using your hammer/toolgun and mouse 3. Recyclers will lost max condition each time they are picked up to prevent players from deploying them while grinding the roads (configurable). Permissions personalrecycler.use personalrecycler.admin personalrecycler.use commands /recyclers - will print out how many recyclers a player has left to redeem. /redeemrecycler - will spawn a recycler in the players inventory and deduct a recycler from their redeemable count. /crecycler - Will pickup the targeted recycler (requires a hammer to be wielded) if the player has permission. Players with this permission will automatically get the configured number of starting recyclers upon using the commands for the first time, and will have have recyclers added to their redemption pool at the start of each wipe (configurable). personalrecycler.admin commands /addrecycler <player name> - will increase the amount of redeemable recyclers a player has by 1. /clearrecyclers <player name> - will remove all of the saved recycler IDs from the data file, making all of their recyclers publically accessible. /clearrecyclerdata - removes all of the saved recycler IDs from the data file, making all recyclers publically accessible. API This plugin allows for you to add a command to a payment gateway such as Tebex, or via my VIP Tokens plugin. The command is structured as below: addrecycler <Steam ID> <quantity> Most payment gateways required the player to log in with their steam ID. An example command using tebex would be: addrecycler {id} 1 This would add 1 recycler for the steam ID of the account that logged into Tebex. You can also add this as a VIP Token. See configuration options below: "recycler": { "name": "Personal Recycler", "days_to_add": 0, "vip_group": null, "vip_description": "Allows you to place a personal recycler that only you can access.", "remove_tokens_on_wipe": false, "token_item": { "name": "Recycler Token", "skin": 2544601457, "item_shortname": "radiationresisttea.pure" }, "_command": { "command": "addrecycler {id} 1", "message": "You redeemed a recycler token.", "public_message": null, "hook": false } } As you can see, the command follows Tebex's variable style, using {id} to capture the players steam ID. If you require help setting this up with VIP Tokens, or need any assistance with anythign else, feel free to send me a PM. Enjoy!
  6. Version 1.1


    Midpoint is a small monument (one PvE and one ) that can be placed near roads. Convenient for new players that just joined your server and do not have teleportation rights or just simply wish to enjoy the company of others in safety around a fire pit. There are 3 vending machines, a slot machine, big furnace, small refinery, workbench 1 and 2, recycler, research table and repair bench. PVE does not require a safe zone and comes with Reactivetarget for target practice, good for some fun. PVP includes safe zone mechanism. No build was added to both pve and pvp monument. No peacekeeprs added, you can add them in either in RustEdit or in game. The package consists of two versions of the monument, specifically designed to cater to the needs of both PVE and PVP servers.
  7. Version 1.1.1


    With Portable Recycler, you and your players will benefit exponentially in time saving for searching for Recyclers around monuments like never before. Access your own portable recycler anywhere you like! FEATURES Use /recycler (by default, can modify in the config) to open up your private recycler. Group-based cooldown support in the config. Friendly integration with NoEscape by Calytic with configurable rules of behavior. Chat message custom icon Steam ID. Phrase support. Group-based recycling quality. Group-based recycling rates. ROADMAP All done. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the Discussions tab or interact with me directly on my Discord server: PERMISSIONS PortableRecycler.use: To allow anyone to open up their recycler. COMMANDS (CONFIGURABLE) Following commands are chat and console commands. recycler: Opens up your own personal portable recycler. CONFIG DISCLAIMER The yellow and green buttons while using the Recycler in the GIF, does not come with the plugin. That's another plugin called Quick Sort by MONaH.
  8. Version 2.0.13


    CustomRecycle plugin allows you to widen the border of RUST recycler recipes. You can customize, remove current recycler recipes and add your custom ones even for non-recyclable items. You can also add levels to your recycler to make it work even faster! The only thing that limits you about this plugin is your imagination! Video Preview (Version 2.0.0) Features You can edit actual recycler recipes. You can add your own recycler recipes. You can disable RUST default recipes. Editable chances for custom recipe items. You can chance the speed of the recycler. You can place and pickup recycler. You can set custom recycle amount with levels. RUST-Themed level UI. Support for currency plugins! You can save your level progress when recycler is picked up. (NEW!) Commands giverecycler <userId> - Gives you or player (if ID is set) an placeable recycler. (From player console - requires permission) Permissions customrecycle.give - Required to use giverecycler command from player console. Note ImageLibrary plugin is required ONLY when Recycler Levels are enabled. When you have problems like DOUBLE RECYCLER PLACING try CHANING ITEM NAME in configuration! Default Config (Version 2.0.9) { "Recycler Speed (5 = Default)": 5.0, "Recycler Speed Permissions": { "customrecycle.admin": 1.0, "customrecycle.vip": 4.0 }, "Require Permission To Place": false, "Placed Recycler Amount Permissions": { "customrecycle.admin": 1000, "customrecycle.default": 1, "customrecycle.vip": 3 }, "Recycler Item Name": "Recycler", "Allow Placing Only On Floor": false, "Enable Better Amount Accuracy (More Calculations)": true, "Disabled Vanilla Recipes": [ "axe.salvaged", "box.wooden.large" ], "Recycler Levels - Enable": true, "Recycler Levels - Save Levels On Pickup In Name": false, "Recycler Levels - Enable For No Owner": false, "Recycler Levels - Money Plugin (0 - None, 1 - Economics, 2 - ServerRewards, 3 - ServerRewards)": 0, "Recycler Levels - Money Plugin Currency (If ShoppyStock Is Used)": "rp", "Recycler Levels": [ { "Recycler Stack Percentage Per Tick": 0.15, "Custom Recycle Chance Multiplier": 1.0, "Next Level Currency Cost (0 to disable)": 1000, "Required For Next Level": [ { "Item Shortname": "wood", "Item Skin": 0, "Item Amount": 1000, "Icon URL": "" }, { "Item Shortname": "stones", "Item Skin": 0, "Item Amount": 1000, "Icon URL": "" } ] }, { "Recycler Stack Percentage Per Tick": 0.2, "Custom Recycle Chance Multiplier": 1.0, "Next Level Currency Cost (0 to disable)": 1000, "Required For Next Level": [ { "Item Shortname": "wood", "Item Skin": 0, "Item Amount": 3000, "Icon URL": "" }, { "Item Shortname": "stones", "Item Skin": 0, "Item Amount": 3000, "Icon URL": "" } ] } ], "Custom Recyclables - Show Level Bonus": true, "Custom Recyclables (Shortname or SkinID)": { "2483299228": { "Give Default Output": true, "Custom Output Items": [ { "Item Shortname": "coal", "Item Chance (0-100)": 50.0, "Minimum Item Amount": 1, "Maximum Item Amount": 1, "Item Skin": 2550800428, "Item Display Name": "Golden Jackhammer Body" }, { "Item Shortname": "coal", "Item Chance (0-100)": 50.0, "Minimum Item Amount": 1, "Maximum Item Amount": 1, "Item Skin": 2550800641, "Item Display Name": "Golden Jackhammer Drill" } ] }, "metal.refined": { "Give Default Output": true, "Custom Output Items": [ { "Item Shortname": "metal.fragments", "Item Chance (0-100)": 100.0, "Minimum Item Amount": 50, "Maximum Item Amount": 100, "Item Skin": 0, "Item Display Name": "" } ] }, "rifle.ak": { "Give Default Output": true, "Custom Output Items": [ { "Item Shortname": "techparts", "Item Chance (0-100)": 100.0, "Minimum Item Amount": 1, "Maximum Item Amount": 2, "Item Skin": 0, "Item Display Name": "" }, { "Item Shortname": "scrap", "Item Chance (0-100)": 100.0, "Minimum Item Amount": 30, "Maximum Item Amount": 70, "Item Skin": 0, "Item Display Name": "" } ] } } }
  9. MaLai

    Hagrids Hut

    Version 1.0.2


    Dive into the magical world of Harry Potter and visit Hagrids hut! Lovely detailed prefab with some loot for your server. This Prefab comes now in two variants: One without puzzle and one with a greencard puzzle! Player will find: 3x Normal Crates 3x Basic Crates 2x Military Crates 1x Techparts 1x Toolbox 1x Food Crate Also a Recycler can be found inside the hut.
  10. Version 1.0.1


    MaLais - Your great and fresh Supermarket! A new "modern" Supermarket. Great for replacing the old Rusty Supermarket! Loot: Barrels Basic crate Tool Box Food crate Fuel crate Vehicle parts crate Normal crate Military crate Green card spawner This Building comes also with a Workbench Tier 1, Repair bench and a Recycler.
  11. Version 1.19


    Prefabs: 1904 This is a fully recreated compound with a bunch of additions including all the features from the bandit camp. Includes All original features of the compound All vending machines from the bandit camp A custom casino with the gambling wheel, slot machines, card games and bar Drone marketplace A garage with a vehicle lift Airwolf vendor Stables with vendor 5 recyclers 3 repair benches 1 refinery 6 slot machines 1 Gambling wheel 2 Card game tables 1 Vehicle lift Bandit camp NPCs Mission NPCs and a few extra sentry turrets
  12. Version 1.0.2


    About: Recyclers will now require players to insert a fuses to toggle on the recycler. Config: { "Enable player placed only recyclers": false, "Fuse durability per recycle": 10.0 } Lang: { "NoFuse": "Please insert a fuse to toggle on the recycler." }
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This is my small prefab "Recycle Station" and it can be used by 16 people at a time and is really useful to run multiple recyclers at once to speed up them long waits. Prefab count : 36
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Are you searching for a simple Train Station? Then MaLai's Train Station is maybe what you are looking for! The Train Station comes in three variants. One with both buildings and two with just one of them. So you can use just one building if you don't have enough space or you could expand the station with more buildings. It's up to you! The Train Station comes with a: Recycler Green card spawner Some barrels and normal crates Happy Train Ride!
  15. Version 1.0.1


    MaLais - Your friendly and best price Gas Station! A new "modern" Gas Station with a working carlift (players need to put a fuse in). Great for replacing the old Rusty Gas Station! Loot: Oil and normal barrels Basic crate Tool Box Food crate Tech parts crate Normal crate Military crate Greencard Spawner Also this Building have a working carlift (players need to put in a fuse in). There is also: Workbench Tier 1 Repair Bench Recycler
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Scientist Headquarter Did you ever asked youself where the Scientist are living? Here! In Scientist Headquarter! Green, Blue, Redcard puzzle. Two Fuses and a greencard are required! Blue and Redcard can be found while doing the puzzle. Player will find: 1x Military Crate, 3x Normal Crates, 1x Primitive Crate, 2x Toolboxes, 2x Vehicleparts Crates, 1x Diesel Barrel, 6x Oil Barrels Also a Recycler can be found in the Hangar. Greencard Room: Blue Card 1x Military Crate, 1x Techparts Crate, 1x Foodbox Bluecard Room (Main Building) Red Card 1x Elite Crate, 2x Military Crate, 1x Toolbox, 2x Normal Crates, 1x Techparts Crate, 1x Vehicleparts Crate, 2x Foodboxes Redcard Room (Main Building) 2x Elite crates, 4x Military Crate, 2x Normal Crates My wish was it to create a Monument that can be used multifunctional and has blue and red cards + puzzle. You can set NPC if you wish, you could let drive the Bradley on it or you let maybe a Plugin hold a Event on it. Everything is possible. I really hope you enjoy my work :).
  17. Version 2.1.0


    The Farm. The monument has a military theme to it, can fit in with any existing map. This new roadside monument is based around a french style building, can be used as a replacement for any small roadside monument. There is alot of areas for attack/defense should different parties try to loot the crates. The main Farm building has only 1 access point beside the main door, however all the windows can be used as positions of advantage. The Garage is open and has 1 floor above for both defense and attack. Great as a roadside mini monument or modify the terrain and place in a forest area. Has a prevent build cube to prevent walling off. Contains Recycler Loot 1 Normal Crates 1 Military Crates 2 Basic crates 3 Oil Barrels 2 Food Crates 1 Tool Box 1 First Aid crate Several barrels around the 2 buildings and on the road. Prefab Count 751 live server to view the terrain and monument. steam://connect/ KBEdits WWII Duo/Trio Server For Support and help if needed Join KBEdits main RustEdit Discord https://discord.gg/3DYPGMxG5s For the prefab to function correctly, you will need the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll extension installed on your server. Simply place the prefab at required height and press the prefab modifiers. As always, credit has to go to Bran and Cobalt for work on this prefab. Thanks guys
  18. Version 1.0.1


    Prefab Count- 1106 The Condemned Factory Monument Offers players multiple opportunities to collect loot. It also allows for a diverse PVP area and Scientists. The Cat walk allows a vantage point for players as well. **DISCLAIMER**: ***DUE TO BUGS WITH RUST EDIT, YOU WILL HAVE TO APPLY THE ALPHA LAYER MANUALLY. THERE ARE IMAGES INCLUDED AND A GUIDE WHERE TO PLACE THEM. THEY WILL NOT APPLY WITH THE MONUMENT. YOU HAVE TO APPLY THEM YOURSELF*** The monument features the following: -3 Green Card Loot Rooms -1 Blue Card Loot Room -2 Red Card Loot Rooms (1 is a secret loot room) -Elevator to lower level -1 Recycler at the monument -1 Recycler in secret room -NPCS Included in the file is a few screen shots along with a complete monument guide. Monument comes with everything needed (height mask etc. no build and so on). The photos below don't do enough justice. This is a very nice, large monument that I have found players to enjoy a lot. I have had it on my server the past few wipes and it has always gained a lot of attention. The image quality is poor as they are in the editor. This is my first public released monument. All proceeds go towards keeping my server online and purchasing monuments from other members.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Full working plasma recycler with HBHF triggered spinning light if a player is nearby. Scrap your stuff with style Demo Video


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