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About XPerience

Join our community discord for fast support and future updates. We have several channels where you can get help, offer suggestions, see what's coming in future updates, and more. Our discord is the fastest way to get the help and info you need! http://discord.rustlevels.com/

XPerience Website: https://www.rustlevels.com/XPerience/


  • Gain Experience doing just about anything in game.
  • Ranks
  • Experience / Levels
  • Night Boost
  • Stats & Skills
  • Bonus XP with Kill Records mod
  • UI for player controls
  • Top players UI
  • SQL support for remote storage (only for saving not loading)
  • In Game Admin Panel UI for mod adjustments
  • Permissions to restrict Stats/Skills
  • Selectable profile UI backgrounds
  • Much more....


Prestige Ranks: once a player reaches max level they reset and start over with a new rank. there are 13 ranks predefined and you can change/add as many ranks as you want with name, sig(tag), and image. Ranks are disabled by default. Can adjust rank xp boosts, stat/skill boosts, points each rank starts with, extra points earned each level within a rank, and more

Rank Options:

  • Enable/Disable Rank Feature
  • Set Max Rank Achieveable (must not be higher than number of ranks in config)
  • Option to allow remaining XP to carry over
  • Set XP boost per rank
  • Set Stats/Skills boost per rank
  • Set Start Stat/Skill points per rank
  • Set Additional Stat/Skill points per level per rank
  • Option to show rank level
  • Option to show rank xp
  • Option to set rank name, level, xp colors
  • Top ranked players page in Top UI
  • Sends Rank, Name, Sig, ImageURL, Level, and XP to SQL if used
  • Option to show Rank Tag(sig) in chat name
  • Option to show Rank Name and Image in LiveUI
  • Admin chat commands to reset level only and rank only for players or all records
  • Stats/Skills effected by ranks show same color as rank level in player profile UIs
  • Groups feature to use for other mods to grant/restrict features based on player rank
  • Creates groups for each rank listed in the config and automatically assigns/revokes player group based on rank


1. Mentality

  • Research Cost Reduction
  • Research Speed Reduction
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Increased Damage to NPCs

2. Dexterity

  • Block Chance
  • Dodge Chance
  • Armor Damage Reduction
  • Horse Speed Boost
  • Boat Speed Boost
  • Vehicle Speed Boost
  • Fuel Reduction Chance

3. Might

  • Increased Max Health (armor with UI)
  • Increase Melee Damage
  • Increased Max Hunger
  • Increased Max Thirst
  • Reduced Bleeding
  • Reduced Radiation
  • Increased Heat/Cold Tolerance

4. Captaincy

  • Requires Team of 2 or more players
  • Give boosts to all other team member skills
  • Optional boost to all other team member XP gains
  • Increase effective distance of Captaincy per level
  • Stacks with other members with Captancy stat

5. Weaponry

  • Condition Damage Reduction Chance
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Melee Weapons
  • Projectile Weapons
  • Increased Max Ammo Per Clip

6. Ninjary

  • Decrease detection from Helicopters

  • Decrease detection from NPCs

  • Decrease detection from Bradley APC

  • Decrease detection from Turrets

  • Increased damage with knives

  • Increased damage with swords


1. WoodCutter

  • Increased Wood Gathering
  • Increased Bonus
  • Chance for Apples

2. Smithy

  • Increased Production
  • Decreased Fuel Consumption (furnace, grill, etc)
  • Chance for more Items
  • Chance for High Quality Metal from metal ore

3. Miner

  • Increased Ore Gathering
  • Increased Bonus
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption (hats)
  • Chance for Metal Fragments from metal ore

4. Forager

  • Increased Plant Gathering
  • Chance for more seeds
  • Chance for Random Item

5. Hunter

  • Increased Food Gathering
  • Increased Bonus
  • Increased Damage Chance on Wildlife
  • Night Damage Boost on Wildlife
  • Increased damage with swords

6. Fisher

  • Increased Fish Caught
  • Increased Items Collected
  • Decreased Oxygen Tank Usage
  • Decreased Oxygen Time

7. Crafter

  • Decreased Crafting Speed
  • Decreased Crafting Costs
  • Better Repair Value
  • Chance for Better Condition

8. Framer

  • Decreased Building Costs
  • Decreased Repair Time
  • Decreased Repair Costs

9. Medic

  • Reduced crafting time (mixing table)
  • Revive players with more health
  • Recover from wounded with higher health
  • Get more health from some medical tools

10. Scavenger

  • Chance for more loot in drops/crates
  • Chance for custom item drops
  • Chance for more loot from Scientists

11. Electrician

  • Increased Solar Panel Input (current energy from sun)
  • Increased Solar Panel Max Output
  • Increased Windmill Output (current energy from wind)
  • Increased Windmill Max Output
  • Increased Small Battery Max Output
  • Increased Medium Battery Max Output
  • Increased Large Battery Max Output
  • Increased Small Generator Max Output
  • Option to set a minimum solar panel output amount per electrician level (even during night time)

12. Demolitionist

  • Reduced chance for explosives to become duds

  • Increased explosive damage

  • Increased explosive radius

  • More features available with XPerience Addon v1.4.9


13. Tamer (requires Pets or Personal Animal mod)

  • Tame Animals as Pets


Assigned Plugins Stats/Skills


  • Can assign Backpacks plugin to any Stat or Skill
  • Can set number of rows availible to Stat/Skill levels


  • Can assign Archery plugin to any Stat or Skill
  • Can set level requirement for Novice, Adept, and Mastery


  • Can assign Wizardry plugin to any Stat or Skill
  • Can set level requirement for Novice, Adept, and Mastery


Chat Commands

Player Commands:

  • /xphelp - Shows all commands in chat
  • /xpstats - brings up user control panel
  • /xpstats (player) - shows full player XP profile
  • /xpstatschat - shows your level, xp, stats, and skills in chat
  • /xptop - brings up top players UI
  • /xpaddstats (stat) - level up selected stat
  • /xpaddskill (skill) - level up selected skill
  • /xpresetstats - resets all stats and refunds points
  • /xpresetskills - resets all skills and refunds points
  • /xpliveui (0-5) - Live UI Location / 0 = off

Admin Commands: (Requires server admin or xperience.admin permission)(can be changed in config)

  • /xpresetall - Clears and resets all player data in XPerience
  • /resetalllevels - resets all player levels to 0
  • /resetallranks - reset all player ranks to 0
  • /xpreset (name or id) (playername or steamid) - resets player's progress to 0
  • /resetlevel (playername) - reset player's level to 0
  • /resetrank (playername) - reset player's rank to 0
  • /resetharvest - clears all harvest data fro XPerience
  • /xpadminhelp - displays admin commands for admins
  • /xpgive (name or id) (playername or steamid) (amount) - gives x amount of experience to player
  • /xpgiveall (amount) - gives x amount of xp to all players
  • /xptake (name or id) (playername or steamid) (amount) - takes x amount of experience from player
  • /xpconfig - opens in game admin panel
  • /xpfix - resets all player data except experience and recalculates level, points, and requirements


Console Commands


  • xpresetall - resets XPerience (full wipe) and reloads mod
  • xpresetplayer <name or id> <player name or id> - resets selected player data
  • xpgive <name or id> <player name or id> <amount> - gives xx amount of xp to player
  • xptake <name or id> <player name or id> <amount> - takes xx amount of xp from player



This plugin uses the permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>.

Rank Groups:If Ranks are enabled then groups will be created automatically for each rank defined in the config and players will be assigned/removed automatically based on their current rank.

  • xperience.admin -- Gives permission to use admin commands
  • xperience.vip -- Gives VIP reset permission to user
  • xperience.xpboost -- Gives permission to recieve XP boost

Other Permissions: (only required if use permissions is enabled)

  • xperience.mentality - Can level Mentality
  • xperience.dexterity - Can level Dexterity
  • xperience.might - Can level Might
  • xperience.captaincy - Can level Captaincy
  • xperience.woodcutter - Can level WoodCutter
  • xperience.smithy - Can level Smithy
  • xperience.miner - Can level Miner
  • xperience.forager - Can level Forager
  • xperience.hunter - Can level Hunter
  • xperience.fisher - Can level Fisher
  • xperience.crafter - Can level Crafter
  • xperience.framer - Can level Framer
  • xperience.medic - Can level Medic
  • xperience.scavenger - Can level Scavenger
  • xperience.tamer - Can level Tamer


## API

// Give XP to player - looks for ulong steamid and value in double 
GiveXPID(ulong player, double amount): Gives x amount of XP to player using the player ulong id and amount as double
// Give XP to player - looks for value in double
GiveXP(BasePlayer player, double amount)
// Give XP to player - looks for value in double (this will give XP without any effects from bonuses or boosts)
GiveXPBasic(BasePlayer player, double amount)
// Give Stat Points to player - looks for value in int
GiveStatPoints(BasePlayer player, int amount)
// Give Skill Points to player - looks for value in int
GiveSkillPoints(BasePlayer player, int amount)
// Take XP from player - looks for value in double
TakeXP(BasePlayer player, double amount)
// Get Player Data - looks for player and info type as string
GetXPCache(BasePlayer player, string info)

// String Tyes:
steamid - returns player steamid
displayname - returns player display name
level - returns current level
xp - returns current xp amount
reqxp - returns required xp to next level
rank - return current rank ID
rankname - returns current rank name
ranksig - returns current rank tag
rankimg - returns url to current rank
truexp - returns total xp from rank
truelevel - returns total levels from rank
statp - returns current unspent stat points
skillp - returns current unspent skill points

// Stats/Skills - can return  current stat/skill levels or points spent in stats/skills
statname - returns current level of stat
statnamep - returns points spent in stat
skillname - returns current level of skill
skillnamep - returns points spent in skill

// Example:
mentality - returns current Mentality level
mentalityp - returns points spents in Mentality
hunter - returns current Hunter level
hunterp - returns points spent in Hunter

// Resource Info - can return total resources gathered
resourcetype - returns total gather amount of specific resource

wood - returns total wood gathered

// Added A new Hook for Research related plugins to use specifically for the tech tree.
// Example expects thee item rarity value casted as a double and the player
var cost = 0;
if (XPerience != null && XPerience.IsLoaded)
cost = XPerience.Call<int>("OnResearchCostDetermineHook", (double)rarirtyvalue, player);

## Configuration

**Extremely Configurable! Careful with adjustments!**

  "Player Chat Commands": {
    "openplayerstats": "xpstats",
    "showplayerstatschat": "xpstatschat",
    "opentopplayers": "xptop",
    "playeraddstat": "xpaddstat",
    "playeraddskill": "xpaddskill",
    "playerresetstats": "xpresetstats",
    "playerresetskills": "xpresetskills",
    "playerresetall": "xprestart",
    "playerliveuichange": "xpliveui",
    "openhelp": "xphelp"
  "Admin Chat Commands": {
    "showadminhelp": "xpadminhelp",
    "openadminpanel": "xpconfig",
    "adminresetxperience": "xpresetall",
    "adminxpgive": "xpgive",
    "adminxptake": "xptake",
    "adminresetplayer": "xpresetplayer",
    "adminfixdata": "xpfix",
    "adminitemchange": "itemchange"
  "Default Options": {
    "userpermissions": false,
    "liveuistatslocation": 1,
    "liveuistatslocationmoveable": true,
    "showchatprofileonconnect": true,
    "showunusedeffects": false,
    "NotifcationCooldown": 2,
    "restristresets": true,
    "resetminsstats": 60,
    "resetminsskills": 60,
    "bypassadminreset": true,
    "vipresetminstats": 30,
    "vipresetminsskills": 30,
    "playerfixdatatimer": 60,
    "disableplayerfixdata": false,
    "disablearmorchat": true,
    "hardcorenoreset": false,
    "allowplayersearch": true,
    "allowplayerreset": true,
    "topplayersperpage": 40,
    "showonlinestatus": true
  "UI Text Colors": {
    "defaultcolor": "white",
    "level": "green",
    "experience": "green",
    "nextlevel": "yellow",
    "remainingxp": "cyan",
    "statskilllevels": "green",
    "perks": "green",
    "unspentpoints": "green",
    "spentpoints": "red",
    "pets": "cyan",
    "mentality": "white",
    "dexterity": "white",
    "might": "white",
    "captaincy": "white",
    "woodcutter": "white",
    "smithy": "white",
    "miner": "white",
    "forager": "white",
    "hunter": "white",
    "fisher": "white",
    "crafter": "white",
    "framer": "white",
    "medic": "white",
    "scavenger": "white",
    "tamer": "white"
  "Image Icons": {
    "mainicon": "https://imgur.com/JUwd2a8.png",
    "mentality": "https://imgur.com/dR7Hcif.png",
    "dexterity": "https://imgur.com/u9BSoMI.png",
    "might": "https://imgur.com/BXCVcKb.png",
    "captaincy": "https://imgur.com/6y5Yha1.png",
    "woodcutter": "https://imgur.com/3teb5s2.png",
    "smithy": "https://imgur.com/uz8szzL.png",
    "miner": "https://imgur.com/lFkLUv0.png",
    "forager": "https://imgur.com/SSdZZ8O.png",
    "hunter": "https://imgur.com/UwASeQs.png",
    "fisher": "https://imgur.com/QU76hi1.png",
    "crafter": "https://imgur.com/IiywcbI.png",
    "framer": "https://imgur.com/M3VgQic.png",
    "medic": "https://imgur.com/mXp3Mrh.png",
    "scavenger": "https://imgur.com/g3S4XKW.png",
    "tamer": "https://imgur.com/DatpWzL.png",
    "chicken": "https://imgur.com/qJYzAZ6.png",
    "boar": "https://imgur.com/ou1DgxE.png",
    "stag": "https://imgur.com/CwACyuG.png",
    "wolf": "https://imgur.com/J18C2Je.png",
    "bear": "https://imgur.com/kTbD3B1.png",
    "online": "https://imgur.com/0ZEDsKR.png",
    "offline": "https://imgur.com/VAsGrpl.png"
  "UI Notify (requires UINotify plugin)": {
    "useuinotify": false,
    "disablechats": false,
    "xpgainloss": false,
    "xpgainlosstype": 0,
    "levelupdown": false,
    "levelupdowntype": 1,
    "dodgeblock": false,
    "dodgeblocktype": 2,
    "criticalhit": false,
    "criticalhittype": 3
  "XP - Level Config": {
    "levelstart": 25.0,
    "levelmultiplier": 50.0,
    "maxlevel": 500,
    "levelxpboost": 0.05,
    "statpointsperlvl": 1,
    "skillpointsperlvl": 2
  "XP - Night Bonus": {
    "Enable": true,
    "StartTime": 19,
    "EndTime": 5,
    "Bonus": 0.1,
    "enableskillboosts": true
  "XP - Gain Amounts": {
    "chickenxp": 5.0,
    "fishxp": 5.0,
    "boarxp": 10.0,
    "stagxp": 15.0,
    "wolfxp": 20.0,
    "bearxp": 25.0,
    "sharkxp": 30.0,
    "horsexp": 20.0,
    "scientistxp": 25.0,
    "dwellerxp": 25.0,
    "playerxp": 25.0,
    "lootcontainerxp": 5.0,
    "animalharvestxp": 5.0,
    "corpseharvestxp": 5.0,
    "underwaterlootcontainerxp": 10.0,
    "lockedcratexp": 25.0,
    "hackablecratexp": 50.0,
    "craftingxp": 5.0,
    "bradley": 25.0,
    "patrolhelicopter": 30.0,
    "playerrevive": 5.0
  "XP - Gather Amounts": {
    "treexp": 5.0,
    "orexp": 5.0,
    "harvestxp": 5.0,
    "plantxp": 5.0,
    "noxptools": true
  "XP - Building Amounts": {
    "woodstructure": 5.0,
    "stonestructure": 10.0,
    "metalstructure": 15.0,
    "armoredstructure": 20.0,
    "buildxpdelay": true,
    "buildxpdelayseconds": 2
  "XP - Teams": {
    "enableteamxpgain": true,
    "enableteamxploss": true,
    "teamxpgainamount": 0.1,
    "teamxplossamount": 0.05,
    "teamdistance": 50.0
  "XP - Mission Amounts": {
    "missionsucceededxp": 50.0,
    "missionfailed": false,
    "missionfailedxp": 10.0
  "XP - Reducer Amounts": {
    "suicidereduce": true,
    "suicidereduceamount": 0.05,
    "deathreduce": true,
    "deathreduceamount": 0.05
  "BonusXP - Bonus Amounts (requires KillRecords plugin)": {
    "showkrbutton": false,
    "enablebonus": false,
    "requiredkills": 10,
    "bonusxp": 5.0,
    "endbonus": 500,
    "multibonus": true,
    "multibonustype": "fixed"
  "Economics Rewards (requires Economics plugin)": {
    "econlevelup": false,
    "econleveldown": false,
    "econresetstats": false,
    "econresetskills": false,
    "econlevelreward": 50.0,
    "econlevelreduction": 25.0,
    "econresetstatscost": 100.0,
    "econresetskillscost": 100.0
  "Server Rewards (requires ServerRewards plugin)": {
    "srewardlevelup": false,
    "srewardleveldown": false,
    "srewardresetstats": false,
    "srewardresetskills": false,
    "srewardlevelupamt": 5,
    "srewardleveldownamt": 5,
    "srewardresetstatscost": 75,
    "srewardresetskillscost": 75
  "Mentality Stat": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "researchcost": 0.1,
    "researchspeed": 0.1,
    "criticalchance": 0.05,
    "useotherresearchmod": false
  "Dexterity Stat": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "blockchance": 0.05,
    "blockamount": 0.1,
    "dodgechance": 0.05,
    "reducearmordmg": 0.05
  "Might Stat": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "armor": 0.1,
    "meleedmg": 0.05,
    "metabolism": 0.02,
    "bleedreduction": 0.05,
    "radreduction": 0.05,
    "heattolerance": 0.05,
    "coldtolerance": 0.05
  "Captaincy Stat": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 3,
    "costmultiplier": 3,
    "skillboost": 0.05,
    "enablexpboost": true,
    "xpboost": 0.05,
    "captaincydistance": 10.0
  "WoodCutter Skill": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "gatherrate": 0.5,
    "bonusincrease": 0.1,
    "applechance": 0.1
  "Smithy Skill": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "productionrate": 0.1,
    "fuelconsumption": 0.1,
    "metalchance": 0.05,
    "metalamount": 1
  "Miner Skill": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "gatherrate": 0.5,
    "bonusincrease": 0.1,
    "fuelconsumption": 0.1,
    "metalchance": 0.1,
    "metalamount": 1
  "Forager Skill": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "gatherrate": 0.3,
    "chanceincrease": 0.1,
    "randomchance": 0.05,
    "randomChanceList": {
      "0": {
        "shortname": "apple",
        "amount": 1
      "1": {
        "shortname": "bandage",
        "amount": 1
      "2": {
        "shortname": "scrap",
        "amount": 1
      "3": {
        "shortname": "bucket.water",
        "amount": 1
      "4": {
        "shortname": "metal.fragments",
        "amount": 1
  "Hunter Skill": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "gatherrate": 0.3,
    "bonusincrease": 0.1,
    "damageincrease": 0.05,
    "nightdmgincrease": 0.01
  "Fisher Skill": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "fishamountincrease": 0.75,
    "itemamountincrease": 0.25
  "Crafter Skill": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "craftspeed": 0.1,
    "craftcost": 0.05,
    "repairincrease": 0.07,
    "repaircost": 0.05,
    "conditionchance": 0.07,
    "conditionamount": 0.1
  "Framer Skill": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "upgradecost": 0.05,
    "repaircost": 0.05,
    "repairtime": 0.1
  "Medic Skill": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "revivehp": 5.0,
    "recoverhp": 5.0,
    "crafttime": 0.1,
    "tools": 2.0
  "Scavenger Skill": {
    "maxlvl": 10,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "scavlootchance": 0.1,
    "scavchance": 0.1,
    "scavmultiplier": 1.0,
    "customscavmultiplier": 0.5,
    "customscavrandom": true,
    "usecustomscavlist": true,
    "drops": true,
    "crates": true,
    "uncrates": true,
    "lockedcrates": true,
    "hackcrates": true,
    "scientists": true,
    "componentsonly": false,
    "scavChanceList": {
      "0": {
        "shortname": "scrap",
        "amount": 1,
        "maxamount": 10,
        "requiredlevel": 1
      "1": {
        "shortname": "metal.fragments",
        "amount": 1,
        "maxamount": 10,
        "requiredlevel": 5
  "Tamer Skill": {
    "enabletame": false,
    "maxlvl": 5,
    "pointcoststart": 2,
    "costmultiplier": 2,
    "tamechicken": true,
    "tameboar": true,
    "tamestag": true,
    "tamewolf": true,
    "tamebear": true,
    "chickenlevel": 1,
    "boarlevel": 2,
    "staglevel": 3,
    "wolflevel": 4,
    "bearlevel": 5
  "Clans (requires Clans plugin)": {
    "enableclanbonus": false,
    "enableclanreduction": false,
    "clanbonusamount": 0.1,
    "clanreductionamount": 0.02
  "SQL Info": {
    "enablesql": false,
    "SQLhost": "localhost",
    "SQLport": 3306,
    "SQLdatabase": "database",
    "SQLusername": "user",
    "SQLpassword": "password"

## Localization

  "adminpanel": "Admin",
  "adminmenu_001": "Main",
  "adminmenu_002": "Level / XP",
  "adminmenu_003": "Stats",
  "adminmenu_004": "Skills",
  "adminmenu_005": "Other Settings",
  "adminmenu_006": "SQL",
  "adminmenu_007": "SAVE SETTINGS",
  "adminmenu_008": "Save & Reload Mod",
  "adminmenu_009": "CLOSE",
  "adminmenu_010": "Reset Default Settings",
  "adminmenu_011": "Fix Player Data",
  "adminmenu_012": "Other Mod Settings",
  "adminmenu_013": "Reset Options",
  "adminmenu_014": "My Stats",
  "adminmenu_015": "Player's Stats",
  "adminmenu_016": "Player Info",
  "adminitemchange": "{0} condition is now {1} and max condition is now {2}",
  "adminitemchangerequirement": "{0} current condition is {1} and max condition is {2}\nTo change this use /{3} (condition value) (maxcondition value)",
  "adminfixplayers": "All player data has been reset except experience.\nLevels, points and requirements recalculated.",
  "adminresetconfig": "Config has been reset to default values.",
  "saveconfig": "New Config has been Saved",
  "admininfoliveui": "Default Live UI Location",
  "adminxp_001": "Level & XP Settings",
  "adminxp_002": "[Level / Point Settings]",
  "adminxp_003": "Level Start:",
  "playerfixdata": "Your data has been fixed and your level recalculated. You will need to reapply your stat & skill points",
  "playerfixdatabutton": "Fix My Data",
  "playerharveststats": "Total Harvest Count",
  "playerharvestreset": "Player harvest count has been reset",
  "selectedplayerharvestreset": "Player {0} harvest count has been reset",
  "playerresetdisabled": "Player reset disabled, contact server admin",
  "playersearchdisabled": "Player searching is currently disabled",
  "imgwaiting": "Waiting On ImageLibrary to finish the load order",
  "resettimerdata": "Wait another {0} mins",
  "xphelp": "XPerience Plugin by M@CHIN3 \n Commands: \n/xpstats - brings up user control panel \n/xpstatschat - shows your level, xp, stats, and skills in chat \n/xptop - brings up top players UI \n/xpaddstats (stat) - level up selected stat \n/xpaddskill (skill) - level up selected skill \n/xpresetstats - resets all stats and refunds points \n/xpresetskills - resets all skills and refunds points \n/xpliveui (0-4) - Live UI Location / 0 = off",
  "xphelpadmin": "XPerience Plugin by M@CHIN3 \n Admin Commands: \n/{0} - Opens admin control panel for mod setup/{1} - resets entire mod and deletes all player data \n/{2} (playername) - resets selected player data \n/{3} (playername) (amount) - gives x amount of experience to selected player \n/{4} (playername) (amount) - takes x amount of experience from selected player \n/{5} (conditionvalue) (maxconditionvalue) - changes the item condition and max condition in your hand",
  "playerprofilechat": "My Stats: \n---------------- \nLevel: {0} \nCurrent XP: {1} \nNext Level: {2} \nStat Points: {3} \nSkill Points: {4} \n---------------- \nMentality: {5} \nDexterity: {6} \nMight: {7} \nCaptaincy: {8} \n---------------- \nWoodCutter: {9} \nSmithy: {10} \nMiner: {11} \nForager: {12} \nHunter: {13} \nFisher: {14} \nCrafter: {15} \nFramer: {16} \nMedic: {17} \nScavenger: {18} \nTamer: {19} \n",
  "suicide": "You have lost {0} XP for commiting suicide",
  "death": "Your XP has been reduced by {0} for death",
  "levelup": "You are now Level {0}.  You have recieved {1} stat point and {2} skill points",
  "leveldown": "You have lost a level! You are now Level {0}",
  "statdown": "You have lost {0} stats points",
  "skilldown": "You have lost {0} skill points",
  "statdownextra": "You did not have enough unspent stat points to take, your ({0}) stat has been lowered and you have lost {1} stats points, {2} stat points returned to your unspent amount",
  "skilldownextra": "You did not have enough unspent skill points to take, your ({0}) skill has been lowered and you have lost {1} skill points, {2} skill points returned to your unspent amount",
  "bonus": "You get a bonus {0} XP for {1} {2}",
  "notenoughpoints": "You do not have enough points",
  "notenoughstatpoints": "You do not have enough points for level {0} {1}, requires {2} statpoints",
  "notenoughskillpoints": "You do not have enough points for level {0} {1}, requires {2} skillpoints",
  "pointsadded": "you now have {0} points applied in {1}",
  "pointsremoved": "you have remove {0} points from {1}",
  "statup": "You used {0} statpoints to reach Level {1} in {2}",
  "skillup": "You used {0} skillpoints to reach Level {1} in {2}",
  "nostatpoints": "You have lost all stat points",
  "noskillpoints": "You have lost all skill points",
  "resetstats": "You have reset your stats and have {0} stat points returned",
  "resetskills": "You have reset your skills and have {0} skill points returned",
  "attackerdodge": "Your victim dodged your attack",
  "attackerblock": "Your victim blocked {0} damage from your attack",
  "victimdodge": "You dodged last attack",
  "victimblock": "You blocked {0} damage from last attack",
  "crithit": "You preformed a critical hit for {0} extra damage",
  "weaponcon": "New weapon condition is now {0}",
  "medictools": "Medical Tools",
  "medictooluse": "You recived an extra {0} health from {1}",
  "medicrecoverplayer": "You have recovered with an extra {0} health.",
  "medicreviveplayer": "You have been revived with an extra {0} health.",
  "medicrevivereviver": "You have revived player with an extra {0} health.",
  "captaincyskillboost": "Team Skill Boost",
  "captaincyxpboost": "Team XP Boost",
  "captaincydistance": "Effective Distance",
  "captaincyteamrequired": "Must be part of a team!",
  "playerinfoalive": "Player Info Since Last Spawn:",
  "timealive": "Alive",
  "timeflying": "Flying Time",
  "timedriving": "Driving Time",
  "timeboating": "Boating Time",
  "timesleeping": "Sleeping Time",
  "timeswimming": "Swimming Time",
  "timeinbase": "Time In Base",
  "timedmgrec": "Last Dmg Recieved",
  "timedmgrecfrom": "Last Dmg From",
  "timedmgdelt": "Last Dmg Delt",
  "timedeltto": "Last Dmg To",
  "timeinmonument": "Time In Monuments",
  "timeinwild": "Time In Wilderness",
  "status": "Status",
  "online": "Online",
  "offline": "Offline",
  "metersran": "Meters Ran",
  "meterswalk": "Meters Walked",
  "level": "Level",
  "experience": "Experience",
  "xp": "XP",
  "mentality": "Mentality",
  "dexterity": "Dexterity",
  "might": "Might",
  "captaincy": "Captaincy",
  "woodcutter": "WoodCutter",
  "smithy": "Smithy",
  "miner": "Miner",
  "forager": "Forager",
  "hunter": "Hunter",
  "fisher": "Fisher",
  "crafter": "Crafter",
  "framer": "Framer",
  "medic": "Medic",
  "scavenger": "Scavenger",
  "tamer": "Tamer",
  "stats": "Stats",
  "skills": "Skills",
  "researchcost": "Research Cost",
  "researchspeed": "Research Speed",
  "critchance": "Critical Chance",
  "blockchance": "Block Chance",
  "dodgechance": "Dodge Chance",
  "fishamount": "Fish Amount",
  "fishitems": "Item Amount",
  "fishoxygen": "Oxygen Reduction",
  "fishoxygentank": "Oxygen Tank Reduction",
  "armor": "Armor",
  "tea": "Tea Boost",
  "teatypenone": "None",
  "teatypemaxhealthtea": "Basic",
  "teatypemaxhealthtea.advanced": "Advanced",
  "teatypemaxhealthtea.pure": "Pure",
  "melee": "Melee Damage",
  "calories": "Max Calories",
  "hydration": "Max Hydration",
  "bleed": "Bleeding Time",
  "radiation": "Radiation",
  "heat": "Heat Tolerance",
  "cold": "Cold Tolerance",
  "craftspeed": "Crafting Speed",
  "woodgather": "Wood Gathering",
  "woodbonus": "Bonus Gathering",
  "woodapple": "Apple Chance",
  "productionrate": "Production Chance",
  "productionamount": "Amount",
  "fuelconsumption": "Fuel Consumption",
  "fuelconsumptionhats": "Fuel Consumption (hats)",
  "metalchance": "Metal Fragment Chance",
  "metalamount": "Metal Fragment Amount",
  "hmetalchance": "High Quality Chance",
  "hmetalamount": "High Quality Amount",
  "oregather": "Ore Gathering",
  "orebonus": "Bonus Gathering",
  "gather": "Gathering",
  "seedbonus": "Seed Bonus",
  "randomitem": "Random Item",
  "foodgather": "Food Gathering",
  "bonusgather": "Bonus Gathering",
  "damagewildlife": "Damage (wildlife)",
  "nightdamage": "Night Damage (wildlife)",
  "costreduction": "Cost",
  "fullrepair": "Full Repair Chance",
  "highcond": "Higher Condition Chance",
  "upgradecost": "Upgrade Cost",
  "repairtime": "Repair Time",
  "repaircost": "Repair Cost",
  "nextlevel": "Next Level",
  "medicrevive": "Revival Health",
  "medicrecover": "Recover Health",
  "mediccrafting": "Mixing Table Speed",
  "scavchance": "Extra Loot Chance",
  "scavmultiplier": "Extra Loot Multiplier",
  "customscavchance": "Custom Loot Chance",
  "customscavmultiplier": "Custom Loot Multiplier",
  "unusedstatpoints": "Stat Points",
  "unusedskillpoints": "Skill Points",
  "totalspent": "Points Used",
  "liveuilocationoff": "Live XP UI Stats are off",
  "liveuilocation": "Live XP UI location is {0}",
  "liveuilocationhelp": "/xpliveui (0-4) - Live UI Location / 0 = off \n Current UI location is {0}",
  "resetstatsbutton": "Reset Stats",
  "resetskillsbutton": "Reset Skills",
  "nopermordisabled": "Stat/Skill disabled or you do not have permission to use.",
  "chicken": "Chicken",
  "boar": "Boar",
  "stag": "Stag",
  "wolf": "Wolf",
  "bear": "Bear",
  "tamerinc": "Increase Tamer to tame animals",
  "tamerpets": "Tameable Pets",
  "topplayers": "Top Players",
  "resetxperience": "All XPerience player data deleted",
  "resettimerstats": "You have {0} mins left before you can reset your stats",
  "resettimerskills": "You have {0} mins left before you can reset your skills",
  "canresetstats": "{0} mins",
  "canresetskills": "{0} mins",
  "victimarmordmg": "Armor Absorbed {0} Damage",
  "armordmgabsorb": "Armor Damage",
  "liveuiselection": "Live Stats Location",
  "mystats": "My Stats",
  "help": "HELP",
  "helpprev": "<< Prev Page",
  "helpnext": "Next Page >>",
  "helpcommands": "Chat Commands",
  "helpcommandslist": "Note that many of these commands can be used within your control panel without using chat. \n\n/{0} - shows chat commands in chat \n\n/{1} - brings up your control panel \n\n/{1} (playername) = brings up another players full profile \n\n/{2} - shows your level, xp, stats, and skills in chat \n\n/{3} - brings up top players panel \n\n/{4} (stat) - level up selected stat \n\n/{5} (skill) - level up selected skill \n\n/{6} - resets all stats and refunds points \n\n/{7} - resets all skills and refunds points \n\n/{8} (0-5) - Live UI Location / 0 = off \n\n",
  "moddetails": "About XPerience Created by:",
  "bindkey": "You can bind any key to open your XPerience control panel. \nPress F1 to open your console \nDecide what key you want to bind the command to \nType bind 0 chat.say /{0} \nThis will bind the 0 key to open the control panel. \nNext execute the writecfg command in your console to save the config so it won't reset when you relaunch the game",
  "aboutxperience": "\n\n XPerience is an extremely detailed RPG based mod that allows players to earn experience and levels by interacting with all aspects of the game. You can earn experience from just about anything from cutting down trees, mining ore, hunting, killing, fishing, building, and more.. As you earn experience you will progress in levels that grant stat points and skill points you can spend in different traits that will give you increased abilities. There are currently 4 major Stats and 11 secondary Skills each with their own special attributes, more may come in the future. Stats will grant you overall character strengths while Skills grant you increased abilities when interacting with the world. For every level you increase these traits it will increase the strength of the abilities that each one gives you. The higher the level of each trait the more points it requires to reach the next level. Server owners can configure and adjust every aspect of the XPerience mod including level requirements, level multiplier, xp gained from each source, points awarded per level, point cost per level, bonuses, stat and skill strengths per level, max level of stats and skills, reset timers, and more.",
  "serversettings": "Every server that uses XPerience can be setup differently to fit their preference. Below are some of the settings for this server. Many things can effect these values like other mods that may be installed. \n\n[MAIN SETTINGS] Levels, Multipliers, Points, Timers, etc..\nLevel Start: {0} | Required XP to reach level 1 \nXP Requirment: {1} | XP Requirement increase for next level ex. ({0}   {1} to reach level 2) \nLevel XP Boost: {2}% | XP increase per level \nStat Points Earned Per Level: {3} \nSkill Points Earned Per Level: {4} \nReset Timers: Enabled:{5} Stats {6} / Skills {7} | Time in mins before you can reset your stats or skills \nVIP Reset Timers: Stats {8} / Skills {9} | Time in mins before VIP players can reset stats and skills \nNight Bonus XP: Enabled:{10} | {11}% | Bonus XP received between {12}:00 and {13}:00 hours game time if enabled \nNight Skills Enabled: {14} | Skills that have bonuses at night between {12}:00 and {13}:00 hours game time \n\n",
  "xpsettings": "[XP Settings]: Amount of XP earned for kills, gathering, building, crafting, etc.. \n",
  "xpsettingskills": "[Kills & Revive] \n\nChickens: {0} \nFish: {1} \nBoar: {2} \nStag: {3} \nWolf: {4} \nBear: {5} \nShark: {6} \nHorse: {7} \nScientist: {8} \nDweller: {9} \nPlayer: {10} \nBradley: {11} \nHelicopter: {12}\n\nReviving: {13}",
  "xpsettingsloot": "[Gathering / Looting] \n\nLoot Container: {0} \nUnderwater Loot Container: {1} \nLocked Crate: {2} \nHackable Crate: {3} \nAnimal Harvest: {4} \nCorpse Harvest: {5} \nTree: {6} \nOre: {7} \nGathering: {8} \nPlant: {9}",
  "xpsettingscraft": "[Crafting / Building] \n\nCrafting: {0} \nWood Structure: {1} \nStone Structure: {2} \nMetal Structure: {3} \nArmored Structure: {4} \n",
  "xpmissionsettings": "[Missions] \n\nMission Succeeded: {0} \nFailed Reduction Enabled: {1} \nFailed Reduction Amount: {2} \n",
  "xpreductionsettings": "[XP Reduction] \n\nDeath: {0}% Enabled: {1}\nSuicide: {2}% Enabled: {3}\n",
  "nextpagestats": "To view details about Stats and Skills click Next Page at the top.",
  "aboutstats": "The 4 major Stats are Mentality, Dexterity, Might & Captaincy.",
  "aboutmentality": "Grants you the ability to lower research costs such as the amount of scrap required to unlock new items, Reduces Research Speed that decreases the amount of time it takes to research items in the research station, and gives you increased chance to attack with a critical hit and cause more damage to an enemy or animal.",
  "aboutmentalitysettings": "[Current Mentality Settings] \nMax Level: {0} \nStarting Cost: {1} \nCost Multiplier: {2}x  Level \nResearch Cost Reduction: {3}% \nResearch Speed Reduction: {4}% \nCritical Chance: {5}%",
  "aboutdexterity": "Grants you increased chance to Block attacks and lower the amount of damage you recieve, increased the chance to Dodge an attack completely and take no damage, and decrease the damage you recieve when your Armor bar is full (Armor requires Might)",
  "aboutdexteritysettings": "[Current Dexterity Settings]\nMax Level: {0} \nStarting Cost: {1} \nCost Multiplier: {2}x Level \nBlock Chance: {3}% | Block Amount: {4} \nDodge Chance: {5}% \nReduced Armor Damage: {6}%",
  "aboutmight": "This is one of the most beneficial stats in the system! It grants you the ability to reduce bleeding time, radiation taken, greater tolerance to heat and cold, higher max calories and hydration, increased max health (Armor) as well as increases the damage you do with melee weapons.",
  "aboutmightsettings": "[Current Might Settings] \nMax Level: {0} \nStarting Cost: {1} \nCost Multiplier: {2}x Level \nArmor: {3}% | Increased Max Health \nMelee Damage Increase: {4}% \nMetabolism Increase: {5}% | Thirst/Hunger \nBleed Reduction: {6}% \nRadiation Reduction: {7}% \nIncreased Heat Tolerance: {8}% \nIncreased Cold Tolerance: {9}%",
  "aboutcaptaincy": "Gives other team members overall skill boosts and XP boost within a certain range. Stacks on a % increase of the team members skills to increase the skills abilities for each team member seperatly based on the skill level of each member. Only effects skills and not stats. Requires at least 2 members in a team and has no effect on the current player.",
  "aboutcaptaincysettings": "[Current Captaincy Settings]\nMax Level: {0} \nStarting Cost: {1} \nCost Multiplier: {2}x Level \nEffective Distance: {3}FT \nSkill Boost: {4}%\n XP Boost Enabled: {5}\n XP Boost: {6}%",
  "aboutskills": "The 11 secondary skills are Woodcutter, Smithy, Miner, Forager, Hunter, Crafter, Framer, Fisher, Medic, Scavenger & Tamer\n(taming requires pets mod and may not be available on certain servers).",
  "aboutwoodcutter": "Increases the amount of wood you receive from cutting down trees, increases the bonus amount you get when a tree has been cut down, and gives you increased chances to have apples fall while cutting a tree.",
  "aboutwoodcuttersettings": "[Current WoodCutter Settingss] \nMax Level: {0} \nStarting Cost: {1} \nCost Multiplier: {2}x Level \nGather Rate:  {3}% \nBonus:  {4}% \nApple Chance: {5}%",
  "aboutsmithy": "Increases the chance of extra production from smelting or cooking in a furnace or grill and reduces the amount of fuel used in a furnace or grill so they burn longer with less fuel.",
  "aboutsmithysettings": "[Current Smithy Settings]\nMax Level: {0} \nStarting Cost: {1} \nCost Multiplier: {2}x Level \nIncreased Production: {3}% \n Fuel Consumption: -{4}%",
  "aboutminer": "Increases the amount of ore gathered from stone, metal, sulfur, etc.. and the amount of bonus material recieved when an ore has been fully collected. This skill also reduces the amount of fuel used when wearing a hat that consumes fuel like the mining hat, candle hat, etc..",
  "aboutminersettings": "[Current Miner Settings]\nMax Level: {0}\nStarting Cost: {1}\nCost Multiplier: {2}\nGather Rate:  {3}%\nBonus:  {4}%\nFuel Consumption: -{5}%",
  "aboutforager": "Increases the amount of resources you receive when collecting by hand from the ground such as wood, stone, metal, sulfer, berries, mushrooms, etc.. anything collected on the ground by hand. You also get an increased amount of seeds from berries, hemp, and other resources that provide seeds. This skill also gives you an increased chance to find random items when gathering by hand so make sure you keep an eye out around you for random item.",
  "aboutforagersettings": "[Current Forager Settings]\nMax Level: {0}\nStarting Cost: {1}\nCost Multiplier: {2}\nGather Rate:  {3}%\nSeed Chance:  {4}% Amount: {5}\nRandom Item: {6}%",
  "abouthunter": "Grants you the ability to get more food from animals when harvesting, increased bonus amount when fully harvested, increased damage to wildlife and even greater damage to wildlife when hunting at night.",
  "abouthuntersettings": "[Current Hunter Settings]\nMax Level: {0}\nStarting Cost: {1}\nCost Multiplier: {2}\nGather Rate:  {3}%\nBonus:  {4}%\nWildlife Dmg Increase:  {5}%\nNight Dmg Increase:  {6}%",
  "aboutcrafter": "Grants you increased crafting speed while reducing the amount of material cost when crafting. Gives you increased chance to fully repair items and increased chance to create items with up to 10% higher condition.",
  "aboutcraftersettings": "[Current Crafter Settings]\nMax Level: {0}\nStarting Cost: {1}\nCost Multiplier: {2}\nCraft Speed: -{3}%\nCraft Cost: -{4}%\nRepair Speed: {5}%\nCondition Chance: {6}%\nCondition Increase:  10%",
  "aboutframer": "Decreases the cost of materials needed to upgrade or repair buildings as well as reduces the repair time when a building has been damaged.",
  "aboutframersettings": "[Current Framer Settings]\nMax Level: {0}\nStarting Cost: {1}\nCost Multiplier: {2}\n Upgrade Cost: {3}%\nRepair Cost: {4}%\nRepair Time: {5}%",
  "aboutfisher": "Gives you the ability to catch more fish at one time or increases the items you collect when fishing if you don't catch a fish.",
  "aboutfishersettings": "[Current Fisher Settings]\nMax Level: {0}\nStarting Cost: {1} \nCost Multiplier: {2} \nFish Increase: {3} \nItem Increase: {4}",
  "aboutmedic": "Gives you the ability to revive yourself and other players with more health once revived as well as reduces the time it takes to craft teas or other items in the mixing table.",
  "aboutscavenger": "Increases chance to find more loot inside containers with chance to find bonus items when looting containers. The higher your level the more items you'll find. Keep an eye out around these containers for your extra loot!",
  "aboutmedicsettings": "[Current Medic Settings]\nMax Level: {0}\nStarting Cost: {1} \nCost Multiplier: {2} \nRevival Health: {3} \nRecover Health: {4} \nCrafting Time: {5}%",
  "abouttamer": "If this skill is available then it will grant you the ability to tame animals as pets. Each level allows you to tame a bigger animal that can help you survive in the world. These pets can also carry items and even attack your enemies. Pets are currently controlled by a seperate mod with it's own settings and adjustments. More details about Pets can be found using the '/pet help' chat command",
  "abouttamersettings": "[Current Tamer Settings]\nEnabled: {0} \nMax Level: {1} \nStarting Cost: {2} \nCost Multiplier: {3} \n\n[Tameable Pets]\nChicken: {4} | Level Req: {5} \nBoar: {6} | Level Req: {7} \nStag: {8} | Level Req:{9} \nWolf: {10} | Level Req: {11} \nBear: {12} | Level Req: {13}",
  "nextpageskills": "Click Next Page to view more skill information",
  "techtreenode": "You need {0} scrap to research {1}",
  "xpgiveneedname": "Need to enter a player name /xpgive (playername) (amount)",
  "xpgivenotfound": "Player not found",
  "xpgiveneedamount": "Need to enter an amount /xpgive (playername) (amount)",
  "xpgiveplayer": "You have given {0} {1} experience, they now have a total of {2} experience.",
  "xpresetneedname": "Need to enter a player name /xpreset (playername)",
  "xpresetnotfound": "Player not found",
  "xpresetplayer": "You have reset your character.",
  "xpresetselectedplayer": "You have reset {0}",
  "xptakeneedname": "Need to enter a player name /xptake (playername) (amount)",
  "xptakenotfound": "Player not found",
  "xptakeneedamount": "Need to enter an amount /xptake (playername) (amount)",
  "xptakeplayer": "You have taken {0} experince from {1}, they now have a total of {2} experience.",
  "adminpanelinfonew": "ⓍⓅerience Admin Control Panel\n\n Here you can adjust all the settings for this mod without having to open and edit the config file. On the menu to your left are several pages where you can adjust everything from levels, experience, stats, skills, and more.. Once you have made any adjustments to these pages make sure your click SAVE on the menu and then Reload Mod so that these adjustments are writen to the config and loaded. If you do not click save and reload any adjustment you made will be lost! Keep in mind this is an extremely detailed mod and even the slightest adjustment can make a huge difference on how this mod functions! It is suggested that you make minor adjustments to see how the settings will effect your server and player's gaming experience. If you adjust the level start or xp requirement increase settings make sure you click Fix Player Data on the menu AFTER you save and reload the mod so that the system can recalculate all players levels and requirements. Players will not loose any XP but they will have their profile reset and will have to reapply any points they have.\n\nIf you have any issues, questions, or suggestions you can join the mod developer's discord ⓍⓅerience was created by MACHIN3",
  "playerfixdatahelp": "You can use the Fix My Data button below to have your xperience data recalculated. This will reset all your stats except your experience. Your level, required xp, points, and info will be reset and recalculated based on the current server settings and your current experience. You will receive however many points for stats and skills that your level should have and you will need to reapply them towards your stats and skills.\n\n Reasons you may need to do this:\n1. Server settings may have been changed since your last login.\n2.Map wipe didn't properly link your data.\n3. New features were added.\n4. Server was restored to an earlier date.",
  "uinotify_xpgain": " {0} XP",
  "uinotify_xploss": "-{0} XP",
  "econdeposit": "You received a deposit of {0} into your account for leveling up",
  "econwidthdrawlevel": "You lost {0} from your account for level loss",
  "econwidthdrawresetstat": "You spent {0} for resetting stats, your balance is now {1}",
  "econwidthdrawresetskill": "You spent {0} for resetting skills, your balance is now {1}",
  "econwidthdrawresetstatfailed": "You Do Not Have {0} for resetting stats, your balance is {1}",
  "econwidthdrawresetskillfailed": "You Do Not Have {0} for resetting skills, your balance is {1}",
  "srewardwidthdrawresetstat": "You spent {0} points for resetting stats, your balance is now {1}",
  "srewardwidthdrawresetskill": "You spent {0} points for resetting skills, your balance is now {1}",
  "srewardwidthdrawresetstatfailed": "You Do Not Have {0} points for resetting stats, your balance is {1}",
  "srewardnwidthdrawresetskillfailed": "You Do Not Have {0} points for resetting skills, your balance is {1}",
  "srewardsup": "You recieved {0} points in server rewards for leveling up",
  "srewardsdown": "You lost {0} points in server rewards for leveling down",
  "fixdatadisabled": "Fix Data Option Disabled By Admin",
  "hardcorenoreset": "Hardcore mode enabled, Stat/Skill Reset is Disabed",
  "crafternotenough": "Not enough resources to repair item",
  "killrecords": "Kill Records",
  "mykillrecords": "My Kill Records",
  "playerkillrecords": "Player's Kill Records",
  "maxleveled": "You have reached the max level for {0}",
  "playerrankup": "You have reached the Rank of {0}, your level, experience, stats, and skills have been reset. You start with {1} stat points and {2} skill points",
  "rank": "Rank",
  "ranksig": "Rank Tag",
  "ranklevel": "Rank Level",
  "rankxp": "Rank XP",
  "playerlevelreset": "Player level has been reset",
  "selectedplayerlevelreset": "Player {0} level has been reset",
  "playerrankreset": "Player rank has been reset",
  "selectedplayerrankreset": "Player {0} rank has been reset",
  "allplayerlevelreset": "All Player levels have been reset",
  "allplayerrankreset": "All Player ranks have been reset"


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